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Most of my friends are straight and through them I met their straight friends, that's how I met Marcus. He was 19, just graduated high school and was now living in the city going to college. Marcus was very good looking. He was only 5'6", but half black and half hispanic, with an incredibly picture worthy face. I'd see him at my friend's house when I'd go over there to party. We all drank, and half of them smoked. He was the only one that didn't really drink I'd tease him a bit because of that, until one night after I kept trying to get everyone, including him, to take shots of tequila together. My buddy, who's apartment we partied in, caught me alone in the kitchen and quickly said,"don't say anything, but the reason Marcus doesn't drink much is because he's afraid it will mess with his HIV meds." 

Obviously, I had a very confused look at my face because I'd met Marcus' girlfriend and the one before his current one, so my bud went further to explain,"He's not gay or anything, but he was born with it, his father apparently got it when he was in prison at a young age from using drugs and didn't know it, so all of his kids were born with HIV." I was shocked, and sad for Marcus. 

We got the tequila shots and took them into the living room and we handed everyone their shot glasses, except Marcus. I guess that's where I made my mistake because, I always tried to get him to drink, and when he wouldn't drink what I offered him, then I'd down his shot for him. This time I didn't even offer him a glass. I didn't think anything of it, but he's a smart kid and he apparently figured it out.

Later that night, everyone was pretty messed up one way or the other, and there were only four of us still awake. My buddy and his girlfriend, Marcus and myself. My friend's girlfriend started to doze off and suddenly threw up a little bit on her shirt, so while he dealt with cleaning her up Marcus jumped up and took his shirt off, and said to me, "let's go down to the hot tub!" 

It was about 50 degrees outside but I was drunk enough, that it sounded like an adventure. Besides, this was the first time I'd seen Marcus shirtless and quite frankly I wanted to see a lot more. He was so lean that you could see all of his muscles, and boy did he have a lot of muscles, they were well hidden under his hoodies and sweatshirts he always wore. He was smooth and just had an incredible body in general. 

We grabbed some towels and I realized we didn't have any swim trunks, to which he responded, "no one's gonna be down there, we'll take our clothes off under the towels and just slip in the hot tub naked."

I was all in! "Let's go then!" I exclaimed.

I couldn't help looking at Marcus' back as I followed him down to the pool and hot tub area. This little guy wasn't so little and he was ripped. My mouth watered watching his tight bubble butt bouncing going down the stairs. Fucking hell, I was getting hard just watching his back and ass!

We got to the hot tub, the courtyard lights were off, since it was the colder season and no one used the pool or hot tub. It was dark so Marcus didn't bother getting undressed under the towel and neither did I. Obviously I couldn't help myself from looking, and saw his cock, rather I stared at his cock and it was so hot, beautiful, uncut and looked about 4-5 inches soft, it was thick and he had some big low hanging balls too. Again, my mouth was watering, and I had to very quickly get into the hot tub because I was half hard in about two seconds after seeing him naked.

We were chilling and chatting in the hot tub, I asked about his current girlfriend, and he caught me off guard by giving a serious answer saying,"she's hot as fuck, but she won't let me fuck her raw dawg, cause she scared of getting HIV." Although the news didn't surprise me, his admission of it did, and he saw the look on my face. "Look, I know our buddy told you, when you brought the tequila shots in, it was the first time ever, that you didn't offer me one. And I saw the way you tried not to look at me. I go through this every time someone finds out." 

I kinda stammered a bit and just sheepishly said,"you're not as dumb as you look. Yeah, he told me, and I'm sorry man. You know, I have friends that are HIV positive too, I hope you know I don't think less of you, I was just caught off guard because you're straight, and I don't know any straight positive people."

Marcus went on to tell me about his frustrations with just about anyone he dated. He said, he hadn't been able to cum with a condom in years and his girlfriend's would rarely, if ever, let him raw dawg their pussies and they definitely never let him finish inside of them. He even had a couple girlfriends get on PrEP and they still didn't let him cum in them. 

I was kinda shocked and blurted out,"They were on PrEP and wouldn't let you cum in them?!?! That's stupid, hell, if you're paranoid about alcohol messing with your meds, I know you're undetectable, and I'd let you cum in me even if I weren't on PrEP." 

I can't believe I just said that. 

I quickly, followed up with,"I mean, if I were your girlfriend." Wait, that didn't sound right either, so I chimed in again,"I mean, if I was a girl and on PrEP."

He was laughing at me, and responded,"It's cool, I know what you mean. So...you said you were on PrEP?"

Did I? Oh yeah, I said,"even if I weren't on PrEP..." 

I didn't quite know what to say, so I just said, "uhmmm..."

Marcus was so chill though, he laughed again and moved over next to me, putting his arm around my neck and comforted me, "You think I didn't know you were gay? Remember...I'm not as dumb as I look." We laughed together.

I felt relaxed again, and affirmed what he already knew. "Yeah, I'm gay and yes I'm on PrEP." 

He asked if I was a top or bottom, his bluntness surprised me. I said I'm a top. And I don't know why, but I volunteered that I had bottomed in the past, it just wasn't my preference. 

He stood up in the hot tub, and since he had his arm around my neck, his cock was literally inches from my face now. And it had grown. His thick cock was somewhat hanging at about 6 inches now right in front of me. He said,"come on, we better go dry off in the sauna before we put our clothes back on."

He walked toward the sauna while I hopped out and grabbed my towel to cover my fully erect cock. My 7.5 inch beer can cock stood straight up and was like concrete. We got into the sauna and he was totally naked, he didn't bring his towel. I just held my towel over my cock basically and sat down. I couldn't help but look at his growing cock. And he noticed. "You ever suck a black guy's cock?" I was still buzzing on alcohol and the whole situation that I just responded,"yes, I love suck big cocks." He laughed as he started stoking himself. He was a very solid 8 inches and quite thick. 

He nonchalantly said,"come suck this big black cock then." I immediately got up, letting my towel drop and went straight to his dick and enveloped it in my mouth. I was high from this whole scene, I wasn't thinking rationally, I just wanted this gorgeous straight guy's big cock in my mouth. He was moaning and groaning telling me to "suck that big cock" and "yeah, get it all down your throat." 

I had grabbed my towel and put it on the wooden bench so I could put my knees up on it and lean over his cock better. Trying to get more of him into my throat. The sauna was hot and we were both sweating like crazy, he continued to moan and as I got my mouth all the way down to his pubes he grabbed my head with both hands and started to throat fuck me. I was loving having this straight guy use my mouth and throat as a fuck hole. He seemed to be enjoying it so much and I didn't want it to end, but I did want his cum. 

As he kept fucking my mouth he moved one hand down the back of my head and neck and was carressing me from my neck to my ass. He'd grab my ass and squeezed it, and rubbed my cheeks. Our bodies were so slick from sweat, his hands on my body felt electric. He even began to slide his fingers in and out of my crack, stopping on my hole and gently pushing into me. We were sweating so much that I realized he was collecting the sweat from my back and using it as lube to get his finger into my tight hole. Once he broke past my hole's resistance, he sunk his finger into my hole. It felt amazingly tight and slick and I moaned around his dick. He started saying,"shit man, shit yo' mouth feels good on my cock. Keep doin that and I'm gonna bust," as he started finger fucking me faster and harder, I felt so vulnerable and slutty being used by him. I wanted to swallow his load so I began moaning and sucking him harder and faster. "I'm gonna cum man," he barely got out in between hard breaths.

I moaned around his cock that I was bobbing up and down on,"mmhmm, mmhmmm," encouraging him to blow his load down my throat. I felt his body tensing up and he had two fingers buried in my hole but was just wiggling them around inside me.

His hand on my head started pushing my face all the way down on his cock hard as he thrust his cock down my throat and I felt it stiffen and swell, he whisper yelled,"ohhhhh fuck! ohhhhhhhh, I'm gonna cum man. I'm gonna cum. Swallow that load bitch. Take it!" his body spasmed and he began blasting his jizz down my throat. I felt it shooting hard into me, there was so much, it was like a water canon and I was swallowing it as fast as it came out. He pushed his fingers in as deep as they would go up my ass, as he shot his cum into my stomach, that he finger punched my prostate, it was like he hit an electric buzzer. I was swallowing his never ending load and suddenly my body spasmed for a few seconds and I shot one blast of clear liquidy cum out my cock so hard that it coated his thigh. 

We were both coming down and I still had his cock in my mouth. Neither of us had gone soft, he slowly slid his fingers out of my hole and rested his hand on my ass. Through his labored breathing he said,"damn. I hadn't cum from a blowjob in at least a year, and I've never cum that hard from one. I wasn't sure you would let me cum in your mouth, but you made it pretty clear, you wanted it. You acted like a fucking fat chick cumdump, "he laughed at his own words. 

I pulled off his still hard cock, and responded, "one out of three isn't bad, as long as it's the cumdump one." 

Marcus chuckled,"well you're not fat and you're definitely not a chick, but we should see if you're truly a cumdump."

I sat up and looked at him with a look of confusion and maybe surprise. 

"You said you were on PrEP," Marcus told me, "and that you'd let me cum in you, right?" 

I shook my head "yes" for sure in the affirmative. Oh my gosh, is he really talking about fucking me right now? This hot straight guy. I thought I was going to consider myself incredibly lucky that he let me blow and swallow him, but now he wants to fuck me. "It's been so long, I don't think I can take such a big dick though," I told Marcus. 

He stood up, his cock was pointed at the ceiling, and he grabbed me, pulled me up then pushed me back down to where my face was right in front of his cock. I grabbed it, still hard as a pipe, and took it back into my mouth. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth slowly and said,"I'm not gay, but I haven't had anyone ever take my cum, and I just need to know what it feels like to shoot inside someone, without pulling out, and raw, no worries from either party, I just need to breed someone. Will you let me? I'll go slow and if you can't handle it, you can suck me off again."

I didn't respond, I just kept sucking his cock. He instructed me to "get it real wet. Leave a lot of spit on my cock and come off of it"

I did as he told me, and he got down on his knees, now my aching hard cock was in his face, but not for long. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my feet off the wood floor, making me lean back on my towel on the bench. I looked down toward my cock and saw him holding my ankles up and spread out, and his beautiful face, his eyes staring at my hole. I watched him spit on my hole, his eyes were glazed over with lust. He dove into my ass and I felt his tongue immediately working into my hole. It was me this time, that grabbed HIS head, as he tongue fucked my pink hole, getting it wetter and more relaxed. It felt fucking amazing, his tongue was powerful and felt like a slick muscle massaging into my asshole. I began to moan like a bitch. I wasn't used to this feeling, I was the one that usually ate ass like a champ causing bottoms to turn into sluts. The tables had been turned, and I wasn't mad that it was a hot straight guy turning the tables, and turning me into a cumslut. 

He retracted his tongue from my ass and came up, still holding my ankles spread out like a whore and scooted in close, I felt his big wet cockhead hit my hole. He was looking down as it pushed into me and occasionally looked up at my face to see how I was taking the pressure. It felt so good. He was thick, and hard, but I was opening up for him. He was going so slowly and he had been so perfect, that I was relaxed the entire time and suddenly his cock entered me deeper. I sighed,"ahhhhhh, fuck..." drifting off to a place of pure pleasure, "oh my god, your cock feels so good, keep going"

Marcus pulled my legs up and rested them on his muscular shoulders, my ankles were by his head now. He began sinking more of that beautiful straight thick black poz cock into me. I was in heaven, as he filled me up, stretched my hole and finally rested on my prostate causing me to precum onto my stomach. He was looking down when the precum poured out,"did you cum?" Marcus asked. 

"No, your cock is hitting my prostate and making me precum," I explained.

Marcus smiled,"damn, I didn't know a guy could get wet from being fucked. You sure you're okay with me cumming in you? I don't want you to regret this or freak out when I get close to blowing my load like some of my girlfriends. It's caused me to kinda panic now during sex."

I looked at him directly in his eyes, "Marcus, I'm on PrEP, and even if I wasn't, you're undetectable. I've never had anything in my ass feel this fuckin good, if you don't cum in me, I'll be mad! I want you to use my hole, and don't look back, fuck me hard and cum in me as much as you want." He smiled and I could see the worry leave his face completely. He slide his hands down to my hips and started to pull out slowly til his thick cock came out, he was looking down watching his fat cock go all the way in, then all the way out of my tight wet hole. I felt like, from the waist down, my body was being jerked off. I felt pleasure all over my sweaty skin and deep inside my bowels as his huge cock fucked in and out of me. I began to stroke my cock, using the copious amounts of precum Marcus was milking out of me as lube. He even reached down and jerked me for a minute as he purposefully pushed his dick deep into my prostate and forced more precum out. He collected it in his hand and brought it up to his face and sniffed it,"smells like sex," he said right before licking it all out of his hand.

He started to really fuck me now, his cock was pounding my ass so hard, we could hear the "thwap thwap thwap thwap" of his hips hitting my ass as he drove his monster into me. He was breathing hard and sweat was pouring off of his body. His muscles were tight and straining as he fucked his rod into my guts. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and I didn't want him to start feeling self conscience about breeding me, so while I stroked myself, coming closer to my own orgasm, I commanded him,"awww yes, fuck me Marcus. I want you to blow that big load of cum deep inside me. Shoot that poz load hard into me. I want to feel it blasting my insides." 

I think that did the trick, he was mumbling,"oh oh oh I'm gonna cum, oh fuck I'm gonna cum man, I'm gonna cum."

I retorted back to emphasize how much I wanted it,"do it, breed me, breed my pussy, cum in me Marcus, I want you inside me."

"AHHHHHH FUCK! I'm cumming! AHHHH I'M FUCKING BREEDING YOU! TAKE IT! Take it!" I felt his cock swell and pump and blow his load deep inside me, watching and feeling him explode inside me turned me on so much that I started cumming too. I shot cum past my head onto the wall, and began shooting cum onto my face and chest, he continued to fuck me as I was cumming. He looked down at me with my mouth open in ecstasy as I climaxed all over myself and started pounding my hole harder and faster than he was before. My body was a rag doll being fucked by a mechanical being, it felt like his body became a robot with no loss of energy and all the strength of a machine endlessly pounding my ass. I didn't know what was happening at this point, I just let him do what he wanted, it still felt good, as I was coming down from my orgasm, I didn't care what he did to me. In about two minutes of this renewed power fucking he slammed deep into me and screamed,"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" as he unloaded yet another load into my ass mere minutes after his first load. 

The machine was gone, and he melted down onto me. He rested his elbows on the wooden bench I was laying on. My legs still on his shoulders and were now against my chest, his forehead rested on mine and his cock was still buried inside me. Marcus was trying to catch his breath, but forced himself to say,"thank you, thank you, thank you." Then he kissed me on the lips. "Truly, that was the best fuck I've ever had. I guess it was my first REAL fuck to be honest. I can't tell you how much that meant." He kissed me again, this time he forced his tongue into my mouth and we made out. He slowly let my legs go and slide down and his cock gently slipped from me. I felt his cum leaking out. It felt good actually. It all felt good. We quietly got ourselves together, and gathered our things by the hot tub. We walked up the steps toward the apartment. 

On the way up, I broke the silence,"Marcus, that was amazing, it was something I've never quite experienced either, and I loved it, but that's all it has to be. This one time, we did this thing, and it's just between the two of us. I'll never tell anyone and I don't want to lose you as a friend."

We were at the apartment door now, he said,"I know. I trust you." He paused a minute and put his hand behind my head around the back of my neck,"you really gave me a gift no one ever has before and I won't ever forget that." He gave me a quick kiss again, opened the apartment door and said,"maybe it won't just be a one time thing." 


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Fuck, how could you only want one time with a hot fuck like that? Hopefully there is a change of heart to come . . .

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Marcus and I continued to see each other, as friends, at parties and bars with our mutual buddies. Most of the time he'd have his girlfriend, Chloe, with him. Our relationship changed subtly. We acted more relaxed around each other and he would touch me in a "bro" way, much more often than he did before we had sex. We were definitely closer and sort-of intimate in a bromance kind of way. This went on for a few weeks, without either of us ever mentioning the night he finally came inside someone (me), which was the first time I'd ever taken a poz load. 

This Friday night we pre-partied at our buddy's apartment and Chloe, his girlfriend, was there again. She was very pretty, and I really liked her. We had even begun to get closer. It was her idea to go out to the club, she wanted to dance. Nobody wanted to go though, but Marcus was obligated as the good boyfriend to take her dancing. Chloe tried really hard to convince other people to come along, but everybody wanted a more chill night in. She particularly put her efforts into persuading me to go with her and Marcus to the club. She was dancing up on me, and said,"Marcus can't dance, come on, you have to come so I can have a dancing partner. Pleassse?"

I looked at Marcus and he just gave a shrug and a smile. I caved to peer pressure and decided I would tag along and go dancing with them. Marcus had booked an Uber and it didn't take long before we were piling in the back seat together. The Uber driver asked,"Where to?" Chloe immediately responded,"Majesty!" I looked at Marcus questioningly because while it was the biggest and best dance club in the city, it was also predominantly gay. Chloe saw the look on my face and me looking at Marcus and said to me,"Come on, it's the best club for dancing, and you don't have to play like you're straight around me anymore."

We all laughed and Marcus just shrugged and smiled again, "She calls the shots bro."  We got to the club about midnight and surprisingly the line was out the door already. We got in quickly, and first order was Chloe going to the bathroom, while Marcus and I got everybody drinks. While he and I were at the upstairs bar getting all the drinks he said,"Thanks for coming out tonight man. I know you didn't really want to. Just so you know, I didn't tell Chloe you were gay, she's actually the one that told me the night before...you and I...well in the sauna... Chloe found out from her co-worker, I think you would call him a twink. haha. Anyways, you apparently fuck him on the regular." I gulped a big swig of my drink. Damn, my throat got dry all of a sudden, and I was beginning to sweat. ---So he found out I was gay the night before he fucked me? Hmmm. 

Chloe popped up between the two of us, grabbing a drink from Marcus with one hand and grabbed my hand with her other, dragging me out to the dance floor,"Come on! Let's dance!" she yelled. I actually really enjoy dancing, and she and I lit the floor up. We were on the dance floor for a solid hour, thoroughly soaked in sweat. Marcus would watch us from the sidelines, refreshing our drinks and had a small table ready for us with bottled water for when, or if, we ever took a break. We had an amazing time. I started to get a little tired, and she had to pee, so we finally made it to Marcus' table. She said she was ready to go home, so Marcus ordered an Uber and while we waited she was still dancing next to the table in between Marcus and myself. He was behind her as she ground her ass against his crotch, his mouth was on her sweaty neck, and his hands held her tiny hips tightly. His strong hands. Chloe moved my hands to her hips too, then moved them on top of Marcus' hands. He was still kissing Chloe's neck, but he was looking straight into my eyes. It was the first time Marcus and I had touched intimately since the night he came in me. We got to their apartment, and Chloe insisted I come in for a beer and to wind down. Chloe was drunk and very horny, she was all over Marcus. I wasn't jealous, it was nice to see. But it was getting me horny! I was watching music videos on the TV when she drug Marcus to their bedroom, for obvious reasons. I resigned myself to the couch and laid down. I vaguely heard Chloe cumming, she wasn't quiet, and it sounded like she really got off. It wasn't ten minutes later when Marcus came out of the bedroom in just gym shorts. I immediately noticed he wasn't wearing underwear and was still somewhat hard. 

Marcus went to the fridge and asked if I wanted another beer. I said,"sure, but shouldn't you have some water? I heard Chloe in there, and it sounded like you probably need to rehydrate." 

Marcus laughed as he handed me my beer. He was standing in front of me, his still semi hard cock about a foot from my face under a thin layer of mesh gym shorts material. I could smell the sex from him and it made my face flush and my dick harden. Marcus said,"I"m surprised you heard us over the tv, these walls are pretty well insulated. And you know I don't gotta hydrate, you know the way it is with me and my girlfriends. I can't cum with a condom and they won't let me fuck them without one." He put his hand on the side of my face and lifted it up looking down at me,"nobody's ever let me cum in them, except you." 

I couldn't even look at him now, because his cock was fully erect in his shorts right in front of my face and I couldn't control myself one second longer. I grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze. He put his beer on the table and dropped his shorts, put his hand behind my neck and used his other hand to aim his thick uncut cock at my mouth. I eagerly sucked his throbbing monster into my mouth. I could taste the condom residue and when I deep throated him I could smell Chloe's pussy on his pubes. It excited me so much, that I undid my pants and pulled my dick out and started stroking as I vigorously sucked his cock. I was bouncing up and down on it as he told me to,"suck that dick. I know you want it. You want this load don't you? You want my cum inside you, don't you? Tell me.."

I came off his cock and said,"yes. I've missed your cock, and I want your cum inside me. Wherever you want to put it." 

He quickly yanked me up from the couch and grabbed my pants and underwear and jerked them down, pulling my feet out of them. He kissed me hard on the mouth and slipped his tongue inside me. I moaned into his mouth and felt his hands on my ass. He pulled his mouth back for a second and stuck two fingers inside my mouth and I sucked them as he moved them in and out. He pulled them free from my mouth and spit on his two wet fingers, reaching around and began to push them into my asshole as he grabbed my head with his free hand and kissed me hard again. He got his fingers up inside me to the knuckle and again, I moaned into his mouth. 

Marcus was being aggressive and I loved it. He turned me around and pulled off my shirt, he wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me against him. His muscular pecs and stomach were against my back and his cock was snugly in my ass crack. He spat into his free hand and I could tell he was lubing up his cock, seconds later I felt his cockhead pushing against my hole. It breached my opening and I sighed in pain and pleasure while he kissed my neck and forced more of his stiff cock inside my ass. He moved forward, causing me to have to put my knees up on the couch, he pushed my head forward so I was bent over now in doggy style. I felt his hand firmly grasp my hips, he started fucking his big cock in and out of my hole. My asshole felt so good as he longdicked me. Feeling his slick cock sliding all the way in and out of me had me leaking precum and I grabbed my swollen cock to jerk off while he pounded my ass. 

"Oh god, Marcus, fuck me. Shit that feels so good. I can't wait for you to finish off inside me," I said.

Marcus responded,"You like this big black cock? You want my poz load up that pussy?"

I told him to please cum in me, fill me up good. We were making quite a bit of noise at this point, but I didn't care if Chloe woke up and saw us even, it felt so good, I wasn't going to let him stop until he unloaded in me. I could tell he was getting close too, he was fucking me so hard, my ass was getting plowed into at such a fast rate, I was glad he had lube on his cock from the condom that he used to fuck Chloe not too long ago. Just thinking of that made me hornier, and I wanted his cum even more knowing that his girlfriend never took it. 

Marcus began moaning and saying,"oh fuck, here it comes. I'm about to blow. Ah shit, ah shit, ah shiiitttt." He slammed into me deep and I felt his cock swell and thicken stretching my hole out more as he pumped me full of his poz cum. He kept himself buried deep inside me as I continued to jerk off and I was getting close. I guess he could tell I was about to blast his couch with my cum because he grabbed my hand and stopped me. 

"Wait, please?" I said, "please let me cum with you still inside me."

He slowly pulled out of me, grabbed me and turned me around face to face. His lips met mine with force and his tongue snaked into my mouth to wrestle with mine. His hands moved up to my shoulders and pushed me down firmly so that I was seated on the edge of the couch. I briefly watched a few seconds of the music video playing as hot shirtless guys danced around a diva. He dropped to his knees and grabbed my legs, and spread them wide. I felt so open and powerless. He looked down and aimed his rigid cock at my wet hole, while his hands held my ankles wide and high I felt his cockhead on my hole right before he slammed fully into me. I gasped, my mouth was in a permanent "O" because that thick dickhead just punched my prostate and he held it there applying pressure to it, squeezing the cum out of it, making it escape through my cock onto my stomach. He immediately began fucking me at breakneck speeds, and it brought me back to the first time we fucked. He was able to blow a second load within minutes of the first one last time, and this was how he did it. I hoped it was happening again, remembering it last time was enough to bring me off, my body went stiff and I began shooting cum into my open mouth and all over myself as he rammed my prostate. I was drenched in my own cum as I watched him build up to his second orgasm, he moved his hands to my hips and thrust himself as deeply as he could and I felt his cock swell yet again pumping his load into me. I think we were both exhausted at this point. He pulled out, and he lifted my limp legs to slide my underwear back onto me. He laid my motionless body down on the couch, put his gym shorts on, and crawled up next to me, pulling the couch blanket over us. We both blacked out. 

The morning sun shined brightly through the living room window curtains. Music videos were still playing on the tv. I was disoriented for a minute while my mind processed where I was, and why I was there and what had happened. Marcus was still snuggled up to me under the blanket on the couch. His arm was around me, and I felt his erection against my ass. I was worried, Chloe would wake up and catch us like this. I shook him and told him to hurry and get up before his girlfriend woke up. He yawned and stretched a little. He said,"Don't worry, she sleeps like a zombie til late. Last night was amazing man. Watching you and Chloe dance last night had me hard half the time I was at the club."

I was like,"what? You were sitting at the table in the club with a boner watching your girlfriend and I dance? You fuckin' pervert. No wonder you're hard right now." 

Marcus said,"You call me the pervert, but you let me fuck you like a cum hungry slut and you've taken four of my poz loads in your ass and acted like it was a gift from heaven." 

My mouth hung open in disbelief, but he had a point. I was a total cumslut when it came to him fucking me. I mean, he's fucking hot, straight, hung, and cums gallons and not just once. I laughed and said,"okay, okay, that's me in the moment, yes. I kinda separate those moments from you and me, as buddies. Right now, we're blurring the lines and it has me freaking a little." 

Marcus, ran his hand down my side and grabbed my underwear to yank them down. He brought his hand up to his mouth and spit in it, moved it to my mouth and said,"spit." 

I did as he commanded and spit in his hand. He reached under the blanket and lubed up his rock hard cock. He pushed into my hole with relative ease, but I could feel the friction. I groaned, and just let him do what he wanted to me. 

Marcus smiled and said,"see? you don't even try to stop me from fucking you when a minute ago you were worried about Chloe waking up? You're a whore for me."

He was right, I couldn't help it either, his thick bare cock filling my hole up deeply was irresistible. I went from worrying about his girlfriend waking up to not caring if his grandma walked in on us as soon as his cock began to push into me. He firmly held my hip as he fucked slowly in and out of my hole. His massive loads from last night were enough that he didn't need any lube besides our spit to enter me. It wasn't as slick as last night, but he was going so slowly that it didn't need to be. He propped his head up on his hand while he rested his elbow on the pillow looking down at me. He looked so casual...from the waist up. 

I again warned him,"we better stop before Chloe gets u...." Just then the bedroom door opened and Chloe walked out in just a t-shirt, her tight pert tits were clearly bra-less and she wore a thong, her ass cheeks bounced as she went straight for the kitchen. Meanwhile Marcus simply moved his eyes from me, to the tv and began watching the music video.

Marcus said,"Good morning babe. You feel okay? I came in here after you passed out to keep my homie company and we kinda blacked out here."

Chloe turned around looking disheveled but glowing, she smiled and said,"I actually feel really good. I think all that dancing and then a good orgasm was what I needed last night. You guys look so cute, do you two want some coffee?" 

I was dumbfounded, as all of this unfolded before me, Marcus' cock was STILL deep inside me and he was still slowly fucking me. Marcus looked down at me and said,"you want some?" with a big smile. I knew he meant, did I want his cum, but he was trying to shake me loose to answer Chloe about the coffee.

I stammered, "Uhmmm, yeah. Sure, yeah I want it...I mean, some. Some coffee, yes, please." 

Chloe responded, "great! two coffees coming up!"

Marcus laughed, "yup, coming up!" as he continued to fuck my hole, picking up a little speed. Chloe had her back to us working on the coffee, and Marcus looked down at me, kissed me hard on the lips and whispered,"you ready for it? you want me to cum up in that hole?" 

I said,"yes, breed me again..." He tensed up and I felt him blasting inside me again as his girlfriend finished up our coffees. She brought them over to us and handed each of us our own cups while Marcus was still inside me. 

Chloe said, "I gotta put some pants on, it's freezing in here," as she bounced to the bedroom. 

Marcus pulled out of my asshole, and pulled up his shorts and sat up. He winked at me as he brought his cup to his mouth. 

I just shook my head and said, "whatever Marcus, it's your funeral." and rolled my eyes. He laughed into his mug. 

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I'm curious to find out if Marcus really is on meds or maybe has taken a convenient "break" while he's fucking his new best friend.


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I've read this story a few times now, and I think it gets hotter each time. Can't wait for another chapter!

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           I was not only horny but curious. I always wonder what kind of dick a man has, how thick, what does it taste like, is he heavy shooter? You never know and I have endured a lot of bullshit from men just to find out what their cocks feel like. Plus he had been drinking Greyhounds and I was enjoying the smell of his fruity breath.
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           His cock was rock hard and sprang out of its confinement like something alive. He was a dark bearded man with steely unreadable eyes. Without another word his sank his cock into my well used hole and I clenched my ass in pain. He was thick and I was not prepared for his girth. He ignored my yelp and preceded to fuck the holy hell out of me. My drunk was apparently delighted with the situation. He ordered me to suck his balls and went on to cheer my latest fucker on. He wanted my hole good and wet with loads.
           At this point I was so turned on I knew if I touched my dick I would shoot so I confined my actions to my nuts, pulling and massaging them as surrogates to my meat.
           My fucker was slamming me so hard it was difficult to maintain my balance much less suck balls without accidentally scraping teeth so drunk guy replaced his nuts with his cock. My nose was pressed into his pubes and he held me by the shoulders to steady me so I could take the hard driving fuck the other guy was delivering.
           Luckily I can hold my breath for a very long time. I enjoyed the feel of is hard cock filling my throat and the lack of oxygen sent me into a light euphoria. I was nothing but a receptacle for cock and loads. I was about to get my second load for the night. With a gargantuan lunge and a grip I was sure would leave bruises the man shot his load. He continued to pound me hard and he swore like a sailor, a series of swear words without any real content or meaning. And then just like that he was gone, pulled out and walked away, tucking himself back in and strolled out of the bar.
           “That was so fucking hot,” the drunk said as he guided his cock back into my hole. “Oh shit, you are so hot and slick and hot, so hot.” Still drunk I thought. He fucked me leisurely recounting the two breedings he had witnessed. “I think I am I love with you,” he said and giggled. “Fucking cumdump whore faggot cumhole. Jesus Christ I want to see the whole bar fuck your slut hole.” Yes, yes, yes,” I agreed.
           He did not last much longer dumping his load into me with a long drawn out sigh and rather tender thrusts. “God damn that was the best fuck ever.” I was busy shooting my load onto the filthy floor. I couldn't completely agree but it was a fine little gangbang and I was supremely happy. I turned to tongue lube and cum off the guys half hard cock. When I stood he gazed at me with a happy satisfied smile. I went to tuck his business back in his pants but he stopped me saying to leave it out he had to piss. With a lingering kiss he pulled away and staggered to the bathroom. I pulled up my pants and went back to the bar for another beer and hopefully more cock. My hole was warmed up and loaded and ready for any hard-on that looked my way.
    • By Ozpig
      You see so many stories about tops pimping out bottoms. What about bottoms pimping out tops? Sure. my ex used to pimp me out for guys to fuck and breed, but I also pimped him out so he could get his thick 8" raw cock into arse he wanted to fuck. If he wanted I would help him throughout the fuck too by kissing the bottom, playing with them, sucking  them, encouraging them to be a good fuckhole for him. If he said to me in a bar "I'd love to fuck that" I would take that as my queue to bring the bottom to the table, introduce them and at the right time would pick their hand up and place it on his cock and 99% of them would be shocked it first but once they had a feel leave it there. I would encourage bottoms to let him fuck them raw and would often distract them while he was fucking them so he could slide the rubber off so he could breed them. Pimping works both ways and how ,many of you bottoms pimp out your top.
    • By CMike1980
      Ok gents, this is the final edit of my short smut. I hope you sick fucks enjoy this twist. 
      The Giving Man is what they call me. In a sense, it’s fitting, being as I am known for being generous. But perhaps I’m being vague also on the title that is now so endearing to me, for I no longer give money or support to just anyone anymore nor do I have a sugar baby. I’ve learned that lesson all too well.
      I am hiv positive gay man in his mid-forties that gives the gift of infecting those who choose to be infected with the virus. Hence the title that I am aptly labeled; Giving Man.
      Judge away, it is of no concern to me. I do not infect those who are ignorant of my status and I don’t lie or hide it either. Those I infect know exactly what they are getting into. But that’s beside the point, I was actually given the title long before I infected anyone, for I use to be a sugar daddy. 
      That is until I was horribly wronged by a beautiful charlatan that almost destroyed me. Do you have time for a story? It’s obvious you do otherwise what the fuck are you doing reading this right now? Not that I’m bitching, I can wait to tell you my tale of revenge if need be, otherwise here it goes:
      I am a damn good looking guy, tall dark and handsome standing six feet, three inches, two hundred and thirty  pounds of hard hairy muscle, black hair with some silver, brown eyes with a clean cut beard. I would even confess that some would call me a dashing, strapping stud on his way to silver fox daddy status. I’m also fairly wealthy to boot and the boys are easily seduced by my charms.
      I was undetectable, once, until a vicious villainous brat made me change my mind about my status. As a successful plot of revenge I let my status go from undetectable to infectious. 
      But it wasn’t always that way. I had gotten infected when I was thirty after participating in a gang bang conversion party. I was high from meth and I wasn’t sorry. I knew the risks and I still use from time to time. But I use it only for enhanced sex and never to to cope as most would say as an excuse for their addiction. I happen to be quite responsible when it comes to partying and I respect drugs, never abusing them. 
      However I use to be aware of the fact that I am responsible for this status and I took my meds when directed which was once everyday. So yes I was undetectable, until I met this jerk who ruined me emotionally and used me for my money and shelter among other necessities, and for what? Well in the end I had the last laugh. With some help I was a part of a coup d’état  get back what he paid me, and more.
      So anyway to cut to the chase, shortly after I was diagnosed I got on my meds and was undetectable a month after. That's around when I met an eighteen year old bottom boy who was cute as can be, red hair, blue eyes, fair skin with lots of hair everywhere, from chest to the rest, hair blanketed his heavenly slim form. Very sexy, and red heads who are handsome are exceptionally rare to me, sorry to most of you gingers out there, I mean no offense.
      This guy was from a well off Christian family who disowned him for being gay, and threw him out on the street. If it weren’t for me, heaven knows what he would have done aside from selling his tight little asshole to disgusting degenerates too hideous for his sensibilities. Again I’m not insulting those who pay for sex, I do without shame, but I’m speaking from this cunts point of perspective. But I digress.
      I met him in Chicago during IML and he had lost his job and started selling himself to survive. He was fresh on the street and I could tell he had never done anything of this nature before. So I hired him for the night and pretty much he’s been with me ever since then. Well he was with me until a little over a year ago to be exact. He had been with me for close to nine years. That’s how long I took care of this pariah, and I had nothing to show for it. 
      The thing is, we never fucked in those long nine years. Nope, not even a kiss or a blow job had come between us.
      Why you may ask? I don’t fucking know. Maybe because I was that kind of chump that wanted his heart before sinking my thick hairy dick into his bubblegum colored asshole that I’m sure was covered in thick red hair. Plus I believed he would come around and we would end up married...and boy was I a real fucking chump then!
      His name was Tyke, (yeah go figure) and as I said he was eighteen at the time and fresh on the street. In fact I was his first customer and his last as far as I know. So I hired him and we went into my hotel room where he was propositioning guys for cash, and instead of fucking him, I listened to his story and respected his virtue and did nothing sexual. We cuddled that night and I stupidly fell for it.
      I wasn’t too sure he was being honest about his status so we went to the Howard Brown Clinic there in Boystown to get his test results, to which we found out his wasn’t reactive to the instant HIV test, meaning he was negative. 
      I got him some PrEP and told him to start taking it immediately, for it would keep him safe from the virus if he should ever decided to be a fucking cum dump for me or anyone else or if somehow my meds couldn’t protect him. There’s always that slim chance.
      So that was that. Tyke came home with me to Palm Springs, California where he wanted for nothing. I gave him everything he desired. I got him a car, his own room with toys like video game systems, exercise equipment, memberships to the gym I attended, food, expensive clothes, spirits to lift his mood, cannabis for which he smoked immense amounts of, I mean anything he wanted, even cocaine. But no to the meth, he said to me once out of nowhere, so I kept my use of it secret. No sense alarming him over something I had control over. He never knew as far as I thought.
      Then he started working as a bartender, to which he only worked for a split minute before I encouraged him to live off an allowance I was willing to give him. He sure acted like he loved me then, but yet we still didn’t fuck. For some reason he had an excuse as to why he wouldn’t. The biggest and most important of these bullshit reasons was;
      “I wanna save myself for marriage,” he would respond.
      “Ok,” I said to him, “I can respect that.”
      And that was that. I just held him and we slept. Nothing to it.
      A few months later I noticed he was jerking off and so I thought he was starting to let loose and maybe I could infringe upon him my desires and hopefully get my dick wet. So I entered his room naked and wanting his youthful form to grind and take in my mature rock hard handsome form. Surprised at my deliberate sensual act he exclaimed,
      “I’m not ready for that, I’m sorry!”
      “No, no,” I said like a fucking dimwit, “I was wrong to assume.”
      He gave me a peck on the lips and smiled, 
      “Good night,” and turned over and fell asleep soundly.
      Frustrated at myself for thinking he was ready I went back into my room, closed the door, then I slammed myself with some tina and jerked off all night to porn. This was my sex life for several years. What an idiot I was.
      For months I would try and try to convince him that I loved him, which I did, and that I wanted to make him my husband and finally fuck him, but he would conveniently avoid the subject and talk about going to school for psychology and then maybe afterward he would consider it, to which I agreed and even funded his college along with all he ever wanted or needed. 
      Then a few months became one year, then one year became seven years, but still no dipping the wick for me even though I had offers left and right from some hot looking twinks. I wanted him, only him and he knew he had me and used that to his advantaged unbeknownst to my dumb ass. 
      So right before the time he wronged me, he was in his mid-twenties, and he looked amazing. He was working out, eating right, and going to school, making good marks even graduating with a degree and starting his own practice with my help of course. Needless to say I was proud of him, except he still refused me. I would remind him of his promise to consider it which he would aptly reply, 
      “I’m still in the process,”
      “Fine,” I would sigh.
      “If you wanna be with someone else, go for it. But if you wanna be with me you have to wait. That’s just how I roll. But don’t worry, you will be the first to know!”
      Needless to say that night I slammed some more tina and jerked off to porn. Those nights were becoming more and more frequent but I was careful not to over-indulge. But the frustration was building up and it wouldn’t be long before I would have to terminate this bullshit deal he was giving me.
      One night it would draw to a head, I was sick of his crap and he was starting to get on my nerves, expecting me to wait on him hand and foot. He also just assumed that I would buy him everything without any fucking gratitude.
      Finally on the night in question, I was fed up with his refusal to marry me or to at least kiss me with some tongue. Come to find out he had his agenda and it surfaced. 
      He had read my documents from the doctors office and didn’t tell me until I brought the subject of marriage up once again to which he had a definitive answer,
      “Sweetheart,” The fucking faggot said in his tone of arrogance, “I will never marry you.” “What?” I said on the verge of tears, “but why?!”
      “First off you haven’t been honest with me about your status. You’re positive?”
      “Yes, but I was never dishonest,” I answered to which he shook his femmy peacock head at me.
      “Um yeah you were,” he sneered, “you didn’t tell me that you were hiv positive, so…”
      “I never told you because it never came up,” I argued, “you never asked nor did it seem like you cared. Besides I’m undetectable do you know what that means?”
      “Yes,” he said, with his now muscular arms crossed, “but you could still infect me.”
      “Not if you’re taking your PrEP!” I said with irritation, “are you taking your PrEP?”
      “No! But so what? That has nothing to do with it,” he said, the cocky dicksuck, “Besides, the man I would love and marry wouldn’t need meds, nor would I need them to have sex with him.”
      I scoffed at that statement, “Oh my lord, this is fucking insane!”
      “How so?” He barked at me, “We wouldn’t be encumbered by such precautionary notions because we would be a natural couple, understand?”
      I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
      “No,” I barked at him, “I don’t understand, please enlighten me on how I am not natural?”
      He fucking sighed at me, “What I mean by natural is with no need of pills or condoms or risks between us like other normal couples.”
      “What the fuck do you know about normal! I am normal!”
      He continued, “You are not normal, silly sad little man. In fact, you are unnatural, and therefore you and I will never happen.”
      I was fucking livid, “I fucking supported you for these several years, giving you anything you wanted, paying your way, giving you opportunity you wouldn’t have had otherwise!”
      “I may have, so that’s incorrect to say.”
      “Not on the street as a fucking hustler! How could you have such a disgusting and vile notion of the man who loves you unconditionally?”
      “I never asked for all of this,” he said peering at his manicured nails, the fucking faggot, “you offered and I obliged. Who wouldn’t?”
      I was torn apart by what he was telling me and began to cry, 
      “And what now, my love? Are you to expect me to support you after saying such atrocious words to the man who fucking loves you!?”
      “Why no,” he said smiling, “the allowance you have allotted me over the years has allowed me to accumulate my own wealth and now with my business up and going, and a nice chunk of change, for which I do appreciate. Alas, however, I am sorry to say your service is no longer needed.”
      “My fucking services?!” I barked. 
      “I leave within the hour. I’ve had my stuff packed and shipped to my new place in LA. I prepared for this exodus from you weeks before graduation. I have set myself up pretty nice now thanks to your generous yet gullible nature.”
      I picked up a very expensive sculpture I had acquired in Spain, and threw it at him, to which he quickly dodged and then tackled me. He was much stronger now and had me pinned to the floor of our living room, correction, MY living room, it was never his.
      He laughed in my face and said, 
      “Foolish old man, you didn’t really believe I would marry an infected piece of shit like you? Look at me! I am gorgeous, smart, young and I’ve already fallen head over heels for a worthy fellow who is also young, gorgeous, smart and even has his own accumulated income.”
      “No…” I wailed and the tears covered my face.
      “That’s right, I have a boyfriend in the city waiting for me, waiting to fuck me again and again! Fuck he’s hot! Hotter than you!” 
      “Fuck you, faggot!” I struggled to get up but he still had me pinned.
      “He is so good in bed, let just tell you all about it!”
      “No,” I cried.
      “He’s fucked me so many times, why, I may be the first pregnant man without being transgendered.”
      “YOU ASSHOLE!” I screamed to which he punched me in the gut and I was down for the count.
      He whispered in my ear, “I got you, my sweet friend. You were waiting for nothing and you didn’t read the signs of my brilliant designs. Oh well, we live and learn don’t we?”
      We live and learn, I began to sob.
      He laughed as he stood up and brushed himself off, 
      “Oh boo-hoo, fucker! You had your designs on me so obviously I felt no guilt twisting the trick upon you. It’s what I call a flip slip and it’s deserving of you to have such done to ya since you were so eager to fuck me with your infected cock!”
      “Mark me, boy,” I said with tears of rage as I was getting up, “one year from now, it will be me who has the last chuckle of this whole charade. It will be you who weeps in the end and I who laughs at your demise.”
      Tyke laughed so hard he almost fell backwards and then said, “Right, old man, whatever makes you sleep at night.”
      Another man came from behind him, Asian, and well formed, but smooth. He had let himself in no doubt and Tyke was expecting him.
      “Is everything ready,” Tyke said without taking his eyes off of me, “It’s time for me to get the fuck out of this dungeon.”
      “Why yes,” the Asian said, “your lover awaits. Is all well here? Did you defeat this tyrant?”
      Tyrant? So the fucker lied about me to make me the villain. Fucking piece of shit.
      “He can no longer hurt me,” Tyke said, “he’s just a stupid lonely sad old man.”
      As soon as I got up, Tyke kicked me back to the ground and I lay there in pain as they both left laughing. When I was finally able to stand I wailed in agony for the wrong that had been done. But at the time there was nothing I could have done. I didn’t want meth because I didn’t want to be conscious any longer, so I busted into my wine cellar and drank and drank and drank…
      Later that night after drinking to the point of almost dying, I crawled into my bed, and fell asleep. No more I could do for that day, except rest.
      Two months passed and I was numb to the world. The only thing that mattered was getting that fuck head back. But how? I had no idea where he lived or how I could do justice to the insidious deed that he had done to me. I felt that I had lost to him and there was no way I would get retribution for his crimes against me.
      That is until I met a man named Chemical Mike.
      Chemical Mike was a chemist that cooked and sold the best meth in the land. He was a mystery, a legend, maybe even a myth, for no one had ever seen him before. I figured he was a conglomeration of dealers  and chemists using his name as a false handle to throw off the law.
      But then he contacted me through a note and a network of people he had working for him. The note, I found in my stash of meth I kept well hidden and locked away in a safe beneath my floorboards in my closet. So immediately I was shocked when I found said note with a couple of syringes filled with what I assumed was loaded shots of different colors. The note said;
      Your burden weighs heavy my friend, but if you come to me, you shall be released!
      I know of the sin committed against you and I want to help. Bring these shots to the bus station downtown and there you will meet a man who goes by the name Hobo Joe. He is the boatman to my River Styx, if you catch my drift?
      I didn’t but I continued reading the message to myself,
      He will lead you to a car that will lead you to me after you give him these loaded shots. Do it now and be quick, for Hobo Joe leaves the bus station for the shelter at 10pm and then he’s in for the night. The sooner you get to Hobo Joe the sooner you will get to me and you shall have your revenge. 
      Destroy this note by stuffing it into the capsule that is with the shots and swallow it. Do it now. Do it quick. For you never know who may be watching.
      - Chem M
      I wasted no time, I followed his instructions and balled up the thin paper into the capsule and swallowed it, then locked up my safe, which made a hissing sound but I had no time to check it, and then I left. I didn’t go back to my house again until about a year and a half later to sell it.
      As I drove to the bus depot, some cop cars went the opposite direction, speeding and flashing their lights. It was strange because my gut was reassuring me that I had left in time. Hopefully they hadn’t spotted this Chem M who said he would help me. But I thought nothing more of it.
      I was at the bus station close to ten at night when I saw Hobo Joe outside by the trash, dressed in what looked like a cloak and robes all tattered and filthy. I could not see his face which made him look ethereal and sinister. I went to him and introduced myself. He was expecting me.
      “Payment for transit to the one who seeks you,” he said to me in a raspy voice that sounded like he had swallowed glass.
      I gave him the loaded shots within the brown paper bag to conceal them and after inspection he signaled me to follow him three blocks away where a black sedan was waiting. I turned to thank him but he had vanished already. Strange but again I didn’t think anything of it. Probably best, I thought. 
      I got into the car from the back passenger seat,  when suddenly the driver, a muscular handsome black man, pulled out a gun and said, “Hold up now, muthafucka, are you packin?”
      “N-no,” I squealed, “Chemical Mike told me to follow Hobo Joe to this car!”
      “I know that, you son of a bitch! But are you armed?”
      “No!” I groaned, “I don’t like guns!”
      The man laughed and put his piece away, “Cool.”
      “I’m—“ I began to introduce myself but he stopped me.
      “I don’t give a fuck who you are, man. I’m just your driver, that’s it.”
      “Ok,” I said quickly and located my seatbelt straps.
      “Hold on now, sucka, cuz we got one bitch of a night to drive through.”
      As I buckled my seatbelt he floored the gas and sped out, through the side streets onto the main highway then out of town, and for two hours he drove and I sat silent. 
      We stopped in the middle of the desert and then drove off road after passing a billboard that said, “SAFETY BELTS SAVE LIVES.”
      He drove me into wild country for about another hour thirty minutes and the ride was bumpy. He was flying over the sand in this pumped up sedan I thought would stall.  It we made it to what looked like a camp with tents everywhere.
      Then he stopped in front of a huge RV that looked really expensive located past what looked like a camp with tents and shanty structures. This vehicle was towards the back of the camp close to a rocky steppe that was near the mountains.
      The RV was a shiny black with extended windows and what looked like running water and electricity, it also had satellite dishes on top. It was located next to a nice big bonfire not far from the settlement we walked through. We got out of the car and I followed the driver to the bonfire nearby.
      People were fucking around the fire, men and women, hopefully of age, naked and writhing against each other. The orgy distracted me a little because the man grabbed me and said,
      “Pay attention, muthafucka!” and he brought me into the RV.
      It was so beautiful on the inside, bigger than what I expected, much larger than a bus, decked out with anything and everything the modern world had to offer. We walked into the living area where a gay porn was playing on a huge flatscreen and it was being controlled from someone sitting a huge sofa chair, facing away from where we came in so therefore it concealed whoever was sitting in it. 
      I assumed it was Chemical Mike. 
      “I am just outside that door, sucka,” the driver said while cocking his gun, “all it would take is one wrong move and your ass is iced, got it?”
      I nodded and he left me alone with the chair facing the monitor, which the monitor was around seventy inches at least. The porn flipped off and then there was a recording of me and Tyke that night! I watched as Tyke left with the Asian laughing.
      He had been spying on me! Then there were mini screens of Tyke meeting with a handsome Latin man during school, and Tyke getting fucked by him unbeknownst to them. This guy had been tracking Tyke’s pursuits. But why?
      “You truly have been had, my friend,” a voice from the chair said as it slowly turned revealing a man in his late thirties. 
      He was handsome with black hair, green eyes and olive skin, slender, with a beard unkempt and kind of scraggly but he looked well manicured otherwise. His clothes were simple, an Addidas tee-shirt with plaid shorts and orange rubber sandals, the rest of his outfit was in tones of red and brown.
      “You have me at a disadvantage it seems,” I said to him standing there. 
      “So it seems,” he said with a smile.
      Man was he fucking sexy! The more I gazed upon him, the more I liked what I was looking at. He was definitely an otter.
      “Your ex-boyfriend, our enemy, Tyke?” He started with his hands together on his lap, “has been a thorn in our side, no?”
      “I'm sorry and please forgive my indiscretion,” I asked somewhat confused, “but what has he done to you?” 
      I was hoping it wouldn’t piss him off enough to call in that armed guard he had at the door.
      “Well shit,” he said as he stood up, “I’m jumping ahead here. I suppose, first, I should introduce myself. I’m Mike.”
      “Hello Mike,” I said and offered my hand to him, to which he refrained from taking so I lowered it quickly, “Chemical Mike I presume?”
      “You presume correctly,” he said as he pulled a remote from his pocket and clicked the button on it switching the screen to Tyke working with the DEA, 
      “So, this little fuck, forgive my language, has been helping the police take down my men. He has helped the pigs sack twelve of my most successful plugs in the Palm Springs area already. I’m losing business because of this fuckhead and I want payback!”
      “Gotcha,” I said now understanding where this was headed.
      Mike walked a bit closer to me and asked, 
      “Just who does this faggot think he is? What, he thinks his shit don’t stink, and thinks that he can just waltz upon my domain and piss upon my face?”
      “I’m sorry about that,” I said to him, “I had no idea.”
      “You do know you get your stuff from me right? Mostly everyone does in the LA area. I’ve got this place on lockdown because my shit is the shit! The best!”
      “Again I had no idea.”
      “I can tell,” he said and clicked the remote again to reveal the DEA at my house! 
      “What the fuck—“ I exclaimed.
      “You’re ex here has thrown you under the NARC bus it seems…”
      “He’s found out your little secret, my product that you dabble in, and now plans to bury you and me with it.”
      I was shocked beyond comprehension. That slimy red haired fuck! They were at my house searching for drugs but as it seemed they found nothing yet.
      “Don’t worry,” Mike said, “when they find your safe full of my product, it will already be destroyed. Didn’t you hear that hissing noise?”
      I was now recalling it, “Yes but I didn’t think anything of it.”
      He smiled and started walking around the room revealing his chemistry devices he had hidden.
      “As you now realize, I am a chemist. Actually I’m the superlative of chemist. I’m the best there ever was.”
      “Wow,” I was dumbfounded.
      “I have placed a small acid bomb of my own design in your safe, which activated after you shut and locked it.”
      “How did you—“
      “I am incredibly smart, and very stealthy.”
      “Amazing,” I said. 
      I was seriously impressed and also frightened. If he could move that fast and unnoticed, what could he do to me that I hadn’t even fathomed?
      He continued, “Worry not, my friend. i won’t hurt you. And don’t worry about the safe or the product, I can reimburse you.”
      “What will this bomb do to the safe?”
      Chemical Mike smiled, “It will destroy everything within the safe and break it down the drugs to a molecular level so that the product can not be traced.”
      “And the safe?”
      “Compromised, toast, including the lock so not only will they have a wonderful time trying to get it open, but when they finally do open it, they will find a very dangerous chemical, which is my trademark for those who pry too much in my affairs. That is of course if they have a warrant to open the safe and if they find it of course.”
      “What does the chemical do?”
      Chemical Mike laughed as he concealed his chemistry sets and then said,
      “Many of these DEA fucks have lost fingers and face parts fucking with me and my clientele! If they do find this safe of yours and try to open it? Tender parts will be compromised.”
      “Will I get in trouble?”
      “Nah,” he said, waving his hand at me, “because you aren’t holding anything illegal anymore, and you have a right to set legal booby traps. My friend Nico, who does security, recommends such devices.”
      “Forgive me but I still don’t understand,” I replied, “What do I have to do with you? Why me? Why did you spy on me?”
      “Believe it or not,” Mike said walking up to me, “you are one of my favorite clients. You don’t rat my dealers out, in fact you have good rapport with them, you keep your nose clean, you’re discreet about your use, not even your backstabbing beau knew of your vice until a few months ago, to which he incorporated into his plans to leave you hapless, just so you wouldn’t have any funny ideas of payback, I imagine.”
      “That fucking prick!” I exclaimed, but Mike held his hand up.
      “However,” Mike reassured me, “he couldn’t prove that you were doing anything until he helped bust your dealers, which are MY top employees and also close friends. So you see this situation has made us strange bedfellows.”
      “What are you saying?” I was trying to get to the point here to which he said gruffly,
      “My fucking men are in county jail because of this lying manipulative red headed cunt! I want his blood! And you my dear are going to help me get it.”
      I was speechless, he kept going as he walked around me,
      “I had to wait though before I could make my move due to the delicacy of the situation. I didn’t want to get you in trouble but also I had to wait for him to strike so that I could get one of my stealthy employs to sneak the trap and the message into your abode. Plus I want to help you. I’ve been watching you for awhile, for reasons that are my own.”
      And there it was. I didn’t even need to think about it. I would help him destroy this fucking twat.
      “What do you want me to do?” I asked.
      “So you will help me bring this fucker down?” Mike asked surprisingly.
      “Why not?” I asked, “I said I would have my revenge in a year.”
      “Yes,” he said as he continued to make his revolution around me, “curious as to how you would know that or figure that in.”
      “I dunno,” I said as I peered down to my feet, “just something within me made me say it. Maybe it was my anger and pain.”
      He stopped in front of me smiling and said,
      “Or maybe I subliminally integrated that within you with some simple psychology, like playing a subliminal message in your room when you argued with him that day.”
      “Wait,” I said as I looked at him, “what?”
      He smiled and started to walk around me again, “I knew he was using you for awhile now and I couldn’t figure out why he would. You’re smart and handsome and quite a catch.”
      “A catch that caught the booty cooties, I’m infected with HIV,” I responded, “which is why he refused me and also reminds me that I must take my pill now.”
      “I would let you fuck me,” he said as he was coming around to the front of me, “but I too am hiv positive so...anyway, you’re undetectable now?”
      “Yes,” I said reaching for my meds that were in my pocket. 
      When I found them I opened the lid and was about to take a pill out and swallow it when he stopped me.
      “Listen to me for a moment,” Mike said, “what if you infected him with the virus and then helped me frame him for everything? Set his red ass up and have him put away for a long time, simultaneously freeing my employees and getting the DEA off my dick to boot? I’ll pay you, no, reward you for a job well done?”
      Immediately I was interested, “How?”
      “Simple,” he said and grabbed my meds and threw them into the garbage dispenser that was nearby which was industrial model because it ate the bottle within seconds.
      I gasped but he stopped me, “Hey now, don’t worry. After a year, and the deed is done you can start taking them again.”
      “I’ll develop a mutation that will make me resistant to my meds.”
      “Nuh uh,” he said and stuck a shot into my arm and injected the contents within immediately which made me scream,
      “Shhhhhhhh,” he said trying to calm me, “behave yourself or my man outside will blow your dome clear the fuck off your neck, boo.”
      The guy came in gun in hand and assessed the situation, “Everything cool?You want me to ice this bitch?”
      “No Franklin,” Mike said rubbing my arm, “tell ya what, take the rest of the night off. You did good, man. I got this fool.”
      Franklin looked at me then at Mike, “if you need me…”
      “Right,” Mike said smiling, “I call ya.”
      “Watch yourself, sucka!” Franklin said and then left us alone.
      “You see,” Mike said still rubbing the injection site, “gotta be cool around me, man.”
      “What the fuck did you inject me with?” I managed to whimper.
      Then Mike said,
      “My chemical masterpiece, this is my special recipe that will stop your body from developing a resistance to the drugs you’re taking for it without suppressing the virus. This one shot I gave you will last a year from this day. After a year you will need to take your meds again, that is unless I give you another shot.”
      “I’ve never heard of such a drug that is able to do that!” I exclaimed rubbing my arm.
      “No one has,” Mike said throwing the needle into the grinding dispenser, “I discovered a way to suppress the body developing a resistance while keeping it viral. I am the greatest chemist to have ever lived, ya know.”
      I was pleasantly shocked. He smiled, patted my shoulder and then walked back to his seat and clicked the monitor back to porn.
      “So,” he said as he sat down, “Mr. Giving Man, let’s be friends, what do you say?”
      I couldn’t help but smile. 
      So after we discussed the plan that I agreed to, Mike lead me outside and past the orgy and then set me up in a tent outside.
      I was to stay with the rest of his crew who were still in the midst of the orgy by the fire. He said I could join them or not but either or we started early in the morning so best get some rest.
      So I refrained from pleasure. I wanted to save my load for the bastard that ruined my life, and Mike was going to help me with that. 
      Months passed, and during this time I remained in the desert with Mike, and he worked me out hard. 
      First, he taught me chemistry. He taught me how to make meth, then he taught me the business; the best way to distribute product, then how to use it in moderation and how to administer others without missing the vein, what to do if I missed, medical procedures and prognosis and such. He taught me everything because he said,
      “It will make you far more creative when you finally faced the cocksucking bastard. Plus I like ya and want to show you the basics of my work. Just don’t start cooking it without my consent and start your own business or I will find you, are we cool on that?”
      “Yessir,” I said. 
      He gave me the look of lust, licking his lips after saying that.
      “Don’t make me punish you,” he said as we got back to my training. We flirted a lot. But he was very strict otherwise and was adamant about this plot so the flirting ended as soon as it started at times. Eventually, I learned all of the rules of the meth game. But that wasn’t all.
      Mike taught me how to use a gun, how to tie someone up, and kidnap them without leaving any traces. He taught me how to sneak quietly and silently like a spider about to pounce on its prey. 
      Then he made me lift weights and had one of his men teach me hand to hand combat. I learned everything from how to subdue someone quickly and quietly to using chemicals to stun my targets. Mike taught me about chloroform and it’s uses. 
      Basically Chemical Mike made me into his weapon, his administer, and eventually, even his lover.
      I remember the night he practically seduced me, although he blames me for the seduction. It’s neither here nor there...
      It was a week before D-day, so I had to prepare. I was doing push ups outside about ten yards from the RV and I was hot and sweaty from the workout in the desert and he came to me with some water. 
      I stopped and drank. I was hot and I felt my muscles flexing now without effort, flexing more so than they ever had, and he quietly watched me as I poured the water down my steamy hot body, and I swear, it was just to cool down. I wiped the water from my face and chest with my shirt I had on earlier and…
      “Come,” Mike said without giving me the notion of being turned on, “we have much to discuss about the week at hand.”
      I followed him into the RV and he lead me passed his living area and passed the lab where he cooked meth into the room I had never been in. 
      It was his lavish Persian like bedroom, lavish because it was adorned with fine fabrics and cushions with mirrors surrounding the room and lights of purple, red, pink, and blue making the area seductive to the sights. Marble statues of naked men were placed in areas around the bedroom. It was quite the hedonist den.
      Electronic music played in the background and a large flatscreen upon the wall played Treasure Island Media, and I recognized the scene called Primal which was one of the best scenes shot in porn ever. I was about as big as the top and he was about the size of the bottom, I noticed.
      He sat down at the table and pulled out some shots and said,
      “I am well pleased with your progress. So let’s take a few days off and just have some fun.”
      “Really?” I said to him as I sat across from him, “shouldn’t we focus on the task at hand?”
      He shot me a look of disdain and then nodded his head to the screen, 
      “You see that porn that is playing right now? I have always wanted to be fucked that way, and to my disappointments never had the chance. Now look at you. You’re about Luca Bondi’s size because of my training. So, you owe me for that killer body you now possess, do you not?”
      I smiled, “I suppose so.”
      Mike undressed to his jockstrap and his body was beautiful, no, absolutely gorgeous! He was slender but firm, wasn’t as hairy as I am, but he had tufts of it on his chest, in his groin area, and on the small of his back and of course moderately covering his ass and crack. 
      His black hair was radiant and green eyes beamed. Chemical Mike was a fine stock of male. Yeah I wanted him. To tell the truth I wanted him when I first laid eyes on him. 
      “Do you want to administer me,” he asked as he wrapped the tourniquet around his arm and then placed it downward upon his knee.
      “Are you sure,” I asked.
      “No, but,” he said, “I trust you. I want you to know that.”
      “I trust you too,” I said as I grabbed the loaded shot and went for his arm.
      I found the fat vein I needed and followed protocol, using an alcoholic swab over the injection site. Before I pierced him with the needle, I leaned in and kissed the vein and looked up at him. He was smiling.
      “Oh you’re such a Romeo aren’t ya?” He chuckled.
      Quietly, I smiled and got down to business. I positioned the bevel up with the point flush against his skin.
      “Ready,” I said in a deep masculine voice looking up at him.
      “Born ready,” he smiled, “show me what you have learned out here in the desert.”
      Without hesitation I pierced him quickly and pulled back the plunger and immediately a red silky stream flashed into the barrel, and as quickly as I pulled back, I pushed the plunger in silently as he pulled the tourniquet off. I pulled the needle out quickly and he bellowed out a huge cough. And then his rush turned him red like a rose.
      “Holy fucking Moley!” He exclaimed as he tore his jockstrap off and fell on the bed rubbing his cock which was erect and then rubbed his beautiful hairy hole which was now exposed, “I have never let anyone do that to me before!”
      “Really?” I chuckled as I ripped off my shirt and pants, “I don’t believe you.”
      “No shit!” He said, as I looked into his eyes, which were now black and shaped as saucers, “you’re the first.”
      “I’m honored,” I smiled.
      I wrapped the tourniquet around my left bicep and pumped my hand. I walked over next to him and I laid down naked on the bed next to him as I slowly injected myself. I snapped the tourniquet off before pulling out the needle so not to cause bruising and then it hit me like a fucking semi truck. I coughed so much and moaned because it was so intense and laid closer next to him and controlled my breathing. He giggled and stared at me as I got it together.
      I looked at him and he kissed me long and deep in the mouth and I gave it right back. He tasted like tina and sweat. Thank god the room was cool with air conditioning or we would have suffered heat stroke. We were both hot and sweaty as our bodies came together, wet and slippery, grinding our erections together, feeling my cock get plumper as we did.
      Suddenly he went down upon me licking my pits which were ripe from working out in the desert, then to my hard nipples which were wired to my cock, making it harder still. Then he was on my dick with his wet mouth that seemed to take the whole length down until he gagged just a bit but this wasn’t his first rodeo. He sucked dick like a fucking champion.
      “Oh fuck,” I moaned as he caramelized my cock with his saliva and started making slurping sounds taking my girth and length all the way in and out, drenching it after a few moments.
      He then stopped and got on his back and signaled me with his hands to come to him, which I did, dripping sweat along the way, reaching my face to his face as he wrapped his arms around me and I felt my cock slide like a hot dog into a bun across his perky asshole, the wrinkles of it stimulating my thick engorged shaft. We kissed long and deep as we grinded and he moaned into my mouth as my tongue thrust into his throat, and then I started sucking his mouth open, making him moan even harder into it.
      Finally it was time to fuck as I lifted my body up to view the hole I was going to fill with cock. I spit and it fell directly upon the orifice which seemed to drink it instantly, then I inserted the head of my dick into him as I watched his face open wide with a groan of instantaneous pleasure.
      “Oh goddamn,” he moaned as I forced my entire member into his hungry asshole, “fuck yes! Give me that awesome cock, you fucker!”
      So I did. I began to pound him hard as he moaned loudly and I could hear myself groaning too.
      “Oh fuck yeah,” I moaned dripping sweat upon him as he was already drenched with his own. 
      The sheets were soaked as I thrust into him again and again just like the top was doing to the bottom in the porn he had playing on a loop, it seemed, because it played the whole time I fucking pounded him. In and out I rammed his asshole which was like a warped rubber band about to snap around a tree log which was now in jackhammering rhythm.
      I fucked the hell out of him as he moaned and wailed in ecstasy, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! OH FUCK!”
      It seemed like hours passed. I fucked him that way until I fell upon him and kissed him long and deep. Then I flipped him around and got him on his stomach and drove my fucking long stump into his stretched sopping asshole which seemed to drool every time I’d pull out, with his moans being muffled by the pillows his head was buried into. 
      My calves wrapped around his calves as I entered him and left him with thrusts. I was kissing the back of his neck as my cock went in then out and back in getting deeper each time. I was fucking the noise out of him as I pumped and pumped and pumped…
      “AHHHH FUCK!” He yelled in pleasure as I growled.
      I grabbed his face and turned it towards mine and we mouthed each other, slobber running down our necks as we did. Both of us getting more and more drenched as I pumped his now opened asshole which was more like a turkey scooped out of stuffing. It was cavernous and gaping! Fuck it was hot!
      I did exactly what the top did in that scene, thrusting harder and harder, sopping wet with sweat and spit, kissing him and holding him from behind until we switched positions.
      I flipped him around again and fucked him missionary while kissing him and growling into his mouth. Hours passed and finally I was ready to seed.
      “You want it?” I growled while smiling at him looking him in the eyes.
      “Fuck yes I want it!” He smiled, “fucking give it to me, fucker!”
      I pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and I could feel my nuts vibrate as the fluid raced through my tubes and the deep thick itch that comes with fucking became more intense. It was coming and it was a lot of semen.
      “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FOOOOOOOOOOOCK!” I roared as I felt the first spill out of my dickhole. 
      I filled his clenching wet throbbing asshole with my thick load, while roaring. My balls clenched along with my asshole as I shot into his quivering hole that gulped my milk voraciously and I felt his cock shoot thick slimy loads between our stomachs and chests as he yelled in a slightly goofy voice,
      His spooge oozed in chunks out his pink dickhole as I felt his asshole clenching and throbbing, as it drank and drank and drank my load after load after load…
      After the ejaculation I lifted my torso up to view the masterpiece of sweet semen that was upon us and then I looked at him, all drenched from the sex we had just accomplishedand I felt my fluids from my face and chest falling in big drops upon him. I found chunks of his white seed slowly sliding from his stomach to his side, so I quickly lapped them up and collected all the globs and thick fluid tributaries and collected them with my hot wet tongue, swished it within my mouth and then leaned down and opened my mouth as he parted his jaw and took within his mouth the concoction of our sweat and cum, which with a smirk he gulped. I kissed him deep as his tongue danced with mine and the specimen we made together.
      I then rolled off of him all hot and sweaty and he laid next to me with his arm stretched across my soaked hair that carpeted my chest and we kissed some more before finally passing out.
      I awoke to a room that smelled of men hard at play. I enjoyed the aroma before I got up, leaving him sleep there and I went into the bathroom took a shower. He joined me a few minutes later and we kissed. I still tasted our sex in his mouth and I fucking loved it.
      “Leaving me so soon, player?” He jested, before I kissed him long and deep again.
      I unlatched from his mouth and looked him in the eyes and quietly said, 
      We kissed again which lead to more fucking in the shower. He was so good at this and he made me feel good at doing it to him. This is all I wanted from that faggot who hurt me bad. But you know, it was worth it in the end. I knew this even before my vengeance was executed.
      We played hard like that for a week but then it was time for business and we finally composed ourselves and focused on the task at hand.
      The day had come and it was time to poz Tyke. It would be a year on midnight so it had to be sooner today than later. We had got his itinerary from one of Mike’s goons who pretended to be a patient of Tyke’s. Tonight was a special night, we gathered. His wedding anniversary. The fucker had gotten married. Oh well it didn’t matter because after tonight he would probably be divorced.
      We waited outside of his office, before he suddenly got into his sports car and started driving. I followed him in the black sedan Franklin drove that night a year ago so I thought it was a fitting moment. Mike had his car bugged so we could listen in on his phone conversation with his hubby who was coming up from Mexico. 
      “Why don’t I just meet you down there?” Tyke asked on the phone.
      “Too much violence, baby,” his hubby said, “but I got a surprise for ya! Some killer dope!”
      “Fucker,” Mike exclaimed as I followed in the sedan a few cars back, “So he’s a user now! Nice! We will play that card to our advantage.”
      We listened to more,
      “But babe I want that fine brown cock in my sweet pink hole! Then I want you to slam me!”
      “Please hurry back,” the fucking faggot said.
      “Baby, I may be a few hours I gotta get past customs. Pray for me,” his Latin lover said.
      “Don’t you worry, my love,” Tyke said, “You’re driving my car, they will check the plates and see you are legitimate. So bring that huge Mexican cock to me and let’s get high!”
      “Bingo,” Mike said, “I just recorded his message. Now I’m just gonna call border patrol and send it to them with the plate number, and Mr. Jesus La Screwed is busted. I can say that because I’m part Mexican so it’s not racist.”
      “Fuck yes!” I said and kissed him, still driving without taking my eyes off of his vehicle, “Now what?”
      “My men are finishing up at his place right now, installing the safe full of dope and with a journal documenting how he set you up along with my employees. Also there’s false intel of you ex confessing that he is this Chemical Mike, and that he was using that moniker to dodge the FEDS, as well as a map to my...his RV in the desert, with the lab and everything.”
      “He doesn’t know chemistry,” I said but Mike giggled.
      “Trust me, boo,” he smiled, “you worry about infecting him and how you are going to do it. Be creative.”
      Oh I had a great idea, and Mike would love it.
      I parked a block away from where Tyke lived, which was a beautiful mansion in a gated community in Beverly Hills. He thought these walls would protect him and probably a year ago they could. But now I was a master ninja of scaling walls and I did scale them so quickly it wasn’t even a minute and I was over and in the neighborhood of stuck up posh jerks who thought their shit don’t stink.
      With the bug in his car I was able to find out where he lived on my burner phone. I made it to his house in no time, climbing up to the roof with the ropes and pulleys Mikes entourage who had installed the safe. I quietly entered his bedroom and got into the walk-in closet and closed the door. 
      I had the chloroform prepared and all that needed to happen was for him to enter the room. Like clockwork he was there undressing and preparing for his shower that he would never take, humming some Lady Gaga bullshit. He slipped off his expensive undies and headed into the bathroom, and I moved faster than I thought I could and was behind him in less than two seconds without him even guessing I was there.
      As soon as he entered the bathroom, I had him, stuffing the rag into his mouth before he knew what had happened. There wasn’t even a minute struggle. He was out like a light. Quickly I locked the bedroom door after placing him naked on the bed and then I tied him up with the rope Mike gave me. I tied him tightly to the posts and gagged him so well, he was jetting air from his nose. Then when I was all set for the show, I used the smelling salts to rouse him.
      When Tyke finally came to, he saw me already preparing the slam I was going to inject him with, and he began to scream and struggle but he was gagged and tied up so well it sounded like he was getting fucked into a pillow. No one could hear him. I chuckled as he squirmed. He had no idea what he was in for. My phone buzzed, it was a text message.
      I had just received a text from Mike telling me that his hubby was busted for dope at the border after he had sent the border patrol the conversation he had recorded earlier between Tyke, and his husband confessing to bringing dope across the border. As it turned out his hubby was also a chemist and he had recipes for some good ammonia dope, and had labs in Mexico. Mike figured out that was the reason Tyke has been helping the DEA, for his husband’s dope business to prosper by knocking down the top competitor. 
      What a sneaky fuck, but also, what a stroke of fucking luck. I texted him back.
      “You ready? The show is about to begin.”
      “FUCK YES.” He texted back and so I switched to the video app pressed record and placed it on the night table directly in front of Tyke who was tied up and gagged, spread eagle upon the bed. 
      I knew I had a couple of hours before the DEA would be coming for Tyke, so I took my time and savored the moment. His legs were as I said, spread eagle and he was naked and squirming and gasping within the gag, his eyes wide open in fear. And so I began,
      “No one can hear you. No one can save you either. You’re hubby was busted for dope at the border after a friend of mine sent your cute phone conversation that you had earlier with him to border patrol. The DEA will be here to arrest you, along with him, in oh I would guess in about two to three hours after they get the evidence they need for a search warrant. Too bad for you my friends and I have planted within your closet a safe, containing several pounds of killer dope and a record of you claiming to be this Chemical Mike fellow you so eagerly tried to bring down with me. So it looks like you and your man are fucked! Well you live and learn…don’t we?”
      I stressed that last part by getting in his face about it, to which he flinched, the little bitch. I could tell he recognized the words echoing back at him because now he was really struggling but I had him tied so tight he could barely move. I continued with my speech,
      “Do you recall the last fucking thing I said to your ass? Hmm?”
      He began to cry but I continued, “Well allow me to remind you; I said, and I quote; mark me boy, you will suffer what I have suffered in one year. Tonight at midnight will from the day I planned this whole moment for what you did to me, you fucking cunt! Oh you fucked me royal and tried to ruin my life.”
      I spit into his face, and he shot a look of anger at me, which made me smile. So I waved the loaded syringe up to his face,
      “This will be your doom, my love, payback. My last gift to you.”
      I injected it into my vein and pulled a good amount of blood out of my arm and removed the needle. As I flicked the barrel mixing my blood with the dope within, I said calmly,
      “I must confess… um...well I...stopped taking my meds so...I am extremely viral now. My viral load is at four million, but happy to say my CD4 isn’t affected. However this dose I’m about to shoot into your dick, well it’s ah ... absolutely certain to infect you, especially intravenously, and with a good amount of dope so the cops … um can find some corroboration with the set up…so if you’ll just be still...”
      That is when he tried his damndest to escape but I had him so secure I could slam him with ease into his dick if I wanted, and I wanted to.
      He cried as I hovered the syringe over his cock and he was starting to wiggle too much so finally I grabbed him by the balls and my strength overcame him now with ease, unlike last time. He kept squirming from the pain of my hand crushing his nuts, so finally I barked,
      “You fucking move and I’ll break this goddamn needle into your dick and leave your ass here, all tied up mind you, to bleed to death, you fucking pathetic piece of shit. I fucking guarantee you will be in immense pain, in the dark, alone! Got it? Is that what you want you fucking faggot prick?”
      He began to sob, which was music to my ears so I yelled some more, “Do not fucking move, you piece of donkey shit!”
      He stopped and froze with his wet eyes wide open about to burst a vein so I kept going with my dialogue,
      “Now, I have discovered that,” I said as I inserted the needle into the main vein of his cock and pulled back the plunger observing his blood mix with mine and the drug within the syringe, “you have acquired a taste for this lovely dope,” 
      He looked down and begged for me through the gag not to inject but it was too late, I pushed it quickly into him and the rush hit him so fast he puked. I could tell because some of it ran down the sides of his sealed mouth to which he almost choked but swallowed it up like the good fucking bitch he was.
      “Ah, what a good little fucking dope slut you are,” 
      I chuckled as the tears ran down his face. 
      His eyes staring upward, shaped like saucers gazing into the abyss. That’s when I went into the bathroom and came back out with a toothbrush I found, a nice Sonicare mechanical toothbrush that I had bought him for his last birthday, which I turned on.
      “Hey this is the same on I bought for you! You did like my gifts!” I exclaimed with joy, “Do you mind if I borrow this? Don’t worry you can have it back, I’m not even gonna use it on myself, I promise.”
      He stared at me high as fuck but with hatred in his eyes, with the look as I could tell that said, “you won’t get away with this,”
      I didn’t like that look much. It made him look ugly. So I said very carefully so that he could understand me clearly,
      “Wipe that fucking disgusting look off your mug, boy, or I’ll knock it the fuck off with my paws, understand?”
      Sigh, he didn’t understand, so...well, I clocked him hard breaking his nose. He squealed but no sound came out as more tears and blood started to form. But that faggot still shot me that goddamn look. So then I had to warn him again,
      “Do you want another knuckle sandwich, you stupid fucking faggot?”
      He shook his head and stared up at the ceiling as the blood and tears ran down his face.
      “That’s what I thought, you fucking pussy,” I chuckled as I turned on the toothbrush, “Now, since you like to talk shit I am gonna assume that you talk out of your ass, boy. So let me be a friend and brush the shit stank mouth you like to flap, like when you kicked me to the ground that one time…”
      So then I went to his hole with the toothbrush and stuck it in deep and turned the dial on it to max speed. He was screaming of course but with it muffled, I continued to speak over him, 
      “Say, where’s your little Asian friend? Did you dog him too in the end? Well doesn’t matter, he didn’t do anything to me, did he? I’m sure he was a victim of circumstance ignorant of your designs. That’s what you call it right? When you plan to fuck someone over? Designs!?”
      I grinder the toothbrush on both sides of the cavity as he squirmed in pain. I kept on talking like nothing was going on,
      “Well, my friends and I will find him anyway I’m sure ...anyway…. I just want you to know the real reason I am brushing the inside of your asshole now is so that when I fuck you, my virus will definitely get into your wrecked asshole, into your fresh wounds made by said toothbrush, and into blood stream, you know, in case the syringe didn’t work…”
      I shoved the vibrating toothbrush around his asshole violently. I stirred it around and around. He squirmed and moaned and cried harder as I vigorously brushed the inside of his delicate rectum tearing up the fine flesh within, making him bleed profusely. 
      After a few moments, I ripped it out of him, which sprayed a little blood, and walked back into the bathroom and threw the bloody thing into his expensive toilet and flushed it along with the syringe. The toilet was a monster! Took it all down.
      I walked back into the room, and marveled at my work; he looked like he’d been fucked with a razor blade, all sweaty and strung out, quivering in fear. Fuck I loved every minute of this.
      “Ok boy,” I said then I pulled down my pants, “time for you to pay a large debt that you have owed me for a fuck ton of time. Just hold on a sec I wanna get high too…”
      I looked down and saw that my dick was limp but I fixed that with a caverject shot I had administered which got me so hard I could chizzle fuck a sculpture out of a lead block. 
      Then I shot some meth up my vein in my cock which made my dick bleed a bit. I slightly scratched the surface of my hard cock with the bevel after I pulled it out just to make sure I had some blood flowing. Yeah, then I was ready to fuck this cunt good and proper.
      “Alrighty,” I said with a smile, “here we go!”
      I came over to him and lifted his hips up to my cock, which he tried to squirm one last time but I was too strong now. 
      “Sucks being subdued doesn’t it you red headed prick!” I exclaimed before I thrust my bloody gargantuan cock to the hilt inside of his blood soaked hole. 
      Now that hurt him so good, he began to sob and quake with pain. Oh it felt so fucking wet, and he was even trying to twist and clinch which only made it worse for him. Dumbfuck.
      “Now bitch,” I said as I pumped him hard, tearing up his bloody guts as I listened to his sweet wails from his gagged that muffled into silent screams, “WHO...is you’re fucking daddy!”
      I pumped him harder and harder and finally he gave in. He actually started to moan in pleasure. I was pleased,
      “That’s right, you fucking little cunt,” I said as I was about to cum, “you LET me do this to you.”
      And sure enough the struggle became a grind as he welcomed my cock. Fucking finally! About fucking time after all of these years of leading me on, making me wait, deceiving me into thinking he would give it to me, and now he was giving it to me. 
      “Whose the gross infected disgusting one now, you fucking little mouthy CUNT!”
      I pumped him so hard but he took it like a man. I was impressed. He was even looking me in the eyes as I stared back at him, pumping him with one infecting load after another. It was almost romantic.
      “You see baby,” I said to him as I pumped, “once you accept your fate, and give in, it feels so nice doesn’t it? Doesn’t my thick hard bloody dick pumping your sipping wet asshole feel sooooooo fucking nice?”
      I pumped him harder and harder and harder, and I was going to spray. Then I did, all up inside his bloody rectum, probably even shit all the way up the canal to his stomach. He threw up again to which he could do nothing about it but swallow it back.
      I kept fucking him until I came again, and again….and again. Until I started to get bored which was perfect timing because the cops would be there soon, but just to make sure, I pumped him one last time.
      “This is all you had to do,” I said as I came for the fifth time, “was...let...me..AHHHHHHH!”
      My viral milk coated his bloody rectum and he came with me, moaning and I could see in his eyes that he fucking loved it.
      I roared as I pumped the last of my toxic load onto his wet bloody asshole. 
      I looked down upon his sweaty, bloody body and marveled at my work yet again. I saw that he was truly sorry for what he had done. He looked so fucking destroyed, I almost felt sorry for him but...it was done. 
      The look on his face as I fell on top of him and kissed his neck. He nuzzled his head to mine and I knew then he loved it. This is what he longed for, but he thought only others could give. I could read that from the fucking regret written all over his face beneath the blood, sweat, and tears.  
      Alas, as I said, it was too late. 
      Now I despised him and wanted nothing more of him after I finished. I pulled out of him and stood up looking down and I couldn’t help but begin to chuckle as he cried. 
      So I wiped my dick off with his expensive underwear and pulled out the chloroform and doused the bloody undies with it. I removed his gagged to which he bawled like a fucking child.
      “I wronged you,” he sobbed, “forgive me…”
      “You don’t really think I would believe that would you? That you’re sorry? And even so why would I fucking forgive you?”
      “You were good to me, I should have given myself to you…”
      “Yep,” I said as I was about to knock him out.
      “I will regret what I did all the days of my life,” he cried,
      “Well my boy,” I finally said, “Whatever makes you sleep at night.”
      I shoved the undies into his mouth and he passed out. I turned the recorder off and sent it to Mike. Then I started to clean everything up and made the scene look like this was all consensual on Tyke’s part and that he had let a mysterious lover in to fuck him bounded. 
      I untied him a bit and made it look like he was bounded but loosely and that a secret lover had come in to fuck him. I was wearing black latex gloves the whole time so I didn’t have to worry about fingerprints. 
      Then I kissed his forehead and said to him, 
      “So, my boy, we live and learn.”
      He was passed out but I kept talking to his wannabe dead ass, 
      “We live and we learn, don’t we Tyke? Well I’m glad that we had this moment, I’m sure we will remember it always the two of us.”
      I pulled up my pants and give him one last kiss then said,  
      “Well, goodbye, my love. May winged demons carry you to Hell, where your infected ass belongs, fucking faggot!”
      I slugged him one more time in the face almost breaking his nose off, and then finally... I was done with him. Forever. 
      I flushed the rest of any evidence of my presence in the room and quickly escaped bringing with me the ropes and pulleys used to get up to his bedroom from outside. 
      By the time I had scaled the gate and got into the car and drove off with Mike, the police were headed the opposite direction to Tyke’s house and the rest is history. Tyke has been properly fucked by me, and I finally found peace.
      “WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!” Mike screamed outside of the car as I drove it out of the area. 
      He then leaned over to me and said, “pull over, you fucking brilliant mind you!”
      I did and he kissed me long and hard and I reciprocated. He felt my dick that was still hard from the injection and marveled,
      “Oh we got to put this to good use!” He exclaimed.
      “Whatever you want,” I said to him and we kissed some more before I started driving again.
      Mike laughed and said,
      “Oh sexy man, you’re a goddamn genius! Well done on that video you sent! My favorite part was whatever makes you sleep at night, and then you knocked his pink ass out! Fucking awesome! I will cherish it always.”
      “You won’t show anyone,” I said to him, “please?”
      He shot me that look of annoyance, “who the fuck do you think I am? Your ex?”
      We both laughed as I drove down the road, further away from the aftermath behind us.
      Mike and I celebrated when we got to a nearby luxury hotel. I disposed of the clothes I was wearing which were black threads made of polyester, hard for forensics to detect. The only thing that concerned me was when they would do a rape kit on him to which Mike said,
      “You know this stuff I’m about to pump into your arm to keep your body from resisting your meds? It’s also designed to erase any traces of human dna. In fact…”
      He said as he injected me and then put his lips up to mine, “when they do the rape kit and gather the dna, it will be donkey dna.”
      “No fucking—“ and he kissed me. 
      Mike was a genius, I believed him after that. We made love all night to celebrate. He made me take a shower beforehand of course. 
      “As much as it appeals to me that fuckers blood is used as our lube,” Mike said, “being a victim of rape myself, I can’t bear to do so.”
      “You were raped,” I asked as I dried off and laid next to him, naked, as he wrapped the tourniquet around my flexed bicep.
      “Yes unfortunately,” he said as he stuck the needle into my arm and injected me, “but no more bad stories. Not now, for tonight we celebrate victory and for all the days to come after…”
      “Fuck yes, anything you—-,” I said as the rush kicked me in the balls.
      After Mike had his shot and rush, then we fucked, all night. And just like Luca Bondi and John Dahl, the porn actors in that Primal scene, we fucked in that fashion and it was epic. A perfect end to a perfect revenge story.———————-
      Tyke and his husband were arrested and Mike’s loyal employees were released and back on his payroll. The DEA found a safe in the closet but they also found another safe unknown to us, located under the expensive toilet in the bathroom, packed full of, not only product, but of child porn Tyke’s husband brought in from Mexico. Needless to say Tyke’s death warrant was signed. 
      The last thing I ever heard about the whole ordeal, was during the investigation, when Tyke was asked if he was raped he said, “no, someone I owed a debt came and I paid it. I have no regrets about it.”
      Tyke went to federal prison, with his husband. The guy ended up divorcing him for the debt speech. Then after that, both of them were never heard from again.
      The Asian, who was with Tyke when he dogged me, Mike located. He sent me the guys eyeball with a note that said, “payment for your brilliant work.” 
      I was a little grossed out but I had been through so much it didn’t bother me for long. I buried it in the backyard before I sold my house. Then I moved to LA, in fact, I moved to the house Tyke and his ex husband use to own. The room where I raped him, I left vacant. That room I visit once a year on the date of the incident. Call me sick but, I need to remember so it doesn’t happen again.
      I saw Mike again a month later and I thanked him for the eye to which he said, “the fucker is still alive but he doesn’t know what or why the deed was done. He’s in a crazy house. It’s what he gets for fucking with my best client.”
      Mike and I didn’t stay together long after that. I wanted to, but he said,
      “I don’t date, I’ve had enough of that for a lifetime. But call upon me anytime and I will be there.”
      So after that conversation, we fucked a few times, but then Mike disappeared. 
      So after a year or two, I went back to my normal life except now I poz those who want it. I dunno it’s hot having that kind of power, and I’m not sorry. I met a handsome guy from pozzing him and we’ve been together since.
      I did end up getting married to the fine gentleman who parties hard yet responsibly. I tried to get ahold of Chemical Mike, but he responded with a kiss emoticon and said, “you have found your man, be happy and love hard.”
      How the fuck did he know so much. Still it made me feel good to know he was watching from somewhere.
      I never heard from him after that. Though I cannot help but wonder whatever happened to my good comrade, Chemical Mike; the world’s greatest chemist?
    • By bbbugfkrme
      I'm becoming such a slut. Last Sunday. At the Treasure Chest in Portland. A beautiful young African man. Probably late 20's. Long hard bone. Curved and cut. He was fit and tall. He barely acknowledged me. I was just a mouth. That was fine with me. I worked that shaft, the head, and stroked while I slid that cock in and out of my throat. His quiet moans let me know he was getting what he needed. His pre-cum was sweet and his cock was slick and shining. It wasn't long before he moaned deeply, gently pulled my head down onto his cock and unloaded directly into my throat. It was amazing feeling that cock pulse and shoot wad after wad of jizz into my gullet.  He pulled out and I licked the last drops off the head before he slid that softening cock back into his pants and stepped out. Fuck. I love being a hole for cock.
    • By CMike1980
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