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  1. Add weird ass it might sound, any memory where im a little scared. That turns me on so much
  2. Well,  super horned up,  going to go out to have fun at the glory around lunch

    1. evilalex
    2. Meko


      It was slow,  only 2, but im not going to complain

  3. Hey, I'd like to know the website. let me know   alleycat7g@att.net

  4. Last weekend I decided to rent a room in a nearby city. I posted a few ads online saying that I was looking to take some cock. I left it up to them if they wanted annon or not. I got several messages, so I was hoping for a decent turn out. The first guy was a cute 30 something. Thin with an 8in. He came in and we stripped. I spent maybe 10 minutes working his tool orally until he moved around behind me. He pushed in and started fucking like an animal doggie style. Eventually he shot a nice thick load in me. He dressed and left. I checked my cell and found two other guys (45 and 38) that wanted to come over. After a few minutes talking, they agreed to meet together. A few mins later, I have one in my ass and one in my mouth. They both switch positions until I have both of their loads filling up my hole. It slowed down for a while. I had a guy in his 50s, but nothing special to mention. He was nice, but just wanted a bj. Around 8, I got a message from a hot 25 yo black guy that said he was high and horny as fuck. I said come on over and I'd help him out. He came over and had a huge 10in cock. I quickly switched on slut mode and went to my knees. I worked on him for a half hour before he said he was ready to fuck my brains out. I got into the bed and layed on my back. He lubed up and started pushing into me. It's been a while since I felt that full. He started fucking me like I was his bitch. And I guess I was. We spent the next hour with him tearing my guts up. I was in heaven and didn't notice him texting. Eventually, two of his buddy's showed up, both his age and both with huge dicks. He asked about my limits and I said do what you want. And they did. They doing the rest of the night tag taking me, fucking me until I almost passed out. It was amazing.
  5. There's a website that I use that's kind of like craigslist before their purge. I don't think I can post it here, but hit me up and I'll let you know.
  6. I've woken up to a guy fucking me, I think it's hot. I always let a guy know that I'm up for anything and use this topic as an example.
  7. After a really intense session, I'll spend a day in a hot bath, Epson salts and just relax my body. Then, after getting dry, I use icy hot patches on my legs, thighs and back. Basically I just try to pamper my body for a day.
  8. Just got a nice thick load from a daddy. He held me down when he pushed in his 8 inches. I swear he shot so hard I could taste it.
  9. I learned by practice. There was a local super store that had glory holes in it bathrooms. I was there a few times a week.
  10. 2 poz couples at the same time, me tired to the bed and my ass lubed up. 4 hours later, I'm bruised, filled with cum and covered in sweat. Parting gift was a large plug in my ass to keep from leaking.
  11. Went out with a couple friends yesterday and at the end of the night, went to a rave. Ended up with a load in me in the bathroom, one in me in the back seat of a car and a third one at a guys hotel room. All in all, it was a blast!
  12. I'm a little guarded when opening up about my darker desires. I usually wait until I get a feel for the guy before I tell them I like being raped and abused by one or more men, or that I'm fascinated by blood, or more. I know if I opened with that, I tend to scare some men.
  13. I've been meeting with one black guy and his dick is huge! He knows it's huge and he knows how to use it. My whole body spasms when he's fucking me. 14" I'd amazing
  14. So far, either a really old cemetery in the middle of Knoxville, TN; or a cave

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