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  1. I asked my daddy top what he prefers because he always praises my bi hole being tight (he’s the only one who gets it). He said he can’t get enough of my tight hole but it’d only get better if it got bigger and looser. It has worked open a bit since January and when I’m fucking her and she’s buzzed, passing out, I three finger my hole, thinking of daddies cum shooting in me, as I fuck to shoot my cum mixed with his DNA into her dumb middle aged hole (I’m 10 years her junior).
  2. You should contact MusicCity PReP Clinic! they're excellent and hooked me up with PrEP+ at no cost... [think before following links] https://www.musiccityprep.org/
  3. Today is the big day!! My PrEP+ (Descovy+Tivicay) shipment just arrived about 20 minutes ago and after reading all of the enclosed material, I took my very first dose 5 minutes ago! I’ve been rock-fucking-hard since I took my dose. It’s been such a long wait since finally pulling the trigger on PrEP and decided to explore my sexuality I’ve repressed for so long. My physician said to wait 7 full days before putting it use, grrr, the excruciating wait continues! I normally try to play as safe as possible and I’m sure luck has played a role so far. Now I need to pin down a top I can be sure is free of the rest of STI’s...
  4. I finally decided to take advantage of no-cost PReP (Descovy) through Music City PReP Clinic! They’re super nice and helpful, I recommend looking them up if you’re after PReP. My prescription was put in this morning and I expect my meds to arrive Monday and hope to find a big load to take 7 days later. I still have to be very careful about others STI’s I’m not vaccinated for. I must play discretely at this time.. I have been bred a handful of times in the past which led to extreme paranoia, but now I’m so anxious to get pumped full of cum! I hope I can get in touch with my usual/occasional playmate. If you’re in/around Johnson City, TN hit me up! Just wanted to make this post to memorialize today...really need to get motivated to start posting a fuck diary..
  5. Only taken 4... rolled back on my shoulders and gave myself a facial sprayed my top who was holding me too
  6. I usually have a little precut when I get in and stripped. The first 10-15 strokes almost always pushes a good amount of precum out, which feels like a full load cumming out. I’m bi but have had major trouble getting fully hard lately, I’d honestly rather take a good sized hard cock and have what he calls anal orgasms which are more intense than from just my cock. I truly don’t miss having a throbbing cock pumping cum anymore, my anal orgasms are so much more intense. I don’t know how to handle my hetero relationship now because I really prefer to have my cum fucked out of me instead. Maybe I’ve truly cum to understand a dumb bitches role as a receptacle...
  7. Interesting; I’ve noticed the same thing a couple times.
  8. I think it’d be a great thing with an open minded partner; barring jealousy and mistrust..

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