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    Being a cum dump. Anon groups. I give a great deep throat blowjob and love to get fucked hard and rough .. no load refused. Kinky and willing to try anything at least once. Orally gifted. Good kisser. Love poppers.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Hung and wild tops to breed and pound my fleshy-bouncy ass. Every kinda top from an anon driller to a passionate romantic are welcome to stretch my hole.

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  1. Another hotel very comfortable for cumdumps as they don't have any security issues is 'Hotel Mela Times Square'.
  2. I am visiting in November as well, and I've got confirmation from Belvedere NYC hotel that they don't check keycards till late night. Also their elevators don't need key cards. So if you're looking for a place slightly better quality than Paul, it can be a decent option. Other two properties that responded saying they don't check keycards till 11 pm are TownePlace Suites by Marriott Chelsea on 28th street AND Hotel Central Times Square. Hope this helps 🙂 Also, please do share your experience with whichever property you decide to go for. All the best for all the loads 🙂
  3. Are there any good gay bathhouses/saunas in Manhattan/NYC ? Something like Babylon (Bangkok)... with dark rooms, fuck mazes, etc etc ?
  4. Fuck I so wanna experience being a total anon cum dump with being dosed with G. I've only been on poppers so far and while that has worked beautifully, I wanna try and see what depravity G is capable of getting me into. Especially with an experienced host handling it and me just being blindfolded and being used by whoever wants to use my holes. I hope I find someone to whore me out like this on my NYC hoe-cation next month. *fingers crossed*
  5. Has any cumdump slutted out at Hotel Element Times Square in NYC recently ? Is it back to being cum dump friendly? Or still super strict about security/key card/elevator access since the new management took over?
  6. Has anyone tried Belvedere NYC to be an anon cum dump ? I know 'The Paul' is the flavour of the season, but would you recommend someone to stay at 'The Paul' for a couple of weeks? Trust me, if it's a half decent place with regular cleaning service, I'll happily park my ass at The Paul for my entire trip. But something tells me it's got more of a seedy motel vibe.
  7. Which midtown hotels has everyone been using recently for anon cum dump scenes? Please share.
  8. Damn you raise some super valid concerns. The Airbnb I am eyeing in Chelsea is a building without a doorman and the apartment is on the ground floor. Hmmm... There is an intercom buzzing thingy where I need to buzz in a guest through 3 doors as per the host. I've been thinking I'll be able to do that for sure. As this airbnb gives me the opportunity to stay in NYC for 3 weeks in the same budget as a hotel like Belvedere /The Paul would only allow for barely 2 weeks.
  9. Just reading this again makes me want to relive the whole encounter right away !!!


  10. This is a question for all the NYC tops out there who like to fuck anon cum dumps. Would you mind travelling to Chelsea to pound a fleshy bouncy ass as compared to a hotel near Times Square?

  11. Ah thank you for the recommendation. Other two hotels I called and confirmed about not using key cards for elevators are 'Hotel Paul NYC' and 'Belvedere'. Also I am considering trying out an airbnb in Chelsea for my upcoming NYC trip in September. I hope it won't deter tops from coming over to drop an anon load if a cum dump is around 14th Street instead of in the 40s.
  12. So… did you go? How was it ?? 🤓 Anyone else who has tried the Scum NYC parties?
  13. I've been an anon cumdump plenty of times at mid town NYC hotel rooms and airbnbs . While I love the experience of being alone in the room and have guys pound my ass one after the other as I sniff away on poppers, being blindfolded the entire time, an interesting addition to the experience can be sometimes if I find a voyeur top to oversee the whole thing. It's hot, adds another person looking after my safety , I don't need to take off the blindfold for ANYTHING, and if the voyeur is someone who enjoys facilitating more and more guys coming in, sometimes they start calling more guys just to see me get fucked by more meaty monsters. It's not something that always works out in terms of timings and logistics, but when it does, it's fucking HOT.
  14. I used to check in at Pennsylvania Hotel on my NYC trips and take multiple loads as a blindfolded anon cum dump with my room door left open. Now that the hotel is no longer an option and a lot of other mid town hotels are apparently checking room key cards for entry, I am looking at AirBNB apartments in Chelsea area for my upcoming sex trip to NYC. Need to get my ass loaded and break my previous record of 21 loads in a day. 🙂
  15. So what alternatives to the glorious Pennsylvania Hotel are anon cum dumps using these days in mid town Manhattan ? Need suggestions for my next trip to NYC 🙂
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