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Detroit backstreet bbc

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Last night, I met some friends out for drinks. I parked my car on one of the side streets and hit a more popular microbrewery. The Detroit riverwalk area has a few straight pubs so we did a little hopping. I had already deep cleaned my ass before going out just in case some straight man got some liquid courage to try some ass instead of pussy.

Not having eaten, I took my drinking slow, trying a lot of the specialty brews. A lot. Still, by the end of the night, I had a nice buzz and my friends were ready to go their separate ways. I decided to walk to a nearby coney (fast food diner) to help the buzz subside. I figured both the walk and a nice meal would help, and if not, a nap in the car would definitely help. So instead of taking Jefferson, the main road, I took a side road between Jefferson and the river. It was dark and the cool air felt good on my face. Only downside was the occasional drizzle leading to a light fog. I passed a dumpster by an abandoned building when nature called, I needed to take a leak. As I walked around the dumpster, I already had my pants unzipped, dick in hand when I was surprised to see two guys sitting, leaning against the wall, smoking and with a couple of paper-bagged bottles in their hands.

The first guy was easily 6’4”, short curled dreads, dark ebony skin, maybe about 240lbs. Second guy was shorter, maybe 5’8”, really skinny, clothes too big for his frame. Both with beards and I noticed their athletic shoes were pretty worn. They didn’t smell too fresh, but I can appreciate a good man scent, either from gym workout or daily sweat. I’m sure I caught them off guard, as well, but it was two of them and one of me. I explained really quickly with slightly slurred speech that I just needed to take a leak. The big guy was gentle with me and said, sorry man, we’re hanging out here, cops don’t mess with us back here but let me take you around the building, show you a place with more privacy. He put his arm around me, looked back at his smaller friend and guided me to the back of the building.

I didn’t get a scary vibe from the big guy at all, otherwise I would have taken off in a heartbeat. As he led me behind the building, pointed out that my shoe was untied. I thanked him and knelt down to tie it. He said he had to take a leak too and if I didn’t mind him doing the same. With that, he undid his pants and pulled out a really thick dark tool, about 7” easily, soft and uncut. He pulled the skin back partially and let loose a stream within 2 feet of my face. I just stopped tying my shoe and stared. His stream stopped but he left his dick hanging out. Gently, he pulled my head toward it and said, “open your mouth.” Without waiting, he rubbed his dick on my lips and pushed in. I could smell his masculine scent emanating from his balls just inside his zipper. I loved the way his ounces curled up tight just above his dick and he continued to massage my head as his meat got stiffer in my mouth.

Not letting go of my head, mouthful of dick, I heard a voice behind me, the thin second guy. “Everything good?” “Oh Yeah,” the first guy said. “Then maybe it’s my turn to get a little action,” the skinny guy said. While keeping the first guy in my mouth, the little guy lifted me from the ground to where I was basically bent over sucking dick. The skinny guy undid my pants and pulled them to the ground. He then spread my ass cheeks and I felt a hot wet tongue digging deep in my hole. He continued eating my ass for about 5 solid minutes while the big guy’s dick was rock hard in my mouth to the point I was gagging and coughing out spit all over his dick. At this point, his pants were opened more, belt still cinched, but zipper spread, balls pulled out. Scrotum easily about the size of a medium orange, dick about 8-9 inches, 5 around.  

So the skinny guy stopped eating my ass and I heard the zipper then a thumping of flesh on my bent over ass. Then I heard some more spit being produced, felt my hole being roughly fingered, and then the head of his raw dick push against my hole. OWWWW!!!! The big guy held his dick firmly in my mouth, which kept my scream gagged as the skinny guy slowly pushed inside me. I had no idea how big he was but either for lack of lube or because he was just fucking huge, I could feel my hole being split open. The big guy chuckled gently and said, “damn, you’re gonna make this guy’s hole into a pussy. Never knew your dick was bigger than mine.” At that point, all I could do was accept the fact that I was being spit roasted in a back alley by two huge big black dicked men. (If my boyfriend had any idea, I would be so dead.) I felt the fucker shoot his first load and continue till he shot a second load deep up my ass. I knew it was a lot because I could feel a lot of pulses as he came. He pulled out with a squishy sound and the guy in my mouth pulled out and said, “my turn.”

I had basically been nursing the huge guy since I couldn’t do much with something that long and thick. The skinny guy pulled around in front of me and it was then that I saw his size. I’m sure he must have done some damage because he was easily 10-11” long and I’m guessing definitely over 6 inches thick (my bf is 6 inches thick). His dick was slick with his cum and I could taste the damage he had done to my hole. The big guy behind me said, “ain’t no shame in getting a taste of my bruh before I smash.” And I felt his bearded mouth latch onto and literally chew on my puffed out cum coated anus. He pulled back, gave an Mmmmm, and pushed inside me. While he was big, he was nowhere as big as the skinny guy. So it was a little easier to take his dick, but he still stung as he slid in my damaged hole. At this point, I’m now on all 4s resting on a flattened cardboard box. Thick guy is fucking me from behind and skinny guy has his shirt off, pants down and has slid under me in a 69 position. I’m enjoying his softened dick, tasting a mixture of his cum and my damaged hole around his foreskin and musky spit-slickend balls. All the while, the skinny guy is getting a view of the thick guy, pants now around his ankles, giving me a good hard fuck. If anybody caught us fucking out in the open, we would be in a heap of trouble but the cops had more important things to do. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, and I knew they were loaded. He thrust and long-dicked me for about 10 minutes before finally grunting loud and shoved in deep. I could definitely tell that he came because my cum-slick hole was now even more slick as he finished thrusting the last of his juices.

Since I was close, I let the skinny guy continue to suck until I bust my load in his mouth. Big guy was still inside me and gave me a little hug, told me, “I could feel your ass squeeze my dick each time you spurted. That was hot.” I sucked him clean and we got dusted and dressed. I suggested that we go to the diner and I could buy them a meal as thanks for the fun time. They gladly accepted and we walked a few more blocks to the diner. We had a good conversation over the meal and they told me they get ass pretty often from guys like me walking from the bars, but I was the first Mexican guy they ever had. I asked if they could do it again sometime and they responded hell yeah, that if I’d be cool with it, they got a couple other friends who could join in from time to time and where they liked to hang out, under a certain bridge and at a certain park. And if maybe I could help by bringing a little something to drink and eat, they would be happy. Deal. Buzz gone, we left and we went our different ways but not before they pointed out my ass had a wet spot. Hot.

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Funny part, didn’t make it to the edit, when we were done, the skinny guy had some drops of cum on his face because his head (sucking my dick)) was directly below where the big guy had been fucking my hole. He wiped it off and fed it to me. My hole is still sore.

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Hmmm, a lot of details for a "real" specific encounter, makes me wonder. I'm familiar with that Coney's diner around the corner from the stores and bars in the revitalized downtown Detroit.  When I went for a business trip, I only saw 1 homeless black bum but I guess there were more for your story. 

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On 12/21/2018 at 11:53 PM, Detchiller said:

Just met up with the guys again. Ass sore and flooded.

I work downtown. Would love to join you as another bottom with those two tops.  Mostly get fucked by bbc because they go for my phat ass

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On 12/22/2018 at 5:04 AM, Shooter_099 said:

Hot!! Nothing better than black cock unloading balls deep 😋😋👌

For me, that is so true.

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