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Bottoming At A Fuck Party

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The weekend was approaching and I was cruising for some action on Craigslist. I noticed an ad stating there was going to be a barebacking fuck party and they needed more bottoms.  So, being a committed BB bottom, I responded.

The guy (Sam) explained he and his buddy (Nick) were renting two adjoining rooms for the weekend at a hotel and there would be no more than four bottoms - they were both bottoms and needed two more bottoms for the party. They were renting two adjoining rooms each with two queen beds.  After exchanging notes, I understood that I needed to be:

1. Cleaned out at all times, including before I arrived for the party. Additional enemas would be administered as needed.

2. I could not refuse any cock and its load.

3. Poz loads were a definitely a possibility, and, were highly likely.

4. The party started Friday evening and continued until Sunday afternoon.

5. My holes were to be available for loads the entire time.

6. All fucking was going to be bareback - absolutely no condoms were allowed!

Being neg, I worried about the poz loads, but the lure of that much cock invading my ass over a weekend was too much to resist. I signed on.

I arrived cleaned out, but had mentioned my predilection for wine enemas. Having brought my own supply of wine, and it still being early on Friday afternoon, Nick and Sam, the organizers of the party, gave me a nice wine enema upon my arrival - 50-50, white wine (it doesn't stain if leaked) and water. I let it soak in for an hour and just after expelling it, our first two tops arrived, Being a bit tipsy, I was ready to suck and fuck.

We had drawn numbers as to who would be invaded by the first cock.  I had been lucky enough to be number two, and so it was in no time I had sucked the second cock nice and hard before rolling over to feel its owner stick it deeply into my tight (well, within reason), asshole. I was in heaven, taking my first cock, and its load, of the weekend. One I knew would be the first of many cocks and loads, far outpacing anything I'd done up until this moment.

As I was getting my hole pounded by more cocks, er..., more tops showed up. I reveled in knowing that some, if not all, would be using my hole for their pleasure, and that I'd be taking my pleasure from them. At that moment, only slightly high, the knowledge that some loads would be poz, crossed my mind... I also knew that I had agreed to taking any and all loads and that, most likely, I would not know the "status" of any cock and its load inside me. Though still somewhat sober, I knew I was committed for whatever was going to happen to me.

After responding to the ad, and finding out the "rules," I'd done some soul searching and finally decided that, if I hadn't already done so, sooner or later I'd take an, unknown to me, and even perhaps to its giver, a toxic load that would poz me. Getting pozzed, or, somehow, "dodging the bullet," was going to be a matter of fate. Perhaps, like some, Maybe, by an odd stroke of luck, I was resistant to the virus. Perhaps not, but travelling the path I was, of barebacking every cock I took, unless its owner wanted a condom, could (would?) result in me getting converted sooner or later. I had decided to stop worrying about getting knocked up and just accept it when it happened.

Soon enough, my first load was in, and it was followed in no time at all by three more. Then there was a lull in the action, so, Sam suggested another wine enema, and of course, loving enemas, and wine enemas even more, I agreed. About the time it had soaked in nicely, six more tops showed up. I quickly lost the enema so my hole could be at their service.

I began to lose count of who had their cock inside me and how many loads I'd taken so far. Part of the problem is that, since two of us were sharing a bed, sometimes the top went back and forth between our assholes. But also, the tops were circulating between beds and assholes, so who knew what cock was inside them, and for that matter, who cared?

After who knows how many cocks and loads, someone decided I needed yet another wine enema. Who was I to protest? After letting it soak in, and expelling it, I noticed a clock read 11:00 PM and things were getting lively, As soon as one cock unloaded into me, it was replaced by yet another one, I was now beyond knowing, or caring, whether or not it had left its load in me. Viral status? What did the word "toxic: mean at the moment? Neither my asshole nor my inebriated brain cared.

Yeah, there were guys, who as I recall now, who had scorpion and what (I now know to be bio-hazard) tattoos in the room, but which cocks had slid into my ass - well, by now, I no longer recalled, nor cared. Now I know what those tats meant, but at that point, I didn't. Not that it would have mattered. Poz loads were now not just accepted, they were readily accepted. Poz loads are part of barebacking, and I was an eager and committed barebacker. Poz loads are simply part of the deal, and sooner or later, one will convert you or not.

I do recall one guy mentioning, as he shoved his cock balls deep into me, "I hope you enjoy my hot load."

I asked him what ne meant by that, and he said he was pumping me full of his poz load. He sure wasn't the only one to tell me that, but which guy and which cock he was connected to began to blur. At that point, I knew I'd signed onto taking poz loads and at this point, so much poz seed was inside me, more wouldn't really matter.

The guys (whomever) gave me another wine enema, and after that, sometimes I woke up vaguely knowing my hole was getting fucked really hard and good. I have no idea how many cocks and loads I took.

At one point though, I was woken out of my drunken stupor by anal pain! My hole didn't just ache. The pain was intense! Stabbing! I finally realized that that something huge was inside me and that it was furiously pistoning in and out of me! "Take my poz load you bitch!" Well, I was just conscious enough to know that this guy was pounding the hell out of my hole and he was going to pump a deadly load really deep inside me, and... I was ready for it! I just relaxed, laid there, and reveled in the sheer pain he was giving my hole! I was calm, even though the pain of him ripping me open was intense. The wine numbed me and made it okay. I willing took his toxic load, and if he pozzed, me, then it was fate. In fact, as I laid there and faded back into sleep, I craved his huge cock and the toxicity of his load. Then I fell asleep again.

I don't know how many other cocks unloaded into me after I fell asleep. I don't care. I just appreciate that their owners deemed fit to use my abused, open, receptive hole for their pleasure, even while I was drunkenly asleep. Maybe it was as much of a turn on for them as it was for me, to know they used my hole while I was "out." Whatever happened to me while I was that drunk, I deserved.

In the morning, I awoke, my hole ached, but, as agreed, I stayed for Saturday's fun. Every stroke hurt my hole, which I accepted as my just dues as an anal bottom. with a hole for someone else's use and pleasure, (including mine, even if it hurt).

Yes, sure enough, the fuck flu hit me - pretty hard - as one would expect. I am no longer the neg fresh meat at these parties (I am now part of the trio that organizes them, and I know I was somewhat set up, but I don't care, I had it coming and knew the risks going in), but my (not so longer tight) hole is still appreciated by all of the tops.

Plus, even though I am a committed bottom, I have enjoyed sharing the gift, both as a bottom, as well as the occasional top.

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WOW!!!!  would absolutely, definitely, no hesitation, volunteer and sign up to be a submissive bottom for a party like this!

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Wow, first thing I have read on this site.... Do people do this? Wow very horny. Going to try the wine thing.

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LOve to be the BB BOTTOM for a party like this . Have tight hole and want some hung tops to train  to take any poz load

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    • By HornedBottom
      Being bred by poz tops turns me on so much - I love begging for their toxic loads- Behind my Partner’s back - 
    • By Hotload84
      It was my first time going to this party.  While it wasn't advertised as a bareback party, I assumed some of the guys would fuck raw.
      Arriving at the front door, my stomach lurched with anticipation as I rang the door bell, honestly not sure if I really wanted to go through with this, however at that second the door opened and a hot boy of 6' maybe 160 pounds was standing in the doorway, his hard cock stuffed into a pair of tight undies.
      "Hi, there," he said as he gave me a quick kiss.  I responded by groping him.
      I get undressed in the main room, I feel all these eyes on my 28 year old, 5' 9" 160 pound body.  My cock immediately sprang to attention.  Grabbing my poppers, I stepped into the main room, my 6 1/2 inch CEO leading the way.
      It was somewhat dark, still I could hear moans and grunts, as well as the sounds of cocks being sucked down a throat or two, but it I didn't get the impression anyone was fucking.  A bit disappointed I stood in the midst of the attendees, as I stroked myself, watching the show.  Directly in front of me was a big daddy who was facing a kneeling boy who was busy sucking daddy's cock.  Daddy looked over, took my cock into his paw, and stroked me.  Moving a bit closer to Daddy, I was not unhappy when Daddy pulled his boy off his cock and shoves his mouth down on me.  The cocksucker's mouth was hot, wet and warm and man, he was an expert at deep-throating!
      Taking a hit of poppers, I felt Daddy come up behind me as he slid his big rigid cock against my crack.  At this point the cocksucker's efforts felt real good, especially since a cock was probing my crack.  Taking another big hit off my poppers, I felt Daddy's cock head rubbing my hole, trying to punch through.  Daddy spat on his cock and tried again as the cocksucker reached between my legs and guided Daddy's big cock to my hole.  Daddy's cockhead felt extra slick, which made me wonder of the cocksucker had added some of his spit (or precum) to make Daddy's entrance less difficult.  Again I hit my poppers, and as I did so, Daddy's cock slid into my hole.  Fuck, it felt so good.
      Reaching back, I gave his cock a feel, confirming Daddy was fucking me bare.  I could knew he was deep into my body.  Part of me wanted to panic and I likely made some move to slid off of Daddy, but the cocksucker wedged me into position so I couldn't extract myself.  Daddy meanwhile whispered "Man, your ass feels amazing.  My cock loves you," as he also encouraged me to take a few more hits of poppers.
      At this point I was super hard from the guy sucking me and getting really wet and loose from the cock sliding up my ass.  While I was somewhat conflicted, but pleasure won out as the Daddy fucking me was really hitting my prostate and I almost came down the throat of the guy blowing me.  Nevertheless I managed to hold off until I heard Daddy moan.  Quite involuntarily my hole tightened which caused Daddy to again moan as he pulled my body in tight as his cock throbbed in my ass.  I (and my ass) felt warm and fulfilled.  This was something I had never done, I had never had a raw cock up my hole, nor had I ever actually been loaded.  Immediately I recognized what I had been missing all these years.
      No sooner had Daddy withdrawn when the guy who had been sucking my cock took Daddy's place, sliding in without missing a beat.  I remember thinking 'For a cocksucker this guy sure knows how to top', and after scarcely six strokes I felt his load join the Daddy's load.  Yeah, the cocksucker had shot a huge load up my ass, so much that when he withdrew his cock was covered in slime and cum and ass juices were oozing down my thigh.  
      Shaken a bit, and definitely high from the poppers, I slowly walked out of the room looking to grab a quick smoke, even as I noticed the atmosphere of the party was picking up.  Noticing there wasn't a condom in sight, I commented as much to the houseboy.
      Laughing, he explained "The regular party was earlier this evening.  It turned into a raw party around 11:00."
      It occurred to me his explanation made some sense, as earlier in the evening no one had been fucking, whereas, as best I could figure, I had been fucked by Daddy precisely at 11:00.  As I thought about the houseboy's explanation when I felt fingers exploring my hole.  It was the houseboy, sporting a big grin as he felt the loads up my ass.  His eight incher was brushing against my thigh as he whispered "Your ass is wet and hot.  Let me add my load."  At this point I figured I was in for a penny, so I might as well go in for a pound, so I gestured towards the party room and moved in that direction.  The houseboy's finger slid out of my hole but he made a show of licking it.  My cock got even harder.
      As I walked in the room the mood had changed and guys were fucking and sucking like no tomorrow.  Hearing a groan, I turned my head to see a guy's ass tremble as he unloaded in a hot Latin guy.  I also heard the top whisper "Enjoy that dirty load," as he withdrew, stepping aside as another man took his place.  All I could think was "I'm glad that isn't me."
      My senses were brought back to reality when I felt the houseboy come up behind me as he slid the head of his cock into my hole.  Sliding back, I relished the sensation of his large balls on my ass.  At that point he proceeded to ram me.  His balls slapped my ass and I couldn't hold back and rammed back on his cock and tighten my hole.  I guess I liked the loads squirting around and knowing I was getting this guy off.  I feel his cock get harder and he groaned as he filled me up with his load.  As he pulled out he said "I forgot to mention.  This is also a pozzing party."  With that he slapped my ass and walked out.
      With this realization I freaked but was harder than ever.  I look over and that Latin guy was getting creamed again.  Once the guy finished I walked over, scooped some of the cum from my ass, lubed my cock and rammed it in the guy.  His hole was sloppy and wet.  I just went for it and kept fucking.  It didn't take me long and I just let loose with a huge load.  I pulled out and saw my cock was covered in cum.
      After cleaning up my cock I went to my hole.  Worried, I saw it was leaking pink cum.  While freaked, I quickly accepted the reality of what I wanted, indeed what I was meant for.  
      Three months later I tested poz.  Since then I have been going to this party every weekend.
    • By bonsoir
      bottom here looking to be bred and swallow loads- any loads obviously accepted:) looking for Dom top to help whore me out and organise a  Gangfuck.
      any takers? 
    • By sse4me
      Looking for a little fun, I did a search for the local gay bars. I picked one of three and stopped in to see what I could scare up.  After nursing a beer at the bar for a while, a nice looking guy approached me and asked whether or not the stool beside me was taken.  I told him I'd be happy to have someone to chat with.  At first we talked about the weather and local happenings before he mentioned, "I haven't seen you here before."
      "Yeah, it's my first time here," I answered.
      Getting to the point, he asked, "Well, just what are you looking for?"
      "A few hot loads up the ass."
      "Well, I guess that sums it up pretty well."
      "I think so," I replied as I smiled and looked him directly in the eyes. "Got any to share?"
      "Any conditions?" he asked.
      "Yeah, bareback, and no sky high VL counts," I replied, adding "Due to 'circumstances' little while ago, I just bareback only poz cocks.  Are you poz?" I asked.
      "Yes, I am."
      "On meds?"
      "No, not yet."
      "How long have you been poz?"
      "A couple of years now."
      "Do you know your load count?"
      "Well, it's not as low as a guy on meds, but it's not ragingly toxic anymore either."
      "You're exactly what I'm looking for.  Not undetectable but not totally lethal either.  Wanna fuck?  My hole is cleaned out and it's eager to entertain charged up visitors."
      "Yes, now."
      "How do you like it?" he asked.
      "Hard and rough, but you have the cock and I merely have the hole, so once you're inside me, you're the one in control if it."
      "It sounds as though you understand who's in charge during a fuck.  Your place or mine?"
      "Do you live near here?"
      "Your place then.  Let's go and fuck!"
      We paid up and left the bar.  I followed him to his place.  It didn't take us long to get naked and down to business.  After sucking his dick to get it nice and hard, he lubed it up and used his fingers to poke some lube into my hole.  He wasn't huge at about 7-1/2" long, but he his cock was nicely thick at the root.  I couldn't wait to feel him balls deep inside my hole.  I got into the knee-chest position and felt him get behind me.  I reached around to guide his cock to my hole.  I had his cock head centered against my hole and he eased forward a bit, opening me slightly, to get firmly aimed for the entry.
      "Ready?" he asked.
      "Ram it in and be brutal!  Have no mercy on my hole!"
      I hadn't been fucked in months and hadn't even played with my toys lately, just so I could enjoy the savage and ruthless entry of a nice, thick rod.  Instantly he rammed his hard cock into me.  I felt the agony of sharp, stabbing pain, just as I had hoped.  My asshole silently screamed its pain into my body, and I relished the agony, hoping he had caused some fissures.  With the next stroke, he drove into me balls deep, the agony in my hole continuing.  I moaned, loving the abuse he was giving my hole, which seemed to spur him on because he continued to sharply pound my hole.
      Sadly, the pain began to subside.  I really do love that searing pain of feeling as if my hole is being ripped open, the pleasure of my tight hole being stroked by his cock.  Not that the ebbing pain wasn't pleasurable - in its own way.
      After a few minutes of pounding my hole I felt his strokes begin to slow, then become harder and ever more purposeful, pausing at the bottom of every entry.  I knew he was ready to pump his charged load deep inside my colon.
      "Take my hot load deep up your ass!" he moaned.
      "Pump every dirty drop from your balls deep inside me," I answered.  And, after a few more strokes, he collapsed on top of me.  "Just stay deep inside me, plugging your load in me," I whispered. "Don't let one hot drop trickle out."
      Alas, after a while, his dick softened and slid out of me.  We took a break, shared some wine, and chatted. We quickly agreed that at least one more loading of my hole was in order.  After half an hour he asked, "Are you ready to take another load?"
      "Yeah! Fuck my hole with your toxic seed!"
      He was already at half mast, so lubing his cock immediately brought it to full mast.  I laid on my back for this fuck, so I could see his eyes and kiss him as we coupled.  He guided his cock to my hole and easily entered it. His eyes fixed on mine as he entered me.  I saw the intent on his eyes, to give my hole a good workout as he gave me another load.  Once again, he pounded away at it.  Being our second fuck, he lasted a lot longer and steadily drilled me with long, strong strokes, finally discharging the contents of his balls deep inside me yet again.  As he laid there, having just delivered his second charged load into me, as the last one was still soaking its way into my bloodstream, he asked "So, how long have you been poz?"
      "I'm not poz," I answered.
      Startled, he asked, "You're neg?!"
      "Yeah, as of my last test, six weeks ago.  You're my first poz cock since then."
      "Oh my God! I thought you were poz!  You said that 'due to circumstances,' you only bareback poz cocks!"
      "I thought you meant you had gotten pozzed."
      "I figured you might think that."
      "But...?"  He was at a loss for words, giving me a puzzled look.
      "Something was missing.  The thrill was gone.  I've always barebacked, unless my top wanted a rubber, and I've always advertised for DDF tops, but taking raw loads got to be too ordinary.  I wondered, 'What will it take to put the spark back into getting buttfucked?' and then it hit me, that I needed to start taking loads from poz guys.
      "The whole idea of letting a poz cock pump its load into me, the risk of getting pozzed, was intoxicating.  I placed a CL ad looking for a poz top.  One of the responders turned me on to breedingzone.com.  Boy oh boy, did I ever learn a lot in a couple of weeks, but even so, I was even more committed to taking loads from poz guys.  I don't want to get pozzed - I'm just looking for the thrill of taking a known hot load and then waiting it out to see whether or not I got knocked up.  At first I thought I was a bug chaser, but since I don't want to get pregnant, I'm just what someone termed a 'load chaser.'  Anyway, since I've always barebacked, sooner or later, I'm going to get pozzed, so why not have fun getting converted?"
      He laid there with his dick still inside me.  I felt it begin to get hard again.  Obviously, my candidness about hot loads got him turned on.  He began to stroke in and out of me.
      "Are you ready for another hot load?"
      "Pound the hell out of my hole!  Fuck it until its sore, raw and bleeding before you cum!"
      With that, he began to thrust harder and deeper.  Being the third fuck of the evening, he really had to work at pounding another load out, but finally, he managed to do so.  And sure enough, my hole got so sore and raw, it bled.  His cock had tinges of my blood on it after he pulled out of me.  Not a good sign for me about remaining neg.  All the better for his toxic seed to seep into my bloodstream, in case it hadn't already soaked through my colon walls. The greater the risk, the greater the thrill!  After he rolled off me he asked, "Well, what now?"
      "Well, normally, I wait before taking on another cock to see whether or not the fuck flu hits.  If it doesn't, because you can get converted without it, I wait another month to get tested.  Then, if the results are negative, I look for another hot load, but, just for tonight, if you don't mind having me around until dawn, do you have any poz friends who may be showing up tonight at the bar?  Poz friends who like to fuck neg holes?  In the meantime, I'll take some wine enemas and you can slut out my hole to any cock you can get to fuck it?  I have an enema bag in my car."
      "Well," he replied, "as a matter of fact I do have some poz friends who love to load up neg holes.  I'll get some wine for you, but forget going to your car for your bag.  You can use mine.  Let me get your first wine enema into you, then I'll call a few friends and post an ad on CL.  Let's see just how many poz loads we can get up your ass tonight!"
    • By BelgianBBslut
      Slut will be in Berlin 26 - 30/11/'14
      Looking for loTs of fun. Few limits.

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