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Over 60 year old barebackers

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Glad to see this thread.  So many gay men act like their life is over once they hit 30.  I didn't have much of a sex life at all till I was in my 30's and hope that when I'm in my 60's I'll still be making up that lost time. 😁

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Well I guess I should confess-  I started barebacking when I was 60.  Will not bore you with the long story but when I tried when younger it hurt and I mean it hurt.  So just stuck with oral    Also there was the issue of HIV.    But met a guy on Recon and he had me over and he wanted to fuck me and he was a tough top.  Told him was not cleaned out and he told me never to come over again unless I was cleaned out.   God, he turned me on.   Did not tell him that I did not get fucked.  But next time I went over I was cleaned out and he fucked me(with condom) and I love it.   He had a partner and  went there a lot and he fucked me.  Once he was gone and went over and his partner was going to fuck me and I stated to put his cock in my ass sans condom and he said no, had to talk to his partner and he did later and then always was bare.  So went from not getting fucked to getting fucked bare after 60 and in about 6 months.   
Also after turning 60, used meth for the first time - was around 65 and slammed for the first time later that year.  And now very much into getting fucked only bare and slamming- both after 60.   Also chose to become poz after 60 with  know  gifter. Now  72 and nothing better than t and getting fucked for hours in a sling .  

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Any advice for best hookup site for older guys (50+)?   Esp on the East Coast. 

I’ve been off the sites for several years now and I know things change quickly. 


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    • By breathdeeper
      I am not much of a writer but I will do my best to tell this tale.
      I don't remember exactly how old I was 18, 19 but that doesn't really matter. As a late bloomer I always knew I was different. I dated a girl once but we never had sex. I stumbled across a porn tape in my dad's draw and used to watch it and always got hard at the guys never the girls. 
      At this time AOL was the big thing with chat rooms. I eventually discovered the gay ones and made a few friends and met in person for socializing. 
      There was another side to these chatrooms that I was naive too...
       One day this older guy in his late fifties started talking to me. He lived kinda close like 15 min. He said we shod meet for a drink one time and chat.
      I agreed and he said he could pick me up if I like and I said ok. I have. Him my cross streets and met him at 9pm on my corner.
      He had a big old Cadillac that reaked of cigarettes and cologne. He looked older than he said and was thin probably 120lbs with bushy black hair and about 5' 5" . I was  5'10 175.
      We got back to his apartment and I sat on the couch and we talked for quite a while. He was nice and we had some things in common. 
      He asked if I wanted something to drink. I agreed and he made us  a southern comfort and coke which I never had beforeand I liked it. A little too much.  Before I knew it I had finished my third. 
      We were just sitting around smoking Marlboroughs and getting drunk. 
      He asked me if I wanted to put on some tv or a movie. I said sure and he turned on his big screen the and fired up the vhs and it started playing gay porn which I had never seen before. I was enthralled. He smiled and asked if I smoked weed. 
      I had a few times with some friends but not for a while. So he asked if I wanted to and I said sure. I was pretty buzzed at this time and once we started smoking and watching the porn I got super horny. 
      He took off his shoes and socks and asked me to get comfortable so I did the same. 
      More drinks and weed were offered and accepted.
      I was flying. He put his hand on mine and moved it to his crotch which was hard and big. I was nervous.and shaking but the weed helped.
      He took off my shirt and pants and did the same. He was very thin but tight and strong. Not usually my type but the weed and drinks made that change.
      We started kissing slow and sensual and caressing each other's bodies. His wet  tongue licking down my throat to my chest and stomach drove me mad he tongues my navel and slowly slipped off my briefs. 
      He then sat back down on the couch and asked me to do the same to him. He was very excited by the buldge in his underwear. Once I slipped them off I saw his big veiny oozing cock for the first time and it looked amazing. The sight and musk off him was driving me mad. He slapped it across my face and the precum went in my mouth and eye and he smiled.
      He rubbed the slick ozing hard on my lips and pulled my head down and slowly enters my mouth.
      I slowly.sucked as much as I could and he guided me as to what he liked. He then did something that I had not know about up until this very moment. He pulled out a little brown bottle and unscrewed it as I sucked him. 
      He offer me some while I was still sucking so I stopped and said what is that? He looked supposed and then realized how little experience i had. He said just inhale it thru your nostril while I hole the other one closed. I obeyed and he quickly switched nostrils and told me to breathdeeper and I did. Wow what a sensation my whole body flushed with heat and I got super horny for his cock and sucked like I was possessed. He laughed and moaned at the same time.
      He got me. From that moment on I would do anything for him.
      I continued to suck for a bit longer feeding more on poppers.
      He then had us switch positions and did the same to me. I was in heaven.
      He was kneeling on the floor in front of my as I was laying back on the couch stroking and sucking my cock. He started poking my balls with his leaking cock and slowly manuvered my legs up onto his shoulders. He was just caressing me and rubbing his cock against my ass crack and feeding me poppers and booze.
      I was flying.
      He lowered his head down and for the first time ever had a tongue licking my hole. I gasped as he lapped at it and clenched my ass in response. He told me to relax and hit the poppers. Once I took a big hit his tongue went in deep and I squirmed and felt like I had cum but I didn't.
      He spent quite a while in there and I loved it. He eventually stopped and then reached up and kissed me deep. 
      I could taste my ass and weed smoke on his tongue and it was primal.
      At that point he began rubbing his cock against my spit lubed crack.
      Every few strokes I felt the head cross my hole and it was amazing. It was almost as if it was scratching an itch i had l. 
      He held the poppers my nose and popped the leaking head in and I winced. He kept it there still. Said just relax.
      I said you need a rubber he said fine and left it there for a few min for.me to relax but then relented.
      He put the rubber on and we began again. Made me finish off my fresh drink another hit of popper and he entered me slowly. It hurt alot but the poppers made it easier. He did it slow to make me get used to it. He was soon balls deep up to his thick hairy bush and kept it there for a few min. Then he slowly began rocking back and fourth and it felt better. 
      Me on my back 18 to with an old man's cock buried in me it was sureal.
      He came inside the rubber in me and sucked me to completion. 
      He asked if I wanted to stay the night but I lived at home parents still so he drove me home.
      As I thanked him head still spinning he said I want to have me over the next night. 
      I agreed....
    • Guest Blockedover
      By Guest Blockedover
      This is a story from 10 years ago when I first started playing around with bareback fucking and anonymous encounters. 
      I remember the first time I watched a man get fucked by someone he couldn't see. I was 18 years old and home for the weekend from my first year in University. Internet was barely into the highspeed era and most of my porn experiences involved watching bootlegs hidden away in my father's workshop cupboards, making sure I rewinded the VHS tapes to exactly where they had been previously stopped, so no one would ever know I had watched some shitty heterosexual porn. However, sometime during my first year of University, I discovered Treasure Island Media over the glorious new highspeed internet my parents had recently installed in the family home. I discovered the film, What I Can't See. Since then, I have been hooked on the idea of anonymous encounters and using blindfolds. I often fantasized about being used by people I couldn't see, but still hadn't worked up the nerve to do it. I mostly got drunk, chatted with guys, watched bareback porn, and jerked off. 
      Years later, I had moved to another province for school. I had played around with blindfolds, letting other guys suck me off anonymously. I found it really hot, but I had yet to done the blindfold myself. I also always used condoms. In moving to a new province, I sort of felt like I could be whoever I wanted. I had moved to a city, where I didn't know very many people, and where I also had few restrictions on who I thought I should be. Before this story, I had one other encounter with a blindfold. I had been home by myself in a four person apartment. It was just before the Christmas holidays and a dominant beefy torso dude on Grindr had admonished me enough for teasing him and being afraid to do it, so I finally invited him over. Cut forward to 5 months later, I had moved into a new apartment across the other end of the city. In the previous apartment I was rarely alone. This was also before I had started partying, and also before I had ever experienced poppers. 
      My new apartment was a basement apartment tucked in down behind a large older home where no one lived. My new roommate was living in another province for at least 3 months, so I had the entire place to myself. This was to be the pivotal point where I decided to become a slut. I had also recently began bartending an establishment where everyone partied. My life was a cliche. I was a young queer guy living in a new city, drinking too much, doing too many drugs, and hooking up with too many strangers. 
      One Sunday morning I was incredibly horny and hungover. It was pretty early in the morning, only having half slept after a night of work and partying. I had come home intending to hook up, but got distracted and before I knew it, the sun was coming out. I laid around in bed in my empty apartment while cruising manhunt and half-heartedly looking for fun. I assumed I just wanted to get sucked off. 
      One person messaged me who had chatted with me before named BoredHard68 His picture was just of him in his underwear, a small red speedo. He was older than most of the guys I would normally consider myself being into, but I was okay with hooking up with older guys when I just wanted to get sucked off. They were usually better at it. So I laid in bed, played with my 6in uncut cock for a few hours, and chatted away. After chatting with him for a bit, I told him I had been jerking and that I just wanted to get sucked off. I didn't realize how much more I was in store for. 
      BoredHard68: "You ever play with blindfolds?" It was the question I didn't know I needed to be asked. 
      Me: "Yeh, a few times before. I'd love to get sucked off. I have been sucked off with guys being blindfolded."
      BoredHard68: "Hot. You ever wear one?"
      I gave him a few details, but I didn't want him to know my deepest desires, though I realize now, he might have already known. In looking back, I see now how he had more of a plan than I knew. After a few more back and forths, we agreed he would come over, except I would wear the blindfold and he would suck me off. 
      BoredHard68: "Lay in bed naked and wear a blindfold. I'll come into your place and find you, suck you off, and leave. Cool?" I gave him my address. I was already in bed naked, jerking and watching porn, but I grabbed a bandana from my dresser drawer, tied it around my neck, and waited. He was 10 minutes away. He didn't have anyway of telling me he was here, so I watched the time and the window. My bedroom was at the front of house, with a small basement window in the front and a larger window on the side. I could easily see through half open blinds someone walking down the walkway, I would also see there body move past the window to the left of my bed. I waited, but not long before I saw a car park outside the house. I closed the blinds to the front and jumped into bed. I kept the blindfold just above my eyes as I waited to see if I would see a shadow of a man passing by my side window. I did. I slid on the blindfold, pulled back the blankets, and waited. 
      I heard a gentle knock at the door, then the creak of the hinges as it opened. I heard footsteps and then silence. The blindfold was pretty effective, but I had folded it too tightly and every now and then a little light would sneak past and give me a small glimpse of my surroundings. I heard softer footsteps now, headed towards my room. I was the furthest away from the entrance to the house, but I gave him instructions and I told him there was no one in this apartment or the house above. I heard the door to my room open. I could hear him breathing and the sound of him removing his clothes. A few seconds later I felt him crawl onto the bed. I laid there motionless, afraid to even tough my cock. I felt him lift up the covers and then move close to my body. His hard dick was poking my side, his rough hands started to feel my body, including my cock. He stroked me while he licked my right nipple. I groaned. 
      He groaned back, but stayed fairly silent. I decided to be brave and touch him a bit. My hands reached out to feel his body. He seemed fairly average, except that he was completely hairless. His body felt smooth with occasionally a little stubble popping up here and there. I moved my hands up his body to his chest, to his neck, and then to his head. He was also shaved bald. As I touched him he made more sounds, seeming to appreciate the touch. He finally spoke. His gruff voice surprised me. His words almost sounded like a growl. 
      BoredHard68: "You ever try poppers?" Up until this point I had not. I was into some hard drugs, mostly experimenting with friends at this point, but poppers seemed so outside my comfort zone for some reason. I fantasized about this, I was definitely curious, but being blindfolded with a stranger seemed like a terrible time to try something new. I told him I hadn't tried them. He replied, "Do you mind if I use them? They turn me on so much." I agreed and with that he got up from the bed. He returned a few seconds later, but this time he crawled under the sheets and blankets from the foot of the bed. When he was hovering over my groin, I heard the sound of glass and plastic as he opened what I assumed to be the bottle of poppers. He took a deep breath in. 
      BoredHard68: "Oh fuck man. Im so horny. Can you hold these. Im gonna suck your cock. Try them if you want to, no pressure though." He placed the bottle in my right hand, started rubbing my chest and stomach, and then put his mouth over my cock. I gasped. It was so warm and wet. The blindfold made me feel my other sensations more acutely. As he worked his way up and down my dick, I used my other hand to hold his bald head. Something about his head and his hairless body turned me on so much. Everything felt so primal. At this point, I had played around with a few guys, but I often had a hard time cumming, even if from a blowjob. I was really sensitive and most guys, especially younger guys, were too aggressive in their approach, treating my cock too roughly. This guy though, this guy was doing it all so perfectly. He seemed so turned on. 
      He kept sucking me for a few minutes. His body was away from mine, except for his head and hands hovering around my crotch, making slick wet sounds and movements on my dick. He pulled off for a moment and I appreciated the break. I didn't want to cum too quickly. He repositioned himself, moving his body close to mine, and in doing so, his legs came up under mine, throwing the blankets back exposing him and myself. His hand went to my right hand. As he leaned forward over my body, I could feel his dick resting on my balls. He was rock hard. 
      BoredHard68: "I am going to use more poppers." Feeling his cock against my balls really turned me on. I reached out to touch his head, but he was a little to far away and only my finger tips could reach. He shifted even closer so that I could reach him. As he did, his cock fell down past my balls and landed at my taint. He took a deep huff of poppers. "Oh fuck man. Im so hard and turned on. Your dick is so delicious. Are you going to cum in my mouth?" My hand was still on his head and I just couldn't stop touching his hot shaved head. For some reason, it is the memory that sticks out the most. As I scratched his head, I could feel his hips start to push a bit. He was grinding his dick just ever so slightly against my taint. I was reeling. Between slight gasps, I responded.
      Me: "Yeh. I want to cum in your mouth."
      BoredHard68: "You should really try these poppers man. They will make your orgasm so much more intense." 
      Before I could really say anything, he reached forward with the open bottle. With his free hand he grabbed my face, putting most of his hand under my jaw, using his thumb to reach up and close off my left nostril. The bottle was under my nose. I froze, not sure what I should do. I didn't think about not breathing, I just sort of stopped moving, but I was still gasping slightly. However, as his hand was on my lower jaw, my mouth was closed and only my nose could get any oxygen. I had to breathe. 
      As I did, I could smell the fumes. He was leaning over my body slightly and I could feel his cock against my taint, pushing against me. I took in a breath as he held me and the bottle. My left hand still on his head. I paused on my inhalation, still not sure what I was doing, or even if I wanted to, but I could feel the change. I was hungover and coming down from the party that went late into the night, so my brain was primed for the poppers. My blood starting pumping and it felt like I could feel my pulse in my brain. There was a washing sound of pressure throughout my brain and my body startled to tingle. I was horny before, but suddenly I felt ravenous. Suddenly, I felt overcome with raw energy. I just wanted to fuck, be fucked, and consume and be consumed. 
      BoredHard68: "Good, Yeh man. Feels great eh. Take another hit." 
      I breathed deeply again. As I did, my eyes opened a bit and I could see a bit of light escaping below the bottom of the bandana. Through this small bit of light, I could see some of the scene. In it, my legs were pushed up and over his legs, his hairless torso was at my crotch. I could see my dick and his stomach beyond that. I could feel his cock against the inside of my legs and the space between my balls and my hole. The second breath hit harder than the first. I closed my eyes when I could make out part of his chin. I didn't want to see his face, I didn't want to see anymore. I just wanted to cum. 
      He switched his hand to the other side of my face and switched nostrils. He told me to take more. As he did, I could feel his body pushing into mine even more. His cock kept slipping further and further down and now it was right at the edge of my asshole. I had only ever been fucked a few times, mostly with boyfriends, and always with a condom. Suddenly, here I was hornier than I had ever been before, with a strange man feeding me huffs of poppers, with his hot raw dick at my asshole, while I was blindfolded and in my own bed. I felt like trash but I couldn't stop myself. My right hand reached out and grabbed his ass and I pulled him closer as I shifted myself down the bed slightly. His cock pushed into my hole. 
      We both paused. I took another deep breath of poppers and I was flying. He pulled the poppers away from my face and I groaned as I pulled my hands back away from him and up by my head. He closed the bottle of poppers and placed them in my hand. 
      BoredHard68: "Have at them dude. You like them. You want me to suck you?"
      I pushed into his body with mine and groaned. 
      BoredHard68: "You like that? Im just gonna jerk you a bit first k?"
      I groaned some more. I heard him spit and rub his hands. One of them went to my dick, making it nice and slick, while the other went to his. He moaned, "fuck this is hot" as he stroked his dick against my hole. 
      I opened the bottle of poppers and brought them to my nose again. I had never tried poppers, and now, I was naked with a strange man as his raw dick pushed against my hole and I didn't want to stop him. Things has escalated beyond what I had planned for, but the poppers and desperation took over. He had placed both of his hands on my dick and balls now while I used the poppers and his dick found my hole again.
      He kept talking about sucking me off. "You going to shoot a big load in my mouth?" I could only groan and mutter, "Yeh," as he talked. He kept slightly grinding away as I huffed and he jerked me off. As he talked, he kept mentioning sucking me off, but he jerked me and progressively pushed harder into my hole. It had gone from a slight tease, to the beginning of penetration. I wanted it. I suddenly recalled Treasure Island Media and the videos of sluts being fucked bareback while blindfolded. I felt like I was going to cum. He seemed like he could sense me building up and he pulled his hands away from my dick, propping himself up and over me, pushing my legs further up and back towards my body. As he did, his dick entered my hole. 
      I gasped. We both paused. I took another hit of poppers. 
      BoredHard68: "This okay? Im just going to tease you a bit then Ill suck you off okay? Just keep hitting those poppers."
      I did as I was told and we kept on pretending that he was just teasing. At this point, he was fucking me. His dick didn't feel big nor did it hurt. It felt amazing and it was truly the first time I had ever been fucked bareback. The poppers were too much and I started to feel completely lost. I had breathed in more than I could handle and my mind was in another place. I could only feel his dick in my ass and the poppers in my hand. 
      BoredHard68: "I don't want to cum okay? I just want you to blow in my mouth." He said this, but he kept fucking. It wasn't a furious pace. It really didn't feel like fucking at all. Just a slow in and out. It was so slow it was barely noticeable. It just felt amazing and wet. 
      He reached back down to my dick and balls, grabbing both in one hand like a giant cock ring hold. He kept sliding in and out. I moved my head back to his head, then slid my hand down his body toward his dick. He was wet and I could feel his shaft as it slid in and out of my hole. I estimated he was about 7 inches. He felt uncut. I went back to his hot bald head. 
      He kept slowing plowing in and out, I started hitting the poppers again. As I did I could feel myself start to tighten and loosen around his dick. He was just breathing funny at this point. 
      BoredHard68: "Okay, we should... stop. I don't want to cum. We should be using a condom if we want to fuck. Do you have any? I didn't bring any." I barely responded, just moaned and sort of said, "no", before grinding myself up and down slightly on the bed as he pushed in and out of my hole as I kept huffing the poppers. 
      He didn't stop nor change his rhythm. Just kept slightly pushing and pulling, in and out, as he held my dick. He grabbed the bottle of poppers from my nose and I could hear him take a few big hits. 
      BoredHard68: "Oh fuck yeh. Jesus, this is so hot. Im gonna swallow you so hard". He kept talking about sucking me off, which was enough of a distraction to keep me from realizing truly, what was happening. Even though I was high on poppers and loving his dick, I suddenly realized what was happening and the fear kicked in. I was enjoying it, but I knew it had to stop. 
      Me: "Oh man yeh, suck me off please. I really want to cum in your mouth."
      BoredHard68: "Okay... Ill stop teasing you and suck you off. Next time I fuck you. Have some more poppers first before you cum." 
      He didn't stop doing what he was doing, he just moved the poppers back to my face, and held my jaw again. He kept slightly pumping in and out. 
      BoredHard68: "Yeh, breathe deep, and then fill my mouth." He picked up his pace a little bit, but barely enough to notice. He was growling a bit now, still holding the poppers in my face. I kept breathing in the poppers. Suddenly, he stopped and growled. "Okay, time for you to you cum, then I gotta go"
      He pulled out slightly, but his cock was still against my hole. He leaned down and put his mouth around my cock while he jerked me off, taking the poppers back and using his hands on my dick. The feeling of his dick against my hole sent me over the edge. Everything felt so wet and warm. My brain was flooded, my ass felt wet, and his mouth felt like heaven. I didn't last long. As he jerked me and sucked me I started to cum. It was a really intense orgasm and I could feel volley and volley of cum shoot down his mouth. One of his free hands went to my hole and I felt him insert a finger as I came. Everything was too much. He just moaned and growled as I filled his mouth and he fingered my hole. 
      When I finished, he got up from the bed. The realization of what had just happened hit me. I felt a deep sense of guilt and shame, knowing he had been inside me. He wasn't just teasing me. I am glad he pulled out and finished me off though. I wasn't so sure I would have been able to stop him if he had continued. I asked, "Oh man. That was too much. We should have used a condom. Are you clean?"
      BoredHard68: "Yeh man. Im clean. Don't worry, I was only teasing your hole. I didn't even really fuck you."
      I felt powerless, so I just muttered "Okay" and then rolled over and buried my head in the pillows. I could hear him dressing. My ass was up and exposed to him now. A few seconds later, I felt his hands on my ass pulling my cheeks apart.
      BoaredHard68: "Fuck man, that is a beautiful ass." I felt something hit the bed a few inches from my face. "Here, you can keep the poppers. I have plenty more." With that he slapped my ass and walked out my room and out of my apartment. 
      I waited a few seconds, but before he was even out of the house I grabbed the poppers, pulled off the blindfold, and opened the bottle and took another hit. I got hard again instantly. I heard the door open and close and he was gone. I watched his shadow go by one of my bedroom windows as I reached down to my cock. I was face down on the bed now and when I reached to my cock, I could feel wetness on my balls. As I took the poppers I used my free hand to reach up and around to my hole. It was soaked. I slid a finger in and my entire hole felt flooded. I knew he had used some spit to lube up his cock, but this was way too much. I looked back and pulled my hand up. On my fingers was cum. He had shot his load in my ass while I was poppered up and out of my mind. 
      About half an hour later I logged back onto Manhunt to send him a message about him cumming in my ass without asking or without telling, but his profile was gone. He blocked me. 
      This was the day I turned into a cock slut. 
    • By 1981virginia
      My boy and I were on vacation and went to a leather bar for a few beers. We saw a few sexy guys, and a couple of old trolls around, some in gear, some not. The bartender had an acne-scarred pockmarked face and a slightly gaunt appearance. There was one guy with white chest hair and a pot belly, which looked even more round with his harness. I asked my boy if he liked doing what I asked him to do, and he said yes. He can be pretty submissive. I asked him if he’d fuck any guy in the bar that I told him to pursue. He said yes. We joked about it over the next round of beers, talking about how he loved to be dominated, loudly enough that both the potbellied man and the bartender could hear. They exchanged looks. 
      By that time, my we both had to take a piss. I let him go first so I could stay and watch our coats and ordered another round of beers. The potbellied man swaggered over to me, dressed in chaps, a leather jockstrap, and his harness. He told me he liked to play with couples. I asked him to follow me to the men's room when my boy came back. I was hatching a plan. 
      My boy came a few seconds later. We downed our beers quickly as the man watched. I got up to do to the bathroom and the guy followed me. My boy raised his eyebrows as he saw the man following me, knowing something was up. The man locked the bathroom door after him and we were alone. He told me to kneel. He told me he loved dominating couples and he was looking forward to breeding my boy. He pulled his jock to the side and revealed a thick stubby uncut dick and furry balls. My mouth watered. He told me to swallow his cock. I did. His cock tasted rancid. He pulled out and spun around spreading his sagging ass cheeks. ‘Eat my hole,’ he commanded. His ass was sweaty and rank. I did as I was told, excited to see him dominate my boy, and myself, actually. 
      The guy scooched his ass all over my face and then pulled away. ‘You’ll do,’ was all he said as he unlocked the door and tucked his cock back into his jock. I still had to take a piss and tried to pee into the trough despite my hard-on. 
      When I left the bathroom, the bartender pulled me aside and said, ‘Be careful around that guy. He’s POZ and I know you were in there with him. Hope he didn’t cum in you…’ I shook my head, ‘no,’ and headed started to head back to the barstool. ‘I know he’s POZ because he POZZED me…’ My jaw dropped but my plan was getting more detailed… The man was chatting up my boy and had three beers there. He had his hand on my boy’s inner thigh and my boy was softly caressing his furry belly. 
      My boy looked a little shy, wondering if I was ok with him talking so intimately with this stranger. I bent over to whisper in his ear, ‘This man is going to breed you,’ and I licked his ear. He just moaned and the man bent forward to kiss him hard on the mouth. I asked to pay our tab and the man told the bartender that I’d be paying his too. The bartender shook his head as he gave me the total. I paid him and we made a quick exit out the backdoor into a dimly lit parking lot. We walked a few steps and the fat guy put his hand on both our shoulders, ‘Kneel,’ he ordered. Me and my boy dropped to our knees on the hard asphalt and he looked at me. ‘Tell him to suck me off. Maybe he gives better head than you.’ I looked at my boy saying, ‘you heard the man. Suck his cock.’ 
      My boy fished out his thick stubby dick and swallowed it down to the root. He cradled the man's big hairy balls. I fished out my dick and started jerking off. When the man’s dick was hard and slippery with spit, he nodded to me saying, ‘It’s time. Bend him over, spread his cheeks, and get his hole wet.’ I lifted my boy to his feet and pulled down his jeans, leaned him against a brick wall. I lapped at my boy’s hole, opening it with my fingers and smearing spit inside, to lube him up for the POZ strangers thick cock. I realized that I knew he was POZ but hadn’t told my boy. This was such a turn on. 
      The man shoved me out of the way and lined himself up, ready to slide into my submissive boy. ‘The nice man is going to fuck you now. Let him use you,’ I moaned into my boy’s ear. The fat man surprised me by rolling a rubber onto his cock. He winked at me. As the stranger entered him, I cradled my boy’s head in my arms. He looked up at me and grunted, ‘Anything for you…’ ‘He might have knocked you up, boy, but he’s wearing a rubber’ My boy just looked up at me with wide eyes and nodded. I knew he preferred to be fucked raw, but we weren’t in charge, and there was a POZ cock deep in his hole. 
      The man grunted as he slid balls deep into my boy. I could hear his hole squelching with my spit. The man fucked my boy for a few minutes as my boy fisted his own hard cock. I knelt down and sucked my boy’s dick. I lapped at his balls and even the spot where the stranger’s cock was splitting him open as it entered him. The man held his fingers at the base of the condom and kept fucking my boy. Every time he pulled back, the rubber rolled up more and more. I kept my tongue at that spot, helping the condom ride higher and higher until it cam completely off in my mouth. I stood up and smiled at my boy, the used rubber in my teeth as the man pounded his raw POZ cock into my boy. My boy’s eyes widened. 
      The man picked up his pace and I heard the back door of the bar open. I looked over and saw the bartender with a bag of trash. He just shook his head at me, but I waved him over. ‘When the fat man is done, would you like to breed my boy?’ The bartender smirked at me and nodded. 
      The man started to cum, and without asking either of us, bred him deeply. He slammed into my boy and stayed deep, filling him up with POZ seed. He started to go soft quickly and pulled out. The bartender had released his own cock, longer but thinner than the fat man. He slid right into my boy who clenched his eyes and teeth and took him without and sign of approval or resistance, another raw cock that he didn’t know was toxic. 
      The bartender looked so hot, his skinny hips and sagging ass swaying as he pounded my boy, about to fill him up with more nasty seed. 
      The fat man pointed to his slimy soft cock and told me to clean it. I gladly did so, filling my mouth with ass juice and POZ seed. He brought his palm to my lip. ‘Spit!,’ he ordered. I did, hocking the slime ball into my hand. He spread my cheeks with his free hand shoved his cummy fingers into my ass. ‘You wanted this. Don’t lie…’ I just nodded and let him force some of his cum into me. 
      The bartender picked up his pace and drilled my boy as the fat man fingered me. I shot my load on the ground as the bartender shot his POZ cum into my boy’s guts. The bartender pulled out and pulled his jeans down, removing his jockstrap. My boy was still leaning against the wall, legs spread as far as the pants at his ankles would let him. There was a thick stream of white spooge leaking out of his ass. The bartender winked at me and tossed his jockstrap to the fat man. The man grinned at me and jammed the jockstrap into my boy’s gaping hole. ‘Get dressed, and don’t show your faces around here again.’ 
      The bartender headed in and the potbellied stranger walked away into the darkness. We fumbled with our clothes and headed back to the hotel. Hand in hand, my boy put his head on my shoulder. I felt conflicted. I had told him to let these men bareback him without letting him know their gifted status. ‘Babe,’ I whispered. ‘Those men… They were both POZ. Are you ok with that?’
      ‘They bartender told me they were both POZ while you were blowing that leather daddy in the bathroom. It is so hot that you thought I didn’t know!’ 
      To be continued???
    • Guest iJoey
      By Guest iJoey
      Tami, a divorced and forty something, who lived with her 18 year old son. I was 35 and married, enjoying my affair with a hot older woman. I slept over at Tami’s a couple of nights a week, giving my wife a “business trip” excuse.
      Some mornings, Tami worked an early shift at the hospital, leaving me to sleep in. One morning I was vaguely aware of someone climbing into bed with me. Still mostly asleep, I assumed Tami had returned for some reason. I was sleeping on my side, facing away from her side of the bed and quickly returned to a deep sleep.
      I returned to consciousness when she began playing with my cock which quickly got very stiff. I’m always happy to start my day with a fuck, so I rolled onto my back, at the same time I said, “First, suck my cock.”
      I heard Tami’s son Robbie tell me that he’d love to at the same time I saw his naked body. He was a hot boy, lean, just the start of some chest hair and built, a twunk or maybe even an otter. It was my secret that I had fucked a lot of twinks, sometimes even paying for it, so there was no question about whether I’d fuck him. I just had to figure how to react so he wouldn’t figure out that I was an experienced queer.
      I didn’t have to worry about that right away because he already had my stiff cock in his mouth. One hand moved from the shaft to my balls, to my anus and back again. The other expertly tweaked my nipples. I quickly got so aroused I didn’t bother to pretend I was inexperienced.
      “I want to fuck you, and I prefer missionary, so we can kiss and you can keep working my nipples.”
      He looked pretty surprised and I expected him to let me put him on his back, but he took both my ankles onto his broad shoulders. He pushed my legs back apart and probed my anus with his finger. He lubed my hole. I was in such shock I just laid there allowing him to take complete control of my body. He lubed up his 8 inch bare cock. 
      So it was time to fuck.
      He was great! My ass was hot and tight. We kissed passionately. He inflamed me with his nipple play and I squeezed him tightly with my legs as he jackhammered my hole. He didn’t last as long as I would have liked but he was just SO hot and the idea of fucking this boy in his mom’s bed just made me insanely aroused.
      I finished with one of the finest orgasms of my life. As he plowed his load deep into my tight hole. We lay panting in each other’s arms, he whispered in my ear, “Am I as good as my mom?”
      PS. I love feedback and hot hat so if you ever want to chat hit me up.
      I am a slut bottom
    • Guest sexymaturegayguy
      By Guest sexymaturegayguy
      I am an older man but still have a tight ass. i am on the heavy side but who cares if you just want to fuck a hole. If you can travel in the Greater Toronto Area come fuck raw for the first time in Mississauga. I want the cum shot deep inside me so that I can feel it running and dripping out oi my hole for days. Come one or come with a friend or two. Take you time and fuck good. I am willing to be naked with restrains present for you can restraint me when you arrive and I have a blindfold for I will never see the men who are using me. If interested text me at 416-822-0163 and include BB somewhere so I will respond.

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