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  1. Hey there... Austin Texas here. lets play together 

  2. Missing your tumblr :( - Did you relocate your content?  

  3. Extremely Exciting , HOT and Beautiful - love the same things as you do - so Damn HOT !    :)

  4. do some pics on all 4,s with your arse in air showing your hole,etc - oink

  5. Hopefully your ILM experience is beyond your fantasy's. 

    Been doing parTy session's and remind me of you. 

  6. Fuckn great knowing ILM will have your talents to enjoy. 

    I'm sure you'll have lots of cocks and load's. 

  7. I’ll be make collecTinG at the hotel hotel May 25-29
  8. they axed your tumblr again :(  

  9. How can I get a copy of your load tracking spreadsheet 

    1. a6uldeve84u


      Thank you for your interest.  There are a few requirements none of which are restrictive to my offer but help me in organization.  First, I am sharing these stories so that they can be completed and published on Breeding Zone web site.  What you write, in what direction you take the story or how you finish the story is your sole prerogative.  I relinquish all editing rights.  I also relinquish all claims to the story and require that you never acknowledge that you got the basis from me.

      Second, to help me, you will need to send me an email with BREEDING ZONE STORY as the subject line.  Include your screen name from Breeding Zone.  I need this latter to rename the story with your screen name so that I do not send the story to someone else.  Send your email request to        A6ULDV84U@BELLSOUTH.NET.  I will choose a story and send it to you.

      Third, as for the title, you may keep the same title or change it.  However, if you change the title, please send me the name of the new title.  That would be appreciated.

      I do look forward to reading your completed work.  You will have done me a great help, and that help is greatly appreciated.


  10. I am your greatest fan. Keeping up with your adventures. 

  11. My room is booked at the host hotel May 24 - 28. Since my goal is to take as many loads as possible, I’m currently looking for an assistant to help me achieve this goal. Basically, someone who can be there to make sure I’m not robbed, keep away the crazies, and of course help advertise my cunt. Message me if interested and we can set up a time to chat in Skype to see if we connecT and are on the same page. Skype name: boi4mentx
  12. Visiting chemwhore cumpdump load collecTinG this Friday Jan 12th to Sunday Jan 14th at the Hawthorne Suites on Brookriver. Face down ass up door unlocked starting 10pm Friday. Party ads on barebackrt under TitanGuyTx.
  13. Awesome video on smoking T

    1. kevy1109


      I want to be a chemwhore too, and fucked raw by a room full of poz guys!


  14. Just booked my room and airfare May 24 - 29 for me and my owner. 5 days should hopefully get me every hotel guet’s load at least once!
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