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    Kissing, sucking, licking. Getting fucked, some fucking. All depends on the mood.
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  1. Not far from the mall. Looking mostly to suck cock. More if we click. Come feed me!
  2. Wanna breed me?

    1. blkpoz86


      Yes i do. 443 704 7929 text me

  3. Social distancing is killing me. I need to get fucked or swallow your cum. Come by wearing your mask, whip your cock out and feed me or breed me!
  4. Not a bad Sunday afternoon at Bush. Crowd could have been better. No sooner than I get there, I follow a guy into the opposite side of a glory hole. Very hot guy, but he immediately backed his ass up to the glory hole. I could have used a little blow job to get my dick started. Overall I sucked 5 cocks for three loads (not a bad ratio) before I blew my spunk down a guy's throat. Happy Sunday!
  5. Let me know. I'll meet you there.
  6. The Big Top is an ABS in downtown Baltimore. I had been there once before, and on that occasion I didn't particularly enjoy myself because most of the guys who approached me were hustling for money. However, time had passed since my last visit, and as I was in the neighborhood I decided to give the place a second chance. Walking in to the back room, I stuck my head into a booth and found a nice looking black guy who was stroking his cock. I stepped into the cubicle, shut the door, knelt down and sucked his BBC. In scarcely two minutes he noisily unloaded a huge load. Apparently I got there just in time. After that, I walked around some more, determining there were no more than five guys present, and none were interested in playing with me. I walked around for a while, and then watched some movies, but it seemed certain no one really was interested in me. I did see a white guy, looked like a meth head to be honest and he was playing with a nice looking black guy, but neither gave me a glance. After a bit I noticed the black guy went into a booth and locked the door. Oh well. But that left the meth head who was seated alone in a booth, so I approached him, asking if he wanted to play. He didn't really respond, but as his pants were open, I knelt down and sucked his cock. He didn't really ever get hard, and even said he wasn't going to cum as he was saving his load for later. "Mind if I suck and jerk you?" I asked. "Go ahead," he replied. I resumed sucking him and this time his cock was somewhat responsive and his grunts and moans suggested he was enjoying the attention, but again he reminded me he wasn't going to cum. Determined to push him over the edge, I asked him to talk to me, hoping against hope he would talk dirty about what my work on his cock. "Well, I'm going to attend a gang bang later tonight and that's why I don't want to cum," concluding "I hope to be raped by several of the guys, especially by black guys who are in attendance as I'm a slut for black cock." The whole time he was telling me this, I continued working his cock, which to my satisfaction was getting harder and harder. Finally, as I had hoped, he unloaded a nice wad of cum down my throat as I unloaded on the floor between his shoes. Not bad for a guy who wasn't gonna feed me!
  7. You can breed me!
  8. Hasn't been too bad. Not sure when the last time I saw cops up there. Message me on BBRTS if you wanna meet up while you are here.
  9. The one and same! Next time you are in the area, or me know!
  10. Good night at the ABS last night. It wasn't crowded, but quality beats quantity. An older Mexican dude followed me into a booth, asking, in broken English, if I would fuck him. I said sure. He stripped completely naked, sucked me hard, then turned around for me to fuck him, which I did. I went over to the theater side, to check what was happening there. After a while, I took a seat to stroke and watch the movie. The same guy came over and stood next to me so I could suck his cock. I sucked him off for a while. Afterwards I walked back and forth for a while, returning to the theater side where a nice looking guy was sucking off an older white guy. I stood back to watch and stroke. I don't like to be one of those guys who goes in uninvited. Eventually, the sucker invited me over, at which time the suckee began sucking off the other guy, apparently giving great head. They traded roles several times. I stroked the sucker's cock for a while then bent over and asked him to fuck me. Instead, he bent over to suck the other guy and presented his ass to me. Well, I couldn't turn that down, so I slid into his ass. While I was fucking him, a young back guy played with my ass. I've seen him before and he has a huge cock. That time he'd asked to fuck me, but I wasn't prepared. This time he didn't ask, and I was disappointed, but it was probably just as well as the guy was I was fucking decided he was ready to fuck me. Sliding off my cock, he stood, stepped behind me, bent me over, and gave me a good fucking. I don't get fucked nearly as often as I like, so getting fucked by this guy was difficult enough, taking me me a while to adjust. I can't imagine what would have happened if the guy with the huge cock and wanted to fuck me. After a bit more walking around, I had a couple more interactions with the guy who fucked me before I fed my fucker my load.
  11. Met a guy on Scruff and went down to his place to play. It's about 1/2 hour drive. Anyway, got there and whatever it was, we didn't click and he sent me on my way. Not wanting to waste my outing, I stopped by a bookstore on my way home. This bookstore has an odd layout, but most of the booths have glory holes in them. But there aren't many booths, and usually more people standing around then there are booths. And then no one wants to do anything except with the one guy who is usually terrorized by the 10 guys chasing him. But anyway... Went into one pair of booths where the GH is between the booths above the seat in each booth. So, in order to get your dick sucked, you have to kneel on the seat and the other guy has to bend over the seat to do some sucking. So, there's this big fat guy with a small cock in the other booth. Between his fat stomach and his tiny cock, it was like mission impossible. So, I leave my booth and he unlocks the door for his booth. Yep, it's a small dick alright. But even small dicks need sucking, so I did my job on it. He eventually fed me a nice load. Next guy was a tall black man. He was waiting in a booth with no glory holes, but obviously wanted some company. His cock was HUGE! 9-10" and fat! Fatter than my mouth can handle. I do what I can with the first couple of inches. Eventually, he starts using his hands to force my head further down on his cock. It was truly making me gag. Eventually he stands. Pulls me to standing and bends me over so he can feel my ass. I spit on my hand and wet my ass so he knows I'm not opposed to some ass play. Eventually, he spins me around and starts trying to shove that fucker up my ass. I do what I can, but without lube or poppers, this is hard work! Eventually, he works that fucker into my ass, but I'm barely able to tolerate the assault. I do my best to take it, but it's really not going well. Finally, I give up and tell him I need to take a break. In the meantime, there's a skinny black guy who's moving from one booth with a glory hole to another. As the evening progresses, he's starts getting more into showing off. He's sitting in booths with the doors cracked whacking his cock while watching straight porn. A couple of times, I see him in a booth with another guy getting his cock sucked. A couple of times, I try to enter the booth where he is, but he sends me a way. Eventually, I guess it's my turn. He lets me into his booth. I get down on my knees and start sucking his cock. It's really a nice cocks. Not tiny like the first one, not too fat like the second one. This one was 9" long and just thin enough that I can do a decent job sucking it! After a while of sucking it, I decided to ask him for what I really wanted: to get fucked. He says he's not interested, but he's just too passive for me to get excited sucking him. I ask him is he's fucked guys before. He says he has. I ask him if he's sure he doesn't want to fuck me. No, he doesn't. Well, I decided to go for what I wanted anyway. I got him nice and wet, then I stood up, turned around, and sat right down on that fucker! I start bouncing up and down, fucking myself on his cock. Eventually, he starts getting animated, pushing up into me. Finally, I get up, tell him to stand up. I turn around and bend over the seat, I pull him around behind me, and practically pull his cock back into my ass. He got going then and started pounding my ass! It was feeling really good until he abruptly stops. I thought maybe he had cum, but no. I asked him about the other guys who had sucked him, had he cum for them. No. I guess he's playing an edging game and he wasn't ready to deposit his load. Damn it! Anyway, you can see how the story gets its name. Unfortunately, I only got one load. Note to self: Don't leave the lube at home. Even though I hadn't started out at the ABS, I shouldn't leave home without it.
  12. I'm thinking of coming Saturday night. I hope it's hot!

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