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    San Pedro California
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    bb, huge cocks, yug guys, tops, most anything except scat, fist, bloid
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    When I started meth it took a few years before I slammed cause I was afraid of needles. Once I did I love it got my cock hard as steel and could fuck for hour's. one day I tried G and that changed me from a top to a bottom.
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    watch it all the time.
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    someone with a huge cock who likes submissive bottoms and likes to pnp. Never had a black guy a fantasy of mine is to have a black guy breed me.

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  1. wantsitnow

    love to breed chub ass

    if you are in Los Angeles hit me up
  2. wantsitnow

    Support Group

    I love this story hot as fuck was hard all the way though it. more please
  3. wantsitnow

    Teen Raped By Escaped Convicts

    I was rape by two black's in a park restroom. it started in the restroom but then they took me outside and went into the park more. lots of trees and bushes to hide.
  4. wantsitnow

    Black man gets me high and turns me out.

    about the same thing happen a few years back. I was tring to get of weed in a part of the I should have not in after dark
  5. wantsitnow

    Saturday Fun

    damn that's hot
  6. damn hot story please add more to it
  7. wantsitnow

    Public toilet virgin

    great story I was taken by a few of the basketball team in High school
  8. please write ,ore very hot story. This is something I have done a few times
  9. wantsitnow

    My college assignment

    hot story love it. I had just started doing meth and my buddy took me over to his dealer to get some stuff. He was a black guy in his early 20's 6 foot and had a swimmer build. well the dealer offered to get us high. he also was the first to slam me. when he did he made it really strong and then fucked me good.
  10. wantsitnow

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    I just love this story it's the hottest story I have ever read. I get so turned on and horny. I was 21 before I really got my cherry pop. Was having sex for years but I till I met a man like Tom in this story I had never really knew how great it was to have sex.
  11. wantsitnow

    Two Mormon Boys

    damn I was hard the whole story. when I was in high my friend and I got taken about the same way
  12. wantsitnow


    wow hot story more please. something like this happen to me when I was younger. my buddy and me where at a mall and these two guys started to talk to us. They ask if we did weed and yes we said ended up at there house smoking my friend and I had no clue what was going on we thought we would just smoke and go home well they had other plans for us. Before we knew it both of us were party sluts
  13. OMG I love your story it turned me on so much. I have a fantasy a little like this.
  14. wantsitnow

    The Demon Seed

    looking forward to reading more of your story. reminds me when I was invited to a party and turned out they like to get a volunteer to be used

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