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    Cum, bareback, breeding, piss, some scat play, j/o, rimming, fisting, rough sex, dirty talk, gangbang, porn, face fucking, dirty chat, poz talk, etc., etc.
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    Masculine, mostly bottom, but been switching and Topping more and more lately. When bottoming I am a total cock whore, cum slut fag, but when Topping I can actually be quite the aggressive bull. It all depends on my mood & my partner at the time.

    Still std free at the moment. New to the whole bug chaser scene, but has become more & more of an intense fetish for me lately. Never actively seeked conversion, but I've also rarely used condoms for the past few years unless it was insisted on. Always prefer to take it bareback & raw. Always horny, love to get bred, & very curious about all this.
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    Looking for deep & regular breedings from alpha Tops or Vers guys. Want my ass & mouth filled with cum on a regular basis and wouldn't mind feeding and breeding as well from time to time. Would like to chat with other chasers, as well as gift givers. Really starting to crave poz loads.

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  1. Awesome body.

    Versatile nasty pig here just a couple of miles down the road and semi retired and can travel and get room.

    Love big men

  2. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Nailed an 18 yr old intern from my job yesterday! Have not Topped anyone since September of last year...been trying to be the best pig bottom I can be, ya know :-) ....but this kid literally just sort of fell into my lap. Skinny kid, super bright, just turned 18 in March, off to college in the fall, & apparently looking to get fucked! I bairly speak to the interns because they don't really do any work for me, but I did notice this kid always staring at me. I just thought he was weird, but it turned out he likes guys who are older & bigger than him, but he was just too shy to talk to me & had no idea if I was even gay or bi. Yesterday I needed to go to our off-site storage, my boss suggested taking one of the interns to help so I asked the group & this guy volunteers. He's real quiet on the way there, I do most of the talking. At the storage unit I needed something that was kinda buried so the kid tries to climb over this cabinet & falls backwards a little. I put my hands up to catch him & of course my hands go right on his ass. I swear, I was not trying for that! I push the kid back up & say I'm sorry for grabbing his ass, & he smiles & tells me it's no problem & I can do it anytime. He climbs over this cabinet & starts rummaging around & I'm just like, "fuck it!" why not see where this goes. Now I climb over this cabinet & the kid looks at me like he's confused so I say I came back to grab his ass some more. The kids eyes light up & he slowly moves closer to me, I just grab him & pull him close in and start groping his ass. I ask him if he wants my cock & he says yes, so I tell him to get on his knees & open his mouth. He gave a pretty good blowjob I have to say, but I was hungry for that ass. I told him I wanted to fuck, he said he did too & starts asking me when is good for me & can he come to my place. I just laughed & said, "no kid, you're getting fucked now." He suddenly gets all nervous, saying he's afraid to do it in public, to which I point out that we're in the back of storage unit & no one can see us. Then he's saying we don't have condoms or lube, blah, blah, blah. I was just like, look kid, you got my cock all throbbing now you're gonna get fucked. Lol! He moaned about the condom some more, but by now I was already yanking his pants down & I knew he ultimately wanted it too bad to resist. Finally he asked me if I was clean & I said yes. I sucked & licked his little asshole, spit in his crack, spit on my dick & started to enter. I ended up pounding his tight ass like a fucking animal! Something just came over me; the environment, the age difference, the size difference, the fact I was his first raw cock, the fact that I had to persuade my way into his ass, & the fact that I've taken so many loads these past few months without knowing the status & might be passing something on.....it all just amped me up sooo much! I fucking wrecked his hole to the point that I think the poor kid was having second thoughts. In the end I pumped a huge load into his ass & it felt fucking awesome! Made the little faggot suck me clean afterwards. He was all quiet as he pulled his pants up. I told him he was a good fuck & that I hadn't cum that hard in a while & that made him smile. In the car on the way back I told him not to tell anybody, that it was our secret. He asked for my number, but I told him we'd keep it casual & spontaneous & only until his internship is over. He's here every Wednesday for another 3 weeks, so maybe I'll have another tale to tell next week :-)
  3. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I haven't posted anything in a while, but had a super sketchy bareback session Friday, and another this morning, so I just had to share. Work was slow on Friday so I was logged into all the sites during the day trying to line-up something after work. A guy contacted me on Manhunt, telling me he wanted to "breed me & give me his babies." He was speaking my language. After leaving work I went directly to his place and he answered the door wearing a pair of jeans and nothing else. He was a little taller than me, had nipple rings, tattoos, and was quite skinny, even gaunt, and, while I may have been fantasizing, I found myself wondering if he looked ill. His apartment was hot as hell as he had no air conditioning, so when he suggested I strip naked and make myself comfortable, I was more than willing. As I fumbled with my clothing, he fished a super long, super hot, uncut cock out of his jeans. Instantly I fell to my knees and sucked his cock, swirling my tongue all inside his foreskin. At one point he grabbed my hair, directing me to his asshole, instructing me to "Be a good piggy and eat my shithole." Of course I followed his command. He was sweaty smelled of musk, but I devoured his hole without hesitation. I'd like to think I can still taste and smell his scent. After some time he went back to fucking my mouth, eventually dumping his first load down my throat. I got to my feet and reached for my clothing, assuming he'd want to to immediately split, but instead he invited me to stay a while, and for the next hour or so we drank beer and smoked pot. We never got dressed, so after some time I started sucking his beautiful cock yet again. Before I knew it he was rock hard and fully amped, ready to go again. This time, however, he announced "You're gonna get fucked this time around." He offered me poppers so I took some hits. I should say I'm not crazy about what it does to my head, but it always relaxes my asshole. Instructing me to lay on my back on the couch, he positioned my feet against his shoulder and plowed right in. I would say he fucked me for like a good half hour straight, but honestly I'm not sure. All that I can distinctly recall is his fluid rhythm he maintained as he slammed his long cock into my depths. He had such an intense look on his face, but it was his words that really got me going. He kept calling me a piggy, and a cock whore, as he repeatedly asked phrases such as "You want my babies don't you? I'm gonna knock you up piggy. You want my seed?" And I know it could be all talk, but it could be the real deal too. Eventually he dumped his load in me, after which I eventually went home sore and full of cum. I tried getting in touch with him yesterday, but he never responded. Then early this morning I got a text that he wanted to "Breed me some more." I told him I had just awoken so I had to shower and get clean for him, but he told me not to bother, that I should just come as is. He answered the door wearing only a pair of shorts, I could see he was already hard and I could tell right away he was on something because of his eyes and his mannerisms. "Get inside and undress," he muttered, using a blunt tone which was more of an order than an invitation. When I had stripped he directed me into the bathroom and had me kneel in the tub, only for him to piss all over me, drenching me, and ordering me to open my mouth wide like a good piggy. After I had consumed quite a bit of his piss, he surprised me when he told me to stand in the tub, grab the safety bars, and he then pissed in my ass. Then he started fucking my hole. Since I hadn't gone to the bathroom yet this morning, and as he had essentially just given me a piss enema, things started to get a little messy, but this seemed only to get him even more excited as he pounded away. Eventually he withdrew from my ass, ordering me to suck him clean like a true piggy. I sucked his shitty, sweaty, pissy cock like my life depended on it, which pleased him very much. Eventually he had me lay on his back as he knelt between my legs, drilling me even harder than before, doing so with such force my ass bled a bit - which again only pleased him more. He started asking again if I wanted his seed and babies, muttering "I'm gonna get you pregnant and claim your ass." Then he blew his load inside my hole, pulled-out and ordered me to suck him clean. I could taste the sweat, piss, shit, blood and cum all mixed together. I had never had such a mix before. While I can't pretend it was delicious, it did make me feel special. It made me feel like a real bottom pig. It made me feel right. Now, I don't know if he had the bug, so I don't know if I now have the bug, I just know I am meant to be a bottom pig, and I'm not going to stop.
  4. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Took a load in Jersey City of all places this yesterday afternoon. I don't get to JC much, but had to pick up some stuff from family that live there. Posted and ad on CL knowing I would be going, started chatting with one of the guys who replied and ended up setting something up. For some reason it was turning me on so much to be at my families house and making small talk all the while knowing I was going to be taking some strangers cock later. I met him at his house, he's Dominican, late 40's, married with 2 kids....(seriously, what is up with all these married dudes barebacking in secret!? I love it!) His wife and kids were at his in-laws for a visit, so he was like totally paranoid they would come home while we were in the middle of things, so since it was so nice out around here yesterday we went out to this narrow alley between his house and the next. Since we had chatted the night before we knew what we were into and so things just started right away. He told me to take off all my clothe, I did as told, and it felt o naughty and hot being out in the air completely nude in broad daylight, with my feet on the dirty pavement. Made me feel like some back alley whore...lol! He told me to kneel down, and then he whipped his cock out....nice, thick. He immediately started pissing all over me cause I had told him the night before while chatting that I was into golden showers. He drenched me, like he had been holding it all day! I rubbed it all over me, my hair was dripping. I started sucking him as the last few squirts were coming out, he got hard quick and wanted to fuck me so I stood up, he leaned me against the house and started to enter me, no condom. Started slow, mumbling in my ear asking if I liked his raw cock inside my pussy, telling me he was going to give me his seed etc. Started pumping hard after a while, had to cover my mouth with his hand cause I started moaning too loud. Got very verbal, calling me a whore, pig, faggot, etc. Said stuff in Spanish too, but not sure what. Apparently I wasn't totally clean and got a little mess on his cock, but that just got him revved up and he started fucking plowing me. He had the side of my face pressed against the house and was pumping hard when he finally came and gave me his load. When he pulled out I spun around, squatted and sucked his cock clean. HE became a little dickish after cumming, could tell he just wanted it over with, didn't even let me in the house to clean up, had to put all my clothes back on while still wet with his piss! Didn't matter to me, kinda hot actually. Lol! When I got home, before I even took a shower I started jerking off and playing with my ass, sucked all his juices off my fingers, came hard. Good times :-)
  5. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to BBC again, been going whenever he texts. He had a friend come over, chubby, white, married guy, balding, late 40's I'd say. He was a bit of an ass, but very verbal & a great fuck. I was kept nude all night, they had their way with me off & on for hours. They drank beers & gave me poppers, the married guy kept making me rim his hairy ass, & brought me into the bathroom to piss on me 3 times. He grunted in my ear that I was a dirty fucking cumdump as he bred my ass. I took 5 loads, 2 from married, 3 from BBC, 1 in the mouth, rest were in my ass. Bbc said he was gonna whore me out & have his buddies run a train on my ass, but I don't if that was heat of the moment talk.
  6. Sucking Married Guys

    I love sucking married guys! I'm sure the fact they are cheating is a big part of the turn on. Also, a lot of them don't get to do the nasty fantasies they have with their wives and that's where I come in. Right from the get go I tell them they can cum in my mouth and then I suck them with all I've got. I suck on the balls, jerk the shaft, even go around back and eat their ass out, let them know I'm a nasty whore. When I'm getting them all worked up I ask them if they want to fuck me, some say no, but most just have at it! I love the look of ecstasy on their faces as they pump their loads into me, and then that awkward quiet afterwards when they're not sure how to feel about what they just did. Lol. Got a married guy now, he's 52, son in college, daughter in high school, wife has no clue. Last time we met up his wife and daughter were out shopping and he called me over. Fucked me on the bed he shares with his wife. Came in me good, I came hard...made me all hot to think that my sweat and cum was on the sheets he sleeps under with his wife. Gets me hard thinking about how he fucks my raw ass and then sticks that same dick in his wife's pussy. Love me some married cum!
  7. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just got home from taking a bunch of loads from a very raunchy BBC! Spent the evening / night at his apartment, ended up taking 4 loads! Swallowed one, rest were in my ass. He had a very long, slightly above average width cock with a bit of a curve...it was gorgeous. Big, creamy loads. Called me his "white bitch", said he was gonna "give me his babies". I begged him to get me pregnant, but honestly not even sure if he knew what I meant. Have no idea if he was poz or neg. He kept me naked all night, gagged me with his bbc, I choked & spit up a bunch, but that didn't stop him. One fuck was in his bed, no sheets on mattress, face down, ass propped up with him railing on my asshole until I actually bled a little. Honestly never been fucked like that...scared me a little, but was also the hottest fuck I ever took!!! Ass to mouth after every load, rimmed his sweaty ass all night, & he even took me into the bathtub at one point & pissed all over me, made me swallow some. Nasty, raunchy, BBC Top...loved it!! Early Xmas present :-p. Last fuck was in parking lot when I was leaving, slammed me over the hood, pumped a final dose into me, told me he wanted me to "carry his babies around". Was not expecting an all nighter, but so glad I went, & hope to see him again. Love the fact that I'm gonna go hangout with family tomorrow with a belly full of spunk! Makes me feel like a true bottom whore.
  8. Ass to mouth-your experiences

    I always open my mouth wide after a Top pulls out of me, letting him know I'm ready to be a good bottom and suck him clean. I think it is part of being a bottom, at least for me. And yes, sometimes the cock is less than clean, but int he heat of the moment that's almost an added turn-on for me because it makes me feel like a real pig bottom. The taste / smell isn't always the greatest, but I just power through it and get off on knowing I'm pleasing the Top.
  9. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Took 2 loads today from the same dude. Spanish guy, little older than me, thick, uncut. Gave him a bj in his car this afternoon. Stuck my tongue in his foreskin, nice and tangy! Gave me a nice warm load to swallow. Messaged me later that he wanted to fuck me so went to his place and got nasty. Rimmed his ass for a good while, sucked his cock for a bit, and then got my ass wrecked. His cock was fat and stretched me like I haven't been stretched in a long while. Very verbal while fucking me, which I love. Came in me hard and then pulled out and let me suck it some more. Mmmmm! Made me feel like a good cum whore :-)
  10. Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    First time was forced on me. Top held my head down & blew his load in my mouth. Was mad & worried at first, but couldn't stop thinking about either. Went back to him 2 days later & got my ass bred for the first time. Strictly bareback from them on. Makes me feel like a true bottom slut, & I like how it pleases the Top. Just to have another mans raw cock pumping his seed into my asshole, knowing I'm carrying his cum in me, it's so fucking hot!
  11. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Took another load last night. Older married guy, met thru craigslist. He's an electrician so we did it in the back of his work van. Bareback all the way, never asked for his status, he never asked for mine. Sucked his tangy cock, made out with his asshole like it was his mouth. Lol. Cock was average length, but thick. He fucked aggressive, was very rough on my hole, but I loved it! Very verbal, but no poz talk. He shot his load deep inside me, & then I sucked his slick cock clean. I love the thought of him going home to his wife after just being inside my raw ass :-) It was hot, hope to get bred by him again.
  12. Fresh from the tap

    Love piss, giving or receiving, it's all good. Like to drink straight from the tap, & would LOVE to have a Top piss in my ass, haven't tried that yet! Especially love a Top who douses me with a hot piss shower after he's cum inside me. Rubbing it all over my body as it streams out of his cock is so fucking hot.
  13. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Met an older married guy through Squirt few weeks back. At first it was only blowjobs in his car at night, and of course I swallowed. Kept asking him to bareback me, but he was nervous. Finally talked him into it last weekend at my place. Once he was inside me he got all worked up and gave me a real good fuck. He came hard and I sucked his cock clean after he pulled out.

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