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I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?


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deal and anytime you want to load me do it


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    • By 1981virginia
      ‘Do You Want Me to Stop?’
      I was headed out of town for a conference to London. I’d managed to get my company to pay for the flights, and to be able to stay on a few days afterwards to get a bit of a vacation. My boy was planning on flying out on the next night of the conference and spending a few days sightseeing with me. We’d both been working hard lately, and were looking forward to some time together. We’d even done a bit of research into the raunchier gay clubs, thinking maybe we could have some naughty fun together in a public setting.
      I was running late trying to get out of the office to the airport, and I barely made it through security before the flight closed. We started taxiing shortly after I buckled my seat belt. The flight was choppy to say the least, and I was super stressed. A very sexy flight attendant could see how tense I was just from my shoulders. This guy was a real Hunk. He leaned forward telling me that we should keep in touch after the plane landed and he was off-duty. ‘I’d like to help you relax,’ he said as he pushed a card with his number into my hand and stroked my arm.
      I was practically sore all over, and groggy from having not slept well, by the time we touched down at Heathrow. As the sun rose, I headed for the tube into town for my morning presentation. I felt a body press into mine from behind as I stood on the platform, and it was my Hunk, the flight attendant. He was taller than I remembered, over six feet, with broad shoulders and a tiny waist. Blond spiky hair framed his chiseled face.
      We made small talk as we boarded the train, crowded with morning commuters. I was drowsy from not sleeping on the turbulent flight and found myself dozing off with my head against his muscular chest. I apologized, and told him we should make a plan for that night after the conference wore down.
      The presentations went well, if uneventful, and I headed to check into my hotel. I messaged the Hunk, and we made plans for him to pick me up and we could grab a light dinner, then maybe back to my place or his to relax. We went out dancing, and I could tell he was packing a big cock from the lump in his trousers. We ate quickly as we chatted about what turned each other on. He told me he had trained to be a masseur and liked to practice whenever he could. He held out his massive hands, and I swear I started to drip precum. He told me that he charged all of his clients… I asked what his fees were, and they seemed reasonable. £50- for an hour sounded fair, plus extras… I stayed hard wondering what the extras were.
       We got back to my hotel, and the Hunk wrapped his arm around me as he winked at the concierge, who winked back with a knowing look. Back in my room and tore each other’s clothes off. He had me lay down on the bed with a pillow under my chest. I shivered as he started working my shoulders with his masculine hands, then lower to my shoulder blades, then the small of my back, then my ass. He cupped my cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing my hole. He crouched lower and started blowing air across my asshole. I instinctively tightened up. He told me he’d loosen me up for another £10-. I breathlessly nodded assent, and he started lapping at my ass. I knew I was making a puddle on the bedspread.
       He pulled his whole hair body against my back, with his thick uncut cock right between the clefts of my cheeks. ‘£10- more and I’ll put the tip in… Sound good, lover?’ I grunted approval, not thinking to stop and ask for a condom. Thankfully, he had got me pretty wet with spit and the head of his dick eased into me. I moaned as he twisted my head around, ‘£10- more and I’ll kiss you.’ I grunted and he slipped his tongue into my mouth.
       I knew he was deeper in me than just the tip, and that he was raw. I could feel my ass getting wetter, so I knew he was drooling precum into me. ‘£20- more and I’ll fuck you until you ask me to stop…’ ‘Okay!’ I shouted. He reared back and pulled my hips to his groin. My Hunk pounded my raw ass. The sound of sweaty flesh-on-flesh smacking as his balls slammed into me sent me in orbit. It had been a long time since I’d been fucked, and a long time since someone other than my boy had fucked me raw.
       ‘You’ll tell me when you want me to stop, right?’ I nodded and he maintained his pace. ‘You know I swap loads with guys all over the world, right? Do you want me to stop?’ I shook my head no and his pace picked up. ‘I love taking and sharing my seed with guys… and I’m carrying a charged load… do you want me to stop?’ I nodded no again, realizing that I was already lubed with his charged precum, so why stop now?
       My Hunk plowed me for a few more minutes, jack-hammering his thick cock into me. My mind reeled, knowing how risky it was to take a charged stranger’s load. I wondered what my boy would think if he could see me like this. Would it turn my boy on, or freak him out?
      The Hunk’s head shot back as he started cumming, firing his charged load into my hole, forcing it deeper and deeper with every thrust. He flung himself down onto me again, still filling my ass with his cock, sliding gently back and forth.
       He groaned, pawing his big hands through my tousled hair, ‘That’ll be £100-, please…’ I reached over to the bedside table and pulled out a crisp new note. He took it, and pulled out, leaving a squelching plop noise and my gaping well-fucked, well-bred sticky ass. He dressed and left quickly.
       I called my boy and told him I’d just had a massage, leaving out the detail that my ass was full to the brim with charged seed. My boy was at the airport getting ready to board the plane to London. He thought that a massage sounded fun, and asked if I could book him the same guy for tomorrow. Fuck, what was I going to tell him, I wondered, as I fell asleep.
       My boy arrived the next morning, having slept soundly on the flight. He came to my hotel and unpacked a bit while I got ready for the day’s presentations at my conference. I told him that my masseur was unavailable, and we should try to find someone else for him, suggesting we ask at reception for a masseur, and I headed out.
       I got a message around lunch that he’d managed to get a recommendation from the concierge, and a masseur was coming over. I was glad he’d get a bit of relaxation in, and we made plans to go out on the town that night. A few hours later, I messaged him letting him know I’d be back soon. My boy replied that the masseur was nearly finished and they were having a great time. ‘He’s really sexy,’ the text read, ‘and really affordable. Only £50- plus more for extras…’ It dawned on me that the concierge had set my boy up with my charged Hunk.
       I then received a message from the Hunk asking ‘Do you want me to stop?’
      I took a breath and replied ‘I’ll bring £100-.  Don’t stop until you’re finished…’
    • By shinelover
      ***This is a true account of some fun I had last week with one of my favorite guys. It was a long encounter, and as a writer I tend to 'write', so I'll post in several installments. I like details, sorry if it's too wordy, but that's my style.***
      Well, lucky me.  I had to spend some time outside a few days ago shoveling snow. Doesn’t sound like much fun, right? Not until I saw a familiar truck a few doors down the street.  Could it be the same furnace repair stud with whom I had a couple of encounters last year?   I took my time on the small driveway, hoping to see whoever was driving the company truck. It might have only just arrived before I went outside, because no matter how slow I worked, the driveway was clear and I was freezing.  Just as I had my hand on the front door I heard the crunch of tires on packed snow coming to a stop behind me. I immediately felt my heart skip a beat and took my time turning around, wondering if it was just my imagination. Or wishful thinking.  The truck door opened and the sexy repair man rushed up to meet me. From the smile on his face, I guess he was happy to see me, too.   “Been a while,” he said, a little apprehensively.   He is a ‘straight-boy’ so I wondered if I should mess with him a little and start screaming something like 'Seven months I haven’t heard from you! You find some other bitch to pump?  Don’t play with my emotions, I’m not your sex toy'!  But I didn’t want to scare the poor guy off, so I held that all in and giggled a little to myself.   “It has been a while,” I simply said.   “Are you busy?”   “I was just heading in to warm up,” I said, turning back and opening the door. “Want to join me?” I asked over my shoulder.   He was already right behind me and I could feel the bulge in his pants against my ass. Fuck, he was horny as hell -this was going to be good.   What surprised me this time is that when I turned around to face him, he was right there. He took hold of my head and kissed me. I almost came in my pants just from the surprise of being kissed as he hadn’t kissed me once in either of our other fuck sessions, and I didn’t want to push my luck and lose out so I never before made a move to kiss him.   It was a great kiss, too. A bit frenzied with that sort of urgency that comes from being horny and needing it.  And at that point, we were both needing it bad. I did have to slow things down since this was unanticipated.  I set him up in the living room with a beer and ran upstairs to clean out. I didn’t worry about a shower because I figured I can always drag him in there with me if need be.   By the time I was done, he was finishing his beer. I wasn’t sure if leaving him alone down there he might change his mind or get nervous about what we were about to do, but he only looked happy to see me.  Really happy to see me. I’m not sure the bulge in his pants ever went down.   Our eyes locked when I entered the room and I couldn’t think of much to say other than, “Let’s fuck,” which only made him smile even wider. He was right with me as we raced upstairs to the bedroom. I yanked off the robe I had thrown on, and he pushed me down to the bed, face first, and shocked the hell out of me when I felt his tongue at my ass.  Hmm, maybe he’s not so ‘straight-boy’ anymore. He didn’t do it for long, but enough to get my hole wet and aching for stuffing. I moaned at what he was doing, and I’m sure he took that as a sign that I needed his cock.   He quickly pulled his clothing off, knelt behind me, lining his cock up to my hole. I had shoved a little coconut oil up inside just in case he was in too big a rush to get enough precum going to use as lube, so he slid into me quite easily.  My ass slowly swallowed his cock up right to the balls. His cock wasn't huge, average I guess, but as he bottomed-out I remembered how his cock had fit me so well.  Enough to feel good and filled with dick, but not big enough to hurt or cause discomfort.  Just the right size to fuck. Good and hard. And that’s exactly what he did.   He pounded me hard, his hips smacking into my naked quivering butt cheeks loudly with every impact. Damn, I’d missed this feeling.  His dick was just the right size and shape that he could nail me as hard as he wanted, and it only felt good.  I grunted nearly every time he hit bottom, but not out of pain, but rather out of sheer ecstasy.   I knew this wasn’t going to last long, but I had gotten two loads from him on our first couple of encounters so a quick start was fine by me. Plus it’s just extra lube for the second fuck, and within minutes he was there. “Aw, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he growled. “You want it in you?”   “Give it to me!” I yelled. “Breed me!”   He lay his entire body down on me and humped a couple more times, growling into my left ear and panting hard, as I finally felt his dick throbbing and filling my guts with his seed. I could actually feel the wetness spread inside my ass.   Fuck it felt good. When his breathing calmed, he slowly slid to the side off of me, easing his semi-hard cock out of my ass, and just lay there looking at me. I was glad he didn’t seem in a hurry to take off.   “That felt awesome,” I told him, taking a chance and giving him a quick kiss on the mouth. He responded by putting his hand on the back of my head and holding me there longer, to feed me his tongue as well.  I thought this guy was hot before, but this time he was off the fucking charts to me.   When our mouths and tongues parted, I eased back and just looked. “You look surprised,” he laughed.   “I am. I just didn’t expect you to kiss me, and not like that,” I added, unable to hide my satisfied grin.   “A lot has changed since I saw you last time. For one, I broke up with my girlfriend. Haven’t seen anyone since.”   “Why did you break up?” It really was none of my business, but I had to know if it had anything to do with me.   “Even a couple of months after we fucked last time, whenever I was with her it just didn’t feel good. And all I kept thinking about was you. Not ‘you’ you, but you as a guy. Sex is definitely better with guys. I don’t know if that makes me gay or what.”   “Does it matter?”   “Not anymore. I decided that I’m just going to do what feels good to me. And when I saw you outside today, I just knew I had to see you. I hope you don’t mind. I thought about calling you a few times but it seemed weird.”   “Weird, why?”   “I don’t know. I hadn’t called, and then I just call out of the blue and want to fuck. I wouldn’t seem like a very good guy.”   Doesn’t that beat all -he actually is a decent guy.   “Oh, you’re very good,” I teased, reaching down and giving his still-semi-hard cock a tug. “Besides, guys call other guys to fuck all the time. It doesn’t have to mean any more than that.”   Now he was the one who looked surprised. “Really?” And his cock instantly grew to full throbbing length in my hand.   “Yes, really,” I told him, slowly stroking him, not to get him off, but just in a sort of relaxing way. “I figured something changed with you when you kissed me downstairs.”   “I hope you don’t mind that. I just wanted to.”   “I almost came in my pants,” I laughed. “It was better than I expected.”   “I started looking at gay porn around the same time I ended things with her. Most things I watched turned me on, so I figured I was on to something right.”   “So that’s where you learned about rimming?” I asked him, to which he just frowned. “When you licked my ass.”   “Oh, yeah, I saw a lot of that in the porn and it seemed like something the guys liked-”   “Well I sure did. And it made me a little more desperate to get you inside me.”   He smiled at that, and I felt his cock throb in my hand. “How much downtime do you need in between?” he asked.   “I can keep going, so it’s up to you. I’ll take whatever you can give me.”   He climbed back on top of me, saying, “Well, we might be here a while, then. Hope you don’t have any plans tonight.”   With that, I felt his hard dick slide back into my cummy hole.   More to come . . .    
    • By IndyCumDump
      I will be in Chicago 02/03/17! It will be my last Steam Works bathhouse visit before my birthday!
      Nice tight kinda hairy hole (could shave it).
      All loads taken!
      Poz friendly!
      I love anon/gloryhole action!
    • By ohvisit
      Last night I posted an ad on CL looking for tops to breed me through one of the gloryholes at the local adult bookstore. About an hour after posting, a recently divorced man in his early 40s replied with a pic of his cock. It didn't look that impressive, but what the hell, I could check out the arcade anyway even if this one doesn't work out. When I walked into the arcade, there were only two guys. One was clearly over 60, and the other guy was a tall, beefy dark-haired guy that fit the description of the guy who had responded to my CL ad. I went into a booth with a larger gloryhole, and he went into the other booth. In less than a minute after entering, he pushed a super thick 8" cock through the hole. I couldn't believe how impressive his cock was.
      I attempted to suck his cock, but after five minutes, my mouth couldn't handle the girth. Spitting on my fingers a couple of times, I lubed up my ass as best I could. Had I anticipated his cock would be this big, I would have brought some lube. Before I slid my ass down on that cock, I took three long hits of poppers. He pulled his cock back through the hole just as I was positioned my ass over it. I grabbed his cock and lined up his cockhead with my ass. He pushed hard and the entire eight inches slid up my hole. I felt his balls smack against my ass. I had to concentrate hard to not scream. He didn't give me any time to adjust to the pain of that huge cock. In and out, he pulled out and slammed in forcefully. 
      This man had stamina. After what must have been 10 minutes of piston fucking my ass, he slammed in hard and held it there for 5 minutes, churning his cock slowly in my ass. Maybe he had cum? Then he started piston fucking me again. This went on for another 10 minutes. My hole was getting dry by this point and the hard fucking started to hurt. Suddenly he pushed in and held his cock deep in my ass. He stood without moving for a few minutes, and then I felt his cock grow in my ass and twitch. I could feel him cumming. He pulled out slowly. I pushed a finger up my ass and felt his huge load. 
      I went into a private booth so I could push out his load. On the first attempt, out squirted a palm full of cum, which I lapped up eagerly. I repeated this two more times, jerking myself off with the final wad of cum from my ass. 
    • By versmich
      visiting the city from 1/26-1/31, would love to set up some hot breeding sessions while I'm there. anyone want my poz load? 

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