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    Getting pounded out by dominant men who know how to use a fag. I also love older men and black men. Not sure I’m a full chaser but I love getting stealthed
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    22 years old and addicted to cock and cum. The sketchier the experience the better.
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    Anyone who knows how to put me in my place as a true faggot.

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  1. I like to know because there’s something about it that gets me so turned on I can almost cum hands free as theyre cumming deep inside me. Plus I really enjoy begging.
  2. This is why I prefer black guys too. I went to a school that was predominantly black kids, and my first time was with a black guy too. I think that has led me to have a preference.
  3. I never even knew this was a thing. I swear this site teaches me so much. Guess I need to find someone with a big enough dick that I can experience this. It sounds like it would be amazing.
  4. I love to be pinned down like that, that’s great. I have to just stay still and take his cock and cum.
  5. I’ve asked guys to wear a condom, but that’s because I really love getting stealthed. If you have to talk them into it there’s a good chance they’ll act like they are wearing one when they’re not/broken it. You can always tell when they take it off because they pull out for just a little too long and they gasp when they put it back in raw. They always fuck me harder after when they think they’re going to surprise me with their load.
  6. That’s hot, I’ve always wanted to be slapped while a guy was gagging me with his cock, no ones been bold enough though 😩
  7. I’ll go first, I would come home late from work one night and my door would already be unlocked. When I get in two strong masked men are waiting to surprise me and tie my arms behind my back. Then they force me to my knees and pull out two large cocks and take turns fucking my face. Then when they’re ready one bends me over and forces their cock in my ass using all the spit as lube. They tear my ass open and start fucking me without care for how much it hurts. I’m crying and whimpering while I’m sucking the other cock. Ones fucking my face, the other my ass, both mercilessly. Then when the guy
  8. First time I ever got stealthed was by a black guy on Grindr. I picked him up and brought him back to my apartment where I quickly fell to my knees. He held my head in place while he fucked my face. I was gagging and tears were streaming down my cheeks. He told me to bend over so I listened. He tried to fuck me raw at first but I told him no and gave him a condom. I watched him put it on. He bent me over and forced his cock into me hard. I tried to get away from the pain, he held me down and told me to stop running. He then roughly thrusts his cock the rest of the way in tearing my ass. He’s f
  9. BBC is definitely my favorite. But that’s mostly cause the black guys I fuck or suck really make me feel used. They’re the ones who will really fuck your throat or hold your head down with no disregard for you. They just want to cum and you know that’s all you’re there for.
  10. My biggest note is spit makes everything better. Drool all over that cock and it’ll make it easier for you to deepthroat too. Which then makes it even sloppier so it’s a good cycle
  11. It personally feels much better for me when the top is raw. When a condom is worn I can feel it against my hole and the friction makes it feel like he’s tearing my ass. When it’s raw the only pain I feel is when he actually does tear my ass (which only happened once but I found it so hot) or when he’s plowing me balls deep and hard. Plus I get the enjoyment of being filled with his cum and feeling like a used whore
  12. I’ve only experienced this with guys who wanted to cum on my face. For the most part everyone wants me to swallow. So lucky me I guess 😉
  13. I usually think of how owned I feel in that moment. I’m nothing but a cumdump and I feel fulfilled when I’m being given a load
  14. Two years ago I met up with the guy on Grindr to suck his cock. When I get there I found out his picture was misleading because this dude has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life. So he’s sitting on the couch with his cock out and porn on the TV. He asks me to get naked so of course I listen. His cock is already huge but as I start sucking it and he gets hard and it’s even bigger. I can barely wrap my mouth around it. But I’m working it as well as I can. I’m gagging myself and getting spit everywhere and he’s just letting it happen. He tells me I don’t have to do all that. I told him I’m
  15. I was molested by my older cousin. He started when I was 6, it was little stuff at first, I’d just play with his cock and give him handjobs. But by 10 he was already giving me my first loads. He’d gag me on his cock and make me let him in my ass without lube. This went on till I was 13. I was destined to be a fag with nothing but cock on the brain and a mind to serve dominant men
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