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    Cum pig always looking for loads. Into Raw sex, sweat, spit, piss, muscles, cum, group sex, gang bangs, gang rape, public sex...the list goes on. Nothing better than having my hole passed around!
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    Did a few small porn things & have been escorting since 2008.
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    Did a little video for naughtyboyz and another for DaddyMugs
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    Total cumdump, no loads refused! Love being used by rough, masculine, dominant tops that get off on using & abusing my ass like the cum dump it is. Verbal a major plus too. Groups/anon scenes are the best!! No limits!!!

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  1. Perfect description! I’m more selective if I’m doing a one on one hookup but I’m open to anyone in group & public situations. It’s all about having your ass used & getting that load. Plus, when people start seeing that you let anyone breed you, more guys will have the courage to come up & do the same
  2. nice ass faggot.i bet it gets fucked raw by a ton of guys.i would love to pump it full of poz cum while i choke you unconcious then fist fuck m into your sloppy cunt.i lo ve breeding dirty little hookers. when are you gonna get pozzed up? an ass like that was made for poz men to use and breed full of hiv. i would love to see you get gangpozzed on video

    1. Hotboi01


      Thank you sir! Would love to let you use my ass.

      I've taken any & all loads for years. Spent a good year taking only poz loads because I thought I had been converted. I've been a no loads refused cumdump at raunchy bars, bathhouses, private parties.... all before ever touching prep

  3. You can walk around the place in your harness & jock for sure, people definitely do. Myself included!! door ajar? Not totally sure. I’ve gone to many parties & breeding sessions. Most of the time the door is just taped or something so that the latch doesn’t catch. That way the door can be shut but still unlocked. Ever been to Jackhammer or Touché? Two hot bars up north. I always go there on the Saturday night of IML Unlocked for ya on BBRT pics are my IML outfit every year. Usually try to change on thing each time.
  4. Thanks for the help guys! So ended up being in town on a Hardon party weekend at South Bloc (or is it bloc south?!). Anyway, lots of hot action in there. Mixed condom/bareback but it was still good sweaty fun. Checked out the Vault as well but it was a Sunday night so pretty slow. Definitely has potential though. XXL and a Central Station are at the top of my list for next visit!!
  5. Hey London, Coming your way in June! Looking for raunchy bars or even sex clubs to have some fun and get loaded. Geared themed places or events are a plus too!
  6. I definitely get into that. I've found that Manhandler Saloon is a prettty easy place for me to bend over & get gang banged by some daddies.
  7. Arriving at regular fuck buddie's place. About to get raped by him & any friends he chooses for the next two hours. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. justsexnowatl


      fuck I wish I was there - and could go last...all sloppy

    3. Fistulike666


      Now that would be an event worth joining in!

      ... and again ....jpg

    4. babyeddie71


      2 Hours? I would be breeding that tight hole for 2 days making you whimper and cry as I pound it to you as ruthlessly as I can until you are raw

  8. Hey! Kinda late response here, hopefully you had fun! I've only been to the CU parties at Steamworks however I have spent a good many Friday/Saturday nights getting loaded at Jackhammer! i think the thing to remember at SW is that the place is open to everyone, not just people there for the CumUnion party. I've found that most of the CumUnion people do gravitate to the 3rd floor or at least make it their focal point. Sometimes during a lull in action I've gone down to the second floor & discovered that there are quite a few people down there. However when I start trying to engage in some action, condoms pop up more & more, thus leading me to believe that these are just normal Steamworks visitors. I'll venture down there a few times before I just tell myself to stay on the third floor & wait through the slow times.
  9. Thanks for the rep xxxx :*

    Jerking off inside.jpg

    1. Hotboi01
    2. buttboype


      That is an amazing pic: love the fist and fuck. Nice. So badly want  to be fisted again. Tried last night fisting myself after heavy dildo play. Felt amazing to feel the wrist inside my cunt.

    3. Fistulike666


      Hi Butt ... what a tart you are!! I love it :cool::*

  10. Agreed! Also for me it's about what I like! I enjoy rape scenes and tops that will force their way into me & take what they want for as long as they want. Too often, I find tops who aren't really willing to do that & I end up disappointed. I may not be enjoying it in the moment but that's ok. My entire goal is to please a top, no matter what I have I go through to get to the point. Quite franklu, the more I suffer for the top, the more satisfied I am at the end of it all that I've done what's required of me & satisfied a real man
  11. Agreed! I think I initially let guys fuck me because I was super naive & thought condoms were just to prevent pregnancy. But once I started feeling those loads in my hole... damn. & the opposite, once I had felt my dick in asses with & without condoms, I knew I'd never push a man to reduce his pleasure by putting on a condom before he fucks me. Nowadays, a condom is the only thing that will make me pull away from a top, unless he's truly doing it for a bit just to make me suffer more.
  12. Agreed! If you wouldn't put it in your mouth, DEFINITELY don't put it in your ass.
  13. Haha, totally true! When I was in my twenties I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get some of these older guys to fuck me. I knew what I wanted, or so I thought, I had a nice little smooth bubble butt and I was willing as all fuck! But I couldn't get the tops I wanted. As the years continue to go by, it gets easier. At the same time I find myself looking at the twenty something's & being unsure as to wether or not I wanna bother, lol. Theres always a pleasant surprise around the corner though!
  14. First some background....I discovered this anon, no loads refused urge by chance. When I look back, I was always mixed about it. Slightly turned on by the excitement, yet totally turned off at being fucked by someone I wasn't into. Until one evening I was at a CumUnion party at Steamworks, the day before IML was supposed to start (In Chicago). I was in a jockstrap, just carrying my towel, standing outside a room watching three hot, muscular guys fuck and fist. At some point, someone came up behind me and started playing with my ass. To be honest, the only thing I was focused on was what was going on in front of me. I appreciated the attention and I think I instinctively pushed my ass out a bit, and before I knew it, the guy was pushing into me. I didn't resist...because well, there were people around. i didn't want anyone to think I was a prude or anything, lol. So I took it and he shot his load in me. As soon as he pulled away, another guy stepped up and proceeded to dump his load. 3 more guys did the same thing and a crowd had gathered trying to watch. We were blocking the hall and clearly people were getting upset with that so the crowd had started to be broken up. After the 5th one, no one immediately came up so I stood up straight and stretched my back a bit. A guy who'd been watching leaned into my ear and said, "You're VERY generous". I just laughed and it took me a bit to figure out what he meant. I'd assume one or more of the guys were "less than desirable looking". Honestly, it just turned me on even more. I realized I'd just put on a show in public and had taken 5 loads in no time at all. Getting five loads in a hotel or in my house would've taken hours to set up and arrange and I probably would've had to talk to 20 people online in the process. This was simple!!! So since then, my preference has always been to be as public as possible. Not just for my exhibitionist side, but so that people can see that I'm a cumdump and that they don't have to talk to me or "ask" before they breed me. If anyone gets annoying, tries to use a condom, or whatever, I just relocate. We have several raunchy bars in Chicago which are good for this type of action, plus a couple bathhouses. Not to mention traveling around the country to various gay events (Folsom, Southern Decadence, various pride celebrations, etc) It's possible this could help with your anxiousness. In a situation like these, there are plenty of tops available, thus you can easily take 10, 20, 30 and more loads in one night! You get to choose when/if you want a break and there's no disappointment, the tops can just move on to one of the many other bottoms around. Plus, in these situations you have all the sights and sounds around you of men fucking everywhere. That excitement is just more motivation for me to want to be a part of it and take every dick and load that I can. As far as keeping all the loads, it'll definitely start to get fucked out of you. When I manage to stay in one spot for several hours, I'll end up with a puddle of cum underneath me along with cum down my leg and in my socks if I have them on. So if you want to keep all the loads in you, you'll have to limit yourself as it starts to spill out. Last, as another poster mentioned..health. When you spend 3 to 5 hours in a bathhouse or sex club taking any and all anonymous loads, chances are, you're going to come away with something. I just have a routine of getting checked sometime in the week after these events. Depending on where you get checked, a lot of places will treat you for gonorrhea and chlamydia based on your "presumptive exposure". Occasionally you'll have to go back to get shots for syphilis as well. When I keep these habits up, I generally avoid experiencing the symptoms. I've just kinda accepted that I'll get things, I just choose to not be the one to spread them any further. This was long, but hopefully good info for you. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to post them!!!
  15. Agreed. When I'm bottoming, I'm the bitch. Whatever it takes to satisfy the top is what I'm going to do. If it's a big, round, bubble booty or a nice muscular ass, I'll beg to do it! I might be a cumdump, but a hot ass is a hot ass!!!

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