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    Twitter - cumpig100

    Just a sperm addict looking for loads in his holes. Check out my other profiles 😋
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    A safe place I can satisfy my lust for sperm with guys who understand.

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  1. Its some about seeing a big jar of sperm that just does something to me nowadays. To be loaded up like that is on my bucket list both orally and anally receiving that many loads.
  2. Ok thx 95%of my sexual encounters have been at a bathhouse. Its just easier but I'll give that a try and if not anon I'll just create and nasty orgy from the freaks I do l know lol
  3. Would like to try but unsure where to start. The bathhouse is an idea but it’s not the same like it use to be. I wanna start traveling to fill this lust for dick and sperm but you guys got any suggestions? Events, sex parties, and what not. Wouldn’t mind a traveling buddy till I get comfortable with the whole scene of things. Anon dick from random guys sounds hot af. I’d love them to be verbal with the lost of sight or obscured vision.
  4. Which is better to you guys Club Dallas or Houston? Looking for loads and I love the whole bathhouse experience. Cruising through the club with whatever you wanna wear. I've always been a towel guy but this time around I think I wanna wear jocks for my muscle cunt to be on full display. Just being able to walk around feeling up guys to get them to dump a loads in you. I hope things start picking back up in the bathhouse scene. This quarantine has me in such a lust for sperm!
  5. Yea just guys shooting sperm into other guys, I love it!
  6. I want a sequel to 1000 loads fuck 🥲 like what are some of you guys favorite movie from treasure island? I love viral load, hard training and fuck holes 3 🤗. Just loads of sperm to be feed or injected in either hole. Can’t forget suck dick to save World Series lol
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