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If You Are Negative And On Prep, Would You Consider A Long Term Relationship/marraige With Someone Poz

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    • By onikub
      This is a text snippet of the story of when I first knowingly slept with an unmedicated poz guy. 
      First the back story.  He's a Puerto Rican hottie, 5'11" with a seven inch uncut dick that was incredibly thick.  He was hairy and a little thick with muscles and just the right about of cushion on top.  I am a hairy bear, 5'8" in height.  We were both around 27/28 at the time, and were both really into bareback and had an insanely intense connection with each other.  The following story relates the first time he fucked me unprotected.
      We had been having raw sex, then he converted and after that we played a few times with condoms, although every time he was using a condom I mentally would find myself begging him to slip off the condom.  Then, on one occasion when we were playing, we were both super stoned, and he began teasing my ass with his cock, saying he would put on a condom in a minute but he wanted to feel my ass just a little bit.  I agreed and he teased my ass a bit more with his cock, just barely slipping his tip into my ass on several occasions.
      After a few minutes he started to loosen me up.  I absolutely loved the session, and he could tell so he continued poking my ass, thrusting in somewhat deeper.  He was not using any lube, so he had to move slowly, but after a short time he was balls-deep in my ass.  We both took hits of poppers, and then we were in Nirvana.  He told me he would pull out when he came, but that obviously didn't happen.
      We fucked all over his bed for almost two hours.  At the end I was laying on my belly as he lay on top of me, really battering my ass, which was his favorite position in which to cum.  His pace accelerated as he clutched by body tighter and tighter, moaning as I begged for his cum.  He experienced an unusually powerful orgasm, unleashing a huge load inside my ass.  No, he most definitely didn't pull out, nor for that matter did either of us bring-up the subject of condoms - once he was inside my hole.
      It was what we both wanted.  I wanted his toxic, unmedicated load, and he wanted to feel my raw ass around his dick. 
      I was still a little scared, and he recommended that I rinse out.  We did this many times over a few years before I moved away.  Eventually I stopped rinsing out after.  And later he started therapy. This hot Latin gent had given me the best sex I've ever had on multiple locations.  I did eventually move away and have been missing his fiery passion.  When we would lock eyes during sex his eyes were intense dark pools of lust.  It was hard not to break eye contact, but the pure raw sexual energy he instilled in me during those moments was incredible.
      Thanks for reading!  If you like, send, dick pics ;-P
    • By shinelover
      After the scene at the bistro, Pat’s relationship with his bitch wife was officially over.  In an effort to end things quickly, he actually convinced the cunt to take the house (including the majority of the contents) and her shiny sports car as her settlement.  No alimony to hold over his head for years to come, just a clean break.  And trust me, she’s the kind of parasite who would milk him for alimony until the day he died.
      Pat continued to stay at the cheap motel he’d been checked into the night he came to me, even though we spent most of our free time together now.  He blocked out all of his buddies who tried calling him to ask him, “What the fuck?” when they heard about his divorce.
      Not to mention the fact that his skank ex-wife felt no shame in spreading the word that he was a faggot now.  Little did she know how bad that made her look.  She could have had the sexiest man in town all her own, but she couldn’t keep him happy.  In fact, I made sure that word spread that she practically pushed him into my arms.  And bed.  It took so little effort to let everyone know that she was a shrill, frigid, caustic shrew who knew less about pleasing a man than the butchest of diesel dykes.
      The other reason Pat insisted on keeping the motel room long-term is because he liked the seedy nature of it.  We fucked there often, making sure that people walking past or in nearby rooms could hear two guys fucking like animals.  He had gone from ‘so naive’ to ‘such a pig’, it made my head spin.  And my heart flutter.
      Despite the motel room, he basically lived with me.  All of his clothes were at my place.  That’s really all he took away from his marriage.  That and his truck.  And all of his tools.  He was a man who works with his hands and needs his tools to work.  He didn’t want anything else from the house.  His clothes, his truck, his tools, and his dignity.  What more does a horny single hunk need?
      With no bickering, his divorce was final after a month.  After that everything changed.
      Pat had really gotten to love having a pig at his disposal.  I literally sucked his dick anywhere he wanted, and bent over for a fuck anywhere he needed.  Basically any time we were in his truck, I was leaning over and sucking him off or slathering his balls.  We fucked beside his truck in a packed parking lot, and only one guy walked past us and grunted, “Faggots” at us.  He was smiling, though, so he wasn’t going to cause us any problems.
      He fucked me in public bathrooms, clothing store change rooms, adult book stores and bath houses, cruising parks.  Anywhere and everywhere.  I was a slut in HEAVEN.
      But with the finalization of his divorce, Pat took a turn for the darker.  He had started paying more attention to the guys around us while we were pigging out.  Mostly at the bath houses and book stores, he started to notice some of the men who he hadn’t seen fuck me yet.  Well, actually, we’d been fucking so much that he hadn’t told me to take any other cocks since those first couple of meetings.  Since we were more ‘together’ it’s just been us.  Until he started looking around at other guys who seemed to want in on the action.  The sick looking guys.  Skinny, wasting, gaunt, with KS lesions.  He started asking me questions about them one night as we lay in bed after a particularly satisfying fuck session.
      “They have AIDS, don’t they?” he asked me, his arms around me, holding me tight to his body while we spooned.
      “I’m sure some of them do,” I sighed.
      “Does it ever worry you?  You’ve let me encourage you to take loads from a few strangers and I never once thought about what it could be doing to you.”  We had already discussed we were both negative shortly after our first fuck session, so he had an idea of what we might be getting into.
      Although his concern was seriously sweet, it was also getting me royally horny again, and I couldn’t help but shove my ass back towards his cock, which I found, had begun to fill out once again while we talked.
      “I lived too much of my life worried about the consequences.  And I never had any fun,” I told him.  “That’s why I started going to the book stores and being a slut.  I know enough to know that it isn’t a death sentence, and the guys I know who are infected fuck like you wouldn’t believe.  I always felt like I was missing out.”
      “But those guys who are sick . . . they could die, right?  So it still could be a death sentence,” he pointed out.
      “Yeah, but some men who have full-blown AIDS have let themselves get to that point.  They love having the virus so powerful in their systems.  It’s a high for a lot of guys.”  I continued to rub my ass on his now-hard cock, hoping he’d take the hint.
      Pat reached around and grabbed hold of my own rock-hard throbbing dick, and he laughed. “Fuck, feels like you might love it, too.  Are you seriously this turned on because we’re talking about AIDS?”
      “I guess I am,” I replied, reaching back and lining him up with my already-cum-sloppy hole until he started to sink back into me.
      I was surprised to feel Pat get even bigger and harder inside of me, and he growled sexily in my ear as he began to ram me harder from behind.  Normally getting fucked on my side wasn’t my favorite position, but this was feeling damn good to me.  Intimate.  “Uh! It -feels like -uh! like you -uh! enjoy it too!” I managed to grunt out between his urgent thrusts.
      Pat’s grip around me got much tighter, as if he was trying to possess me, get as deep as he could into my greedy pig hole.  “Fucking right,” he grunted.  “Let’s do it.”
      “Do what?” I asked.  I knew the answer, but I really wanted to hear him say the words.
      “Get AIDS.  Ah, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he roared, squeezing me to him as his balls drained their payload into me.
      After we came back down and got our breathing under control, I rolled over so we were face to face, kissed him, and then just stared into his beautiful eyes.
      Pat reached up and caressed the side of my face and smiled at me.  “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
      “Get infected, you mean?” I asked, to which he nodded.  “I always expected it to happen sooner or later, so I’m fine with it.  I just wasn’t sure if it was something you would be okay with.”
      “It scares the fuck out of me, I’m not gonna lie.  But....”  He stopped and looked down towards his crotch and then back up at me and grinned.  “I think that says it all.”  I glanced down.  His cock as throbbing hard once again.  Clearly he liked the idea as much as I.
      “Okay, then.  Looks like we have a consensus,” I laughed.
    • By Johnny84
      So the other night I was being fucked every which way there is to be fucked raw as  usual 
      but after I could not stop shaking this has never happened before is this normal I didn’t cum he came in me 3 times and I could not stop shaking afterwards for a good 10 mins I had to get some air and sit down for a bit 
    • By Diamond34
      Looking to hook up with horny gay men ages 19-49. Am located out in Buckeye. Can't host or drive. Must be disease free, HIV free, AIDS free. Big plus if you're into taboo stuff. Bareback only! Strong preference for Caucasian men and Latino/Mexican men. Dads are a plus. Jocks are a plus. Military guys are a plus. Skinny nerds are a plus. Punks covered in tattoos and piercings are a plus. Teachers are a plus. Gym coaches are a huge plus. Blondes are a plus. Redheads are a plus. Yeeeeah, I have a lot of pluses xD
      Pm me if you're interested, and we'll see where it goes from there
    • By seaguy

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