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    Yesterday I asked which one of 5 guys you might want to take home to meet Mom. Oh dear ... you lot are just a sleazy bunch of sexual animals ... with a lot of you saying you wanted them all. Mind you I'm not at all surprised! So, today we have to decide who we're going to travel with. Five more guys to choose from, including the mechanic, but maybe don't be too greedy this time ...
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    What shall we do today? Stay at home and chill? ...
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    ... go for a hike with Scotty ...
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    ... maybe do a spot of cooking with Jack ...
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    ... or maybe swim with a couple of m8's ?
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    Excited to be attending a huge sex party this weekend with over 70 guys already confirmed. Looking forward to heavy sexual livestock level use yet again as i add to my already engorged 2017 partner count. This will be the third major group use in 6 weeks. Loose and loving it!!!!
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    I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?
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    A true cumdump refuses no cock. Hot/ugly, young/old makes no difference. It’s all about quantity not quality. A true cumdump knows he has an insatiable pussy/cunt and does not confuse this with his masculinity. He is proud of his pussy. A true cumdump can suck in most size cocks into his well trained pussy using just spit as lube. A true cumdump’s cock remains, flaccid and useless when getting bred because ALL feeling and concentration is solely on his cunt. A true cumdump’s pussy can in a second go from loose and sloppy to tight muscle squeezing to drain the load. A true cumdump keeps the sperm in him as long as possible. A true cumdump’s god is cock and sperm is his communion.
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    I need ony boy like that to use .. and you? He has a so nice juicy hole to put the tongue on ...
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    it pays to advertise ..
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    make me a little slam pig! put that poz dna in my neg jock hole
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    need an alpha breeder so bad! hiv status isnt important... at first just need my tight boi hole WRECKED!!!
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    as hot as that is .. that cum shold be up his ass ..
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    I often wonder how many us had our first sexual experience with a family member. For me it was with one of my uncles who is less than 5 years older than me. When there were lots of family at my grandparents' house we would share a roll-away bed in the basement. I guess I was about 7 or 8 when he was beginning puberty. At first it he would show me his dick and have me stroke him and sometimes lick the head. Eventually he had me suck him or else he would have me lay on my stomach while he cherry humped me with his dick between my butt cheeks. When I was in 5th grade he started to finger fuck me with a spit lubed finger until I started to loosen up. After awhile he stopped to sneak upstairs and brought back the Vaseline which he used to grease up his cock. He had me on my stomach telling me not to say anything as he eased it into my tight virgin ass. It hurt like hell, but wanting to make him happy I kept quiet until he eventually got it in. He moved slowly at first, but then started to move faster as I got used to it. It surprised me that I even started liking it. It did not take long before he came inside me. Afterwards we put our underwear back on and went to sleep. We fucked once or twice more after that time, and then he started seeing a girl and we never played around again.
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    Pretty excited about the weekend! Flying in to Oakland on Saturday and it's a fuckfest for 9 days. Taking as many loads as my ass can handle. Making connections now.
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    It had been quite a while since I'd had a good satisfying fucking and even longer since I'd taken a load. For a while the dry spell was fine, my cravings were curbed a bit so I thought my desires were just a phase. But I was wrong.It started with the occasional day dream about the various times I went raw with hung total tops. These brief thought flashes would result in the kind of turn on a bottom gets, my cock would be hard but I would be more aware of the nerves surrounding my hole and I would feel the ache grow from inside. I would indulge with glances at bb tumbler sites and raw porn clips and the desire grew to where I needed to take action.I went where we go and after many flakes and unresponsive exchanges I started messaging with a hot hung black guy who liked to tag team with his boyfriend. We seemed to be doing the "what are you into" dance so I was not sure it was a match. As we were working this out I went to a bb specific hookup site and made a profile. I figured I should just put it out there that I am a bi sub bottom that craves being bred by big dicked alpha tops and see what happens. Once my profile was done I stared browsing ads and there was the same couple I was chatting with on the other site!I said hi and quickly learned that they liked to do anon scenes and we're looking for a bottom to tag breed. I said THAT IS ME and the pussy footing stopped. They told me where to show up at their place the next day and left instructions. I was instructed to walk In go to their spare bed room, strip, put a blindfold on and wait for them on my hands and knees on the bed. I had dropped all hesitation and on auto pilot I cleared my schedule for the next night. I showed up at the time and walked into their place. I did and I was instructed and was naked on the bed, blindfold on and presenting my ass doggies style towards the door. I was thrilled.In that brief moment I caught myself thinking WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING? I was turned on like crazy and my hole was quivering, I felt naughty and sexy but I pulled back and my rational mind started to fight back. I was about to get up when the door opened and I felt a big masculine had touch my ass and sigh of appreciation.I heard the sound of an spray can and a clothe soaked in poppers was pressed into my face, a deep voice told me to breath deep and I did. A rush and all inhibition fled. I forgot my cock and my being was focused on my hole, the ache was raging and true as I felt a cock press against me. The warmth and the power of his cock pushed into me and went balls deep. The pleasure in me exploded! The room spun and I lost my head, felt dizzy and flying while grounded by the cock fucking me. I must have made a lot of noise because they pushed me into the pillow. One cock pulled out and the other went in, this was smaller but thicker, ramming into me stretching me as his balls slapped against me. I lost track of who was who, the blindfold, the poppers, the lack of talking and aggression with which then pumped into me was rocking me into a state of bliss. I discovered the pure pleasure of opening myself up and taking a raw fucking from MEN. Not just raw in that their cocks were it covered but raw in the sense of there was no pretense or politeness, this was lust, power and pleasure. I don't know how long it was but I felt one of the get to the point of no return, it was like my ass was in touch with his invading cock. I could feel his load rise in him before he humped past the point of no return. I felt him tense up and his cock fill me with warmth. I cried YES because it felt so good, but my cry was also for the thought that it was over. But it wasn't.Top 1 drained himself into me and slowly pulled out, before I could readjust myself Top 2 grabbed my hips and slid slowly into me. He slowly long dicked me for what felt like an eternity. More poppers and the pleasure multiplied. He kept up his slow rhythm and I took it. It felt so amazing and in the back of my mind I got off knowing I had the first mans cum being pounded into me. I became aware of my cock being semi hard and flopping around because he shifted into heavy pounding. I was amazed at how much pleasure I was getting from this even though my cock wasn't even hard. I threw myself onto each thrust wanting as much of him as I could take. I love being fucked! I love what it does to me and how I feel, I wanted this to last for ever. Just as my legs started to give out I felt an electric feeling in my hole, I could tell he was about to cum. He pounded me into the bed pinning me as I felt his cock explode in me. I moaned my pleasure. He held himself in menu till all his thrusts were finished and he had planted his entire load into my willing bottom.He pushed off of me and I heard them leave. I was spent, filled with two loads of cum and satisfied. I had no idea how much time had past. A quick glance at my phone said it was an hour later, felt like forever but not long enough. I went to the bathroom to clean up and I felt the loads slide down my leg. My cock swelled and I instinctively jacked my cock as their loads dripped down my leg. I came as a tribute to their loads. This was the truest fucking I had in a long time. This is not a phase, this is how I yearn and need to be fucked. Have plans to see them again next week.
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    Thanks for the rep Toad ... you a parTy animal?
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    i like tats .. what about you? ;->
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    'Happy milf ! Love bareback more and more to the point I can't even have any motivation in protected sex ... you know ;-)' YES, I know. There is a point in life when you abdicate a potential fuck if it isn't raw.
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    Its worthless cock and balls, need to be destroyed and tortured (cut open and stomped on, burned, stabbed) before being removed. It deserves to have another hole in place of these, since it doesn't need gender defining genitalia, and another hole would allow for more abuse and torture of its body
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    Part 2 After the first poz trick is gone, I had just enough time to bask in the satisfied smile on your face before there was another knock at the door. It was a couple I’d chatted with who were very anxious to get at your pussy. One was in his early 20s; clean cut with long hair, the other was in his 40s with a short buzz cut and a sexy goatee. They were 2 poz tops who’d been together a couple of years. Of all the guys I’d chatted with setting this night up, I was most excited about these 2. I knew from their pics they were both beefy and muscled up, although the younger guy was smooth and the older one was very hairy. They also both had 9 inch cocks. The younger one was a bit thicker and the older one had a big PA. They undressed quickly and climbed on the bed with you. Seeing the 3 of you on the bed, all 3 so fucking hot, was making my cock throb. The younger one kneeled at your head, putting the head of his thick cock at your mouth, which opened immediately. He slid as much as he could in your talented mouth and started slowly facefucking you. The older one got behind you, picked up a bottle of lube, and slicked up his cock. He could see the red tinged cum leaking out of your cunt so he knew you didn’t need any more lube. He put the fat head with the PA where the cum was leaking and proceeded to stop the leak. He slowly pushed in your lose hole, although as with as fat as these 2 cocks were, you were definitely about to become more loose. He pushed in until it got tighter and stopped. You groaned around the thick cock in your mouth, “UNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH”. He pulled back a little and pushed in further. “UNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!” you groaned again as you felt your pussy tighten up. He kept pulling out a little and pushing in more until he had all 9 inches inside you with his thick PA even deeper. You were going to town on the younger guy’s cock with most of it in your mouth and the head slipping repeatedly into your throat. The 9 inches in your ass pulled out to the head and started fucking you steadily, sinking all the way in. “Take those 2 poz cocks” he said as he kept up the pace, a look of ecstasy on his face. They kept this up for a while until the younger guy said, “I want a crack at that pussyhole. He took your cock well enough, so let’s see how he does with mine.” They both pull their hard, slimy cocks out of you and traded places. The older guy held his cum covered cock out to you and you opened your mouth wide and accepted it. The younger guy didn’t even bother with lube because his thick member was coated with your spit and he could tell from looking at your hole you had enough cum in you. He placed the head at your used hole and proceeded to shove slowly, but determinedly inside you. You were tight to him even after his partner’s fat cock, but he didn’t stop pushing. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! UNGH UNGH!” you cried out around the cock in your mouth. I could tell this one was hurting, but I could also see you were backing up to your younger fuck partner. You wanted him inside you all the way. He quickly bottomed out deep inside you and started a good fuck rhythm. The younger guy was much more verbal while he was fucking. “Fuck yeah, such a tight asspussy. Even after your thick cock, he’s still tight. I fucking love it.” “Take my poz cock, take both of our poz deathsticks. We’re going to flood this pussy with both loads of our toxic poison.” He started fucking a little faster, really getting into it. “Neither one of us is on meds right now, so you’re going to be getting 2 very charged up loads tonight. If you wanna join the brotherhood, this is going to take care of that.” About that time I heard a knock at the door. I let another guy in who undressed and waited over by me for his turn. The older guy, who had been keeping your mouth busy with his cock and PA said, “That’s enough of that, I’m getting close.” “So am I”, said the younger guy as he picked up speed in his fucking. The older guy got over by his partner and started kissing him deeply while pinching his smooth nipples. This drove him crazy as he fucked you even harder. The older guy got behind his partner and continued to work his nipples as he fucked you in a frenzy. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK, his ass and your hands on my nips are around to bring me off. I’m gonna breed this toxic cumhole.” “Oh YEAH, getting SO CLOSE! Fucking take it man, TAKE MY GODDAMN POZ CUM!!!!!” He slammed into you and held still for a few minutes while shot after shot added to the cum that was already inside you. He shuddered as his orgasm racked his body. The guy standing next to me was rock hard and had precum on the end of his cock, as did I. The younger guy pumped in and out of you a few more times and then pulled out. His partner immediately took his place and shoved back inside your loose, used asspussy. The other guy went over and asked if he could clean the younger guy’s cock off. I nodded yes and he said, “Sure, enjoy yourself”. Even though the cock was shrinking, it was still pretty thick and covered in cum and blood. He licked and slobbered all over it. Meanwhile, his partner had shoved all the way back in you and was fucking you at least as fast as the other had. Even though he wasn’t quite as thick, he still had the PA and was slamming it deep inside you again and again. I was sure it was bruising the inside of your ass if not making some of the tears from the toothbrush worse. You backed your ass up and met him at each stroke. I could see your cock was leaking a long string of precum onto the bedspread as he fucked you harder and harder. “Take my unmedicated poz cum you slut! You want it don’t you, faggot cumwhore!” I could tell this just about sent you over the top. “Yes, breed me! Fill me up with it, I want it! I NEED IT!!!” “Fill my cumwhore pussy with your poison, PLEASE!!!” He slammed in you a couple of more times and yelled, “AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!” as he pumped yet another load of poz, unmedicated cum inside your used hole. By now, the newest guy had finished cleaning off the younger guy’s cock and was watching up close as you got bred again. Once the older guy’s orgasm stopped, he pulled his cock out and presented it to the new guy to clean off. He went to it immediately. I could tell you were trying to catch your breath from both of those fantastic fuckings. As soon as both cocks were clean, they each kissed you, deeply, embraced and kissed me, got dressed and left. The new guy was staring at your used up cunt as if mesmerized. He looked at me and asked if he could eat your ass for a bit before fucking you. I knew there would be no shortage of cum tonight, so nodded yes. You lay down on your stomach and the guy crawled between your legs so he could get at your abused pussy. He was an average looking guy, nothing that stood out, but not a troll by any means. He licked all the cum off around your asscheeks and up and down your crack. He then latched his lips on your puffy and swollen asslips and stuck his tongue in. He started sucking on your hole, trying to get some of the bloody, toxic cum for himself. I remembered from our brief online chat he was a vers bottom who did like to fuck from time to time, but was as big a cumwhore as you were tonight. He sucked noisily for a few minutes and crawled up between your legs until his hard cock was even with your pussy hole. He was about 7 inches and a little thick, but with a big mushroom head. I assumed sucking all of the excess cum from both cocks and your ass had horned him up past the point of no return. He spit on his hand, rubbed in on the big cockhead, and plowed into you. After the last 2 guys, it had to be nice getting an average size cock. I could see you winced a little when the head went in, but just as before, you pushed back to meet each thrust. I was right about him being horned up because after 5 minutes, he cried out, “OH FUCK, I’M GONNA SHOOT!”. “Give me that load man,” I heard you say, encouraging him. “Fuck, shit, fuck, shit, UHNNNN!” He slammed all the way in and drained his poz nuts into you. After he pulled out, he wiped off with a towel, got dressed, and left. Part 3 cumming soon
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    That is twisted sick shit, man - so fukkin HOT
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    I think using a butt plug (to keep the loads inside) is a good thing. It keeps you "lubed and ready" for the next TOP and shows your respect in keeping the load(s) inside. CUM should never be wasted.

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