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Guest DaddysBoi

He forces his way down your throat. Push him back? Or let him use you?

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17 hours ago, BreedingTop71 said:

Faggots are for a man to use. Period

I could argue you cannot rape a faggot. 

I agree with the spirit of this assertion  in this context. I believe that consent to provide oral service should automatically imply consent to throatfucking. That is, it should be the normative understanding between men and faggots. If a faggot doesn't want to have his throat forced, he should make it clear in advance.

And personally, I have always found it hard to respect men who hold back or, even worse, ask for permission to do what comes so naturally.

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On 10/28/2017 at 8:56 AM, Phallarchist said:

I find it hard to respect a man who doesn't force his erection down my throat. If he lacks the strength or will to dominate, then why is he inside me?

I agree with this so much. If we’re hooking up just abuse me, that’s what I’m there for anyways. Don’t ask if I can deepthroat it, you find out if I can.

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On 9/20/2017 at 7:49 AM, RotzBBengel said:

Did a bit of research. Had no idea this kind of stuff even existed, but it might be useful... :P


Sweet. Helps to turn the sub’s throat into a true fuckhole giving his life some purpose.

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I remember 1  time with 1 of my mother boyfriends !  My Mom and Dad were divorced and my mom became a party woman , with her girlfriends , hitting on bars .  She loved Black guys and bringing them home having Sex with them in her bedroom / locked door !   I used to sneak out side and peek in her bed room window watching her excited and having Fun - real Fun !

I was in my late teens , already been sucking dicks  for awhile , watching these hung ( naked ) black males going to the bath room - my God they were Beautiful and HOT !

I was on the couch , acting I was asleep , 1 of the naked black guys came over to me and laying his Big Beautiful Black Dick on my lips .

Using his hand pulling down my mouth - forcing his cock in my mouth - skull fucking my mouth .

At first I was fighting him but started to enjoy it - then the Big Huge Gushing Cum load .

Mentioned - GOOD BOY - next time be easier - happen many times afterwards !

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I've had as big as a 10 X 6 cock all the way down my throat.  I'm a talented cocksucker (so I'm told), but I have to be in charge.  As soon as a guy starts face fucking me, my gag reflex goes into overdrive.  Let me do the work, and I'll take your cock balls deep, again and again.

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It to me depends on the guy if has built trust in and my body. I like to have him push through.  As my body throat relax as I know he will bring me back.

If I have no trust and also he is not clean no way.

But I find my body makes the decision more then my mind.

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On 3/21/2021 at 3:15 PM, Webster9 said:

As soon as a guy starts face fucking me, my gag reflex goes into overdrive.  Let me do the work, and I'll take your cock balls deep, again and again.

Yes, a man has to keep in mind that the excitement of forcing a faggot can come at the expense of optimal performance. There might be a balance worth finding. But something would be missing for me if there were no coercion at all.

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  • Similar Content

    • By asncumbucket
      Joe, 48, 5’11” and a hardened military veteran, loved LA. It wasn’t cheap for sure, but Joe wasn’t afraid of shabby living conditions if he could do what he loved. Having worked as a cop back in Detroit after his military service, Joe had seen his fair share of violent crime and he was tough - while still figuring out where to stay, he decided to live nightly at the infamous Hotel Cecil in Skid Row. He had a shaved head and was built like a demolition truck, covered in tattoos with arms and pecs like rocks. He had a bit of a belly, but it was hard to notice with how jacked he was. No matter what he wore, he looked like he was going to pop out of his shirt. 
      And he fit right in at first. After all, that’s why he moved here. Back in Detroit, Joe sold his confiscated drugs at hefty prices to dealers and took bribes to let them roam free. During this time, Joe had a sexy Malaysian girlfriend 15 years younger than him and a bunch of babes on the side. New clothes and car. Too bad the city had to snoop their noses into the problem. After losing his job and spending 5 years in prison, Joe lost all his money to gambling and drugs. With no cash, no sex, and no girlfriend, nothing but his pickup truck, he decided to start over somewhere new. 
      Joe came to LA as a criminal. He no longer knew how to do anything other than selling drugs, and he was fucking good at it. He planned to turn into a smuggler, taking cheap crystal from the west coast to sell back in Detroit. 
      One thing about Joe is his open pride in having a fetish for Asians. He had no problem finding them either, and his fellow cops used to tease him for how often the Asian girl at his arm changed. He fucked Asian boys too, but he always kept those anonymous. He’d fuck a boy but never date one. 
      The Asian girls in LA were different. They worth is different here and they had no shortage of hot men (who weren’t broke felons) to turn down. Moreover Joe was getting old but he still only liked fresh younger girls to fuck. He wasn’t used to it, but he was even seen as a creep. Guess it didn’t help that he basically smelled homeless and didn’t know how to approach these women. His ex was a stripper and all he had to do to woo her was pay her a couple grand and let her have his credit card. 
      That’s  when Joe dove head first into finding boys. Taking puffs of his bong in his tiny run-down, he constantly browsed Grindr, A4A, bbrt, cams, anything. He bluntly titled his profile “ex military LF Asian bttms” - the crazy thing is, openly objectifying them attracted tons of messages from Asian boys. One Japanese boy in particular attracted his attention. Short, 20 years old, maybe 5’4” in a little thong, stick thin with smooth olive-skinned abs. He had spiky short hair in his pics, which he dyed blonde. His name was Kevin.
      Joe was obsessed with getting Kelvin’s ass. Kelvin dropped out of school and was kicked out by his family as a teen for doing T. Since then, he’s been arrested for possession and just got out of a brief stint in jail. Since then, he has lived with one of his cell mates in a studio. His dream is to become a pornstar, and Joe loved it. And Kelvin was even more obsessed with Joe. A sex addict who especially loved older white men, Kelvin told Joe he’s everything he dreamed of.
      ”Daddy I want to be used and abused and whored out like a faggot. Bruise me and violate me and trash me. Will you do that daddy?”
      “Yes, babe. That’s the only way I like it. Daddy’s wanted a filthy Asian slut to use like a fuck rag for a long time.”
      After only 2 days of talking, Kelvin was ready to come to Joe’s place. It would’ve been sooner if he wasn’t a flaky tweaker. As the area was dangerous, Joe went to pick up Kelvin from his apartment. Kelvin walked out and was even skinnier than his pictures. Or maybe it was the way he was dressed. Joe whistled and leered at him from behind his shades. Kelvin wore a tight mesh crop top and  tiny booty shorts, which dangled to show his dirty black and white jockstrap to the whole city. He opened the passenger door and immediately Joe’s hand was on Kelvin’s bare smooth tight, rubbing and snaking his way up his shorts. 
      Kelvin moaned and took Joe’s muscled hand and guided it down his shorts over his jockstrap. Joe’s hand was huge compared to the boy’s waist. 
      “So sexy,” Joe whispered. “You naturally this smooth?”
      ”I get waxed,” Kelvin admitted. 
      “Well, make sure to keep doing that faggot. Daddy likes it.” Joe resists the temptation to go further. At this point, he just needed to get back  to his place to fuck this cumdump slut as soon as he can.
      The drive home was dead silent. At the hotel, Kelvin trailed behind Joe cautiously and didn’t speak to him even in the elevator. By the time they got to Joe’s room, they were both in heat. Joe frantically got the key in the door and they both sprawled out onto Joe’s mess of a bed. The sheets were half off, and plenty of drug paraphernalia, dirty clothes, and even some loose cash littered the bed. Kelvin didn’t seem to mind. 
      “This is your place? You live at this hotel?” Kelvin asked. “Or did you get this room?”
      ”I live here. That good with you?” Joe asked, annoyed that this kid would come in here and comment on it immediately.
      ”Yeah. I like it here,” Kelvin said suddenly, picking up a sock off the bed and sniffing it. The room was pretty trashed, to be fair. Joe wasn’t going to clean it up for some pussy. Not like Kelvin could leave without him anyway. 
      Joe looked around. Beer cans on the floor. Cigarette ash everywhere. Empty water bottles and energy drink cans. Plastic bags and food packages mixed in there. 
      “Faggot,” he boomed. Just one aggressive word. Joe’s face suddenly turned stern and his eyes became menacing. “You probably get fucked in filthy dirty rooms all the time, don’t you? Just a piece of trash that can be thrown on the floor like everything else in this room. My trash.”
      Joe pounced onto the bed and locked Kelvin under his body. It was like holding down a piece of paper.
      ”Daddy...”, Kelvin said weakly. Joe was now aggresssively groping him and thrashing his clothed body against his, furiously and aggressively kissing him. Globs of split splattered all over the boy’s face as Joe licked and kissed him like a wolf eating at its prey. Kelvin could only respond with loud moans.
      ”Fuck, that tasted GOOD! fucking Asian twink boy SLUT!” Joe was on top of the world. Unlike any girl, Kelvin was eager to put out for a stranger. No wining or dining. He didn’t even have to treat him with any dignity or respect. Lesser men have fucked Kelvin without respect. 
      “let’s get to the good stuff. I know what you’re here for,” Joe said, suddenly springing up.
      ”Party?” Kelvin said eagerly, reacting like a true addict. Joe grinned. “Hell yeah.”
      from the floor, Joe grabbed a belt. Then he picked out 2 points from this pocket which he prepped beforehand. 
      “I’ll slam you first, then slam myself. And after that I’m gonna booty bump the shit out of you, we’re gonna take some G, and then we’re gonna popper you up before I rape you. How’s that sound?”
      Kelvin’s eyes were wide as if Joe had just offered to buy him a car. Joe himself couldn’t help himself from looking pleased. What a bad boy, he thought. He’ll barely be okay with all that and he’s still so excited...
      ”Are you sure I can do all that?” Kelvin asked. 
      “If it’s too much, just let me know.”
      ”I won’t. I’ll always want more,” Kelvin said devilishly.
      Joe roughly and tightly tied the belt around Kelvin’s tiny arm and quickly found a vein. 
      “first time slamming?” He asked at the last minute.
      ”Nah. Just haven’t in a while.”
      ”Good. I want this to be almost too intense for you.” As the needle pulled back with a red splash, joe steadily pumped the point into his boy. He took it out expertly, untied the belt, and wrapped it around himself. While he started administering, Kelvin FLEW. He erupted into violent coughs, almost accidentally kicked Joe, and his eyes looked utterly rabid.
      ”fff FFuck,” Kelvin groaned. Joe finished administering his own point and let the rush overcome him. The room spun, and suddenly the drugged boy in front of him triggered a tsunami of lust and aggression. He couldn’t even gather the G or give a booty bump, he just grabbed the poppers from the pile of trash in the bed and with shaky hands untwisted the bottle. Kelvin was in no shape to do it himself, his head still rolling around and his hands feeling his body, reorienting his sense of touch. He moaned at the feeling of his hands on his body. He gave only a slight nod of acknowledgement as Joe stuffed the poppers under his nostril tightly, pinched the other, and made him breathe poppers. Then another. Then another.
      by the time he let go of the boy’s nose, Kelvin looked more spun than anyone Joe’s seen in his life. He let out a loud moan, drool leaking from his mouth.
      “daddy!!! Daddy I... I ffeel...I want”
      Joe took 2 quick whiffs of the poppers himself before he unzipped his pants, ripped Kelvin’s shorts right off, spat all over his 7” ROCK hard dick and poked his way into that smooth fleshy hole. 
      it’s like he got slammed a second time. Both of them collectively groaned in pleasure. Joe quickly globbed more spit onto his shaft to guide it in. Kelvin was tight, like Asians tended to be, but his hole invited Joe’s dick. It still seemed to hurt him though as Joe slid in all the way balls deep.
      ”OOOO” Kelvin groaned wincing.
      Joe spat on the boy’s face and ripped his legs wide. His tiny feet and legs looked like they could break in Joe’s hulkish grip. 
      “you know why i hate Asian faggots like you?” Joe grunted, now tweaking and thinking about nothing besides wanting to hurt Kelvin for pleasure. Kelvin looked at him questioningly, spittle dangling from his mouth. 
      “I hate you because you’re nothing but breeding holes. Just whores meant to be used and abused. You’re the lowest of the low. And you let men like ME,” Joe roared, sudddenly thrusting up Kelvin’s gut, making him scream. “Into your pussy. By the time I’m done with you, no one will want you. Now take my dick!”
      with that, Joe began pounding recklessly. He mounted Kelvin and drove his dick right into his slender frame, one meaty hand covering kelvin’s mouth to stifle his screams while the other grabbed his ankle. The bed was only big enough for the both of them because Joe’s body almost entirely covered Kelvin’s. For 10 long minutes, Joe savagely fucked Kelvin without a word, spitting on him and gagging him with his fingers. 
      Finally, Joe got up to take off his shirt and jeans as Kelvin just laid panting. 
      “Don’t think you’re done yet. We just got started,” Joe growled, scooping his fingers into his bag of crystals and digging up a few shards. He then lathered on some crisco and eased his fingers into kelvin’s loose hole. He fucked it so roughly his hole was just open now and the entrance even felt like pussy lips. He pressed the crystals against kelvin’s insides and watched the boy groan as the burn hit him. 
      “how do you feel boy?” 
      “So...good...more dick please daddy”
      ”you want more of this dick, whore? Don’t worry you’ll get more of this dick. I bet I got you flying right now. I’m gonna measure us out some G. Just lay right there. Don’t fucking move.” As Joe rummaged for his G bottle and dropper, he reminisced to the days when he was a cop in Detroit. Back then, he violently fucking drugged up twinks and hot babes almost everyday. And he came in all of their pussies, even the women. Then he’d go back to his hot Malaysian girlfriend and dump his load in her pussy. Back then it would’ve been a headache if he knocked her up. There was no chance of that with Kelvin, so he could breed him as much as wanted without consequence. 
      Joe handed Kelvin his G. Together they clinked their cups and downed the G and Gatorade solution. Joe knew Kelvin would feel a warm rush and dizziness in addition to his wild tweaked up stimulated state in only a few minutes. 
      “I need to take a piss,” Joe said suddenly. “Started Feeling it while we were fucking. Gonna piss inside you whore.”
      ”Chem piss?” Kelvin asked excitedly. Joe nodded.
      ”you’re gonna get high off of my piss. Hold it all in when I finish, got it bitch?”
      ”Yes, daddy. I want all your fluids. I wanna keep them in my pussy and get high off it. Please...Mark me as yours with your dick piss spit and cum.” Kelvin looked at me longingly with his dilated pupils. He was sweaty and stinky now, and so was Joe.
      ”face down ass up,” I ordered. Kelvin flipped around immediately and perked his hole up. He spread his cheeks apart, his way of inviting men in. Joe stuffed the tip of my dick in and began to unload. A lot of the stream dripped onto the bed but who fucking cares?Joe unloaded a huge bladder full and, to his amazement, Kelvin managed to hold in most of it. 
      “on the ground, legs up,” joe ordered again. Kelvin immediately got onto the dirty carpet, his back grinding into the littered trash. He spread his legs as wide as he could and looked up at Joe with begging eyes.
      Joe stabbed a finger into Kelvin’s hole and the boy lost control. 
      “oh my god it’s coming out!” He cried as a wave of piss splashed out around Joe’s finger.  Joe ripped his finger out, slapped Kelvin hard across the face with his piss stained hand and jammed the finger back in. Joe was so strong he could see his handprint on Kelvin’s face. He’d pull it out over and over, watching the piss rip out of kelvin’s hole as the boy moaned. Not a single complaint from being slapped that hard. Just a Yelp of surprise and pain. 
      “Fucking useless faggot, leaking my piss everywhere. I told you to KEEP IT IN!” Joe roared, suddenly mounting Kelvin again and lining his dick up against the Asian twink’s now red glistening cunt. Piss steadily leaked out from open hole.
      without mercy, Joe plunged in. At this point, Kelvin was flying so hard he was dissociating. He could only look into Joe’s angry eyes, starved for more fucking, lost in how good it felt to be fucked. Just looking at Kelvin’s pleading eyes made Joe excited. He grabbed a dirty sock off the bed and stuffed it in Kelvin’s mouth. Then he spat on the boy’s face and grabbed the boy’s legs open as he throttled him.
      the room and all trash on the floor tremored with the force of Joe’s thrusts. Kelvin’s body was jammed against the wall at this point, limbs askew, moaning and groaning loudly behind his sock gag. Joe grabbed the poppers and forced it under Kelvin’s nose. 
      “fuck yeah sniff it nice and deep boy,” Joe muttered. “Nice and deep so you can feel real good while daddy tears you up.” Kelvin breathed DEEP and as soon as Joe twisted the cap back on the bottle, he began fucking savagely. He grabbed Kelvin’s tiny throat with one hand and gave it a squeeze causing Kelvin to squirm and attempt to gasp. Joe grinned. 
      Kelvin only looked at him still gagged, tears welling up but not out of fear - Just out of the overwhelming pain of being smacked so hard and being choked and gagged. Joe began taking his dick all the way out and punch fucking Kelvin, tossing his legs in all different positions to fuck him at different angles. Finally, he could feel himself getting close. 
      he raised his head, the veins on his neck bulging, as he put all his energy Into thrusting as fast and deep as he can. Kelvin screamed and bucked under his thrusts. His dick was definitely pulsing and getting even harder as he got close, driving deeper and deeper like he was trying to tear and break whatever was inside of Kelvin. Deeper and deeper and at this time, Joe’s roars of ecstasy started to Drown out Kelvin’s muffled screams.
      ”TAKE MY BABIES U FUCKING CUMDUMP SLUT!” Joe rammed and trembled for over 15 seconds, squirting ropes of cum into Kelvin with each final thrust. 
      by the time he pulled out, Joe looked at the disheveled wasted and bruised boy, covered in webs of spit and hand marks all over him, tears and drool leaking, and a gaping pussy with yellowish cum leaking out. The floor was Soaked in piss that Joe had fucked out of Kelvin’s hole by force. Joe was disgusted.
      without a word, Joe got dressed and started looking at his phone to see if he had any customers. Kelvin laid slumped on the floor for several minutes. Joe didn’t even want to drive Kelvin home. He didn’t want to spend another minute around the boy he just bred. 
      After a long silence, someone knocked on the door. Joe grumbled under his breath and checked the peep hole. It was a black man, tall with a belly and heavily bearded. He looked homeless and was missing several teeth. Joe put his gun in his back pocket just in case and opened the door, not caring Kelvin’s naked and used body still laid in plain sight. 
      “I heard you guys fucking from a couple doors down. Can I have him for a bit? Just a bit?” The man asked in a croaked slow voice. Joe wrinkled his nose.
      ”how much you paying?”
      ”I don’t have any money.”
      ”come back when you do,” he said, closing the door. And that’s when he realized he had more plans for Kelvin. This boy was going to be his slave



    • By Skull4RuffHung
      Hungry Cocksucker in Austin, TX lookin for Well Hung Black, Latino and Middle Eastern Dominant men who enjoy using a cocksuckers throat with no regard for the cocksuckers enjoyment or comfort. 
    • By pussyassbilly
      Oh my God, femdom led me to this.  Broken in by the biggest cocks to serve cock as a cumdump. A living cunt and asshole to be used over and over forever

      34 year old, white, smooth ass and hole, hairy chest, face down ass up...blindfolded or not..or however else u want me...come on up dump your load and leave...come back for seconds

    • Guest Bukkakeguy30
      By Guest Bukkakeguy30
      New to writing go easy on me! True story
      Sunday a guy I met on grindr last year, messaged me and told me he just left the gym and was horny. I was free and my husband was at work so i showered and quickly got ready. He only lives .02 miles away but our schedule always conficts with each other. I got to his apartment and knocked on the door, he opened it slitghty for me to come in, there he was 6'1 thick stocky muscle guy standing there naked rock hard. I closed and locked the door and he grabbed me and we started making out, bearded masculine tops turn me on!! I was rock hard and starting grabbing his dick while he was holding my head kissing me deep with alot of tounge(my fav), Me stroking his super thick 8 inch cock. I finally dropped to my knees and in one second it was down my throat, he moan "oh fuck" and started throat fucking me. At this point im leaking precum like crazy and he pulled me up and started kissing me again to taste his cock from my mouth. He pulled me to the bed and pushed me down pulled off my shirt and shorts to leave me lying there in my boxer briefs. Now im a pretty big guy 6'0 about 250lbs and he layed me down and got on top of me, i wad in heaven I love when guys who sre bigger than me lay on top of me kissing our cocks rubbing together.
      He turned over and pulled me on top of him and i started licking his neck down to his nipples and his smooth thick body down to his cock again! Damn it was so big and hard he layed there as I spent about 10 min deepthroating his cock(again one of my favs) i slid down off the bed and sat on the floor eith my back agains the bed and he stood up and stuck his thick cock in my mouth and holding my head and started face fucking me i was so turned on! Tasting his precum leaking so heavily i knew by the sounds and moans he wss making he was about to cum, and for me that drives me wild and I shot my load straight up all over my chest, and then he started getting louder and more forceful he pulled out cause he likes to see it shoot all over my face and he blew a huge load, stream after stream, i tried to catch as much as I could with my mouth and tounge and theb he shoved his cock back in my mouth and let ne lick it clean!! The taste of his cum was amazing , sweet and creamy i loved it!! After he pulled his cock out my mouth, he said "Fuck you can suck some cock, that was great, Thanks Bro!" I got dressed and we chatted for a few and then i left, driving home tasting the cum on my lips was enough for me to get home and jerk off again!! Very hot time, cant wait to do it again!!
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