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Using other tops cum as lube

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Nothing better than sliding my dick inside a cum filled hole. I love how it feels and soon add mine to the mix.

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    • By Davidc
      I was recently in a dark room fucking a random guy , room was full - lots of action .
      When a guy pulled the guy I was fucking out of the way , I thought for a dreadful second that he was a condom Nazi , but then he bent over and pulled me in to him.
      Just a competitive bottom wanting a load .
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Another cum dump night on Saturday at Slammer in Los Angeles.Because this was my third time there, I pretty much knew the layout and where I should go for raw anonymous fucking. So I didn’t waste any time walking around the cubbies but headed straight for the dark room where I could have my ass up and ready for any dick that wanted to use it. I spent most of the night there ass up against the fuck bench.
      I’m lucky to have a good top friend in my life and we’ve spent many hours talking and texting each other about our fantasies and desires. He’s always encouraged me to fulfill my desire to be a cum dump and been very influential on the journey. He was the first one to tell me about Breeding Zone which helped me open my eyes and understand what I could be. I’d read the stories and be jealous of all the bottoms that would allow themselves to take all loads.
      I started barebacking about a year and a half ago and quickly learned how much I love it; especially the feeling when my hole has been well used and fully loaded. That feeling is like a drug to me; I just can’t get enough of it!
      On my journey I had to overcome my fear of rejection because I could no longer pretend to be the “good boy” and “husband material” gay man. Instead I learned to accept that I want to be a hole that is used by as many men as possible to dump their loads in and in anonymous, sleazy locations.
      My friend has been there to encourage me all the way. He shaped and changed my way of thinking so that I gained self acceptance. He got me to look past appearances and social mores to understand my purpose: To serve as a cum dump to ALL men that need one. Lately he’s been training me to think of myself as just a hole; a receptacle for the needs of men. And to let go my thoughts and desires and focus on the pleasure of the top. So on Saturday I took his training and advice to heart and thought about myself as a hole. I let any and all man who wanted to...use it. I didn’t care if they were short, tall, fat, ugly, muscular or handsome… My hole was theirs to use. So after about five hours, 12 to 15 fucks and seven loads in me, I felt like I had learned his lesson well.
    • By chastestoner
      .This is my fantasy journey into bug chasing and eventually being a poz cumdump. Message me if you like what you read and want to talk more...
      I've been locked in chastity for the past 6 months, the only relief I have is from getting fucked and from the e-stim or fuck-machine sessions I have every Sunday. Every Sunday I'm tied up to a stretcher bar, ass-up face-down, and spend 1 hour exactly either hooked to an e-stim butt plug or a fuck machine with a 10" dildo. No matter if I cum or not, I only get that hour every week. That, or someone's hard cock fucking me.
      My friend that's got me locked up likes to pimp me out at the bathhouse. He takes me and parades me around with nothing by my tiny male chastity on, eventually winding up in the darkroom, where he puts me in the sling and rounds up guys to fuck me. When he feels that I'm done, he pushes me onto the ground and tells me to lick up all the cum under the sling since a real man's cum should never go to waste. 
      My pozzing party is going to be intense and I'm scared. It's going to be a no loads refused party. He says he's going to create a Craigslist ad, and round up anyone he can find to dump in me, that by the time we're done, there won't be a pair of blue balls in town or room for another drop of cum in my hole. After every fuck, I'm to clean the cock with my mouth and worship it while thanking the man for bothering to give a cumdump like me his load. Sometimes the guys will piss in my pussy after they cum in it. When that happens, it'll be my job to push out the cum and piss inside me at the time into a dog bowl and drink it in front of everyone. After the party, I imagine playing with my bruised and cummy hole, still without relief due to my chastity device. 
    • By colletonguy72
      Staying at the Red Roof Inn, Buckhead. I want to give my shaved, clean hole to the guys of Atlanta for their relief. I'm driving from SC for this, so discretion is yours if needed. From 5pm until midnight, my door will be blocked open. I'll be face down on the bed, lube laying next to me. Stop by, put your cock in me, fill me with your load, and disappear. No load refused. Quick cummers and first timers welcome.
    • By iosam
      So there's this guy I've been chatting with for a while, we play every now and then but only recently discussed some of our more intense shared fetishes. We both like watersports, group play, anonymous encounters to name a few. He lives in LA and I'm in San Diego, so one of us has to travel for us to play, so it doesn't happen all the time.
      We've discussed going to a bath house together for some time, but haven't made it happen. This is partly because of timing but also since I had never been to one - until recently. A few weeks ago I was in LA and had a few hours to myself, so I hit him up and asked if he wanted to head out to Midtowne spa, and unfortunately he was busy. I was too excited to not head out by myself so I told him I'd be there and if he got free to show up. He never did, but I had some fun this first visit.
      Not wanting to catch anything my first time out, I set an agenda of only oral/jo, no fucking without a condom (boring I know). First thing I did was head to the showers and within less than a minute of being in the place had someone sucking my cock and then rimming my hole haha. I wanted to check out the rest of the place so I thanked him and walked around. Loved playing in the dark rooms, sucked several guys off, only detractor was a clingy guy who wanted to hear my whole life story haha. Eventually found myself in a group of two or three guys, me sucking one guy off, a guy sucking me off, and a guy fingering/rimming my hole. Was very hot, at one point the guy sucking me almost started fucking me, I didn't stop him but I guess he just wanted to keep sucking me.
      After being there for a bit and having my fun I left and that was that - safe(ish) fun at the bath house.
      Fast forward to New Years, was in Vegas with friends and managed to get away at some point. I was drunk/stoned so I was feeling very uninhibited, and wanted to try another bath house. I went to entourage, and the venue was kind of disappointing in comparison to Midtowne in LA. That being said, the venue more than sufficed
      So, I again had my agenda mainly set for oral/jo but I guess this time I didn't follow those rules as well haha. I was in the dark room and a 20's hispanic guy, a little chubby, was in the sling. It was too hot to pass up, so I began topping him, but I guess he chickened out and got up and left. 
      After that there was lots of sucking/making out with randoms in the dark room, but a lot of them were very fit. I guess the younger crowd came out to the baths for new years haha. One guy played with my ass basically all night, I think I would've let him fuck me but he never got hard enough. I suspect he'd already cum before that night so couldn't get it up. Still had fun with him nonetheless.
      I was jacking off with this beefy/muscular guy, and I assumed he was a total top just based on how masculine he was. Out of nowhere he turned around and shoved his hole on my cock, and I was topping him, never discussed it, never discussed status, just all of a sudden I was topping him haha. His hole was pretty slick/wet so I have to assume he'd taken loads that night. I was close to cumming already so I just let it happen and eventually came in him. He walked away and that was that, a very hot time in the dark room.
      I left soon after and walked around the baths and saw two hot older guys, one 40's extremely fit/muscular and the other 50's+ with grey hair. They were in the showers that were labelled WS, and I was hoping I could watch/join some hot piss play, but the 50's guy walked away when I came by. The 40's muscular guy and I played by ourselves for a bit, him sucking me. I think this was the first time I've played with someone so muscular, and it was very hot haha. He invited me back to his room, and so I went with him. He pulled out a bag of coke and asked me if I wanted any - told him that wasn't my thing but he could. After doing a line off my cock he went back to sucking me off, and I shot my last load in his mouth in the room. 
      I left his room and chilled in the jacuzzi before leaving the place. Overall I had a great time, now I just have to wait to get STD test results back lol.

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