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  1. Interesting Survey!!! 1. Do you enjoy making a man cum with your hand and mouth or him jerking himself off and feeding you his load? Normally I Enjoy everything about making him "cum" and it involves use of hands, his or mine, and Yes, my mouth mostly. Tasting and Swallowing the Best part. 2. Do you like cum that shoots out hard, or cum that oozes out that you can lick up? I prefer the slow Ooze type, can savor the Taste and feeling in my mouth. 3.How do you like to swallow his cum and why? With his cock deep in your throat? With his head resting on your tongue? With
  2. How it happened to me, My first visit to a "Cruising Spot" was scary and exciting at the same time. It happened about 2 years ago, been having a very weird and slow time in my life. My regular buddy that I serviced had been away traveling and wound up Bored. While emailing him one day I mentioned that I was really missing him and very horny. This is how I got started in the Park. His words shocked me a little, He said he had wondered how long before I got Horny. It was now and he said that I was to find the local "Cruising Spot" and go there and meet guys. His meet guys mea
  3. I've been interested and looking, but I guess in the wrong spots. Would like to meet others in this area for possible meeting an friendship with Benefits. Please feel free to ask questions and make comments Thanks
  4. Seems like Most of us here, like the Term Cock, Yes, I am a Cock Sucker and do so with Pride
  5. The Lull has been Broken. Finally got a phone call the broke the "No Dick" caused by Virus. When I got the call I was Shocked and Pleased, Before Virus, I was this guys On Call "Cock Sucker." Yesterday when I answered he asked me right away, If my mouth was able and available for being filled with Cum. Hell Yes, and he said to come over right away. When I got to his place, he was waiting on the bed and Stroking. I knew from experience, No Hands until completely Hard. LOL, that was easy to accomplish, few licks and sucks, HARD as a Rock Even ha
  6. After being totally out of service and contact because of Dead Computer, Today was Different. I've resumed some of my actions and contacts. Got a phone call this morning from a Top I had serviced before many times. After a bit of small talk and chat I was instructed to come to his home. Yes, Instructed, that is how we set this up many years ago. He call and tells his "Cock Sucker" he want to be serviced. Normally, If at all possible I will drop everything and go to his home. Today was No Exception. Instructions were, come then and he'll be wai
  7. Sorry for any delays in chatting or checking in Computer died and I lost everything Not very smart, No Back Ups But I have returned, Freshly Face Fucked and ready for more
  8. Hey Guys, Please Don't laugh at this, I learned by being taught by a Girl Cousin, she was 3 or 4 years older then me, I was 10 or 11, and she bullied me a lot. Then one day she called me into her room when no one was around, she had me stand before her while she sat on the bed and had me remove my pants and under ware. One I was nude from the waist down she reached out and started gently stroking me. In Total panic and scared out of my mind that we might get caught, I also Noticed the feeling and then the Excitement that followed. Once she had me hard and wanting more she Stopped t
  9. As a Joke last week I cut a hole in a mask and did my buddy orally. He now wants more and to have me used by others. I Found the mask Hot as Hell, worth the effort
  10. Not sure this is the right place to ask, but here goes, I've been looking for Camping places in this area, Would like to find "open" Gay/Bi places. Any help or advise would be enjoyed. Thanks
  11. Sitting here now and thinking back, I should be embarrassed but I am not, I know I am a COCK SUCKER, and Love doing it. My thoughts just before my very first time was like a lot of guys, started young, with a school buddy. We had found a Gay magazine coming home from school one day and I got to keep it first. when he saw the pictures he wanted to throw it away, calling it a "Queer" book. (That word dated us) The very first evening when got to look at it and see the pictures I found a few that were very Exciting to me. The most were the guy kneeling and sucking on the standing guy.
  12. Being somewhat New to this area, and just now starting to come Out of my Shy, Private shell, I got to asking about, Yes, places that were Possibly Safe to visit, and Meet New friends. From chatting with this local guy in my area and asking him if he knew about some SAFE spots to go and have fun, WOW, Did I get some Great Information. I knew there was one place on a highway near me to go, where you park and watch for blinking tail lights or in some cases, taps on the window. Having a bit of free time today and being on the Horny side, I took a drive and fo
  13. My First "Lot Lizard" experience was a very Hot one. Before I forget to mention it::::: I'm very close to exit 109 in GA. Last exit going north and feel free to contact me here if your interested... had been in contact with a Over the Road driver from FL. he used the 95 route fairly often, some months 2 or 3 times and his rest area was right off the exit. We chatted for weeks before he asked about meeting, seems he was coming north and would have to use the exit as a rest stop. We set a time and place to meet and talk, and he said he would contact me when he got there, giving
  14. I'm a "Cock Sucker"! and Proudly Swallow
  15. Hey guys, years ago on Yahoo there was a group just for this::: It was called, ""Red Eyes"" The become a contributing member you had to send a picture of your eyes with ""cum" in them. just proof you were into that. I was a Member for years...
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