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  1. Bottom only and love to suck
  2. Like a lot of folks said, it depends... If I had my way, I'd want a good long, rough fuck that ended with him shooting his load deep in my ass. I love to take the load, to feel it and know it's there at the end, the same way I like for a guy to cum in my mouth. Without the load, it just doesn't seem like you really "did it." But I can be flexible. I have a BBC I suck pretty often and he's a fast cummer. But we've been messing around for so long I'm used to it, and I like being of service to him. Occasionally he wants to cum in my ass, and I know it's going to last about 10 seconds. But I let him pop it in and bust. I get the load, he's gets off, but it's hardly what you would call a traditional "fuck." But I still kind of like it. There are times I have a random online hookup and you end up with someone who cums fast, and frankly I just don't walk (or limp) away disappointed. For me it's often about the idea of being fucked the way the top wants. If the guy pumps a load in 5-10 minutes, I might have wanted him to go on for another 15 minutes, but I still feel good that I got fucked and got his load. I think that's the part of me that likes the idea of being fucked as much as getting fucked itself.
  3. Mamabicho

    Deep Penetration

    Yes, we want it all. Like others have said, I love the friction and the feeling of the pistoning in and out, but when you feel them pressing against you and you know it's balls-deep, that's a great feeling as well. Accomplishment, like reaching the bottom of the well, breaking through. If nothing else, it just gives you more friction since they can go in and out more completely if they have the whole thing inside you. I remember the first time a long, but thin dicked guy went all the way in and breached my "second hole" for the first time. I remember it was in the backseat of my car, and I will never forget seeing stars as I immediately knew he had been where no man had gone before. There has to be some sort of nerve endings deep in there that make it more pleasurable, but I'm no expert. Now if a top wants to just get the head in and pump a little I'm not going to complain, that's his call. But if it were up to me, I say keep going until you hit bottom!
  4. Mamabicho

    Why are so many "cum slut" bottoms so picky?

    I think it's pretty obvious that some guys aren't really cumslut bottoms, but just think they are, or want to think they are. Many of us fantasize about what we might want, but when the rubber hits the road we back off. Now when I'm really horny my "standards" are much more flexible, and in group sessions even more so, but there is still a base level of attraction that has to be there. But I'm not a cumslut, at least not a real one, but just a regular slut.
  5. Mamabicho

    Which Do Tops Prefer The Most?

    For the handful of men who've fucked me good and hard enough to make me cum while they are pounding me, they tend to think it's hot when they make me bust. I think most tops know it's not always possible to keep an erection while you have a dick in your ass, so if you can not only get hard but bust that's a sign they are doing something right.
  6. Mamabicho

    Military men

    When I was younger I lived near a Marine base, and once I started hooking up I learned a valuable phrase: the only difference between a straight Marine and a gay one is a six-pack of beer. I'm not sure that's accurate, but there were no shortage of Marines who wanted head or some ass. All that masculinity and bravado cooped up and looking for a release wherever they can get it.
  7. Mamabicho

    why married/straight men hook up with fags

    And from married or straight guys I've hooked up with over the years, a big part is being able to really be as aggressive as they want but are afraid to do with a woman. A guy might want to get really nasty with shit-talking or rough sex or have someone gag on them, but they are loath to do that to a girlfriend or wife. Hooking up and getting blown by or getting some hole from a fag is simple, they don't have to worry about the chit-chat and posturing that a lot of women, even wives and girlfriends, expect before they give it up. I think "straight" men like using fags not because they are gay or bi, but because they like being dominant.
  8. Like most folks I have experienced and enjoyed it both "regular" and "rough" but what I always remember and fantasize about later are the rough, pounding domination sessions. So I'd have to say rough is better for me. It's just a more complete "getting plowed" experience.
  9. Mamabicho

    rape fantasies

    You're certainly not alone with fantasies about "rape" and other things that are taboo or risky. For me, there are things that I know I'll never do that are the biggest turn-on's when it comes to horny fantasies I whack off to... As a friend of mine used to say, it's like the locker room gangbang fantasy. It sounds better for most of us than it probably would be in real life. I know the thought of it is a turn-on for me, and has been a fantasy I've had since a young age, but I don't know if I'd really want to get fucked by 10-15 guys in a row in real life. But who knows Well I do know, I've had 4 guys before and it was fun, but I don't think I could have handled more than that - and that was even with a fair amount of alcohol to "lubricate" me mentally and physically. But there are still times when I'm reading porn or watching it that I think how great taking on that whole locker room would be... It's possible that this is similar to you, it's something that's a part of your fantasy life but since it's not likely to happen it's And as another fellow discussed above, it's probably not really "rape" in the most technical and criminal sense that you're fantasizing about. If you want it, it's not really rape - at least in the way society seems to define the term rape these days. Rough sex, bondage, even physically being pushed to your limits may be "rapelike" but fundamentally not rape since you want it to happen, and unless there's a lot of pain or something else dramatic you would probably want it the millisecond it started. But you’re definitely not alone, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The idea of nonconsensual sex is common in gay porn and discussions. If you doubt it, just search for gay pics, movies and stories regarding prison sex and home burglars and alleyway hookups that go “wrong.”
  10. Mamabicho

    whats your fetish?

    For me it's always been bare feet, sucking toes, especially on Men of Color.
  11. Mamabicho

    When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    Yeah, unless you explicitly get agreement beforehand that the top is to pull out, you should assume he's going to bust inside you. And even if you have that agreement, there's a good chance in the heat of the moment he won't remember or care, and you might not either! I know that's happened to me, especially in the beginning. He would cum in me and I would be mad, but after a few times with different guys all doing the same thing I just gave up and learned to enjoy it.
  12. Mamabicho

    Guys that pull out of your mouth to shoot

    I haven't been to an ABS in years, but I used to go pretty often when I was younger. I never had this happen to me. As with other blow jobs with str8 and bi guys, I find most seem to desperately want to be swallowed.
  13. If I'm getting fucked, I want to be totally naked, not even socks, and prefer my top to be the same. That said, I can't deny that a couple of times I've had my pants down around my ankles for a quickie was kind of hot too. I had a top I hooked up with a few times who liked to fuck with his boxers on, dick through the slit. I thought that was weird, but whatever... Now if I'm sucking, I prefer to be totally clothed. It makes it more purposeful for me, to have it be all about the man I'm sucking, nothing to do with me.
  14. Mamabicho

    Bored of porn?

    I know I get bored at times. I go through fazes where it does nothing for me and then I might go weeks when I gobble up as much as I can. If I get bored with regular porn I sometimes look for more intense stuff and sometimes that gets me in the mood when the typical nuddies and jack off vids from tumblr aren't enough to do the job.
  15. Mamabicho

    Calling the hole a "boy-pussy"

    I've always been turned on by the term boy-pussy or pussy or any of those themed words when getting fucked, but I'm in to submission. I had a regular BBC who called it my "trap" and I never understood the meaning but it didn't matter to me then, as long as he was hitting it! As others said, it's subjective. If you don't like it, let your partner know. A lot of the guys I've been with would probably think the same thing I do, though, which is if you're letting a guy breed your hole who cares what he calls it lol

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