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  1. bbchefnm

    Ccbc cumunion

    Looking forward to my first Cumunion event Oct 19 and 20th! Let's fuck!
  2. bbchefnm

    Palm Springs, Oct 17-22...load seeker

    Hit me up!
  3. I will be in PS and looking for loads. Host at resort, or travel!
  4. bbchefnm

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    I have done this in the past. Works great
  5. That is insanely hot! Some of the roughest fucks i have taken have been from "straight" young jocks. Not a care in the world for them, other than fucking any hole they can find until they cum.
  6. bbchefnm

    Anonymous loads

    I finally got my nerve up about 3 years ago to visit a bathhouse while in LA. Awesome experience. Took 9 loads in 4 hours, face down, door open, walkin, pump and dump style. It was a great Thursday afternoon! Hope you give in soon!
  7. bbchefnm

    Anonymous loads

    Visited the local ABS yesterday afternoon. As usual, no one but the clerk was there, but paid and headed back to the peeps. About 10 minutes later, heard the door open and heavy boots walk in and up to the register, then again make their way to the peeps. I moved to the middle booth that has gh on both sides. The guy entered the booth on the left. Not 2 minutes later, pants were open and he was stroking a nice thick 7 inches. Motioned for him to slide through the gh. Sucked him hard for about 5 minutes, then he backed off. I stood up, backed my ass to the hole and then felt fingers then him lining up his cock to my hole. Popped the head in, and slid balls deep. He held almost motionless for a few seconds, flexing and making his cock pulse up my ass. Then he began pulling back then slamming hard into my tight ass. Pumped me deep for about 5 minutes, then growled and pushed deep and squirted his load up in me. He pulled out, zipped up and was gone quick. I assume he was a married oil company guy needing to drop a quick load. No complaints from me!
  8. bbchefnm

    Fickstutenmarkt (Horse Fair)

    Going as a mare or as a stallion?
  9. bbchefnm

    Fickstutenmarkt (Horse Fair)

    I have considered applying to attend. There is a similar type one in the US. If I remember correctly, it's in Vermont or upstate New York.
  10. bbchefnm

    El Paso/las Cruces Area

    I will be in las cruces on feb 23-24, 2018. Looking to get bred....walk in, pump and dump. Ass up and available all night....
  11. bbchefnm

    Best hotel for anon breeding?

    Warwick Melrose!
  12. bbchefnm

    TBRU 2018

    I am planning on being there....first time attendee!
  13. bbchefnm

    Raped In El Paso Video Booth

    The Fiesta is still open. Arcade, 2 theaters, and the drive-in are open. If u need fucked, this is the place to go!
  14. bbchefnm


    Looking for Abilene men to walk in, pump and dump me in my hotel for the next couple nights. No cock or load refused!

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