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    Not too much experience as an anal bottom (though I do enjoy it). Mostly oral there and I'm really good at making a guy nut while balls deep down my throat. Love filling a guys ass with my cum, too.

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  1. What a treat to read about a pimp who knows the value of his whore! Thank you.
  2. I went searching the WS section as I thought you'd instructed. Thanks for posting that here. VERY HOT!
  3. Thanks so much for keeping this story going. I don't get on this site often enough to let you know how much I enjoy every chapter, but I'm following it and get to read it in my email. I am loving it!
  4. Please to let his negativity discourage you from continuing the story. I want to read what you have planned.
  5. Grey, I am so glad you are continuing this story!!! I really hope Pa is a super successful pimp. ?
  6. Grey, I really hope you have been busy imagining ways "Pa" will put Mason to work and rake in tons of cash, because I'm still looking forward to reading all about it. ?
  7. Wow! I was several chapters behind on this story. It just keeps getting hotter!!!!!!!!!! Definitely happy to be following it now. Really hoping the author has more for us.
  8. That's a good way to "try harder". I love that they always leave it up to Timmy to decide if he's going to stick around or not.
  9. Looking forward to reading about what all they do to "try harder"! The longer it takes, the better!
  10. Here's hoping that "Pa" learned how to be a really successful pimp in prison with enough connections to keep Mason constantly busy. It's always better to be busy working than busy looking for work!
  11. I love that you post so many chapters in a row without making us wait too long! Unfortunately, this site limits the number of "reactions" that I can post in a single day. So, I am posting this to make sure you know that your writing is very much appreciated!
  12. This is still my favorite story on this site. It is so great to read a story on here that is so well written and involvs sex between completely consenting participants.
  13. Please tell us the name of the "separate story" continuation. Thanks.
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