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    Bottom into fisting, ws, sucking, rimming, fucking. Love to drink from the tap.

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  1. Someone must be horny tonight.
  2. Staying at a hotel near the airport. Looking for tops to fill me up.
  3. I love drinking piss, the more I can get the better. There isn’t anything that gets me hornier than drinking piss straight from the tap.
  4. Probably 500+ over the years since I was in college. I really got busy when I discovered glory holes in bookstores.
  5. I don’t touch my cock when being fucked. I really don’t even want the top to touch or stroke me either. For me it’s all about being a good bottom slut, and making sure the top enjoys the ride.
  6. Visiting Portland tonight, looking for loads.
  7. I need to be pounded out!


  8. Hosting at my hotel in Tukwila tonight. Can also travel.
  9. It’s happened a few times, and I just lean into it and let him fuck my throat. It’s a huge turn on for me.
  10. I drink a lot of Diet Pepsi and I’ve noticed that my piss has a sweet taste. It’s actually pretty good. I still prefer being someone else’s urinal.
  11. I’ve had it go both ways. Sometimes I can feel it’s, and sometimes I don’t. My last breeding was last week and I definitely felt his hot load pumping into me.
  12. I don’t want to be posted, but I do like the feeling of hot cum filling my hole. I just don’t take raw loads very often.
  13. I am a cumdump piss pig looking for loads of both October 28 - 30.
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