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Destroying Prince Eric

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The guys and I all went down to the hotel restaurant to force some food into ourselves. Of course we left the boys in the room.


Brent was left in a straight jacket. Hooded and gagged, he was left on his stomach with his legs pulled up painfully behind him and a large vibrating plug in his ass. He also had earbuds in that again just played static.


Eric was on the bed. He had several leather straps the went around his ankles, just below his knees, his thighs, his waist, where his wrists were secured, and his upper arms, across his chest. Furthermore, he was strapped to the mattress itself with more tie downs, so he couldn't possibly roll off the bed. He had clamps on his nipples and the metal plug and cock cage on again, hooked up to the box that went through a random cycle which included some very serious jolts. (But the penis gag he wore should stifle any screams!) And to top it off, his head was propped up on pillows so he could view the TV. We had it hooked up to one of those hypno videos you find on pornhub, the really nasty ones for sub training. And even if he closed his eyes to the imagery, he would still be subjected to the audio through the headphones he wore. Oh, and both boys had been given a hit of X and a viagra. That should keep them both occupied in their own way for the next couple of hours, that is, if they were lucky.


While we were eating, Steve and I occupied ourselves by editing the videos we had taken of Eric. To use against him, of course. The poor kid had no idea he would never be returning to his former life. We planned to take him back home with us, after we destroyed his relationship with his family, his job, and his roommates. And after we explained how he was going to convert to poz, and he had nowhere else to go, we would convince him coming home with us was the only option. We would take care of him, getting the meds he would need, for a price of course, his complete servitude. We would convince him that was all he was good for now, like Brent. I wanted to keep Eric around for a good long time. At least until I grew tired of him and dumped him off at some truck stop in the middle of nowhere.


Alex, meanwhile, had been busying himself texting with the guys who had hosted the sex party the night before, offering the use of Eric. He had sent them pics of our pretty whore prince, telling them that up until last night, he had been a virgin mormon boy, and even though he had already been well used, he was still somewhat fresh, and needed more dirty seed in him. As much as possible. Of course the hosts, Jim and Tom, jumped at the chance to assist in Eric's destruction. They knew plenty of guys that would be willing to stop by and drop a load. They even gave me permission to advertise Eric on a few websites to REALLY fill up his pussy. We planned the festivities to start at 9, and to go on however long it lasted. They could both call into work the next day. I couldn't wait.


It actually took us three hours to get back to the room. We had to run a couple of errands. I wanted to find a slutty Prince Eric outfit, and I succeeded.  I found some blue running shorts that I bought in a large children's size, to ensure they look extra slutty on him. I also bought some red jockstraps, so when I pulled up the waist, they would show above his too small shorts and look like his sash. His shirt was easy, a white wife beater. I planned to make it into a crop top. Of course I bought several of each of these things for various, "looks". I even bought him a pair of black leather boots that laced half way up his calf. He was a size 10, like Steve.


When we opened the door, Eric was bathed in sweat. His eyes pleaded at us for mercy. Just then, one of the big jolts went through him. Five full seconds of high intensity on his cock and ass. Eric's body went ridged and shook as his eyes clenched in pain.


"Does my prince want the nasty machine turned off?" I asked in a mocking tone. Eric shook his head yes violently just as another strong jolt rocked his body. "If I turn the machine off, will my prince be a good boy and do as he's told?" Eric shook his head yes again. I took the machine, and gave him one more jolt for good measure. I wanted to ensure Eric was a very grateful boy to have his torment end, and to realize that I had the power to inflict more if I so choosed. I removed the headphones and the gag.


"Thank you Sir! A very humble boy said. I smiled knowing just how fucked up this kids head was right now, and how agreeable he would be to anything I demanded.


"You stink kid!" I told him as I was undoing his restraints. "First thing is a shower!" I helped him into the bathroom and into the tub. I turned on the shower, cold of course. Eric yelped.


"Can I have some warm water please Sir?" Eric begged.


"No!" I reprimanded him. "Slaves don't get warm water. Now hurry up and clean yourself!" Eric quickly washed his body and was soon smelling fresh again. I took him into the bedroom and handed him a red jockstrap.  He put it on without question. Then I handed him the blue shorts. They were perfect. They were skin tight and showed off his caged cock very nicely. They were also very short and the bottom of his ass cheeks hung out. I rolled the waist of the shorts down so you could actually see a little bit of skin between the top of the shorts and the bottom of the jockstraps waistband. HOT! I took a knife and cut the bottom of the tank top off so it hit him mid chest, exposing his flat, defined stomach. I gave him his boots and he had the quickly laced up, and in no time flat, there was my picture perfect, slutty, whorey Prince Eric. 


"Ok baby," I said, "get on the bed and pose for me." Eric did this without a second thought. Already such a good boy. "But just one more thing." I grabbed the knife and cut a long slit down the crack of the shorts so Eric's gorgeous ass could be seen. I had him do many different slutty poses, all of them making him look like the whore I had turned him into. And he didn't question me once. By the time I had finished my little photoshoot,  Steve had finished his little project which was to write up our advertisement of Eric. It read,


"Have you ever wanted to fuck a Disney prince?"


"Here's your chance! This genuine Disney prince actor is offering up his hole for anyone who has ever wished upon a star. This 18 year old beauty is offering up his beasty hole for any cock who wishes to breed and seed him. Zip-a-Dee-do-dah, no cock will be refused entrence into his magic kingdom. There is only one rule, NO CONDOMS......PERIOD! All sperm deposits must be made into his butt-pirate cove. So don't be late for this tea party and slide on down into cum-splash mountain. This charming price will be available:


Now to 8PM at his hotel.

9PM to ? at a house party.

After the house party to ? back at his hotel.


So cum to the ball! This parTy prince is definitely an E ticket ride!


Message for directions to either venue!"


I laughed at my punny partner. I quickly had several pics of slutty Eric uploaded. "Perfect, now we just have sit back and wait." I said as I lit a freshly loaded pipe for Eric, smiling as I saw his eyes light up. 

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On 8/11/2020 at 11:29 AM, takingdeepanal said:

Wonder if the elderly man has another load ready for Eric - and I wonder if he gets T dick while he's pumping another one in his ass.


21 hours ago, pervinmt said:

Have you ever wanted to fuck a Disney prince?"


"Here's your chance! This genuine Disney prince actor is offering up his hole for anyone who has ever wished upon a star. This 18 year old beauty is offering up his beasty hole for any cock who wishes to breed and seed him. Zip-a-Dee-do-dah, no cock will be refused entrance into his magic kingdom. There is only one rule, NO CONDOMS......PERIOD! All sperm deposits must be made into his butt-pirate cove. So don't be late for this tea party and slide on down into cum-splash mountain. This charming price will be available:


Now to 8PM at his hotel.

9PM to ? at a house party.

After the house party to ? back at his hotel.


So cum to the ball! This parTy prince is definitely an E ticket ride!


Message for directions to either venue!"


I laughed at my punny partner. I quickly had several pics of slutty Eric uploaded. "Perfect, now we just have sit back and wait." I said as I lit a freshly loaded pipe for Eric, smiling as I saw his eyes light up. 

Wonder if the old guy is going to cum to the parTy ...

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Part 10


It only took a half hour before the first response came in and 15 more minutes before his first cock arrived. It was a middle aged man, balding, a little on the heavy side. But that didn't matter. All that mattered was that Eric got fucked. The man soon had Eric on his back as he slid his 7 inch cock into the teenage boys ass. I smiled as I watched Eric, wearing his slutty costume, take his first anonymous cock in his life. Taking the cock of someone he had never met, never spoken to, and didn't even know his name. Taking his cock because I wanted him to. 


The next guy arrived as the first guy was still fucking Eric. He finally came in the princes pussy and pulled out. A little bit of cum dripped out of Eric as the second guy flipped him over into the doggy style position. He didn't even remove his pants. He just unzipped his fly and pulled out a short, but really fat cock. Eric moaned as the second stranger entered his hole, stretching it wide. He fucked Eric hard for 15 minutes before he came, pulled out and left.


The next guy hadn't arrived yet, so I handed Eric the pipe. I fingered his wet hole filled with 2 anonymous loads as he blew a big white cloud.


The next two guys were pretty non discriped. Average guys with average cocks, but now Eric had 4 anonymous loads in his tweaked out whore cunt.


The 5th guy, however, was a bit of a surprise. He was a hot young guy, well built, about 6'2". He walked over to Eric and sneered at him. "So it really IS you Ken, isn't it." 


Eric turned his head in shock as he heard his real name used. He looked up with his fucked up eyes and whispered, "Brian."


"Do you know each other?" I asked.


"Oh yea we do!" He replied. "I play Gaston. I tried to hit on him, but this little bitch didn't want to mix work and pleasure. I saw his ad online and had to see for myself. Now here he is, being the little whore I knew he was!"


I grinned at this little twist. Eric was about to get fucked by someone he already knew. Someone from his now former life.


"Get over here on your knees you little bitch!" Brian ordered him. Eric scrambled off the bed and knelt before him. "Now look up at me and open your mouth!" Eric did as he was told as Brian dropped his pants revealing an impressive 10 inch cock. He stuck it in Eric's mouth. "Now look at me as you suck it! I want to see your eyes as I choke you with it!" Eric looked up as Brian grabbed the back of his head, forcing his big cock down Eric's throat. He gagged and choked as Brian raped his throat for a couple of minutes before pushing him off. "Stand up bitch!" He ordered Eric. The boy stood up and Brian slammed him up against a wall. Then he slammed his big dick into Eric and started fucking him hard as he pushed Eric's face into the wall.


"Take that cock you fucker!" Brian growled. "God damn your pussy is wet and loose! You must have been getting fucked a lot, you whore!" Brian just slammed Eric over and over while he pushed the boy against the wall. Finally, Brian put his hands around Eric's neck and started choking him as he donated another load into Eric's hole. "That's right bitch! It's about time you took my load! Now clean off my cock!"


Eric dropped to his knees and took Brian's slime covered cock into his mouth, cleaning it off like a depraved whore.


"Do you mind me sticking around a bit?" He asked. "I'd like to watch this bitch take some more cocks!"


"By all means! Please do!" I answered. "In fact, do you want to come with us to the party later?"


"Fuck yea I do! I wanna watch this little bitch get fucked senseless!"


Brian just sat back and watched as 3 more men arrived and fucked young Eric. He stroked his impressive cock the whole time. Soon, it was time to leave for the party.

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Part 11


We arrived at Jim and Tom's place just a little before 9. I made Eric crawl on his hands and knees while I led him on a leash. We walked up to the door and rang the bell. A tall and very thin man in his 50's answered the door. It was Jim. He was dressed in leather pants and a harness which showed off his huge tit rings nicely. He welcomed us in and introduced us to Tom, who was also in his 50's. Tom was wearing a pair of chaps and a leather vest that did little to cover his big, hairy belly. His soft dick hung down a good few inches, and his balls even lower.


Since this was Florida, they didn't have a basement dungeon. Instead, they guided us to their two car garage that they had converted into a soundproof sex den. It had almost anything you could imagine. Cages, stocks, benches, a St. Andrew's cross, a sling, a fuck machine, and more. The walls were lined with whips and bondage devices and dildos of all kinds. These guys took their hobby seriously!


There were several men there already, most of them older, all of them wearing leather. A younger naked man, covered in tattoos and piercings, walked up to us and immediately kneeled and bowed his head.


"This is slave 1." Said Tom. "He's been our property for many years now. Show the men your back, slave." Slave 1 turned around and we could see his back covered in scars from years of abuse. "Slave 2 is over there." Tom motioned. We looked and saw another younger man in a tiny metal cage. It was so small that he couldn't move around in it. He was stuck in an uncomfortable position on his hands and knees, the wire bottom of the cage digging into his flesh. "He's being punished for breaking a dish earlier." Tom explained. 


Jim looked at Brian in his regular clothes and grabbed his hand, leading him into the house. "I think we can find something more suitable for you to wear." He said as he guided the young man into the house.


"Slave, take the boy to the display area while we wait for more guests to arrive." Tom instructed him. The slave took Eric's leash and led him to one side of the garage. In just a few moments, Eric was strung up to chains that spread his arms and legs apart, allowing full access for the men to examine his young body. And damn he looked hot like that, strung up in his slutty prince costume.


And speaking of hot, Brian returned to the garage wearing a pair of very tight leather shorts, a leather harness, and boots. His body was spectacular. He obviously spent many hours in the gym and the leather showed it off perfectly. I could see why he played Gaston!


"Now, for you." Tom said taking Brent's leash and leading him to one of the benches. He quickly had the boy secured to it and proceeded to attach a funnel gag to his head. He took a sharpie and wrote urinal across his back. Then slave 1 pushed a fuck machine up to Brent's exposed hole. He pushed the dildo into the boy and turned it on. The machine started a slow, non stop fucking of Brent's stretched out hole.


More men were starting to arrive. Still mostly older, but there were a few in their late 20's, early 30's. They all examined Eric as he hung there, running their hands all over his body and fingering his wet hole.


"We're going to have a good turnout." Said Jim. "Should be more than last night. When we sent out his pic and told them he was a neg mormon boy, well let's just say people were very excited to contribute to the cause. Now, wanna party?" He asked, pulling out a pipe.


"Thank you, but I brought my own" I replied pulling out a little case. I unzipped it to reveal a pipe, a small torch, a fat bag of T, and a few prepared rigs.


"Very well." He said, walking away. "Have at it. The festivities will be starting soon!"


I looked around as I loaded the pipe to see many people also partying. Not all, but most. Our little group passed our pipes around, and when one got to Brian, he hesitated for a moment before he too took a hit, coughing it out. It was obviously his first time. After few rounds, Brian was inhaling it like a champ, and the look on his face said it all. He was feeling good!


I looked around the room and counted 30 men. Some of them had that sunken, sickly look. I noticed the old man from the video of Brent's gangbang. He looked even worse in person, if that was possible. Then, slave 1 took Eric down from his hanging position and led him to the sling. A couple of men picked him up and laid him in it, quickly securing him down. I walked over to him and tied his arm off, administering yet another dose to the already seriously fucked up kid.


Then the fun started. The first man to approach Eric had a nice big cock with a p.a. on it and a biohazard tattoo on his chest. Another man covered Eric's face with a popper soaked rag as the first man grabbed Eric's thighs and slammed his cock in. He buried it deep in one hard thrust and Eric let out a long, loud moan. Then the man really started to fuck Eric. He pounded the boy over and over, changing the angle of his cock so he was hitting all parts of Eric's insides. He fucked Eric for about 5 minutes before he buried himself in the teenage boy and shook as he unloaded his poz cum into the slut beneath him. As soon as he pulled out, the next man slammed into Eric without even a break. 


"Oh fuck, that's so hot!" I heard Brian say behind me. "Look at that little bitch take those cocks!" I glanced behind me to see Brian stroking his cock as it stuck out of his fly. "Look at that little fucking whore take that cum!" I looked back at Eric just as the man fucking him came in his cunt.


Man after man fucked Eric as he layed helplessly in the sling taking load after load of dirty, poz cum. My own cock was rock hard as I watched the sweet young princes destruction. After Eric had taken his 12th load, Brian tapped me on the shoulders.


"Hey, can I try some of that stuff you gave Eric." He asked.


"You mean the shot?"


"Yea that. I want to try that!" 


I smiled knowing I was about to turn another hot guy to the dark side.


"Ok, sit down." I said as I led him to a bench. He watched carefully as I tied off his arm and swabbed his vein. I inserted the needle, got the flash of blood, and emptied the syringe into his arm. Then I held up his arm as I released the band. He gasped a deep breath then started coughing.


"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god." He repeated.


"How do you feel?" I asked?


"Oh my god, I gotta fuck him. I gotta fuck him now!" He said as he walked over to Eric.  His latest fucker was dumping his 14th load as Brian approached. But instead of fucking him in the sling, Brian undid his restraints and pulled him off of it. He dragged Eric across the cement floor, and threw him on a large mattress on the floor. Then he motioned to one of the younger guys who also had a huge dick. "Come here bro!" He said. "I want to bust this bitch wide open! Let's double fuck the whore!" 


He had the guy lay down and picked up Eric, then sat him down on the big cock. He pushed Eric so he was laying on the man's chest and lined his huge cock up to the boys ass lips. Then he grabbed Eric's shoulders and slammed his dick into the boy. Eric let out a howl as his hole was stretched wider than it had ever been. Someone handed Brian a popper rag and he held it over Eric's face as he rammed his cock deep, over and over.


"Come on bro!" He egged on the guy beneath. "Fuck this little bitch! Let's rip him apart!" 


I watched in awe as these two monster cocks pounded into Eric over and over, practically splitting the boy in two. And it didn't take long before they were both pumping their loads into the fucked up mormon boy. Brian pulled out and stood up, covered in sweat. 


"Come on guys! This little bitch needs two more cocks!" He said. Two more men climbed onto the mattress and Eric was quickly double impaled again. He was double fucked by 6 more guys before he was moved from the mattress and onto a fuckbench. A gas mask was placed over his head, and guys took turns filling it up with white smoke.


 The old diseased guy stepped up next and slid his cock into the tied down cumdump. My cock got rock hard as I watched him fuck the helpless boy and shoot his poisonous load into his cunt.


Meanwhile, I noticed Dave and Jeffery and taken Brian into the corner and were about to slam him again. I watched as they stuck him and he started to cough again. Then, quick as a flash, they had bent him over and were locking the sticks before he knew what was going on. Brian started to object but was quickly silenced by a ball gag that was shoved into his mouth. I watched as Dave pulled off his shorts and rubbed some lube on his dick. Then he slid it into Brian. He didn't even give Brian a chance to adjust to the intrusion before he started fucking him. He held onto Brian's hips as he pounded that hot, tight bubble butt. Soon, he was shooting his dirty load in the fuckchute beneath him. Then Joe, who had joined them with Alex, slid his cock into the waiting hole and was soon adding his dirty load with Dave's. 


I turned my attention back to Eric as more dirty loads were deposited into his ruined hole. I didn't look back at Brian until I heard his muffled scream. I turned to see Jeffery had buried his gigantic cock into the unwilling muscle ass beneath him.


After every man had used Eric, I untied him and led him over to the mattress. I layed him down and crawled on top of him. I slid my dick into what used to be a tight hole. Now, it was a loose, sloppy, cum filled wreck, and I loved it!


"I'm so proud of you my little prince." I whispered into his ear as I slopped around in his ass. "You made me very happy taking all those cocks, all those loads, all that dirty cum. Now I have one more for you, my prince." I kissed him as I added one final load to his sloppy cunt.


As we all were leaving, I thanked our hosts for the wonderful evening.


"You are so very welcome, and thank YOU for this extra little treat!" Jim said as he pushed the plunger of another syringe into Brian as Tom slid his cock into him.

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On 7/5/2020 at 2:14 AM, pervinmt said:

Well I have been writing stories on Nifty, which is nice because I can write about things there that I can't write here

What name do you use on Nifty?  I looked up the same name you have here, but didn’t see you listed

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      Rob turned back to him, holding several lengths of nylon rope, and a shoebox. “Do you trust me?”
      “Sure, I do, Uncle Rub.” Pete smiled, “I like it when you tie me up.”
      “I know you do, boy.” Rob came back to the bed and took out a blindfold, “but tonight, I'm getting some help from friends.”
      Rob smiled warmly at the young man he'd grown to cherish, “That isn't for you to know.” the blindfold slid over his head, and all was darkness. Pete could feel rope being tied at his ankles, then his legs being raised and secured, his hole spread wide. Then his hands were cuffed together and secured above his head to the head board.
      The bed in front of him sagged. He heard his uncle spit then felt the cock head re-enter him. 
      The dick sank into him all the way, making him moan. He felt his uncle’s strong body lowering onto him, making him feel complete. 
      “You know I'd never let you be hurt, right son?.
      “I know that pretty damn well, sir.”
      “And you know I've always done right by you since your daddy left?” rob gently withdrew. 
      “Yes, sir.”
      “Good. So right now, who's your daddy?” Rob thrust in slowly but steadily.
      “Oh god, you are, sir.”
      “That's right.” thrust. “You're a good boy, Pete.” His uncle proceeded to throw a pretty rough fuck into him. Pete was moaning and the creaking of the bed was particularly loud such that he did not hear the front door open.
      “Wow.” A husky voice said from the doorway.
      “Hey!” Rob greeted the newcomer, “Go ahead and get nekkid. I'll be done with the little bitch soon.” 
      Hearing his uncle refer to him as a bitch made Pete’s dick grow even harder. Knowing he was about to be fucked by a complete stranger that he'd never see was also driving him wild. He couldn't help but moan.
      Rob was also going wild on his hole and was soon delivering the second load of the night. The bed shifted as his uncle disengaged and left the bed, only for a new weight to make it sag.
      “Fuck, look at that wet pussy.” the strange man said.
      Pete felt a cock at his hole, and it was thick. He felt a finger get placed over his left nostril and the familiar smell of poppers. He huffed deeply on the bottle his uncle was holding to his nose. Right as the rush hit, the dick entered him.
      He heard the screen door open again. But his mind was filled with the wide cock that was filling his asshole.
      “Hey gents!” His uncle greeted, loudly so that Pete could hear.  “Come on in, get comfy. Here are the rules. Don't hurt my boy. There aren't any condoms in this house so don't ask. Feel free to fuck his face, but all loads go up his ass. Call whoever you think would like to use Michael Miller's only son as a cumdump. I'll be nearby. I got a cute piece of tail I'm gonna be using in the next room. Have fun.”
      This information hit Pete like a semi truck. His dad was the most hated man in Armstrong County. And his Uncle just invited whoever wanted to use him.
      “Oh, and make sure he takes some poppers on occasion, and let him out of the restraints every hour or so. Don't want him hurt, just used.”
      Over the next six hours Pete’s cute little ass was gangbred. After the first hour his hands were freed so that his throat could be fucked as well. Two hours in, and he had nine more loads up his cunt. 
      But the men showed no signs of stopping. The screen door opened frequently, and Pete could hear his Uncle having sex with a woman in the room down the hall. 
      When his legs were freed and he was allowed to stand Pete could feel a trickle of semen down both his legs.
      He was bent over the dresser and fucked up against it for a short while, but ultimately placed on all fours on the bed so he could be spit roasted.
      Eventually the blindfold came off and light momentarily blinded him.
      “How are you doing, son?” his uncle asked. Men, some strange, some familiar, all naked, filled the room, along with the haze of pot and cigar smoke.
      “I’m doing great, daddy.”
      His uncle smiled and nodded, “Yes, you are, son!” A gentle hand pushed Pete onto his back.
      “Where’s your woman?” Pete asked, already having an inkling of an answer.
      “She bugged out when she got hers. But I’m still raring to go boy.” With that his Uncle Rub guided his hard cock into his dripping hole. Pete moaned around the familiar stiffness and clamped his pussy muscles down around it.
      Seed squelched out along the shaft as it drove in and out, and Rob moaned his own pleasure as he blasted his second load of the night.
      When Rob got off of his nephew, the nice man who owned the Flying J down the road got on top and slid his cock inside.
      Pete diligently wrapped his arms and legs around the new man, and silenced the man’s cry of passion with his lips. The man fucked him briefly, came, and then left. Rob watched as the rest of the men all fucked his boy, put their clothes on, and wished them a good night. 
      When it was over the boy’s bed was soaked with sweat and spilled seed. Not exactly fit for sleeping on. Pete was too exhausted to stand, and like a good dad, Rob picked the young man up and carried him down the hall. 


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