Kelvin's Graduation - Part I

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Lots of background since I plan this to be at least 4 or 5 parts.


High school had finally started getting better for Kelvin. It had just taken until February of his senior year for him to finally feel like things were finally going his way. His recent early acceptance to Columbia and his dreams of getting out of the small town in Upstate New York seemed to be unfolding for him exactly as he had hoped – something that never seemed to happen for Kelvin.

His freshman year at Union-Endicott High School had been a rough one. Moving from a small elementary and middle school to a school with over 500 people in his grade was overwhelming for Kelvin. Kelvin had never been particularly social and quite introverted. He had always been at the head of his class academically but was never really part of the geek clique. He wasn’t a jock, in the band, an artist or any of the other dozen of groups that made up the classic high school social hierarchy. Kelvin was a guy without a country, so to speak and while he was occasionally lonely, he was actually usually quite comfortable being on his own. Any semblance of a normal freshman year died when in the spring his mother was diagnosed with cancer and by the start of summer his mother was gone.

Losing his mother was difficult for Kelvin. She had been the one person he always felt he could talk to and who would listen without judgment. His father had always been somewhat disconnected from Kelvin. His father was a former high school A-lister, playing football and baseball and being good enough to make All-State through most of high school. Kelvin wasn’t exactly a disappointment, but he and his father just didn’t seem to have anything in common. Kevin’s father also tended to disappear after coming home from work using his homemade beer to drown the mundanity of his life. His father was never quite drunk, just very distant. After his mother’s death, his father seemed to almost completely disappear from his life except for dinners and occasional evenings together spent in relative quiet.

Kelvin’s sophomore year, as could be predicted, was essentially a blur. With his mother’s death and his father’s self-imposed absence, Kelvin dove into his academics pushing himself even harder. Books became his escape and Kelvin’s world shrank to his home and his classes at school. In a rare incident of insight, Kelvin’s father pulled Kelvin aside toward the end of his sophomore.

“Kelvin, I know things have been rough since your mom died,” he began, “but I’m concerned that all this focus on school is not good for you.” Kelvin shrugged in response. Kelvin’s father continued, “I think you need to get out and do something physical, so I signed you up for training at Scott’s Gym. Hopefully, this will help get you out a little bit more.” Kelvin nodded and sighed. And with that Kelvin began working out at least 5 times a week.

After a few months, Kelvin’s dad didn’t think Kelvin was putting on enough muscle. One day, when Kelvin was ready to head to the gym his father pulled him aside into the bathroom. “Hey, I know you’ve been working hard and I want you to feel like you’re getting results. When I was in school we’d use a little something extra to help build a bit more muscle. Here,” his father pulled out a needle, “let me see your upper thigh.” Kelvin rolled up his shorts and his father stabbed the needle deep into his muscle, injecting Kelvin with the thick liquid. Smiling after the injection, Kelvin’s dad said, “There. We’ll start cycling you and see if we can’t get you some results you can really see and be proud of.”  Kelvin knew the steroids could eventually cause problems but his dad had seemed so happy that he had finally found a way to connect with his son, that he didn’t have the heart to object. Through the rest of his sophomore and junior years Kelvin cycled on steroids and his body grew in both shape and definition. Kelvin knew things had changed, he could obviously see the changes himself, and also noticed how instead of being completely invisible he began turning heads of the girls at school which made him uncomfortable.

The steroids had not only added bulk to his muscles but had two other effects Kelvin had not considered. The first was that by the end of Kelvin’s junior year instead of the light fuzzy treasure trail and chest that many of his classmates had, Kelvin was sporting a dense trail of fur from his crotch up to his chest which was also becoming thick with fur. Although his father smiled and said he was turning into a ‘real man’, Kelvin was self-conscious of the changes and tried to avoid showers after gym with his classmates. His arms and legs were equally hirsute and every afternoon he was sporting a 5 o’clock shadow.

The second effect wasn’t as noticeable to others, but Kelvin was acutely aware of it. The extra testosterone and androgens flowing through his bloodstream had turned a normally horny teenager into a supreme horn dog. Kelvin spent much of his evenings online downloading and consuming porn. He found himself whacking off three, four sometimes five times a day to keep his urges in check. Kelvin also realized that while he initially had been downloading straight porn, he was now spending all of his time on gay porn sites. Kelvin had not given much thought to his sexuality, he had been too busy burying himself in school, especially after his mother died. Kelvin’s favorite videos were the ones where an older, furry, bearish guy got blown by a younger, but also furry otter or cub. He spent hours spilling load after load as he watched and dreamed of servicing an older, moaning, hot furry guy while gently rubbing the young guys head and murmuring out things like, “Yeah, work that dick. Show me that you want my load.” Kelvin always ended the movies after that scene because he knew that the next one would be the otter or cub getting fucked and while part of him found it exciting he just couldn’t see himself ever letting someone do that to him.

Kelvin’s senior year started off unremarkably enough. By this time he had settled on going away for school, hopefully to Columbia where he’d have access to New York City and could leave small town Endicott behind. He could remake himself into whomever he wanted. No one would know him and it was a chance to start completely over if he wanted. Fall flew by and college application deadlines came and went. By the start of winter break, Kelvin was eager for the New Year and news about Columbia. He’d also told his father he was no longer interested in his regimen of enhancers but agreed to continue to hit the gym.

And now, here he was, recently 18 and accepted to Columbia for the fall and the promise of a new life was just a few months away. His battle against the inevitable 5 o’clock shadow had led him to abandon all attempts at being cleaned shaven. Instead, he opted for leaving a day or two’s growth on his face – not quite a beard, but a short, neat patch of hair. Since his freshman year, Kevin had grown in height to about 5’10” and 195 pounds of muscle. His icy blue eyes stood out from his dirty blonde head of hair and the darker hair of his beard and body.

The day after Kelvin had received his acceptance letter he was showering after gym class. He had waited until after his classmates had finished, as usual, since he was still conscientious of the differences between his and his classmates’ bodies. He was letting his mind wander about the freedoms he’d experience at Columbia, including maybe the chance to present himself on his knees to a hot older guy. His dick started to harden at the thought and Kelvin smiled. Suddenly, he heard a cough behind him and turned quickly – forgetting his half hardened dick was lifting into the air.

“Hey, Kelvin!” It was Coach Foley, his gym teacher for the past two years. “I heard you got some good news the other day.” Kelvin gulped and felt the blood rush from his face. Coach Foley was about 35 years old and a former collegiate soccer player. He was perhaps a couple inches taller than Kelvin but not nearly as massive. Coach Foley had retained the upper body of his soccer player form but also had some of the softness that occurs as guys get older but still work out. His legs were solid unlike the softness of his upper body. Just looking at them, were convincing enough to believe that he was still actively running and kicking soccer balls daily. His gym shorts left little to the imagination, a good sized bulge forming in the front indicating either ample meat, potatoes or both. Coach’s hoodie was zipped up about 3/4 ‘s of the way and thick black hair pushed its way out all the way to just below his neck. His face sported a cheesy pornstache which looked oddly appropriate for him.

Coach smiled as he noticed Kelvin assessing him. “Good,” he thought, “boy’s definitely showing some interest. I’m thinking this is going to go exactly as I planned.” Coach flexed his dick, tenting his shorts briefly, and watched Kelvin’s eyes get bigger while chuckling to himself. “I know things have been tough for you the last few years and just wanted to let you know how great it is that Columbia knows what a great catch you are.”

“Uh, thanks, Coach Foley,” Kelvin stammered. Despite his embarrassment at getting caught staring, his dick refused to get the message to stand down. In fact, at the sight of coach’s dick suddenly tenting out his shorts, Kelvin felt his dick fill with even more blood and move from a downward position to nearly horizontal. Kelvin had always considered himself pretty normal in the cock department. Compared to the videos he watched Kelvin wasn’t exactly huge. Topping out at just shy of 8” long and about 6” thick he wasn’t nearly as big as the guys in the video.

Coach Foley, appearing to ignore Kelvin’s obvious discomfort and pelvic reactions, continued on. “What classes do you have this afternoon? I’ve got the last two periods off for planning and would love for you to come by and we can celebrate your good news. And, of course, your recent birthday.” Coach smiled. Eighteen. The magic number. He’d been waiting all fall semester for the New Year and the opportunities it might bring.

“Ummm, I’ve got AP physics and AP English, but my last two periods are study halls since I’m a year ahead in History and don’t have to take any more,” Kelvin responded. Coach nodded, but he had already known the answer. He had checked Kelvin’s schedule for the spring and had traded with another coach so that he’d have back-to-back periods that matched Kelvin’s schedule.

“Good. Stop by my office on your way out and pick up your pass,” Coach said. “And oh, by the way, don’t worry, all young guys get boners whenever the wind blows the wrong way.” Laughing Coach Foley headed off into the locker room.



Treasure Trail.jpg


Kelvin once again felt his face blanch and turned to make sure his now engorged cock was out of sight. Kelvin quickly washed off and headed to the locker room, making sure he got a dousing of cold water in a failed attempt to bring his dick to heel.

Coach Foley watched Kelvin finish cleaning off. Coach’s dick popped up again tenting out his shorts as he watched Kelvin bend over to wash his legs. Coach couldn’t quite see it, but he could imagine Kelvin’s pink, virgin butt hole amid the furry crack just aching to be cracked opened. As Kelvin finished up Coach Foley headed back to his office. He quickly filled out Kelvin’s pass and handed it to him as he passed by. “Looking forward to helping you celebrate. See you in a couple hours.” Kelvin nodded, smiled and headed out of the locker room.

As Kelvin walked away Coach smiled to himself. Looks as if he had timed things just about right.  Stopping his meds right after the New Year, he figured his viral load had grown exponentially and was approaching maximum toxicity. Sure it was a risk, stopping his meds every year, but it was his duty to pass on his viral RNA to the next generation of worthy recipients. Unlike others he knew, Coach Foley was interested in quality and not quantity of conversions. Sure he could rough his boys up with a toothbrush or scratch their insides with lengthened nails to help the virus penetrate and take hold of their bodies. Coach thought of himself as a purist, he believed that those worthy of the virus would accept it and wouldn’t need the help of a toothbrush or nail. A worthy individual’s body would welcome the virus and let it in. The virus just needed the time to figure out if the host would be worthy. For the last 5 years, Coach Foley had watched and chosen a senior he thought was worthy of the honor of being infected. Infection meant never having to worry about raw sex, the way men should enjoy it. It meant a release to seek out other men’s DNA and to spread it far and wide. Out of the last five years, two of his choices had been worthy. His first and second choices had not taken. While they had been fun fucks, the virus had rejected him. His first success, David, had converted within a couple weeks of his first insemination. He was now a Junior at UCLA and had let Coach know that he was helping to spread Coach’s virus all over Southern California. Zack, his choice the year after David, had also been found worthy. Over his spring break, Zack had been sick and Coach smiled as he thought of fuck flu raging through him. Sure enough, he had converted and was now at school at Old Miss where he was spreading Coach’s viral genes to drunk and closeted born again Christians. Last year had been a disappointment. After two years of worthy conversions, Tyler, despite repeated inseminations, sometimes three or four times a day had failed the test. Tyler had been a true cum whore taking as much cum as Coach could find him. It just showed that even the perfect whore may not be found worthy. It would have been nice if Tyler had been worthy, as a natural slut Coach could have counted on him spreading his seed far and wide. Things happen for a reason, he sighed, and thought about Kelvin heading off to Columbia, with Coach’s DNA swimming in his bodily fluid and smiled. He noticed a small drop of pre-cum form on the head of his cock as it poked from beneath is gym shorts. A good sign that Kelvin might very well be worthy.

                As Kelvin wandered off to lunch after gym, he replayed what had just happened. Coach Foley had always been nice to Kelvin and, in fact, he had known his father. But something was odd about his interaction with Coach Foley. Had he just imagined seeing Coach’s dick jump inside his shorts as Kelvin’s cock grew and he had caught Kelvin staring? No, Kelvin must have been imagining things. After all those videos, he knew it was all just wishful thinking. Coach was just being nice and it was good knowing that someone recognized Kelvin’s achievement. Kelvin’s own dad had not managed to grunt out more than a perfunctory “congratulations” before disappearing into the cellar and back to his homebrew. Kelvin smiled, yes it was good that someone had noticed and it was someone one he respected like Coach Foley made it even better. And a quiet voice deep within his groin agreed that it was good that someone hot like Coach Foley had noticed.

Lunch and afternoon classes seemed to crawl by. Kelvin found himself fingering the hall pass in his pockets as each period came to an end. By the time 8th period came around the hall pass had been worn thin. As he took his seat his hand once again went to the pass. Some doubts entered his mind. “Should I go?” he asked himself. “What if I get another boner? What would Coach think of that?” He fiddled a few more minutes with pass until finally picking himself up from his seat and heading toward the front.   “Yes?” Miss Padakula asked. Kelvin fumbled with the pass and gave it to her. “Lucky you,” she said as she signed it and handed it back to Kelvin. “I’d give just about anything to get out of here myself.” Kelvin nodded a headed out to the gym.

Kelvin didn’t know why, but his heart was racing and he kept having to remind himself to slow down. It wasn’t a race but somehow his body wasn’t aware of that fact. He moved through the corridors and soon found himself in front of the locker room. He hesitated for a moment but then screwed up his courage and walked in. Coach Foley’s office was the back, out of the way. It wasn’t the kind of place you’d just wander into without actively looking for it. As Kelvin approached the office he saw Coach seated at his desk with his back to the door. Coach’s office was a pretty good size. Having a winning football team had its advantages. His office was decent sized, housing a small desk and chair as well as couch along one wall. There was a single door, now wide open, with a thin slit of a window that was covered with paper like most of the teachers did to prevent people from staring in or students from looking out toward freedom. Coach Foley had his legs propped up on one side of the desk. His gym shorts slipping down just enough to leave his upper thighs visible and the narrow band of a jack strap along the edge.

“Hey, Coach Foley. Made it,” Kelvin declared obviously. Coach turned around and smiled at Kelvin’s attempt at small talk.

“So you did. Come on in and have a seat. Just grabbing a Coke here. Let me get you one and we’ll have a toast.” Coach Foley reached over to a small fridge and pulled out two Cokes. He handed one to Kelvin as Kelvin made his way to the couch. Kelvin accepted the open bottle and sat on the couch. Holding the Coke in his lap and leaning slightly forward.

Coach began, “So, let’s have a toast to Kelvin for his early acceptance to Columbia! I also heard you might be getting a scholarship?”

“Yeah,” said Kelvin, “I actually have a full ride.” Kelvin smiled. He hadn’t said that aloud to anyone and realized how proud that made him feel. Coach could see the satisfaction on Kelvin’s face and continued.

“Okay, so that deserves a double celebration! So, a double celebration means we chug our first ones and grab another. You ready?” asked Coach Foley a glint in his eye.

“Okay, if those are the rules,” Kelvin smiled back. Coach raised his bottle and tapped the top of Kelvin’s bottle then brought it to his lips and began to chug. Kelvin raced to keep up and began downing his Coke. The soda had a bit of an odd taste which Kelvin noticed but rapidly was lost in the effort to get it all down in one gulp. Coach Foley finished first and Kelvin saw Coach watching intently as Kelvin finished. A crooked smile crossed Coach Foley’s face.

“Good job! Let’s crack open another one. Sorry it’s not beer, but I don’t really want to get busted for getting an 18-year-old drunk,” Coach Foley explained. Get him drunk? No. Have him spun out on G? Hell, yeah.

Coach Foley started chatting with Kelvin making small talk, asking about his plans, his classes, and his work-outs. As they talked over the next 15 minutes Kelvin was thinking how easy it was to talk with Coach Foley. Where he was nervous before he felt himself relaxing and settling into the conversation. As Coach Foley talked, Kelvin’s attention began to wander. He kept finding his eyes wandering to either Coach Foley’s half-zipped hoodie and the hairy chest beneath or slipping down to Coach’s shorts and the bulge there. Every so often Kelvin would catch himself staring and raise his eyes to meet Coach’s eyes. Each time he thought he caught the glimpse of another smile. He was also sure that each time his eyes wander to Coach Foley’s groin the bulge there grew in size. Finally, after several minutes, he was sure he could make out the outline of a thick shaft lengthening along Coach’s thigh.  Kelvin answered all of Coach Foley’s questions and, in between, took gulps from his second Coke.

As he finished his second Coke, Kelvin slid back into the couch and closed his eyes for a minute. Opening them, he saw Coach Foley adjusting himself and staring down at Kelvin. “So, Kelvin. Haven’t heard about you dating anyone. Got your eye on anyone?” Kelvin felt a big lump form in his throat and gulped it down.

“I, uh, have been pretty busy with school so I don’t really have time for other things,” as he let his thought trail off.

“Funny,” started Coach Foley, “I’ve noticed you checking me out. You like what you see?” Coach watched Kelvin’s face and the struggle that appeared to be going on.

“It’s OK, man,” Coach continued “Some guys like guys and some like girls and some like both. I’m actually pretty flattered that a guy as hot as you would even look at a guy like me.” Kelvin’s heart raced and his stomach clenched.

Coach appeared to notice his loss for words but continued, “Haven’t told anyone you’re gay yet, huh? Probably not even yourself.” Coach laughed lightly, “In fact, would it help for you to know that I’m also gay? And not only am I flattered you think I’m worth staring at, but I’ve been checking you out since you started in my class junior year.”

Kelvin was torn. A voice inside him screamed for him to get up and walk out, that this was wrong and shouldn’t be happening. Another voice though smoothed over the warning and urged Kelvin to tell Coach what he was feeling, to jump on board and let Coach know the secret that he had been hiding from everyone, including himself. “Coach,” he started, “you’re right. I’m gay.” With those words a heavy weight seemed to lift from Kelvin and something inside him broke open. “God, I’ve been staring at you thinking how hot you are and how much I want to touch you and press up against your naked furry body.” Kelvin suddenly shut up realizing he may have gone too far.

Coach got up and walked over to the couch, bending over to pull Kelvin to standing only inches from his own body. “Kelvin, tell me what you want. I know you’ve been waiting, I’ve seen it in your eyes.” As he said this his hand slipped to Kelvin’s jeans and the growing bulge that was there. Squeezing Kelvin’s growing cock tightly, he leaned in and whispered in Kelvin’s ear, “I know you want to feel my cock. Go ahead and grab it. You’ve never held another man’s cock have you?” Kelvin shook his head, still unable to speak. Kelvin’s hands went to Coach Foley’s waist and down into his gym shorts. He could feel Coach’s jock and the solid shaft within it that he had noticed earlier.

“Let me get these off. I’m pretty sure they are only going to get in the way,” Coach said as he took a step back. He pulled down his zipper on the hoodie, removed and tossed it onto his chair. Next, he released his gym shorts which dropped to the floor leaving him naked except for the black jock strap that cradled his balls and restrained his thick burgeoning boner. He slid back up to Kelvin and grabbed both sides of his face lifting Kelvin’s eyes into his own.

“Close your eyes and reach down for my cock,” Coach Foley murmured just inches from Kelvin’s face. As Kelvin shut his eyes and lowered his hand to Coach Foley’s groin he felt Coach’s hot breath on his face and felt Coach’s lips press against Kelvin’s as Kelvin’s hand slid down to wrap around Coach’s hard and thickened dick. Kelvin gasped slightly as Coach’s tongue probed against his lips and pressed past into his mouth. Coach’s pornstache was soft compared to Kelvin’s scruff. He could feel it brushing against him as Coach’s tongue explored every inch of Kelvin’s mouth. Kelvin let out a second gasp as he tried to wrap his hand around Coach’s cock. It was so thick his hand could barely get around it. Kelvin’s own dick jumped in anticipation and strained against his underwear and jeans. He could feel his balls ache as if his semen was boiling in his balls seeking desperate release. His shaft was growing rapidly, becoming engorged with blood. He fumbled as he worked Coach’s shaft feeling the thick mushroom head and the large piss slit which was oozing sticky pre-cum. With each exploration of Kelvin’s hands Coach pressed deeper into Kelvin’s hungry mouth wrestling his tongue into submission.

As suddenly as it began, Coach pulled his face away from Kelvin still holding the sides of his face. “Good boy,” encouraged Coach Foley, “How did that feel?” Kelvin could only moan as his hands continued to explore every vein of Coach’s shaft and weighed his cum-laden balls in the cup of his hand.

Coach took a step back and Kelvin’s hand fell in front of him. Coach Foley took in Kelvin from head to crotch and smiled. “Two things will make this better. First, you have too many clothes on. So lose ‘em. All of them. I want you naked in front of me. NOW.” The last word came out strong and as a command. Kelvin was overwhelmed. Every fiber of his body needed this and needed to do what Coach asked, no what Coach ordered him to do. He quickly lost his shirt and pants, only hesitating as he reached for his underwear. Coach Foley’s eyes, however, bored into his own and the command repeated in Kelvin’s head. NOW! Kelvin was now naked in front of Coach looking into Coach’s eyes which locked onto Kelvin’s.

“Good. You can follow directions,” Coach stated matter-of-factly as he stepped forward. “Just listen and do what I say, Kelvin. I know how to make you feel good, feel needed. Right now I want you to bend down and take my nipple in your mouth.” Kelvin dutifully lowered his head finding the nipple with his lips. “Now, start sucking. Keep it up until I say otherwise. I want you nursing on Coach’s teat because that makes Coach rock hard.” Kelvin concentrated on Coach’s nipple, at first tonguing it gently. As he worked the nipple Coach pressed Kelvin’s head from behind forcing him to work the nipple deeper and harder. Kelvin felt Coach’s cock pulsing against his thigh with each suckling.

“See, how Coach likes that?” he heard Coach ask. Kelvin could only slightly nod his head in response. After a few minutes Coach switched Kelvin to his other nipple to be serviced. Coach moaned as Kelvin worked the nipples. Coach’s dick seemed impossibly hard and large against Kevin’s thigh. Coach slowly pulled Kelvin from his nipple and stared into Kelvin who’s eye were glassy, a sign that his G-infused blood was in total control.

Coach smiled and as Kelvin looked into his face he spat into Kelvin’s open mouth catching Kelvin by surprise. “Bitch, you’re mine,” he growled. “You’re my fucking cum dump from now on. Whether it’s spit or cum,” or other fluids in the future Coach thought wickedly, “you’ll swallow them and thank Coach for choosing you.” Kelvin nodded and licked his lips swallowing the last of Coach’s spit.

“Good. Now that we have that understanding,” Coach began, “it’s time to start feeding you coach’s gift of cum. His DNA. The more cum Coach loads into you the more likely you are to continue to grow into a fucking man.” At that Coach grabbed both of Kelvin’s nipples and squeezed tightly. A shock of electricity shot through his nipples and down to his dick which had continued to throb and demand release causing it to press firmly against his belly. Coach pulled down on Kelvin’s nipples and Kelvin’s knees buckled. “Good boy. Down on your knees. Time to worship Coach’s meat with that cock sucking hole of yours. Once you get Coach all the way down that pretty little virgin throat of yours, he’s gonna dump a load of his DNA down your gullet.” Kelvin went to his knees and as he did Coach’s hands when to Kevin’s shoulders and guided him to the floor.

Coach’s jock was inches from Kelvin’s face and he could smell the sweat from Coach’s balls. It made him a bit dizzy but he managed to focus on the bulging pouch in front of him. Coach’s hands went to his sides and lowered his jock freeing his thick cock and balls. Kelvin sat mesmerized. Coach’s dick was shorter than Kelvin’s probably just shy of 7” but it was thicker than he imagined. Coach’s shaft was at least 8” around and looked more like a Red Bull can than a dick. A large drop of pre-cum glistened at Coach’s piss slit. He could see shining residue coating the front of Coach’s jock, evidence of massive amounts of jizz that Coach had been leaking. Coach Foley’s balls hung low and were easily a double handful. With their size they promised a large load of cum when finally released and Kelvin, unconsciously, licked his lips with that final thought.

“Start with the head, Kelvin. Open your jaw wide and take the head in. See how it tastes. You’ll need to try and relax, because once we get started, we won’t be stopping until my balls are against you chin and my head is swollen in your throat and ready to feed you your first load of Coach’s cum.” Kelvin’s eyes stayed glued to the monster dick in front of him. It seemed impossible that he would be able to swallow it. He leaned forward while Coach pushed his hips toward Kelvin and the head popped into Kelvin’s mouth. Kelvin could taste the salt and sweat of Coach’s head and it made his head swim. Once inside he could taste the pre-cum which had been coating Coach’s jock. Salty and slippery his tongue slid around the tip and spread the pre-cum through his mouth. He had always thought of cum as sticky but when mixed with the spit in his mouth it became slick and he could feel Coach’s head slide more easily within his jaw.



Blowing Coach.jpg


Coach smiled. He could feel Kelvin’s tongue on his cock head and knew that he was exploring the benefits of pre-cum. As Kelvin seemed to adjust to Coach’s girth, Coach shifted his hips sliding his dick down another inch or so. Kelvin’s expression became slightly panicked but Coach placed his hand on the back of Kelvin's head and rubbed it slowly. “Remember,” said Coach, “relax your jaw and breathe through your nose. You’ve got a lot more to go and you need to make it easy on yourself.” He could feel Kelvin relax as he stroked his head and told him how good he was doing.

Kelvin had unconsciously started sucking on Coach’s cock. Coach always had his boys start with the nipples and this was why. After working Coach’s nipples sucking on a cock was a natural progression. It also primed his boys for the signals that he would use for Kelvin to suck harder and deeper like he had with the nipples. Kelvin had the first couple inches in now, but the remaining 4” would be the real test. Bending over slightly and holding Kelvin’s head in place he reached for a small brown vial he had made sure was placed within reach.

“Ok, Kelvin. So far you’re a prime dick sucker but in order to get Coach’s load we need to get the rest of this dick down your throat. When I put this vial under your nostril I want you to breathe in deeply. It may burn slightly, but keep it up for as long as you can.” Kelvin nodded as best he could with his mouth wrapped around Coach’s dick.

Coach lowered the bottle with one hand and pressed his other hand’s finger against Kelvin’s other nostril. “Inhale now, deep as you can,” Coach ordered. Kelvin breathed in deep and the smell slammed into him like a freight train. He rode it out and continued to inhale as Coach had instructed. His head began to swim and he felt Coach switch the bottle to his other hand and plug his other nostril. Without a word, Kelvin again inhaled deeply for as long as he could. The rush was less intense now that he had felt it once but his head continued to swim. Coach repeated it once more in each nostril before setting the bottle down and placing his hands on the back of Kelvin’s head. Kelvin’s head was swimming and he felt as if he might black out.

“Now we’ll see how much you want Coach’s load.” Coach gently and steadily pushed his hips forward and applied pressure to the back of Kelvin’s head forcing him further down the shaft. Coach knew that they were getting to the critical point when he felt the edges of Kelvin’s throat on his dick’s head. Gently he rubbed Kelvin’s head and whispered, “Take a deep breath and relax.” Kelvin took a deep breath and again his head swam. Coach pushed his hips toward Kelvin while also using his hands massaging the joint of his jaw on both sides. Steadily as his hips advanced, Coach also pushed Kelvin's head further down the monstrous shaft.

At first, Coach could feel resistance as his cockhead pushed against the narrowed opening of Kelvin's throat. Coach Foley continued to thrust forward and work Kelvin’s jaw at its hinge with his fingers. Coach could see a small tear form in the corner of Kelvin’s eye and Coach knew Kelvin was doing his best. The sight of Kelvin straining to get Coach's mushroom head past the start of his throat, caused Coach’s dick to stiffen in anticipation.  As it did, Coach felt the familiar ‘pop’ as his head slid out of Kelvin’s mouth and into his throat. The last two inches of Coach’s shaft slid easily into Kelvin’s maw once Coach’s cockhead was nestled in his throat. Coach smiled. Not even a single gag, Kelvin was good, maybe good enough to be worthy, but they had time for that and Kelvin still needed to finish this lesson. Kelvin had been straining to admit Coach’s head into his throat and after last the deep breath, there was a silent but noticeable pop, as his throat relaxed and Coach’s masive head slid smoothly into Kelvin's throat. As Coach Foley’s hips moved forward the head slipped further down his throat, and before he realized it, Coach’s balls were resting against his chin. Kelvin sighed and relaxed further as his throat snuggly embraced Coach’s mushroom head and the final couple of inches of the shaft.

Coach stayed still allowing Kelvin to get used to the monstrous cock lodged in his throat. Again Coach reached for the brown vial and again Kelvin dutifully inhaled as if moved from one nostril to the other. The now familiar rush rolled over him. He felt completely relaxed and felt as if he could feel every vein of the shaft buried deep in him. Coach was smiling. Now came the fun part. Coach began rocking his hips back and forth while keeping a hold on Kelvin’s head. He felt his cockhead slide smoothly in Kelvin’s throat, enveloping him and smoothly sliding along Kelvin’s throat. As he became certain Kelvin was tolerating his small thrusts he made his thrusts longer and deeper. Kelvin came close to gagging a time or two but Coach’s hands rubbed at the joint in Kelvin’s jaw and the gagging stop as Kelvin relaxed. Kelvin’s throat was smooth and Coach knew that it wouldn’t be long until his first load was deep inside Kelvin but he wasn’t in a rush either, enjoying the steady tempo and building need to blow.

Kelvin was completely lost in the flood of sensations. He could feel his throat as it massaged Coach’s head with each pelvic thrust and could feel his own dick stiffen. He moved his hand to grab his dick and began stroking himself, slowly at first but then becoming more frenetic as his balls ached to spew their load. Suddenly Coach’s hips stopped and Kelvin felt Coach smack the side of his head hard enough to get Kelvin’s attention. Kelvin immediately dropped his hands from his dick and sat motionless with Coach’s cock deep in his throat.

“Focus on ME, Kelvin,” coached growled. “You’re my fuck toy and you need to show me you’re willing to work to get Coach’s cum. You’ll get your chance after I finish and only then. If you EVER cum before me, you’ll be out on your ass and will never get another drop of Coach’s cum. You understand?”  A passing moment of fear raced through Kelvin’s mind at the thought of never feeling Coach inside him again. He nodded as best he could and folded his arms behind his back to help remove all temptation to grab his own dick. “Good,” growled Coach. “I’m glad we understand each other.”  Once Kelvin’s hands were away Coach returned to thrusting his hips, increasing his tempo even more. Now without the distraction of his own dick, Kelvin’s attention focused in on the shaft penetrating his throat. The rest of him faded away and all he could feel was his throat and all he wanted was to show Coach how much he deserved that load of cum. As he focused in he realized that by flexing his throat he could tighten on the downstroke and release on the upstroke. As he experimented with this new found ability he heard Coach moan loudly.

“Shit, Kelvin,” coached breathed heavily, “You’re a quick learner.” Kelvin felt Coach’s tempo increase and he worked his muscles to keep up. Coach’s breaths were short and rapid. “Fuck Kelvin, I’m about to shoot. You better make sure that every single drop goes down. Coach doesn’t want a single drop spilled.” Kelvin tried his best to make a noise indicating he understood. “Here it comes, bitch!” and Coach Foley roared out as his dick began to convulse. Kelvin could feel every wave as Coach’s cum flooded down the thick shaft and deep into Kelvin’s throat. At first, Kelvin thought he might choke but he pulled Coach’s head as far down into his throat as he could. Kelvin lost count after five spurts of cum slid down his throat. He felt almost like he was drowning. Coach’s cum was viscous and he could feel it sliding deep down inside him. Eventually, Coach’s thrust became less frenzied and Kelvin could feel the massive cock deflate slightly but still it filled his now cum lubricated throat.

“Now that was a fucking blow job!” Coach exclaimed. “Hope that was a good load. It was at least 4 days’ worth.” Coach relaxed but left the head of his dick resting in Kelvin’s throat. “Now it’s your turn Kelvin. Show me exactly how much you enjoyed swallowing Coach’s load.” Kelvin hesitated at first remembering Coach’s previous warning but the aching of his dick and the tightness in his balls won out. Kelvin barely managed three strokes before he felt his balls lurch upward and felt spurt after spurt of cum land on the floor behind Coach Foley. “Yeah, we’ve got a shooter here,” Coach applauded.  As his orgasm died down he looked at the wads of cum which covered the floor. Kelvin had never cum like that before nor had he ever spewed that much cum. Coach patted Kelvin’s head and slowly tilted his hips back allowing his cockhead to once again ‘pop’ past the narrow entry of Kelvin’s throat and slip out of his mouth leaving a trail of spent cum as it slid out.

Coach grabbed Kelvin by the nipples, squeezing them tightly while pulling him up from his knees. Kelvin found himself face to face with Coach Foley who was grinning widely, obviously happy. Coach bent over and once again pressed his lips firmly against Kelvin’s and invading Kelvin’s mouth once again with his thick and powerful tongue. As they locked for several minutes he felt Coach’s hands reach behind him and squeeze Kelvin’s ass. Kelvin shivered slightly and Coach backed his tongue and lips away. “Nothing better than tasting my cum in your mouth, Kelvin. You managed to swallow that huge load and I’m pretty impressed.” Kelvin smiled at the compliment.

As each of them fished for their clothes Coach said, “Now we need to discuss a few things. First, as we discussed, you’re now my fuck toy to use as I want, whenever I want. In return, you’ll get a regular diet of my cum to grow strong on.” Kelvin nodded. He couldn’t imagine ever not wanting to take another of Coach’s load. “Second,” continued Coach, your ass will be down here every 8th and 9th period from now until the end of the school year. I’ve written a note to your counselor stating that you’ll be taking weight training as an independent study course. That will ensure we have plenty of opportunities for you to get fed regularly.” Coach smiled. “And of course, once we’re both comfortable and need a little variety maybe we’ll work on busting that other cherry of yours.”

A worried look passed over Kelvin’s face and he spoke softly, “Uh, I don’t want to piss you off Coach but I don’t think I’m much interested in getting fucked.” Kelvin dropped his eyes knowing that Coach could very well tell Kelvin to get his ass out.

“Kelvin,” Coach sighed, “Let’s make a deal. We don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with and will stick with what we both enjoy. If there comes a time, though, that you change your mind, I’m going to make you ask for it. Maybe even beg for it. And like our previous deal, once you agree, your ass will literally be mine to use. Deal?” Coach Foley saw a look of relief pass over Kelvin’s face.

“Sure Coach,” said Kelvin, “That’s a deal I can live up to.” Coach smiled as Kelvin picked up his clothes and headed out into the locker room for a quick shower and to get dressed. It was a deal Coach could live with too. Kelvin was going to make this a challenge and Coach loved a challenge. Even with a high viral load, Coach wasn’t likely to get enough cum deep enough into Kelvin during just oral sex to see if he was worthy of Coach’s virus. He’d have to make sure that by June he had enough cum swimming inside Kelvin’s guts to determine if he was worthy. Already this looked like this could be a challenge. But Coach always liked challenges and he always played to win.




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Great hot start jagerbar! Kelvin's already hooked on Coach's poz cum and soon hopefully Coach will get hooked on T and getting his teen ass plowed! Hope more is on the way soon!


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1 hour ago, PartyandBreed said:

Great hot start jagerbar! Kelvin's already hooked on Coach's poz cum and soon hopefully Coach will get hooked on T and getting his teen ass plowed! Hope more is on the way soon!

Hell fucking yeah! I agree...with PartyandBreed and like where this is going! 


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Definitely a great start! Now I can't wait to read about him getting some of that dick in his jock ass :D


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Coach probably already pozzed dad (since they knew each other) and dad was just waiting for coach to break him in before they tag-team his ass and send him to college.


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Love older younger conversation stuff. Can't wait for more. 


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So fucking hot man. Love the back story and hearing the characters thoughts. Great writing man. Maybe we can hear about how the coach got pozzed! Thanks for the story man. 


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Still waiting for more of this hot story!


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Sorry about the delay, but finding the spare time between work and finding enough dick, my calendar's a bit full. Hope it was at least worth some of the wait...

Kelvin’s Graduation

PART II – Conditioning


Kelvin had never felt more alive he thought as he was sitting in physics class. For the last week and a half, he and Coach Foley had been meeting every afternoon with the sole intent of feeding Kelvin as much of Coach’s cum as possible. Kelvin glanced at the clock. Half-an-hour, which would probably feel more like an hour Kelvin thought and sighed. Already with just those passing thoughts, Kelvin felt his cock stir to life.


After the first day, things had fallen into a pattern. Kelvin would arrive, they would down a Coke or two and shoot the shit for a little while. Coach would then look Kelvin in the eye and Kelvin would lower himself to his knees in front of Coach’s groin. A couple days in, Coach had instructed Kelvin to place his hands folded behind his back and look up into Coach’s face. Coach had referred to this as “Position Two” and told Kelvin whenever he said it, Kelvin should immediately be kneeling and waiting as described. Kelvin thought this unusual, but it obviously made Coach very happy when Kelvin complied – as Coach’s dick jumped to life when Kelvin took to his knees. Kelvin was just playing along with the commands, he didn’t even know what “Position One” was. What surprised Kelvin was that over the last couple of days, it wasn’t only Coach, but Kelvin himself, who was becoming hard when he heard the words “Position Two”. Yesterday, Coach had made Kelvin sit in the position for 10 minutes before he let Kelvin take his cock and cum. The entire time, Coach had been working his thick meat at Kelvin looked on. By the end, Kelvin could feel precum pooling at the tip of his head in anticipation. Coach also appeared to notice and gave Kelvin a big smile just before smoothly sliding his veiny monster all the way down Kelvin’s throat.


Twenty-five minutes. Hell. Kelvin could now feel his boner aching and straining against its confinement. Kelvin had already dumped two loads this morning, one after waking up and one in between periods this morning. Already his balls felt full and ready for another session. With Coach Foley, he was only ever allowed to shoot a single load and only when Coach was done and told him he could. Kelvin was sure he could match Coach load for load if given the chance. The first few days, Kelvin had swallowed a single load from Coach and was allowed to release his own after that. One day, Coach had finished and Kelvin was waiting for the Coach to give him the go ahead but oddly Coach just sat with his partially deflated cock still lodged in Kelvin’s mouth. Coach rubbed Kelvin’s head and murmured, “From here on out, Kelvin, you’ll need to work on getting a second load out of me before you get to cum. You’re a good cocksucker right now, but you need to be a great cocksucker.” Coach locked his hand behind his head and leaned back, thrusting his dick further into Kelvin’s throat. “You want your own load? Better start working Coach’s dick then.” Kelvin dutifully started to work on Coach’s massive cock. Kelvin realized that getting a second load was going to take some work. He started paying attention to smaller details of sucking the Coach and picking up on non-verbal cues – a moan, a twitch of Coach’s coach, Coach’s hand ruffling the hair on Kelvin’s head – head finding the things Coach liked done to his cock while Kelvin experimented. By the end of their session that day, Kelvin had picked up a few tricks that he knew were getting a response out of Coach and was rewarded with a second load of Coach’s cum which he swallowed eagerly and seemed to taste even better than before. Coach smiled and once his balls were drained looked down and said, “Ok, Kelvin, time for you to show Coach how much you liked getting two loads from him.” With hardly a dozen pumps Kelvin was already shooting a massive load, his biggest one yet, and spewing cum all over the office floor. Kelvin collapsed at Coach’s feet, completely spent. “God,” smiled Coach Foley, “I knew you had it in you.” He patted Kelvin on his sweaty head and told him to get his ass to the showers so he wouldn’t miss his bus. Coach smiled as he watched Kelvin walk to his showers, and a glistening drop of precum formed on the head of his dick as his eyes silently raped Kelvin’s virgin ass. “Soon,” he thought, “That’s an ass that’s worth waiting for and while he won’t give it up quickly, when he does, it’ll be all mine for the taking and he’ll beg me to do it.”


Fifteen minutes. Would this class never end? Kelvin’s cock was still at full attention and his day dreaming hadn’t actually helped things, just made matters worse. Yesterday, Kelvin had managed to get a third load out of Coach who was impressed with Kelvin’s skill after less than two weeks. Kelvin, as usual, drank in Coach’s praise hanging on every word. It was Coach’s voice he heard as he whacked off at home every day. Between home, school and his sessions with Coach he was pumping out at least 4 loads a day, sometimes even as many as 6. During his session before bed last night, Kelvin had been working his dick as usual during some porn, imagining instead that it was he and Coach Foley in the scene. In this scene, the top had been enjoying getting blown and suddenly reached around to the bottom’s ass and started to play with it moving his hand and fingers across the bottom’s round ass cheeks and finally finding the ring of his ass with his finger. Kelvin, caught up in the moment, followed the motions on the tape and soon found his finger on the rim of his own ass. Kelvin had not realized how sensitive the area was around there but as his finger swirled around the entrance he could feel sparks of pleasure work their way up to his stiffening cock each time he circled his pink hole. Wetting his fingers, Kelvin increased his rubbing and his cock responded by riding at full attention. After a few minutes, Kelvin pushed his finger against his ass and felt it give slightly. Kelvin could feel his dick responding to the attempt and once again, after wetting his finger, he began circling his ass with increasing pressure. There was resistance at first but as his finger massaged the circle he felt his hole relax and in one sudden moment his finger slipped inside causing a huge eruption to boil up in his balls and spurt cum wildly across his bathroom floor. “Holy shit,” thought Kelvin, “Now that was fucking intense.” He looked at the spunk covering the floor and sighed. Best to keep this little experiment to himself. A finger was one thing, but the thought of Coach’s huge shaft penetrating his ass made him shudder. However, if Kelvin had been honest with himself, he would have realized that the shudder was both from fear but also from a deeper, darker, lustful place.


Five fucking minutes…


The alarm on Coach’s cell phone went off playing the Pet Shop Boys, “Master and Servant.” Coach smiled as he turned off the alarm. Fifteen minutes until Kelvin was off and on his way down to the gym. Things had progressed nicely the last week and a half. Kelvin had been an eager learner and a quick study. Yesterday, after only a week and a half, he’d managed to pull three loads out of Coach’s balls. Not a record, but certainly a great start. Coach leaned back in his chair and grinned. Yes, everything was progressing as he had planned. This was the fun part, the step by step corruption of Kelvin with each step bringing him closer to begging for Coach’s load up his ass and the increased chance that Kelvin would be worthy to carry Coach’s viral DNA and to spread it far and wide. Sure, at this point he could problem just slam Kelvin and have free access to his ass as he spun through his first party with Tina, but that didn’t hold the same excitement as manipulating Kelvin slowly to his destiny. Well, today could be a game changer. Coach had decided that it was time to take the next step. It was time to see if Kelvin was willing to give Coach something valuable – control.

Coach had been lucky this weekend as Zack had come home from school at Ole Miss and had wanted some time with Coach. Zack was as handsome as ever and had picked up a bit of Southern drawl. Zack’s brown hair and hairless, swimmer’s build wasn’t Coach’s first choice, he preferred thicker and hairier, but Zack’s ass had been perfection when he finally took it. After Zack arrived and after a shot or two of GHB-laced rum and cokes, Coach had Zack naked and ready to hop into the sling in Coach’s playroom. With Zack secured in the sling with wrist and ankle restraints in place. Coach went to grab some equipment. When he returned, Zack saw he was carrying two small zippered kits. Coach placed one on the table next to the sling and opened the other. Zack could see the familiar tourniquet and syringe that Coach kept for his boys. Coach examined the syringe and tapped it gently. Securing the tourniquet around Zack’s arm, he began searching for a vein and almost immediately found a good candidate. Coach could see the hunger in Zack’s eyes.


“You want this, huh?” he asked.


“Oh fuck yeah. Slam me, Coach,“ came Zack’s reply. Zack could feel his ass and balls tightening at the thought of the needle delivering its payload and washing over him.


“Of course my boy, but remember our deal. You gave your body to me last year and it’s still mine. You’ll get your slam and I’ll get what I’m looking for, right?” Coach smiled.


Zack nodded and was rewarded with the familiar pinch. His eyes followed Coach’s movements as the drawback created a small flash which slowly disappeared as the needle was depressed. After finishing and pulling the needle, Coach snapped the tourniquet off and the fuck fluid rushed through Zack’s veins making him cough and sending waves of heat through his body as it spread. Within a minute his eyes had glazed over and Coach could see the fluid working. Zack moaned in his restraints and briefly struggled, but the fuck fluid was doing its job and Zack was ready for the next step. Coach unzipped the second bag and took out its contents. Zack could barely make out what they were through the initial haze of the slam but saw a long tube and a plastic bag of some sort. Coach repositioned himself at the base of the sling.


“Now this might hurt at first, but I’m going to need to collect some chemmed up piss from you and I don’t want to miss a drop. You see I’ve got a new boy and he’s going to get introduced to Tina soon and you’re my first step in that process,” Coach explained. Zack watched him coat the tubing with lube, but the tubing was so small, why would Coach even bother putting it up Zack’s ass. Zack had taken much larger before. He was startled as Coach grab the head of his penis and guided the tube down his urethra. Zack flinched with a combination of both pleasure and pain as the tube snaked its way up his penis.


“This will make sure that we get every drop,” Coach smiled as he inflated the balloon on the catheter to keep it in place. As he placed the bag on a hook near the bottom of the sling Zack could see a small amount of amber fluid trickle into the bag. Coach came back to Zack’s head with a jug of water and a straw.


“Drink up boy. I want a liter out of you by the time we’re done here,” he said as Coach slipped the straw in his mouth. And Coach always gets what he wants Coach thought to himself.

Over the next few hours, Coach has administered 2 more slams and a few liters of water as Zack’s ass got worked over by Coach and some of his friend’s. By morning, Zack’s hole was raw and leaking cum and the bag had just about a liter of amber fluid in it. Disconnecting Zack, he got him showered and fed before sending him off into the morning. Zack would probably be up for a couple days after those slams and Coach smiled. Coach went and collected the Slam Piss and whistled as he thought about his future plans.


Coach snapped out of his memory and walked to the refrigerator. He was sporting solid wood after recalling his weekend and his balls ached for release. Adjusting himself for comfort, he leaned over and pulled out a Gatorade and small bottle of an amber colored fluid. With a little extra flavoring from one of those squeeze bottles you added to water to make it flavored Kelvin would be introduced to a new energy drink, one Coach was sure he’d come to love.


It had been difficult, but Kelvin had done his best to walk normally to the gym without appearing rushed, but had probably failed. He wound his way through the locker room back to Coach’s office where he found Coach seated at his desk. When Kelvin walked in Coach looked him up and down and motioned for him to grab a seat. This wasn’t how things normally went and Kelvin was a bit caught off guard.


Coach began, “Kelvin, it’s time we talked a little. Things have been going really well and you’ve taken to cock sucking like a pro. Three loads yesterday was pretty damn hot.” Kelvin smiled at the acknowledgment. “It’s been almost two weeks and it’s time we actually got some work done. I signed you out of your periods for an independent study here so I need to make sure you do some work.”


Coach noted that Kelvin looked confused by the comment and explained, “We’re going to start your weight training today. I need to make sure you’re getting your daily workouts and keeping in shape. I’ll need you to pay attention and work hard. Oh, and don’t worry, I don’t intend to forget the part of the workout we’ve already been practicing.” Coach winked at Kelvin.


“Ok,” started Coach, “first things first. When you come down here in the future I want you to get undressed in the locker room and present yourself in your jock to me for inspection. You’ll stand with your feet shoulder length apart and hands folded behind your back. You’re to keep your gaze straight ahead no matter what. This is Position One, if you were wondering. Whenever you hear me say that, I expect to see you standing at attention. Do we understand each other?” Kelvin nodded. “Good, now go out there and get undressed and show me you can follow directions.”


Kelvin got up from the chair and quickly shed his clothes and donned one of the black jockstraps Coach had given him last week. He hurried into the office and stood as Coach had instructed. Coach got up and looked him over. Once satisfied, Coach walked toward the small refrigerator and pulled something out. Kelvin moved his eyes and head slightly to get a better look and Coach caught the motion.


“Eyes front and center, boy!,” Coach barked. “Did I not explain to you that your eyes were to lock straight ahead?”


Kelvin stammered, “Yeah, I mean, no…Yes, Coach eyes straight ahead.” He snapped his neck back into place and looked straight ahead. Kelvin couldn’t see, but Coach smiled. Kelvin was learning and his desire to keep Coach happy and to swallow Coach’s cum were leading him right where Coach wanted.


“So, since we’re changing things up to a workout, no more Cokes. Here on out, we’ll get you an energy drink to start each session. You can relax now,” Coach said and handed him a Gatorade bottle. “It’s my own special mixture of Gatorade and extra electrolytes to keep your body going.” The Gatorade was a yellowish green and looked a bit off but Kelvin shrugged and took it. “Oh,” continued Coach, “we’ll also be starting you on weekly testosterone shots but I’m not going to cycle you like your father did, I don’t want you to OD on the stuff or have your balls shrink away to peanuts. It’ll be just enough to keep your muscles intact and your energy level high.” It’ll also help keep you horny as hell Coach thought to himself.


“OK, Coach,” responded Kelvin. He was a bit surprised by the whole change, but he had been hoping to get back to some lifting after slacking off the last couple of months, especially the last two weeks. “I think hitting the weights again is a great idea. I’ve been slacking off a bit and a little work would feel good.”


“So we’re in agreement here,” said Coach. “Down that energy drink and meet me in the weight room. I’ve got it all set up for you. Just be careful, that drink’s got a bit of a pungent kick to it, kinda tastes like piss water, but it’s got everything a boy like you needs before a workout.” With that, Coach turned and headed to the weight room.


Kelvin was left with the bottle of oddly colored Gatorade and took another look. The sickly color didn’t make it particularly appetizing. Kelvin opened the bottle and took a swig. He nearly choked at first before managing to swallow the vile liquid. It burned a bit when it hit his stomach. It was indeed pretty pungent although it had a ton of flavoring, which only succeeded in making it sweet AND pungent. Kelvin sighed and prepared himself. He took a deep breath and chugged down the remaining liquid. Chugging it was actually a good move as it didn’t stay in his mouth long enough to actually damage his taste buds. Kelvin took the empty bottle and tossed it in the trash and hurried off to the weight room.


When Kelvin arrived Coach had started him on a circuit course of his own design. Kelvin was familiar with the concept and jumped right in. As the workout progressed Kelvin realized he was hotter and sweating more than usual. Instead of feeling increasingly exhausted, he felt as though his skin was electrified and he could feel every little brush of air against it. In addition, as Coach spotted him he could feel his cock stirring with the thought of Coach sliding down his throat leaving his thick manly deposit for Kelvin to swallow. He also felt a hunger, one which he tried to ignore, but he kept thinking about how it felt when his finger had popped into his ass and his breathing and sweating became more ragged.


As Kelvin’s workout progressed Coach could see Kelvin slowly coming under the effects of the Slam piss. The sweating, the spontaneous hard-ons, the rapid breathing and quickening reps all gave away the existence of the Tina working through Kelvin’s veins. Coach also knew that under these more physical signs, Kelvin’s lust was building and Coach was thinking he was going to get a pretty damn good blowjob after the workout today. Let’s see if Kelvin enjoyed his surprise as much.

Kelvin kicked out the last circuit in record time and followed Coach into his office. His pulse and breathing were rapid but he wasn’t really tired, not like after other workouts. Coach’s energy drink must be damn good he thought to himself. Once in the office Coach looked at Kelvin.


“Position One!” Coach Foley commanded and Kelvin quickly stiffened to attention.


“Good to know nothing’s wrong with your memory, Kelvin,” coached acknowledged. “Now we need to have another little talk. I agreed that we wouldn’t do anything you didn’t agree to and I intend to keep my word on that. I am, however, a bit concerned that despite all the cum I’ve fed you, you’ve been dumping it out faster than I can replace it. I want your insides swimming with my cum and it’s not to be wasted. I’m giving you a gift that will help you grow into a man and I hope you appreciate that.”


Kelvin was pretty sure that physiologically, none of that was really happening, it was more a metaphor but the thought of Coach filling him with cum which would make him into a man was pretty damn hot. His mouth watered at the thought of being wrapped around the Coach’s cock again. Kelvin nodded that he agreed, “Yeah, I’ve been shooting loads about 4-6 times a day including the one here with you Coach.”


“So,” started Coach, “Do value Coach’s cum enough to abstain from spilling it?” Kelvin nodded. “OK, let’s see how committed you really are to that.”


Coach moved to Kelvin’s side and out of his line of sight. He was dying to know what Coach was up to but also afraid to get caught stealing a look. Suddenly Coach came back into his field of vision right next to him and moved in front of Kelvin. He was holding something, but it was just out of Kelvin’s sight. Coach kneeled down in front of Kelvin and Kelvin’s dick sprang to life at the thought of Coach possibly sucking his dick. Suddenly though he felt ice cold on his balls and felt them pull back up into his body and his shaft shrink.


“Coach ain’t ever going down on you boy so get that thought out of your mind,” Coach growled. “Now keep those eyes locked straight.” He could feel coach pulling on his dick and cold metal being slid over it occasionally pinching him. He winced but kept his face forward. In a few minutes, Coach had finished and took a step back.


“Ok, Kelvin, take a look. Let me know if this is what you want. If you decide not then you can walk out of here and continue on with your life. We’ll halt all this and you can go back to study hall. If you decide it is, we’ll continue working on your conditioning,“ Coach explained as he took a step away.




Kelvin looked down to see his dick wrapped in a metal ring at the base of his dick and his balls held between that and what could only be described as a curved cage surrounding his shaft. The device was snug but not particularly painful. It was readily apparent to Kelvin that any chance of an erection in this would be impossible. Coach was right, Kelvin would be spilling none of Coach’s seed with this in place. Kelvin also noticed a small unlocked lock at the top of the device. He finally looked at Coach, who stood there with the key in hand.


“So, Kelvin. What’s it going to be?” Coach asked. “Just remember our arrangement, if you agree, I get to choose when and how long you stay caged. I could lock you up and throw away the key and leave you stuck in your cage. What’s it going to be, boy? Yes or No?”


Kelvin’s mind reeled. This wasn’t the way he had seen things going, this was not what he had planned. He should just get up and walk out. This was crazy! Who would agree to get his dick locked up?


“You would,” came a voice from a dark and forgotten place inside Kelvin, “Coach has given and is giving you everything you could’ve hoped for over the last week and half. Your life has gone from merely existing day to day to days filled with excitement and anticipation. Coach Foley has unlocked a new world for you and all he wants is for you to show you value that by locking away your own base needs.” Kelvin was sure he could feel each bead of sweat in his face.


The voice continued, “Besi des, it’s not as if you’re really looking forward to the orgasm you have after sucking Coach off. It’s a nice benefit, but if you’re honest with yourself what fuels your anticipation is your desire to get Coach Foley off. To be the thing that he desires so much that he feeds you the essence of life straight from his balls.”


Kelvin knew he was standing on the edge of a veritable abyss but knew what he had to do.

“Go ahead Coach, lock it up.”



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Nicely done. The interlude with Zack {and his bone deep anticipation of what Coach Foley has waiting for him} could open an entire spin-off: "The Tales (Tails) of Coach's boi - Zack, and the Greeks of Old Miss"


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      So I've been reading through these stories and have decided to tell some true stories about my experience as a swinger, married to a very slutty girl, and the parties we used to go to. All of this happened in Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle Washington, some of it in swing clubs, some of it in private homes, and some in our own apt In Gastown. Names have been changed to prevent anyone from figuring out who we are, but every single word is the absolute truth. My wife divorced me three years ago after she found out I was exploring my gay side behind her back. Ironically, she would have been okay with it if I had been honest with her, but there were also other stresses in the marriage, none of them to do with sex, which was always great. She's a tall girl, 6'2" (I'm almost 6'5"), and she's also quite slim. Think volleyball girl with curly black hair and you're on the right track. Perfect A cup itty bitty tittys and a tight little ass with a flat belly and broad shoulders. She's kept her looks and her fitness as well, which I know because we still meet up once in a while for dinner and a booty call. Currently she's dating a girl, and I am hoping for a threesome. She's the epitome of milf now, her ass has spread a little over the years, but she's still a fucking amazon slut.
      We met when she was 26 and I was 30, this was a good 15 years ago. I had put a personal ad up on one of the early internet dating sites. She responded, largely because I was one of the few guys on the site taller than her, and we went on a pretty awful date in which I was awkward, she was shy, and it didn't seem like we had any future. But I guess both of us were bored, so we went out again, and at the end of the night she asked if I wanted to come in and fool around. I was a little surprised because I hadn't gotten any vibes from her at all, but I wasn't going to say no, so up we went to her apartment. she walked in, flipped on the lights, kicked off her shoes and dropped to her knees. I hadn't even closed the door behind me, and there she was looking up at me and smiling... I kicked the door closed, and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my fly. She leaned forward, and sank her mouth down my already hard cock to the base in one motion.  I'm long, at an honest 7", and about 2.5" thick, with a big head and she was the first person ever to take me balls deep.
      She gulped at my cock, making her throat gag onto my cock, and when Tried to pull back a little, she grabbed my asscheeks and kept me all the way in. She made the most filthy noises, all the while grinding her face into my belly and her throat was flexing and milking at me. Suddenly she gagged hard and came off my cock, looking up at me and grinning. Tears were already running down her face, and her makeup was smeared. "I figured you had a big one," she said, in a slightly raspy voice, "but I wasn't expecting it so thick". She started sucking again, grabbing my asscheeks and encouraging me to thrust into her mouth. I got rougher and rougher, trying to see if I could push her too far, but I was in serious danger of cumming.  I stopped.
      "Why did you stop?" she gasped, and her face was a slippery mess with drool soaking into her blouse. "I was about to cum". She laughed, and said "Good... I swallow" and leaned forward and opened her mouth. That was all I needed. I grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her mouth in long slow strokes, making sure to leave it parked in that amazingly active throat  at the bottom of each thrust until she was struggling to breathe. I could feel my load building up, that tight feeling that foretold an epic orgasm. I started talking "mmm take that fucking cock you little slut, take it fucking deep and swallow my load!" she was talking back with her mouth full of cock, something that has always turned me on and I twisted my hands in her hair and shot in her mouth. I felt her choke and gag on my cum, and I felt her throw up a little as well, bt she kept sucking and swallowing. Draining every drop into her belly and keeping my cock in her sloppy face as my orgasm subsided. She looked up at me with her mouth stretched around my still hard cock and slowly pulled back.   "My turn?", she said?
      We spent the next couple of hours fucking and sucking, never any mention of condoms and her cunt got two more loads, and then I went home. When I got there, a message was waiting on my machine thanking me for the night, and setting up the next date, where we would be skipping the movie.
      I have a bunch of stories I can tell. First time we did an MFM threesome, first time she did MDMA and got gang banged, first strangers cum, the four girls on me for my birthday present... Why don't you pick one and I will tell that one next. Or ask questions.
    • By txbare
      Our Last Condom
      I’ve been dating the same guy for almost three years, and up until tonight we had never dared to have sex without a condom. I’m a 25 years old, 6’4’’ and lean build and have had sex with dozens of guys but every single time I’ve insisted on wearing a condom. I hadn’t been fucked for the first time until I was a freshman in college, and growing up I had always been told that having sex without a condom was risky, especially if for gay guys, so I would always insist on rubbers being, no exceptions. Until tonight.
      Before we talk about how I discovered my obsession with bareback fucking, let me tell you about my man. My boyfriend, Jon,  is as sexy as they come. He’s a 28 year old pediatrician, 6’0, blond, blue eyes and extremely built. He being a fairly health conscious and sexually inexperienced and me being unwilling to push him past his boundaries, we had always had sex with condoms. In the back of my mind, I had thought maybe it was weird that two monogamous men wouldn’t bring it up sooner than we did, I respected his boundaries and fucked his tight hole daily and ejaculated happily into hundreds of condoms over the years. But admittedly, with each passing day, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to slip my load deep into him without barriers, and in fact the first man in his life to shoot sperm into his hole.  
      We were having a typical Friday date night. We were seated next to each other on the couch on the roof of his townhouse. He leaned his head on his shoulder. Without hesitation, I put my arm around him and slipped my tongue into his mouth and my hand under his shirt. He was extremely ripped and I could feel his ab muscles twitching under my palms as I caressed every line and worked my way beneath his boxers and eventually grasped his cock that was becoming engorged by the second. I could feel his the layer of foreskin over his fat mushroom head, coated heavily with his precum.
      I was so turned on by the thought of slipping my tongue under his foreskin that I got on my knees and slid off his jeans and his boxers. Upon sliding his boxers to his heels, his hard, eight and a half inch pink, uncut cock was revealed and tapped against his smooth, ripped body. Everything from his firm pecs to his six pack abs to his balls were incredible smooth. I slipped my tongue under his smooth balls and it turns out his hole was equally smooth. As I attempted to slide my thick tongue past the first ring of his whole, I could hear him moan as his spread his legs and placed his heels on my shoulder. Still clothed, my cock was hard as a rock and tenting through my jeans; my tight boxer briefs were soaking with precum and I imagined having my way with this perfect, rock hard stud of a man.
      I took a pause from his tight pink hole and slipped his fat tool into my mouth, licking the tip of his head and working my mouth down his shaft to swallow every drip of precum from the slit of his cock. I unbuttoned Jon’s shirt and undid my belt and pants, reaching for my own cock as I deep-throated Jon’s long, veiny cock. Sliding off my jeans and underwear, I could hear moans of lust from Jon. I was a fairly lean and long guy, but by contrast my cock was as fat as it was long at eight inches in length and eight inches in girth. My fat beer can cock hung low between my legs and I moved my clenched fist up and down Jon’s cock as I slipped my tongue under his warm, slick foreskin.
      As ripped as Jon  was, he also had one of the roundest and firmest asses I had ever known. I teased his hole with my middle finger and was aroused that, even though I had  worked his ring with my tongue for almost half an hour, it was extremely difficult to slide my middle finger into his hole. And yet I could feel my boyfriend move his hole from side to side over my digit and eventually pushing his tight ring against it, allowing me to slowing penetrate him. I slipped my tongue along his warm balls and subtly spit on my middle to help ease it into his hole. Within a few minutes, my four and a half inch finger had fully penetrated Jon and I began to pet his prostate at a medium pace.
      I couldn’t remember a time I had been more aroused. My right middle finger still deep into Jon, I put my left arm around his smooth body, slipped his tongue into his mouth, and carried my man to his king bed. I stripped us both of our clothes and subtly slipped my index finger into Jon as well. The slit of his fat mushroom head began to leak precum as Jon groaned and moved his tight hole up and down my digits. It was at that moment that I felt his warm hand wrap itself around my cock, which at this point was covered in my precum. He slid his fist up and down my shaft at a medium pace, and he generously made sure my entire fat cock was slick with my precum.
      “Babe, I need you inside of me,” Jon said as he rubbed the slick tip of my thick cock against his hole. I continued to massage his prostate with my two fingers. “Please, babe, I really need your fat cock in my hole.”
      Having fucked Jon hundreds of times, I was familiar with our sexual routine and with how to satisfy his. I slipped my mouth over his penis and used my tongue to lick fresh, thick precum off of his cock slit. With my free hand, I reached for his nightstand and grabbed our nearly empty bottle of lube. In his dark bedroom, I could hardly see the contents of his nightstand drawer, and blindly searched for nearly a minute for a condom. Usually we were well prepared and condoms were prevalent in his drawer, but it seemed as though in less than a week we must have gone through an entire box. Determined, I frantically reached into the deep corners of his nightstand and to my relief felt a condom in my hand.
      I took a moment to examine the condom. It was clear that this was a condom that we must have picked up as a novelty from a gay bar or some other venue. While intact and unexpired, I almost exclusively used the golden wrapped Magnum XXL condoms because I felt most other condoms were too constrictive on my fat cock. This condom was in a standard packaging and I was skeptical it’d be sufficient. Desperate for his hole, I ignored his fact and attempted to unroll it on over my 8 inch thick cock.  Fully unraveled, over an inch of my penis was exposed and my cock felt suffocated and had completely filled out the latex sheath, the veins beneath my cock visibly and rapidly pulsing beneath.
      But I needed to be inside of my boyfriend and was surprised to still be hard as a rock. I grabbed our bottle of lube and generously applied it to my wrapped cock. I slipped my two fingers out of Jon’s hole and I could tell he felt empty, thirsty to feel full again. He clenched his fist over my shaft and put my fat nearly 8.5’’ thick mushroom head outside of his hole. I slowly slid my mushroom head past the ring of his hole and eased my cock inside of my boyfriend.
      He seemed to be in pain and made a low groan, but he didn't try to expel my cock, rather he struggled to relax so as to allow his hole time to adjust to my thick head. As he eventually pushed my mushroom head past his first hole, my shaft very slowly slid through his ass and Jon moaned and lifted his knees to his head and I was deeply penetrating him.
      I wanted to enjoy the feeling of my boyfriend’s tight hole wrapping around my cock, but I had never felt so constricted in years. The condom I was wearing was simply too tight and the pressure around my shaft was distracting if not a hurdle to my erection inside of him.
      I stayed still and tried to stay focused on my goal, which was to fuck the cum out of Jon and to fill my condom with seed. I could see his abdominal and chest muscles twitching and engorging with my thrusts, so I continued to slide my cock in and out of Jon.
      “I love you, baby,” I whispered to Jon and I slowly moved my fat cock in and out of his hole.
      “I feel so full with your cock. Fuck me. Please pound my hole.”
      Obeying my love’s demands, I slid my latex covered cock in and out of his hole, as uncomfortable as it felt because I refused to ejaculate anywhere other than inside of him, as I had hundreds of times.
      I slipped in and out of his tight ass ring, which felt warm though resistant to the girth of my cock. It had been a long time since I had felt so much friction inside of a hole, but I couldn’t let my baby down. I had to be able to stay hard inside of him until I saw his fat eight cock shoot his seed.
      And then I felt something off. Immediately withdrawing from his ass, I got the impression an elastic band snap had snapped. I even thought I heard the snap. I had never experienced this before, but I felt unexpectedly good. My cock had never felt so warm and slick. It was as though I was ready to shoot my load inside of Jon, but I still wasn’t able to process why I felt so good.
      Jon didn’t seem to notice a thing and in fact held me close to him, my cock fully penetrating him as he pushed me down onto my back and started to ride my penis. I had never felt such a natural and slick sensation on the shaft of my penis as Jon pinned me down on my back and began to ride me. Though I was familiar with this position, I began to realize that what I was experiencing was my first time being inside of the love of my life without a condom and he had no idea.
      Jon was a bitch in heat as he put his palms on my shoulders and move his warm hole along my shaft, completely unaware that he was able to slide more quickly and effortlessly up and down my beer can cock because I was coating his insides with my precum and, hopefully my full, unapologetic, massive load of semen inside of him.
      I knew that I needed to say something. In three years, this was my first time being inside of my boyfriend without a condom, but I knew that it was wrong to shoot my load inside of him without him consenting. But I loved him. And I wanted my seed to be the first to coat his ass hole. I wanted him to be mine.
      My balls were full of cum and tapped against my boyfriend’s ass as he rode my cock. He was riding at such a fast and steady pace that I had no doubt that this is how Jon wanted me to ejaculate inside of him.
      It was hard to process that I’d been inside of Jon hundreds of times but each time he hadn’t been open to experience what I felt now, which was the electrifying feeling of man being inside of another man without barriers and being bred in the way that nature intended. Jon kept moving his hole up and down my raw cock and I felt a deep, carnal need to fill him with my seed and to use my cum to live inside of Jon for an eternity. My balls tight and swollen with semen, I fantasized that I’d deposit my sperm inside of his hole for the rest of my life.
      “Baby, please give it to me,” Jon begged, as he held my waist and clenched his hole around my thick, bare cock.
      “Jon, I am ready to shoot inside of you,” I moaned, as I cupped my fist over Jon’s warm balls and cock.
      “I’m getting so close,” Jon replied, so I massaged his cock, continuing to thrust my raw cock inside of his hole. His balls tensed-up and quivered in ecstasy and violently shot shot five ribbons of white, thick cum on my chest. Following Jon’s request, I kept my cock stead in his tight hole and allowed myself to cum inside of him. His warm anus wrapped itself around my rod as he shot his load and I allowed myself, for the first time in our relationship, to unload ounces of warm sperm inside of his hole as I slid in and out of his tight sphincter to ensure he was properly bred, inseminating his anus with my thick seed.
      I felt more fulfilled sexually than in my entire life. The love of my life was firmly planted on my fat cock as I ensured that every drop of semen coated his insides and inseminated him with my love. Though he had milked me for every drop I had, I was still hard inside of him, feeling both relieved and increasingly guilty I had fucked him raw without his consent.that he had no idea I had fucked him raw as our last condom had broken and was bunched tightly at the base of my cock.
      Still, deep down I suspected Jon had been craving my raw cock but I concluded it wouldn’t be wise for him to know I intentionally bred him. I needed to figure out a way to get him to beg for my raw cock on his own before realizing what I had done to him.
      To be continued.
    • By bndbtm1
      sub bottom visiting for a mini vacation Jan 29-Feb 1, 2017 
      get right to the point, go instant sub and want to be tied and used 
      looking for the best places to go for action, or if anyone wants hit me up

    • By rawstroker
      Will be at LQ hotel in St. Petersburg on 2/19 and want to be pozzed up by guys that are not on meds. I'm masculine, can be a great lover but a very strong willed power bottom. 
    • By denVERScub
      My first time trying g was NOT my choice. I have always been super careful about watching my drink and never accepting open bottles from guys, etc. But I mistakenly let a guy pour some into my drink once right in front of me!
      Long story short, I went to a party at a local bath house when I was 19/20ish and was drinking a soda while watching a live JO show when a nasculine older guy in his late 40s asked if I wanted a shot of rum in my drink. I decided to let myself indulge a little and agreed. From there I followed him to his room where he added the "rum" from an open bottle. Being under 21, I didn't realize how thick the liquid was in comparison to real rum before I drank it all down with no complaints, in spite of the bizarre flavor. Just like the consistancy, I also blamed the taste on my own inexperience. My host insisted I hang out for a few minutes, but I was eager to return to see the money shot from the guy jerking on the stage, so I begged off, thanking him for the rum.
      About 5 minutes later I was so "drunk" that I could barely see straight. Deciding to go back to my room to sleep it off, I stumbled and swerved through the hallways until I finally found my room, got the door unlocked on the third try and collapsed onto the mattress, holding on to the pillow as tight as i could to try to stop the room from spinning. A guy i'd met on my last visit had seen my woozy walk to my door and when he followed and pushed against it, he found it unlocked and let himself in.
      Relieved that it was him, I made him lock the door behind him and told him he could stay but I was pretty drunk, so he'd better not expect me to do much. Unfazed, he offered to give me a massage while I tried to stop the room from spinning. Cut to a few minutes later and I was passed out under him. When I started to come to,  i found myself being deep dicked by his 8 inch cut pierced cock and couldn't seem to gather my thoughts or my strength enough to fight him off. At that time, I still had a gf and was very VERY much in the closet so I did NOT get fucked EVER. This young 5'10" tattooed skater hunk had spent our last encounter sucking me off and letting me fuck him, even though he also claimed to be all top, so it shouldn't have surprised me that he spent the next 4 and a half hours pumping his hard cock deep and hard into my ass, over and over, until the GHB wore off enough that I gathered my thoughts and convinced him that we both needed showers. He agreed, hopped off and followed me down to the showers. Making some excuse, I doubled back and locked myself in my room.
      I tried to get some sleep, but soon the fucker was back knocking on my door and not long after, I heard the older guy who'd drugged me talking to him outside my door. Using all my energy to focus, I listened as the older man admitted to the youger that he'd slipped the g in my drink instead of rum, and had been disappointed that he'd missed out on using my ass. I almost opened the door to tell him off until I heard him tell tattoo guy that, with his help, they could over power me, give me some more, and get me tied up into a sling for a gang rape if they could find me.
      Terrified, I silenced my breathing and waited for them to go searching for me elsewhere before hurrying into my clothes, rushing to check out and quickly and carefully moving my car from the parking lot to a side street before the adrenaline wore off and i gave in to the drugs, passing out. When I awoke a few hours later, I was still loopy and could only barely remember what had happened. That changed as I found a note on my windshield from tattoo guy, apologizing for using my ass without realizing I had been drugged and asking me to forgive him, signed with his name and phone number. I almost tore it up but suddenly I had a flash of evil genius.
      Later that afternoon, once the drugs were totally out of ny body, I called him and listened as he explained to me that he had no idea i'd been slipped something and was only playing along with the other guy so he could find me and warn me. To his relief, I acted like I believed him and agreed to head to his place where he planned to make it up to me with a blow job. On the way there, I went to a liquor store that sold to underage folks like me and bought some Bicardi silver. Back on the road,  i stopped a few blocks from his house and emptied half the 12 pack of drinks and refilled the empties with water. When I arrived I offered him some as a show of good faith that there were no hard feelings and we drank up.
      He was so busy trying to convince me he was a good guy that 0he never realized that even though I matched him bottle to bottle, by the time we'd each finished 5, I was still sober and he was pretty wasted. Just in case, I took a sleeping pill I stole from my roommate, crushed it between some spoons and mixed it into his sixth and final bottle.
      For the next few hours, I power fucked him all over his apartment and made him regret ever fucking with me. At first we used rubbers but they kept breaking so i gave up and did him raw. As we played, I took some photos of him with my cock in his mouth and ass, and some with cum all over him. When I left around midnight, he was fast asleep with a note written on his chest in magic marker telling him to check his computer where I'd uploaded the photos and written a caption at the bottom of one with a threat that he had better not speak a word of the last 48 hrs to anyone, lest I release the photos on facebook. The only response I ever got was a text that said ok.
      Looking back, it was probably an over reaction on my part, but I sure made my point!

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