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I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?


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deal and anytime you want to load me do it


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    • By wuffstuff
      Big fan of trannies,  sluts,  and bitches to breed
    • By Lempriere
      We all know how awesome it is to be bred by a top (or to breed a good bottom), and the psychological high which can come from it.  My question -- is there any measurable effect (hormonal or otherwise) known to science (analogous to studies of semen in the vagina) which indicate that cum changes the hormonal balance of the receiver?  
    • By Hollywoodpigbttmfx
      I am a cum dump who will be hosting at the Dunes Inn on Sunset tonight, Monday 5/15 at 8pm. Come by and dump your load in my hungry hole. Bring some friends. Pass my ass around. The more loads the better. 

    • By cum4cubber
      Hi all, this is my first story, based on real events from last night. I hope you enjoy!
      The Bi Virgin
      It was a Friday night and I had had a pretty long week at work, leaving me exhausted and horny as hell. On my way home, I stopped at a fast food joint to grab a bite to eat and popped up Grindr to see if there were any loads around that I could take. The usual old faces filled my cascade rather quickly. However, a pic-less profile sat right next to my picture. He had listed his stats: 28, 185 lb, 5’8”, neg, looking for bigger guys. As a larger cub, this piqued my interest. I popped up his chat and just as I was about to hit send, his message popped up:
      Him: Hey there! You are close.
      Me: Yeah man, just at X restaurant. How are you?
      Him: To be honest really horny. I am stuck in this hotel and really want to play.
      Me: MMMMM. Fucking hot man. I’m here horny as fuck. What r u into? Bottom or top?
      Him: So not really sure… I’m a virgin. Only jerked off a cock before. I think I’m a bottom though.
      I hesitated. I really wanted to take some loads tonight. But I also was boned at the idea of being the first cock to slide up this virgin’s ass. I could feel myself leaking in the restaurant. Suddenly my phone vibrated again and I noticed he sent me a face pic. He was fucking adorable! Shaggy blond hair, cool blue eyes, light scruff on a semi-baby face. I needed my cock in him soon.
      Me: Fuck man, you are hot. You are close, are you staying at the XXX hotel.
      It was the obvious choice. It was the only hotel within a mile.
      Him: Yeah man, wanna come over? Got lube and condoms in case it gets there?
      Me: Sure. I can be right over.
      Him: Room 228.
      I stopped at my car where I have a little first aid kit box repurposed as my sex go-bag (lube, silicon cock rings, condoms for those that insist, hand sanitizer… the basics I want with me at all times). I walked over to the hotel and was to his room in less than 5 minutes. He answered the door in basketball shorts and a tight lycra shirt. He was obviously tenting at the thought of being with another guy. After exchanging pleasantries, he began giggling nervously.
      I put my hand on his waist and pulled him close. I brushed my lips on his and then began to kiss him deeply.
      “Did you like that?” I asked.
      “Yeah,” he said with his nervous giggle. I began to rub his hard cock through his shorts. He let out a light gasp of pleasure. I let my hand wander under his elastic band. Damn, he had a thick cock. Hopefully one day he will use it to bred willing bottoms.
      “I have something I’ve always wanted to do with another guy… do you want to shower with me?” he asked. I could see in his eyes he really wanted to.
      “I’d like that a lot” I responded as I lifted his shirt over his head. I bent down to slide his shorts off, and on my way up gave his cock a nice little lick. He shivered. He then stripped me and led me to the hotel shower.
      After starting the water and getting the temperature just right, he turned and grabbed my hardening cock, stroking it and staring at it while licking his lips. I put my hand on his shoulder and gently pushed down, and he got the message to get on his knees and suck it. As the water bounced off his back he let my hard cock slide deep into his throat. He was gentle as one expects from a fairly novice cocksucker, but it still felt damn good. He bobbed his head up and down on my cock, taking it deeper each time and sucking a little harder each time. Finally he took it a little too deep and found his limit. He gagged on my cock, which just made my cock jump harder and gag him more. He stood up still stroking my cock.
      Without saying a word he turned around and started rubbing my cock on his tight bubble butt. He traced my cock head into his crack and started rubbing my precum on his tight, puckered hole. That made him moan. However, as much as I wanted to thrust forward right then, I could see he was nervous and I also knew he was far too tight and I would tear him.
      “Have you ever been rimmed?” I asked.
      “No, at least, I don’t this so. I’m not 100 percent sure what it is,” he responded. With that I switched spots so the water was to my back (this isn’t my first shower rodeo and I don’t feel like drowning while eating ass) and bent him slightly, spreading his cheeks. His pucker looked so tight. I pushed my face into his ass, darting my tongue in and out of his hole, sucking a bit on the pucker, digging my tongue deeper each time. He let out an amazing moan that made my cock jump. I backed away to admire his growing pucker. I rubbed it with a finger and using my spit as lube slid it in deep. More moans came from him, and I got even harder knowing I’m the first guy to explore this virgin ass.
      I went back to rimming him more, getting more of my saliva in his hole and getting deeper with my tongue. His ass tasted so good. This time, when I pulled back, I tried getting two fingers in. It was still tight, but luckily I put my little pack next to the shower. I grabbed the lube and slid both fingers in. His ass took them deep and squeezed hard. Fuck, it was tight. All I could think about is how much I wanted to breed this tight hole.
      I stood up and started to rubbed my cock on his loosened hole. “Please fuck me,” he begged as he ground his ass on my cock. He grabbed it an lined my head up with his pucker. I felt him lean back, and the tip started to enter. Not wanting a freaking-out virgin on my hands after, I asked, “Yeah you want my cock? Do you want it wrapped or raw?”
      He paused but continued to grind his ass on my cock. Finally, he moaned out the single word I really wanted to hear.
      With that permission, I slowly pushed forward. His hole was so fucking tight, and slowly I got my whole cock head into his hole. It felt so good. He tensed up.
      “Breathe,” I coached, “Just breathe, it will feel really good.”
      He began to relax and slowly I continued to slide my cock into his virgin hole, every inch feeling good in his unused tight ass. Finally, I got all 7 inches in him and felt him grind on my pelvis. I slowly withdrew and then slowly slid my cock back him. He let out an animalistic and unconscious moan of pleasure. His tight hole was milking me and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I picked up the pace of my strokes, and I could feel his tight ass loosening. It felt so good to be breaking in a future bottom slut.
      After a few minutes, his tight hole got the best of me. I was close. “I want to bred you, boy.”
      He panted, “Yes, yes, please, I want this. I really want your cum.”
      That pushed me over the edge. My body tightened and my load flooded his guts. I was washed over with a feeling of pride knowing my DNA was the first to be bred into him ever. He was panting and stood up. He had a huge smile on his face and kissed me deeply.
      “Thank you man. I never thought I would do that. I fucking loved it.”
      After that we finished up in the shower actually showering. He let me know he was in town a few more days so we exchanged numbers. Let see if he wants a second load. No matter what though, I’m glad I could welcome a nervous bi boy into the club of being a slutty bareback bottom.
    • By wuffstuff
      They are fun to fuck, love when they get into the role

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