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Where did you get (or give) your last load?

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Fri - PIG Brother walked in to dark room,  found me in my new Breedwell Billboard harness with "Daddy's Nasty Fucking PIG" written on it. Immediately started making out with me. Got him undressed, fed him Viagra, got on bed made out some more nice and tenderly. Wasn't long and I was attacking him, my tongue all over his stinking pits and cock and balls. His balls smelt of pot, man musk, sweat and funk. Spent a long time down there worshiping his hard cock till he couldn't take it anymore and flipped me over on my back and slammed his cock into me. Plowed my hole for a good 30 mins, spitting in my face, his sweat dripping off his body onto me. Then I heard that familiar growl as he unloaded a week's worth of cum into my hungry hole. Kept him inside me so I could squeeze every last drop out his balls. Laid around awhile, talking about week. Flipped him over and rimming his out good for about 45 mins. I love the sounds he makes as I am down there worshiping his sweaty ripe ass. Smelt fucking fantastic.  Then I was back down on his cock sucking him hard again. He started jackin' his cock as I worked his balls over with my tongue. Ended up feeding load #2, spit it out in my hand and rubbed his cum all over my chest. He was still hard so I sucked his cock until he went soft. 


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On Black Friday Friday I was chatting with a guy nearby when I was at the office. Straight guy with a gf or wife who was into taking loads on the side. He said he wanted nothing more than to be bent over and bred. He had taken a load that morning in the deserted office in a conference room and was trying to convince me to load him. I told him no and we agreed to meet in a bathroom. A little more discussion and we discover we work for the same company in different buildings! Ugh. But he really wants my load and I’m horny to use a loaded hole. So I go to meet him at a nearby bathroom and I get this message and he’s like, oh shit we know each other! He must’ve seen me waiting and freaked. I was pissed that he wasn’t going thru with it but now I’m super curious to know who the guy that’s straight in the office that’s taking loads of cum up his ass on the side. 

Being beyond horny now, I get back on another site and find a decent cock that wants to be sucked also in an office bathroom. So I head out, he’s ok but I’m horny and like a good cheating fag he kept a bottle of poppers in his desk drawer. I got on my knees on the bathroom floor and took his cock, he shot pretty quickly and I swallowed a nice load. I kept sucking as he softened I pulled off, a drop of cum hit the floor and I put my face down to the dirty tile and licked it up. Went home with a cheater load. 

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I got mine at a video store booth. It was slow on Sunday (yesterday) afternoon with guys just walking up and down the hallways. All we’re older and most likely bottoms. A hot daddy type came in and turned things up. He was practically raped by the older guys walking around. I saw him coming my way so I stepped into a booth and seconds later he was pushing the door open. He was around 6 foot tall. Muscular. Short grey hair. Totally my type. He asked me what do I get into and I said whatever you want. He pushed my head down to unbutton his pants and snake his cock out. He was thick but not overly long. About 8.5. I sucked him good like I know men like. Deep throat and sucked on his balls too. He asked me to stand up. I did and he said he wanted to see my ass. I showed him.  He slid his middle finger between my crack and rubbed my pussy. He asked if I liked that and I of course said yes. He asked if he could taste it and I said of course. He went down on me for about 5 minutes tonguing me. He stood up and pressed his fat dick against my ass. I knew what he wanted. He said... I think you want this. And I said yes I do. He slowly slid his cock inside me until I could feel his big bush on my ass. He started to slowly fuck me and I couldn’t help but moan. There were few noises in the place so I am sure everyone knew I was getting bred. He continued to fuck me for awhile putting me in the few positions we could move into in the small booth. I could tell he was getting close and he asked me if I wanted him to pull out. I just moaned never. He came without much noise. When he was satisfied that all of his cum was in me he pulled out. I walked out of the booth with a big smile to let the others know he finished in me. 

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Met up with this young black guy at the xxx vid store.. Had played with him before, but hadn't fucked him .This time didnt waste any time. Had him laid out over the couch . Ate his smooth ass, then planted my raw cock inside of him. Kissed him deeply as I Pounded him as a couple other guys watched and stroked their dicks. Shot my load deep inside him.Kissed him again after I pulled up my pants and sat down on the couch.. Then looked at him and asked if he wanted more.  Then watched him get bred by 5 guys, 4 white guys and 1 latino. 

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Last loads I got were Ute muster weekend with 2 guys 1 my place and the other guy visited his motel 2 times.

this morning I went to a guy working in town and walked in his motel room stripped lay on his bed he came out of shower I sucked him licked his balls then he fucked me for a few mins. He bred my ass then I sucked him clean .. hope get more 

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On 11/30/2019 at 2:08 AM, PowerTopper said:

It's a good thing you licked his boot, you realize how embarrassing that would be, for him to walk out in public, with cum on his boots?

What's wrong tranny slut? Back to fucking in the "mall" restroom instead of in public?

I'm always willing to get fucked anywhere by anyone but its too cold for the tops outdoors.plus the mall restroom can be pretty public

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Guest blnpig74

update fuck from an African man, last weekend. he was shy to flirt. at least it appeared like. I later found out, that was just pretending. He was well prepared at home: sling was ready, ropes lay in store. and he was happy to rawfuck and share his huge load and made sure it entered deep inside me. no doubt we will repeat that.

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A cute 19-year old latino twink from bbrt came over last night. He was shy and quiet but had no problem deep throating my cock and presenting his hot boy hole to me.

I fucked him doggy using only spit. He was very quiet with only soft moans - normally I like a verbal bottom, but in this case it was super hot. I bred him deep and stayed up his hole while he jerked off and came.

Then we cuddled for a short while and he went home.

Fuck - I love breeding young boys. It's so hot sending them home on the bus with my daddy load deep inside them 😈

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I tried my hardest to avoid barebacking until my next test, but after 7 and a half weeks my resolve crumbled. Saw a Dane who was visiting had checked me out on BBrt. Contacted him and he was a top looking for a hole to breed before returning to Denmark the following day. Since I was very close and randy, I agreed to a dump and go with him since he was into hairy daddy bear types. We both stripped, giving each other blowjobs and then I concentrated more on his cock until it was rock hard and offered up my arse for the taking. For a moment I thought he was about to put a condom on, but the packet was shaped that way but contained lube. He stuck his bare cock inside, it was good to feel a bare cock inside me after a couple of months. He slowly built up his pace as he fucked me. As he approached climax his breathing became heavier and he came so much, I could feel his cum trickling out of my arse.

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Just got home, Taxi from Town. The driver was a chubby hairy middle aged pakistani with a mix of BO, old cheap aftershave and a taxi that stank of cigerettes. I gave him my address, he  started to drive, he looked at me, rang a number speaking his language and looked at me again, smiled hanged up took my hand put it on his cock and asked if I was interested, thinking he meant when home, I said yes, he smiled and later pulled off into a dark road.

He undid his pants, got a beautiful cock out of which I eagerly started sucking, he was groaning and pushing my head down.

All the smells in the taxi and him was intoxicating, i had also managed to get my poppers which relaxed me and made me hornier.

We got in the back, where he slid his cock deep in me and fucked me to completion and tbh, was a great fuck, he took a while, but It was a great fuck, i was just poppering. When we finished he just put his cock back in his trousers and he drove me home. He gave me a number if  i needed a cab. I asked him about knowing I was interested before, he ssid as soon as I had given my address, he checked with a fellow cabbie, eho confirmed I take cock, but also  that he fucked me  last year!!!

He was fine, dropped me off and gave me a good discount.

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Had been chatting with a nice bear on scruff occasionally but never could hammer down a time to meet until tonight. Went over to his house. After exchanging pleasantries, his tongue was down my throat. Before I knew it, I was downstairs in his sling taking his raw cock with only precum and spit for lube. We were both extremely horny, so it didn't take long for him to start pounding my hole fast and emptying his load into my guts. I shot all over myself right after that. 

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Last Friday I was in a resort town prior to a week long hike in the mountains and wanted to get my rocks off before I was out in nature. No one in this town used BBRTS so I relied on Grindr. Eventually I had success with a manual worker or tradesperson at about 5pm end of his working day. His skin was dark from outdoor work and had several large tattoos on arms and legs, one of which he said he’d done himself. He hadn’t showered beforehand having pulled up in his pickup truck and he had an earthy sweaty smell. After he lubed my cock up i fucked him hard in several positions before he came on his hairy chest. Great fuck. 

I still hadn’t cum and noticed another Grindr profile online just a few metres away. Eventually we hooked up and it turned out he was a Japanese guy from the next room staying with a woman, either his mother or his wife I never did find out as we never spoke because the walls were too thin. Though he turned out not really to be my type I managed to load him up, he insisted I come inside him.

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