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    port jervis, new york
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    45 5' 9" 230 lbs blond blue bottom
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    looking to get breed with alot of cum and double fucked once

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  1. ISO Neg Bottoms

    that sucks all the one willing are so far away
  2. ISO Neg Bottoms

    me willing cum dump im in new york
  3. Dominance - Questions for Bottoms and Tops

    for me if im hooking up with random guys then yes pound the hell out of me , but if with fwb or regular fuck buds then take your time and drop two or three loads
  4. Looking For Bottom Chub

    hey Jake Im in the Hudson valley area and a no load refused cum dump let me know
  5. Infected By the AIDS Troll

    fuck thats hot would bend over in a min and let him breed me
  6. Just bred 3 sluts

    same here tight hole for you
  7. 2017 Load Tally

    ok slow year finished the year at 100 and most from a fuck bud and he loaded my ass the last day
  8. TIRED of size queens

    so true just take everything and when a big one does show up its great
  9. Nasty bareback breeding

    hey im 60 miles from the city and im a no load refused cum dump that takes all
  10. First Fuck Location

    nice miss the farm
  11. First Fuck Location

    lived on a farm and was out in the barn with my cousin and asked him what does it feel like to fuck and he said lets find out , we were in our teens and he was a year older so could cum and boy did he lol
  12. If in New York I’ll travel to you
  13. Raw bottoms in North New Jersey

    im in the area in port jervis and never turn down a load
  14. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    today i had a fb hit me up and want to dump his three day load quick, his wife was at dr office so come in sucked him hard and then bent over the arm of the couch. He fuck hard and fast and pounded my hole nice ( will feel for a day or two ) dump that big load and out the door all in a hour
  15. Raw bottoms in North New Jersey

    im about a hour away would love to meet

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