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Giving in to lust and sleaziness at the sauna


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Paul is a bearded mature top, somewhat hairy and with a noticeable covid-19 belly.

He is a natural hunter and can be insatiable when the sexual needs call. No sex in weeks had him feeling very frisky and he decided to hit the sauna.



It does not visit it often but when he does, he likes to take his time, arouse by its sleazy atmosphere. He likes to walk around watching other men engaging in public hot action and finds pleasure observing the different chase and flirting dynamics that happen in there. The smells, the dark corners, the glory holes,...

It was Thursday evening and it was not busy yet at the sauna. Paul was walking around, exploring before choosing his first prey. On one of this walks through a corridor, he finally saw something that caught his attention. A sexy stud, around 22 years old, coming his way. Muscular smooth body,  friendly face, beautiful smile...


"Wow! Look at this candy right here" thinks Paul. "He looks like a soldier or a fireman".

The young man walked confidently passing by his side without even giving him a look. But that was not a deterrent for Paul's libido, that was already beginning to take control of him.
He just came from that direction and knew that the corridor ended in a dark room with a sling in it, The room was empty at the moment though, so he stayed put waiting for him to return through the corridor. 


But after a couple of minutes waiting, it was clear that this hot fella was confortable waiting alone in the dark room so Paul decided to come in as well.
It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the darker space but he found the young man exactly where he was wishing to find him.  Lying on the sling with his legs up. He was delighted observing the view. It was a well rounded ass with some blondish bush of hair around the hole.  "Uffff"

- "Hi, good evening" said Paul friendly, approaching him slowly while the boy lifted his head to check on his visitor.

- "Hey,.. good evening..... all good?" answered back.

- "Oh sure, very good right now. I have not seen you here before but you look gorgeous. What's your name?" asked Paul. He was already standing close to his offering ass.

- "Well, thank you. I'm Johnny. I' rarely come here, actually." The young man smile but his tone of voice was cold.

- "Then I'm lucky that you decided to come today!". Paul then removed his towel letting his cock free. It was not hard yet but even then his size was considerable. He moved closer to him, getting his penis touching his buttchecks.



- "Mmmm.... no... sorry" said Johnny rejecting his approach.

- "No? why not? You don't want to get fucked?" asked Paul, not stepping back and now actively rubbing his penis around his hole teasing him.

- "I don't.... you are not... I look for something else." he struggled to answer.

- "Something else.... In what way?"

- "Well, I'm sorry but I like younger men..... and I'm not much attracted to beards either to be honest. And certainly not like this, no unsafe sex with a stranger".

- "Okay, okay. Clearly not a match. Message received. I won't bother you any longer" said Paul while leaving the room with certain disappointment.

He continued with his search and found 2 other men that gave him proper blowjobs. But he did not manage to cum. He wanted a long fuck session that night and a blowjob would just not do it. He was also still thinking of Johnny and his lustful body, so 40 minutes after his first visit, he decided to check the sling room again.

Johny was still laying on the sling. A few guys had entered the room in the meantime but already left and none had fucked him yet so he started to feel frustrated.

- "How is it going?". It took a moment for Johny to link the voice to his owner.

- "Oh... you. hey. Well... It's not my night, it seems. And this place seems less busy than before. But it's okay, I will be leaving soon"

- "Yes, it is sort of empty. But it gets quite busy around 00:00 at night, when the bars start closing. And tomorrow is free day for most people, so I'm sure you can get then lots of attention." Answered Paul. He then started approaching him again. He wanted to see that body much closer.

- "Oh, did not know that. I start working in a couple of hours, so I can never stay that late."

- "I see. Are you sure then that you don't want me to please you with this so you don't leave empty handed" said the bear while grabbing his cock, that was getting thicker by the chat.

- "Look. I'm trying to be polite here. Yes, I'll admit you have a nice cock but still I dont think that we play in the same league. I rather go home "empty handed" than having sex with you. Not a chance". His words were harsh but his tone was now complete different. Sarcastic. Playful. Paul noticed a possible opening.

- "Well, you are a bit cocky but It's undeniable that you are incredibly atrractive. You play indeed in another league and I'm sure you are very popular among men. I must say though that I have many more years of experience and I have been rejected many times before. What the time has taught me is that it only takes a certain amount of subtances to make horny bottoms like you change their mind."

- Subtances? You mean alcohol or weed? I've done stupid things while drunk but I really doubt I would give in even then. I'd let you try it though." said Johnny while laughing loudly. He was much more relaxed with Paul's presence by now.

- "Okay! Let me try it then. But I was not thinking of alcohol. It's a horny powder called Tina. I have some in my locker and I could put a bit in your ass, if you like."

- "Tina? It does not ring a bell. It's like extasy? I've heard from friends that it can get you quite horny."

- "Yes... well.... it's actually different but still quite hot."

- "Mmmmmn.... I don't know... I've been always curious to try stuff but not like this... I wouldn't give you sex in exchange."

- I offer it to you without any compromise. Try it and if you still don't want me, I'll be the one leaving the place. Deal? Or are you scared of falling for me?" teased Paul sarcastically.

- "Im not scared of anything! Just bring the damn thing and let's see. It seems there is not much else to do in this quiet place anyway."

- "Great!! Please, lube your ass a bit while I pick it up". He then left the room but came back within a minute, carrying a little plastic bag, filled up with crystal shards.


- "Okay. I'll put a bit of it in you. It may sting a bit, alright?" warned Paul. He then licked his finger and shoved it deep in the bag. It came out with crystals attached to it. It was way more quantity than he expected to use but he shove the finger in his lubed hole anyway.  "It's a young strong boy, it will be fine". The finger slid in the hole with easiness. He then rubbed it through his inside wall. Then took it out and rubbed it also around the anus.

Paul's cock was fully hard by now and sleazy thoughts started to rush in: "You are mine now, boy. This is is gonna be a very horny night"


(To be continued)

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Awesome start, love when guys give me a booty bump at the baths, even better a stealth bump. Turns me into a complete slut, I love it.

I'm sure Johnny is going to be turned into a complete slut and have the best night of his life. Turn him into a Tina whore.


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[PART 2]


Johny's first reaction to the booty bump did not take long:

- "What the fuck, man? It burns! it's burning my hole!"

- "Relax. It does burn a bit, true. But only for a short time. Believe me." Paul tried to calm him down.

- "I hope so, cause this is not cool. Also, I do not feel hornier at all."

- "Well, it is not like poppers. It will take a while to run into your body. I'll go have a drink at the bar and will come back in 15 minutes".

- "As far as I am aware, you can as well not come back at all". Answered Johny in a nasty tone.

Paul walked to the lockers. He grabbed a Kamagra pill and head to the bar. It was not everyday that he managed to get such a hot man and he was willing to dedicate him his whole night. There was a huge football match happening in town and a 3 day weekend was ahead, so he knew the sauna would be quite busy, meaning things could get really raunchy. Just what he needed that night.


After having a beer, he headed back one more time to the sling room. He found Johnny already in a very different mood. He was playing with his cock while pinching one of his nipples.

- "So, how are you feeling". Asked Paul, while he approached the sling.

- "I.... I don't know...".

- "You don't know? It seems to me like you are already having a good time". Answered Paul, while he started pinching his other nipple.

- "My head is buzzing... i'm having horny ideas... and I feel heat in..."

- "In here?" interrupted Paul, and he started fingering the boy's ass. It was still lubed and indeed quite warm.


- "Hmmmmm." moaned Johny. "ufff.... i love that. It feels nice".

- "It does. Isn't it?" smiled Paul. Seeing that boy giving in to the Tina was giving him a total hardon. His cock was now much thicker and shone with precum. Johny had already noticed and could not take his eyes off of that dick.

- "Do you still want me to leave, boy?"

- "No. No, no.... please. Stay. You were right.. this stuff does work...  put a condon on and fuck me. I really want it." He surprised himself when he realized what he just said.

- "Not yet, boy. You've played hard to get and now it's my turn to play too. I'll tease your hole." Paul took out his finger and instead he started rubbing his leaking cock around the boy's hole. With some small pushes testing its resistance. "I don't need to ask you if you like this. Your cock is giving you away". Said Paul with a devilish smile.



Johnny knew it was undeniable. He was totally hard, so there was no room for bluffing. Every minute that passed he was feeling more defenseless, and that cock was driving him crazy with that rythmic movement.... until he felt it trying to enter inside him.

- "Hey! Do not put it in. I told you to..."

- "I did not push it in. It's your ass that is getting looser. It is opening to receive my cock"

Johhny quickly realized it was true. Every time he would shortly lower his guard and stop tightening his anus, the cock would go a bit deeper. Paul had no rush, he knew the time was on his side. And In a slow but unstopable process, Johny could only accept inch by inch that bare cock going all the way in.

- "Hmmmm that's it baby. Your hole feels amazing!" said Paul when he noticed that his cock was fully in. The haunter was satisfied. The prey was caugth and It was time to devour it.

- "I still think we should do it safe..." said Johnny with very low conviction at this point.

- "I'm afraid that boat has already sailed. I do not use condoms anyway. Men are meant to fuck raw. Don't tell me it does not feel better, slut?"


- "Slut?" That name caught him off guard, but he did not react on it. He could only confess his feelings at this point: - "Yes.... I fucking love it. Don't stop".

The thick cock from Paul was finally settled in and he started fucking him at a slow rythm. "We have all night" thought for himself. The hole was feeling tight and did not want to spoil the fun so quickly by cumming accidentally.
Johnny started moaning loudly out of pure pleasure. He was not even touching his cock anymore but mainly playing with his nipples. His thoughts were running wild "It's true... Im feeling so slutty! I did not expect this at all. And yet it feels so good. It feels so right. God, I'm losing myself!  What am I doing? "

(To be continued)

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Fucking HOT, Alexxx! This story is right up my alley. I can just imagine myself as Johnny (though not as mean or bitchy). I'd love to try my first booty bump like this. I LOVE the addition of photos in your story...they increase the heat. I'm so hard and horny for more. Can't wait to hear how good your fuck feels and the moment that you unleash your torrent of sperm into Johnny. I hope it's a hot and verbal fuck, and breeding. I know I'd be telling you how good your cock feels...and how badly I would want your seed planted deeply in me.


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On 10/10/2022 at 1:10 PM, BBDreamer said:

Fucking HOT, Alexxx! This story is right up my alley. I can just imagine myself as Johnny (though not as mean or bitchy). I'd love to try my first booty bump like this. I LOVE the addition of photos in your story...they increase the heat. I'm so hard and horny for more. Can't wait to hear how good your fuck feels and the moment that you unleash your torrent of sperm into Johnny. I hope it's a hot and verbal fuck, and breeding. I know I'd be telling you how good your cock feels...and how badly I would want your seed planted deeply in me.


Love this pic. If my wrists aren't restrained while I'm in the sling, they automatically either go around the top's waist as I try to get him deeper inside me, they're running up and down my top's body, they're pulling and twisting someone's nipples, or they are extended and waiting for another slam. They NEVER go to my own cock (and I tend to forget that I have one, unless my top wants to suck my parTied up T-dick.

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While Paul's thick cock was thrusting into his hole, Johhny was going through an existential crisis. He held the safe sex rule for years as a dogma, that he only broke for a boyfriend he had at highscool. And in a few minutes this nasty guy has shattered it to pieces.
The tingling sensation was travelling his whole body by now, making him feeling ecstatic and horny beyond anything he had experienced before. "This motherfucker drugged me to take advantage of me. He knew this would happen!  But if I am aware of it... why am I not stopping it? why does it feel so right?" 

All his moaning did not go unnoticed. After a while being fucked, Johnny opened his eyes and he saw another figure in the room.
"How long has he been there?". It was a young blond guy that came lure by the noises.. Athletic but not too tall, with a tatoo on his chest. He has snorting poppers and playing with his cock while watching the scene from a certain distance.
Since that moment, Johnny could not take his eyes of him. He had experienced the pleasure of being watched while being fucked at the sling in the past, but this time it was hitting  in a different way. He was feeling really sleazy and was dying to suck that cock. The intense staring apparently worked as the newcomer decided to move closer to them. He started pinching his nipple, freeing Johnny's hand that went directly to take care of the new cock. "Niiiice" he said looking a Paul and taking another hit of poppers. Both smiled at each other.

Paul was in heaven fucking that hole. So nice that he was struggling to maintain a rythm that would not make him cum so rapidly. No, he has decided that he would dedicate that boy the whole night. There was plenty of time ahead and the Kamagra would ensure him hours of enjoyment for his hard cock. And things were only getting better for him. Yes, he loved inducing drugs on young men to have it his way, but what he loved the most was seeing them used by other men. So having an extra guest was more than welcome.

The three of them continued at it for a while. Johnny had unsuccesfully tried to suck his cock a few times because the sling was too high. His mouth was filled instead with the visitor's tongue that he willingly received. From there, the young mouth slowly travelled to his nipples, abs, and finally his erected cock. He had neglected his cock till that very moment and felt an electric shock when he felt those lips wrapping around it. His cock sensitivy was completely enhanced and the blowjob was driving him crazy. Both the feeling of the bare cock fucking his hole and that mouth going up and down on his shaft quickly became too much to handle. "oh fuck!  i'm going to cum. I'm cumming" he moaned. The 3 paused for a moment . A big cum load came out like a fountain over his chest, neck and face.

- "wow, that is some load, man". The 3 of them laughed. 

- "Now, it's my turn" said the tatooed boy. His attention went then to Johnny's ass where he moved his hand only to find Paul's cock still deep buried in it. Feeling that cock going in and out was getting him completely horned up.

He was touching Paul's dick checking for a possible condom rim. As if Paul had guessed his intentions, he took his cock out to allow a full inspection. "Hmmmmm. raw" said after confirming it. Both tops smiled; nothing more needed to be discussed. Paul took the poppers and moved away, giving him access to the slut, who was still recovering from the orgasm.


The young man rapidly placed his bare cock on Johnny's hole. But he did not found it welcoming as he expected but really tight instead. Having shot his load, Johnny's horniness had decreased and he was experiencing a temporary spike of common sense and dignity.
Not giving up, the young man went on his knees to rim Johnny's ass in an attempt to getting him compliant again.

Johnny looked at Paul almost as if he was asking for help to get out of that situation. The sheep begging to the wolf. Paul leaned over Johnny's head and whispered on his ear:

- "Relax boy... You are doing it very well. Don't spoil the fun now"


- "sshhhh" Paul silenced him. "No buts. Don't fight your desires. You know you want it. You know it feels good. Just let it happen, my slut".  The tone was calm but dominant. 

That was the very moment where Johnny finally gave up. The little control he had regained was gone. The sleaziness engulfed him completely and he let his ass loose again feeling a tongue rushing in inmediately.

- "Take some of this. It will help you take the right decision." concluded Paul placing the poppers bottle under his nose. 4 hits of poppers later he was ready for more bare cock, that entered him without any resistance.

The hard fuck continued rythmically for a little while. Paul was having a great time encouraging him: "That's it fucking whore! Let that anon raw cock fuck you. You know you love it!". Those words were fuel in Johnny's head. It was true. He was loving every bit of it.

Not long after, the top's breathing started changing. "Are you coming already?" asked Paul amused by it. "Fuck, yes! This ass feels so nice. I cannot hold it". 

- "Don't. Just inside him. Breed it."

And so he did. He shot a big load inside Johnny's ass.
He pulled his cock out after a minute. Gave him a pat on the buttocks, "thank you" and left the room.


Paul looked at Jonny with a smirky smile: "So?

- "So??  Oh my god. What have you done to me? I have let him cum inside me" answered Johnny.

- "That is where a macho's cum belongs. Don't deny now that you were dying to get it."

- "I... I was. It's true. I dont know why. Im filled with sleazy thoughts. Those drugs you gave me are messing me up"

- "Yes, they do. But they only work when they bind to your real desires"

- "what do you mean?"

- "If you did not have those ideas, the drug does would not have the same effect. Have you even fantasized being used by strangers?"

- "Of course, all the time! But it just a fantasy."

-"Well, not anymore. Tonight you going to make it real. Being available to anon cocks.

- "Tonight? what time is it?"

- "Its already 23.15"

- "what? fuck! I am already late for work!. I lost track of time. How long does this effect last?"

"No, no. You can forget about work tonight. You are on this ride for at least the next 4-5 hours"

Panic rushed in "I cannot miss work like this. Ill get in big trouble. I should at least call..." 

"shhhhh" silenced him again. "Quiet boy. It's all good" said to calm him. "It's too late to change that now. Relax.  Focus on the now. Look at yourself, your ass is oozing cum from who knows who. Soon this place will be packed. What then?"

- "I cannot move. Still feeling very horny."

-"Yes, you will be craving cocks all night. I'll see you totally perverted " said fingering his asshole. 

- "Ohhh..." moaned Johnny. "Please...."

Paul grinned. "Do you like the idea of being used and bred by everybody. Please... what?"

- "Please, sir... " repeated Johnny grabbing Paul's cock and bringing it back close to his ass.


- "oh, that is what you want." grinned again. He loved seeing him so desperate. "I want to hear you saying it slut."

- "Please, I want cocks inside me". He started feeling a tremendous urge.

- "Are you my bare slut?" he started rubbing his cock slightly in.

- "Yes, sir! "

- "Say it!"

- "I'm your bareback slut! Please, fuck me. Make me a complete whore!"

- "That's what I like to hear." said as he rammed his cock in one more time


[To be continued]


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