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    Bi guy but prefer men. Smooth, fit body, tight hole, nice 7" cut cock.
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    Looking for tops that will give me as many loads as they can. Love it long and slow and recently started chasing. no known poz load taken yet.

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  1. Hello Smoothie - curious completely smooth ?  I was young and developing - a older male was a fem type male - developing me smooth and doing things I never thought of doing - encouraging me becoming fem too - you know a group like that ?

  2. As a bottom I don't feel that I am completely giving myself to a top unless I take his load. I abstained from man on man sex for a very long time to keep from getting pozzed, but now I know I really enjoy men and love the feel of a hard cock inside me. Bringing him to climax and receiving his load is my ultimate pleasure and if I get to keep his DNA in me forever it is just a bonus.
  3. I have to agree with what so many others have said that it is the connection I feel with my top. His bare skin against mine and when he's inside me it's the complete opening of myself for him. He is alpha, I am beta and I only want to please him. I will gladly accept him and anything he chooses to gift me. To be able to carry his seed inside me is a huge honor and pleasure for me. To incubate his seed and have him permanently inside of me will be my greatest pleasure.
  4. Very hot start. Married guy who is just starting the chase.
  5. Hottest story on here. It always makes my cock drip and my mouth water wanting Sirs toxic cock.
  6. This story reminds me of how I was introduced to gay sex. I too was seduced by two older men and taught to kiss, suck cock and take raw dick in my tight ass. It was before HIV but I learned quickly to love the feeling of a man breeding me and taking his seed. I'm the older guy now, but would still love to have this happen all over again so I could take their poz loads.
  7. Such a hot story. I would love my conversion to follow this path and to know that my gifter enjoyed it as much as myself.
  8. Great story and writing! Love to be your Zeek and have you enjoy giving me your strain. You're a sexy one!!
  9. That is SO FUCKING HOT! God I want the Gift. Where is my gifter?
  10. Also married to a woman. Obsessed with HIV and started to chase.

  11. My major fetish is feeling that I will get pregnant from a breeding. When I find a top that is verbal and talking about breeding me and knocking me up I go to a place that is incredible. I really get into the fuck and try to open myself up to him so he can be as deep inside me as possible and I can take his seed and imagine it fertilizing me. I think this is why I'm chasing, so that I can actually keep his DNA in me and incubate his unique strain of the virus inside me. My "fuck flu" will be my morning sickness where I know I have him growing in me.
  12. I love a verbal top. Talk me thru it from start to finish and keep it dirty. Want my cock in your ass? How does that feel? Like it hard like that? and on and on. When he's getting closeI can feel it anyway and I'm busy trying to milk every drop from him, but hearing the, I'm close, gonna cum, give you my babies, and my favorite, take my poz load, is awesome. Also love the tops who stay hard and keep fucking after they cum. The breathing, sweat and deep thrusts are wonderful.
  13. As the author of this story about my fantasy, I will update you all and say that I was fortunate to find a top, who although on medication and undetectable, has made most of this reality. He is not yey quite as verbal as I would like, but so hot to get where I want to be.
  14. I have always kept a lovers seed inside me until it is absorbed by my body. I am a total bottom and I am here to be bred by tops and if possible, incubate their seed and let it grow in me. Since the very first load I took so many years ago, I have always imagined that I could get pregnant and my deepest desire is that someday a top will breed me and his baby batter with live in me and link us forever.
  15. I am so close to having this happen to me with a poz guy I'm talking with. We are close to hooking up and making me convert. I want it so badly.
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