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Toronto area bareback pigs

I'm looking to set up regular bareback breeding sessions

Central location - Carlton Church area near the gay village

Let me know if you are interested and any ideas for the breeding sessions. No drugs. Poppers ok.

Open to tops, bottoms, vers.

Pref 18 years old to 60 years old.

Let's make this happen. Reply here or to: Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com

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hey count me in  a bottom here and all ways need BB breeding.

  may be a rare bottom for here .

 BUT NEG AND NEEDS THE POZ CUM., lets see how many out there really wants to be the one to make me pregnant

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luv to get breeded in group too ..fun to see whos converted first..maybe place bets even like the horseraces hehe


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Guest echocharge

any conversion parties happening in Toronto this pride week/weekend?

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Let's make this happen, if you wanna rent a room at a sleazy hotel room or do steam works ...

Feel free to post your thoughts publicly so we can all see what each other wants or PM me and let me know what your ideal situation would be. public bath house? At a condo or apartment with a bunch of toxic gifters?

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  • Similar Content

    • By evilcoyote
      I met David on Twitter several years ago; we both followed some interesting people with hashtags like #bbbh, #gaybdsm, #gaypiss, #gayfisting, and others. As I scrolled through who he followed, I noticed a lot of guys who were poz or chasers. So, I reached out through a direct message just to say hello. We chatted a bit and he seemed like a nice guy. We exchanged profile names for a popular website for men into BDSM. 
      David's profile was short, "Rubber Dom seeks pigs for raunchy sex play, fisting, and fucking. HIV+ but neg friendly, raw only and I don't pull out." I checked out his galleries and saw various images of him in rubber. He was a sexy man with an evil smile and glint in his eyes. No nudes, just my imagination and I got off looking at his pictures.
      We continued to chat on occasion just casually learning about each other. Not once did we discuss sex or his being poz and my being neg. I figured he just wasn't into me. Couldn't hurt to have a connection in London since I go there occasionally for work.
      One day I posted a pic of my hungry hole to Twitter. I was in my rubber catsuit kneeling, bent forward, zipper on my ass down, slipping a finger in...David retweeted my image with a comment about a nice hole to breed. I liked his post and went to bed. 
      The next morning, I logged into the website to a message from David. "I want to breed you and fist it deep, boy." Attached was a picture of a beautiful uncut, veiny, pierced cock.
      I immediately responded, "Yes Sir, please breed my pighole." 
      We chatted back and forth as I lay in bed stroking thinking about him breeding me. As I shot my load, David sent me a message, "You better take a picture of you cleaning up your cum and send it to me boy."
      Fuck, he knew I was jerking off...I responded "Yes Sir!" 
      "Good boy, now Sir has to wrap up His work day."
      I cleaned up, taking pictures and a video and sent them to him. Then I showered and went to work. We still hadn't talked about him being poz and my being neg. I decided that needed to change. I needed to see just how open he was to chasers.
      That night, I sent him a message along the lines of...I noticed you are HIV+ and wanted to let you know I'm HIV- but poz friendly, I'm on PrEP. I figured that would break the ice.
      The next morning, David had sent me a message. "Yes pig, I figured you were on PrEP seeking poz loads. I'm poz and currently on meds, so I'm undetectable."
    • By rawslutboy
      Smooth twink in south london available for use.
      Happy to accomodate/ organise groups if there is enough interest in using me as a cumdump.
      Feel free to message me or contact me here.
      me playing: [think before following links] https://gifdeliverynetwork.com/lividedibleadmiralbutterfly

      (apologies for quality here, it was dark)
    • By Cumholeaz
      So I have been craving cock really bad lately. I have been back at work part time, and busy with family and haven’t really had time to dedicate to getting some cum. So some shit went down with my family and I had to fly back home to parents house to deal with it. I was so horny the previous few days so I decided I was going to suck some cock as soon as I landed. 
      I get off the plane and immediately get on Grindr, Scruff, and Sniffies. Got a couple pics but nothing comes to fruition by the time I get to my car. So I decide to stop by and see if the Adult Store is open by my old house. I drive by and see cars so I pull in and park. 
      Now this place close to the center of the city and pretty clean, but definitely an old store with two theatres next to each other. I’ve taken loads up my ass from married men and sucked off many a cock there. Usually the trade is older white or Hispanic men, but when I go there I’m just there to get filled. 
      So right when I walk in, I notice this handsome guy in a tank top. Tall skinny blond about late 20’s early 30’s. He walks out of the bathroom and walks into the theater. I pay my fee and head in. Old men, old men, where’s the cutie? I see him getting sucked by this Mexican guy, he sees me and they break up and go into the other room. I decide to just grab a seat and jack off. One other guy is in the room, and he is rough, but he looks like he has a big dick. I’m so horny I’d suck anything at this point  I think I really wish I had my poppers  
      Out of the corner of my eye, I see cutie slink by and I wink at him. I know that I know this guy, but with his mask I can’t place him. He walks over and I pull down my mask offering my mouth to him. His basketball shorts are full as his semi is being held in place. I start rubbing it and then free it, licking the head. His cock tastes like sweet lube as I take it down, starting slow and then taking him down to his balls. He’s pretty perfect, 8” almost mouth stretching. I can tell he’s sensitive as he keeps pulling out and stroking. As he pulls out the Mexican guy with long hair that was sucking cutie whips his dick out so I take myself off the chair and get on my knees. I’m sure I look like such a whore there on the floor in a dark room sucking on two dicks. Looking around the room showing all the other guys my mouth is for their use.  It’s hot  
      Going back to cuties cock he lets me suck on it a few more times. He finally pulls out and asks where he can cum. I just stick out my tongue and open my mouth wide. His first shot hits the back of my throat, then my tongue, my chin, back in my mouth, there’s a puddle on the floor. It tastes so salty and fuck I have missed that. I suck the Mexican guys cock but he doesn’t cum. I look around, no other takers and I have to go. Can’t wait to taste that cock again. 
      on my drive home, I pass this side road off the highway I got bred by this horse hung white guy. As my ass remembers that pounding over a volvo station wagon, I can still taste the cum in my mouth. 
    • By CHIredhead
      (First time writing a story here)
      Restrictions here in Norway have been pretty lax now the last few weeks bc low spread, so I´ve managed to fuck a bit around already. However a fuckbud (Call him Reinar) invited me to join him and a married couple who was visiting my city. A bit older - mid 40s-50s. But hot. And they´re big into leather. They were even driving their Motorcycles around Norway atm, so they were in full Leather gear as well as having harnesses and leather jockstraps on when we came to their hotelroom. I´ll call them Erik (vers) and Hans (bottom). 

      So I met up with Reinar, and we walked to their hotel together. As we enter, we meet Erik who´s gotten some drinks for him and Hans. So we say Hi, and join him in the elevator, making some small talk. Once we get to the room, I say hello to Hans as well, and the clothes come off pretty quickly. And then I see that Erik is wearing a sexy black/red harness, and Hans is wearing a jock with a codpiece in red/black as well. So everyone starts making out with everyone basically, and boxers pop off, while boners pop up. Hans is starting to suck a little of everyone, but focusing more on Reinar. While I have some fun with Erik and his thick dick. I get on my knees and suck his thick dick as best as I can, and I can almost manage to the base, and I taste his delicious precum. As I´m sucking away, Hans is getting on the bed, and Reinar is getting ready to fuck him. He grabs the lube and with ease just slides in. Apparently Hans is really open (my 2nd favorite a sloppy hole). Meanwhile me and Erik swaps, and he starts sucking me, getting my cock all wet so I can slide into Hans very shortly.
      Hans´s ass is muscly and smooth with a delicious pink hole. I take my Cock away from Eriks mouth, and direct it towards Hans, and after Reinar has expanded his already open hole, I can start fcking hard right away. And he continues to moan away while I fuck him. On the other side of the bed, Reinar and Erik start making out, and Reinar starts rimming Erik for a minute, before sliding into him. With a little bit more difficulty than with Hans. Then eventually he is fucking Erik hard, and Im fucking Hans. It´s a symphony of balls slapping against holes, and manly moaning. Which just gets me even harder, which I think Hans could feel.
      We swap, Reinar fucks hans again, and I get to fuck Erik for the first time. His hole is a big tighter and furrier than hans, but I slide in with the help of lube, and watch my cock disappear into his hot hole.

      After a bit of fucking, Erik pulls away, and starts fucking Hans, breeding him rather quickly. Reinar follows, and I get to enjoy a sloppy hole for a bit, before I also breed him. As I pull out, the cum just squirts out down his hole and leg. Which is so fucking hot

      We clean ourself up a bit, I take a cold shower (it was 28 celsius outside, fairly hot for Norway, so the sweat was pouring). And we talk for a bit while everyone is relaxing on the bed.
      Soon though, Reinar is ready to go again, so Hans starts sucking him. Then I start making out with Erik and he blows me, which just gets my cock hard again, and I feel his cock grow against my leg. Reinar starts to fuck Hans again, and after a bit, Erik joins him in Double penetrating Hans. Which is super fucking hot to look at, while hearing him moan is just perfection. Reinar is struggling a bit to maintain hardness when on the bottom in the DP. So Erik goes to the btm and I help him Dp Hans. His hole is so open now, and feeling Erik´s dick against mine, just adds to the already sensitive head from cumming not too long ago. So after a few minutes of DP fucking Hans, I shoot again all over Erik´s dick inside Hans, and its so tight! Which I felt made me cum even harder! As I pull out, Eriks dick also pops out, and his dick is just covered in my cum. So I bend down and I start sucking his cum covered dick, tasting my own juices before I gesture for Hans to sit down again and let Erik fuck him some more. Fucking my cum further inside. Eventually Hans wants to help Reinar cum again, so he starts sucking him, rimming hin, fingering while sucking him. And I take care of Hans with my mouth, taking him deep, licking his balls and head, and I am awarded very suddenly with cum in my mouth, which I graciously swallow, and start making out with him right after, so he can have a taste of himself as well.

      Once we´re done for the 2nd time, we watch as Hans is enjoying having all the fun with Reinar, who finally shoots all over him self, and Hans slurps it all up!
      Now everyone had cummed for the 2nd time, (except hans who hadnt touched himself, as a good ole bottom), and his hole had gotten several loads!
    • By Barebackhusbands
      I had my first really hot group bareback scene in a bath house in Rhode Island. We were in the steam room. He had me bent over the tile bench fucking me bare in front of everyone there. Soon a couple hot muscle beefy guys came over.... one was making out with my ex.... got him so worked up. He stepped away... giving his other buddy time to step in between him and I .... the guy he was making out with stopped and ask my ex if his buddy could feel my hole on his bare shaft. The guy asked my ex could he ride me bare. My ex nodded  so the stranger started riding me bareback since he obviously felt better t without a rubber so I wasn’t stopping  him! The one guy went with my ex to his room to play. He had a couple of his buddies  in his room which he booted  out of the room so they could play. He told them how he left his bf and this guys’mBF in the steam room taking the other guys bare cock!! All told after the three of them were done, one went back to the room... he starts fooling around with my ex and his buddy .... when another comes back... he leaves three in his room and comes back with another guy... meanwhile his raw buddy was loading my hole. The last two took turns for a bit until they nutted in me .  He goes back to tell tmy ex how hot the scene was... he should not have gotten distracted... they all put about 8 loads in me... 5 of them, my ex, and a couple extras as two goes were so horned from the scene they shot in my ass twice! I was online 6-7 weeks later and one of them recognized me. Realized from my photo ass and face, I was the guy they all bred in the baths. He said how hot it was... asked how long I had been poz. I told him I was not poz. This was early 90’s, He said people don’t fuck bare in baths unless they are poz. I went to the clinic to get tested.... my results came back a week later I was still negative.  
      I thought I dodged a bullet. I said I would not ever do something this risky again. It was such a hot scene in my memory, it couldn’t help wanting bareback more. Shortly, after I started letting more random guys fuck me bare. It turned me on because 6-7 loads I took had been poz. I must be immune as It did not get me. I went back to bath houses, video booths, and all the similar places I played before except this  time I was playing only bareback. Our buddy, Tom hung out with us and would go to the tubs with me... never fucked me bare. He became good friends with my ex and I. We would play but he’d use a rubber. Until one day, we went to sunbathe at a nude beach. My ex was working so we went the two of us. He was so horny and excited to go to the nude beach. He asked me to give him road head off and on as we drove to the beach. After having blown him for a bit before we got there, my buddy was horny and boned. We spent an hour on the beach with him in various states of being boned. He said he was going for a walk on the beach and then in the dunes. I was not new to the rodeo so I knew guys cruised back there!!! Thinking to myself, how the fucker had  left me here so he could play!!! In about 5 minutes, I had packed up my stuff. I grabbed the backpack and towel so I could start walking naked too in the dunes. It took only moments to see my buddy Tom fucking this guy. He asked the guy if he wanted to ride my cock too. Stupid question... of course, the other guy want two of us to fuck him bare. Tom was already barebacking the guys tight hole. We had not brought lube so I asked what he was using. Tom hands me his bottle of  #2 sunning oil from HAWAIIAN Tropics. I still remember smelling coconut as I was feeling my freshly oiled cock sliding in the stranger balls deep and bare as I started to fuck his warm fuck hole!  Tom and I took turns fucking our new raw playmate. Tom was getting so turned on watching me top, he could not help fucking my ass bare too while I was fucking the other dude. I shot a look back over my shoulder which he immediately responded he would not cum in me. This was too hot not to fuck my bare hole too. Shortly, some guy comes along to tell the bottom his BF was coming looking for him as he had been gone so long. I was so turned on by fucking a  stranger with tanning oil. Additional, Tom was fucking me bareback for the first time. All I could was just nut in our raw stranger. We grabbed our backpacks and left the guy dripping my load before his BF showed up to see it happen. It was not late afternoon so the beach started to clear. Tom wanted to beat traffic so he suggested we head home. At this point, we were both aware, he still had not gotten off. Once we were on the highway, He again asked me road head. I enjoyed using the 30 minute drive to get home to tease his cock which had been straining to get off since the morning. My ex was still an hour or maybe more like an hour and half away. I told Tom I wanted to help get him off cause because for the third time, I teased his 8” cut thick cock until we had to stop before he could cum. I stripped naked and dropped to my hands and knees on the carpeted floor in my bedroom. We both still smelled of coconut and saltwater of the beach!! He leans in close to whisper in my ear if I had really enjoyed fucking and breeding in the dunes with him. He says tell me what you liked best? Immediately, I said the Hawaiian Tropics suntan oil being used for lube. It smell great combined with feeling a total stranger sitting on my cock bare. It was enough feeling a stranger’s BF’s naked hole on my cock, but to have him FNALLY sliding his raw poz cock in me too was just too much for me to handle. He grabbed the suntan oil, so we could fuck one more time with JUST suntan oil!!! It sent me over the edge with hi  whispering his it’s not good for condoms.  In fact, he says the rubbers will just break inside my bare cunt as he pounds my hungry hole like it deserved. I leaned back to his face and lips  so I could tell him how I know he hates fucking me with rubbers on!!  In fact, since we met, he has been needing to fuck me bare with his raw poz cock. I leaned in even more to whisper how  much I knew both of us wanted to no longer pull out as his raw shaft unloaded in bare fuck hole balls deep!!! Tom fucked my ass bare for another hour swapping positions!! He was well aware my bare ass milked his condom free raw shaft. It tempted him so much slamming balls deep in my bare hole, he could not help but slow down inside me. However, We could feel his balls slapping against my bare cunt. This ONLY made us think how his low balls kept slapping against my freshly shave  hole. The combination of this feeling would ultimately force him to splatter my insides with his hot poz cum. He started to slow down. He whispered that if he kept going he would quickly blow a huge load in me. In the past, He ALWAYS loved unloading inside even in a rubber!! He knew exploding in a rubber allowed him to save his load for another time. He had made a habit of freezing them. By placing the cum in an ice cube tray , he could  use them another time for additional lube for fucking his ass. It had been so fucking hot that the entire day and the memory of the bareback bath house scenes, sent my hunger over the edge. I just started pushing back riding his bare cock. He realized what I was doing was adding more stimulus to his overworked cock/ He asked me if I was trying to get him off. I just moaned Uhuh. He said if I did not stop he would cum And He didn’t have a rubber on. You know that, right? All I could do was moan again and keep riding him. At this point, To, says you want my poz cum in you, don’t you. All I did was moan again!!! With this, I sent him to  the top. He said, “Are you sure you really want my poz cum inside you. I rode all the way down his shaft one more time. This time he grabbed my hips, slammed his cock all the way inside me, and blew a huge load of toxic seed deep in my hole. Tom says, “I always knew you wanted me to cum in you since I found out I was poz!” As he collapses inside me, his hard cock is throbbing in me until it subsides moments later.
      Nearly, 2 months later, I was living in a new country as my work was relocating me for an opportunity within the organization. One of the requirements, the country wanted a battery health tests to understand my health needs now and it the future! Two days after the bloodwork testing was completed, they asked me to come back to the office. I showed up for them to tell me - 
      The first test result I had was positive... they are required by law to test two more times to confirm the original assessment. 
      The second test was negative... 
      the third sample was positive.                                                                                      
      They called me in because they could not give me the news over the phone.... I was now HIV positive!! I left the office thinking I knew this day was coming. What a relief to finally know. I also knew it was someone I knew and not a random stranger.I walked to the gay bar in the downtown market. I had two close friends who worked as bartenders there. I did not want to go home alone. Instead, I sat on the stool. One friend asks what I wants for a beer. The other friend who was also my roommate knew I was not working for 3 days, so he walks down the length of the bar. He comes back with 3 liquid cocaine shooters for us. I spent the night there. My roomie  and I walked towards home after the bar closed!! We did not quite make it as we walk by one of the bathhouses to get home. He says come on in my treat!! I was back to my usual routine in no time. 

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