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What's your favorite way to finish sucking?

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After he has cum I love to continue sucking gently until he either pulls away or starts to get hard again. I have had a guy come 3 times in one session that way without ever having my mouth leave his cock. It was fantastic!!. If he does pull away I like to lick his ass until he gets hard again. They either want to fuck me then or shove their cock back down my throat. That's a win win!!


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i try to adjust to the Top when it cums to sucking or finishing.  i find different Tops like different things. Some like lots of pressure with friction, others like my mouth to be like a cum sloppy pussy, so i try to adjust based on Their response. i never use my hands on the shaft, but love to cup the Tops balls in my hand and touch them in a way where He responds showing what He likes. When the Top starts to shoot, i typically carress the balls to encourage complete emptying. i love to feel the Top shooting at the back of my throat, so i typically take His shaft balls deep where i can feel His cock expand and shoot initially. i synch with His shooting and between spurts, use my tongue at the base and underside of His cock to to milk His cum upward and out, adjusting the pressure to His sensitivity. Some guys want Their bottom to keep stimulating, others don't, so i try to read what He wants, adjusting my sucking and tonguing to His responses so i can keep His cock and extend His pleasure so He doesn't want to withdraw. 

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