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  1. Abilene

    Looking for Abilene men to walk in, pump and dump me in my hotel for the next couple nights. No cock or load refused!
  2. Last two loads were from a college freshman and the manager of a local big box store. Manager guy left his front door unlocked for me to walkin, strip, lube and bend over for him to walk out and start deep dicking. He was about 5 minutes into the fuck when freshman walked in. Manager guy slammed his load deep in my ass, then within 5 seconds, freshman mounted a buried his incredibly l-o-n-g cock in me. He fucked hard, slamming atrokes and came really quick. Nothing spoken by any of us. I dressed and left, my ass is sore, but eager for more!
  3. Anonymous loads

    I love the hard thrusting, then the balls deep throbbing as they blast deep!
  4. Anonymous loads

    I have found that living in rural america (SE NM), that I get a lot more loads if it is an anonymous encounter. So many married men don't get what they need at home, so they are much more willing to come over to a dark house in the country with me bent over the end of sofa, lubed, and blindfolded. A couple men/cowboys are texting me almost weekly to come over and pump a load of cum in my ass. I have never seen their faces, but that is fine by me, as long as they keep pumping me full of cum.
  5. ISO Other BBers around ABQ, NM

    Anyone in SE NM needing to drop a load, hmu....any and all loads accepted
  6. Anonymous loads

    Anytime, anywhere!
  7. For the past couple of years, i have been fairly consistently, every couple months, sucking off a VERY thick 7.5/8 inch cock of a guy in his early thirties, who responded to a craigslist ad for anonymous walk in head. He always insists on late night/after dark and always wears a hoodie, sunglasses and hides his face even in my dimly lit living room. Even though, I think I have figured out who he is....a local Baptist preacher. This preacher is ALL man. The head on that cock of his is the biggest I have ever had in my mouth. It is easily the size of a baseball! The shaft is only slightly smaller, and I cannot get my fist all the way around it. He never speaks, but emails me telling me what a good job I do in sucking and stroking his cock. I have only gotten glimpses of his face as it is dark when he comes in for service, with the only light coming from the laptop computer screen I have positioned on a shelf behind me playing porn with 'huge titty blondes" which he has requested. He never touches me other than occasionally holding my head while he pumps my mouth until he cums. He also has a very distinct pube color. I always swallow his load. How have I figured out who he is? His truck. I live out in the country where it is dark as all get out....and have only caught a glimpse, and could tell what make and color. And I can hear it running as he pulls into the driveway and hear its distinct start up when he leaves. So, last Sunday I was running late to morning church services and had to park out a bit further in the lot as usual. After service, I got to visiting with some friends out front as everyone else was leaving. After saying goodbyes, I headed out to my car and saw the preacher and his family getting into a truck like the one that I caught a glimpse of in my driveway....and heard it start up with that same familiarity. I got in my car knowing that I am the preacher's oral bitch! I wonder if the preacher wants to fuck my ass? Hmmmm, I know that is one way to get me to pray....
  8. ISO Other BBers around ABQ, NM

    Any advice on a hotel/motel in albuquerque that is good for walkin, pump and dumps? Visiting in a couple months and want to see where I should stay....
  9. Finally bred by the roommate

    Great job! Keep that ass up in the air and available, and I am sure he will...
  10. Ccbc cumunion

    I love taking raw, rough, and aggressive hairy daddies on. Nothing gets me harder than feeling a hairy chested man rubbing his fur all over my back....and that gets my hole super ready for a hot slam fuck. Once i get a couple loads in me, i usually turn into a hard fuck machine....and keep going until i drop 5-7 loads..and then im ready to lay back, get rimmed and take on all cummers in my drenched holes....mmmm!! Fuck! I'm now hard as a brick and a thousand miles away from ccbc!!!
  11. Ccbc cumunion

    I attended on of the ccbc cumunion events back in the spring of 2015. Loved all the loads i received, and was hot watching all sorts of men get fucked hard and deep! I have got to get back there, possibly this fall...
  12. TBRU 2017

    Can you tell me more about the tbru? I have considered going for the past couple years, and may possibly go this year, finally! Is bb the norm?
  13. Bred at the ABS theater

    I was out of town today to a business meeting about 2 hours away by car. Business finished up earlier than I expected, so i decided that i would head out on the highway home and stop at the ABS along the way, in the next town down the road. It is located along a state highway, so it does get some traffic rolling by, but i was not optimistic for much, since it was only 4pm on a Tuesday. I paid and went into the theater, hoping that someone might drop into the store. I had to only wait about 5 minutes, and i heard a truck pull up outside into the lot. A short minute or two later, i heard the door to the theater open, and watched a tall lean young guy in his mid-twenties lean up against the back wall about 10 feet away. He started watching the flick playing on the screen intently, paying me no mind. Within a couple minutes he had pulled his cock out and was stroking. I moved over a bit closer and asked if he wanted head, and he turned to me and said, " sure, beats stroking it". I pulled my pants down and then sunk to my knees to put his cock in my mouth. Damn! Thicker and longer than i thought! After a few minutes of sucking it as deep as i could, i asked if i could see and hold his nuts while i sucked. He unbuckled and pushed his jeans down. He had THE BIGGEST NUTS!!! EASILY the size of grade A xl eggs. No shit! I rolled them around and tugged on them while sucking on his massive cock. I backed off for a breather and commented up to him while stroking his cock, "you must produce major cums loads with balls this size"!! He said. "if you want to see a big cum load, bend over that bench". As a total cumslut should, i was bent over in less than 2 seconds. He produced a bottle of lube, greased up and slid up inside my ass in one slow push. And then, holy fuck batman....he when primal, pumping hard and deep with that donkey dick. He didn't last more than about 2 minutes, and blasted in me balls deep. As he was pulling his pants up, I asked if he was local to the area or just passing through. He told me what town he lived and i asked if he ever got through the town i live. Yes, he travels through my town 2-3 times a week. I gave him my card.....and told him to call me. He replied to me, "since I am without a girlfriend right now, looks like you are gonna get some cock, since you could take that fuck i just gave you. I'll call you Thursday. Get some more lube, I'm almost out". He left and as soon as the theater door closed i stroked out a load of my own and could feel his load dripping out of my greasy asshole and down my leg. By the time i left in my car and heading down the highway myself, i realized that I best not stop for a bottle of water at a convenience store as i was in light beige dress slacks....i knew the seat of my pants were a mess! Now, 2 hours later and at home, his cumload has dried and plastered my underwear and slacks to my ass. I almost shot another load in the garage when i got out of my car, and peeled it away from my very sore, and now chapped, asslips. Fuck, I'm sore; but have got to be ready for another encounter on Thursday!!!!
  14. Hey. Where in NM are you at? I'm in ABQ.

    1. bbchefnm


      Im in Hobbs.  U ever get down this way?

    2. Raxi Starbeam

      Raxi Starbeam

      Not to Hobbs. Once in a blue moon Las Cruces.

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