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    Single. Naked when home. Hard worker. Cool. Alpha male, but tend me to king consort in the bedroom.. I know what I holes are made for...
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  1. I too miss CL big time. I doubt doublelist will take off since it removed the anonymous aspect. Most have a problem letting the poster see their real email when they reply. I get it, but it’s a huge problem for DL freaks. Just my observation.
  2. Double loaded on Saturday. Was minding my own business and young dude hit me up on Grindr. Had a fat dick so I said, sure come on over. Thin dudes often have the fattes dicks. He was rock hard before my lips touched his dick. Sucked him good and then he ask my favorite question, can I see you ass? Of course, I drop shorts, bend over and once he saw I was already lubed, he slid in and once I felt his balls I knew he was fully in and he came and came hard. It was magical. After he left, got a text from a top I met on bbrt. Told him I just took a load and that was music to his hears. 20 mins later, I’m face down in his bed, letting his suck the cum out before quickly adding his and sending me on my way. It was a good day.
  3. I too have turned more to amatur porn lately. While I still enjoy the hotel scenes from studio porn, it’s become pretty predictable. Lately, it’s too scripted with non actors. And some just don’t make sense. It’s 2018. Time for realistic porn. When it’s a cruising scene, both should not end up buck ass naked for the script. It’s not real. With anon pump n dump scenes, very few fuck the bottom for 25 mins and fewer pull out to cum. There are millions of movies where guys pull out to cum. I’m annoyed the bareback/raw studios feel they must follow that script. But, I now support the amateur vids as they get me off... Period..
  4. I sure do. I’ve learned each races cum is slightly different and each race fucks differently.
  5. A few things that worked for me are: you can ask when setting up the meet. You can ask once he’s rock hard. Most want to fuck and don’t know how to ask so pushing your preluded hole up to the hole will tell right away.
  6. My personal best at home as a cumdump is 7 in a span on 4 hours. Trying to top that this year.
  7. Yes, I have and a few of them at that. I’m sure more have as when I’m in that drunken cumslut mode, dick is dick. Most homeless tops produce massive loads and don’t take too long to give it up. It’s always after I leave a few fuck clubs, already with loads dripping from my hole and attempt to head home. My slut factor is in high alert. Gas stations are the worse. Can easily find them there. I am pretty sure more will cum in me in the future.
  8. I can’t tell you the last time I was fucked with a condom on in a bookstore or gloryhole. Most do want something to fuck. You can always do a trick that works for me. As they are fuckin you, beg them to seed you. Works like a charm.
  9. Generally, it’s about the load for me. Just close your eyes and in that moment, he can be anyone you want him to be.
  10. You only live once. Plenty have been taking cum for years and caught nothing. Just research and do it. You would be surprised at what you can find when you look for it.
  11. For me, depends on what I’m after. Usually, I’m in cumdump mode, so totally ok with me. Only time I would see it as an “issue” is if the top promised a long, deep fuck and couldn’t live up to it..
  12. For me, you have to want to take it. I noticed how I can take mega big dicks when I’m slutting around seedy places. Just takes lube, poppers, determination and a top who knows how to quickly slide in. I don’t even think about it. Helps to be loaded already as well.
  13. Some of the strangest places for me are: Hiding under his bed, just my ass sticking out. He fucked and bred me just like that. Alley way with people walking by just a few feet away. All one had to do was turn their head to the left. Gangbanged under a billboard. Started with one, others saw and joined. After work by boss and his friend in the storeroom while rest of the staff was cleaning up.
  14. Oh yea. Bookstore and parks were my life growing up. The anonymous loads, the gangbangs, just pure sex. No catfishing, no back and forth email, no pics exchange. Philly used to have tons of fuck spots to take nutt in. Now, I tend to travel to MD and DC for good bookstores. Still looking for parks myself.

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