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I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?


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deal and anytime you want to load me do it


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    • By imatopbottom
      Suffice to say we would all love To be a bottom in a gangbang scene. Or as too have a myriad of hot asses to breed. 
      Le me digress. I saw a DP scene and both guys shot together up the bottoms hole. It' looked so hot. 
      Thw ither is after a long session cabs the butt is a little stretched. I saw 1 film where a guy jerked his cock inside tg other guys ass. 
      Id love to eat the load out of a guys ass, but I wasn't lore mms in  there and the thought of that gushing over my fface is hot. 
      Any other wishea yoy want to come through? 
    • By Lempriere
      Another hottie -- the bottom is smiling before and after.
    • By CDNbbR
      Something I've always wanted but hasn't happened yet, being bred by a hot uncut black stud. One of my fantasies is being verbally degraded by a hot black stud while he uses me and fills me with that black seed. I would love to also be the only white bottom in a room full of black tops that verbally degrade me and have all of them giving me their cum in my ass only. I'd love to hear if there are other white guys that feel that way, and hear from black men that like to breed white ass. Do you only breed white ass? Are there white men that only get barebacked by black cock? ***Please note that this isn't a racist post*** I like and welcome people from all walks of life. 
    • By Loki
      I had a chance to bail on work early Friday, so I took it and went to my Top's house.  We'd talked about it the night before, and he was expecting me.  I showed up and he gave me a shot of chilled Skyy Vodka to help me relax, put on some 'background music', which is to say, some loud porn, just to enhance the mood, and we went upstairs.  
      He was still soft when I started sucking him and rolled back his foreskin. After a minute, he put his hand on my head and face-fucked me, holding me still as he bottomed out down my throat.  He gets really turned on by the thick, slimy saliva when he pulls out from me deep throating him, and it coated his cock and my beard.  Another few minutes of that, and he had me kneel on the bed, face down/ass up, inhaled my poppers, lubed my hole and fucked me.
      After several minutes he had me roll me on my back, he crossed my legs and pushed them back to my chest so he had full control and resumed fucking my ass, cumming deep in my hole as I egged him on telling him to fuck me deep and breed me.  
      I've got to go back into the office again on Saturday, but not until he gets another chance to stretch me out some more. 
    • By shinelover
      ***First off, this is total fiction, but I was inspired by something that happened to me a few years ago -before I was chasing. Now I wish this is how it had gone down.***
      That day was a day like any other, woke up horny as hell. Only this time I didn't have to work and I was going to do something about my hunger. I got onto a few sites and weeded through profiles, until I finally managed to connect with a guy who needed a hot ass to fuck. Done!
      He was over in less than 30 minutes, and I was ready for him, face down-ass up on the bed. I heard him fumbling with his clothes and then that damned crinkling sound of a fucking condom. UGH! I wished then that I had lubed my ass with Vaseline so it could shred that fucker up, but it was too late for that. I just gritted my teeth and prepared myself for that rubber burn.
      I just hoped (for a change) that he wasn't too hung, that should make the burning rubber a little easier on my insides.
      It wasn't totally awful, and if he wasn't wrapped up, that is a dick I could spend hours on end with. But I had to get him to use a ton of lube just to keep me from feeling the condom.
      Eventually he got tired of pounding me doggie style, so he lay down on the bed and had me climb on top. I rode him good, determined to get him off and then get back online to find a guy who would give me some loads.
      When he was just about to cum he shoved me really hard off of him, and he was left panting with his dick firm and throbbing in the air. "What the fuck?" I howled.
      "I didn't want to cum in you," he replied, gulping in deep breaths.
      "Why? You've got a condom on," I complained.
      "I just . . . couldn't."
      He hadn't actually blown his load, so I climbed back on and started riding him again, only this time he didn't seem as into it -for some reason I got the feeling he was still worried about cumming. I don't get it.
      And after a few minutes he did it again, leaving my hole literally gaping open and starved. "Dude, what is the problem?" I asked.
      He finally blurted out, "I've got HIV! AIDS! Dammit, I can't take the chance of cumming inside anyone even with protection."
      Fuck this, I told myself. Faster than he could even register what was happening, I tore that condom off of him and dropped my ass down, raw and balls-deep. He was protesting and trying to get me off of him, but I locked my thighs onto him and rode like I was on a mechanical bull who was trying to buck me off.
      "Give me that fuckin' load!" I demanded.
      His eyes grew so big, he thought I was crazy for sure. "Are you insane? You can't-"
      "Give me your fucking AIDS!" I yelled at him.
      He was still pushing on me to get off, but I was riding him hard and his dick was still steel hard and buried totally up inside me. I think on some level he was loving being inside me the way nature intended, at least his rock hard dick was thrilled about it.
      We literally struggled and fought for at least five minutes, and despite him being significantly bigger than me, I had desperation and hunger on my side. And I won!
      Finally he stopped struggling and only a minute later he grunted and I felt that beautiful dick spewing toxic seed deep into me. Aah, relief.
      I stayed on top of him, not letting him out of my ass, determined to take every single drop his balls had to expel.
      Eventually he opened his eyes and stared me down. "Why would you do that?" Such a sweet guy, he was actually concerned about me.
      I grinned at him, determined to lighten his mood. "Hey, poz guys need to cum, too."
      "Yes, with condoms," he asserted, almost scolding me for being so irresponsible.
      "Hell NO," I retorted. "The fact that you have a viral load means you shouldn't ever have to touch another condom in your whole life. Your seed was made to be spread."
      "Yes, but you-"
      "-would have asked if I was really concerned about it. And if you'd told me up front, I would have insisted we go bare from the start," I assured him.
      "I still don't understand why," he mumbled.
      "Because you've been given the freedom to fuck and not worry about it anymore. It is the responsibility of the guy on the receiving end. If he's concerned about catching something, he should ask ahead of time, he should demand condoms, and he should probably find a safer way to get fucked than anonymous hook-ups."
      He was silent for several minutes, clearly pondering what I'd told him. But I did notice that his dick never softened inside my ass, not even a little bit. Eventually I felt his hands on my hips and he began to buck up into me.
      It appeared that I had done a little reverse on him and changed him into a gifter, and now he was turned on by the idea of delivering his toxic load into me. He looked deep into my eyes and grinned. "So, you want this fucking AIDS seed?"

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