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Man that was.... the most powerfully written chapter of a story I have read of yours BBM on here. Very emotionally raw in feeling and made me tear up several times. Had to stop reading a few times I’m not scared to admit. The more I read the more I was sucked into the emotional heart wrenching scene you crafted.

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    • By Scottyrim
      I had planned it all out. I was nervous and took a glass of wine gulping it down. The knock on the door ,though expected ,startled me. I opened it. 
      “ Hi”I said. 
      The guy I met, smiled” Hello “. 
      Even as I let him in I felt a sense of control start to flow away from me. He seemed more in control , more sure of himself.  Another knock.
       I let the other guy in as well. He seemed less certain , but more certain than me.
      I was the one who set this up and yet I was the one that seemed more on edge. 
      “ Would you like a drink?” “No “they both said . The first guy smiled and said “working”.
      “Of course”I stammered “ “Do you two know each other? .” The two guys looked at each other “ No” 
      I sat on the edge of the bed. Was this what I truly wanted? A hotel room ? Two prostitutes or should I say Escorts? 
      “ You both are Poz not on meds?”
      They now looked at each other more intently and then back at me. “ I am Neg, not on PREP .I only have tonight in London by myself... so... do you mind if I get another drink?”.
      “ So you want Raw, Poz dicks in your ass?” The first guy smiled.” You don’t need a drink, you need a huge hit of poppers”. 
      I looked around taking in my surroundings, for the first time really, even though I had checked in four hours before. What the actual fuck was I doing ?  Here I was in a hotel ,near the Airport about to have sex with two Poz Prostitutes. Six hours before I had been having a farewell lunch with friends. None of them would ever guess I would now be here doing this. “Who the hell was I ?” For a moment I thought I could pull out of this. I mean they would have seen this before, Clients chickening out. Wives , closeted. They would have seen it all before. But some fucked up Neg guy booking two prostitutes on online  ads because they were Poz and I had had too much poppers up my nose and too much twisted fantasy in my my head.
      “ It’s ok” The second guy spoke for really the first time.” Take off your clothes”. I gulped and within seconds we were all taking our clothes off except our underwear . The first guy” So this is a conversion ?” Yes I suppose” I blurted.
      “ Fuck hot “ he replied. “Suck my dick “ and without any further hesitation I grabbed his cock and started sucking. “ Suck that Poz dick you sick prick” This made me hornier. While still sucking one of my arms went for the trousers on the floor, grabbing my poppers from my pocket then inhaling hard. “ Can I have some? “The second  guy stepped forward and took the poppers from me. He took deep sniffs. “ Suck my cock as well “and pulled his hard cock out of his underwear. He had a PA attached to the end of his dick.. I started sucking this dick now. 
      In the background a French bareback film was playing from my USB on the TV.     
       “I am not sure about this” The second guy said. At the same time he didn’t take his dick out of my mouth. I stopped.
       “ I want this. I really want this. I need Poz toxic cum up my ass. I know what I am doing. I don’t want to make this uncomfortable for you, but I need to be Poz. You are doing me a huge favour that I can’t thank you enough for.”
      He smiled and eased himself.
      “Fuck you sick slut I am going to Poz you so hard that it won’t be just the toxic load that makes you Poz, it will be my dick ripping you apart and making you bleed. “ With that the second guy took the poppers off the first ,took a huge sniff and pushed the bottle to me . As I took the bottle, he pulled down my underwear  and threw them off.  He then pushed me face down onto the bed. “ You want a toxic dick I am giving you one.”  I have no idea where he got the lubricant from. It could have been from my suitcase, more likely he had some.
      I felt huge pain but he seemed to know this and covered my mouth with his hand as I yelled. Then suddenly I saw a different popper bottle in front of me and I sniffed in heaven and started to relax.
      The first guy came around to my head and had his knees open against each side of my mouth. I started sucking his cock as I saw a third bottle of poppers appear before my nose. “  You want that big Poz dick . Keep sucking you whore. You fucking love that infected dick don’t you”
      I kept slurping and sucking. 
      I felt guilt I was putting these two guys through this.I felt guilty I wanted this and yet it was though my soul desired this fucked up situation. “ I need to be Poz, infect me.Charge me up” I yelled. 
      They swapped. I felt another hard dick up my ass. “ Make me pregnant. Knock me up”.  I yelled. “You sick fucking slut take that fucking toxic dick” I heard.
      “Plant your dirty seed up my Neg Ass”. It seemed that each word made them release their inner Poz pig.” You are going to be fucked up so badly”they said. 
      Each time they put their dicks in my ass and poppers up my nose I was one step closer to my goal. I started to
      lose all sense of who was doing what .One moment I was sucking on a PA, the next moment a fat juicy cock. Both were up my ass.My head was starting to ache with the amount of poppers that was in my head.” I need to be charged pregnant “ I said. All I could smell was sex and poppers.
      “ You know soon you will be fucked up ,truly fucked up. No escape. Pozzed well and truly”
      In the haze that was my head I thought I felt the PA, but the poppers were so much I have no idea. Then I heard a whisper.” You sure? “ against my ear. “ Make me Poz” I said. “I am going to charge you Po..... “and then silence. “You fucking sick twaisted slut.”I felt it inside. I always hoped I would. Here it was .I had a charged Poz load up me. I smiled as a dick left my mouth. 
      I was so high in poppers I had no idea that the dick that now entered my body was the one with a PA attached.
      But the sudden pain made me remember.” You are fucked, you Neg slut. You will be pozzed by the time this is over “ More poppers under my nose. “ Fuck do you want a charged bloody load?” So the pain was not just the dick. “ Please” I pleaded “please do this ,make me Poz” The pace picked up. “You need to be toxic don’t you “ he said “ yes “ I pleaded. “You know this will fuck you right up.”  He said. “  “ Yes” I pleaded . “Make me your toxic dump.”He breathed heavily in my ear and then stopped. I felt it . I felt it in my ass. In Heaven. I had crossed over. I was gone.
      For a minute, maybe less I lay there. All three of us were breathing heavily. My finger touched my ass . It explored inside my ass while the once fat Poz dick became limper.  I took the finger out and saw it up against my eyes. Both blood and cum met my eye.
      “ Thankyou “ I said 
      Well you paid us you sick fuck. Hopefully you got what you wanted”
      I smiled” I did”
    • By Scottyrim
      I lay there in the dark. I could just see shapes in front of me. I was on a leather mattress, one of three next to each other. A guy I could see was lying next to me. Like me he had his ass open to the sky, to anyone. My ass was open to anyone as well. But it was open to Poz guys more than anyone else. I didn’t want to discriminate. But to me I needed Poz cum.
      Only 30 minutes before I was on my iPhone typing my position and area on my iPhone. The ad I placed in Barebackrt was very specific. “ Poz guys only to breed Neg guy not on Prep in dark room at Bathhouse. Please bareback Poz with the words not on Meds Poz” time and place. Here I was 30 mins later lying on my stomach  in the dark . My asshole was lubed. Every other minute I sniffed poppers. My cock was irrelevant.
      It is  an intense experience lying in the dark, sniffing poppers, watching shadows in front of you.
      The guy next to me was as still as a plank. Part of me wanted to check his pulse. When a guy came near him and start to fuck him, he hardly made a sound.
      You could feel men’s hands feel your ass and legs ,finger your hole. Random men . But I wanted something else . Something more . I waited. It seemed like forever and not long at all.
      A guy was feeling my leg in the dark. It was slow . He got to my ass and seemed to linger around my hole. Suddenly a voice came out of the darkness” Not on Meds , Poz” That was it . Nothing for a moment, as I breathed harder. Suddenly I felt wetness, Then I felt hardness. Then pain , then pleasure. Next to me the voice again.” You got more than you bargained for . Take that Poz cock.” He pushed it in hard. I had an intake of breath. We both stopped for a moment . Then a voice. “ “You sure you want this?. No turning back”  He almost impaled me and I answered almost in a scream. “ Give me your Poz DNA.” He breathed against my neck. “ Your a fucking slut” “ Yes” I responded. The guy fucking me laughed.  Then loudly he said to anyone in the room “ This slut wants to be fucked Poz, full of Poz cum. No self respect. He deserves everything he gets. Load him up with anything”. With his elbow he pushed me down. “I will be back”. He got off me. Emptiness.
      This was only for a minute or so . “ Fuck bitch you want fucking AIDS!!”  In short jabbing movements the next guy did not care. “ Been Poz 3 weeks you will fucking have this Pozzz” He trailed off. He had cum. So quickly. He managed to say “ Slut” as he  left me but he disappeared as quickly as he came. I felt myself smile.
      This is heaven.This is the meaning of life. Another voice. “ No meds, Poz”  this guy just grunted, again and again pushing into me. “ Fuck slut you are Poz “ He came abruptly. 
      Next to me the other guy being bottomed moved. He put his hand on my shoulder”. I need to cum “ He said. “  I have no idea what I am . If I have it or not. Never been tested”. “Please fuck me “ I replied.  He moved on top of me and started to pound hard my ass . “ I need to cum .Fuck this is so hot. Fuck you are so we wet. Fuuck!”. He had cum. He breathed against my neck. He stayed there for the longest time and then moved” Hope you get what you want” He said as he left.
      I was still smiling to myself in the darkness when I heard a familiar voice. Gruffly he announced to the shadows .  “Have you had your fill of Poz cum slut? “ “ Never” I replied. “Please fill me up with more” 
      He rammed into me hard.  I panted into the mattress. “I am close ,slut. You are going to be Charged Poz. Fuck you are going to have dirty seed in you. Take that Poz seed! “ 
      We both lay there. “You are going to have to go out of this Dark room eventually. People are milling around out the door to see who the Poz loving cum dump is. I smiled to myself. I had achieved wanted I was a Poz loving cum dump in a Bathhouse darkroom.
    • By Scottyrim
      I remember when I heard about The Six. I had just been barebacked by a dominating top. We had Poz talk throughout. The last words I spoke was “ Give me your Poz babies” as he bred into me. “The problem with me” he said  as he lay back down on the bed “ is I am firing blanks and it is clear you are ready for the real thing.” I laughed. “ You are the real thing. I love Poz guys even if you have meds. I have been fucked by many guys not on meds. I enjoy the feeling of Poz guys filling me up with dirty seed”. My top laughed “That is because you are a slut that craves Poz cum, but I have known you long enough to know you need more than just the Poz seed, you need the Gift.” He smiled “ I think you need The Six”. I laughed. It sounded absurd. “ it is no joke “ He said.
      That was 4 months ago. Now I was here in a large dark room in a bathhouse that had been booked for the night, under “ The Six” Well there were 6 of us in the room,but clearly we were not The Six. We were the bottom sluts. Some of us were freaking out. “ What the fuck am I doing here?” One guy was almost pleading to us. Another guy had a smile on his face , which probably matched my own. It was nirvana. Alright it was nirvana mixed with excitement and fear. But I was hot for this. Every fibre wanted this. The poppers that I breathed in heavily helped draw me into this new heaven.
      My dominant top , that was one of many on my way to Poz slutdom had explained it abit to me.” The Six “ are guys who are all Poz without meds. They are made up of either newly Poz guys or Poz guys that are dominant and need to infect continuously. They change , so one time it may be made up of the same guys for 2 pozzings but it might change along the way with a different guy appearing occasionally or several,” I was erect when he told me this “ How does it work ? “I could hardly contain my excitement.
      Basically it was a group of six guys who met every few months, sometimes only twice a year, sometimes 3 or 4 times a year. They were made up of guys not on meds who wanted to Gift willing guys. The guys who were going to be gifted needed to be invited by members and there could be no backing out if the invitation was accepted. The strike rate I was told was basically 100 %. Because of all of this you never entirely knew which one of the six made you pregnant.
      “ The moment they walk in, the name of the game is to make all the Negs Poz. You can get fucked by 1 or all 6. It is not up to you. It is up to them. There also needs to be 6 bottoms who need to be Poz. It is not enough to need it, you have to be almost fated to be Poz. It is why this sometimes takes months to occur, sometimes up to 6 months. You never truly know who infects you. God knows what happens if you try to back out” a wry smile came over him” let’s just say you don’t leave without the Gift” 
      “How do you know so much about it. Are you part of it?” I asked. “ I am on Meds, of course not “ he smiled at me “ “But before that “ I said. He just smiled “ It usually happens at a bathhouse. The room is booked , the bottoms arrive and then The Six. “I gulped, I could hardly breath. This could be all bullshit. But part of me knew it wasn’t. “ I am going to put your name forward.” He said.” You will get an email. It will be an email will have a subject line “ The Six” It will have a Respond/ Delete button. If you delete, you can never again be one of the sluts going to be pozzed by The Six. If you respond you agree to it all, no backing out at all. You will receive an email with time and place. No backout.” He smiled again. “This is you “
      Here I was 4 months later in a dark room in a bathhouse with 4 other slut bottoms and another near hysterical bottom. “ I am out of here” he said” Sorry this was all a mistake “ He didn’t move though. “ No one is forcing you to stay ,there is the door, you can open it “ said the guy with the smile on his face.  
      There was footsteps outside the door then it opened. Six guys came in , one after the other, all different. It was hard to make out the features because of the dark. A guy had “ The look” veins  and what I imagined with a largish belly and a long dick. I licked my lips. A couple of the guys looked like they were maybe bottoms in normal sex but here they all were in front of us full of Poz venom, infected with life force. It was a beautiful sight, only ruined by the nervous nelly wandering around.
      “ I have to go sorry. I made a big mistake “ said nervous nelly. There was no answer. One  of the six stepped up to nervous nelly put his hands on the bottoms  shoulders and pushed him down to the top’s dick. Nervous nelly was confused and just opened his mouth and let the dick come in. He started sucking hard on the dick. The top fed him poppers. 
      I always thought at this point there would be a little speech about a group of Poz guys infecting a group of Neg guys. No one moved to make a speech, but smiling bottom seeing nervous nelly sucking furiously on the popper fed cock took it upon himself to go up to the top I had been eyeing and grab his cock. With expert handling, while my jealousy started to rise, he guided the Poz Look guy expertly with his hands and within 10 seconds he was being ridden by Poz look guy hard. “ I want your Poz babies” smiling guy yelled.
      Meanwhile already nervous nelly was getting bred by Poz top. His smile said everything. Nervous Nelly was as happy as a pig in shit.
      I felt hands against me and I was pushed forward. I didn’t have time to think before I felt a sharp pain inside me that eased as I put poppers up to me. A voice next to my ear said.” Don’t worry mate. I saw you eyeing crix guy, my Viral Load is higher than his. You are bound to be toxic. By the time you have been ridden a couple of times you will be in the Club. Infection guaranteed. “I allowed my self to sniff heaven with poppers and looked around. 
      Everyone was fucking. There were 12 people in the room. Interspersed with the moans were words you heard. “ Charge me “  “ I want to be Poz” “fucking infect me !!” “ these are the last seconds you will be a neg boy” Breed me, breed me!!” I want to be pregnant with Poz” this last comment was made by nervous nelly as Poz Top pushed into him. “Fuck take that Poz infected load “ he gasped
      My maker whispered into my ear. “Fuck I am going to breed that scared little slut with my Poz load, after I have finished infecting you.I can feel              
       my PA scraping against your insides. You should be bleeding now and the infection should take . Fuck I am about to poison you.” I was shocked that I maybe bleeding. It scared me ,but I didn’t miss a beat. “Infect me. Make me yours. Make me Poz “ that was too much for him and he suddenly lurched into me.” Have my dirty seed slut” he whispered. He lay there for a moment, then slowly backed away, leaving me raw , bloody and full of Poz sperm. “ “You all leave here infected” he said as walked away.
      Before I had time to react, someone else entered me . “ Fuck blood and sperm “ you sure are going to pregnant with Poz by the time this is finished. I am a bottom”   he said “I have only topped twice and that is to Poz sluts like you. You are the Second guy.  The first one was that scared guy over there, but now I have built up some more Poz sperm , it is going to be you. Fuck I feel the need charge you. “I whimpered” 
      “Please make me toxic”. “Bitch the PA bitch before you created the cake, I am just putting the icing on top.  Take those babies slut.”
      It felt like hours I was there. It felt at least 4. There were moments where I needed to sit but felt torn and sore. The Six would Poz then rest, the come back for more. Crix guy bred me, but I felt like a whimpering mess. As he pushed his Poz cum in my ass I felt a tear in my eye.
      When it was all over I was sore and bloodied and two weeks later I came down with the tell tale flu. I received an email after I knew my results. The subject line was “ The Six” It had an accept and a decline on it. The accept said “ Be part of The Six for the next conversion. The decline was I was going on Meds.  I accepted and smiled. I could now give what I received.
    • By POZdetectable
      Sorry for my English, it's not my mother tounge so i could/would makes mistakes...
      this story is fiction... for now 😈😈 I plan to realise a part of it eventually... 3 people are willing to follow me. Time will tell...
      After chattin' with a friend of mine about my sexual deviance, he told me that i turned him on for several reasons. We started to explore his need and i got a big surprise... I was not alone with my twisted mind. He's twisted like me.
      Chapter 1
      My friend, i'll call him Edouard (Eddy), wanted to get pozzed for a long time but he never found someone serious enough to Gift him, until we talked...
      Wa talked about our fantasy for 2 days on WhatsApp... describing how we'd like to proceed for his pozzing... He took me on some nasty paths that makes me hard as steel. He wants to consider me as a Jewel Wasp and him as my prey... He REALLY wants me to Make him... to Pozz him. He makes me horny like a Hornet who needs to sting his prey... he makes me become a predator, THE kind of predator i adore...  EVIL.
      He said that he wasn't sure he wants to cross the line and he wants me to guide him at MY direction. He feels hypnotized by me, by my POZ dick, by my PA, by my twisted talk. Before working for his pozzing, we made a deal. If he accepts me as his Pozzer, that's gonna be like a sacrifice. He's gonna fuck up his health for MY pleasure and MY pride. There are some conditions he needs to satisfy for me to Reward him!
      A Wasp Tattoo... Emerald Green and Black (for the Jewel Wasp) it's MY Mark ! (the image at the end of this chapter) A negative blood test results. NO one to fuck him until he convert. Anonymous HIV test... until it comes back POZ and afterwards, regular blood tests to know how high the viral load will climb. when the convertion succeeds, he's gonna have to GIFT... and to get recharged. Stay off meds as long as he can (but i don't want my prey to pass away... ) Recharging me !
      He agreed all of these conditions. These conditions are mine to POZ someone. I'm the Boss in MY colony! I want to create new wasps and make it grow!!!

      He needs me to break his Pandora's Box... to make sure he's not gonna close it anymore. He's feeling hot as Hell... and he invites me to talk in person about this.

      I travelled to his place and we talked, naked but we did not fuck. I wanted to control his mind like the Jewel Wasp does with its prey... so we talk about how we'd like to get sick, how i'd poz him, how i'd lay my wasp eggs inside his body... how free he'll be to be himself... and he'll be MINE! We jerked off... and we promised to get closer to the moment at our next date...
      He warned me that he could slow me down... step on the brakes... but i answer that i could not brake and i would push him over the precipice... He did not disagree but I still need time to control his mind completly... The job is not finish... It could take awhile but my reproductive instinct will get the job done sooner or later.

      When i left his place he said that he wants me to bring him to the Other side... into darkness... He wanted to be fucked by me... only me... and become an Evil to burn other people from the inside when he's pozzed.

      I promised him to continue to work on his mind to manipulate him, bringing him where i want him... and to sting his body with my dick to make him MINE... to start to build MY colony!

      He's gonna be a co-predator for the next hunt... but before, i have to finish my work with him... He will be my First Victim, my First Conquest !

      I have 3 men now wating to be a part of my Colony... but Eddy will be the First and were gonna work together on the next ones.

    • By Scottyrim
      When I walked into the guy’s bedroom, after he let me in, there were at least 10 bottles of poppers on his bedside table. There was the smell of smoke in the room. I felt uneasy.
      He smiled at me. His bathrobe fell open . He was hairy with a small dick , but above that small dick was a massive Biohazard tattoo. “ You  like it?” My lips licked. “Don’t worry about the dick. It maybe small but I am a cruel Top. The last  2 guys that wanted this were Poz within 2 weeks. He laughed.
      At that moment , as I sat on his bed I felt like I was an 18 year old virgin staring up at the Devil. First instinct, run. Second instinct ,run. Third ... my dick was hard. 
      He lay down in the bed and looked wholly unconcerned I was there. I thought he must either be on drugs or debauched  , or both. “ Ian will be here in about 5 “ He concentrated on the Bel Ami video in front of him.  If this was a fantasy scene he would be watching Treasure Island Porn but we were instead watching impossibly gorgeous Straight Europeans fucking bare.
      I did not know who Ian was. I was faintly regretting what I was doing here. I had answered an ad. 2 Poz guys wanted to “play” with a Neg. I was here to be played with.
      There was a knock on the front door. Biohazard guy went and answered it . There were  whispers outside the door then they both came in. My eyes widened.
      “Ian” stood in front of me his mouth half open. The last time I saw him was after he left my bedroom 6 months before, having left a load up my ass. When he did this he said he was Neg. 
      “ You two know each other?.” Bio said .Ian looked at me genuinely shattered “ I ... had ... no idea” he stammered. “ This is Classic” said Biohazard guy jerking on his dick while looking at both of us with a smile on his face.  “ Ian is this the guy you fucked, you told me about just before you found out you were Poz? “ He laughed.  Ian looked at the floor unable to meet my eyes.
      “ Ian found out he was Poz one day after he fucked you raw. He was so ashamed because he thought he may have pozzed you and he was so sure he wouldn’t be Poz” Bio laughed again. “He hasn’t had sex since that time and I got him to do this tonight because I wanted to make him feel the power you feel infecting your Poz sperm into a Neg slut. He wouldn’t do it but I persuaded him and now he is here in front of the last slut he barefucked. Fucking karma that is what this is. You Poz then?”
      “ No I have been checked twice since then still Neg” I said looking at Ian.
      “This is fucking fate . Of all the fucking people you get to Poz is the guy you thought you had before you found out you were”. Bio laughed” I can’t “ said Ian, still unable to look at me.  “You fucking can . “ Bio said angrily. “ This guy here is nothing, he is just a slut, a slut who needs Poz cum. He wants it. He begs for it”. Bio looked at me. “ Well?” He said.
      I have to be honest, the whole thing was freaking me out. I wanted to leave. I kept thinking if I had escaped being pozzed with Ian why I didn’t leave and change the fate that Bio kept going on about. 
      But that is not what I said.
      “ I want  Poz cum and Poz dick. Infect me .. please. “
      Bio laughed. “ Strip” he said to me. “ You too “ he said to Ian in a gentler tone. Bio went to the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of poppers and went to Ian “ Sniff “ he commanded to Ian. Ian hesitated and then took large sniff up each nostril. He visibly relaxed .Bio came up to me and shoved the poppers under my nose and I took l huge sniffs. Bio lay on the bed. “ Now suck my poz cock”
      I started sucking hard on the  hairy dick and like anytime I was on poppers,  felt the desire to never let go of the cock. Bio handed the bottle to Ian and after a moment I felt his tongue at my ass. It felt delicious. I pushed my ass further into his face. For a moment I think we were both in heaven. It could have lasted for ever, it felt, but Bio shoved the poppers under my nose again.” Sit on my raw Poz dick”
      Without thinking I did it. I started riding Bio’s dick, his tattoo of the Biohazard below me ,I was smiling. “ Yes slut “ He said smiling, “you love that Poz dick. You love that I am going to make you pregnant.”He pushed up the poppers to my nose.  I drew in the life force and pushed myself down on his cock. I saw an arm from behind me and grab the bottle. Ian drew in a huge sniff.
      Ian’s arms suddenly came around me pushing me harder onto Bio’s dick. I felt a big dick behind my back and then I felt Ian move towards my ass. His hands started pushing my ass apart. Just as I started to breath harder, poppers were again under my nose, this was from Bio who grabbed another bottle from the bedside table. I breathed in deeply and suddenly gasped as I felt a bigger dick enter me at the same time as Bio with a smile across his face sniffed some more poppers.
      At first I didn’t want to move. I was in pain,  I was in heaven. The smell of poppers was everywhere. I felt it again in my nose and then as my head swam I saw the Biohazard Tattoo and I pushed myself onto the 2 cocks.
      “ You won’t know who the daddy is of your babies, slut” Bio said. Now Ian really started to push into me.  He murmured “ I am going to make you mine. I am going to charge you” he said. “ Please make me your Poz slut Ian... infect me Poz” I almost yelled. 
      Suddenly Bio pushed himself into me hard. “ Take those Poz babies slut. “ With that his eyes glazed over and lay completely still. Ian wasted no time” This time I am going to infect you right.  “He said “Take that Poz load ... Your mine”
      For the first time in my life I felt warmth go up my butt . “ I feel your Poz load.... Thank you.. thanks. “
      “Your mine now “ Said Ian “ Ring me when your pregnant. If your not pregnant ring me again to make you pregnant. See you when you are charged. We both smiled. The slut and his maker.

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