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  1. I just think being open to learning new stuff is the most important thing. And not diminishing or disapproving what for them is normal, but might not be for you. I always enjoy learning new things about people and various cultures, and just not judging anyone
  2. Just earlier after finished work A guy I meet everynow and then, delicious ass. He´d already gotten fucked just before I got there, so he was already a little opened and cum filled. Love it! Fucked him for like 25min, bred him good, and made out while he jerked off til he came
  3. Last August at the nude beach. Was there with a few friends, and sometime during the day we saw a handsome furry guy sucking someone off. Then one of my friends met him a bit later, and when it was just me and him left of the group, we moved closer to where mr.hairy was. Then we decided to go behind some big rocks, and me and my friend both fucked the guy, and a guy was looking at us, so I waved him over, and started sucking him off while fucking the hairy guy It was very hot!
  4. Yep p0rnlover91 (with a zero, not an o)
  5. p0rnlover91 is mine I post nudes, sex videos, retweets etc
  6. I fucking love to rim a nice ass! its one of my favorite things to do, and gets me hard really fast as well
  7. (First time writing a story here) Restrictions here in Norway have been pretty lax now the last few weeks bc low spread, so I´ve managed to fuck a bit around already. However a fuckbud (Call him Reinar) invited me to join him and a married couple who was visiting my city. A bit older - mid 40s-50s. But hot. And they´re big into leather. They were even driving their Motorcycles around Norway atm, so they were in full Leather gear as well as having harnesses and leather jockstraps on when we came to their hotelroom. I´ll call them Erik (vers) and Hans (bottom). So I met up with Reinar, and we walked to their hotel together. As we enter, we meet Erik who´s gotten some drinks for him and Hans. So we say Hi, and join him in the elevator, making some small talk. Once we get to the room, I say hello to Hans as well, and the clothes come off pretty quickly. And then I see that Erik is wearing a sexy black/red harness, and Hans is wearing a jock with a codpiece in red/black as well. So everyone starts making out with everyone basically, and boxers pop off, while boners pop up. Hans is starting to suck a little of everyone, but focusing more on Reinar. While I have some fun with Erik and his thick dick. I get on my knees and suck his thick dick as best as I can, and I can almost manage to the base, and I taste his delicious precum. As I´m sucking away, Hans is getting on the bed, and Reinar is getting ready to fuck him. He grabs the lube and with ease just slides in. Apparently Hans is really open (my 2nd favorite a sloppy hole). Meanwhile me and Erik swaps, and he starts sucking me, getting my cock all wet so I can slide into Hans very shortly. Hans´s ass is muscly and smooth with a delicious pink hole. I take my Cock away from Eriks mouth, and direct it towards Hans, and after Reinar has expanded his already open hole, I can start fcking hard right away. And he continues to moan away while I fuck him. On the other side of the bed, Reinar and Erik start making out, and Reinar starts rimming Erik for a minute, before sliding into him. With a little bit more difficulty than with Hans. Then eventually he is fucking Erik hard, and Im fucking Hans. It´s a symphony of balls slapping against holes, and manly moaning. Which just gets me even harder, which I think Hans could feel. We swap, Reinar fucks hans again, and I get to fuck Erik for the first time. His hole is a big tighter and furrier than hans, but I slide in with the help of lube, and watch my cock disappear into his hot hole. After a bit of fucking, Erik pulls away, and starts fucking Hans, breeding him rather quickly. Reinar follows, and I get to enjoy a sloppy hole for a bit, before I also breed him. As I pull out, the cum just squirts out down his hole and leg. Which is so fucking hot We clean ourself up a bit, I take a cold shower (it was 28 celsius outside, fairly hot for Norway, so the sweat was pouring). And we talk for a bit while everyone is relaxing on the bed. Soon though, Reinar is ready to go again, so Hans starts sucking him. Then I start making out with Erik and he blows me, which just gets my cock hard again, and I feel his cock grow against my leg. Reinar starts to fuck Hans again, and after a bit, Erik joins him in Double penetrating Hans. Which is super fucking hot to look at, while hearing him moan is just perfection. Reinar is struggling a bit to maintain hardness when on the bottom in the DP. So Erik goes to the btm and I help him Dp Hans. His hole is so open now, and feeling Erik´s dick against mine, just adds to the already sensitive head from cumming not too long ago. So after a few minutes of DP fucking Hans, I shoot again all over Erik´s dick inside Hans, and its so tight! Which I felt made me cum even harder! As I pull out, Eriks dick also pops out, and his dick is just covered in my cum. So I bend down and I start sucking his cum covered dick, tasting my own juices before I gesture for Hans to sit down again and let Erik fuck him some more. Fucking my cum further inside. Eventually Hans wants to help Reinar cum again, so he starts sucking him, rimming hin, fingering while sucking him. And I take care of Hans with my mouth, taking him deep, licking his balls and head, and I am awarded very suddenly with cum in my mouth, which I graciously swallow, and start making out with him right after, so he can have a taste of himself as well. Once we´re done for the 2nd time, we watch as Hans is enjoying having all the fun with Reinar, who finally shoots all over him self, and Hans slurps it all up! Now everyone had cummed for the 2nd time, (except hans who hadnt touched himself, as a good ole bottom), and his hole had gotten several loads!
  8. I´m good with either Tho i prefer some lenght I guess
  9. I really only care if a guy is Hiv+ if he´s currently positive. If he´s undetectable, not so much But it is nice to know the status of the perso tho
  10. Or get em pierced, also helps kinda make em a little bigger
  11. I sure did! https://assets.s3xstatic.com/bz/uploads/emoticons/default_tongue.png
  12. Was in London thur-sunday (nov 24), and hadnt cummed since Wednesday, even though I had gone to a sauna on Friday night (Slow night apparently, stayed til 3:30am , and only got a few BJ´s, and no ass! So Saturday , walking around shopping, get a msg about a cumdump whos currently taking loads and if I´m interested, which duh. He had like 5-6 loads in him by the time I get to his hotel room - he´s ass up, door is open. and I just slide in easily, fuck him hard for 5min and breed his ass deeply!
  13. Hey everyone Going to London on Nov 21-24 as mentioned in the title, and Really want to go to a sauna in the evening! Anyone have any tips to which one and when is best?
  14. I enjoy shooting it all inside. However I do enjoy filming some too, then its nice to cum a little then put it in
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