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    Fuck, for a kid his age he was taking a hard fucking well. Jony is an amazing top fuck. Not only is he beautiful---from the Dominican Republic so he has that caramel skill that is of fucking hot, he has a BBC that is both unique and worthy of the BBC description. Longer than most at over 11 inches, it is also narrow, but has a mushroom head to die for. In fact, it almost looks like some cartoon toadstool. Best of all it has that curve that you know will drive your prostrate into a faggot frenzy. Jony also fucks hard. Not just a little....but damned hard and can go forever before giving up his tainted seed. First time he split my queer ass, it was over an hour until he finally rewarded me with his cum. It was one of the only times I remember thinking I was glad to have a cock out of my bruised hole. But Trey was a trooper. We had selected Jony to go first since we all knew what Trey was in for. If the little homo wanted to fuck like a real man, then taking a pounding like this would prove it. The kid hardly made a noise as Jony mounted him from the rear. Still, those watching could see Trey wince and thrust his white ass to meet that black monster. He must have done some dildo play, because he took that cock like a pro and they were soon fucking hard and fucking in great rhythm. For nearly 35 minutes that skilled top worked Trey into a sexual frenzy. And all that time that fresh bottom hung in and took it. Jony has fucked me enough that I recognized when he was ready to unload. His noises, his movements, the speed and rhythm all were so familiar. My own hard-on was leaking precum by the buckets. I am not sure what was the most exciting, seeing Jony fuck him, think about how that diseased Dominican dick feels in my own ass, or knowing that I was "on deck" to fuck the boy next. When the low moaning started escaping from that dark skinned top, I knew it was happening. Without a single word, Trey had just taken his first POZ load and one of several gifts he would that night...the night he graduated from high school. In our small, isolated mountain town there are limited social opportunities. I suppose we are lucky that there are plenty of "unique" folks in the area so one local diner/pool hall/bar/grocery store (yeah all in one) is very open and accommodating. Thursday is unofficially queer night and a number of us get together to bullshit, play some pool and eat. Must of us are fuck buds in one fashion or the other, but queer night is not really sexual---just a hang out, food and talk thing. Trey first started hanging out a bit right after he turned seventeen. Since all of us regular fags were much older, we were quite careful about our conversations and comments when he was in the place. Eventually, we figured out he was gay---and eventually he brought a few of his own age high school friends and presumed friend with benefits. No doubt, we were all clear that any of that group was strictly off limits. Regardless of how cute, those underage guys are ALWAYS a no-fuck-zone. He was a decent guy, at once he had very serious and introspective and on the other hand, we could see a wild ass homo developing. He asked a million questions about being a "growed up gay". One night, when the subject of the discussion was my recent intentional POZZING, he became more animated than I had ever seen. Clearly he had some connection to chasing and gifting. He thought it was great to know someone (ME) who was POZ and unleashed every question imaginable. Little did he know that the other 5 guys at that big round table were just as POZ as I was and quite likely one of them was the dick that knocked my ass up. A few weeks later, we held a bit of a birthday party as he turned 18. Although he was not longer jail bait, the other locals and I had declared him off limits. We all agreed that as good as fucking him could be, it may be best if he figured out his own place without our horny asses influencing him any more than we had. He seemed happy with his gifts.....some very good lube, a gross of condoms and a huge butt plug. So, it was with major shock that we heard him say, "thanks but what I really want is POZZED'. WTF did he just say? Trey? Wants fucking POZZED? What the shit is up with that.? What we got was one of the most beautiful descriptions of how a young queer, now of age, understood his place in the generations of queers--past, present and future. He knew he had all the loving connections he would need...good family and friends...what he longed for was to be as authentically a fag as he could be. For him , like so many other including me, that was the starting block for our chase. He was clear and eloquent--this kid wanted to get POZZED and SOON. Eventually the subject changed and we had a fun time and the evening ended around 11. Nearly two hours later my phone rang. It was Jamie, the BBC that I think knocked me up. He was worked up. "Man", he said, "you got to give it to him". Half asleep I slurred, "why the fuck me...and what the hell are we even talking about this for/" Jamie continued, " you know he is gonna do it and soon....better that he gets it from someone who cares than a back alley stranger". He kept talking and added, "besides you were just knocked up a few months ago...you know you have the highest VL, you know you could breed him". My brain and my cock were at instant war. My head saying no fucking way and my cock stiffening up as to say "let me at that tender ass." I finally got Jamie off the phone, but could not get back to my sleep. How erotic, how amazing, how wrong, how inappropriate, how...fuck how..fuck how...over and over all night. Nothing else was said until maybe a month later. I had gotten nailed by an honest-to-god AIDSBONE the previous weekend and was all to eager to tell the others about taking that seriously sick dick. I really had not noticed that Trey was not around. Then another occasional partner and part-time group member, Dave, suggested that I introduce the AIDSBONE to Trey and get it over with. Jamie chimed in with a "why ask the AIDS dude when we all could get that done". Starting in jest, an hour later we had designed the perfect POZZING party for our 18 year old buddy. I knew that I was not the only one horned up by the idea as the group started breaking up early. I knew I needed fucked and suggested that anyone who wanted to play could follow me home (two block walk). Four of us spend the next hour sharing our toxic cum and lusting over who might get to POZ Trey. Jony clearly spend some effort to make sure he fully drained his nuts and distributed his load thoroughly in Trey's ass As that black snake slowly withdrew from that very white young ass, we were all waiting to hear any comments the new graduate might have. He just had a world class fucking from an amazing black dick and was filled with a load of HIV+ cum. Not bad for a kid that just a few hours earlier was awearing a green cap and gown as he ended his high school career. All he said was, "fuck, I want more".....and started wagging his ass. I was up next. Of course my cock had been rigid the entire time Jony was working his magic. I was second for several reasons. Not only was I sporting the highest VL of the group due to my own fairly recent POZZING, I was also a confirmed breeder---one conversion in my short life as a POZ FAG. Additionally, I had done the prep work to make Trey as responsive as possible. I washed out his hole to squeaky clean status....removing any natural barriers to the tainted seed he was about to receive. Then, using the same brush that prepped my ass for conversion, I worked his hole until I had achieved a pinkish slime on the bristles. I am sure he was disappointed as I mounted his ass. Not only am I unskilled as a top (full on bottom except for the chances to breed a neg bottom) and I have none of the size Trey's first gifted presented. But, we got into a rhythm and for 5 or 6 minutes, I enjoyed fucking that hole and feeling the leftover cum. But all too soon I knew my time was up and with a loud shout, that little twink got exposure number two. I drained the contents of my balls into his hole. I know what it feels like to get knocked up and to knock up a horny hole.....and I could only hope that highly enjoyable fuck was good for him. As I started to pull out, he clenched his ass, holding more for a bit longer---no doubt, he HAD enjoyed it. And maybe, just maybe me seed was planted once again. We had a planned "break". We wanted to be sure he understood what was happening. By plan, there booze and drugs were absent from the night (save poppers). But, any horned up fag worth the name knows that POZ COCK LUST is even more powerful than the best enhancements. One of the things we offered was a chance to stop at that time. Additionally, he could stop and we would get him to an ER to seek PEP, had he changed his mind. We offered to postpone anything else--anything to make sure he knew he could stop, could get treatment or simply have time to think. Trey had been sipping on a Red Bull while he heard us blab about his options. Suddenly he chugged the rest of his drink, grabbed Dave's cock and said "Somebody needs to fuck me now". Dave is a real cutie, perhaps a bit old to be called a twink at 27, he none the less has that look. Tall and thin, he is also a red-headed Irish guy with that translucent alabaster skin that some ginger Micks display. His skin is just as soft as it is beautiful and his body is fully hairless except for the fire red patch of hair surrounding his junk. Dave and I had met some years before either of us chased. We hooked up a few times, but never were extremely close. He was introduced to me (again) by my most likely gifted. Dave's one infection came the tip of the same BBC some 5 months before I converted. We laughed a bit at the fact we had only fucked with condoms and now were both POZ. Anyhow, Dave is a very nice lover. Enough skill and size to make it enjoyable, but also largely effortless. He is neither fast or slow in summing. Just an all around nice fuck. I knew why Trey wanted him next. Dave had been on meds after getting the bug, but never went "undetectable". He still unsure if it is his own make up or the strain he has, but he continues to have a 100K VL. From my discussions with Trey, I knew he had a fetish for the more extreme strains and was hopeful Dave had one. Dave rolled the twice fucked twink onto his back, wedged his shoulders under the boy's legs and proceeded to mount him with speed and enthusiasm. Again, Trey took cock without a sound (he is going to have to give TOPS some feedback), but Dave let out a huge laugh. The feel of the two loads already deposited was a joy for him. The pure pleasure of breeding a cum filled hole was giving Dave a real thrill. I think it was Trey that really started that fuck off. He was rocking on his ass and working Dave's dick with some decent skill and a whole lot of young-dude testosterone filled lust. Dave started moaning about what a great fuck it was, Trey making a low mooing sound. They were soon in their own fuck-focused world where their bodies were joined and nothing else existed. I suspect many of you have had a fuck like that...where the connection is strong, the lust is mutual and the feelings and desires of both men are matched. It was clear, Dave was NOT FUCKING Trey, rather those two handsome, smooth men were making intimate love. The fucked slowly and deeply for nearly a half hour. At times, they were still, connected, touching, feeling breathing. Other times, they writhed in unison and moaned the same guttural sound as the fucked at a higher intensity. Then for the first time of the night, Trey begged for demon seed. "Dave", he panted loudly, "give me your seed. i want all of your cum. fuck it into me.". A little jealousy was welling in my body as, I expect in Jony". The boy took us without a word And now, after the erotic ecstasy had peaked with Dave, it was all Trey wanted and he kept saying so. Dave responded, "here it is, here is my POZ cum, I want you to have my bug". And with that comment, Trey had his third exposure to the bug. There is way more to this story...and if anyone likes it...will be glad to add to it in other "chapters".
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    Yesterday I asked which one of 5 guys you might want to take home to meet Mom. Oh dear ... you lot are just a sleazy bunch of sexual animals ... with a lot of you saying you wanted them all. Mind you I'm not at all surprised! So, today we have to decide who we're going to travel with. Five more guys to choose from, including the mechanic, but maybe don't be too greedy this time ...
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    ... go for a hike with Scotty ...
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    ... maybe do a spot of cooking with Jack ...
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    What shall we do today? Stay at home and chill? ...
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    ... or maybe swim with a couple of m8's ?
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    (Fiction) Till a few weeks ago, I hardly knew what how a man arms felt, let alone sex. I had been lretty closeted and felt that I was straight for 20 years until i found out that i got attracted to men more and more. I finally realised that i was bisexual but more gay than straight. My road to being attracted to cocks started from fascinating how a woman suck a dick and how she loves eating that slimy nectar from the juicy meat that spews it. With each new video and story i began to be spellbounded to cocks until one day i realised i was getting off on full blown gay pornos but hardly on straight. My desire for cock grew more and more until one day i watch a monster with a scorpion tattoo spew poison inside a hole. That got me off a lot. I kept re-watching it again and again fantasizing myself in that position. Being a 20 year old i full well knew the repercussions of being fucked by a hot rod with poison nectar. Then one day stumbled across this website and i found how people relish in the thought of getting infected which kind of made me horny. I kept continuing reading each story and each day i longed for poz cock, so much more that I couldn't have a hard on if it was not a poz cock story. So I finally decided to start of myself getting fucked by a cock as my curiousity got the better of me. I downloaded Grindr and Planet Romeo and searching for people. It was scary at what would happen if my relatives were to find out accidentally while i chatted with guys and had phone sex randomly. One day as i was filtering through an app, i got a message with a usual hi, i replied back similarly. He asked "How are you?" Me: Fine, u?? He: I m fine. So whats the plan for the weekend? Me: U know, the same boring staying home. He: If u don't mind, how about a drink at XYZ bar, Friday night?? We can chat up. Me: I m not sure. I hardly know u. He: I m not going to bite. Tell u what, dinner and drinks on me. We will just have a nice conversation. *Sends a semi naked photo of himself with jeans on* "Damn!!" I thought "This guy is hot. Wouldn't hurt to meet him". So to which I said yes and made the arrrangements. Come weekend, we met at the bar and this guy was hot at a height of 5 ft 10 inch, probably at mid thirties while i m a slim short guy at 5ft 5 inch whom guys called pretty cute. We had a pretty nice convo on what we do and where we r from and after a few many drinks the alcohol hits me, i get horny and started checking him out. To which he takes perfect advantage by saying the most sleaziest line "Buddy, u seem hammered. Why don't we take u home. U can sit on my lap there, and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up?" To which i said "I m curious enough to talk about anything". We hurriedly go over to his house and as soon as his door closes, he pulls me in his powerful arms and french kisses me deep. His tongue ravishing through my mouth deep into my throat, his saliva running down my lips as i embrace his . His short stubble carresing and pleasantly tingling my baby face. I definitely knew i had to have him. His hands carresses through my clothes removing my shirt as he keeps on kissing my lips and sucking my neck, loosening my belt. I felt my stomach flutter as he rush his hands though my underwear to my 5 inch raging hard cock. He breaks away and removes his shirt and i gaze at hus physique. He was definitely hot, not hairy but sculpted. He starts sucking my nipples as i moan at the touch of his hand slowing jacking my cock. He then suggests to move into the bedroom. When we do, he loses his belt and asks me to uncage his monster. I unbuckle his pants and u derwear and drop em. What i gaze upon was a beautiful 8 inch cock as thick as a rod fully raging hard an unmasted. I begin to drool at this piece of art. He pushes down on my shoulders to my knees where i face his majesty hair breadth away from my wet lips.I noticed a small scorpion tattoo nearhis dick. He lightly pushes on the back of my head and i give way with my tongue first savouring the hot meat. It tasted amazing. I slowly sucked on enjoying the feeling of his cock humiliating my face as i looked up deep into his eyes. He slowly started moaning. "Damn!! Where did u learn to suck cock like that?? U r a real true faggot. I love it how u cute lips look on my dick. Keep sucking like that." And he pushed my head a little more and i started gasping for air. He laughed."Don't worry, u will get used to it, here are some poppers as he whips out a small bottle that smelled odd under my nose and yold me to breathe deeply. Once i inhaled deeply, i felt really horny and sucking on his manhood vigorously trying to get the best of it with each suck, he then pushes my head onto his pubes and his cock deep in my throat and shot a ropes and ropes of thick cum i to my unsuspecting mouth. It was a mouthful. "Sorry bitch, i filled u with so cum more than u cud swallow", as cum leaked down my mouth and dripped from my chin. "Don't worry, i m a multi cummer". With that he pulls me up and kisses me and we snowball he cum. He then pushes me with my back on his bed as he keeps on kissing me and he slowly went down. I though he would suck me off back but i was surprised when he lifted my legs revealing my asshole and started reaaming me with his tongue full of his cum. I was in heaven. His tongue was amazing. He continued for a few minutes and i was in heaven. I moaned back and pushed my hips down to his face. He stopped reaming and i felt a bit sad at his tongue moving away. But it was not for long as i felt his cock slowly moving up and down my asscrack slowly teasing my cunt.I asked for a condom and he said, he ran out of it and if i wanted him to fuck it would have to be bare. I was too horny by that point to reject him. He said "Bitch, today i make u mine." And he with that he forcefully pushed his dick inside my asshole. He dick ripped apart my spinchter and i felt a sharp pain to his cock through my ass. I cried. He just with one powerful hand muffled my mouth and proceeded to fuck me rough. It was painful at the start but it started carrying out its magic immediately after. I was aggast at how can a cock perform such a miracle. I loved it and started pushing my ass on his cock more and more. "Bitch I knew u would like it faggot". I knew from the moment i saw u in the bar that u were a horny whore." It was awesome. He steamrolled my i sides and hit my prostate with each stroke. I pulled his face and we get into a deep kisses. I wanted to be his. I wanted his babies. "Bitch u seem to be having the time of ur life." "YES, FUCK ME MORE.I DON'T WANT IT TO STOP". "I ain't stopping until i get u pregnant" "I dnt care if u make me urs. I don't care if u make me pregnant.I don't even fucking care if i die now.JUST DON'T STOP FUCKING ME". "YEA!!WHORE. I WILL KILL U ALRIGHT. U WILL DIE AS I MAKE U PREGNANT WITH MY POZ BABIES". With that he started cumming inside my hole. The stream of cum seemed endless. I could feel my hole slick and wet. I shuddered at his words. "Yo.... You're Poz??". "Yeah bitch. I thought u knew when u saw my scorpion tattoo. But its too late now, my babies are already swimming side ur gut and it will incubate inside u." I was stunned, but he pulled me into a deep kiss and said "You said u didn't care if u die, I am only giving u ur wish. Ur free now." I realised its too late and knew his babies were already working inside of me slowly eating at me and making me his. Although I was shocked, a part of me felt weirdly happy that such a hot guy made me his. I would be his bitch and I would carry his DNA inside me. I pulled him for another kiss and said "I haven't cum yet. U gonna leave me like this??" "Haha...u filthy whore. I knew u would not be satisfied with that, so while we coming down here i called a few of my poz buddies saying that a whore needed breeding. They r probably here and watching". I then look around to see 5 guys with huge dicks stroking their cocks waiting for their turn to fill me in. Looks like this weekend i would not only get pregnant from this hot guys but will have other's babies too. I had the hootest weekend with the 5 guys fucking me day and night and feesing me cum at both ends. I felt fulfilled. A couole of weeks later, i got down with a very bad fever. I got myself tested and found out that i an HIV +. I called up the guy and give him the news. He said " U lucky guy. Looks like ur wish is coming true. U r going to die slowly. Get ur ass over here so that i can help u with that." I rush over to hus place and he fucked me straight for 2 hours. A few days later I moved into him and ever since, he and his friends come over and keep fucking me, keep me on a leash with a collar written faggot on it.I am loving every moment of it and m sure I will let him fuck me and whore me out till i breath my last.
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    Every faggot in the room had a stiff cock by the time Trey took load number three. The erotic fuck show Dave and the kid just performed was amazing and we all were mesmerized by the apparent connection and animal like fuck that was just finishing. The look on Trey's face was amazing. He truly was enthralled with his partner and was thrilled to feel that pale cock unload in his ass. Still on his back, he remained coupled to Dave even as the thrusting subsided. Both gifted and chaser had a look of utter satisfaction. I know there were three thoughts in my head, damn what a fuck, can't wait to see number 4 plow the boy and fuck, I NEED a cock in MY ass. But just as we expected them to separate, Trey began bucking and riding what evidently was at least a partial erect cock. HIs noises were still animalistic sounding as he flexed his pelvis to fully enjoy some more of Dave's balls deep penetration. Dave quickly responded and was moving his own body in response to the tortured movements of the young ass he had just inseminated. Trey was clearly on his way to orgasm and was fully in control. We were all powerless to stop watching as Trey's breathing deepened. He rocked and moaned as his nice size, but hardly huge cock throbbed and bobbed at full attention. I suppose I was a bit stunned. We all knew that plenty of gifts would be delivered, but I had not thought about the need for Trey to explode. Moments later, hands free, all that movement turned into a moment of joy as he shot an amazing load that splattered on Dave's creamy torso. At that moment, I had no doubt about Trey's authenticity as a fag. Anyone who can essentially cum hands free while wiggling their ass on a partner's cock is gonna do just fine in the world of queer fucking. Ray was already lubed up and working his massive cock into rock hard fuck mode. Ray is a damned big dude...well over 6' 4" and probably close to 300 pounds. Full time redneck and former college football offensive lineman, he could be described as a power fuck. His dick is kind of unique. Not overly long (7 inches perhaps) it has an amazing pyramid shape and quickly tapers from it's pointy head to a base I cannot circle with one hand. Ray got knocked up years ago and seems to alternate between being on meds and not. Ray and I had never fucked a lot. It was ok, but usually just a hard, quick pounding and he was done. He relies on his size, not his skill to impress the bottoms he fucks. But hell, it is a unique cock and probably a tainted load, so I knew it would do the kid some good. But Trey and Dave remain coupled and cuddling on the bed, totally unaware of the anticipation visible in Ray's stiff poker. It was clear those two boys had experienced more than just a fuck. When they finally stirred a bit we got to hear something surprising. Trey said loudly, " well that is done". Six puzzled homos waited for clarification. "Dave knocked me up", he nearly shouted, " I know it". Becoming more animated, he said, " I felt the energy pass while we were fucking.". "I know it was his bug load entering me. I know I am really POZ". It was a clear and honest statement. Based on the show we watched and those words, we all knew those two had forged a fuck infused connection. Maybe it was not the bug, but there was something going on. There is nothing subtle about Ray. He was ready to fuck and was vocal about it. If Trey was done, then Ray was prepared to fuck the next ass that wagged in front of him. Not to worry, our new cum slut rolled over showed his cum filled ass and braced for the near rape that he was about to experience. An opened hole and three injections of POZ lube made Ray's entrance a bit easier, but still he mounted the kid and went balls deep in one powerful thrust. Ray's size, weight and thrust caused the boyish bottom to crumple. As our young friend disappeared under that mountain of man flesh, the pile driving began in earnest. Trey's whimpers were a signal that Ray was hurting him some---anyone who had been topped by that man knew the feeling. Unlike the hard, but skillful fucking Jony had given a couple hours earlier, this was a brutal rape/fuck. As the whimpering got louder, Ray offered him some relief. But the boy just kept on taking it. Ray always seems to finish up in the same way. He pulls his pointy dick out all the way and rams it back in had and balls deep. He repeats the action until in one mighty shove he blasts a load. I know I smiled a bit as that sequence began and a half dozen painful jabs later, Trey had gift number four mixing with all the tainted cum previously enjoyed. There was not cuddling after that coupling, but for the first time that night, Trey was offered a cum and slime covered cock to clean in an ATM "opportunity". It was clear he had never been exposed to ass to mouth cock cleaning. I have to admit it is a bit of an acquired taste--but one I learned to love myself. Trey froze in hesitation as that slicked up horse cock posed near his mouth, waiting on the completion of the last fuck act. A smile slowly started on Trey's face as he realized he was going full on into the kinkier part of men fucking men. He started opening his mouth to welcome the cum slathered dick. As soon as his lips parted, Ray took charged and rammed the pole down the kid's throat. Just as quickly, the gag reflex kicked in and our former HIV virgin puked all over himself, Ray, the bed and anything else near by. Unfazed by the vomit, Ray rammed it home again and this time Trey managed to suckle it. Like the fuck pig he yearned to be he slurped and licked that cock clean of all substances. The newly minted slut was learning new things. We had a bit of a break in the action as some of the guys started cleaning up a bit. Trey hit the shower to clean up. Nobody was sure if he was done or not, but it would be his choice regardless. I decided to take advantage of the slow moment and cornered Jony and started sucking his cock. I was needing fucked myself (as was every other queer in the room). As expected, I coaxed that black snake to life and soon he was probing my ass. The cock that busted Trey's AIDS cherry was now probing my horny shit chute. But, it was a short fuck. Trey came strolling back to the bedroom still fully nude and sporting a serious hard on. The smile on his face said he wanted more. He laughed as he asked "any of you faggots wanna fuck my queer ass?". Six dicks sprang to attention at that comment. Carl was up next. Carl is also a proven breeder and takes pride in spewing his demon seed into any negative ass that wants it. During my own chase, I rode Carl's "significant" BBC more than any other cock. I am fairly certain it was Carls seed replicating in my own body. Carl and I were something less than partners, but something more than just fuck buds. Perhaps some would call us lovers. All I know is he is a great human, an ebony god and a very, very talented lover. And now, I was going to see that beautiful, glistening black rod dip into the pasty white ass of an evolving man-whore. Trey and Dave had made love. Trey took my very HVL seed with relish. Ray raped his young ass and Jony had given him a world class fucking. But now, he was about to experience, what I thought would be the fuck of a life time. Carl is that damned good. Ten inches long, coke bottle diameter, Carl's cock is uncut. If there was every a perfect BBC contest, Carl should easily win. He is actually quite serious about fucking and takes his role as a dominate top to heart. Trey was being a bit playful and joking around a bit. I think he had no idea about what was to cum his way. Carl was a bit put off by the lightness of the mood and acted to change it. He sternly commanded Trey to get on his back, legs in the air. Slowly Trey responded. Carl then focused the room. "Boy" he said, " I have converted over 15 twink asses in the past 6 years". I know my cum is toxic and I am gonna spew it inside you" Carl continued, " in the next few minutes I am going to convert your little ass and turn you into a jack of spades, only black cock will satisfy you when I am done". I whispered to Trey. "that is the fucking truth" just as Carl unsheathed his monster cock and started pressing it into our boy's battered hole. Trey was gonna be fucked like he had never imaged.
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    No pain no gain. If you bottom often you'll learn to take it. Aggressive tops are a good way to break a bottom in.
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    Excited to be attending a huge sex party this weekend with over 70 guys already confirmed. Looking forward to heavy sexual livestock level use yet again as i add to my already engorged 2017 partner count. This will be the third major group use in 6 weeks. Loose and loving it!!!!
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    A true cumdump refuses no cock. Hot/ugly, young/old makes no difference. It’s all about quantity not quality. A true cumdump knows he has an insatiable pussy/cunt and does not confuse this with his masculinity. He is proud of his pussy. A true cumdump can suck in most size cocks into his well trained pussy using just spit as lube. A true cumdump’s cock remains, flaccid and useless when getting bred because ALL feeling and concentration is solely on his cunt. A true cumdump’s pussy can in a second go from loose and sloppy to tight muscle squeezing to drain the load. A true cumdump keeps the sperm in him as long as possible. A true cumdump’s god is cock and sperm is his communion.
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    I love to get facial and I would like to be surrounded by many guys to give me a bukkake. When the cum hit my eyes, it stinks, but it is so hot and sexy. Anyone here likes it?
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    I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?
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    I'm kind of at a loss for words, but I'm feeling so many things now. my ass is still leaking cum and its sore to sit down, so let me start from the beginning this morning on my way into my summer job i pulled up grindr and got a message from a couple looking, 22 and 23. we swapped pics and they were hot as hell, both a year ahead of me at our university, both discreet and in fraternities. not really my type but i was craving dick and they wanted a bottom to use, so obviously we made plans to meet. we met up this afternoon at their place and they were both sweet talkers. they smoked me out a bit (green) and both asked me questions about school and my life and normal stuff. at one point i was so relaxed i was kind of just staring at one of them and all of a sudden the other one pulls me back into him and they both start taking my clothes off. aggressive and hot, I was into it. what happened next is kind of a hot and sweaty blur. somehow we ended up on a bed and i was sucking one dick while my ass was licked by the other. i love to deep throat and they had the perfect size dicks, both about 7 inches and the perfect size to fit my throat. both of them really enjoyed it. at one point fingers started going into me and i told one of them to get the poppers from my shorts pocket on the floor. while i was sucking one dick and getting lube slathered into me, i felt a finger then two go into me, so naturally i clench my sphincter and that drives him wild. i kind of remembered them mentioning condoms before we met but i felt a hot bare dick head on my hole and it got me excited. while i was deep throating one, i felt the other's raw dick head trying to push into me. i stopped and took a hit of poppers and then felt him push it all the way in. the unanticipated raw dick felt so fucking great, and the fact that they didn't even mention condoms once i was there was driving me wild and my dick was rock hard. i blew my load 5 minutes in but stayed hard, something that rarely happens. both took turns pumping their loads into me, mostly on my back while one fucked me and i sucked the other. i came two more times. after the fact we swapped more saliva and i was on my merry way. now its been a couple hours and i still feel their cum dribbling out of me and i just got their phone numbers in a grindr message. very excited for more
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    I need ony boy like that to use .. and you? He has a so nice juicy hole to put the tongue on ...
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  19. 2 points
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    make me a little slam pig! put that poz dna in my neg jock hole
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    need an alpha breeder so bad! hiv status isnt important... at first just need my tight boi hole WRECKED!!!
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    as hot as that is .. that cum shold be up his ass ..
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    I was travelling abroad about a week ago. I love when I get the opportunity to visit bathhouses when travelling because I can be really uninhibited. Decided to check out this one place someone recommended to me over Grindr, it turned out to be a lot smaller and seedier than I thought it would be, but the place was crowded so thats always nice. I had one hot, very hung, black guy fuck me in a private room, but he wore a condom. Since I wanted a load fucked inside me I decided to drop my towel and walk around in only my jockstrap. Sure enough after about 5 minutes I had one buff, bald bear grinding on me, outside in the smoking area. He fucked me raw in front of a few other guys, dropped a load inside me while grunting, then one of the guys watching followed, it was great, I really enjoy the feeling of being watched while getting bred. By the time I was satisfied I had 5 loads inside me: the bear, a tatted up guy who watched me get fucked by the bear, a couple average guys who were OK and tall black guy who was really really hung. I had a crowd watching by the end, but they started getting touchy and annoying. I had my fair share of cum and the crowd was getting worse, so I got dressed and took a cab back to the hotel. Completely satisfied.
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    I'm not going to lie. I hate aggressive tops. I've had my share who ask for another date and I say HELL NO. If a top allows me to relax and open up, I can take a good hard pounding but I have no patience for a guy who is willing to inflict pain and doesn't care. I want to enjoy the sex too! To a lesser extent, I do get mildly annoyed by two other things some tops do: 1) refusing to let me guide their cock into my hole (HELLO? I know where my hole is better than you) 2) refusing to allow me to lube my hole before penetrating me (but of course I can counter this by being pre-lubed before play).
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    My first time was with my best friend from high school. For years my buddy and I alternated staying overnight at each other's house, usually sharing a bed, and wearing only our underwear, which was no big deal as we were too young to even know about sex. However one night, when we were somewhat older, things were different. We had planned ahead, and my buddy was to come over to my house after a football game and spend the night. Looking back I think we both knew something was going to happen that night. As we expected, the football game ended late in the evening, and, as was typical for our small town, we meet-up with the football boys and cruised the town for a while, which meant we got back to my house even later. We each took a quick shower and crawled into bed, as usual, wearing only underwear. And we both promptly fell asleep. At some point I woke up with his body directly against mine. I was in the small spoon position and he had pressed as much of his body against me as he could. I found the sensation of a body (which was 95% naked) pressing up against my body to be very erotic, particularly as it was the first time I had ever really felt body-to-body contact. Naturally I had a raging hard on. In addition I could feel a hard bulge against my ass cheeks. I lay in bed, enjoying the experience of warm flesh against my own naked body, but after a few minutes I pretended to stir slightly, as if I had just awaken. Reaching back, I pretended I was scratching my ass, only to discover a very hard and BIG bulge against the back of my hand. That was the first time I had ever felt an actual dick. Granted it was still inside some tighty whities but it was hot, warm, hard, and felt quite large. He hadn't moved at all during my courageous attempt at coping a feel, so I thought I would try again. I really wanted to gauge its size, so again, I again reached back. This time there was no mistaking the fact that he thrust his hard bulge against the back of my hand. Since he didn't hide the fact that he thrust his cock at my hand I left my hand there, between my ass and his cock. The moment of truth came, and I was so hard and horny that I didn't even think about it, I turned my hand around and grabbed his bulge and found an incredibly hard rod stuffed extremely tightly in some white Hanes briefs. I began feeling his junk through the tight underwear, massaging his balls, rubbing and stroking his steel rod paying particular attention to, what I thought was his head near the waistband of the underwear. He finally reached around my hip and started massaging my hard leaking cock through my underwear. I have a decent seven and a half-inch cut cock which is quite thick, but I could tell he was even thicker. Wanting to find out just how thick, I grabbed his waistband and plunged my hand into his underwear grabbing his cock. This is when I discovered I hadn't been massaging his dickhead, his underwear had been so tight, that it trapped his hard cock pointing down, so he wasn't even able to get fully hard. Good lord, how big was he? I pulled his cock out of its fabric prison and found out. Now, even to this day, his cock was the biggest, thickest, longest uncut cock I've ever seen in real life. I could no longer think straight. I was overwhelmed with horniness. I immediately pulled his hand off my cock, turned around and ducked under the blanket and sheets. I got his 9.5 inch dick into my mouth as soon as I could and began giving my first blowjob to the biggest dick I'd ever have. I sucked and licked and tongued his cock for ages, enjoying the huge hard thickness and foreskin. He had grabbed my head and was trying to force as much of his dick into my mouth as he could. Unfortunately I have a gag reflex, and he repeatedly gagged me. Maybe that was turning him on, it sure made my blowjob more difficult though. I couldn't get to all of his cock though because the underwear was still covering too much of his junk. I tried to pull his briefs down but he wasn't lifting his ass up to help me any. I was crazy fucking horny and quickly became very frustrated with his this tight white fabric covering some of my prized cock I was working so hard on with my mouth. I finally used both hands and grabbed the waistband and yanked them down hard! So hard that they ripped. I didn't give a fuck that they ripped or that it might have hurt him. I was happy finally getting to put his balls and shaft in my mouth. It seemed like an hour, but it was probably five to ten minutes before he nutted. I was ready for his load as definitely (if not desperately) wanted him to cum in my mouth, and I had even decided when the time came, I would take his cock in my mouth as deeply as I could and start swallow every drop of his load. It was heaven: his body tensed-up, his rock hard dick felt like a titanium crow bar, blasting its load into my mouth, shot after shot of cum rocketing out of his meat, repeatedly filling my mouth, over and over. And I swallowed every drop, not loosing a single drop. Afterwards I slowly nursed his cock with my lips and tongue, eventually coming out from under the blankets and resumed my sleeping position. He made some attempt at blowing me, but it wasn't very good and we just went to sleep. Later on, he paid me back in spades, making me cum several times. We never talked about it, but down the weeks, months, and years, we enjoyed many firsts with his huge dick and his tight hole.
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    Grahame and Josh met Pawel and Pitor at the roadside where the broken-down SUV sat forlorn, “Ah Grahame good to see you, you save me contacting you. You come with me back to garage while Pitor look after this lovely young man.” The Pole’s ravenous eyes outrageously looking up and down Josh mentally undressing our new friend. “Pitor you take care of Josh, yes?” “Oh yeah, whatever you say bossman” as he rubs his tented shorts, “I can do that alright!” When we arrive at the garage Pawel bundles me through the dirty and messy reception into a large open warehouse like expanse with just a solitary padded bench centre stage. I’m momentarily thrown ”WerWhat happened to the workshop? I don’t understand” “Strip” is all I’m told and daft as it sounds I’m spellbound by how easily he controls me, he’s such an Alpha Male even when he’s not fucking me which is what I’m hopeful for. I at look him, nod and without a word, stand up and comply shedding my clothes in double quick time, anything to please one of my two Poz Daddies, I am their diseased progeny and willing to spread their strain. He demands “Lay over the bench let me see if you fit” I’m there in a flash but am disappointed when all he whips out is pencil, paper and a tape measure to see where I fit then is scribbling notes, frustrated I reach over and begin stroking his crotch. “Yes, yes I fuck you next, wait you impatient slut I making your dark dirty fantasy come true.” One time they coaxed me to reveal all my dark desires and now that Genie is out of the bottle it seems Pawel is going to make some or all of them happen. My cock is as hard as it’s ever been in anticipation of what may be coming! Unzipping his fly that magnificent hard Poz cock is shoved in my face and I take him all the way into my mouth, he gasps and puts his hands on my head holding me there for a minute. “Oh that’s good” as he pulls out and rams back in, I taste pre-cum and savour the feel as he pushes his monster cock down the roof of my throat. Without warning he pulls out walks around to my ass, gobs on my ass crack as I spread my legs and then he’s pushing against me, slips inside and continues to push hard rearranging my guts until balls deep. Pawel fucks hard, I heard each thrust as his pelvis slaps my ass, ramming his cock as deep as he could, withdrew and rammed again, changing angle and direction with short sharp jabs mixed with bouts of long dicking. I know will feel sore and remember this fuck for hours afterwards. His long sweaty body fully covers mine as leans down to my ear to say, “I’m close to breeding you boy. You love being bred, don’t you? Taking my now Med-Resistant Poz cum. Being everyone’s cumdump pig.” “Fuck yeah! Give me every drop of that toxic cum.” My own hard cock a balls were crushed under our combined weight and the edge of the Fuck Bench as I was bounced like a rag doll with each thrust until he stiffened, rammed his cock in deeper than ever and shot a huge load inside me. “You like cum in your cunt, don’t you?” “Yes, I love it.” “You want MY dirty cum in your cunt?” “Yes, pleeeeeeeeease.” Pawel kept his cock buried deep trying to catch his breath and letting every tainted drop drain from him. It felt good to know I would be shooting just what he fired into me soon enough. As he pulled out all I heard was… “get out pig I got things to do, business. Be here 6pm tomorrow…renting you out for the weekend…clean out well and DON’T CUM”
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    At the bathhouse after getting worn and filled with more loads than I bothered to count, some sexy tatted muscle ginger with a mustache and a huge prince albert was making out with me in my room and when he started to finger me. He flung his eyes open when he felt all the cum looked at me and said "You're a whore?!" I thought he was going to leave, but he growled and said "I LOVE whores!" before kissing me and shoving in another finger.
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    Hi ... thanks for all those reps sexy! xxxx
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    Saturday Grahame's extreme fetish secrets begin to turn to reality... Having made my excuses to 'test' our now Open Relationship I leave my supposed boyfriend behind for the weekend, kick around town, a bar for Dutch Courage and waste the day that takes forever to pass until I walk up to the garage dead on 6pm, I walk in to find Pitor waiting for me, we embrace, his tongue invading my mouth as he pulls me into a bear hug, I feel his hard cock press into my crotch as we make out. “Good boy, now get out of those clothes we have work to do….you all cleaned out” “Yes Sir” “You no cum after Pawel fuck you?” “No Sir!” “Good boy, now I have present for you. Close your eyes and wait.” I do as I’m told and upon hearing footsteps and some rustling it takes all me will power not to take a peek. In a burst of activity my hands are padlocked behind my back and simultaneously a hood, leather by the smell of it, is secured over my head. “Good work Antonin” I here, Pitor letting me know we are not alone. My heart is pounding as I try to adjust to the darkness and work out by sound what is happening. A click, then buzzing fills the air. “Now stand still or Ant will accidently cut your balls off!” I can’t stop myself from trembling as the clippers begin to remove my already trimmed body hair. Once completed the silence is deafening and as the seconds, that feel like minutes, tick by I smell ammonia then cool cream being applied to the now near hairless areas especially around my now shriveled almost non-existent dick, balls and arse crack that made the sensitive skin around my hole twitch and pucker. “Christ, it stings - it hurts - fuck! FUCK! Get it off, please, my skin – it’s – on – fire.” Next, I’m almost bowled off my feet by a blast of cold water washing the hair removal cream off my tortured body and then roughly toweled down by what had to be the most crisp and scratchy towels ever that feels like needles being raked over my tingling skin. “Good job Ant. Ummm, skin red but should be OK by the time our guests pounce. We move you now. 'What choice do I have?' I say with a laugh. As we stumble through a doorway I hear Pawel’s thick Polish accent. “Ah, the star of tonight’s entertainment. You have paid for three hours use of the Slave. Use every hole and when I come back let me see him well used and cum covered.” I’m manhandled into position face down, strapped and tied down onto each leg of what I assume to be the Fuck Bench Pawel tested sooooo well yesterday, I was immobile and my cock and balls were roughly pulled back so they were fully exposed hanging off the edge of the bench. Pitor reached underneath me to pinch one of my nipples playfully. “Seriously, though, don't worry. We not going to do anything you didn’t ask for. Relax, we have a few well-hung friends here with me to satisfy our size queen. We're going to make your dark dreams come true Grahame.” My heart was pounding and since I couldn't move or see, my other senses seemed to be stronger. I heard other people in the room and there was cologne, musk and strong sweat smells I hadn't noticed before. I was nervous as hell, but then who wouldn't be, yet when I began to feel all those hands on my body, teasing and exploring, my cock nearly exploded there and then. Someone must have sensed it as I hear a voice say “don't touch his cock” The foreplay was incredible. I pulled at the ropes, flexing the muscles in my arms and legs, near delirious with ecstasy as countless hands caressed my body. Someone with larger hands was massaging my legs, inching closer to my butt cheeks and the Bulls Eye as his thick rough fingers found my hole and pushed in scratching, circling or just rammed in then pulled out making my hole twitch clenching and unclenching. As I lay there helpless, my mind screamed for cocks to fuck me. Some of the fingers were replaced with mouths. I moaned as the strangers serviced me, enjoying the difference in their techniques, a soft tongue slowly licked in a circle around my hole while another one nibbled my ass lips I felt another tongue flutter along my taint making me shudder in pleasure. I felt lips on my hole and a tongue pushed it open, deep probing me whilst other mouths were everywhere: on my back, neck, on my legs, my mouth and face. The pleasure was nearly unbearable. I gasped loudly as men moved around me jabbing a finger or two in my now needy hole one at a time. Someone was underneath me for a taste of my cock, a warm tongue bathed my shaft from balls to tip then swallowed me whole, nearly sucking the cum directly from my balls as the pre-cum freely pulsed from my piss slit with every heartbeat. I screamed in pleasure as someone's tongue fluttered against my hole again. “Fuck me, please fuck me!” I screamed desperate for my itch to be scratched. I felt one, then two and a third finger shoved in my hole finger fucking me, while a tongue lapped at my nuts, all the while my cock was still being sucked while this was happening. I could barely take it. I pulled at my restraints, but they held me tight. I arched my back, begging to be released. Then I felt it. It was hard and slippery, someone's cock, it felt huge and with pressure was prying my willing ass open. The huge dick sliding into me felt like a sword, hard and long, very long. The pain was only temporary, until the thick shaft pressed down on my prostate to send me into orbit. When the owner of the cock up my ass started to fuck, it felt as if my guts were being rearranged and when it came to orgasm I felt sure it would explode from my entire body. I could hear Pitor make suggestions every so often, but the only other sounds I heard were the rhythmic sounds of wanking, heavy breathing and moans of pleasure…and by now most of those were coming from my own mouth. I heard a different voice say, “I'm going to shoot.” When I felt pulsing in my ass and heat, I knew whoever was fucking me was dumping their load deep inside me "HERE IT COMES, HERE IT COMES" he yelled out "I'M CUMMING – FILLING - YOU - WITH – MY – POZ - SPERMS" and right when he said that he came load after load, moan after moan with what felt like gallons of cum pumping into my ass. As he continued with every thrust I can feel some slowly coming out of my ass and dripping onto the floor. it felt like a good minutes worth of cum being dumped in me from this massive cock, when he finished and pulled out all of the cum started rushing out like a flood of warm sticky cum came oozing out of my gaping ass. I felt a tongue lap up the spooge free flowing from my cunt. A voice from somewhere says “Don’t felch any more of that Poz cum leave it where it will do some good!” I’m in heat and in need of more, “Someone else put their cock in me. Now!” I demand A second, even thicker fuck stick started to rub against my slippery cum drenched hole and starts to penetrate, “Ummm. Nice and lubed,' was all he said as he slid in balls deep. He sounded Hispanic and his cock felt like a baseball bat up my ass with its huge mushroom head barging my intestines out of the way. He was in to rough fucking, pulling nearly all the way out before slamming all the way back in to the balls. The friction from this fuck was sure to make me cum soon and was quickly drying out the cum lubing my ass when suddenly I hear, "suck my dick" I think it was the first guy to fuck me, so I did. The other guys around me were jerking off with squidgy sounds from their abused cocks. I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth because it was so big, despite being covered in cum, ass juice and God knows what else and whoever it belonged to kept putting his hands on the back of my head and would push further down until I gagged almost to the point of blacking out with tears and snot running down my face. At the very last moment as blackness fogs my mind he withdraws just enough for me gasp a lungful of air…. “ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!” But with this huge cock down my throat it just sounded like loud strangled Grrrrr, and they both laughed. My eyes watered more as these two boys used my body, invading me, hurting me, humiliating me in front of all their friends, just for my fun. “Antonin man, that feels awesome! Make him scream some more. It feels amazing around my toxic cock!” Antonin laughed and forced his cock into me as deep as it would go, until his pubes crushed against my ass cheeks and his nuts slapped against mine, hammering into my ass. I felt a piercing awful pain, like his cock was tearing something deep inside my stomach. I tried to yell, but it was totally muffled by the massive penis. Antonin was pounding like a jackhammer. It felt like his cock was way past my stomach… another inch and it would come out my mouth! The ring of my asshole was burning like it was on fire, and it felt like his cock was dry sandpaper. I could feel wetness, pre-cum, cum or blood trickling down the inside of my thigh from my torn hole. I was crying out as much in pain as in joy. 'Jesus, your ass is awesome! What a sweet pussy!' Thrusting hard until he too added his load to the mix as he fell forward on to me and leaning up to my ear and whispering, “this is our secret, I just pumped a week’s worth of AIDS batter into your torn and bleeding cunt.” “Next!” I heard Pitor ask and of course another guy took his place, fucking my ass. "take it easy on him dude" Pitor told the guy getting ready to fuck me "I can't promise anything" the voice says back. He got up and rubbed is head on my hole and with force shoved what had to be his 11 inch massive piece of meat in my ass only getting about 3/4s in at first then pushed the rest in. I yelled out again with all the pain coming back, his hands pushing down on my lower back it felt like his cock was in my stomach. never have I had that big of a dick in my ass, he was pounding hard all I could do was bite down on my lower lip to stop from screaming out loud, I huffed and puffed but had to yell out, "WAIT STOP PLEASE AH... PLEASE PULL OUT, PULL OUT" "fuck no, your gonna take it you little bitch. You’re our cum slut so you take it, you hear me" and he got harder and faster. The one fucking my face climed in too, "shut the fuck up and take it bitch" the one guy fucking my ass resumed, this time it didn't take much time before he yelled out "I'M GONNA CUM.... OH, OH YEAH, OH SHIT" Once he pulled out another guy stepped in to position and started to fuck me now with a hung fat cock, and before I could scream another guy came around and started fucking my face hard with this meaty 9 inch cock. he forced his dick down my throat and I could feel his cock head in the middle of my throat as I was gagging with my eyes watering, he pulled out for a second to allow me to get my breath back then went back to it. With both of them fucking me hard it now started to feel great, all the pain was gone and all I could feel was pleasure. Within minutes both started to tense up and in my quest to keep pace it felt as if they were fucking harder and faster, the one fucking my face yelled out "OH SHIT HERE IT COMES" and shot load after load of hot cum in my mouth, there was so much that all I could do was swallow his thick man juice, at the other end about a minute later the other guy shot his load in my ass. My moans were now extremely loud and so were his. "oh yeah bitch you like that? yeah you like this dick" he said "get ready I'm gonna cum". I counted ten more cocks hammering my ass before Pitor said it was his turn. My legs and arms were killing me and my ass ached like hell. I was familiar enough with Pitor’s cock as it was he who Pozzed me so I knew it was huge and normally felt like he was going to split me open, but this time as he slid into me easily. Though his prick was enormous, he was a surprisingly gentle gliding his hard-on up and down making love to my hole, his throbbing shaft pumping more toxic lubricant in my chute whilst his cockhead massaged my prostate making me feel like I was going to cum again but I held off and squeezed as best I could my ass muscles around his cock. He groaned and slid deep inside me, letting my battered ass milk his wad. Gasps went around the room then silence, you could hear a pin drop, I could just about make out shuffling of feet come close, then away. A boney finger scraped around in my wide open hole digging around and was then removed…I heard a slurping sound, then “Nice” is wheezed out. I feel a presence at my head, “Stick your tongue out” and of course I comply. A lumpy warmth is rasped across my tongue. “That’s my arm and it’s not psoriasis you can feel” followed by a cracked cackle, “No you stupid beautiful boy, that’s a dying man’s KS Lesions and after today could be your badge of honour too!” My aching cock pulsates to life once more and throbs copious amounts of pre-cum on the floor below, again. I felt the pressure of this steel-hard dick forcing its way into me, as all these other guys watched and loved it. I lay with my legs held wide open as the (I presumed) old man pumped between my legs. I felt his fat veiny meat sliding in and out of my numb and open hole. At that moment, a guy standing next to me, started to shoot his load. The first shot landed on my back, the second shot splattered my ass cheek and the last one ended up in my crack. He wiped his cock over my face pushing it in my mouth and tells me to clean it off for him. When he was done, another guy walked up, and shoved his meat into my mouth. He pumped into my face forever. Finally, I felt his nuts start to press up against my chin, and I knew he was going to cum soon and was so relieved when I felt his cockhead start to swell in my throat. Then he held my head all the way down, my forehead pressed into his hard belly, and he pumped his cock as his load shot down my throat. “Swallow it! SWALLOW IT YOU DIRTY SLUT! EAT IT FAGGOT!” He must have shot a gallon of cum; it went on for what seemed like a whole minute, probably longer. It had shot out faster than I could swallow and I choked. My mouth was filled with his hot salty jizz and the sticky baby batter was dripping out of both corners of mouth too and all down my chin. When he had finally pumped the last shot into my throat, he loosened his grip and I pulled my mouth off of his cock. I coughed and choked and sputtered his sperm. “There’s a good bitch” he said, and walked away. Before I could catch my breath, the old man thrust into my ass even more forcefully bruising my internal organs as chanting began, “Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him, Poz the cunt, ruin that hole forever!” over and over again. No one seemed to care about me as he just kept pumping, and telling me in not much more than a wheezy whisper, “Plenty of dangerous, life threatening HIV strains for you, Warts, Crabs, Scabies, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia Herpes and Hepatitis all have come your way tonight, finally yelling “TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL IN MY LOAD! You fucking CUMDUMP!” His pistoning cock was pulsating as it shot deep, deep inside me pouring his sulphuric jizz deeper inside my guts. He held himself there for a while after cumming, as someone was working the knots in the ropes that bound me while the last of his cum drained from his balls. When he finally stopped panting and out of breath pulled his dick out of me abruptly, cum dripped out of me and down my thighs. He slapped my ass really hard two more times and walked away. I nearly cried in relief when my arms and legs were finally freed, but I ached so badly I could barely move. And then there’s Pawel thick accent, “Time’s up, half hour break for Slave to recover. Pay me for Round 2 if you want to see more destruction of our boy.” Pitor & Antonin hold me up on wobbly legs and my abused cannot contain all the cum deposited as it freely flows down my legs and splashes on the floor. I try to lift the blindfold, but I couldn't see much other than the naked lower half of their bodies, two cocks still half-hard and red. “Where are all the others?” I asked weakly. “My ass burns but I’m up for letting them all have another crack at it!”
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    http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Kirie-BBC-Creampie this profile has heaps of vids
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    Pretty excited about the weekend! Flying in to Oakland on Saturday and it's a fuckfest for 9 days. Taking as many loads as my ass can handle. Making connections now.
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    Still no loads since august 2014. Everything sucks.
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    Saturday night is the best. It seems to pick up after 10 pm. No problems with raw fucking! As with all bathhouses it can be hit or miss so don't hold me responsible for it's a bust for you!
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    i don't know how many loads i've shot to this story already!
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    Totally awesome! I've often dreamed of getting nailed by some rough bikers, and poz bikers makes that fantasy even hotter!!
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    I have a set of 3 pictures to show you of a guy in various states of undress (not taken on the same occasion). Study them carefully, then go to to second set of 4 pictures and try and work out whether the guy in the first set is Eddie, Joey, Matthew, or Owen ...
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    Aaron’s Gangbang Part 1 We got to the hotel room at 6pm. The ads we placed on bareback.com and other sites said to start showing up around 7 and it would go until midnight. You went to the bathroom to make sure you were cleaned out really well while I set things up. I put out several bottles of lube around the room and I got undressed. I was lying on the bed when you came out. The look of excitement was evident on your face. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this” you said as you got on the bed with me, as naked as I was. I took your chin in my hand, looked deeply in your eyes, and replied, “Believe it. You wanted this and I’m going to make it happen for you.” You kissed me deeply and we rolled around on the bed making out, our hands all over each other. Your cock was already rock hard and mine was getting that way. I wanted us to have some time alone before guys started showing up. And I wanted to be the first for the night. Up til now, I’d worn a condom when I fucked you and I’d been on meds so I was undetectable. I’d been off them for 2 weeks now and there were no condoms in the hotel room. Tonight, you were getting pozzed, just like you wanted. We’d talked about it and both decided to go forward with it. I placed several ads for a bareback gangbang stressing this was for poz tops only. We’d had some great replies and had high hopes for the evening. I rolled you over on your stomach and spread your cheeks. Your well worn pussy lips never ceased to turn me on. One of the many things I loved about you was how much you loved having your ass used and abused. I started licking up and down your crack and then started sucking gently on your hole. You responded immediately with a low moan. I licked the hole a couple of times and shoved my tongue deep inside you. I shoved my tongue in as far as I could and tasted your clean ass. I’d been known to do this for hours, but for tonight, I just wanted to get it wet and make you more excited. For your first fuck of the night, my spit was all the lube you were getting. My 8 inch cock was hard and ready to go. My unmedicated precum was making the head slick. I had you turn over onto your back so I could see your face. I pushed your legs back so your asspussy was lined up with my cock and rubbed the head around the hole, giving you a little more lube. You moaned again, deeper, “YESSSSSSS, please!” I looked you deeply in the eyes again and said, “I love you” and shoved in. “UUUGH!!!” you cried out as half of my thick cock rammed inside you, stretching you out. “OH FUCK” you said. I kept up the pressure and felt another inch slip in. “DAMN that BURNS!!!” you hissed, but didn’t make any effort to stop me. I kept pushing into your barely lubed ass, forcing my way in. Your ass clenched up involuntarily from the pain, but you pushed out as best you could and I shoved in again and bottomed out. You had all of my 8X6 cock inside you and I held it there. I wiped the tears from your face and kissed you deeply again. I kept kissing you as I started to make small fucking motions. I started easing out some and then back in. I leaned back so I could watch your face again. I could tell you were slowly getting used to it, but the grimace on your face showed it was still hurting. I slowly pulled out to til just the head was in and slowly shoved all the way back in. You let out a deep breath between clenched teeth, but you were still meeting my fuck strokes, shoving back against me. I pulled out again, noticing it pulled out pretty easily, and noticed the pink on my cock. You had been torn a little from my rough, barely lubed fucking. I started moving in and out of you faster now, fucking you all the way every time. It felt so good, fucking you like this, so roughly. I loved that there was blood on my cock. It turned me on even more and I could feel myself getting close. I looked you, catching your attention, and said, “I’m getting ready to breed you. I’m so close. Tell me you want it.” You smiled and nodded, saying, “Please cum in me. Poz my ass. FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!!!” I picked up speed, plowing into you again and again, and I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer. “Oh god, Oh god, OH MY FUCKING GOD, TAKE MY POZ CUM!!!!” I slammed into you and stayed there, pumping my poison deep inside your torn asspussy. “Goddamn motherfuck YES!!!” I cried out as I shot the biggest load I’d ever shot in you. It never seemed like it would end, shot after shot of infected manjuice kept filling you up. You said over and over, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I collapsed on top of you, kissing your face, wiping away more tears, and finally kissing you deeply on the mouth, never loving you more than I did right then. I stayed inside you until my spent cock softened enough that it came out of your used ass. You pushed me off of you and immediately crawled between my legs to get at my cock. You took it in your mouth and sucked the cum, blood, and ass juices that clung to it. I noticed it was about 10 minutes til 7 and knew we had to get ready. I had one last thing to do to you before anyone else got there. I reached into my overnight bag and pulled out a new toothbrush. If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. You were already bleeding a little from my rough fucking, but I was going to make sure you caught IT tonight. I had you get on your hands and knees with your ass up in the air and slowly pushed the brush into your open ass. I brushed inside you, at all angles, making sure you were ready. You squealed a couple of times from the brushing, but stayed still. I loved the fact that I was brushing your ass with my toxic poz cum already in it. Once I was done with that, I put some towels around the room and put out a few bottles of poppers. There was a knock just after 7. A silver-haired hot daddy was at the door. I recognized him from one of the websites and invited him in. He saw you on the bed and immediately took his clothes off. He was in great shape and had a very furry chest. I noticed immediately he had a really thick cock that was about 7 inches. He was definitely going to open you up more. He grabbed some lube, slicked up his thick cock, and got up on the bed on his knees behind you. He shoved 2 lubed fingers inside your open ass and spread them wide to open you up. When he pulled them out, he saw the pink cum on them and winked at me. “You want this thick poz cock?” he asked you. You replied, “yes.” He said, “yes what? Tell me what you want.” You turned your head towards him and told him “Please give me your thick poz cock. Please fuck my ass!” He put the head of his cock against your wide open cunt and slowly shoved all the way in. The extra thickness of his cock spreads you even more open, causing you to groan loudly, “UNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!” The silver daddy started fucking you at a nice, steady pace, going all the way in and pulling out til just the head’s in. He fucks your cunt for about 15 minutes at the same pace, every few minutes saying things “take my poz cock.”, “Gonna breed you good.”, “Make you take my poz cum.” His rhythm picks up and he starts plowing you hard. Then, you can feel his cock swell up even more as he says, “Here it comes, take my poz cum!” He slams his cock inside you one last time and shoots his toxic load inside your stretched out hole. You cry out in joy, “YES, breed me, breed my hole!” He stays in you until his orgasm subsides. He pulls out and I see more red cum on his softening, but still thick cock. He gets dressed and quickly leaves. Part 2 cumming soon…..
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    Fucking Hot. I'm loving this.
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    come and join on my private cam. let's play!!
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    I'm just up near Yate - not far to get to you Lexi
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    Finale James fixed his life over the next few weeks. He got pornhub and xtube and xvideo to take the video down and then got the tumblr guys to take it down too. James let a few of the tumblr guys fuck him so they'd take it down. James even drove to Milwaukee so one guy could fuck him. The guy lived up to his word and took it down. James sister had seen the video and called to make sure he was okay. Fortunately James' parents hadn't seen it, or if they did, they certainly didn't bring it up. And, as only a few discrete gay boys at the firm saw it before he got it down, it seemed as if both the work environment and his family were okay. Of course James' friends had all seen it. They all knew the safe sex jock top had turned into a slutty bareback bottom. James had tried to lie his way through it, but he couldn't. They had all clearly seen his face and heard his voice begging for the top's cum. A top, who, by the way, whose name James still did not know. After due thought, James decided to give up on lying and just be himself. A few months later, James was now a regular at both Steamworks and Man's Country. He didn't care who fucked him and preferred they fucked him bareback. He asked them all to cum inside him. He liked having it happen in a public spot so guys would watch. It made him feel even sexier being the center of attention. Over the next year, James became the bottom everyone had fucked. James no longer cared what people thought of him. He loved taking cocks and their cum in his ass. James was happy.
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    Part 3 After the fourth guy left, I walked over to the bed where you still catching your breath. Since we didn’t have anyone with us for the moment, I took advantage of having a few minutes to make out with you. I climbed on the bed and lay down next to you. You turned on your side towards me and put your arms around me. We held each other for a minute, enjoying the closeness, and we started kissing. Our lips locked and our tongues battled. The fact that you had five poz loads in your ass had us both extremely turned on. We started rolling around on the bed, our hands all over each other’s bodies. Our kisses became hungrier as our passions grew. Both of our cocks were rock hard and leaking, but before we could do anything about it, there was a knock at the door. “FUCK!”, I muttered, but quickly got off the bed to answer the door. After all, this is why we were here. I opened the door to find a tall, thin, blond man. He came in and whistled his appreciation of us both being naked as I closed the door. This was the first guy tonight I hadn’t previously chatted with. He introduced himself as Jon and said he saw one of the ads I’d posted. I shook his hand, “I’m Jim and that hot piece of ass on the bed is Aaron.” Jon wasted no time in stripping his clothes off. Even though he was on the thin side, he had some definition to his chest, arms, and shoulders. He had a dusting of golden fur on his chest and a treasure trail leading down to a thick blond bush and a long, thin cock. As he approached the bed, it started thickening up and got longer. It looked to be about 10 inches. You looked at him with a big grin on your face. “How do you want me, stud?” you asked. He replied, “Let’s have you on your back at the edge of the bed.” You rolled to the end of the bed, got on your back, and lifted your legs in the air. “Like this?” you asked. “Fuck yes, that’s exactly how I like to breed my men. So my poz cum can get in really deep!” You moaned in anticipation, “Oh God yes!” Jon grabbed some lube and slicked his long cock up. He knelt down til he was at the right angle and rubbed his cockhead around on your spread open ass lips. “I’m going in and I’m going in deep” he promised. And he did just that. He shoved the head and several inches inside you. You practically ordered him, “Give me all of that poz cock! I want it!” Without hesitation, he pushed another 3-4 inches in you. You had almost all of him in your ass. He pulled out til just the head was in and pushed back in until his balls touched your ass. He had all 10 inches of his poz cock buried deep inside you. I had been a bystander for the 4 other guys, but after seeing how long his cock was and now seeing it buried inside you, I couldn’t stay away. Plus I was still horned up from our makeout session. I climbed on the bed at your head, directed my cock to your mouth, and took over holding your legs. You loved sucking cock as much as you loved getting fucked and went right at it. My leaking cockhead slipped into your throat as the muscles worked it. Jon had started long dicking your pussy, his balls slapping your ass with every thrust. Every time he bottomed out, you moaned. His long cock was shoving the cum inside you even deeper into you. And we both knew he would be spurting his load deeper than any other that night. We fucked you at both ends, enjoying the way you made our cocks feel. Even though I’d cum in you at the beginning of the night, I could feel my next load churning in my balls. We fell into a rhythm, fucking you silly, loving every second of it. “Fuck that ass,” I told Jon, “get him ready for another poz load.” He joined in, urging me to fuck your throat good and deep. Watching his 10 inch poz cock disappear continually in your used pussy was pushing me over the edge. I didn’t want to cum so quickly, but I couldn’t hold off any longer. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum! You’re sucking the cum right out of me!” I cried out. I pulled my cock out til just the head was in your mouth and proceeded to blast my 2nd load of the night in your mouth. “I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” I roared as I shot again and again in your mouth. As soon as I finished shooting my load, I leaned down and kissed you again, tasting my cum as you shared it with me. Jon kept fucking you, going deep every time. He picked up his pace, which told me he was getting close. He started slamming in and out of you, muttering “Fuck yes, goddamn it, gonna shoot, gotta breed you.” We kept kissing, passing my load back and forth when he finally said, “Take my fucking poz cum!” and slammed in you one last time. His toxic cum started pumping deep inside you, really filling you up. He stayed still for quite a while, shot after shot of jizz pumping. We broke off our kiss as he slowly pulled out of you. I could tell from the look on your face that had been a great fuck. Even though he wasn’t really thick, it’s rare to get a cock in you that deep. After he cleaned up, we exchanged numbers so we could play again and he left with a smile on his face. Part 4 cumming soon…….
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    fucking hot vid. Top has that sexy aids wasted look. Woof
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    Pretty important typo it should read: I *thought* i was positive at the time, but didn't know it yet! I had gone for a test after being barebacked by several poz guys in a bathhouse gangbang. I turned out to be neg, and started insisting on condoms with guys until I started on prep. Though I often stealthed women, and let guys stealth my women in group stuff sometimes. Considering the stuff I did when I was younger, I sometimes wonder if I'm one of the immune guys.
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    Its owner said it was 10.75 inches. I believe him. It was fat even in proportion to its length! I couldn't get my fingers around the base; the mushroom head was like a tennis ball! Seriously, the whole thing looked like a dick ... only twice as big! Truly, a faggot's fantasy. The times I sucked it -- and I sucked it many times in dirty bookstores and mall restrooms -- I couldn't believe it was real. All I could do was lick the head, the piss slit, the underside ... kiss it ... let him jack off over my face, then put it to my mouth when it started squirting so I could lick the cream off of it. The only way I could get fucked by that ... mushroom-headed meat thermos ... was to get really fucked up first, goon out on sucking it, then s-l-o-w-l-y sit it down on it, tweaking my titties the whole time. Did I mention I had to get really fucked up? I mean, like ... I had to get retarded. A titty-tweaking, dick-riding retard. A good game of bouncy house on that mushroom-headed meat thermos turned my little pink rosebud -- I was in my early 20s -- into the pussy of a loose old whore, like it is today. Its owner was a effeminate old queen, btw! (I've been fucked by lots of drag queens over the years.) I never got his name ...
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    Just my preference and my personal experience: I was with this top once; the sex was pretty good but he was taking forever to cum. He went soft a couple of times so I would pull the condom off and give him a bbbj to get him hard again, put a fresh jimmy on, and get back in the saddle. After the third time, I laid him on his back, blew him, and got on his dick with out a condom. I asked him to let me know when he close and I'd finish him off with my mouth and hands. At first he was like "WTF?" but I guess my poi-pussy must have felt great with the skin-to-skin contact that he grabbed my hips and guided me on grinding on his meat. We switched positions, him putting me in missionary with my legs high up by my head and the proceeded to pound me like a jack hammer. A few minutes in he pressed down on me with with his body. I knew he was getting ready to cum by the short strokes and continued moaning coming from him. I again told him to tell me when he's close. He then whispered in my ear "Oh, I'm close bitch, but I'm gonna fuckin' breed your ass...I ain't pulling out of this sweet ass!" In my brain, I was shocked and scared but in my heart I was turned on by his aggressiveness and desire to make me his bitch. He gave one hard thrust, burying his meat up to his balls, his dick bottoming out and tearing me up inside. Then I felt it: his nutsac leaped up, his dick twitched and expanded, and a familiar warmth filled my guts. He held himself in me for several minutes, staying on top of me. He really wanted to make sure that I got every drop of his man juice into my hungry boi-cunt. He then looked deep in my eyes and said, "Deep down inside, I know you really wanted me to cum in you, don't cha...bitch?!" I grinned and nodded. I, in no way, advocate rape or stealth breeding, but I gotta hand it to some tops out there. They really know how to read minds.

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