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Adding Me As A Friend

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I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?

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On ‎4‎/‎30‎/‎2016 at 11:14 AM, constructionguy said:

I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?

DEAL, when and where?

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On 4/30/2016 at 11:14 AM, constructionguy said:

I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?


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Deal!  My goal when adding friends on here is to signal that

A. I want them to fuck me

B. I want to fuck them.

C. I want to watch them get bred or facilitate it happening.

D. I want them to whore out my hole.


E. All of the above.

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basically all bottom here, so I want any loads in me and anyone welcome and the more the better.  Fiil my hole completely.

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On ‎4‎/‎30‎/‎2016 at 10:14 AM, constructionguy said:

I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?

Would definitely be an honor if the situation should ever arise!!

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      I didn’t set out to take multiple loads, or even to get into an anon scene. I had been chatting with a handful of guys on BBRTS Sunday, my first day in SF, and nothing really panned out (a lot of “how long are you here for?”). Monday morning I got up, checked messages, and was getting ready to head out for some meetings. One of the guys hit me up again saying how horny he was, and that he was only 10 minutes away. I figured I’d see if he actually showed, so I gave him the hotel and room number. He was fascinated by my profile ass pic, and asked if I could be in that position when he arrived. I offered to be ass up on the bed, door ajar, and he could just come right in.  He was clearly into that scene. I was chatting with a couple other guys while I waited to see if the first showed. 
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      A second guy was asking to come buy. A burly bear with shaved head and goatee. He asked if I had a load in me, and i said yes. That seemed to push him over the edge and he walked over from his office building up the street. Again I left the door ajar, and was on all fours when he arrived. I love the anticipation of hearing the guy strip, unseen behind me, and then feeling his hands on my ass. This guy started fingering my hole, using the lube from the first guy to ease his fingers inside. `He didn’t wait to slide his cock inside.  He was more verbal than the first, asking how his dick felt in my cummyhole. We were both grunting as he pounded my ass, more forcefully than the first guy. He was clearly here to get off. His burly body slammed into my ass over and over, and he finally told me I was getting his load. He unleashed inside, patted my ass, and left a minute later. 
      I was feeling slutty now, and totallly turned on by the anon loads. I went back on BBRTS and chatted a bit more. I decided to post an ad for the hour, and see what happened. Another guy wanted to come by, and I agreed.  He was much faster at cumming than the other two, though for me it was really about having my hole used by a third stranger. After he left his load in me, I scrolled through a few messages. One was particularly mysterious and alluring. No face pic, and not much info. His message was simply that he wanted to breed my hole. He appeared to be fairly close. His cock pic was beautiful, and a bit intimidating. It was long and thick looking. He wanted totally anon cumdump scene.  Sure, why not at this point?  So I gave him the room number.
      He came in wordlessly. I heard him undo his belt, and push down his pants. He picked up the bottle of lube and I heard it pumping out the slick liquid. While I’d seen pics of the three guys earlier, this guy was a total enigma. He was simply a series of sounds behind me, and then I felt the head of his cock pushing up into my hole. Still, he said nothing. My hole stretched wide, and I yelped. He didn’t seem concerned.  His cock pushed my hole open, and I gasped at the size inside me. Long deep strokes were pushing me deeper into the bed, and he was fucking for his own pleasure. I started grunting and groaning, totally turned on by this mysterious fucker. I felt my hole expand and contract around his raw cock as he slipped in and out,His hands moved to my shoulders, and he was pulling me backward and he thrust forward. I couldn’t wait for it. “Fuck yeah! Breed my ass!” Still he pounded me without a word, keeping his strokes long and deep, and all I could do was take it. Without warning he grunted, this thrusts going deep, holding there a moment, and then thrusting deep again. He pushed his weight on me, and thrust over and over again, each one lingering longer inside me. Finally he held himself inside, panting, growling lowly a bit. He stayed there for a couple minutes, and I was just relishing the size of his cock filling me. He slowly pulled out, and I felt my hole cling to his head before releasing it with a wired pop sound. I could feel some of his cum cripple down my balls, pulled out with his cock. His slapped his cock, still hard, against my ass a few times, and wiped it off against my ass cheeks and balls. He dressed wordlessly and then I heard the door close.
      I was spent after that last fuck. I rolled onto my back and stoked myself slowly, relishing the feeling of the pounding I’d just taken, and thinking about the 4 loads from total strangers that were filling my ass. It’s inspired me to head out and be slutty at one of the sex clubs. 
      Let me know if you enjoyed hearing about my cumdump morning by leaving a message or clicking the blue heart below. 
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      Total bottom, love to be held down and fucked Hard, Deep, and Rough. Love taking other mens seed inside me. Will have room April 27 through 29 and seeking as many bareback tops as I can find to fuck and fill me. All loads taken, dont care about race, looks, size, etc. Just be Top and ready to fill me up. Multiple loads, Tagteam, Group, the more the better.  Also into various kink.  If interested in using my hole for your pleasure, let me know.

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