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    This happened quite a long time ago now and I've never told anyone about it. First of all, I should say I don't really like stealthing and I've never done it - I don't want to take anyone's choices away from them - but that's just my view. I've always known that it happens - and this is the story of the time it happened to me. It was 1996 and I had not long turned 30. After many years of carefully practising safe sex, I was starting to have sex without condoms. At first it was only as a top, then I let a few guys fuck me without a condom and cum in my arse. I knew I was enjoying unprotected sex - the feelling of shooting my load right up someone's arse with no condom was becoming addictive. I was also starting to enjoy being fucked bare and had enjoyed taking a few load in my arse. I knew that if I continued doing this there would be consequences and so, after thinking about it very seriously, I decided to go back to using condoms on every occasion. One afternoon I was on a training course in central London and when it finished I decided to check out the toilets at Marble Arch. The toilets were situated underground in the maze of passages that led to the various exits from the underground station and the park. There was a load of urinals at one end and down at the other end two rows of cubicles down the side and a long row of cubicles along the back. The toilet was very active and I had enjoyed some very horny fun in there. Guys would cruise down at the cubicles where you couldn't be seen and a lot of sucking and even fucking went on in these cubicles. A lot of people used to climb up on the toilets and watch the action in the next cubicle as you couldn't easily be seen from the main part of the toilet. I was feeling horny and was hoping to get some action. The toilet was always busy in the late afternoon and early evening with guys on their way home from work and students coming out of the nearby university. I had lube and condoms with me so I was all ready. The toilet was quite busy and I cruised around for a while and then I caught the eye of a dark haired guy in trackie bottoms and a T shirt. He was just my type and he seemed to be interested in me. He looked to be late 20s, early 30s, with hairy arms and slightly dark skin and from the bulge in his trackies I guessed that he had quite a big cock. Whe a cubicle became vacant I went in and he followed me. I sat down on the toilet and he stood in front of me. I reached up and pulled his trackie bottoms and pants down and his cock sprang out. I was not disappointed and wasted no time in taking his big thick cock into my mouth. I sucked him for a while and he sighed and then pulled his cock out and indicted to me to lick his balls. I licked his balls for a while and then he pushed his cock back into my mouth and I started sucking him again. I thought he was going to let me suck him until he came in my mouth but after a while he pulled his cock out and indicated to me to stand up. He moved in close and said "I want to fuck you," softly in my ear. I was very turned on by the thought of this fit lad fucking me with his big thick cock and soon I was bent over the toilet with my arse lubed. I had given him a condom which he had rolled on to his cock without comment and soon I felt the head of his big cock pushing into my arse. I spread my legs more and soon he was pushing his cock right up me. I hadn't been fucked for a while and it hurt at first, but he gave me a moment to get used to his cock and then he began to fuck me. He started off slowly and then began to fuck me a little harder. His cock slipped out my arse and he pulled my cheeks apart and pushed his cock back up me. I was really turned on now as he began to fuck me harder. If anything, his cock seemed to feel even bigger in my arse as he took hold of my hips and began to fuck me really hard. I knew he was getting close and soon his breathing got heavier and he thrust hard up my arse a few times and then pushed his cock right up me and held it there. When he finished cumming he pulled out and as I got up and turned round he had pulled off the condom and was wiping his cock with a tissue. I grinned at him and he grinned back, stuffed his cock back into his pants and left the cubicle. A short time later I was on the train back to west London. The train was busy and I had to stand all the way but I didn't care. I was feeling good and I had just enjoyed a really enjoyed a good hard fuck. As the train sped out of London I became aware of a wet, squelchy feeling in my arse. I knew I was still lubed from the fuck, but this felt like more than just lube. In fact, it felt like I had a load of cum in my arse..... I got off the train and walked round towards my flat, still feeling the wet sensation in my arse. Near the station there was a patch of vacant land with a couple of billboards in front of it. I went behind one of the billboards, pulled my pants down and squatted. I pushed and a big load of cum spurted out my arse, followed by some more and then some more. I didn't know what to think. I knew the guy had used a condom and at first I thought it must have split. Then I wondered if he had removed it? I was shocked and I was also annoyed with myself - I had promised myself I wouldn't take any more risks and I told myself I should have checked that he still had the condom on. After a while I deciced to put the experience behind me and make sure I played safe on every occasion in future. A few weeks later I was in central London again on the Saturday afternoon meeting some friends for a birthday lunch in a pizza restaurant. The restaurant was busy and at the next table to us there was a group of young lads who looked about 18 or 19. It was late afternoon when we finished and, feeling hormy again, I decided to check out the toilets at Marble Arch. It was not so busy this time, but when I went down to the cubicles the first person I saw was the guy who had fucked me a few weeks before. He was just entering a cubicle and I was fairly sure I had seen someone entering it just in front of him. I waited and after a short time, someone came out of the cubicle next to the one the guy had gone into. I went in to the cubicle, shut the door, climbed quietly up on to the toilet and looked over. The dark haired guy was in there with someone - and I realised it was one of the young lads from the pizza restaurant - a small blond haired lad. The lad was sitting on the toilet sucking on the dark haired guy's cock. I unzipped my jeans and began to play with myself as I watched the young lad sucking the guy's cock. He sucked him for a while and then the dark haired guy pulled his cock out of the lad's mouth and motioned to him to stand up. The lad stood up and the dark haired guy whispered something in his ear. A short time later, the lad was bent over the toilet, his jeans and his white underpants down at his ankles and I had a perfect view from above as the dark haired guy pushed his condom clad cock slowly up his slim arse. I noticed that, as he did so, he pushed the condom half way down his cock.... He began to fuck the young lad, slowly at first, and then he began to fuck him a bit harder. He fucked him for a while and then his cock slipped out the young lad's arse. In just a few seconds, the dark haired guy had removed the condom and pushed his cock back up the young lad's arse. He began to really fuck the young lad now and I had a perfect view from above of this big, thick, hairy cock thrusting up the young lad's pale, slim arse - now without a condom. I knew this should't turn me on but somehow it did and I was wanking now as I watched him take hold of the lad's hips and begin to fuck him harder. I could see the dark haired guy was getting close and I looked at the young lad. His eyes were closed and he had a look of sheer pleaseure on his face as he pushed his arse back against the dark haired guy's thrusts. Just then the dark haired guy thrust hard up the lad's arse a few times and then pushed his cock right up him and held it there. I knew we was cumming in the young lad's unprotected arse and as he did I shot my load down the cubicle wall. The dark haired guy left the cubicle and I watched as the young lad pulled up his pants, totally unaware that he had just been bred. I found it hard to stop thinking about the scene I had witnessed and I was shocked by how much it had turned me on. I thought back to the load I had taken a few weeks before and how good it had felt in my arse. That night I drove up to Hampstead Heath and before long I was bent over being fucked - without a condom. I let two more guys fuck and breed me before fucking a young black lad without a condom and shooting my load right up his arse. As I drove home I could feel the cum sliding out into my pants and I knew I wanted more. The guy who stealthed me had unleashed something inside me - and I was now on a different path.
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    Today is my birthday. Worship me!
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    by SwampRat (1/20/99) John and Mark were good friends. At least once a week they would meet in a bar and chat. Sometimes they would go back to Mark's place and have sex. Afterwards, John returned to his own apartment to clean himself up, leaving his sometimes lover to become 'just a friend' again. Deep down it hurt Mark a little - He was gay and enjoyed being gay. John on the other hand was... well, John. Whatever he was he was not gay - he just like looking at other men, and fantasizing about having sex with them. But he only did it with Mark, and only as a top. But he was definitely not gay! One night they both had a little too much to drink, and Mark tried to talk his 'lover' into taking a cab home, but John disagreed. "I can drive." He got in the car, and Mark, shaking his head, got in as well. Not so much because he believed John could drive, but to make sure his friend got home alright. As they went down the road, John got horny. He unzipped his pants and pulled his semi-hard dick out. Mark noticed and reached over to play with it, always enjoying the feel of a dick in his hand. Undoing his pants as well and playing with his own erection, then pumping them together. They both creamed so hard that they blacked-out for a moment. Just long enough to slam into an oak tree that was close to the road. When the firemen arrived they just watched the wreck finish burning, put out what remained of the car, and left the rest to the police. It was ruled as an accident caused by oil on the road. A guard-rail was put around the bend, and a few attended the services (both bodies were burned to ash), saying what a shame that people had to go like that. John awoke to find himself on the floor of a dark room. There seemed to be no windows, nor any door - just what felt like a bed and a single candle set into the wall. He wondered what the Hell was happening when suddenly the candle lit by itself. Blinded by the sudden glare, the man stumbled back and fell onto the bed. It was only then that he noticed he was naked. and that he wasn't alone. A creature stood on horse-hooves, strong back-bent legs sliding up into a muscular, almost human, body. The creature was rounded off with a canine muzzle topping the thick neck. 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 dick... and what a dick! Long as his forearm, a wrist-thick maleness swayed over a bull's ball-sack. It swayed even more as the creature clopped up to him, giving the human a good look at the dark meat with its thick tip, throbbing veins, and spicy scent. A clawed hand gripped the base and lifted it up so it almost touched John's nose. He shrank back, putting up his hand. The log was slid into it, as the creatures hips move a little. Shocked, John pulled completely away this time, scuttling back on the bed until his shoulders hit the wall. The monster growled and grabbed him, throwing him onto his belly. He swung a hairy leg over and mounte John's ass. John felt the thick, hot cock root around between his cheeks a few times before it stabbed inward. He screamed as it forced its way inside. His fingers clutched the sheets, helpless to stop the creature pulling his hips back. Shoving down in his tight ass, it growled lustily over him. John tried not to enjoy being raped, at having his body abused and used for another's pleasure. But it truth, he did enjoy it. He liked feeling the thick meat move in and out of his ass. Soon he was pushing back, wanting more of the big dick. His own erection bobbed and dribbled pre-cum as the creature grunted, pushing his hips back at the hairy crotch. "So you do like it." A gravely voice growled over him. John froze as the creature came deep in his guts. He shuddered. "And you like to feel cum splashing hot and wet inside you, don't you?" He shook his head, still gripping the bed. "No ... no, I don't. I can't... I can't enjoy being fucked." He tried not to notice the meat hot and throbbing inside his ass, the squishy sounds of semen pumped into his butt. "I can't! That would make me a..." "Queer!" The creature snarled in his ear, pulling the half-hard dick out of him, wiping it on his butt, and leaving. John curled up and whimpered, wishing he was someplace else. Wishing anything but. Hooves clopped again on the floor, and again he was thrown on his stomach, a big piece of male-meat seeking, then stabbing itself in his ass. He cried out when fingers encircled his cock, stroking its already hard length, fighting the illicit pleasure. Mark awoke in a carbon copy of the room. He shook his head and looked around, noticing he was naked. "Where am I?" he wondered aloud? "Does it matter?" He turned at the deep voice to stare at what could have been a twin to what was making John scream. "Wow..." Mark breathed, unable to take his eyes off the hunk. It showed its body off, hooves clopping on the floor as it turned, giving him a view of its round, masculine butt-cheeks. "Wow..." he said again, getting a chuckle from the creature. It looked over its shoulder at him and Mark needed no second invitation! He crossed the floor in two steps, slapping hand to ass, gripping the muscles. "Mmmmmmm." He nipped the hard shoulder softly, caressing the male's rear, panting over the beautiful guy - wolf head and horse-legs notwithstanding. "You are getting me horny." Mark laughed softly and pressed his aching hard-on into the hot cheeks. "Got ya beat." Mark whispered, moving his hands around to grip the rising cock. "Oh Wow!" He had Dreamed about such dicks, stroking them, sucking them, having them up his rear until they blew all over. His hands gripped the creature's butt, holding it tight as he frigged the big male-meat. He knelt and nipped/kissed the cheeks, then rocked back as its pole swung into view. Fingers curled around the thickness, tugging it towards a salivating mouth. Mark sucked on the head, flicking it with his tongue, loving the taste, the size, the groans as he jerked what wouldn't fit, until with a roar, it exploded in his mouth. So much cum he couldn't drink it all and some dribbled down his chin and onto his chest. Still he stroked the creature's dick, keeping it erect. He felt himself pulled up and the wolf-man kissed him, licking up the excess from around his mouth, delving in to french-kiss the man hotly. As he moaned and rubbed the big arms Mark was lifted, carried to the bed and kissed again. His legs were slipped up onto the beast's strong shoulders, his ass exposed to the throbbing pole. The human moaned, wriggling his hips, relishing the feeling of the thick head split him open and slide through his anus. There should have been pain, he thought. He was taking a dick the size of a horse inside him. But except for some twinges, mostly made by clawed fingers digging into his butt, or tweaking his nipples, all he felt was pleasure. That and a lust that threatened to engulf him. The next thrust made him shudder. Soon after, he gripped the bed, arching his back as the monster cock thrust in and out of his ass. "Oh yesss! Do it! Fuck me." The being complied, pounding his tight ass roughly, biting at his nipples, stroking his hard dick. The explosion washed him away in a tide of lust and pleasure, feeling the big male laying over him, panting as loud as he. They lay together, caressing each other for some time. "That was the best." The wolf-being nodded and kissed him again, and then moved back. "Please! leave it in me." Hands gently untangled his legs. "I wish I could, but - I have other things to attend to. Maybe later we can lay together longer - My beautiful lover." The male moved away, vanishing into nothingness. Mark never noticed, hearing the word ring in his ears, content to just lay on the bed and wait. A hoof-clop made him open his eyes. "That was quick." The big hands rolled him onto his belly, lifted his hips and held him in place while the wolf-head nuzzled, bit, kissed, caressed, licked every inch of man-ass. Thumbs spread his sweaty cheeks and Mark howled as a hot tongue delved into his neither regions. Though he screamed, he was enjoying every moment. Xarnrax looked at both men. At Mark, pushing his butt up at the demon eating it out, all the while gasping with pleasure. And at John, trying to pull away, trying not to feel the enjoyment the tongue brought him. He shook his head. "One man's heaven is another man's hell." With a snort he clopped off to see about the other Eternal Prisoners - or Guests... it only depended upon their perceptions. The End
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    I got the flu the first week of September. Fever, achiness, fatigue and night sweats. Hit me on a Friday while I was in Toronto. I was sick all weekend and missed work a few days the next week. I was pretty concerned as this wasn't flu season and I had been fucked by raw numerous times by an extremely hot black guy. Within 10 days I was fine and didn't think much more. The following spring I used a home test and tested poz....Almost certain the black guy infected me
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    Did it again last night... Couldn't sleep even though I was exhausted. Thing is I get horny when I'm tired, I was just spending a night abroad, so I naively checked grindr. Some guys hit me up, and among them there was this cute 30 or something, up for hooking up. Said I was very tired and not up to move, he said he could come, he just needed my room number... Gave him. I quickly checked whether I was ready, and I was. Let the door open, and got back in my bed. I put a condom on the bedside table. He came in, we did some small talk as he was getting naked, then he climbed in bed. We kissed, I started rubbing his cock, soon I was sucking him. His cock was average but thick. He put me on my back, get my legs up, then sucked me a bit before rimming me. It was a while since I've fucked, so I enjoyed it quite much. He got back to my face, kissing me, his cock was now rubbing on my ass, it didn't take long before it slides in, I just moaned, "you like that ?" he said, I just said "fuck yeah". He fucked me gently but deeply, I could feel his cock head massaging my inside, when it popped out, I led him back in. At some point we switched position, and I was on my four, fucking myself on his thick cut cock. Back on my back, he asked "where do you want it" I said "whatever", he said "tell me", I could not tell it, I just said "please fuck me deep". He did, "you wanted that right ?" I said "I needed that". He ended up sucking my cock while fingering my sloppy hole until I came, which I did. We did not talk statut, the condom was on the bedside table. No question asked, do not even know his name.... He fucked me bare naturally
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    Chapter 2; After my morning lessons I had my usual strict homemade lunch to keep inline with optimal nutrition for optimal performance, both mental and physical, and done some revision. And then came my game of rugby. As always I was getting changed with my team mates in the changing room I was meant to be meeting with my 'Scruff' Dom, and on this occasion as I sat there in my kit my hairy ass-hole automatically twitched as I began to long for my post game meet. Mr Jackson bellowed; - C'mon, let's go. We played our game (my team lost), and afterwards I decided to walk the grounds for a while as the mixture of emotions I felt lastnight began to surge from the pit of my stomach. Okay, it was time. Would he actually turn up, whomever it was. I returned to the changing room, and Mr Jackson was there, taking a shower. He was facing away from me, and, there was no one stood where they said they would be, so, I sat down patiently on the changing benches. My showering P.E teacher turned around, only to display a very hairy chest lathered up in shower gel, and, above his low hanging balls was his Dick like I had never seen it before; FULLY ERECT! I was immediately lusting to have that beauty fucking my tight virgin ass. I looked upto his face, and he was looking directly at me, and gave an all knowing smile before he turned around again to continue his shower. Once washed he dried himself, still sporting this massive boner which I couldn't help but repeatedly look at. Once dried he put his towel around his neck, then stood in front of the shower area, with his back to it, and just stood there. OMG, it IS him! I looked up at him, to see an authoritative stud-smile looking back at me. My heart immediately started to pound away from my adrenaline rush as I stood up to undress. I hurriedly stripped my very hairy body naked, knelt before him, and clasped my hands as was clearly instructed to me lastnight. I had fantasized for years about kneeling before a Dom, giving over all control, and here I was. He took hold of his now fully erect Dick, took a step forward so he was now towering right over me, and began to masturbate over me. At first I could not help but notice those insane low hanging hairy balls of his swing back and forth as he tugged away. How I longed to take them into my mouth. I looked up at his face, to see him looking down at me with an intent fixed focus, and it was only a few minutes until that intent fixed focus changed into his face beginning to scrunch up in time with his breathing becoming heavier. Then, his mouth opened to let out a huge grunt with only seconds later my chest feeling something hot and wet landing on it. I instinctively looked downwards to see thick ropes of cum squirting out from his Dick splashing all over my chest. I had only had my own cum on me until this moment. It felt great. Even better that it was his. Once he was done and my chest had been coated generously with his thick, creamy, salty sperm he broke the verbal silence; - You are impressing me Thomas in your quest to be 'owned'. I am certainly taking careful consideration in taking full ownership of this fresh strapping young Man kneeling before me. If you wish to proceed for such full ownership to take place, then you will scoop up some of my cum from your chest, put it in your mouth, and swallow, all the while looking right into my eyes. Once you have swallowed, you will say; 'Thank you, Sir'. And that is just what I did! - Thank you, Sir. - Good boy. As I looked down at my chest to admire the rest of his generous coating of Dom-spunk, we heard the outer door to the changing room swing open. Someone was coming in. - Quick boy, jump into the shower. I jumped in, quickly turned the water on, and faced with my back to Sir and the incoming person. He took the towel from his neck and pretended he was drying himself. The inner door to the changing room swung open, and in walked another teacher. - Aaaaaahhhh, Mr Jackson, I thought I might find you here, I wanted to talk to you about .... This other teacher started to babble on about something I wasn't interested in thus did not pay any attention to. I was pretending to shower, well, I was semi taking a shower, but I was also discreetly scooping up more of Sir's salty cum from my chest, and eating it. It tasted so fucking GOOD!! I scooped up more and lathered it into my hair as though I was washing it. Well, I had to make my shower look authentic now ? The other teacher soon left, leaving myself and Mr Jackson alone again. He joined me in the shower, and there we were, facing each other, water cascading down our hairy bodies, mine covered in mud from the game earlier, and his recent explosion of Dom-cum. I took the last bit of his sperm that I could find, scooped it up, and reached behind me, fingering it into my hairy hole. - I see where you will be wanting some of my loads in the future. Very nice! For now boy, I want you again to kneel before me with your hands behind your back. - Yes Sir. I once again knelt before him, looked up, and saw his Dick starting to grow even though he had just shot his load all over me. I so needed him to be deep inside of me, fucking my brains out, and this time coating the insides of my ass, instead of my chest. Before his Dick had the chance to become fully erect he took hold of it, stood over me, and ordered me to open my mouth and to keep it open, then started pissing all over my chest. 'Oh YES', that felt so good. Compared to the cooler shower water it felt like a soothing hot bath. It felt that good I'd be more than happy to bathe in his warm salty piss. He leaned in closer and took his aim higher so that his Golden-juice was now shooting into the centre of my very open wide mouth which soon filled up. I didn't know what to do at this point, but instinctively swallowed, then opened wide for more. I could tell my drinking up was pleasing him immensely.
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    Closing the door to my dorm room I let out a huge sigh and fell back on the bed. Finally, I was 19, and on my own. I had arrived at college 3 weeks early since I was one of the backup kickers on the football team. Great position, I basically got to be part of the team and never really played. I knew my future wasn’t in sports but the scholarship helped me afford to go to a better school. Additionally being on a team gave me the benefit of having a single room, no scary roommate stories for me. I decided the best thing to do first would be to take a run around campus and get my bearings. I started strip out of my jeans and tshirt I had been wearing all day and went and grabbed a jock shorts and a tank. Since I know you are al curious let me ell you about me. My name is Josh , like I said 19 and I’m what they call black Irish. This means I have super dark black hair but blue eyes. My chest and legs are covered in it and I have thick dense pit hair and sweat like a pig most days and always have a 5 o’clock shadow. My cock is 7 inches kind of thick and cut. Leaks like a faucet when my nips get worked and shoot big loads when I cum. Catching a glimpse of myself in the cheap dorm mirror I couldn’t help but smile at the way my black jock framed my tight white ass, I loved the contrast. Hopped into the rest of by workout clothes and grabbed my keys and wallet and left the dorm. I knew the campus a little bit form being here for orientation a month prior and set off on one of the running paths that ran around the building and through some park like areas. I was getting in a good pace and could feel the sweat begin to forms on my chest, running down my body. I’m muscled but not super defined. I was deep in runners trance when my thigh started to cramp up I noticed a bench up the way and felt like it would be a good place to stop and stretch. The area was nice it was about half way through the wooded park area and set in a clearing with the bench being right up against where the path went wild. I pause ad put my leg up on the back of the bench and leaned in trying to get the muscles to straighten out and stop cramping. It felt good and was starting to work. I loved how quiet it was in the area, no sound really carried over from the campus and you could hear everything. Including some noises that seemed slightly out of place. Im not an innocent I know what a blow job sounds like and from the way the area was I wasn’t al that surprised to find it was used for cruising. Still a virgin and also a bit horny I looked around. I noticed behind the bench that there seemed to be a small path that had been worn into the underbrush. Being young and adventurous, or naïve and stupid whichever you like I edged my way around the bench and began to follow the trail. My heart was beating in my chest faster than when I was running. I tried o remain as quiet as possible and I worked my way along the path. I knew I was heading in the right direction because the noises were getting a louder and sounding a bit more urgent and rough. As I turned one more corner I came upon on hot fucking site. There was a guy a couple years older then me strip to a jock and sucking the cock of one hot man. The top had his tank pulled over and behind his head showing a sweaty hairy upper body, his running short and jock were pulled down just below a very impressive set of cock and balls. The guy sucking him looked like a soccer dad from the local suburbs, included a wedding ring on his finger. His face was red and I could hear him gagging on the cock as the older man grabbed his head and started face fucking him. Entranced I couldn’t help but wander closer as the top really got into using the man. He started moaning and really sweating. Which is abut the time my stupid ass stepped on a twig that made a loud cracking noise. The married cock sucker started and pulled off from the cock, turned saw me and panic. He jumped up and took off into the woods leaving the top just on the verge of cumming, cock glinting with spit and precum bouncing in the wind. The top looked over with a look on his face that let me know how pissed of he was. I was too scared to move an just stood there as my own cock was tenting my shorts and leaking. He must have seen something in the way I looked because a smile formed on his face. His eyes locked with mine and I felt like I was pulled in. Without conscious thought I started to take slow steps toward him. As I got closer the fresh sent of sweat came off his body. Finally I was less than a foot away from him. His eyes never left mine and he gave an almost imperceptible nod of his head. As if in a dream I leaned in and smelled his body. The smell of sex and sweat was dripping off him just as much as the actually sweat. My tongue came out and licked up one of the rivulets forming running down his chest. It tasted amazing and my cock started leaking even more. I felt a hand under my chin turn my face up. Again I was looking into his eyes from my semi bent over position. He looked at me like he was reading my soul. He slowly lifted on massive arm and put it behind his head showing a thick armpit covered in red hair. Grabbing the back of my head he encourages me forward until my face was buried in his pits. The smell was intoxicating and made my head swim. My tongue shot out tasting his body and sweat, broad swipes cleaning him out. After I did one side the ginger god moved my head to the other side where once against I clean his scent and sweat from him. My face was a mess of saliva and his sweat, the clean scent of his fresh sweat was all I could smell. I was far enough away and I could see his face again. Looking down I saw his cock was still hard and a steady stream of precum leaked out of it onto the ground. As I watch his pulled his tank top back over and tucked his large cock back into his shorts. He reached into my pocket and took out my phone and handed it to me. I unlocked it and gave it back. “Meet me at this address at 10 pm tonight make sure to wear a jock” He handed me back my phone with his contact entered and an address. The name was listed as Sir. With that he walked out leaving me standing there breathless with a rock hard cock leaking though my running shorts.
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    3. Sleeping plugged it turns out is pretty difficult. My cock seemed to leak all night and every way I turned the plug pressed into me in a new and exciting way. Occasionally when I couldn’t take it any more I would pull the plug out and fuck myself with it for a few minutes before stuffing it back in my hole. By morning I was stuck between horny and tired, but horny kept winning. At around 8am my phone buzzed. If you’ve made it through the night boy and still want to continue send me a video of you pulling that plug out of your cunt. I lay flat on my back on my bed immediately and holding my phone down past my ass pulled the plug from my hole, showed my gaping cunt and then stuffed the plug back in. The reply to my video was almost immediate. Good boy. Have you cleared your schedule? I have, I did I last night. Well done. Over the course of the day you will be given tasks that are meant to test how well you follow instructions. The second function of these tasks will be to test the limits you’re willing to go to. Yes Sir! Your first task is to fill a glass with your piss and drink it. You will film the whole thing and send it to me. It will be one continuous video, and you will show your full face. You have one hour to complete this task. I jumped up, the plug shifting in my hole, and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass, filled it with water, and chugged. Then another glass and another. I had never done anything with piss before but I was turned on. It felt degrading in a way I had never considered hot before. I had started to guess the night before, but now, chugging my fourth glass of water I was fairly certain I knew where bottoms fell in the hierarchy of the club. Bottoms were whores in the club. Slutty pigs who would do anything for cock, and they were testing me to see if I was enough of a pig. Or maybe not testing as much as training. I was being pushed to do more and more slutty things, but each one felt like a small step. I wasn’t allowed to cum so I would stay horny and be more willing to try thing. Even with this revelation that I was being manipulated I didn’t care. I was loving this feeling of giving up control, I loved feeling so sexy and horny all the time. I sipped another glass of water waiting for it to work through my system. It didn’t take long before I felt my bladder fill up. Slightly nervous I made my way to the bathroom. I had no idea what piss would taste like but I was excited to find out. I got out my camera, stood over the toilet, aimed my dick at the glass and started recording. It took me a minute to get started but then a river of piss filled the glass in no time. I had a hard time stopping before I over flowed it. Switching the camera to front facing I raised the glass to my lips and swallowed. It was hot, and bitter, and a little salty but I liked it. I was almost surprised by myself. I really liked it and I gulped it down quick as I could. When the glass was empty I ended the recording and sent it off. The response came quickly Looks like you enjoyed that boy. I did! Good. Have you ever tried piss before? No, I was really nervous but I actually liked it. For the rest of the day that’s how you’re going to piss. You will recycle every piss load you have. Understood? YES! I was genuinely excited. I felt this rush from breaking a taboo. I couldn’t wait to feel that again. Now, you said yesterday that the most loads you’d taken in a day was 4. Is that correct? Yes. Today, along with your tasks you will be breaking that record. Your first top is on his way. Like last night you will buzz him in, and do want he wants when he gets there. Understood? YES!
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    2. I had been laying around my apartment naked, my cock half hard and leaking, my hole stretched tight around the plug still lodged inside it, for hours when my phone finally buzzed. Prove to me that you are still plugged boy – you have 1 one minute to reply. I snatched my phone and bent over, taking a photo of my plugged hole and sent it to the random text I had received. Good boy. Your first test was to prove you could take a thick cock. Your second task will be to prove your willingness to give up control. Your address has been given to a member of our club, at some point in the next few hours he will buzz your door. You will let him in, unlock your front door and be waiting ass up when he comes in. If you choose to not buzz him in your candidacy will be invalidated. Reply to this message that you understand. I understand and am waiting! I responded. My heart was in my chest reading those messages. I wasn’t sure how the man had gotten my address, I had no idea who he had given it to, and I had no idea when they were coming. I tried to distract myself. I turned on the tv. I put on some clothes and cleaned up. I read emails. I tried to read a book. No matter what I did I was still horribly conscious that I had a plug stuffed in my butt and a man I knew nothing about coming over to dump his load in me. I wasn’t sure if I was excited, horny, interested or scared. But my hole kept twitching and my cock kept leaking through the underwear I put on so I resolved to answer my door when the call came. But that took time, lots more time. An hour passed, and then two, I began to think that it was a prank, no one was coming. Then, right around three hours late, my buzzer went off. My heart thudded and my stomach dropped, my resolve faltered. Was I really going to do this? Was I going to let a complete stranger into my apartment knowing nothing about them and let them breed my ass. I shifted my weight a little in my seat and the plug jammed deeper into me. My hole ached, and I was hungry. Without another thought I got up, I pressed the buzzer and I unlocked my front door. Quickly stripped off my clothes, and knelt on my couch wearing nothing but my jock. With the plug firmly lodged in my ass I aimed my hole at the door and waited. I heard the door open and made to look over my shoulder to see who had just come in when a slightly raspy voice said “Eyes forward boy.” My head snapped back front. It didn’t sound like he got undressed but I distinctly heard him unzip his pants. The strangers hand suddenly touched my ass and pulled on the plug lodged in me. “Push that plug out cunt,” he said. He had a slight Southern lilt to his voice, and I began to imagine a man with weather beaten features, an untrimmed beard, a narrow but toned body, and treasure trail to die for. I pushed against the plug, trying to expel it from my ass. The widest part though was too thick to just force out and the stranger started to tug at it. He pulled bringing it just to the brink of popping out of my hole and then letting it snap back. My hole was screaming. It felt stretched more than it ever had been. I knew that it was becoming a slack cunt quickly with this treatment and I loved it. Without warning the stranger tugged the plug completely from my hole and slammed his cock in to replace it. The load I had taken earlier was the only lube I got and it made me moan and grunt. The stranger proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. This was about me proving I could give up control of my hole and nothing more. He pounded me hard, his cock long but thin stabbing deep inside me. I groaned and begged him for his load. I thanked him for fucking me. I whimpered in joy. After what could only have been five or so minutes he groaned loudly, bottomed out in my cunt and pumped his load into me. When he was done he pulled his cock out, rammed the plug back in, and left. I was sweaty, panting, and my cock was completely soft but covered in precum. I wanted more. The plug was laying on the couch next to me. I looked at it, thought about it for a moment, and then crammed it back in my leaking hole. It slid in easily this time and I sat down hard on the couch to cram it even deeper. I sat there for a few moments relishing the fullness when I heard my phone buzz on the table. Good job boy. You have passed the second stage. How do you feel. Slutty as fuck. Is that a feeling you are enjoying? Yes! That was so fucking hot. I never even saw who he was. Good. You’re doing great boy. You’ve shown your willingness to give up your hole to someone you clearly want, and to give up your hole in an anonymous situation. I bet you even shoved that plug back in your hole didn’t you? Yes! Well done. The next stage of your interview is about how well you take instruction. You are not to jerk off or cum until you are given permission. You will remained plugged at all times. And tomorrow you will clear your whole day to be available for the club.
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    As a teenager I would cruise public bathrooms to find random strangers to suck and swallow his hot thick load of cum. The only thing better than sucking cock was that mouthful of cum to swallow. I was still in middle school and was already a cumhungry faggot. On slow days. I would sit back and jerk my cock to all the dirty storys on the bathroom walls. So many times Iyou see loads of cum on the floors. I would lay my hand on that cum. And use the cum as lube for my cock and jerkoff. I would lick my fingers just to get a taste of the load. I would think to myself. What would my friends or family think of me if they only knew what I was doing. I mean what kind of nasty pig would do such a thing. You know nothing about that cum on the floors. Who's cum was it? How long has it been on the floor? 5 minutes or all day. I didn't care. I was there to jerkoff and swallow cum. With my cock lubed up with a random load on the bathroom floor. I wanted cum in my mouth. I would get down on the floor, and start to sip and lick all the loads of cum on the bathroom floor. Just before I blew my load I would swallow the cum in my mouth. After I shot my load. I wanted nothing to do with cock or cum. I would rethink about what I just did. What a nasty boy I was. What would people think of me if they found out. But every time after that I found myself back down on my knees licking up someone's cum. When I was in high school I had a girlfriend. However I still wanted to swallow cum. When I turned 18 I could get into the porn store. When my girlfriend was working. I would head to the back video booths in the local porn shops. I would spend hours sucking all the cocks in the place. Just before closing time the place was slow. I would walk around and see loads of cum on the floor. Cum was everywhere. I still needed to jerkoff before my girlfriend got done work. I would find all the cum that guy's left behind and fill my mouth full of all that cum spit some on my cock and start jerking my cock off. Swallowing all that cum. Sometimes when I got home. My girlfriend would give me some head. She would ask me if I jerkoff already. I would ask why. She would say that my cock tasted like cum. I would tell herthat I jerkoff earlier. I can't tell her that my cock was covered in loads of cum I found on the floors and lubed my cock with it.
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    Great story and god I miss cottaging - all the best haunts I used to visit are long since bricked up and closed down.
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    Daddy’s Cuntboy Part 8 I groaned after puppy’s telling me my new truth...I was now Daddy’s property and would be whored out if that was what Daddy wanted. What struck me more was knowing that puppy was also Daddy’s tina whore and I existed to serve puppy’s cock too. It was what I truly wanted. “OK cuntboy, let’s go,” puppy rose and pulled me as I crawled back into the dungeon, “Daddy will be joining us soon.” Entering the dungeon, I moaned...knowing I was home again as the chems continued to work its way through me...my cunt took over my body. “Aww fuck puppy,” I pleaded, “My cunt needs feeding! Please!” “Good cuntboy,” puppy held my face as he bent down to me, “Daddy has plans for you tonight. Let’s get you ready. Up cuntboy.” I rose and stood before my alpha. After our first session, puppy and I began to work out together. I wasn’t out of shape but could bulk up a bit. I gazed at his hard body knowing that he was my ideal. I wanted to present myself as the perfect cuntboy for Daddy and puppy. Pulling my tits, puppy approvingly smiled, “Fuck yeah cuntboy, your pecs are puffing out. Your tits are beginning to point down like mine.” “Fuck yeah, puppy!” I gasped as he pulled harder, “I fucking love your body. Make me the perfect cuntboy for Daddy!” I reached for puppy and began massaging his pecs. “Shit cuntboy!” puppy exclaimed as I went for his right tit and bit it, “Harder!” I continued the pressure... ”HARDER!” puppy yelled as he reached back and fingered my cunt lips. I couldn’t take it anymore. Pulling down puppy’s red jockstrap, I sank to my knees. That fucking perfect uncut cock hit my face as I tried to take it in my mouth. “SHIT YEAH!” puppy yelled as he felt my lips around his cockhead. Quickly, I took that now familiar cock down to the root. His hard cock, resting on my tongue, throbbed as my throat enveloped his leaking cockhead allowing his pre-cum to slowly drip down my throat. We stayed like that for a bit...puppy’s cock resting in my warm slick mouth until he pulled out. “Fuck cuntboy, I so want to fucking feed you my cum right now but Daddy’s on his way. Let's get ready.” I released puppy’s cock and he walked over to the shelves and grabbed the ankle and wrist restraints and held them in front of me. He smiled, “Like I said...Daddy has plans.” After my restraints were secured, puppy led me to the sling, “Climb on cuntboy,” puppy ordered and secured me tightly. “Now we wait for Daddy.” “Well done boys,” Daddy said as he walked in. Approaching us he held my chin, “Now on to the rest of the night and my plans for you cuntboy.” Placing his hand on the back of my neck, Daddy spread his legs and guided my mouth to his hard cock. Seeing this, puppy moaned and began worshipping Daddy’s pecs, licking and biting his tits. Daddy stood there smiling...relishing in the worship of his two boys. After a bit, Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Cuntboy,” Daddy announced, “I have decided on the next steps for you. Puppy here, as you know, is my fist boy. You are my piss boy, but more so, you are my cuntboy...our cuntboy.” I nodded...knowing my gear represented the piss...yellow piped harness and jockstrap to puppy’s red. “You’ve seen puppy’s cunt lips. They represent four years of service to me. Now it’s time for you to manifest your service to me. You are my cuntboy...your cunt lips will also reflect this. But as my cuntboy, you will have additional modifications to show your position. Some may be temporary but others will be permanent. You will be forever marked as the cuntboy you are.” I don’t know if it was the chems or the fact that I was being drawn deeper into my role as a cuntboy, but I readily agreed. “Yes Daddy! I’m your cuntboy, mark me!” Daddy chuckled as he held up the bag of T, “OK boys, now that we’ve been replenished, let’s get this session started.” Both puppy and I moaned knowing it was going to be a long session since we all had a few days off and we’d call in sick if we wanted to extend it. Daddy went to the shelf and grabbed a glass pipe. “I don’t want to deal with getting the rigs ready so we’re gonna smoke it tonight,” Daddy announced as he packed the bowl with some of the shards. Walking over to me, Daddy smiled, “There you go cuntboy. I’ll light it.” I wrapped my lips around the pipe’s mouthpiece and inhaled. “Good boy. There ya go,” Daddy nodded as I let out a cloud of white smoke. “Again, cuntboy,” Daddy ordered and I obeyed. “Again cuntboy!” After seeing me inhaling the white smoke, puppy’s hunger for chems took over and he begged, “Please Daddy! Let me smoke!” Daddy laughed, “Of course, boy,” and placed the pipe against puppy’s lips and fed him a series of hits. “Go on puppy, suck on that pipe like the meth whore you are,” Daddy nodded as puppy sucked in the smoke until Daddy took the pipe and lit it for himself, blowing the thick white smoke into puppy’s mouth and kissing him. My head was spinning... my cock was fucking hard and my cunt...it was aching as I took in the sight of Daddy and my alpha devouring each other. Looking down at me, Daddy growled, “How’s my cuntboy?” as his hand moved down between my legs and spread my cunt lips. I arched my back to give him more access and he smiled, “Hungry cunt on you, huh?” I nodded, my body demonstrated the deep hunger in my cunt the chems had stirred in me. His eyes still locked on mine, Daddy took another hit from the pipe and bent down to my face. He exhaled and let out a large white cloud into me. Seeing me spun, Daddy smiled, “OK cuntboy, let’s begin. Puppy, bring me the toys.” “Fuck yeah!” puppy growled and moved towards the shelves. Seeing his hard glutes framed in the red straps as he walked away from us, my cunt lips throbbed. Daddy said that my cunt lips would reflect my position. If puppy’s cunt lips were obscenely engorged, what would mine be ultimately?! I began bucking as puppy bent down...exposing his cunt lips. Seeing my body’s reaction, puppy smiled as he grabbed a clear cylinder, hose and pump from the bottom shelf. As puppy walked back to us, Daddy explained what was to happen. “That cuntboy is a rosebud pumper. It’s got a rod running down the center that extends outside the cylinder. I’m going to slide the rod into your cunt until the cylinder presses against your ass cheeks and envelopes your cunt lips and I’ll be pumping until your cunt is blooming.” On hearing this, I moaned loudly and raised my ass. Seeing my reaction, puppy growled, “MMM cuntboy...fucking gonna have a rosebud.” Handing the equipment to Daddy, puppy dropped to his knees between my legs. “Go on puppy, have at that cunt,” Daddy encouraged. “AWWW FUUUCK!” I yelled as I felt puppy begin chewing on my puffy cunt lips. “Fuck puppy, eat my cunt!” I begged as I felt puppy slobber as he worked on my cunt lips. “Ok puppy, back off,” Daddy laughed, “Let’s get to work on that rosebud. Grab some lube so we can get a good seal.” As puppy rose, I could see the intense look on his face. His pupils were pitch black from the chems and his face was covered in my cunt juices. “Fucking cuntboy’s gonna have a rosebud!” puppy growled as he spit in the tub of lube and handed it to Daddy. Grabbing the lube, Daddy began spreading it around my cunt lips. “Good cuntboy,” Daddy reassured me as his fingers entered my cunt, “You’re gonna have a beautiful rosebud.” I was now totally in, chems be damned, “Fuck Daddy! Do it! Give me a rosebud!” I begged. Then I felt it. Daddy angled the cylinder rod into my cunt and slowly inserted it until the cylinder’s edges were flush against my ass and I moaned. I was used to Daddy and puppy’s thick cocks...I had even taken my first fist...Daddy’s fist that first session. The rod was only 1 inch thick but, somehow, I knew that I would never have this feeling again... the first time entering my cunt. As Daddy pressed the cylinder against my flesh, puppy connected the hose and the pump. In a show of unity...both my Daddy and alpha were to be part of my transformation. “It’s ready Daddy,” puppy proudly announced as he handed the pump to Daddy as he took hold of the cylinder. “Ready cuntboy...” Daddy stated, not questioning me as he started to pump. The sensation was incredible, my cunt felt as if it was being completely sucked out of my body. “FUUUCK!” I yelled as I was being turned inside out. “Please Daddy! Fucking rosebud!” Seeing the cylinder was securely sealed to me, puppy released it. “Fuck yeah cuntboy...gotta piss!” he smiled as he held his cock. “Fucking piss boy...” puppy growled as he slipped his cock into my mouth and released a torrent of warm acrid chem piss. I grasped his cock with my mouth and sucked. I needed my alpha’s piss. I craved the warmth of it filling my mouth... And the taste! Fuck, I couldn’t get enough of it now! I’d come to mix my own piss into most of my drinks and now carried breath mints to mask any smell on my breath during working hours. I fantasized about my male coworkers walking in and seeing me fill up my coffee mug with my piss...my yellow jockstrap fully showing. So many times, I wanted to just drop to my knees and be their urinal. “Fucking urinal!” puppy chuckled as he pulled out. I didn’t let go...I couldn’t let go of his cock. I took his foreskin between my teeth and held his cock. Looking up into puppy’s eyes, I sucked his cock back in my mouth to the root. “AWWW FUUUCK!!! Cuntboy!” puppy laughed as he began to fuck my face. “Take it!” All the while, Daddy was slowly pumping my cunt...my cunt lips were extending against the cylinder’s edges. “Fuck yeah cuntboy...it’s blooming,” Daddy proudly announced. On hearing my cunt was blooming, I felt puppy’s cock throb and he released a torrent of cum into my mouth. “Shit yeah...fucking bloom on my cuntboy!” puppy said as he bent down and kissed me. My tongue entered his mouth...offering him a taste of his own cum. After a bit more pumping, Daddy stopped and removed the hose. “Look up cuntboy...see the beginnings of your new self.” I looked up at the mirror on the ceiling. There I was...splayed out with my yellow jock pouch now resting on the clear cylinder between my legs... “AWWW SHIT!!” I moaned. “Thank you Daddy!” Daddy chuckled, “You’re welcome. Let’s keep it like that for a bit. But for now, Daddy needs to use his urinal.” Walking over to me, Daddy motioned puppy to move between my legs. “Go on puppy, I know how much you love rosebuds. Check out our cuntboy.” I arched my back trying to expose my cunt even more as puppy knelt. “Fucking beautiful! Daddy,” puppy said approvingly. Holding his cock, Daddy placed it in my open mouth and pissed. I instinctively began to swallow knowing Daddy liked pissing directly down my throat. I quickly swallowed trying to keep up with the stream but this time, it was stronger. I couldn’t keep up. His chem piss began to pool in my mouth and soon began to overflow. I looked up at Daddy...my eyes apologizing for not being able to complete my role. “It’s ok cuntboy,” Daddy said, “I was holding it in. Swallow cuntboy...if you can’t get it all, enjoy the feel of my piss on your face...You’re a piss boy after all...aren’t you?” I nodded as his warm piss began to flow out of my mouth...accepting Daddy’s words. Once Daddy finished pissing, I cleaned his cock. “OK boys, let’s see how cuntboy’s cunt is coming along,” Motioning for puppy to move aside, Daddy walked between my legs. I watched in the mirror as Daddy grabbed the cylinder and released the pressure and a loud slurping sound erupted from it. My cunt lips felt different...I could feel the pressure surrounding them. “YEESSS!” puppy exclaimed at the sight. Daddy smiled and grabbed a mirror...showing me the state of my cunt. “Fucking beautiful beginning of a rosebud cuntboy!” he pronounced. I couldn’t believe it! My cunt lips were moist and engorged...not as much as puppy’s but definitely swollen. I marveled at the sight of the lube and my cunt juices dripping from them. “Thank you, Daddy!” was the only thing I could say. “Now cuntboy, I want you to concentrate on your cunt...push boy...push your cunt out. Show me more of that rose bud.” I pushed...puppy had cleaned me out so I knew I was clean... but I felt like I was going to shit. I felt the pressure build. “Go on cuntboy,” puppy encouraged, “push!” I pushed again...suddenly, I felt it...a sudden release as my cunt escaped my cunt lips. “Fuck!” they both exclaimed. There it was, a rosebud surrounded by my engorged cunt lips! I could feel pressure my cunt lips put on my rosebud...a totally new experience. “Dammit cuntboy, that is beautiful. We’ll work on it and get you to present that rosebud on demand.” Daddy said as he stroked it. “Don’t worry puppy, no need to be jealous. Your cunt lips were the first I created. You are my masterpiece.” Puppy growled and crawled over to Daddy and took his cock. “Good boy,” Daddy sighed, “Suck my cock.” I felt Daddy massage my rosebud as he began fucking puppy’s mouth. I was in awe as I watched my totally spun out alpha being face fucked...Suddenly, Daddy held firm and spasmed. ”Don’t swallow puppy! ” Daddy ordered as he pushed puppy’s face away from his crotch leaving only his cockhead engulfed in his mouth. Daddy let out a grunt as he came. Sitting on his haunches, puppy presented the load of cum in his open mouth. “Good boy. Now feed it to cuntboy.” Puppy rose and walked over to me and smiled. Lifting my head, I opened my mouth as puppy leaned down and the cum began to spill from his lips into me. I greedily swallowed...knowing that my alpha was feeding me the cum he had milked from our Daddy. As the last drops escaped puppy’s mouth, his lips met mine and our tongues wrestled. I struggled to take any last remnants of Daddy’s cum from his mouth. “Fuck yeah...my boys.” Daddy sighed at the sight of us sharing his cum. “I’m gonna get the pipe ready. Cuntboy, relax and take in your body. Puppy, you know what’s next.” Puppy nodded. Giving me a quick kiss and wink, puppy moved over to one of the cabinets. I relaxed and admired my sweaty shaved body in the mirror. Working out with puppy had given me more definition. My glutes were definitely more pronounced...the one area that now defined me. I gazed at my now pumped up cunt lips as a I clenched and released them in a milking motion. Part of me still couldn’t believe what had occurred in the last couple of months. I was expecting a hookup with Daddy...now I was a cuntboy to him and puppy. Grinning, puppy returned carrying what looked like a lunch pail. Grabbing a side table, he placed it on the table next to me and opened it. From my angle, I couldn’t see what it contained. Puppy looked at Daddy. “Go on, show him,” Daddy smiled. Puppy moaned and pulled out a small clear bag filled with liquid and presented it to me. “That cuntboy, is 250 ml of saline,” Daddy chuckled. “I’ve decided that I want to see your balls pumped up. After a while, the saline will be absorbed by your body. But in the meantime, you won’t be able to hide your bulge. Are you ready cuntboy?” I nodded as Daddy began preparing me for the next step.
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    Just got diagnosed with chlamydia of the ass after taking on 20 men at the bathhouse last month. I am such a whore!
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    Part 3 Frank finally start to moan with his pleasure and his cock got bigger and harder and I knew he was ready to cum. He grabbed my head and rammed his cock as deep into my throat as he could and I could feel the pulsations as he creamed my throat. He came for what seemed like eternity before finally releasing my head and I fell back gasping for air but loving every drop of his marvelous cock and cum. He rose up after a couple of minutes and grabbed me and pulled me into a deep passionate kiss. My own cock was hard as nails. He kept kissing me as he pushed me back onto my back, still kissing and then was caressing my cock. He pulled my legs up then and then, while still kissing me, one hand stroked my hardon while his other slid between my ass cheeks and teased my hole. It only took a couple of minutes and I told him I was going to cum and he pumped my cock harder. Just as I started to erupt, he suddenly rammed one of his fingers into my hole, reaming it around and around until it was all the way in and I kept cumming more than I am sure I had ever done before. As I was starting to quit cumming he broke off the kiss and went down and started to lick up my cum. Cleaning my cock and stomach off completely. All the time he was doing this his finger was still pistoning in and out of my ass. He then came back up to my lipthats with his and as he kissed me he pushed some of my own cum into my mouth as our tongues intertwined together. I almost came again from the sensations. Then I felt another of his fingers pushing at my hole and soon it entered also to join with the first one driving me almost out of my mind. After a few more minutes of this, Frank pulled his fingers from my ass and I let out an uncontrollable moan of emptiness. He leaned back smiling at me and then said, "I don't have much more time now, but soon we will have to fill that nice super tight hole of yours. It feels like a virgin almost. I can't wait hardly to feel it wrapped around my cock as I breed you but good." I could only grin at this as I knew I wanted him to do it to me and soon. It was now only three days until Thanksgiving. I could hardly wait as my family had huge meals with lots of family and some friends there. This year was to be at the union hall in town as it looked like there would be a record number of people coming. My mom said that it could be as many as 150 people there this year. Family sure has grown. She also said that dad had invited a couple of new guys from his work this year as they were here from a long ways away and probably, with work load, not able to go home this time. From some of the comments my parents were making it looked like there would probably be 10 to 20 friends of the family attending. What a crowd that was going to be. They even mentioned a cousin coming for the first time in a while as he had been kind of an outcast and hadn't been around much for a few years now. He was about 4 years older than me and from what I remember of him was a damn fine looking guy and they also said he was bringing his 'significant' other with him.
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    Into fully fledged toxic chem pighttps://assets.s3xstatic.com/bz/uploads/monthly_2019_11/scZBkWs_d.thumb.jpg.e0009d436e854523f08e53fed8351306.jpg
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    Ps David is progressing WONDERFULLY from shy and Goofy
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    If you pigs want more keep on liking and upvoting
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    For some reason since I started barebacking I've been incredibly turned on by anonymous scenes where I wait door unlocked on al l4 ready for it. Recently found a black guy who wants the same, we hooked up today. He wanted me ass up lubed, douched, in jockstrap, wanted me blindfolded, and told me to not say a word and take it. Just my kind of scene. He came in early morning today, completely silent, me being nervous at having no idea who this guy is in this vulnerable position. He took the lube and fingered me for a few seconds, then wasted no time and started jamming his cock in. I haven't seen his cock but it must have been very thick because it really hurt, and he pulled out to put more lube before jamming it in balls deep. Ouchie, I was in pain but took it like a good boy. He was pretty rough and pounded me balls deep and grabbed my hair while doing it. After a few mins he started breathing fast and I could feel his cock pulse and breed me. When he pulled out I could feel some stickiness drip down my balls. He slapped his cock against my hole, presumably to wipe off all the cum, got dressed and left. Not a single word spoken in the whole encounter and here I was with my ass dripping with a complete stranger's cum. He just messaged me 10 mins after leaving telling me he liked how tight I was and that he was glad it hurt and happy that i wasn't a big baby about it, and told me to be ready again thursday at the same time and that he will be waiting in front of my building and I better be ready for him as he wants to make me his regular anon cumdump, without leaving me a choice. I feel so used and dehumanized and reduced to just a cum hole but loving it!
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    Once, I was in a bathhouse in Chicago. There was a clear plexiglass wall with a gloryhole in it. The plexiglass wall was gray with dried cocksnot down to the cold concrete floor. A really good looking guy was on the other side. I blew him. Then... a really, really fat took his place. Rolls of blubber pressed up against the glass wall. Little cock sticking thru. He was SO horny cause no one else there would blow him. But I did. In front of everybody. He exploded with cum. It ran down the clear glass wall, thru the crusty gray dried loads of SO many other men to the crusty, crunchy dried cum on the concrete floor. I licked it all up, in front of everybody -- pretty young muscle dudes who were sneering and laughing and commenting.
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    when I was in high school I really got into licking the cum off the screens and seats in pornotheatre booths and sometimes guys would get me to lick cum off the floor when they were fucking my naked ass raw while I was on the floor on all fours.
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    Chapter 19; *Hyperspermia* This rough looking weathered-bull Edward who Ramon was so lucky to be dating took his fisT out, and slid his forever increasingly t☢️xic Dick of recent times inside of me. He took about five strokes, then suddenly stopped, quickly pulling out. - Fuck. I have to stop, else I am gonna shoot. It has been a long while, and I am so ready to bust my nut. It isn't going to take much at all for me to start cumming. And I have to warn you 'boy', I suffer from hyperspermia! - I don't know what that is, Sir. - It means, certainly in my case, that I cum an abnormally HUGE amount of cum. And I shoot for a good couple of minutes. I really do not know where it comes from. - PLEASE GIVE it to me, Sir. - Ramon, get the large Butt-Plug, and get ready to plug him the moment I withdraw my t☢️xic Dick. - Yes Daddy. Damn, I wish it was my cunT you were spraying your dirTy load up, Daddy. I could tell Edward wasn't all that happy with the last comment from his boyfriend, but, it fell from his mind as he returned his complete attention back towards me. He slid back inside my diseased ridden cunT, slowly, balls deep, then slowly sliding all the way back out again, whilst pausing for several seconds, then sliding all the way back in, and again slowly sliding all the way back out, and once again needing that several second pause. He done this only 4 times when he knew he could not hold out any longer. His ravaged weathered face puffed and growled as he looked deep into my meTh fueled eyes, with the tip of his Glans Cock head slightly past the opening to what were now my well and truly gaping cunT lips. He was SO ready to let go of a 3 week load of t☢️xic cum, hyperspermia style, and I was oh so ready to accept the imminent FLOOD! That was it, the wait was over, and he plunged in, gave 2 quick strokes, and was now past the poinT of no return. His big hands grabbed tightly onto the sling chains as he looked at me with his face contorting amidst loud gruffly growling grunTs. Oh sweet Jesus, now I know why he felt the need to give me a fair warning of the MASSIVE load his was about to unleash on and IN me! Among the 160 loads I took lastnight / this morning, there was not a single one that felt remotely like this. I could literally feel each very large squirt of cum hit the insides of my guts, and no sooner had one huge rope of cum squirted from his Dick of vintage DNA, another would be propelled into my nasTy cunT at a great velocity. Around where my urinary bladder area was beginning to feel an odd sensation, like a sudden high pressure had abruptly made itself known; - Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. Oh shit. This feels weird. Something feels strange. Fuck. Fuck. - Ramon, get ready to plug this boy's cunT. Quickly. Hurry up, 'boy'. - Yes Daddy. Sorry Daddy. By now what he was shooting into me was spilling out, and he wasn't even fucking me as he shot his dirTy load. He was simply impaled, deep, holding that position. So, for it to be spilling out, fuck, there had to me an intense amount. He suddenly pulled out, and I was immediately plugged. And now I could see what I had just been feeling. HUGE rope after rope of this hot sexy bulls unmedicated HIV+ cum squirting all over the place. He quickly came around the side to my face, and rammed his heavily squirting Dick into my mouth. Again, with the many loads I took down my throat lastnight / this morning, none were near as close as powerful as this, with each thick rope of cum hitting the back of my throat so hard that is was causing a tickling irritation, and I could feel myself having the urge to cough. Several HUGE squirts were forced down my throat, and together with the tickling sensation intensifying and the lack of time to breath between squirts caused me to now cough and splutter, with my remaining air pushing out this horny super bull's Dick out of my mouth. For fuck sake, he was STILL cumming. His loud gruffly growling grunTs continued as he now began to literally heavily drench my face. How could someone cum so much. This was surely not humanely possible. Well, I can tell you, it IS! Having giving me at least a dozen large squirts on my face he came back around to my now plugged cunT, and finished spraying his hot sticky load all over my chest and abs, with even some hitting my chin, as though my face had not already just received a heavy soaking. As his orgasm waned, I lay there, completely drenched by his t☢️xic sperm, inside and out. FUCK. Ramon was one lucky boy. Or maybe not, as he wasn't getting any longer what I just had, not since Edward had become detectable. I looked over at Ramon, who was fiercely finger fucking his own cunT again, looking at my cum soaked body longingly, wishing that it was he laying in the sling instead. Edward left the playroom, to clean up I guess. - Hey Ramon, why don't you scoop some of your Man's cum up, and finger it up your NEG cunT? I mean, whilst yo are paying it the attention that you are. His eyes lit up, and he jumped up, scooped a load of his boyfriend's t☢️xic juice from my belly, flopped himself back on the bean bag, and again began to finger himself. Only this time his intense frustration from when he was fingering himself before had lifted, to be replaced with a satisfied string of pleasurable groans. Now happy he was getting a little bit of what he really wanted. Edward the sexy charged-up hoT bull came back into the playroom, got himself dressed back into his cammo shorts and tight fitting tank top, and proceeded to put some items from the playroom shelf of tricks into a plastic shopping bag; - I think it is important that my boy Ramon and I as your new neighbours Steven give you a few little gifTs, as a token of welcoming you into our neigbourhood. Well, I was pretty chuffed with the gifT he had just given me! ? Into the bag went a vinyl play-sheet, a large dildo (well, I think starting with a small one now would be pretty poinTless), a bottle of poppers, a small rubber jock-strap, a manual douche, and a set of suction cups to continue giving my nipples a regular workout. My trackie bottoms also went into my 'welcome Steven gifT bag'.
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    I not only learned to take ANYBODY, I learned to take it ANYWHERE. Once, I was a cute, butch college boy in an XXX bookstore booth. I was blowing an effeminate old queen (in a fur coat!). He turned me around to fuck me. I whined, "I don't wanna do it HERE." He said firmly, "Well, HERE is where we are." I couldn't argue with that... ? LOL. Since then I've been fucked in alleys, on the hood of cars, over urinals, on pool tables... Like a whore.
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    Part 1; I'm a 23 year old neg sex pig, and today was no exception, I was feeling fucking horny as HELL. So, into the shower, wash, and a real thorough douche of my sweet round ASS that I am very proud of, I should be, I work it out regularly enough, then, off I went to my usual sauna haunt. Ben was on the counter. - Hey Ben, how ya doing? - Hey Ollie. GREAT thanks. How are you mate? - I'm doing very good thanks. Too fucking Horny though. - Really. What brings you here then ... He said, being silly We both laughed. I paid my entrance. Given the usual locker key, and towel, and off to the locker area I went. BUT, today was different than usual. A guy in full Leather Gear (Chaps, Boots, and a Leather Waistcoat) was lurking around, drinking a Beer. He was also wearing a Cock-Ring that housed a massive bulging with veins erection. What made this look even HOTTER, was, he was skinny, gaunt, yellow, and a big Bio-Hazard tattoo above his naval. This Man screamed Danger. He screamed Death. BUT FUCK, I was already intoxicated! I found my locker, and got undressed and out of the corner of my eye I could see DANGER Man just staring! I locked up, wrapped my towel around me, and went to walk to the spa when I heard . - OI, cunt, stop right there!!! He kinda startled me, and part of me was saying to myself, 'fucking walk Olllie', a natural reaction I guess if the brain senses danger. BUT, as said, I was already intoxicated. So I froze. He came up from behind, and ripped my towel off letting it fall to the ground. - FUCK Yeah. One peachy round ASS! He slapped each cheek hard, then he parted them, spat on his fingers, and made my CUNT wet. He then inserted a finger. I gasped. - Sweet Jesus. You are one super tight Bitch! Right, get ya towel back on, and come with me to my private cabin. I am your very own private AIDS Daddy for the afternoon. I got my towel back on, and started following him as he walked off. I was filled with utter Fear. Yet, I was filled with an immense erotic intense excitemenT ?☣️?
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    I haven't btmed in a while and I would love to organise people to come use my hole sometime. Anyone wanna help me out? Any load accepted. Public, private, anywhere.
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    Lucky Boys .....can’t wait to hear more about cuntboy’s training
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    Some places to get loaded on SF: - Buena Vista park (by the tennis courts at night (note: this area is pretty dark). Especially busy when the weathers warm. - GG park out by the windmills. Lots of trails over here that guys fuck on. - Folsom Gulch. Basic raunch video store. $15 gets you in/ out privellages. Booths/ small theater in the back. - Powerhouse (out back/ smoking area). Gets busy on weekends out back/ smoking area. Not unusual as the night goes on to have a few men sucking cocks or getting fucked in the public area out back.
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    While I'm gay, I do strangely find gay (and straight) impregnation porn (MPREG in the gay community) hot so I thought I'd give this a try. This will probably be my only straight story though, and I'm going to be returning to one of my gay stories next. I would want to do an MPREG story one day though. Enjoy, you fellow kinky bastards! ?
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    I have a good looking guy comes to visit me and wants my piss straight up his arse. I'm always happy to oblige.
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    the better question is who DOESN'T eat the cum they find on the floors, seats and walls in public restrooms, porntheatres and bathhouses? I always have since the first time I saw cum all over a restroom toilet seat in grade 8. but if I find the cum in a used condom it goes straight up my ass
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    This is why I wish that Bathhouses returned to their heyday. Growing up b4 hookup apps, and going to West Side Club, Man's Country and Steamworks when it was the best option for a hookup was amazing! Even if you had a flake or someone uninterested on a Friday night at El Mirage with the number of guys you could always find someone in the darkroom.
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    I was slutting it up recently at the local bath house, taking raw cocks, getting bred when I saw two hot twenty-somethings with the door to their room open putting on a liitle fuck show for the crowd. Both were dark haired with just a little hair on their chests, fuzzy but not hairy legs, and shaved cocks and balls. After watching them fucking safe with a rubber, I got bored and went off to my room to do a slam and get my hole ready to be a cum dump. I always take my camera and film my slams, so after putting away my gear and letting that awesome rush make my hole fucking hungry for a huge black cock, I went out and knelt down in one of the glory hole booths waiting to suck a cock hard to fuck and breed my hole. I heard the adjacent door open and as I looked in through the hole i saw a man who fucks his poz loads in my holes whenever we run into each other there. And then that big, fat, uncut black cock pokes though the large hole. After I sucked on it and got it nice and hard and wet I backed my already cummy cunt up to the hole. After about ten minutes of him grunting and me telling the voyeurs how good that raw cock felt in my hole, I (and everybody else around) heard him say, "Fuck, that white boy pussy is so hot. That feels so fucking good. Bitch I'm gonna shoot. I'm gonna breed that pussy!" Then he's slamming against the partition and filling me up with another huge poz load. I pulled off and cleaned the cum off his cock and saw another big uncut piece of white meat sticking through the hole from the opposite booth with the guy begging to unload in me. It was kind of smallish at the head with the foresking resting about half over a very red cockhead that almost looked like an arrowhead. It thickened up from the head to about three quaters of te way down it's 8 inch length to about the size of my wrist and then tapered back down a bit to the base. Then there was a set of the largest balls covered in red fur resting on the lip of the hole. After a quick taste and using some of the fresh cum from my hole t lube his coc up, I immediately backed onto that cock. After a minute he pulls out and leaves the booth. Fuck! What the Hell?! Then he's opening the door to my stall and bending me over to continue. We fuck for about another five minutes both of us enjoying putting on a raw fuck show for the others peeking thru the glory holes and thru the open door. As he leans his sweaty, fur covered chest onto my back, we both do a hit of poppers. He wispers in my ear, "Are you partying?" So I say "Yeah, slammed earlier to make this ass hungry for cum. I have five loads so far, two of them good and fresh. I love it when my hole smells like cum. Can you smell it?" Him, "Fuck yeah, pig. You smell good. I want to give you mine. You poz?" Me, "Does it matter?" Him, "It does now!" Then he's whimpering and shuddering. I can feel that cock swell up and I can feel his cum burning my hole as he shoots. When I tell him that I can actually feel his cum and that it's really warm, he told m that he always pisses a bit when he's cumming. I've never heard of that before, but I realize what I'm feeling is some chem piss mixed in with his cum load. How Fucking Hot Is That? He pulls out and I head back to my room to stick my buttplug up my ass an rest a bit with the door open to watch the wandering crowd. A minute after I got to my room ome of the two young hunky guys, the one who was getting fucked with the rubber sticks his heads in and starts to chat. Now when I slam, I can't shut off the deviant thoughts from running though my mind, creating scenarios for breeding some young man. Usually after partying and getting fucked, my cock only gets hard with a big raw cock about to shoot its load. Watching that boy standing there, all cute and safe-sexy, my cock got very hard. The butt plug in my hole probably helped. I asked him in and as he turned around to shut the door, I slid the plug from my hole and slipped it back under a towel with the rest of my toys. When he saw my collection of dildos and plugs, he immediatley asked if he could try one out. I usually don't let other guys borrow my toys because I never know if their holes have been cleaned up for bottoming. He assured me he had cleaned out well before he and his boyfriend...Boyfriend?...came out to play around. Apparently they like to fuck while being watched. Next the boy picks up the plug that I had just pulled out of my ass. I take it from him quickly knowing that if he gets it to close then he'll smell the poz loads on it I just got. I bend him over, put some lube on his pink hole and start wiggling the plug until it pops in to the base. Well the boy definitely likes to get fucked considering how easily it slid in. He comments after a minute that it was burning a bit and started to take it out. Damn, I forgot about the guy chem pissing my ass as he came. And then I remembered that this was the plug that I had started the night out with by putting some Tina on it. There must have been some still on it. I told him that the lube I use has a slight desensitizing agent that burns slightly at first and if it didn't stop after a couple of minutes he could take it out. A couple of minutes of me pulling the plug out and popping it back in and he starts moaning and sticking his ass further up in the air. I pop it in, stand him up, turn him around, and as I look in his green eyes, I can see that fuck lust that only a good booty bump of Tina can give you. He's panting and moaning and squirming and reaching for a larger plug. I tell him that I need to go to the bathroom and that we should go check out the place...his boyfriend was down in the pool with some of their buddies. I led him to the glory hole booths, lubed up both his hole and the hard cock sticking thru a hole really good with some of the cum I dug out of my ass. Then I held the poppers under his nose and watched that safe-sexy stud get fucked by a stranger's raw cock thru that glory hole. He never did ask if it was covered. I really wanted to taste his hole after he got bred. As he was flyin on the poppers, I wispered thru the eyehole for the guy to not pull out and breed him quiet. Stanger whispers, "I saw him and his friend earlier. He neg?" "I think so, but he's horny when he parties" At that the guy on the other side of the wall starts sliding in and out slowly, deep and long. I go back around to the boy's head, hold the poppers under his nose again and smile as I watch that raw cock silently breeding the boy's fuck hole. I left him there as several other guys came in. From the other room it sounded like the little pig had accepted his new role as cumbucket. Went back to my room and tasted the plug that was up his hole and stuck it back up mine. I left shortly after and haven't seen either of the guys ther again. Probably out-of-towners. I just wish I could have tasted that hole after a few loads.
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    A guy who works not too far from me stopped by during his lunch break to find me ass up and dump his load In me. it also marks the first load in which I have not asked status. Can’t wait for more https://assets.s3xstatic.com/bz/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
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    Everyone reacts differently. I was a nurse in an office which cared for a lot of gay men. We had guys come in with no symptoms who knew they had been exposed, and tested positive. We also had guys with the severe reaction (high fever, body aches, rash over the body), and everything in between. Just really depends on the persons immune response, etc. Just because you dont get the fuck flu, doesnt mean you didnt get it.
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    So there is this guy that when I saw him first over 20 years ago, he was my 'forbidden fruit'. Let me explain: as I learned (just recently from him) the first time I laid eyes on this shaggy-haired, stereotypical California surferboy, DREAMBOY of my wet dreams, he was actually badly underaged. He managed to con his way into the club with his looks, with cunning, that gorgeous sun-kissed smile and from what I gather, his willingness to blow all the key people at the club in charge of security. Yes the owners too, at least that is what he said. At the time he was boyfriends with another long-haired, superhot blondie about his age. I would see the two of them together and avert my eyes as in "Hail Mary full of grace, don't lead me into temptation!" My one all-time crush, whom I would never be able to have... Years went by and we would chat briefly in passing, touch each other even, but either one of us being with a jealous BF or ex and lots of static... his ex became one of my best friends but he told me the hot fucker I drooled over was TROUBLE with a capital T and 'dirty' as he put it. Well, our moment came FINALLY! We hit it off like gangbusters. Fuck all the cock-blocking and acting like a fearful Adam afraid of eating the apple! Besides, that's a fairytale anyway and I'm not buying into it! Hot boy and I FINALLY got naked, talked it over. Turns out HE TOO had a crush on me. Well damn, had I only known. But here we are: Both of us are now verified and admitted barebackers and love 'nasty sex' as he likes to put it into the search bar when we have sex to internet bareback porn, Tonight, him and I will be going to a sex-party together, with the blessings of my man. It helps that my man has already fucked him good once already. Dreamboy, now all grown up and hot in a more adult way, is anxious to celebrate our rekindled crush by breeding me publicly at the sex party tonight. He is cuming over in an hour or so. We will put on our slut gear and each pop a blue pill to make sure we STRUT IN WITH BONERS! Get over the initial 'stage fright'! He wants a CROWD to witness as he cums in my ass while some random hottie I GET TO PICK will fuck him from behind! He said: "Trust me, I know how to do it! You guys stand still while I do all the thrusting!" All the fun I could have had years ago!
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    I look for cum gobs on video screens and floors in dirty bookstore booths and lick it up. Yeah, makes me feel pretty nasty...
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    You know its a good night at Monday undies at the bar when you get fucked and loaded. 15 cocks and loads in a matter of 2 hours. That seed was running down my leg. A constant reminder of knowing why I was there!!!!
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    Part 2 For the next couple of days I was too busy to do anything except spend time with my parents and siblings and other relatives and a few friends. Apparently my new friend must have been busy too as neither of us called or sent a text even. Then in the early morning of 3rd day home I was awakened by my phone going off. I checked it, to find a message from the new guy. He wanted to know how things were going and if it was possible to meet up for lunch if I was interested? He also mentioned that we had not got around to introducing ourselves. He wrote that his name was Frank and he could meet up for about an hour around his noon break from work. I immediately sent him a message back saying it would be great and my name was Jeff and asked where he wanted to meet? He sent a message right back saying he wasn't real familiar with town yet but told me the name of a restaurant I knew of. I was a little surprised at it as I knew it was not in a real good part of town but also knew it had pretty good food and sent him a message that it would be fine and I would be there at noon. I got ready, cleaned up and headed out and arrived at the restaurant about 5 minutes early. I decided to just go ahead and get us a table and chose booth kind of out of the way in a corner. It was a little bit more private than most. Frank got there a couple of minutes after noon, so I did not have to wait too long. As he slid into the booth, he leaned over and planted a kiss on me which was kind of a surprise but very welcome. We broke off quickly and he said, "I have a good two hour lunch today, so we have lots of time to 'feed' ". He kind of put an emphasis on that word while smiling. I smiled back at the double meaning and was hoping to get another taste of his fine cock. We ordered and while waiting made out a little bit in our booth. I was hot and ready as he was such a good kisser. We broke the kiss after a bit and I told him I had to run to the restroom and would be right back. When I returned and slid into the booth, Frank immediately planted his lips on mine again. As we kissed, he reached down and took my hand and place it in his lap and I was surprised to find that he had slid his pants down and his cock was standing straight up and hard as a rock. I started to jack him as we kissed and was loving the feeling of his large meat. He broke the kiss of after a short bit and as our lips parted I saw he was looking around and then one of his hands was pushing my head down towards his dick. He told me that he would keep a close watch on but wanted to feel my lips on him and couldn't wait any longer. I opened my moiuth without hesitation and swallowed his cock down. As I was sucking he was reaching over and I felt his hand reach down the back of my pants, rubbing my ass cheek and gently sliding a finger into my crack at times. I sucked him for a good 5 minutes when he pulled his hand out of my pants and whispered that our food was coming. I rose up before the waitress got to our table. Frank, again, had a huge amount of precum which I had swallowed as fast as I could and it was so very sweet tasting. He didn't bother to try and get his pants up but just kind of slumped in the seat under the table so the waitress could not see he was basically bare from the waist down. After she left, he quickly raised up and pulled his pants up and tucked everything back in. We then got down to eating our really quite good meal. We chatted a little but about nothing in particular. Just general talke about weather, news, etc. to pass the time a little. We finished rather quickly actually and were heading out the door by a quarter till 1. As we got outside he just took my hand and led off down the sidewalk. I had no idea where we were going to start with but soon went around the corner where I finally realized we had only been a short distance from the ABS. He led me straight to it. We entered and he paid for us to head to the back rooms where the booths were at. When we got in the back I kind of took the lead as I knew exactly where the one big room was at. We entered and in no time at all, Frank had his pants to his ankles and I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. It slowly grew until my entire mouth was stuffed full and it was entering my throat. I was loving it as, like every time, he was precumming a ton. His taste drove me wild and made me suck harder trying to get as much as I could possibly get. After about 10 minutes, Frank all at once pulled his cock from my mouth and stepped back as there was a couch in this room and sat down on it. He then kicked his shoes off and pulled his pants completely off and then even took his shirt off. I jumped up and quickly got my clothes off also. He then turned on the couch and spread his legs and I climbed between them and took his dick back into my mouth. I swallowed it all the way and it went deep into my throat, where he grabbed my head and held me in that position for a little while until I pushed at him to pull away to get some air. It was thrilling as hell. I wanted his seed and went to town sucking and deep throating him to get it. This must be like heaven is all I could think of.
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    Chapter 20; *Solo* - Lovely meeting you Steven, but you have to go now. My boy and I have a busy day ahead, including getting ready for entertaining our guests Todd & Ayan for Sunday brunch tomorrow. Darling, make sure our new neighbour gets inside his new home safely. - Yes Daddy. ''Ayan'' I thought. How many Ayan's could there be. Not a common name. Could it be my boss? And Todd? Surely not my Gono stud from lastnight? Did everyone know everyone in this City? I guess I would find out in time. I hopped out of the sling, absolutely drenched inside and out with Edward's massive load of t☢️xic fuck-juice, and began to walk, but, I soon found myself waddling, what with the huge plug stuffing my cunT shut. Edward patted my left ass cheek; - Don't worry, you can return the plug when you are finished with it. He smiled and winked at me, as Ramon led the way out of their home, and to my front door. I unlocked, opened, and went inside only to be followed by my escort. He shut the door, (to make double sure no one would hear what he had to say, especially Edward), leaned into my ear, and whispered; - I heard what you said to my fiance about having been a Dom-Top until lastnight. And what you said having taken broTherhood shoTs from Uncle Chad and Uncle Todd. I will be waiting in the wings for when you convert to being HIV+, and you WILL, and when you do, you WILL execute what I am being refused with on multiple occasions from my Man and his friends ---> poz my NEG cunT. He promptly left, leaving me with his words of determination. Not only did he leave me with his words, he purposefully left my door off the latch and slightly ajar, incase he or Edward wished to pay me a visit. Taking his words with me I waddled to my bathroom, not totally sure why I was going there. I lay my hands on the wash basin, looked into the mirror, and staring back at me was a manic G&T high fucked up expression of a nasTy PiG in heat, with Edward's cum literally dangling from my cheeks and chin. My sight was drawn to the track marks on my arms which seem to instantaneously cause a flood of vivid detailed flashbacks from my very own private conversion broTherhood-tina-shoT fueled gang-bang lastnight / this morning! Coupled with Ramon's 'bug chasing' words ringing in my head I looked deep into my eyes, snarling at my own reflection, as my new, much larger, and very SORE nipples wept through the broken skin; The Dom-Top within had not been lost. If anything, he was in the process of being reborn, as an unmedicated poz Top spreading the gifT! But for now, I needed MORE t☢️xic cum, and I knew just where to get it from. I got several mirrors from around my home and strategically placed them in the living room, where I then lay out the vinyl play sheet. Time for some solo fun! I got on all fours, and went to unplug my cunT, when I heard footsteps come down my hallway, and into my living room walked Edward with a 2 litre bottle of cola; - I just brought you this, in case you don't have anything, as you need to keep your blood sugar up in your state. And look at you, still enjoying your broTherhood-shoTs I see. He went into my kitchen and poured me a large cola, putting the bottle in the fridge to keep it chilled, came back into my living room, cola onto the coffee table, back to my front door and closed it so now no one could enter, back to where I was, shorts and socks off so he was now naked except for his tight fitting tank top, then knelt by my side, and pulled out the large butt-plug that was stuffing my now very well used cunT. A HUGE amount of t☢️xic sperm just sprayed out amidst a massive sloppy wet rippling cum-fart. - Oh fuck YEAH. I want to see more of where that came from. C'mon PiG, push it out, go on, push it out. Push out that nasTy death-seed. I pushed and pushed, with many more sloppy wet rippling cum-farts, and a ridiculous amount of more toxic cum just flowing out. This was way beyond just dripping. But, the more I pushed, the more I was pushing out more than just toxic sperm, because here I was now once again blooming my freshly made rose. ? This seemed to really exciTe my bull of a neighbour as he relentlessly encouraged me to push out toxic cum from my cunT and in the process bloom my rose as wide as it could possibly go. And that was one huge full bloom as a cum dripping prolapse now hung between my legs. Edward crouched low behind me, licking and chewing on my ridged, inflammed, inside out cum soaked cunT. It seemed like he was down there for an eternity as I fell back much deeper into my G&T haze, my head laying on the vinyl play sheet, with loud groans of an 'on heat PiG' enjoying being USED! He came around to my head, and got me so my face was level with his, then shoved his tongue (with a mouthful of HIV+ cum from multiple anonymous men) deep down my throat. The joys of being felched, then snowballed. This PiG was learning very quickly! He abruptly got dressed and ready to leave; - Listen, I have Sunday brunch to prep for tomorrow, and LOTS more to do, so, I am going to have to leave you to it. Don't forget your cola. Blood sugar remember. See you soon you sluT. I swiveled around so my face was where my prolapse had been blooming, and all that nasTy t☢️xic death-seed had been dripping and flowing, and there I was confronted with an immense puddle of it that I had just pushed out by my knees. I did what any PiG in his right mind would do, and scooped it up, scoop after scoop and rubbed it all over my face and torso. I spent the afternoon pushing out much more of this cum, most of which I just had no idea where it had come from, and continued to rub it all over me. When I wasn't doing that I was rolling around on the vinyl play sheet to just let my body get covered ALL over, as I intensely rubbed and fingered my inside out cunT for a good few hours. It had got to the evening, and I saw my phone, which had been switched off all this time. I switched it on only to be literally bombarded with dozens upon dozens of messages from my Lew. An increasingly frantic boyfriend on the other side of the pond. I wasn't in any state, nor frame of mind to be chatting, so I hit off a quick message saying I had been busy working from home with some work projects, and meeting new friends for drinks in town, and that we could speak tomorrow, then, hit my phone OFF! I had a tiny nibble to eat, I just could not face much, and eventually passed out. Although, it was a highly disturbed sleep where I must have woken at least 30 times during the night.
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    My job isn't done until I've been a man's spittoon, urinal and cum dump.
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    I didn't go on meds for a few years after converting, but when it started to risk my health I started, To me, sexual thrill wasn't worth dying for.
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    Fuck! puppy and cuntboy are so fucking lucky!
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    The fucking continued for the rest of the night. Jack and my dad switched places a couple of times, both of them making sure to give me their loads when they finally did manage to cum. I lost track of how many times they deposited their cum into me, my hole pretty much reduced to a cum-slicked, slackened mess. I had to squeeze my hole down around Jack to really feel that piercing, which shocked me, considering how rough he'd gotten with it so far. My uncle went off with my dad at some point, leaving me alone with Jack. He lit himself up a cigar, huffing on it as he climbed on top of me. His thick dick was back on my hole in a moment, his piercing sliding right into that cummy chute, a low groan leaving me as the rest of his cock sank back in. They'd been fucking me long enough that my hole felt barely any pain, not to mention the euphoric pleasure of that cock filling me up so deeply. "You like that, cunt?" he grunted, mashing his hips around in my ass. I nodded slowly, grunting as my prostate took a good pounding from the tip of his shaft. I could feel my precum pooled up on my belly, my dick having spent most of the night half-hard and leaking. He chuckled to himself and climbed further on top of me, pushing my legs up against my chest and hunching over me in a frenzied, animalistic fuck. Wet slaps rang out, his grunts and pants joined by my own whimpers and groans. My ass squeezed down hard on him, his length teasing my prostate more and more and pushing me closer to the edge. I could only grab onto his arms and cry out as my own orgasm slammed into me, my cock jumping and sending globs of cum spewing out onto my belly. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I groaned as he only intensified his rutting when my hole squeezed down on him throughout my orgasm, the entire length pulling out before slamming back in. "I knew I'd get you to cream while I knocked you up... Here's another for good measure, faggot!" His dick flexed, and some more of that wet heat pumped into me. He could still cum a good bit even after fucking all night, and some of it drooled out of my hole when he pulled out. "I gotta head to work before I'm late. Tell your daddy I'll be back for more of your cunt later." He had me clean his cock off before he got dressed again, heading downstairs and getting into his truck to leave. I listened to it go down the road, the sound fading off into the distance before footfalls were coming up the steps again. My door opened, and a stranger walked in. I was surprised at this, but the look he gave me told me all I need to know about why he was here. His eyes were hungry, focused in on my cum-slick hole. "Your dad told me I'd find you up here. Said you'd want my dirty load. Is that right, boy?" he said. He was an older man, grey hair covering most of his body, and my first thought when I looked at him was how much he looked like one of the old bathhouse troll types with his wasted limbs and massive belly. I was surprised to see the length of his cock when he pulled his old sweat pants down, though. It looked like it was at least six or so inches soft. "That's right. Boys like you always think nothing 'till you see my cock. Then you're begging to take my cum!" He went over to the bed, naked now. His hairy body showed clear signs of the virus, his spindly hands pinning mine down at either side as his hips got in position between my legs. His cock was half-hard already, and he gave it a few slow pumps as he rubbed it against my hole. "Looks like you're nice and lubed up already. I'll just make myself at home..." he said, sliding his cock into me in one go. It felt incredible, the length going in pretty deep already, and as he pushed in and out, I could feel him growing harder, his cock snaking deeper and deeper in me. "Such a handsome boy... Look at you, putting your legs up for some diseased old stranger... Takin' homeless AIDS cock in your ass..." he panted out raggedly as his cock pushed in past my second hole, his cock pushing in deeper than either of the cocks earlier had. He chuckled, clearly gathering what had just happened from the look on my face. "Gonna give you my babies so deep, they're not coming out, you see?" he panted out, licking his lips as he leaned forward, pressing those lips to mine and kissing me deeply. His mouth tasted foul, but I couldn't really pull away, his body gripping mine tightly as his thrusts grew quicker. "Here you go boy... Here's your gift..." he panted, then sighed as his cock flexed hard inside me, his cum dumping deep within me. I could feel his cock unloading, but even as he slid it out, his cum was nowhere to be seen, just as he promised. He whistled at me a bit, patting my ass as his cock swayed about. "Whew, that's a sweet hole..." he said to himself, already pulling his clothes on as well. He didn't even say goodbye to me, just heading out of the door. Just outside, I heard him say, "Thanks for the heads up!" "Any time, Mutt," my dad's voice replied. Soon after, he came into the room, dressed in a pair of jeans. "I see you figured out how things work now," he said, chuckling at the sight of my freshly-used ass. Though no more cum leaked out, my hole was still plenty loose. "Put some gym shorts and a shirt on. We're gonna take a ride."
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    Thats how I felt. Very nasty and dirty. What would my girlfriend. family or friends say or think about what I did. What kinda person would do that? I'll tell you what kind of person. Someone just like me. A so called str8 acting guy who is in the closet who lives a str8 life but loves to suck cock and swallow loads of cum. BecauseI don't want anyone to find out about my dirty secret. I cruise around public bathrooms, local parks and porn shops to find any random strangers to use my cumhungry mouth and wants a cock to fuck my throat infront of other strangers watching me. A person who will suck anyones cock then swallow his load is not gay . He is a faggot.
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    Done it with several medical professionals bareback. One particular doctor really sticks out in my mind. Older 50-ish guy, Top, slim in-shape, nice sized cock. He was very verbal, overtly aggressive, super dom. He loved spanking me, spitting on me, gagging me with his dick, fucking me with huge dildos, and busting his nuts deep in me after fucking the shit outta me for hours. I almost believe he was taking V or Cialis (or something stronger) as his dick stayed rock hard even after cumming a few times. He even arranged sex parties with a bunch of his older Top friends and Asian or twink bottoms. These two to three day parties were an alcohol fueled (as well as other stuff) festival of raw cocks and ass in every square foot of the property.
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    Been sick the last week, so this took a bit longer than I wanted. Hope you enjoy. -- PART 8: Open for Business Putting a TV dinner into the microwave, I went around the apartment and started collecting the few things I would need for my night of debauchery. My ass pleasantly ached from the pounding Jackson had just given me, and with each step, I felt the three loads swirling around deep inside me. Walking over next to the island, I felt the butt plug in my ass moving around as bent over, the large knot pressing firmly against my hole. Butt plug: check. Reaching out, I grabbed the small silver bottle on the ground. Making sure the lid was on securely, I slid it into my pocket and stood back up, loving how the big plug slid around inside my hole, rubbing against my already abused prostate. Thanks to the earlier night’s event’s, I would likely have plenty of stretching and lubrication in my ass. Lube: check. Poppers: check. Walking back over to the other counter, I opened the small humidor and looked at the various cigars. I sat for a few moments, trying to decide on one before finally deciding on a rather large, medium brown one with the name Punch on the side. Recalling what Eric had done in the shop that day, I ran the stick under my nose and sniffed, my cock immediately swelling at the aroma. Happy with my choice, I grabbed my lighter and the cigar and put them in the opposite pocket. Cigar and lighter: check. Feeling my ass, I checked for my wallet, and as I did, the microwave let out several beeps, letting me know my food was ready. I quickly ate the hot meal, and after a quick once over, I grabbed my phone and keys and walked out of the door. Waiting for the elevator, I re-read the texts from Kyle earlier that evening. I felt my cock stir, thinking about all the random loads I was about to get up my formerly tight, nearly virginal hole, mixing in with the three already placed in my ass after the dark and twisted dirty talk with Jackson. In the back of my mind, I felt slightly scared at the risks I was taking, and the possibility of catching something, but then again, the talk of getting pozzed had definitely also made me cum hard earlier in the evening. And if confronted with the issue, I knew I could always just write a prescription of my own for PEP or PrEP. One of the few true luxuries of being a doctor. Looking at the wording and phrases Kyle used in the texts, I casually wondered if Kyle might be into guys getting knocked up, especially with his deviant talk of anonymous cock and special loads. And admittedly, the thought of getting high on poppers, lighting up a few cigarettes and smoking them also had their own special appeal while taking loads. Hopefully, I thought to myself, I can get with Kyle in the future and try that out. Suddenly, my phone dinged as the elevator doors finally opened, and a new message popped up from Kyle, directing me to several websites. Kyle: here, check these out. might help w the smoking and slut training Kyle: breeding.zone and smokinmen.com Curious, I stepped into the elevator and selected the ground floor before I tapped on the first link. Making a quick glance, I realized it was a barebacking site. A quick glance at some of the topics got my cock hard. Bug chasing being one to immediately jump off the page at me. I bookmarked the site, instantly knowing I would be checking it out again soon. Next, I went back to my messages and opened the second link and was instantly greeted with images of all different men of ages and types smoking. I felt my cock lurch as I zoomed in on several younger guys, cigarettes hanging slightly out of their mouths as they smoked. This must be what Kyle meant by dangling… and even quicker than before, I tapped the bookmark icon. Stepping off the elevator, I made a quick beeline to the front door, ignoring the front desk entirely and walking out into the crisp fall night, before walking into the bookstore next door. At first, I wanted to make a straight line to the gloryholes, but I knew I would need to make one last purchase. Walking around, I looked for a few minutes at some of the toys before seeing that I one thing I wanted to add to the mix before going down into the depths below. Grabbing the package, I walked up to the counter and made my quick purchase. Waving away the bag, I walked over to the counter for the video booths and looked at the blue haired twink. With a start, I reached for my wallet and started to pull out a $10 bill. “Um, Benny, right?” I asked, slightly nervous for some unknown reason. Without more than a glance, the kid let out a sigh. “It’s twenty-five.” “Oh… um….” I said, remembering that the previous night it was only $10, “Well, Kyle sent me and said to tell you he wanted me to have the friend discount.” “Uh… huh…” he said, still not looking up from his phone, “Everybody is ‘friends’ with Kyle, sweetie… so try again.” I was starting to get a bit annoyed at the guy’s attitude. Pulling out my phone, I searched through my messages before I landed on one of the messages Kyle had sent me. “He also said to tell you I’m…” I briefly hesitated before continuing, “Looking to be a cum dumpster tonight and that you would help me. Can you really do that or should I just go home?” Apparently, that got his attention. He stopped and looked up at me from the screen of his phone with a mildly shocked look on his face. “Shit, he really was telling the truth,” he said, letting the indifferent mask fall for a few brief moments before quickly putting it back up, “Fine. I guess I’m out $25 because of you and Kyle. Need to see your ID.” Confused, I grabbed it my wallet out and handed the card to him, guessing that they just need to make sure people entering are 18, perplexed however since Kyle had never asked for mine the day before. “God damn it, how does he always know?!” Benny muttered under his breath before handing me back the card. “Excuse me?” I asked, putting the wallet back in my pants. “I need to stop making stupid bets with him. Another fifty fucking dollars…” Benny groused, staring at the ceiling, “Never would have pegged a doctor type as a cum slut. But he sure did. He one of your patients or something?” “Uh… no…” I let out, quickly wanting to just leave at this point. “Fine, you’re in, and here’s the key to Booth 8,” he said, tossing a small bronze key to me, “Only one that is reserved here.” “Oh, cool,” I said, catching the key. “By the way,” he asked, as he buzzed me in, “Tell me the truth. You serious about what Kyle said? You truly taking loads from anyone tonight?” At first, I was going to shy away from the question before I caught myself. Shying away was the old me. New me was going to seize life by the balls and milk them dry. With a slightly cocky smile and nod, I looked Benny straight in the eyes. “Yeah,” I said, confidently, “Why, you wanting to add to the mix?” “Fucking nice, man,” he said, raising his eyebrows somewhat appreciatively, “After all the money you cost me tonight, you bet your ass I’m not leaving here without sampling your hole and leaving my mark in it.” With those final words, I walked down the stairs and into the dimly lit red hallway before, the sounds of grunting and smell of fresh sex increasing with each step. — I walked around for several minutes, looking at each door trying to find Booth 8, quickly thinking that maybe it had all been a joke by Benny and Kyle. In almost a cruel irony, none of the booths seemed to go in order. I was finally about to give up when I stumbled onto it, having at first dismissed it as a broom closet on my first pass of the hallways. Grabbing the key, I opened the door and found myself in a long, narrow booth. Tape covered the bill acceptor, and there was already gay porn playing on the screen. The door closed behind me and with a soft click, I heard the door lock as well. Something the other room had lacked. Looking around the room, it appeared to be well stocked and pretty clean. A bench appeared to be positioned between the two glory holes, both at what seemed to be the perfect height to either stand or if one wanted to, kneel on all fours on top of the bench. There was comfortable looking padding on the bench. There was even a nice sized ashtray, so apparently, this room had been set up for a long stay in mind. Reaching into my pockets, I started pulling out my different items. Cigar, lighter, poppers, and my newest purchase, a cock ring. I knew with all the smoking, fucking, and sucking I would be doing tonight, the temptation to play with myself and cum would be overwhelming. I didn’t want to lose the urge to get filled once my balls had completely drained, so, I decided the best course of action would be to keep myself from cumming until the best time. I stood in the room for a few moments, staring at the tv watching the bareback orgy scene on the tv. Quickly, I felt myself get hard and decided to fully undress. Unzipping my pants, I stepped out of them and then pulled my shirt off, folding them both and putting them in the corner. Next, my ass plug was going to need to come out. I took the bottle of poppers and opened them, taking several hits and savoring the warm, relaxing rush through my body and steady swell in my cock. Reaching behind me, I slowly pulled the plug, now firmly and comfortably lodged deep inside me, holding back the three loads Jackson had left up my ass. I tugged gently at first, feeling as the plug stubbornly stayed in place behind my ass lips. Slowly, I increased the pressure and finally pulled it out with a loud plop, suddenly leaving me feeling empty as a few drops of cum slowly make their way out and slide down my thigh, making me moan. My ass felt so very empty and gaped for a few moments at the sudden loss of the large plug. Feeling the inside of the leg, I fingered a few of the cum drops back up my ass, feeling the gaping, wrecked remains of my formerly tight hole slowly closed down on them. Now finally closed again, I pulled them back out and looked at the thick white glazing on them. Horny, I stuck them in my mouth, rubbing the loads into my tongue and savoring the taste of my ass and Jackson’s thick cum, as I had that morning with Kyle and Mateo’s loads. It was a smokier and creamier taste, and I wondered if the fact that Jackson was a cigar and pipe smoker accounted for a different taste in the cum. Looking down at the plug in my hand, I looked over it quickly, and after not seeing anything but cum, stuck it in my mouth, sucking more of the thick cum and ass juices off. It tasted amazing. Satisfied it was clean, I then turned my attention to the cock ring. It was a small rubber o-ring type device. Guessing it was much like the small tourniquets I used in trauma surgery for the ER, I stretched it out and surrounded my cock and balls, much like I would for a finger laceration. I released it and with a soft hiss out of my mouth, looked down at my now encircled cock and balls. I loved how the ring somehow made my dick and balls stick out further, making each vein more prominent and giving more feeling; sensitive but somehow also not. Giving myself several quick tugs, I was happy to find the ring did its job without cutting off circulation, but still giving a nice firm squeeze, and would likely do its job well. All that left was the cigar. Instead of rushing like I had before, I knew I wanted to take things slower. Grabbing it and my lighter, I took the cigar and again ran it under my nose, enjoying the scent once more before placing it in my jaw. I then greedily sucked on the end, wetting it. Flicking the light on, I slowly lit the end, puffing gently, getting a nice cherry on the end of the brown stogie, and after an especially nice deep inhale, I shut off the flame and let the smoke jet out of my nose. I was a little surprised at this point, as, after this light up, I didn’t cough at all, and instead just felt the mild burn in my chest as I ‘fed them.’ Encouraged by my sudden growth as a smoker, I looked at myself in the dim reflection of the now momentarily dark monitor and was almost dumbfounded by what I saw. With the cigar in my mouth, it's smoke drifting out of the side of my jaw, and my cock lewdly sticking out, veins bulging from the cock ring, I looked, well, fucking hot. Looking down at my phone, I got a slightly wicked idea, and after a few quick taps, I took a quick selfie and sent it to Kyle with the caption ‘see what you’re missing?’ With that sent, I sat down, and started watching the new scene on the monitor, which showed a young guy in the middle of a bareback orgy on all fours, a line of several rough looking guys all covered in different tattoos, talking to each other and kissing as they stroked their cocks, waiting for their turn. Puffing on the cigar, I slowly started stroking myself, waiting for someone to stick their cock through one of the holes. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long as a cock was shoved into the hole on my left. There in front of me was a large, cut black dick. Easily, it was at least 10 inches long, and thick as 3 of my fingers as well. My ass ached to be filled with it. Getting up, I grabbed it and started stroking it, slowly bringing my ass over to it. I thought at first about sucking on it but then decided to instead back up my ass and slowly lower myself down. Halfway down, my ass started to hurt a little, and so I took my cigar out of my mouth, grabbed the poppers and huffed deeply several times in each nostril, before sticking my cigar back in my mouth and with a deep inhale, forcing my ass down the rest of the way. The guy in the other booth immediately let out a string of curses in appreciation as I let out a smokey moan, feeling the big black cock throb inside me. We sat there for a few moments as I slowly smoked until the guy started to slowly move in and out of my ass, my stretched hole gripping the large member raping it. I sat in silence as I listened to the onslaught of words coming from the guy next door. “Fuck yeah, gonna rape your white boy pussy tonight. A nice wet hole like yours is great at making my dick feel good boy. H-oooooh fuck,” he said, pausing for a moment before moving again, “in you with no rubber too, so gonna be able to breed you nice and deep, mix my potent baby batter with these others. You want that slut?” I let out a loud moan as he continued. “Damn, didn’t think I would get grade A prime ass tonight. Gotta thank that bitch Benny for hookin’ me up. He’s got lots of fuckers lined up for your ass tonight.” Almost like clockwork, a cock was shoved in front of me after he said that, and with a quick inhale of my cigar, I took my smoke out of my mouth and dove face first onto the nicely shaped light brown cock in front of me. I began to suck as if my life depended on it, as the cock in my mouth slowly dripped precum on my tongue. I sucked harder, enjoying the taste as the black monster in my ass continued to rape me. “Gonna cum soon up your tight white cunt. Fill you with my special little swimmers, and breed you. With all the loads you’re gonna take tonight in your guts, you won’t know who got you pregnant, bitch. Hope it’s mine though fucker.” Pulling off the rapidly leaking cock in my mouth, I took a few quick, deep inhales on my cigar and started to rhythmically squeezed down on the cock in my ass, completely oblivious to the words being said to me as my cum lust began to take over. Full of smoke, I went back to sucking and was quickly rewarded with a thick creamy load in my mouth. The cock in front of me was pulled out and just left the big black cock in my ass, whose pace was picking up. I slowly savored the creamy semen in my mouth before swallowing it down. “Balls are about to explode motherfucker, deep in your cunt with the other loads in here. Take this nasty fuck deep faggot.” With a final set of slams, I felt the black cock start throbbing in my ass, filling me deep with a warm volley of jizz. I began to puff on my cigar again, enjoying the feeling of my ass and lungs getting fed. The black guy quickly pulled out, and within a few moments, I could hear a door slam. I sat there for a minute or two, my ass at the hole, wondering if anything else would happen when I felt another cock get shoved deep in my ass and start fucking it hard. I sat back, enjoying the pounding in my hole as I slowly smoked my cigar, keeping the smoke in for longer and longer before finally, another cock appeared in front of my face. It was a shorter, uncut white dick, with massive bull balls. I immediately took it in my mouth and sucked, getting reamed by both ends in silence, except for the occasional grunt or groan. Quickly enough, the cock spewed a load in my mouth and I swallowed it down, and with a quick pull out, the hole was empty again. I went back to smoking my cigar and shortly after heard the top grunt and drop a load up my ass. Almost instantly, another cock was shoved up my ass, with an appreciative ‘nice’ said out loud, and my ass being slammed yet again. Another cock in front of my face appeared, long and thin, with a few piercings down the shaft. Much like before, both came without much much fuss, and in between, I continued to smoke my cigar, which was starting to get smaller and smaller. I occasionally would take a few hits on my poppers, enjoying the feeling of the warmth in my body as they did their work. This continued for the next hour and a half, and much to my dismay, my cigar was nearly spent. Looking down, I looked at my phone. Only 11:40. I didn’t really want to end before midnight, but I knew without the cigar, it wouldn’t be near as much fun for me for. And I also wanted to eventually cum as well. At my count, I had to have at least 9 loads in my ass, and another 7 loads in my stomach. Some guys had been verbal, others had thanked me for the use of my ass or mouth. My balls felt heavy and full of cum, and my ass was still hungry for more. I stood up, as there was a lull in the visitors to my holes, and debated getting the plug up my ass and getting dressed to leave when I heard a soft knock at the door. “Hey, it’s me…” the voice called out, at first not registering with me. I first, I was tempted to get dressed before answering the door, but then thought better of it. Most of these men had already or were likely willing to cum in my ass and mouth. Who cares if they saw me naked. I walked to the door and opening it a crack asked softly out loud. “Who?” A hand forced the door open and pushed me back, before quickly shutting it again. “Kyle, dumb shit,” the sexy skinhead before me replied. “H-Hey!” I said, with a smile on my face, as he immediately started stripping, “What’s up?” “My cock fucker,” he said with an evil grin, grabbing his cock and flicking it, the PA in it glaring evilly in the dim light, “I got your message and couldn’t wait to try out the kinky fucking shit we talked about.” Quickly, he pulled his shirt off and reached into the knapsack I had failed to notice him carrying inside the small room. Suddenly, he pulled out a large red and white box. “Had to see you taking all those fucking loads while we smoke these bad boys,” he said, tearing open the box and surprising me as he pulled out a box of Marlboro Reds and tossed them to me before pulling out one for himself. Watching him open the pack, I grabbed my next to completely spent cigar and inhaled a few drags as I followed his lead, before finally getting out one of the long white sticks. Grabbing the cigar butt from my mouth, he held the end to the Red, puffing it to life with a deep inhale and a load, guttural moan. “Fuck yeah,” he moaned, smoke pouring out before motioning to me to grab the butt and do the same, “needed that. You next. Rape those fucking lungs.” I followed his lead and quickly got the Red lit. With a deep inhale, I enjoyed the sensation. Less and different smoke, to be sure, but it was enjoyable none the less. And with the number of cigarette packs Kyle had brought, we would be having fun all night. “So, how many loads you had dumped in you so far tonight?” he asked, stroking his cock as he grabbed my ass cheek and dipped a finger in, grinning when my ass started dripping. “Nine, I think?” I said, as he grabbed his dick and stroking it, inhaling the red before nose jetting it, “I also ate another seven.” “Fuckin’ sexy cum whore!” he said, grinning and shoving two more fingers inside, “Want even more? Word is your ass is taking all sorts of tainted cock tonight.” Suddenly, several things hit me at once. First, the words of the owner of the big black cock hit me. Special swimmers, nasty fuck, getting pregnant… I had to have been fucked by a poz guy who was looking to gift. At first, I didn’t know how to feel. Shame, fear, lust, excitement… However, having not cum, my ass and cock and balls did all my thinking for me. Next, Kyle’s words. He definitely wanted to see me taking poz cock tonight. Much like Jackson, he must get off on the idea of bug chasing, or at least others chasing. “Fuck yeah,” I said, smiling wickedly as I looked down at my cock and watched as some of the anonymous loads dripped out of me while Kyle's fingers fucked my wet ass, some of the loads running down my balls and cock. I took a deep haul on the Red in my mouth and then let it dangle from my lips before continuing. “Get me all the toxic loads you can.” “Good,” he said, pulling them out and bending me back over before shoving my ass against the hole, “Gonna keep you smoking and huffing poppers as long as you keep that hole open for business. A lot of horny guys paid good money to be here tonight, and are wanting to fill you and breed you with their DNA.” I relaxed my hole open as I felt another anonymous cock press against my ass. Looking up, I watched as Kyle quickly smoked his red and stroked his metal filled cock, texting away on his phone. Grinning in reply, I started hauling on my red as the cock in my hole slammed away at my abused jizz-filled ass.
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    CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party - Part 3 I see Trevor turn around as he’s walking off, he leans down whispering in my ear, “I can usually spunk more than once mate, if you want it in just a bit”, looking directly at him I nod, he kisses me and then he’s gone. As much as I want to stay here and take more loads while watching Mike, I’m feeling adventurous, I want to get a sense of everyone that’s here. I make my way around the room checking out every cock I see. I see the host, a dude with a huge cock, several others before running into Mark again, “That was such a hot fuck”, he leers at me, “Yeah it was”, he touches my ass … “I need more”. “Let me come back in a bit”, he nods, and I keep moving to see who and what else is here. Our host did a great job with the party list, there are a good variety of ages and body types – the pig inside me wants every cock I see. I guess Mark can cum more than once, I wonder if the host can, I need to thank him properly. After several minutes of ogling and touching cocks, and noticing red wrist bands everywhere, I realize I haven’t seen one white one. There are no HIV-negative men at this party, except maybe us bottoms. Then it occurs to me, “Maybe the host didn’t approve any – maybe this party is as much about HIV-positive men sharing their HIV as it is about HIV-negative bottoms being infected”. I wonder if any of the bottoms tonight will be negative when we leave. These dark thoughts make my cock tingle in its cage. I finally make my way around to another one of the beds and find Alec, the cute 19yo that showed up near the end of the introduction, and there’s a big line of red wrist bands waiting to plow his hole. I wonder how many of the red bracelets he’s already collected. I glance over to another bed just near him and see Steve’s caged cock bouncing around as he rides a hot bearded guy wearing a policeman’s hat. These sights and smells are overwhelming … this much fucking makes my trapped cock hurt that much more. All the guys seem to be in their zone though, either fucking an ass or touching and feeling, waiting to fuck an ass. “FUCK standing around … I need another poz cock in this ass”, I mumble as I watch Alec getting fucked, the other tops encouraging the top to infect him. I move to the other side of Alec’s bed, cruising more than one of the waiting tops. It doesn’t take too much of me feeling him up for him to want in my hole; we assume our roles. I bend over onto the bed, facing Alec. He looks up at me, his eyes glazed over and a look of lust on his face, and our faces close enough to know exact what’s going on with the other. “Ohhhhhh fuck … ohhhhh fuck .. yea … yea”, he starts moaning in my ear, “I’m … I’m takin’ poz cock dude”, I moan, “me too … me too”, as the top behind me enters my cum-lubed fuck hole. “Fuck yea!”, I can hear him moaning. “Gonna take another poz load … took 2 so far”, I can’t believe I’m saying this to Alec, “Already took 6, I think”. “Fuck… fuck… fuck me! I’ve got … ahhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh… oh fuck, ohhhhhh god that’s so good”, he says. I feel like I’m behind, and I’m determined to catch up. “Fuck yea dude … take that poz dick, AHHHHHHHHHH”, I moan right into Alec’s adorable face, “Fuck … FUCK ME!”, I feel the top penetrating me and the sweat on his balls touching my ass, “Fuck! I gotta catch up dude … I need another poz load”. We aren’t looking directly at each other, but I can hear his moans and I can feel his breathe, "Please. Oh yeah man, fuck … oh fuck, dump another poz load in there," he moans, he’s completely lost in the moment. It’s then that I realize Alec and I aren’t any different. I can feel Alec’s breathe, he can feel my breathe, and we’ve accepted the fact that we’re both likely to be HIV+ from tonight’s sex. I’m encouraging his top to infect him, and he’s doing the same for me. "You want this load fucker?", the top riding Alec asks. Maybe the guy hasn’t heard us, "You want this?!". Alec is nodding and blurting out the words, “YES! … YES! … FUCK YES! FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!”, he nearly shouts in my face with strong, heavy breathes. Not to be left out, I shout, “Fuck that’s so hot … FUCK MY ASS MAN! FUCKING BREED ME!”. “I want that fucking poz cum man ... Do it!", Alec shouts again. I’m fairly certain the inner pig is in control of each of us right now. The cock cage binding me is hurting so I try to focus on my top’s bare cock. It occurs to me, that right now, my whole world is centered on my ass and the only thing the filthy, dark, sex-fueled part of me intends to do is leave this party infected with someone’s strain of HIV. "Right on, boy. Uhhhhh…. Uhhhh…. You’re about to get another load." The dude fucking Alec is relentless and I know he’s just moments from delivering another load of poz spunk into that ass. "You're gonna get … ohhhhhhh …. Ohhhhhhh fuck …. FUCK!", and in the space of just few those seconds Alec’s top goes from rhythmic anal masturbation to holding him tight against his crotch as his toxic dick injects a load of infected sperm. Down another load, compared to Alec, just like that. "FUCK! FUCK!”, my cock hurts, “Fuck me. C’mon … Fucking breed my ass!", I yell. Watching another bottom this close to me, taking a violent orgasm deep, is more erotic than I ever imagined it can be. Alec’s looking at me, smiling, kissing me and using his tongue to lick some of the sweat off of my face. But his face changes and his eyes roll back in his head as the next top moves in and another red wrist band wearer’s cock disappears into Alec’s body. I lean up against Alec again, “Dude, we’re both gonna be poz … we’re …”, but I can’t finish my thought. I’m so horny and I want that cum, I start squeezing my ass muscles tight, letting my top know I need his load. “Fuck Yea … fucking do that … FUCK!”, I guess it’s enough for him to realize this pig needs cum, “Fuck that feels good… gonna blow my load … gonna … oh fuck, keep that up”, so I give his cock several more squeezes. He picks up his pace, piston-fucking me in and out now. I can feel every millimeter of his shaft raping my insides. He’s stretched out, exploring, and seems determined to mark me with what will be my 3rd infected load of the night. My cock is leaking pre-cum, without thinking I try to stroke it, and I’m quickly reminded that it’s not gonna happen. My top takes this as his cue to pull back and slam deep, reminding me who’s in control. Then, without any fanfare, he returns to a constant, steady fucking rhythm. He’s definitely ready to cum, his breathing is labored, he’s grunting, and his pace is quickened. This HIV+ man is pounding my ass. I wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew – how did I become this hardcore of a pig around all of these positive men. The pig in my head isn’t hearing any of this and I start pushing back hard in rhythm, I use some of Jacob’s words, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Poz my ass man … knock me up”. I say all of this right into Alec’s beautiful face, “Fuck yea! Fucking knock me up!”, and as he looks me directly in the eye, he mimics my movements pushing back on his top’s cock. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH…….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH FUCK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”, I look up thinking Alec is getting yet another load and realize its Steve that’s getting the load this time and that’s not the same top as when I came over here, that guy works fast. “Fuck yea”, pops out of my mouth and Alec’s almost at the same time. I started wondering if the guy fucking me ever actually infected anyone, and will his load be the one that knocks me up. I know he’s close to dumping his load but I feel like I need to earn it. He’s groaning and grunting and I know he’s close to an orgasm from the sounds of our sex as his balls slapping hard against me. “’bout to …. ‘bout to cum”, “Fuck yea” my only response, "Want my poz babies?", he asks, although I’m not sure he expects an answer. I speak right into Alec’s face, "Fuck yea! Fucking breed me… fucking knock me up!" "Ahhhh… ahhhhh… fuck, fucking take it … fucking taking my cum" and I feel him slam his cock all the way into my hole and hold it there. "Fuck yea! Taking my fucking load ... Oh yea …. Oh fuck", “fuck yes … fuck yes”. Alec can see I’m momentarily satiated and we start making out a bit more while I’m being loaded and he’s being fucked. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”, the top fucking him starts to groan and I see a devilish smile as Alec takes another positive load. Nearly as soon as our tops dump in our asses they are gone and another top is already mounting Alec – that boy is popular. Almost immediately I feel another hard cock playing at my back door and the guy leans over, “Hey babe … how’s that ass? Having fun? Sore?” It’s Chris’ voice, and as I turn my head he kisses my mouth before I even say a word. We break the kiss, “Fuck yea, I’m good … so is Alec”, and I nod over in his direction. I know as I’m saying this Chris’ bare cock is making its way inside my ass like it has so many times before. “Ohhhhhhhhhh….. Ohhh fuck“, I feel it, and my eyes rollback, “Love that cock … love that fucking poz cock Chris”. He’s still leaning into my ear, “I think you’ve found your calling babe … you know you’re gonna be poz after this, don’t you”. I glance back and smile. “You know I also stopped taking meds”, this statement catches by surprise and he can see it on my face. “You ok?”, nearly holding still, we’re making eye contact and I close my eyes and squeeze down on his cock, “Yea”. He starts riding me again, “Good … I stopped taking ‘em about two weeks ago”, and punctuates the message with several hard jabs. “Owwwww… owwwwww”, my cock is hurting in the cage, “You sure you ok?”, he asks. “Just don’t pull out Chris … don’t pull out … cum in me”, is all I tell him. He smiles at this, both of us now knowing that Mike and I have been taking unmedicated loads from Chris for at least a week now. I feel like an idiot, but I feel relieved, I start humping back on Chris’ cock, “Yeah sexy … fucking breed that ass… fucking poz me Chris, fucking give it to me”. Chris leans back up, and like he always does, start pounding me with intense jabs mixed with smooth strokes. “The time for talking, the time for contemplation, the time for fear, for analysis, shame is fucking over and all that matters right now is his cock and making sure Chris infects me”, is all I can think. I do wonder if Mike knew, not that he’d actually care. “Oh yeah … Brace yourself babe, … I’m in the mood for a rough fuck", he says quite loudly. I think Chris loves fucking me as much as I love his cock. He pulls back and slides in hard nearly taking my breathe away. He must be worked up now that he’s told me his little secret – he’s never banged my ass so quickly or so hard. I can feel his hard cock push aside my insides as that unmedicated poz cock once again gets into me deep. It’s almost like a dull ache when he bottoms out. “Ohh yea… so good”, I hear him moaning as he withdraws until only the head remains. Knowing its Chris’ cock in me has me panting … I find myself wanting him as much as I ever do Mike … I hope I get his strain. This withdrawal though, its leaving me feeling almost empty and it pulls at my ass lips in a way that is making crazy-horny with lust. I’m not sure if he is teasing me or what. Chris is literally just massaging my ass cheeks as he holds his cock right there on the edge. I hope he loves the feeling of my warm hole … my warm, most likely poz hole. You know that anticipation when you get to the top of a roller coast and it feels as though everything pauses as you see the coming drop? I’m filled with that kind of sensation now with Chris. It may literally only be a few seconds but it feels like much longer before he plunges back into me, continuing his fuck with hard, deep thrusts. He puts both of his hands on my ass as he nails my hole in a way he hasn’t done before. Maybe he is more turned on, now that he knows I know he’s off his meds, and I’m more than ok with it. The front part of my body starts to collapse to the bed, under Alec from the forward motion, but he grabs onto my ass and helps keep me upright. I’m grunting now with each thrust and trying my best to push back against his dick. I love Chris, I want him to see I’ve made peace with being poz, and I want this to be a sizzling hot ride for him. “FUCK ME CHRIS! FUCKING POZ MY ASS!”, I start shouting into Alec’s face yet again. "Oh fuck, babe, oh fuck! That tight, wet hole of yours … it’s milking a charged load out of my cock," Chris moans. I know this can’t last long, and he realizes it, too. He slows down a little and starts to take longer, slower thrusts. Each time he reinserts his dick, he moves a little bit. This isn’t how he usually breeds me and the different angles cause new sensations in my ass. Maybe it’s the scenery, but his dick seems like it’s the hardest it’s ever been. His hands are on my hips, pulling my ass back onto that poz dick as hard as he’s thrusting forward. "FUCK! That ass is so fucking wet! I fucking love that!", he says to me. He nearly collapses on top of me. Most of his body now covering mine and he’s humping me hard; his hips rising and falling with short, quick movements; he’s been taken over by the lust and desire to infect me. I’m glad it’s me getting his infectious load. Chris moves his face to my shoulder once more but this time he bites down while he’s humping my ass. I gasp, leaning against Alec, both of us being serviced. Chris is in my ear, “Gonna poz that ass babe … gonna knock you up … you want it?”, we both know it isn’t a question, he’s going to cum inside me. “Ahhhhhh…. Ahhhhh…. Fuck …. Ohhhhhhhh fuck babe …. Fuck!!”, and suddenly Chris is dropping another load of his poz sperm in my ass, but this time I know there’s a real chance of him actually infecting me.
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    Since you shared your story about the blood, I will share mine. One night I connected with Malik again online. He told me to come to his place and gave me the address but it wasn't his place. I went there anyway and when the door opened, I was faced with a complete stranger. I was surprised but he was really hot so I went inside. Of course the whole routine of getting naked as quickly as possible and getting on my knees to suck his cock. Then he started to talk dirty to me. It tuns out that he knows Malik althought I am not sure how. Judging by the size of their huge cocks, they could be blood related then again, I have been with quite few huge cocks so I know not all of them could be related. Anyway, Malik apparently videop taped our fucking that night and showed it to him and probably to other guys. He told Malik that he wanted me and that's how we ended up there. I was half paying attention to the details since I was mesmerized by the cock in my mouth. He was beautiful and magnificent. Finally he pulled my hair to make me stand and bend me over the back of the couch and slammed his cock into me. I screamed and try to pull away but he covered my mouth with his hand and held me there as he fcuked me deep with his huge magnificent cock. I was feeling so much pain that I started to cry a little. But for some reason, everytime he slammed into my prostate my cock kept on getting harder inspite of the pain I was feeling everywhere else. My prostate and my cock were loving this man's cock fucking me. He bred me but he kept on fucking me while he was breeding my hole and afterward too. I don't know how long or how many loads he shot but when he was satisfied, he pulled out. I ran into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I could see blood flowing down my leg.

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