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    I never would have guessed you were 18," the clerk said handing me back my id. With a shaky hand, i reached for it. Nervous as to what to expect and nervous I would be seen, I almost turned and just bolted. But I had waited too long. After a few hookups in the bookstore booths, I wanted to experience the baths and see if it was really true, that they were just places for men to fuck non stop. Remembering the directions he had given me, i followed the turns and found my room. I figured a room would give me a place to hide if i needed it. I quickly changed into, well, nothing, just a small towel. A very small towel that barely covered my butt it was so short. I watched porn for a few minutes on the little tv and then got my courage up to go look around. I grabbed my key and made it out and wandered thru the halls. No one in the weight room and I didn't care about the showers or bathrooms. I found my way out to the courtyard and turned around after looking briefly at a packed Jacuzzi. As I walked back in I almost bumped into someone. Looking up and down, I was quickly reduced to shyness. He was hot. Really hot. 6 3" maybe, but thin, real thin, except for his big hands and feet. His graying balding hair was cut real short. And it was pretty dark but i had a good feeling about the tent coming from the towel he had on. " Well hello there...," he said quietly in a low sexy voice. "Uh hi" i managed. " I know I would remember seeing you here before, is this your first time?" "Yeah, I just turned 18 a few weeks ago..." I said trailing off. "You are 18?" he asked, looking at me closely. "yeah, but I, i um, i kind of like guys older than me." "Like guys that are maybe 46?," he said smiling. "Yeah, just like that." I said. "Chris, my room is just down the hall, why dont we go there where we can have a little privacy and... ge tto know each other." ""Ok, " was all i said. I was so nervous, but he was so hot. And this was happening. He was leading me by my hand to his room. He sat on the bed and patted for me to sit down too. "So Chris is this your first time here or your first time?" It didn't make sense to lie. I have been going to a bookstore for a few months and usually suck or get sucked. I have gotten fucked a few times too." "Did you like that, getting fucked?" "Well kind of. It hurts a lot but felt good too. Not sure if i am too tight or condoms aren't slippery, but it feels like they tear you when a guy is inside." "Yeah, a lot of guys say that. Condoms are really uncomfortable. For the top too, let me tell you. It sure does feel better without one. have you ever tried it without a condom?" "No, i always meet guys I don't know and everyone says that you should always wear one." "Chris, not everyone says that. A lot of guys here don't use them. They think it ruins it. And a lot of bottoms decide that they want to feel the man cum in them." " But what... isn't that really dangerous?" "Some things are worth the risk maybe. You should try it, maybe you will like it." "I don't know. I don't know if I should." "Well you don't need to decide this second do you? I gotta ask though Chris, I have been wanting to since I saw you out there. Can you take that towel off? I really want to see that butt." I got up right away and dropped my towel and turned to show him my butt. "Yeah that's a hot butt. Spread your legs a little. yeah like that, now bend over and open up and let me see that little boy hole." I saw out of the corner of my eye he had dropped his towel and now turned my head to look and there it was. He wasn't all the way hard yet but it was on its way to being a perfect rock hard 9 inch cock with a massive mushroom head and big shaved cum filled balls. it was giant. And perfect. "You like that cock Chris? Like what I have for you?" "Yeah, its so big. its so big." Walking towards me he pushed me down onto my knees. He didn't have to say anything, as I immediately opened wide and took him into my mouth. Almost immediately, I lost myself in it. His cock was growing rock hard and felt so good in my mouth as i strained to take more and more of it. "Yeah Chris, you love that cock in your mouth dont you?" With my mouth full all i could do is nod my head over and over and try even more to swallow all over that massive man meat. After a minute or two, he stopped moaning and said "Fuck yeah, now its my turn to taste you." I reluctantly took my mouth off his cock, swirling my tongue around the head one last time trying to catch any precum I could and stood up. " No, get on the bed on your tummy. It isn't your cock I want to taste." I didn't understand at first; I had never had my hole rimmed before. When he pulled my cheeks apart and i felt his rough beard against me, I knew. And then i felt it. That magic feeling of a twisting and squirming wet tongue on my sensitive hole. It felt so good. And he loved it too, I could tell. He was licking and stabbing his tongue into my asshole, trying to fuck me with his mouth. I was moaning and gasping and trying not to squirm and buck too much. It just felt so fucking good. After a few minutes, he finally came up for air. His cock was like steel, and so was mine. "I am gonna fuck you now," he declared. It was not a request. It was a fact. And he knew I was going to let him. Out came the lube and he poured it into his hand and went to work working it into me slowly. He was careful not to hurt me, saying "I want to open you up slow so you can take lots of cock and don't get too sore." After getting me and my hole all ready for just about anything at that point, he began to jerk his cock off slowly, coating it with lube. Aiming it at my hole, I felt him start to press against me. "Shouldn't we use a condom?" I said. "I don't have any. Besides, it feels so much better without anything between us. Don't you want to make my big cock feel really good?" he said in a low sexy voice. He never stopped working it in either and at that moment he popped in and made it past my outer ring. As about 3 inches slid into me, I gasped and worked to relax. "Just relax Chris. I am gonna make it feel so good you will be begging me to cum inside you. But I can pull out too. Up to you. Ah yeah it feel so good. So fucking good." And he was just working his cock into me, deeper and deeper. Filling me. And i was trying to think but the need for cock was taking over and I was almost in surrender mode. Surrender happened when he announced "Fuck yeah, 9 inches of cock inside you. Do you feel that? Do you feel full of cock boy?" "Oh fuck. Oh fuck yeah" was all i could get out. As he slowly pulled out and slid back in again, I couldn't even touch my cock. I knew I would come that quickly, if i did. He started working in and out faster now, with deeper strokes. He was hitting deep and i was gasping and moaning and asking for more. "I want to keep fucking you, but i am gonna shoot soon. Your hole is so tight and eager, its pulling the cum up outta my balls." he said. It then flashed thru me again. He was barebacking me. No condom. Maybe that's why it felt so good? Maybe it wouldn't be any good if he had worn one. Instead, this feeling was magical. His cock felt so good I couldn't imagine not having him fuck me. I would hate to have missed this. His raw cock was fucking me so good and deep and sliding so smoothly. He was really fucking me now, and I was grunting and gasping as he fucked the wind out of me with every deep pounding he gave. "Oh fuck boy, I am gonna shoot if I keep fucking you like this. I am gonna fill you with cum. Or else gotta pull out." He grunted. " Don't stop. Are you clean? Like hiv?" I managed to get out. "This is poz cock you got in you Chris." And now he was pounding me. I was moaning and gasping and grunting and totally losing myself in the feelings of my hole as he pummeled it with his massive cock. "Fuck yeah. Gonna give it to you". He muttered with clenched teeth as he pounded me. "Fuck yeah, gonna give you my load. Big fucking poz load. Poz your little fuck hole up and get you hooked on getting your hole bred." "Fucking shit yeah, fuck me man fuck my fucking hole. Cum in me. Give me your load. I want it. I want it in me. I want it in me. I want it in me. I want it in me." I kept repeating that last part who knows how many times. "Yeah , fucking yeah, her it comes here it comes. Fuck yeah fucking take that poz cum. Fell that cock shooting cum in your little fuck hole. Fuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaahhhh" he almost shouted. 'Yeah yeah yeah, give it to me. fucking fuck me. Fill me up. Fill me with cum. Oh yeah, fucking give it to me." He slowed down and finally came to a stop. He still had his cock buried inside me. "I want to keep it in you while my cum soaks into you" he whispered. "Are you really hiv positive?" i asked. "Yeah i am. And I just gave you a huge load." he said. "It felt so good." I said. " " What getting fucked?" "No, when you came in me, I felt it jet inside me and felt your cock pulsing. I am glad you did that. I didnt know it was so much better bare." "Oh Chris, there are some friends of mine out there that would love to add to my seed inside you. Want me to show you around?" "Yeah, i want more. I want more now." I said.
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    well oiled machine
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    (aka From cautious to chaser) Drew started down the slippery slope when visiting a public toilet in a park. As he was relieving himself, another guy entered and instead of urinating started to wank his dick. The sight of this, turned Drew on and before he knew what was happening he was sucking thus guy off. As a result Drew started visiting this place regularly to suck and be sucked. After a few such encounters, people started either wanting to fuck him or be fucked by him. Drew would have none of that! This changed, however, when Drew came to the park, bringing with him a men's magazine just purchased that included a special gift of a condom. After perusing the magazine, the sexual tension got too much and he proceeded to the toilets to wank off his cock. Whilst he was in the cubicle another man entered the toilets and started wanking himself off at the urinals. Drew spotted him and joined him. But after some sexy playing with each other, the man said how much he like to be fucked. Drew thought that he did after all have a condom on him and agreed to do so. The next stage down the slippery slope and he wrapped his cock with the condom and started fucking this stranger. The excitement was too much and before long he'd shot his load. Thereafter Drew would bring a packet of condoms with him to satisfy the needs of several demanding men in the park's toilet block. Sometimes, some of the guys he met would try to Drew. Even with a condom, there was no way Drew would risk this and would always refuse. This changed when a newbie in his late teens who was still a virgin, eagerly desired to fuck Drew. Knowing his status, having played with him a few times, Drew acquiesced to allow the youth to take his anal virginity. It was very difficult for the youth to shove his erection up Drew's virgin hole and when he finally managed it, the pain was so unbearable that Drew had to get him to pull out almost immediately. Although, the experience had been initially unpleasant , it did lead Drew further down the slippery slope, now Drew became willing to be fucked with a condom. Drew started frequenting a popular cruising site. There he was often in demand to fuck or be fucked. Drew remained cautious and always fucked with a condom, despite offers to do without. One interesting feature at this site, on hot sunny days many frequenters would walk around the site absolutely naked. Sometimes Drew also went naked. It was this that eventually led Drew further down the slippery hole. As Drew was walking naked along one of the quieter side paths of the site, he espied a good-looking naked young man in his early twenties. This man was obviously interested in Drew and headed further into the bushes and found a secluded clearing. When he got there the young man went onto his knees offering his arse to be fucked. Only condoms were not on offer. Drew was torn between fucking him sheathless and walking away. But the temptation got too much for him and before he knew it, he had gone further down the slippery hole! Drew squirted lube on his now erect penis and entered the man bare. He thrust in and out with his bare cock until the excitement of the situation became too much for Drew and he shot his load inside the man. Not only was the young man very appreciative,but asked Drew to felch his cum around inside him. Yet another new experience for Drew. After that Drew went on to fuck other men bare, but was always careful not to let anyone fuck him bare. Once again Drew started further down the slippery slope, as he was fucking another guy bare in a coppice within the cruising site, when another guy came along to see what was happening. Drew, being an exhibitionist at heart, welcomed the attention and was happy for onlookers to admire him pistoning in and out of this man. The watcher wanked himself off to the sight, but much to Drew's surprise, he suddenly felt the man shove his cock up Drew's arse. The man must have presumed Drew was happy to be fucked bare if he was fucking another guy bare. Drew so enjoyed the experience of this bare cock up him that he let the man fuck him for a while, before ensuring he stopped short of cumming inside him. There was no way, Drew was going to let that happen to him. After that from time to time, Drew allowed people to fuck him bare but with always the proviso that they weren't to cum inside him! There's was absolutely no way that Drew would go down the slippery slope any further, was there? He popped into a local toilets that was used for cottaging. Several men were wanking themselves in the urinals. Drew went into one of the cubicles and also started getting himself erect, when one of the others in the bloc joined him within the cubicle. Drew sucked the man off and when he was fully erect, he was very keen to fuck Drew bare within the cubicle. It didn't take much to persuade Drew to turn around and bend over within the confined space to accommodate this man's bare dick inside him. He forcefully fucked Drew. There came a point when Drew felt the time had come for this man to withdraw to avoid spilling his semen inside him, so Drew tried to pull away but was rather stuck within the small confines of the cubicle. The man continued his onslaught. On no less than four occasions Drew tried to pull out but to no avail! Then the man pulled out, but Drew then noticed to his horror that the man's cock was coated with fresh jizz. He had come inside Drew bare! Drew didn't immediately become a cumdump far from it. Although he continued to fuck people bare, he still refrained from being fucked bare. Often he still used condoms. But he continued down the slippery slope when he was sucking a guy off in the darkroom. The angle Drew was at was perfect for people to come up behind him and stick their cocks right up his bare arse, which is what one guy proceeded to do. Drew was surprised by this man's no-asked bare entry, but he enjoyed the feeling so let him continue, whilst he continued to suck on cock. The man's ploughing of Drew's arse kept apace with Drew's sucking of the other's cock until in synchrony they both blew their load. Drew enjoyed his first experience of simultaneously receiving two loads, one oral, one anal. This just pushed him further down the slippery hole! Drew started to take bare cock, throwing caution to the wind, except he still did not knowingly accept poz cocks. Drew was now kidding himself as he happily accepted any cocks without asking. He particularly enjoyed one occasion when in the darkroom, he was taken by four different men, all who spunked deeply into his hole, so that their sperm started oozing out of his arse. Drew craved and got more of this action. He continued down the slippery hole! Encouraged by barebacking sites that insisted it was safe to be barebacked by those who were poz but on medication, he took his next step down the slippery hole by contacting someone, who described himself as poz on meds. He arranged to meet him for an anonymous fuck. Drew arranged to let himself into the man's house and find him inside with his arse lubed and ready to be taken. Drew entered gingerly and found the man lying on his bed naked and ready for action. Drew spent little time with preliminaries, dropping his pants, stroking his cock erect and then plunging it into his first acknowledged poz bottom. Down the slippery slope Drew went as he shoved his cock down the man's slippery hole! Drew was really turned on by what he was doing and thrust in and out quickly. Just as quickly he came to a climax, splattering the inside of the poz bottom with his negative spunk. Drew left without further ado, but determined to find another poz on meds arse to fuck. There was, of course, no way he was going to let a poz fuck his arse! Drew next went to visit another contact, who was also poz on meds, and attended his local sauna. He met up with him and they went into a private cubicle, where they spent time sucking one another off before Drew got himself ready and placed his cock against the bum crack of another poz arse. He pushed in firmly added by the lubrication of saliva and found a welcoming hole within. Drew enjoyed fucking yet another bare poz arse. It turned him on, but he felt reassured that he didn't think it was too risky. The excitement led him to ejaculate inside quite quickly. But the session wasn't over as his contact wanted to be sucked off by Drew. As he sucked him off so the wonderful cock grew in his mouth and Drew realised he wanted this cock up his arse. Knowing his status, but that he was on meds, made Drew feel okay about doing so and yet once again it pushed Drew further down the slippery slope as this magnificent specimen was pushed bare up Drew's arse. Drew was surprised how much he was turned on by the experience of receiving a bare poz cock up his arse and longed for his poz, albeit it undetectable, seed would flood his insides. It wasn't long before his desire was realised and the cock pulsed as great wads of poz sperm shot up his hole. Drew wanted more, did this include going that final slide down the slippery slope and accepting an unmedicated poz cock? Things progressed faster than Drew could have imagined, he was contacted on a barebacking site by someone very close in his vicinity, but who was described as poz not on meds. Drew replied that he was willing to meet up, but who only be prepared to fuck him and not be fucked by him, rationalising this might be safer. The following evening he popped round to the man's house. They soon got down to business and the guy was happy to accept Drew's full grown cock up his arse. Drew picked up a good rhythm and was completely turned on by the experience of fucking his first fully poz arse. So he descended even further down the slippery slope, no longer cautious in his actions, Drew had effectively become a chaser. Drew blasted his load inside the man and presumed this was the end of the proceedings, but the guy had other plans. He persuaded Drew to accept his cock up inside him, agreeing that he would withdraw if requested. Drew felt really turned on, but scared as he accepted the man's poz cock up his arse. The man ploughed Drew's arse really well and Drew was enjoying the feeling of bare cock inside him. Drew was now descending to the bottom of the slippery pole as the man's pole slid up his slippery arse. This carried on for quite some time before Drew called a halt to the proceedings fearing the danger of him accidentally shooting his toxic load inside him. Drew got the shock of his life as the man withdrew his now wilting cock from Drew's hole for it was covered in spunk. He insisted that he would have withdrawn at any time if Drew had asked him, but considering he had not, he happily shot his very toxic poz cum inside Drew.! Drew had now slipped to the very bottom of the slippery pole!
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    My regular Daddy had invited me over to his flat for a Saturday afternoon fucking. I made my way to his flat and he greeted me at his front door wearing leather chaps, boots and a jock which was bulging with his large, uncut cock inside. He kissed me, tweaked my nipples through my T-shirt and said he had a surprise for me. I was excited, he slapped my arse and ushered me through to his kitchen. Once there he blindfolded me and then proceeded to strip me completely naked. He then lead me forth, it felt exhilarating not knowing what was in store. My body was tingling in anticipation, the rest of my senses were heightened by my loss of sight. I could hear porn, the unmistakable sound of men fucking coming from the TV. Daddy stopped me and pushed me down to my knees on the floor. Daddy said 'are you ready for your surprise' to which I replied 'yes Daddy'. With this I could hear some movement of bodies and feet. I felt Daddy close behind me, his large cock in his jock brushing against me as I was down on my knees. His hands touched the sides of my head as he was preparing to remove the blindfold and show me what the surprise was. He undid the blindfold and the sight of three, large, well built men stood in front of me. They were naked and wanking their cocks, which all looked hard and impressive. I glanced and smiled at Daddy, we had spoken before about our fantasies and he knew that I wanted to be used by a group and he had now made it happen and my fantasy was about to become a reality thanks to him. Daddy introduced me as his boy and offered me to his three guests, telling them to enjoy their selves. The first guy stepped forward, he was middle eastern looking, he was bald headed, had a solid, thick, muscular body and a very large, thick, cut cock which he pushed straight into my mouth. I swallowed if eagerly, taking it fully into my mouth. He was forceful with his movements, pushing his cock deep into my mouth, fucking my throat. While he was balls deep in my mouth, my focus on his cock, one of the other guys had moved behind me and had pulled my ass cheeks apart and had two fingers lodged deep in my hole. This is exactly what I had hoped for in my fantasy and was lucky that Daddy had made it happen. The guy behind me moved me into all fours, he was quite rough and forceful. Once on all fours I felt his cock slapping on my arse, and his cock head probing at my hole. The guy in front of me was holding my head and fucking my mouth and then I felt a cock fully enter my arsehole. It felt so good, two masculine studs driving their cocks into me, one in my tight asshole and one in my mouth. This is what I'd dreamed of. The guys were fucking me hard and fast and it didn't take long before the guy in front of me pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a huge load of cum all over my face. His grunts and groans were such a turn on, he had shot so much cum over me, all the while the man behind was fucking my ass so hard and deep. The middle eastern guy who'd given me a facial moved aside and the third guy, a man in his fifties, tall and broad, stood in front of me. He used his fingers to push the cum on my face into my mouth and I willingly swallowed it. It was thick and salty, it was what I craved and it tasted so good. He then pushed his own hard cock into my mouth. He wasn't as hung as the last guy, but was still well endowed. He was more vocal, calling me a cumslut, a greedy boy who needed feeding. He asked me if I liked the cock in my ass, I couldn't reply as his cock had me gagged. My words were not needed. Daddy was watching, taking poppers on the sofa and wanking his cock while the two guys fucked me at both ends. I was glad I was making him happy. Daddy said it was such a hot scene, watching me being used. The guy fucking my arse had been pounding me hard, the sight of me sucking two cocks and taking a facial was about to be too much for him as he reached the moment of ejaculation. He pumped me hard as he shot cum into my arse. He was grabbing my hips and slapping my arse as he filled me with cum. Fuck it felt good, his cock resting balls deep in me with his cum plugged inside. He withdrew his cock and exited the room. Daddy moved from the sofa and inspected my cum loaded arse. The cum beginning to seep out. He fingered me and was taking the cum on his finger and feeding it to me as I sucked the cock of the third guy. The third guy was had now moved from having in front of me and was now entering my ass. The porn on the TV was still playing but we'd lost interest, our own hot scene was real and we were totally in the moment. It didn't take long for the third guy to deliver a second load of cum deep into my asshole. He fucked me until he shot what felt like a gallon of cum inside me. After he'd unloaded and emptied his balls, he too withdrew and left me feeling used, but still horny and wanting more cum. With all three of the guests done and having shot their loads, they had all dressed and gone. Daddy and I left alone to talk about how amazing it was for me to be fucked and him to watch his boy taking the cum of three horny men. Daddy took me into the bedroom where he had his way with my mouth and ass. His cock, harder than ever, fucked me and filled me with another hot load. It had been an afternoon to remember and one I hoped we could recreate again.
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    usually served on a plate ..
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    fuckdrunk .. course, he does have Tim K's big fuckin dick pounding his ass .. :>
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    love that BIG fuckin smile!
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    PART 2 As I started to cAtch my breath, the knowledge that an HIV positive guy had just cum inside me hit me more. I was still riding the waves of pleasure from getting fucked though and looked down at my still rock hard cock and realized I had completely ignored it. It hadn’t mattered to me. All of my pleasure had come from my hole. And that pleasure had been more amazing than anything I had ever felt. I knew I couldn’t not have more, whatever the risk was gonna be. He had lit a fire in me. His hard cock had. And his cum. His hot cum that was hiv positive and currently soaking into me, my body absorbing it. As his softening cock slowly slid out of me, I immediately instinctively clamped my hole shut. It seemed important to keep it all in me. “Chris, that was the hottest hole I have fucked in years. I swear, your hole gripped my cock like you literally needed it in you. And i’m So happy you decided to let me breed you and give you my cum. It’s a special bond we have now. You have my seed inside you, my essence.” I was so happy. I was a good bottom. He had loved fucking me. “I couldn’t help it. Once you were inside me, it felt so good. And I didn’t want it to stop. And... I don’t know why, but all of a sudden it just seemed like I needed your cum.” I was embarrassed saying the last part. I couldn’t understand it really, I just knew what it felt like. And at the time, something clicked and I needed it. I would have begged if I had had to, but didn’t say that. He looked down at me and smiled. “My boy found his inner cum slut. I knew when I saw you that you would be special. Some guys get fucked and some guys are bottoms Chris. You are a bottom. Bottoms need cock in their holes. They don't use condoms. Taking cum becomes an addiction. A need. I have a feeling my cute young friend, that your hole is going to need lots of hot cum to be happy.” As I lay on the thin mattress with a near strangers cum flooded in my hole, my cock still hard, what he had just said ran in my head over and over. I had been fucked before and it had been just ok. Not great at all. The fucking I had just taken in this tiny little room had been the exact opposite. It had been the hottest sex I had ever had or even thought of. I had never felt so alive, had never wanted a cock so badly. And it had occurred to me more than once, a guy with HIV had shot a huge load in my ass and I wasn’t scared or freaking out. I was grateful. It was like.... it was like he had showed me the secret. “I don’t even know what’s happening, but I can’t help it. Nothing ever felt that good before.” Now he rose off the bed and looked at me intently. “My boy has a look that is telling me his hole is still hungry.” I nodded, a little embarrassed to admit it, even to him. It was all so new. “Let’s go find you a nice big cock to fill you up again. Do you want that? To feel another man’s cock throbbing as he shoots his sperm into your willing little ass?” My eyes big, my cock like steel, I rose off the bed too and took his hand as he opened the door and began to lead me down the narrow hall towards whatever or whoever was next. I was scared and nervous, but most of all excited and horny. And I knew I wanted more.
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    When I first started taking cock I knew their names because I grew up with them...once I took my first bb cock and was bred names didn't matter. When I discovered GHs, I became addicted to them...I love the idea of just getting fucked and bred...nsa, anon...fill me and leave me for the next cock... as a matter of fact, I thought they were all named "I'm coming" lol
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    My head hit the wall and the wind was knocked out of me, He had his hand tight round my throat and I was struggling to breathe. He savagely thrust his tongue deep into my mouth and crushed my balls with his free hand. My head was spinning as he sucked the breath from me. Then he removed his tongue and bit my lip sharply and I felt blood trickle down my chin. He licked it with his tongue and pressed his lips on it to taste more then he stepped back saying 'Be careful what you wish for'. Then he turned and left the toilet. I was left standing by the wall with my cock throbbing and gagging to cum, I was so turned on and shocked. I turned to the urinal and stroked myself hard and shot a powerful load out that almost hurt with its intensity. Minutes before I had watched him head for the toilet in the pub and followed him. I had seen him at the Tuesday bike meet the previous few weeks with his gang of five guys, all about the same age and all very deeply attractive in a rough way, like him. I had heard a rumour that they were a gay biker group and I wanted to know more. Two friends had warned me off, but they couldn't give a good reason why. I wanted to see Tom, the obvious leader, close up and personal. His dark intense eyes and the way he moved and interacted with his lads was consuming me with curiosity and lust. SO I followed him into the toilet and stood at the urinal right beside him. I looked down at his cock and mine, which I had removed thinking I would piss, started to harden immediately. His cock was a good size, but that's not what struck me: his cock shaft was tattooed with a design I couldn't quite make out without really staring Added to that he had an ampallang bar crosswise through the end of his cock-head which was protruding from a big foreskin and I thought I could just make out some metal on the underside of his cock. That's when he turned and struck, pinning me to the wall and setting my pulse racing and my cock on fire. By the time i left the toilet he and his lads had ridden off and I was left feeling empty and longing for him. I had always been completely top, but seeing his cock made me crave attention from it in a way I couldn't even understand. I waited impatiently for the next Tuesday meet. I was there early, like a stupid kid, and was twitchy every time I heard another group of riders approach the pub. I had almost given up and was feeling very frustrated when I heard another group arriving. I tried not to look to obviously at him when he removed his helmet and walked across the car park towards the bar, but our eyes met. I tried not to give anything away in my expression and he half-sneered, half-smiled at me then turned away. My heart was in my mouth and I could feel it beating so hard. He didn't look my way again and it felt like he was ignoring me or teasing me, and he was surrounded by his other guys, who all seemed to be like acolytes; it was clear he was the centre of their universe. I didn't know what to do, but eventually he broke from the group and went into the toilet again, so I quickly put my bottle down and followed. I was scared that he'd ignore me or tell me to leave him alone. I took the urinal beside him again and risked taking out my cock, which was harding. He was pissing and I glanced at his cock again and mine jumped with the stimulation of seeing it again.As he pissed he made a sort of display of his cock for me. He lifted it up and I could finally see he had a ladder of piercings on the underside of his shaft. I gasped involuntarily when I saw it. He turned and surprised me again by pushing me against the wall again. His cock was still free of his pants and it was pushed against mine, and was hardening. He put his face right up to mine and looked straight into my eyes and said 'I thought I warned you to be careful what you wish for'. My mouth was dry and I hardly knew how to speak. 'What does it take to join your group?' was what I managed to get out. He sneered again and said 'I don't know if you're man enough. You have to be prepared to take stuff and give other things up'. I didn't understand, but at that moment I thought anything would be worth doing to be with this guy. He could see the lust in my eyes and he knew he had me hooked. 'There's an initiation', he said, 'and new members have to submit to me and the group'. 'OK', I stuttered, 'but I only top, is that ok?'. He tongued deep into my mouth again, expertly, but roughly, and I groaned with desire. I could feel the roughness of the metal in his cock rubbing against my erection. 'If you want to join, you do exactly what I want, or you never bother me again'. I couldn't think of anything except how his tongue made me feel and the touch of his cock. He had me. 'I'll do anthing' I said. 'Anything can mean a great deal - are you sure?' he replied. 'Yes', I said, 'I want to be in your group more than anything else'. He kissed me once more, this time less roughly, then he carefully put his cock away and turned to go. 'Ok', he said, 'follow us back'. Then he was gone and I was left wondering what I had just let myself in for. I didn't know whether to be scared or excited, but my desire and the thought of his dark eyes and his mouth was driving me wild, and I couldn't even concentrate my mind on his cock, the thought of which was making me feel in ways I had never felt before. I got myself together and walked out into the car park. Tom and his guys were already getting on their bikes and I went over to mine and got helmeted and gloved and fired up the engine just as they were pulling out. I followed for about 8 miles. Tom was leading on his hot Ducati 848. Eventually they pulled off down a tree-lined lane and then turned again into a stableyard of a small farm. They parked up their bikes inside a small barn and I followed and parked up. I was shaking with nerves. They all must have been familiar with what was to happen as, without speaking, they led me to a stall at the end where there was a sling and a lot of other equipment. The five guys stood around me and between them stripped me of my leathers while Tom watched, his face showing no emotion whatsoever. They removed all my clothing and I have never felt so naked as I felt under the gaze of those five guys and Tom. My cock was semi-erect and was twitching as they lifted me into the sling and fitted arm and leg shackles. I was now completely at their mercy and exposed. They removed their leather jackets and Tom said 'Time to change to our initiation hardware'. They went to the chest at the side wall and there was a tidy as you might use for screws on top of it. Each had a drawer with their own name, which they removed and set down. Then they removed their identical black tee-shirts and removed their boots and leather trousers. All had identical leather jocks, which they also removed. Their bodies were similarly toned and hot but the other similarity gave me a gut-punch once it registered in my consciousness. They all had identical tattoos across between their hips, around their navels and down onto their cock shafts. The overall effect was stunning, intricate tribal and celtic ink work that flowed across their lower abdomen and down their shaft. Then my brain saw it for what it was - the ink work was an intricate working that encompassed several biohazard symbols. I flipped. 'You guys all poz?', I spluttered. 'Please tell me you're all on meds. I'm clean and I really really don't wanna be pozzed'. I was pulling at the restraints to no avail. Tom walked over to me, bent down and whispered into my ear 'You said you'd do anything, and I did warn you. There is no way out now and I promise I will look after you'. He kissed me and at that point I wanted to kill him. The guys, including Tom, then spent the next few minutes in complete silence at the side carefully changing the ends of their piercings. Like Tom they all had an ampallang and a ladder of 10 piercings on the undersides of their cocks. I couldn't see clearly, but was later to realise they were exchanging normal round ball ends for sharp pointed bar ends. By this time I was thrashing in the sling, swearing and threatening that when I got out I would kill them all one-by-one if they went ahead and pozzed me. They took no notice and Tom came to the head end of the sling. He was fully erect and he thrust his cock to my mouth saying 'Get it well wet or it goes in dry'. With that he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. I tried to scream as the sharp ends of his piercings cut my mouth, so instinctively I opened my mouth wider to avoid the cutting sensation. When he pulled it out, his cock was covered in my spit and blood. He moved to the other end of the sling and the other five guys stood around me, holding me down. Tom placed his cock at the entrance of my hole and I despaired. He forced his cockhead, which I had admired so much so recently, through my tight entrance. I couldn't exactly feel it but was certain that the sharp ends of the ampallang had already cut into the flesh of my anus. Once his cockhead was inside me he urged me to relax, almost sensually and his gaze held mine. He thrust his cock deep into me and I could feel pain like I had never felt before. I kept his gaze and as he fucked me I felt like I was drowning in his eyes. In spite of the pain I started to see the beauty in his eyes and face and I submitted to the intensity of his cock raiding me. I lost sense of time but I was aware his eyes were changing and the soft look was becoming harder and I realised that he was building towards orgasm. His cock, which filled my tight hole, swelled and then the most fantastic thing happened. As his cock pulsed and showered my insides with his toxic cum, the intense discomfort from the cutting from his piercings was soothed, bathed in his soothing toxic load. Tom's muscles all tensed as he came inside me and I was suddenly overwhelmed with desire for him again. As he pounded his cum into me, his ampallang directly massaging my prostate I lost control and my cock exploded in a huge orgasm that shot over my head and onto the chest of the guy holding my shoulders down. Tom left his cock inside me briefly, then removed it gently. He licked my cum off the guy behind me and off my chest and kissed me tenderly. I melted under the invasion of his tongue and our kissing was lubricated with my cum. He moved his lips up to my ear and whispered 'You're one of us now. You became completely mine once my demon seed was released into you. And now the others are going to initiate you too.'
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