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    OC, Ca
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Barebacked for a long time but haven't taken many loads. I want more and I want more pig sex.
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    None but would love to do one with sling fucking. My big dick, muscle butt and verbal nature makes me a good choice if I can find the right opportunity.
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    I'm looking for versatile pigs with hard cocks and lots of cum for hot cum swapping sessions. Not chasing but am taking poz loads but only if you're really into fucking neg butt. I'm craving this and understand the journey I'm on to join the brotherhood.

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  1. Really want to go but don't know the scene and almost desparate to go.
  2. rickjamel

    London 30/7/15-3/8/15

    I'm in Sat night not Fri. Hit me up and we can exchange contact info.
  3. I'm in Heathrow area all day Fri and leave Sat. Would love to parTy and join in.
  4. Damn that's a hot cock!

  5. rickjamel

    piss - do you swallow?

    Only a small swallow or two. I really just get off on the smell and taste when it's right.
  6. rickjamel

    Piss Play Gone Bad

    Posted this in another thread but it happened yo me recently. Fortunately for me I had a brief quick wretch and knew what was comng. I made it to the bathroom quick to lift the toilet seat cover and seat and let loose. Funny that I love e smell and taste afterwards. I'm a sick pig.
  7. rickjamel

    Piss up the ass

    Fucking love it.
  8. rickjamel

    piss - do you swallow?

    Never thought I'd do it until recently when piss even my own is such a turn on. Finally went all the way drinkng from the tap during a hot three way after begging someone to pee up my ass or n my mouth. One bud dropped his big dick in my mouth and unloaded. I took every drop. Got the other up my ass later. The problem was about two hours later it all came up in a barf so spontaneous that I almost didn't make it to the toilet. I still drink it but not in large voumes. Sttill bones me talking about it.
  9. Damn. Breed me. Next time in OC I am looking for that.

  10. rickjamel

    Whoring out guys

    Its been high on my list to do. I have a bud who said he'd arrange it for me when I can get the time. What I'd really like is to go to Palm Springs for a long weekend, get slammed the whored out. Fucking bones me big.
  11. rickjamel

    Hep C is worse than HIV

    Where do you live? Inwant a dictor like that.
  12. I know I'm not the only one who wants that. Own me with your cum. The more you give me cum the closer we get to total lust for each other. I've had it a few times with men and I fucking love the deeper emerson into each other as we share load after load..
  13. rickjamel

    Pig Fucked

    Fuck, that's what I'd love to find.
  14. rickjamel

    Do You FREEZE Your Seed?

    I have a cum dump fb who saves loads he takes for when we play. I love eating cum and love kissing a man with a cummy mouth or sucking a cum soaked ass. Fucking turns me on.
  15. rickjamel

    Holidaying from New Zealand

    If you're still interested m me. I have a place for you.

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