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  1. Ok everyone. I spoke to this twisted little fucker and believe me he's the real deal. We need to start like a gofundme to get this whore to NYC where we can really show him a good time!  He's sexy and filthy as fuck. We talked for over an hour so far. Just wanted to update you all since there are so many fakes and fantasy masturbators on this site. 😈😈😈☣️☣️☣️

    He's toxic for life!

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    2. jason1090


      I miss fucking your cunt in public toilets in Pretoria and breeding u

    3. michaelcross


      If you are who I think you are @jason1090 then firstly word is spreading about me and 2ndly Where are you because I need take that massive load, it was just cunt back then.... NOW ITS PERFECT  used, dirty and filled with warts!!!!! If the cunts on this site will just participate we can get it DISGUSTINGLY PERFECT 


    4. jason1090


      fuck fuck yes...always be my Hero

  2. Sling etiquette

    Fuck I need that to be me! Anyone interested?
  3. How long for a total top to convert?

    I must say if you have insurance, HIV = freedom and not really a bother in anyway.
  4. How long for a total top to convert?

    If your that concerned stop barebacking.
  5. Where u located?  Would love ur toxic load. 

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    2. Dumpingground


      Damn I need to get ur way. My dream vacation would be the poz party in Berlin. I can only imagine how toxic it would make me. 😈☣️😈

    3. jizz70


      yeah those poz parties are fuckin hot in German, not only in Berlin but also in other cities. German poz pigs know how to play and have fun unsafe

    4. Dumpingground


      I wish we had one in NYC!

  6. Can you host?  I'll be driving past your area next week!  Would love your load!  

  7. Hot to edit a post?

    How do I edit or delete a post? I don't see an edit botton.
  8. What do you all think about a bottom in chasity? Should a no holds barred cum dump be in chasity as to keep it extra horny for all the anon loads it needs to take? This might keep it longing for never ending cocks and other toxic results from being a dumpster for cum.
  9. Fuck I wish I could get your toxic load and all the STDs your brewing inside you!  I bet you would wreck my cunt good with you and all your friends.

  10. BBRT - dumpingground

  11. Looking for skinny sub cumdumps for Halloween !

    Would love to have u breed my pink hole. Message me! I'm on BBRT: dumpingground
  12. Whore Needs to be turned out

    I am located in greater NYC area and looking to be semi owned by a man who can fulfill my desire for multiple cum loads. Truly want to be whored out for you to make money or for free to ANYONE you desire. Lets get a hotel ( I can pay for it) and you have anyone over all day and night to fuck my anon blindfolded gaping cum hole. Just want to be a dumpster for ALL loads! I don't care. Want it all. This is a REAL and ad and a REAL request so I hope I hear from other like minded nasty fuckers who can make these things happen. Please help wreck my hole and please all the tops of NYC has to offer! I have photos to send, size is limited here. KIK me at i_spy_007 or text me direct 908-899-3867

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