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  2. I have always been a bitch and certainly consider myself as one, but I also definately fit into the catagory of fag and also slave. as both I fit in as well. I would say im all of those put into one and fit very well in all three catagories.
  3. wickr: pupYOSSARIAN Taboo chat (maybe content) about boys and older encounters (incest, perv., pagan, bugchasing)
  4. As a life-long fag, I have had my fair share of infections. Gono and Syph have visited a number of times over the years. Anal warts, herpes and chlamydia showed up as well. Until recently the drill was to address them as soon as something made it's presence known. No doubt Gono was the most frequent visitor.....and my local clinic provided near countless treatments and the accompanying lectures. I got the "big one" last year as I tested HIV+ early in May of '18. I had stopped PrEP and was expecting that result at some point, but as it ended up was infected by the first post-PrEP session I enjoyed. A one and done chase so to speak. I have not taken any meds since converting. Additionally, about 6 months after becoming POZ, I was also diagnosed as having HepC. No real symptoms, but dude who likely planted that bug told me he had recently tested for HepC and was infected. No doubt his great dick, huge PA and frenum ladder piercing provided access to my compromised immune system. No meds there yet either. Just two weeks ago, I had GONO planted in three locations......throat, ass and dick. Normally, I have had no real issues with Gono......but this round is trying to kick my ass. I have been trying to avoid treatment. Would love to find a syph dude as well. Would love to experience what having the entire "set" would be like. Anyhow, all of the STD/STI choices provide unique experiences. So far, it has been quite interesting learning, feeling and dealing with each one. The STD adventure has been one of the very exciting parts of my queer existence. Sharing, spreading, experiencing and harboring each of these bugs is a key element of my homo soul.
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  6. A couple of months back I had quite a few fucks in fairly quick succession in a busy bath house when it became obvious what I wanted, was super hot. Had the most discomfort (if you would call it that) with the first guy who was fairly big but the rest were a breeze. But guys kept fingering me or trying to force their hands up my sloppy arse. I could feel their fingernails like barbed wire so pushed their hands away and just said no fingers please, only cocks. But the next cock I took felt fine with no pain, even though I knew my arse was super sensitive after a few fucks and then some more cocks later. I suppose just a combination of making sure you keep some lube handy but plenty of cum usually does the trick. Just try not to let guys lick and suck out your anal creampie as it only dries out that area. I think the trick for a long session is to be well prepared by getting a few fucks over the preceeding days so that you're well loosened up and you get those arse muscles well exercised 😉 Ended up staying all afternoon and until late night, most loads i've ever taken in one session although the total load count was over 11 hours.
  7. Bitch, then fag. Slave and object are automatically included in either of those.
  8. Yes, you gave him the right to take you by force when you entered his door. Withdrawing consent before he's done is despicable behavior for a faggot. Any man so betrayed should discard the useless bitch.
  9. When you come home from vacation after a long day traveling and three hours later a regular is pumping two loads in you. Welcome home!

  10. Only a week ago, a very easy going married man off Locanto. His wife knew and the deal was that as she wanted to try playing with a another woman he wanted to try, at age 50, a guy. So she said ok as long as she got a pic... Met him fully naked with my arse hole lubed up (as I always am when I hook up with guys) at the door after dark with just a night light on. When he stripped off he was wearing slinky woman's panties, told me he got off on that and his wife didn't know but he soon took them off. Then asked if he could take a pic of both our cocks together for his wife to see. Hey, i'm an exhibitionist, so all good but would have preferred one of him in me, lol. The usual sucking, 69ing, and licking and then moved down his crack and he loved it so rimmed him and really went for it. He actually wanted me to fuck him then which wasn't the original deal but he was super tight so didn't get past a couple of lubed fingers anyway. So went back to work on his fat cock then just slid back on him, no condoms mentioned but my add inferred that it was bareback like "blow your load up my arse". Rode his cock for awhile them he got me in the doggy position and fucked me for ages with me urging him on to go harder as I huffed on my poppers. After he blew in me got him to stay in me and give me a sweaty hug with him on top of me still with his cock in me. Then just hugged each other for awhile. He enjoyed it and will be back if his wife will let him, kept saying it was different but fun. Not the piggiest and sleaziest of fucks but I still felt suitably slutty. I enjoy meeting married men and all makes for variety in men and sex
  11. Hi guys. I’m sure 100% real man meat is the dick of choice for most people, but access to the real deal can sometimes be contextually unfeasible. In such cases, the dildo is a bottoms best friend. However, if you are a frequent dildo rider like me, you might find that the position in which you position your body and your dildo have significant impact on your dildo fuck. And my arm gets tired and etc. I’ve of course tried mounting my dildos to various surfaces and objects around the house and thus far I have yet to find a truly “ergonomic” solution. Vertical surfaces, even when supplemented with other pieces of furniture for leverage have seen like a waste of energy especially when we have all this gravitational energy just lying around. Horizontal surfaces, make for a workout but put too much stress on my knees and legs. I’ve tried various heights and tried to manipulate the angles but still there hasn’t been a truly enjoyable handsfree dildo riding experience. I have also considered a machine. But as they don’t come cheap, and as I still have to pay off my damn student loans (and I’m starting in the fall), saving up for this on top of my daily expenses and impulses is close to impossible. I have been able to get my hands on the Extreme Sex Stool a couple months ago. Which has significantly improved my dildo usage. It has its quirks but for the price and it’s impact on my sex life I think I might just suppress my criticism (for now). Even so, my ideal position would be some form of lying down. Even with that sex stool I find myself defaulting to a flat surface in which I would lie on back down. And I would ride my dildo by “thrusting my glutes.” However the angle is ever so slightly off and having to support/hold the dildo in my hand brings us back to square one. Additionally, the damn suction cup on my dildos are very prone to sliding in the presence of lube, which is just annoying. I’ll keep my post to this for now and see what you guys think.
  12. bed time . Love to come over there  and be TOXIC cum dump for you and  your friends . If you like older  BB BOTTOM CHASERS  

  13. Neg guy here, love verbal. Would love to chat with Michigan guys KIK bbfunbtm
  14. I had a great experience with this a few months ago. I got together with a couple, and we sucked and rimmed each other before they decided to fuck me. After the one with the longer cock had fucked me for a while, he sat on my face while his partner fucked my ass. I was enjoying both the ass in front of me and the cock in my mouth. But when the guy fucking me shot his load, I was able to feel each pulse as it moved through his dick and dumped out in my ass. It was so hot, I had to go back the next day for more. Felt it again when he bred me that time too. It is an amazing feeling.
  15. I don't think about it anymore...I've known since i was 12 that i was a hole to be used. And now, thousands 9f guys later, that is still true. I am here to be used. Tonight one guy beat me with a flog until he drew bruises before he bred me and then walked away calling me a whore and a hole. Another wanted to make out before he bred me and another just wanted to ram into my ass hard and come. As a slut i take them all and let them use me as they want.
  16. Great story I hope there will be more😀
  17. A Prince Albert piercing and Biohazard tattoo are both definitely all part of the right of passage into sexual promiscuity and debauchery and certainly give an overt visual message inferring sluttiness and guys who are out and proud poz pigs. Bi guys particularly are fascinated by PA's as they know so little about cock piercings. And if a guy insists you use a condom and pull it on tightly it will usually break...And who hasn't wanted to be fucked by a guy with a fat PA?
  18. Typically get an STD about two times a year, mostly gono and chlamydia and nothing worse for awhile but also other less minor things that I can't remember. I get off on feeling like a dirty whore for getting an STI and know it's just part of the territory when you bareback and probably the guys who gave it to me didn't then know either as I get fucked a lot by travellers into fucking all and sundry and like sauna dark room sex where guys don't always fuck one hole. So you know it's going to happen... But nothing I would want to give up bareback for. However anal warts from HPV was different, needed cauterizing and when that wasn't overly successful they cut the last ones out, all very painful and took awhile to heal up. But as your body builds up an immunity to it I haven't had a repeat and don't want one.
  19. Out door , at crusing areas , sauna , toilet bocks , I’ve fucked a cute estate agents at properties between viewings - it’s a long and slaggy list 😈
  20. would you mind giving a link for its new location? Please - its amazing
  21. Its good to keep score, it keeps you on the ball and aiming to do better. So I looked at my current totals and those I reported previously and am pleased to observe the improvement. in the last 10 weeks I’ve increased the rate of fucks I’ve been having from 4.1 per week to 4.8. As importantly the rate of loads taken or given has tripled from 0.5 to 1.5 per week. i also noted the number of fucks I’ve had this year (since February when I started counting) is 95. So I hope to reach 100 soon, maybe tonight...
  22. Very openminded active perv very few limits. Kik is hornypv04 Wickr is hornypv004
  23. Woof....sexy guy....

  24. Yes, there are a few on BBRT. No judgement amongst my friends.
  25. - We (my past tops) current discrete male relationship, usually meet at the local adult bookstores and fuck inside the deluxe viewing booths. 🙂
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