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  1. Can't wait for the next couple of chapters. Maybe a revisit with the teacher and some of his friends...?
  2. Oink Oink! Seriously hot start. Can't wait to read more so hopefully the story doesn't end here.
  3. Seriously hot storytelling! Can't wait for the next chapter... Hopefully Jim and Henry will both be help Aaron to become a cum and piss pig like them.
  4. Really fucking hot and twisted. When’s the next chapter ready?
  5. Thanks for following me ;)

  6. This is such a fuckin hot story. I eagerly look forward to the next chapters. Excited to see if the mystery guy from school is revealed .. keep it up poz puppy!!!
  7. This is the perfect kind of father and son relationship. I bet many are jealous of the characters. ? So fuckin' hot and well written chapter after chapter. Keep up the great work pozpuppy!!!
  8. Excellent start! Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
  9. Here's one for you to keep589b2e7430e62_Extracreamypie.jpg.46c7720b5a1d7055218db6ba004befb0.jpg589985523c4a8_CummingHome.thumb.jpg.5729772f9ef063d2fd832aaac2c60548.jpg

    1. RawDK


      Thanks man! Love them.

    2. gazspinkie


      beautiful put these on my page hehe


    3. Guest


      I would keep him inside my hole & never want him to pull out. Until he breeds me multiple times then he slams my butt plug into me585af2f50f133_004(640x559).jpg.09084cdd4494f55c7b73e80759d6bee2.jpg

  10. Thanks for the follow ;)

  11. Is this thread still active?? Denmark here! I'm a danish barebacker. Poz Vers/bttm Also looking for hookups, chat and friends for lots of raw fun!
  12. Agree with everyone else! This is such a fucking hot story. I've been eagerly awaiting each part of this sexy hot story. Love this whole cheating boyfriend theme and the adventures each go through. Can't wait to see what is next for the guys.
  13. I really where this story could lead!! More please! So hot!!
  14. Real hot story as always! Can't wait to see what happens next..

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