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    Part 32   We finally got up and off of the table. We went back into Hank's place, him to see what was going on and me to just check the time. I was about 6 in the morning now. I had been up most of the night and now had 5 HIV poz loads up my ass. I still wasn't sure what the hell I was thinking. My ass was sore as hell now and when I reached down to feel it, it was tender as all get out to my touch and when I brought my hand back and looked at it it was pretty much covered in cum and blood. I was aghast. I was too sore to sit at the moment and was standing next to the kitchen counter when Hank walked in. He smiled and said, "I just saw my stripper friend and he says you took his big cock in you and got a hell of a ride outside. Are you loving it yet?" I told him, "I'm not sure yet. I really don't want AIDS, but I can't seem to stop letting you guys fuck me, either. Not sure what I should do. While we are doing it, I want it all and every bit of your cocks deep in me and cumming, but when done, I can't believe I did it." He asked me, "what are your thoughts right now?" I answered, "well while I was standing here alone, I thought how stupid I am, but when you walked in, the first thought I had was, OMG look at that beautiful cock, sure wish it was back in me right now. I just don't understand my feelings at all." Hank said, "I like your thought about me." Before I could say any more he walked across the kitchen, grabbed me and lifted me up onto the counter, spreading my legs and thrusting his already hard cock in my ass in one fell swoop clear to the hilt. All I could do was gasp at the initial pain in my torn up ass and then as his cock bottomed out I sighed in contentment at the great feeling of being full. He was immediately plowing my hole fast and furious right from the start. I went into overdrive pushing my ass at him as intensely. Without missing a stroke, he then picked me up and started walking towards the livingroom, his cock never leaving my hole. Every step made me moan in pleasure. As we got into the other room, Tom was sitting alone on the couch. As we approached, he sat up and his cock was standing straight up in the air as we approached. Tom spread his legs as we got there and Hank walked us right up between them and against the couch. Hank was smiling and looking deep into my eyes as he started to kneel down. I thought he just want us on the couch, but then as his knees hit the floor, he leaned over a little, his hands spreading the cheeks of my ass apart. I then became aware that Tom's cock was coming between my cheeks as Hank lowered me. Then as I was getting ready to ask what was going on, Tom's cock started to slip inside my open gaping hole along side of Hank's. I started to protest that there was no way for two cocks to get in me at once, when Hank, basically, let go of my ass causing me to drop and wham, Tom's cock penetrated and I sank all the way down onto them both at once. Hank had also clamped his mouth to mine in a kiss preventing me from screaming in pain. Then he grabbed my ass and lifted upwards and then dropped me down on them both again. It was incruciating but exhilerating at the same time. Hank continued to lift me and drop me for a bit and then I couldn't take it anymore and bent my legs til they were on the couch and started bouncing myself on their cocks. I was going into orbit from an overload of cock in my ass. Hank broke off the kiss and said, "I knew, after you had taken that stripper's giant cock, you could handle the both of us at once. You are a natural. Your ass is amazingly tight and fine for us." I couldn't answer as my head was back and I was in another universe, just enjoying the feeling. It only took about 15 minutes of this before I could feel both cocks, at once, growing harder in my hole. Then Tom yelled, "I'm cumming, omg, I am cumming and filling your hole with my toxic cum!" Just few seconds later and Hank was yelling that he was giving me a nice toxic load also. The feeling of two loads in my ass almost simultaneously, drove me over the edge, too. I was screaming almost, "yes, yes, yes, give me your poz cum, impregnate me, knock me up with your HIV!" Then, again, I caught myself and wondered what the hell was I saying and doing? I have lost my mind, but omg, how great it feels.
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    Part 6, Mr C gives his insights on Lukas’s 18th birthday. I hope you have enjoyed Lukas’s story so far, but I wanted to share what’s going on in my head. It was close to 19 years go I met his parents. I was new to the neighborhood and was invited to their house for a neighborhood Christmas party. I was expecting a party with lots of spiked egg nog, booze, beer, great food and maybe some hot guys and chicks. What I got was.... the husband reading scriptures from the ‘good book’ and the wife being the good little hostest keeping people’s fruit punch filled. I was polite and made my rounds and chatted with a few of my new neighbors. After a little bit, I had to piss and made my way to the bathroom. I didn’t lock the door and was standing there with my big thick cock in my mit. Just as I was shaking the last couple drops of piss off the end Mary (Lukas’s mom) opened the door and saw my cock. Clearly by the look of shock and then smile she was impressed. I apologized and took a second or two longer than needed and zipped up. I told her I hated to eat and and run, but I had to get home and let my dog out, I brushed by her very closely. She just stood there as I passed by and didn’t make a peep until I was halfway down the hall and I heard here say, she had a housewarming gift and would drop it off sometime. I thanked her and said ‘that’s great, stop by anytime’. The next morning I was still in my robe when I heard a knock, . I opened the door and it was Mary. I apologized for not being fully dressed and welcomed her in. Boxes were still being unpacked so I invited her to the kitchen which had been all unpacked. Her eyes kept going to my chest and crotch. She had an awesome racked that filled out her Christmas sweater nicely so I did what any bi man would do and started tenting in my mostly open robe. ‘I imagine wIthin the hour, Lukas was conceived. She prohibited me from knowing he was mine until he was 6 and he little guy crashed his bike into a tree in my front lawn. My folks were visiting and my mother gasped when she saw him and said Tony, ‘he is the spitting image of you at that age, that’s so cute.’ She was right, and I confronted Mary about it. I showed her picture of me at that age and Said Lukas looked exactly like me with the blondest hair and blue you could imagine. And there was no way her Italian roots and pin sucked husband fostered him. She explained her husband knew Lukas wasn’t probably his but would keep her slutty ass around because of what the congregation would say. I agreed to keep quite since I was really slutting myself around with every dude in town by then. I watched from a far and helped out and spent time with the boy as I could, as Mr C down the street. I knew one day he would be 18 and would be able to be his own man and connect his own wishes. So now I looked across the truck at him. That big cheesy shit eatin grin on his face with a belly full of my cum he didn’t even know was in there. Realizing I had what I wanted, his total trust, his total loyalty and now I had felt those perfect lips of his swallow my big Dick down his throat until I shot. Sure I was a little embarrassed how fast I nutted in him, but you would too...looking down at him blindfolded, stupid on the magic of the brown bottle and watching my cock pushing his Adam’s apple down toward his pecs and with no sign of gagging. But Then feeling closer to shooting when looking down and seeing his rock hard cock leaking through the pant leg of his way too tight jeans. When I rolled his tits in my fingers he was clamping his legs together and flailing them apart as his boy pussy twitched like a little slutty cheerleader would while she is waiting for the team captain to pluck her cherry snatch. It was more than any man let alone father could stand. He instinctively sucked and swallowed that load like it was liquid candy. The best part was... when I pulled out and all the throat slobber pulled up from his esphogus, he just licked his lips and swallowed deeper and moaned as he gasps for a breath. This kid was born to take cock, he just didn’t know it yet. I had him now in my total control, knowing the popper bottle would allow me total freedom to make him mine when I wanted. I looked over at his belly, knowing my seed was there I looked at his rock hard cock snaking down his pant leg and knowing that two little blue 100 mg pills I gave him would keep him hard for days. But what should I do? I am so confused. So I am asking you...... I can Keep him to myself? Or I could Whore him out to the men and rich clients at Mr. Ali’s house? Sell him to another rich Arab sheik and never see him again like Billy? Let him find out on his own he loves Dick when he goes off to college in the fall? Seriously,.....What the hell should I do? Fuck man, this is harder than I thought, so many options and so many are making me hard again as I notice Lukas looking over at me and talking. Shit, I was so busy day dreaming, I wasn’t listening to him. ‘What pup? Say that again?’ ‘Are you ok Mr C, you look lost there for a minute. According the the gps, I think this is the street Mr Ali lives on isn’t it?’ Part 7, coming soon. Thanks for the kind words, I love hearing you guys are liking the story. ;-). Peace
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    After weeks and weeks of traveling for work, I finally have a full week at home and had some free time to do my favorite activity. Fuck! On Monday, I was cruising the Craigslist ads. The first ad I responded to was from a guy that claimed to be str8, married and father of 3. He was looking for a massage. I messaged him and told him I'd be happy to give him a relaxing massage. Since neither one of us could host, I told him I'd get a cheap hotel room nearby. Since it's a weekday and apparently there are no big conventions/trade shows in town, I found a cheap hotel room in the Las Vegas suburbs for $29. I set it up with him for 1pm the next afternoon. I didn't have much time to set up a hotel pump and dump like I try to do every few months, so I quickly sent out messages to a few of my Vegas "regulars" to see if I could get some more dick while I have the hotel room. 3 of my regulars got back to me. Amazingly, all 3 of them said they'd be able to come to the hotel. So, the next afternoon I was able to check into the hotel early at 1pm. I quickly sent the room number to the str8 daddy that wanted the massage and sent the room number to my 3 regulars. "Str8" daddy was knocking on my hotel room door at 1:30pm. When I answered the door, I found a very handsome guy in his early 40's. I invited him inside and told him to disrobe as I stepped into the bathroom to give him some privacy as he stripped. When I came back into the room he was fully nude, laying face down on my bed. He was in great shape. Buff, with not an ounce of fat on him. I took off my clothes and oiled up his back, butt and the back of his legs. I smoothed the oil into his skin and began massaging his shoulders, neck and arms. Then I worked down his back and finally to his ass. He softly moaned as I began to work on his ass. As I got to his inner thighs he spread his legs wider and I could see he had pulled his cock down so that it was exposed and he was hard already. My fingers brushed his balls and cockhead as I massaged the inner thigh. His cock would jump each time his balls and cock were touched. After working down and back up his legs, I again went to working on his ass. This time I let my fingers get deep into his crack and rub his asshole. He began to lift his ass a bit. I massaged his hole as his ass rose and did a "grinding-fucking motion". I reached under him and took hold of his cock. I stroked his hard cock as I massaged his asshole. He was moaning and grinding his ass. Within just a few moments he groaned and cum began to squirt onto my arm as I stroked his cock. I pulled my hand off his cock and my mouth dove for it. I sucked on his last few explosions of cum shot from his cockhead. Once he had finished cumming, I licked his cum from my arm and went back to softly massaging his ass and back as I heard his breathing slowly return to normal. Soon, he decided to get up. He quickly dressed and thanked me for the massage. In typical "Str8 guy" fashion, he was dressed and out of my room in just a few minutes. 10 minutes after he had left, he sent me a text, again thanking me for the massage and telling me that he'd love another massage sometime if we could arrange it. A few minutes later, one of my gay "regulars" was knocking on my door. Barry is a 6'4", thin, muscular, Dutch guy that has been fucking me for over 3 years. He's got an 8", uncut, very thick, Dutch cock that for a guy of his age, (early 60's) get's amazingly hard. He has incredible stamina as well. Barry quickly stripped as I fell to my knees and began to worship his monster Dutch dick as it grew to full hardness. Barry loves to suck on my tits as he fucks the insides of my thighs. He sucked my nipples, bit them and we kissed passionately for about 10 minutes. Then he turned into his usual aggressive top. He demanded I get on my hands and knees. I did so as he climbed behind me. He slapped his giant dick on my hole as he dribbled lube on my hole. He lubed up his cock and began to press the head into my hole as I sniffed poppers. He's very aware that it takes time for most guys to adjust to his giant dick. He slowly pressed up into me. Then he held his cock in me, as I adjusted to his size. As he could feel my ass relax around his cock, he now began to be aggressive again. His cock was now pounding deep into me. I could actually feel his 8" cock sliding in and out of my second sphincter. It was an amazing feeling. Barry was pacing himself. He'd get close to cumming, then stop. Then he's start again, until he was close, then stop. He edged himself for 20 minutes, then he reached that point of no return. He was fucking wildly when he finally said, "I can't. I have to cum. Oh, God", he yelled as his cock throbbed and he emptied his balls deep up past the second sphincter into my colon. He stayed inside me for awhile as my ass milked the remaining cum from his cock. He finally pulled his soft cock out of me. And we laid there, embracing and kissing as we chatted for awhile. I caressed his chest as we kissed, then my hand moved down to his cock. As I slid my hand up and down his soft cock, I could feel him getting hard again. Soon, I was stroking his fully hard cock. Without saying a word, I climbed back onto my hands and knees and he crawled behind me. He spit on my hole and on his cock. And in one, quick thrust, he slid back up into me. This time, there was no edging. He fucked hard and deep for about 5 minutes, then let out another groan as he emptied his second load into me. Barry was just getting ready to leave my room, when there was another knock on the door. I answered it, to find Trace standing there. Trace and Barry smile and knowingly nod at each other as Trace enters and Barry leaves. Trace is a divorced, 49 year old guy from Tennessee with a thick, sexy, southern accent. He's a former competitive bodybuilder. Even though he doesn't compete any longer, he still has an amazing body. He's 6' foot tall. With a thickly covered hairy chest and abs. Also body is also thickly covered in tattoos. He divorced a few years ago and his son that's in his mid 20's lives with him. Trace told me that he realizes that he's always enjoyed the fact that other men would admire his body. But a few years ago, following his divorce and his move from Tennessee to Las Vegas, he finally allowed another man to suck his cock for the first time. He found it to be an extreme turn on to have another man worship his muscular body and 7", thick cock. In the past few years that Trace has been exploring M2M sex, he's opened up a lot. When I met him a few months ago, he had come to the acceptance that he was indeed bisexual. And he told me that he's now comfortable in saying that outloud. He remains closeted with all his friends and family. But, he's fully accepted that he likes to be sucked and likes to fuck other men. One thing that Trace has discovered recently, is that when the chemistry is right with a guy, he gets into kissing guys. Thankfully, he feels that chemistry with me. Trace had fully stripped. I stepped up to his pumped up body. I began to caress his strong, hairy and tatt covered chest and his erect nipples, as he and I began to kiss passionately. We moved to the bed as he sat on the edge. I dropped to my knees and took his fully hard cock into my mouth. I sucked, licked and worshiped his 7", thick, uncut cock. I licked his balls as he moaned softly. Sadly, the one threshold that Trace hasn't crossed yet is letting me rim him. I licked under his balls as close to his asshole as I could, before I could sense that he was uncomfortable and would tighten his thighs. My mouth went back to his cock and I could taste beads of precum oozing from his piss slit. I climbed onto the edge of the bed and put my ass up. He climbed off the bed and stood behind me. He took the lube from the bedside table and he lubed my hole and his cock. I poppered up as he began to press into me. Barry had sufficiently loosened me up and Trace slide up into me easily. He was super horny and it only took about 5 minutes of intense pounding before Trace was filling my ass with his load. Once he pulled out of me, he joined me on the bed and we cuddled, kissed and caressed each other. While we were locked in our embrace there was another knock on the door. I got up to answer the door. I welcomed into the room a new fuck buddy. Ray is a latino guy in his early 50's. He had fucked me for the first time about 3 weeks ago. Ray is also newly divorced. He had let guys blow him in his high school and college days. But, it had been decades since he'd ever really thought about guys. But following his divorce, he found at his age, it was difficult to find women to fuck. Since Vegas has a ton of very active adult bookstore video booths, Ray had discovered the video booths and had once again discovered that guys give amazing head. In the several years that he'd been letting guys blow him, he's loosened up and had expanded into fucking guys. Ray seemed a bit uncomfortable the Trace was still in the room, but Trace asked Ray if he minded if he stay to watch him fuck me? Ray awkwardly said, "Yeah. Sure". But, you could tell he was uncomfortable with it. It must have been a new experience for him. But, even so, Ray quickly undressed and was fully hard when he pulled his boxers down. Ray climbed onto the bed and I climbed on and knelt between his legs, taking his 7", uncut, thick, latino dick into my mouth. While I was sucking on Ray, Trace climbed behind me on the bed and slid his cock back into my ass. "I know I won't be able to cum again, but this is fucking hot, guys. I just want to feel your ass on my cock as you suck your buddies dick", Trace said as he slowly fucked me. I sucked Ray for several minutes, then moved my head up and sucked his nipples then kissed him. "Oh, Fuck! That's HOT!", Trace said. "Yeah! I love seeing you kiss another man." I pinched Ray's nipples as we kissed passionately and swapped spit. Trace was now pounding me hard and deep. Within moments he shot an unexpected second load into my cunt. "OH, FUCK!" Trace yelled as he exploded in my ass. Then he pulled out of me and went to the desk chair and sat down to watch Ray and I play. I reached back and took hold of Ray's cock. I put his cockhead up to my cum slick asshole. Ray had insisted on using a condom the first time he fucked me a few weeks ago. But he said nothing as I lowered myself onto his cock. His latino dick slid easily up into my cum filled cunt. He let out a soft sigh as he slid balls deep into me. I rode his cock for several minutes, then he pushed me off and told me to get on my back. I laid on my back with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed. He got off the bed and stepped up to me. He lifted my legs up and draped them over his shoulders. Then he slid back up inside of my hole. I sniffed poppers as he began to fuck me deep and hard. Trace had moved to the bed. He sat on the end of the bed, so he could get a good view of Ray fucking me. Soon Trace climbed over me and began to kiss me as Ray continued to fuck me. The sight of Trace kissing me must have been a turn-on for Ray. He soon was groaning and filling by ass with his load. Once Ray had pulled from me, Trace and I slid to the side of the king sized bed and continued to kiss. Ray climbed onto the bed, next to me. I turned and began to kiss Ray. Soon, Trace had climbed over us and the three of us swapped passionate, sloppy kisses. I was happy to see there was chemistry between both Roy and Trace. I suggested we 3 get together again. They agreed and we're going to try to make it happen again as soon as possible.
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    Part 33   Well, hell, just about an hour ago, I had decided I should be home and stop this silliness and now I had just taken my 6th and 7th ever loads of cum in my ass and they were all toxic HIV positive loads. What the hell was I doing? While those cocks were in me I couldn't think of anything but being fucked and filled with their HOT cum, but when done my mind just would not wrap around what I was doing. Barely a week had gone by since I had been totally straight with no thoughts of gay sex at all. Now, I wanted more and didn't want more. My ass was sore as hell, bleeding and yet feeling so empty and in need of the magnificent feeling of being fucked more and more. I needed to get home and try to think. I got up off of those two marvelous cocks, omg, I had to quit thinking that. I walked like I was in a trance or something towards the kitchen to go out. I was almost stumbling along now and as I was passing by the stairs, the stripper was just getting to the bottom of them. He immediately grabbed me and almost had to hold me up. He asked me, "you ok? Where are you heading?" I couldn't answer, just pointed towards the back. He put an arm around me and helped me walk into the kitchen and then to the door and opened it for me. He then held me up as we went towards my place, where he had to open the door for me. He then helped me get in and up the stairs to my room. I was finally able to speak a little and told him, "I need a shower badly." He said, "hold still right here and I will get it running for you." When it was on he helped me into it and then stepped in with me. He started to soap me up as my mind just would not function enought to wash myself. As he was washing me he said, "by the way, I know your name is Jim, but everyone just calls me 'the stripper.'" He kind of laughed a little and said, "hey, may I introduce you to myself? My name is really Randy and I am very happy to know you, Jim." It was almost funny, as here we were, having fucked, and him helping me home and now basically bathing me since I couldn't seem to and now he was holding his hand out to shake my hand having introduced himself to me. I couldn't help it and started to actually giggle at that and he soon joined me and then we were both laughing out asses off about it. I was finally able to say, "I am so happy to meet you, Randy." It was ludicrous and we both laughed all the harder. We finally got done and out of the shower. I was able to function a little better now and we dried each other off. Then he escorted me to the bed, pulled the covers down and helped tuck me in. I asked, "I am so tired, and you look tired also, why don't you lay down with me and take a nap, too?" He hesitated a minute and then pulled the blanket down, climbed in and covered up and grabbed me and put my head on his shoulder and we were both soon fast asleep.
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    I never would have guessed you were 18," the clerk said handing me back my id. With a shaky hand, i reached for it. Nervous as to what to expect and nervous I would be seen, I almost turned and just bolted. But I had waited too long. After a few hookups in the bookstore booths, I wanted to experience the baths and see if it was really true, that they were just places for men to fuck non stop. Remembering the directions he had given me, i followed the turns and found my room. I figured a room would give me a place to hide if i needed it. I quickly changed into, well, nothing, just a small towel. A very small towel that barely covered my butt it was so short. I watched porn for a few minutes on the little tv and then got my courage up to go look around. I grabbed my key and made it out and wandered thru the halls. No one in the weight room and I didn't care about the showers or bathrooms. I found my way out to the courtyard and turned around after looking briefly at a packed Jacuzzi. As I walked back in I almost bumped into someone. Looking up and down, I was quickly reduced to shyness. He was hot. Really hot. 6 3" maybe, but thin, real thin, except for his big hands and feet. His graying balding hair was cut real short. And it was pretty dark but i had a good feeling about the tent coming from the towel he had on. " Well hello there...," he said quietly in a low sexy voice. "Uh hi" i managed. " I know I would remember seeing you here before, is this your first time?" "Yeah, I just turned 18 a few weeks ago..." I said trailing off. "You are 18?" he asked, looking at me closely. "yeah, but I, i um, i kind of like guys older than me." "Like guys that are maybe 46?," he said smiling. "Yeah, just like that." I said. "Chris, my room is just down the hall, why dont we go there where we can have a little privacy and... ge tto know each other." ""Ok, " was all i said. I was so nervous, but he was so hot. And this was happening. He was leading me by my hand to his room. He sat on the bed and patted for me to sit down too. "So Chris is this your first time here or your first time?" It didn't make sense to lie. I have been going to a bookstore for a few months and usually suck or get sucked. I have gotten fucked a few times too." "Did you like that, getting fucked?" "Well kind of. It hurts a lot but felt good too. Not sure if i am too tight or condoms aren't slippery, but it feels like they tear you when a guy is inside." "Yeah, a lot of guys say that. Condoms are really uncomfortable. For the top too, let me tell you. It sure does feel better without one. have you ever tried it without a condom?" "No, i always meet guys I don't know and everyone says that you should always wear one." "Chris, not everyone says that. A lot of guys here don't use them. They think it ruins it. And a lot of bottoms decide that they want to feel the man cum in them." " But what... isn't that really dangerous?" "Some things are worth the risk maybe. You should try it, maybe you will like it." "I don't know. I don't know if I should." "Well you don't need to decide this second do you? I gotta ask though Chris, I have been wanting to since I saw you out there. Can you take that towel off? I really want to see that butt." I got up right away and dropped my towel and turned to show him my butt. "Yeah that's a hot butt. Spread your legs a little. yeah like that, now bend over and open up and let me see that little boy hole." I saw out of the corner of my eye he had dropped his towel and now turned my head to look and there it was. He wasn't all the way hard yet but it was on its way to being a perfect rock hard 9 inch cock with a massive mushroom head and big shaved cum filled balls. it was giant. And perfect. "You like that cock Chris? Like what I have for you?" "Yeah, its so big. its so big." Walking towards me he pushed me down onto my knees. He didn't have to say anything, as I immediately opened wide and took him into my mouth. Almost immediately, I lost myself in it. His cock was growing rock hard and felt so good in my mouth as i strained to take more and more of it. "Yeah Chris, you love that cock in your mouth dont you?" With my mouth full all i could do is nod my head over and over and try even more to swallow all over that massive man meat. After a minute or two, he stopped moaning and said "Fuck yeah, now its my turn to taste you." I reluctantly took my mouth off his cock, swirling my tongue around the head one last time trying to catch any precum I could and stood up. " No, get on the bed on your tummy. It isn't your cock I want to taste." I didn't understand at first; I had never had my hole rimmed before. When he pulled my cheeks apart and i felt his rough beard against me, I knew. And then i felt it. That magic feeling of a twisting and squirming wet tongue on my sensitive hole. It felt so good. And he loved it too, I could tell. He was licking and stabbing his tongue into my asshole, trying to fuck me with his mouth. I was moaning and gasping and trying not to squirm and buck too much. It just felt so fucking good. After a few minutes, he finally came up for air. His cock was like steel, and so was mine. "I am gonna fuck you now," he declared. It was not a request. It was a fact. And he knew I was going to let him. Out came the lube and he poured it into his hand and went to work working it into me slowly. He was careful not to hurt me, saying "I want to open you up slow so you can take lots of cock and don't get too sore." After getting me and my hole all ready for just about anything at that point, he began to jerk his cock off slowly, coating it with lube. Aiming it at my hole, I felt him start to press against me. "Shouldn't we use a condom?" I said. "I don't have any. Besides, it feels so much better without anything between us. Don't you want to make my big cock feel really good?" he said in a low sexy voice. He never stopped working it in either and at that moment he popped in and made it past my outer ring. As about 3 inches slid into me, I gasped and worked to relax. "Just relax Chris. I am gonna make it feel so good you will be begging me to cum inside you. But I can pull out too. Up to you. Ah yeah it feel so good. So fucking good." And he was just working his cock into me, deeper and deeper. Filling me. And i was trying to think but the need for cock was taking over and I was almost in surrender mode. Surrender happened when he announced "Fuck yeah, 9 inches of cock inside you. Do you feel that? Do you feel full of cock boy?" "Oh fuck. Oh fuck yeah" was all i could get out. As he slowly pulled out and slid back in again, I couldn't even touch my cock. I knew I would come that quickly, if i did. He started working in and out faster now, with deeper strokes. He was hitting deep and i was gasping and moaning and asking for more. "I want to keep fucking you, but i am gonna shoot soon. Your hole is so tight and eager, its pulling the cum up outta my balls." he said. It then flashed thru me again. He was barebacking me. No condom. Maybe that's why it felt so good? Maybe it wouldn't be any good if he had worn one. Instead, this feeling was magical. His cock felt so good I couldn't imagine not having him fuck me. I would hate to have missed this. His raw cock was fucking me so good and deep and sliding so smoothly. He was really fucking me now, and I was grunting and gasping as he fucked the wind out of me with every deep pounding he gave. "Oh fuck boy, I am gonna shoot if I keep fucking you like this. I am gonna fill you with cum. Or else gotta pull out." He grunted. " Don't stop. Are you clean? Like hiv?" I managed to get out. "This is poz cock you got in you Chris." And now he was pounding me. I was moaning and gasping and grunting and totally losing myself in the feelings of my hole as he pummeled it with his massive cock. "Fuck yeah. Gonna give it to you". He muttered with clenched teeth as he pounded me. "Fuck yeah, gonna give you my load. Big fucking poz load. Poz your little fuck hole up and get you hooked on getting your hole bred." "Fucking shit yeah, fuck me man fuck my fucking hole. Cum in me. Give me your load. I want it. I want it in me. I want it in me. I want it in me. I want it in me." I kept repeating that last part who knows how many times. "Yeah , fucking yeah, her it comes here it comes. Fuck yeah fucking take that poz cum. Fell that cock shooting cum in your little fuck hole. Fuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaahhhh" he almost shouted. 'Yeah yeah yeah, give it to me. fucking fuck me. Fill me up. Fill me with cum. Oh yeah, fucking give it to me." He slowed down and finally came to a stop. He still had his cock buried inside me. "I want to keep it in you while my cum soaks into you" he whispered. "Are you really hiv positive?" i asked. "Yeah i am. And I just gave you a huge load." he said. "It felt so good." I said. " " What getting fucked?" "No, when you came in me, I felt it jet inside me and felt your cock pulsing. I am glad you did that. I didnt know it was so much better bare." "Oh Chris, there are some friends of mine out there that would love to add to my seed inside you. Want me to show you around?" "Yeah, i want more. I want more now." I said.
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    I'd started out at 13 swapping handjobs and blowjobs with buds on the swim team and it soon moved to getting fucked. I loved fucking them but really loved getting fucked...a LOT! I was constantly asking them to fuck me and soon word spread to other guys in my class and guys in classes ahead of me. A group guys in the grades ahead had me over for a group thing and wound up getting fucked by all of them, some cumming in me multiple times. I was in heaven. I wondered why every day couldn't be like that. Pretty soon I was hooking up with some of them before school, after school, sneaking out to hookup in the bathrooms during classes, sneaking out of the house at night to hookup and more. The guys started having more frequent group things cause I kept asking for more. I'd spend more time at the gym not to work out but because there were guys there looking for sex too and it was too easy. We'd go back into the showers and soon enough I'd have his load in my ass. I figured I was kinda slutty but leaned into it when a few of the guys started calling me a cumdump. It was legit. I figured there were other guys like me and later on I learned that was true. I didn't feel shame about it. I knew what I wanted and went for it.
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    well oiled machine
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    This morning on my way to work at 1 am. I logged into grindr when i stopped for coffee. This guy that is a flight attendant based out of Miami asked me to meet him at the Walmart parking lot to suck his dick. I sucked his cock in his car while he fingered my hole after a few he asked to eat my ass. I flipped over he eat my ass for few minutes and rammed his cock in my ass in his jetta front passenger seat. he fucked me so good after a few minutes he loaded up my hole with his cum. As I felt him cum in me I instantly shot my load with out touching my self in his front seat. I loved it.
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    PART 3 We had taken a few steps down the hall when I realized I didn’t have my towel. He told me to just show off and let the guys see how hot I was. Normally, I would have been much more shy, but I was on a high from getting fucked. I don’t think we went more than twenty feet before we ran into someone my new friend knew. “Ron, glad I ran into you. I hope you haven’t cum yet tonight. I’d like you to meet my new friend Chris. Chris is here for the first time and also just took his first load.” Now, he looked at me. “Chris, you want to get fucked again don’t you?” I was embarrassed, but nodded. “Ron is hot, isn’t he”, he added. I nodded again. “Ron, what do you think of my new young friend? Is he fuckable?” Ron looked me up and down. “Chris, do you wanna go back to my room and we can become friends too? I think I got something you’ll like,” he said, and then dropped his towel open. He wasn’t hard yet, but it was obvious he had a big cut cock and massive shaved balls. I looked to my breeder for approval and he gave me a soft look and said “Chris, I’ll be here all night and you come back and find me before you leave. And if anyone gives you any trouble, you find me. And have fun. And do whatever feels good. Feed that hole. I know it’s hungry. Give in.” And then he leaned in and gave me a kiss and a swat on my butt and turned back. Ron grabbed my hand and led me to his room. I was 18, naked with a man twice my age leading me down to a tiny room, where he was going to fuck me. And I was nervous about being inexperienced and what he would be like and I was also super excited because he already knew I wanted to get fucked and that I had let his friend shoot his cum into me. And Ron was hot. He turned out to be 42. He was a little taller than me at 6 feet and thin, but not skinny. He was starting to lose his hair, but I thought that was hot too. Even soft his cock had looked big, with a nice cut mushroom head. But if his cock had looked Big, his balls had looked giant. As we entered his room and he shut the door behind us, I wondered, with hope, that maybe those huge balls meant more cum when he shot his load? As he turned to face me and dropped his towel, I tried to be cool, but I think my face and eyes betrayed me. I wanted this man badly. I wanted to be his bottom. I wanted him to shoot a massive load up from those giant balls. And I wanted that sperm inside me. There was never one second where I didn’t think to myself that I was making sure he came in me. Every drop. And as far as if he had HIV. I definitely thought about that. And had a total what are you doing discussion in my head. It was like I couldn’t stop myself and I decided it wasn’t going to stop me. If he even had HIV.
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    (aka From cautious to chaser) Drew started down the slippery slope when visiting a public toilet in a park. As he was relieving himself, another guy entered and instead of urinating started to wank his dick. The sight of this, turned Drew on and before he knew what was happening he was sucking thus guy off. As a result Drew started visiting this place regularly to suck and be sucked. After a few such encounters, people started either wanting to fuck him or be fucked by him. Drew would have none of that! This changed, however, when Drew came to the park, bringing with him a men's magazine just purchased that included a special gift of a condom. After perusing the magazine, the sexual tension got too much and he proceeded to the toilets to wank off his cock. Whilst he was in the cubicle another man entered the toilets and started wanking himself off at the urinals. Drew spotted him and joined him. But after some sexy playing with each other, the man said how much he like to be fucked. Drew thought that he did after all have a condom on him and agreed to do so. The next stage down the slippery slope and he wrapped his cock with the condom and started fucking this stranger. The excitement was too much and before long he'd shot his load. Thereafter Drew would bring a packet of condoms with him to satisfy the needs of several demanding men in the park's toilet block. Sometimes, some of the guys he met would try to Drew. Even with a condom, there was no way Drew would risk this and would always refuse. This changed when a newbie in his late teens who was still a virgin, eagerly desired to fuck Drew. Knowing his status, having played with him a few times, Drew acquiesced to allow the youth to take his anal virginity. It was very difficult for the youth to shove his erection up Drew's virgin hole and when he finally managed it, the pain was so unbearable that Drew had to get him to pull out almost immediately. Although, the experience had been initially unpleasant , it did lead Drew further down the slippery slope, now Drew became willing to be fucked with a condom. Drew started frequenting a popular cruising site. There he was often in demand to fuck or be fucked. Drew remained cautious and always fucked with a condom, despite offers to do without. One interesting feature at this site, on hot sunny days many frequenters would walk around the site absolutely naked. Sometimes Drew also went naked. It was this that eventually led Drew further down the slippery hole. As Drew was walking naked along one of the quieter side paths of the site, he espied a good-looking naked young man in his early twenties. This man was obviously interested in Drew and headed further into the bushes and found a secluded clearing. When he got there the young man went onto his knees offering his arse to be fucked. Only condoms were not on offer. Drew was torn between fucking him sheathless and walking away. But the temptation got too much for him and before he knew it, he had gone further down the slippery hole! Drew squirted lube on his now erect penis and entered the man bare. He thrust in and out with his bare cock until the excitement of the situation became too much for Drew and he shot his load inside the man. Not only was the young man very appreciative,but asked Drew to felch his cum around inside him. Yet another new experience for Drew. After that Drew went on to fuck other men bare, but was always careful not to let anyone fuck him bare. Once again Drew started further down the slippery slope, as he was fucking another guy bare in a coppice within the cruising site, when another guy came along to see what was happening. Drew, being an exhibitionist at heart, welcomed the attention and was happy for onlookers to admire him pistoning in and out of this man. The watcher wanked himself off to the sight, but much to Drew's surprise, he suddenly felt the man shove his cock up Drew's arse. The man must have presumed Drew was happy to be fucked bare if he was fucking another guy bare. Drew so enjoyed the experience of this bare cock up him that he let the man fuck him for a while, before ensuring he stopped short of cumming inside him. There was no way, Drew was going to let that happen to him. After that from time to time, Drew allowed people to fuck him bare but with always the proviso that they weren't to cum inside him! There's was absolutely no way that Drew would go down the slippery slope any further, was there? He popped into a local toilets that was used for cottaging. Several men were wanking themselves in the urinals. Drew went into one of the cubicles and also started getting himself erect, when one of the others in the bloc joined him within the cubicle. Drew sucked the man off and when he was fully erect, he was very keen to fuck Drew bare within the cubicle. It didn't take much to persuade Drew to turn around and bend over within the confined space to accommodate this man's bare dick inside him. He forcefully fucked Drew. There came a point when Drew felt the time had come for this man to withdraw to avoid spilling his semen inside him, so Drew tried to pull away but was rather stuck within the small confines of the cubicle. The man continued his onslaught. On no less than four occasions Drew tried to pull out but to no avail! Then the man pulled out, but Drew then noticed to his horror that the man's cock was coated with fresh jizz. He had come inside Drew bare! Drew didn't immediately become a cumdump far from it. Although he continued to fuck people bare, he still refrained from being fucked bare. Often he still used condoms. But he continued down the slippery slope when he was sucking a guy off in the darkroom. The angle Drew was at was perfect for people to come up behind him and stick their cocks right up his bare arse, which is what one guy proceeded to do. Drew was surprised by this man's no-asked bare entry, but he enjoyed the feeling so let him continue, whilst he continued to suck on cock. The man's ploughing of Drew's arse kept apace with Drew's sucking of the other's cock until in synchrony they both blew their load. Drew enjoyed his first experience of simultaneously receiving two loads, one oral, one anal. This just pushed him further down the slippery hole! Drew started to take bare cock, throwing caution to the wind, except he still did not knowingly accept poz cocks. Drew was now kidding himself as he happily accepted any cocks without asking. He particularly enjoyed one occasion when in the darkroom, he was taken by four different men, all who spunked deeply into his hole, so that their sperm started oozing out of his arse. Drew craved and got more of this action. He continued down the slippery hole! Encouraged by barebacking sites that insisted it was safe to be barebacked by those who were poz but on medication, he took his next step down the slippery hole by contacting someone, who described himself as poz on meds. He arranged to meet him for an anonymous fuck. Drew arranged to let himself into the man's house and find him inside with his arse lubed and ready to be taken. Drew entered gingerly and found the man lying on his bed naked and ready for action. Drew spent little time with preliminaries, dropping his pants, stroking his cock erect and then plunging it into his first acknowledged poz bottom. Down the slippery slope Drew went as he shoved his cock down the man's slippery hole! Drew was really turned on by what he was doing and thrust in and out quickly. Just as quickly he came to a climax, splattering the inside of the poz bottom with his negative spunk. Drew left without further ado, but determined to find another poz on meds arse to fuck. There was, of course, no way he was going to let a poz fuck his arse! Drew next went to visit another contact, who was also poz on meds, and attended his local sauna. He met up with him and they went into a private cubicle, where they spent time sucking one another off before Drew got himself ready and placed his cock against the bum crack of another poz arse. He pushed in firmly added by the lubrication of saliva and found a welcoming hole within. Drew enjoyed fucking yet another bare poz arse. It turned him on, but he felt reassured that he didn't think it was too risky. The excitement led him to ejaculate inside quite quickly. But the session wasn't over as his contact wanted to be sucked off by Drew. As he sucked him off so the wonderful cock grew in his mouth and Drew realised he wanted this cock up his arse. Knowing his status, but that he was on meds, made Drew feel okay about doing so and yet once again it pushed Drew further down the slippery slope as this magnificent specimen was pushed bare up Drew's arse. Drew was surprised how much he was turned on by the experience of receiving a bare poz cock up his arse and longed for his poz, albeit it undetectable, seed would flood his insides. It wasn't long before his desire was realised and the cock pulsed as great wads of poz sperm shot up his hole. Drew wanted more, did this include going that final slide down the slippery slope and accepting an unmedicated poz cock? Things progressed faster than Drew could have imagined, he was contacted on a barebacking site by someone very close in his vicinity, but who was described as poz not on meds. Drew replied that he was willing to meet up, but who only be prepared to fuck him and not be fucked by him, rationalising this might be safer. The following evening he popped round to the man's house. They soon got down to business and the guy was happy to accept Drew's full grown cock up his arse. Drew picked up a good rhythm and was completely turned on by the experience of fucking his first fully poz arse. So he descended even further down the slippery slope, no longer cautious in his actions, Drew had effectively become a chaser. Drew blasted his load inside the man and presumed this was the end of the proceedings, but the guy had other plans. He persuaded Drew to accept his cock up inside him, agreeing that he would withdraw if requested. Drew felt really turned on, but scared as he accepted the man's poz cock up his arse. The man ploughed Drew's arse really well and Drew was enjoying the feeling of bare cock inside him. Drew was now descending to the bottom of the slippery pole as the man's pole slid up his slippery arse. This carried on for quite some time before Drew called a halt to the proceedings fearing the danger of him accidentally shooting his toxic load inside him. Drew got the shock of his life as the man withdrew his now wilting cock from Drew's hole for it was covered in spunk. He insisted that he would have withdrawn at any time if Drew had asked him, but considering he had not, he happily shot his very toxic poz cum inside Drew.! Drew had now slipped to the very bottom of the slippery pole!
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    I was in LA for a few days for work. After spending a day standing on my feet, I felt that I deserved a break and a massage. I found a hot guy on another site who did massages and was a top with a nice 8” dick. I made an appointment and cleaned out before heading over. We both got naked for the massage and he was really hot. Handsome, a nice hairy and fit body, and a great looking cock. When I caught a glimpse of his hairy ass, I knew we were going to do much more than a simple massage. I got on the table face down and he gave me a really good massage. When he told me to flip over, my hard cock was immediately apparent. While massaging my chest, his cock and balls would rub against my face and I stuck my tongue out to give them a few licks. When he started really stroking my cock, I told him that I wanted to eat his ass. He bent over his sofa and presented his hairy hole to me. I dove in and licked, sucked and chewed on his hot pucker, making him moan loudly. I ate his ass for about 10 minutes when he decided he wanted to fuck me. Luckily, I had cleaned out before coming over so I was ready. His profile said “condom only” but he told me he liked to fuck bare. I bent over the massage table and he slid into me. He fucked me deep and hard and was soon filling my ass with his load. After that, I dressed and went out to get an Uber back to my hotel. In the Uber, I logged onto another site to see if any of my buddies were around. One guy in WeHo was on. We had almost hooked up the previous day but it was too late for me. I asked if he wanted to fuck a seeded hole and he responded with a “fuck, yeah”. I asked the Uber if we could go to Hollywood instead and we drove that way. I had to wait outside for a little while when I got there but my too showed up soon. He is bi and didn’t want to suck or kiss, but he loved to rim my ass and fuck me. We played for over an hour before he loaded me up with my second load of the night. Now I went back to the hotel and found a hot, young, hairy, uncut guy who wanted to do a late night hookup. I asked if he wanted to come over and he told me he’d be there around 1 AM. He liked ripe pits and cummy holes so I laid naked on the bed to wait for him. When he showed up, he was way hotter than his pics. He quickly stripped down too and I started sucking his uncut cock. He really wanted to fuck and told me he could cum a few times. He entered my cum filled ass easily and shot his first load. He went off to clean out and shower, so I played with my ass while he was away. He came out, all clean and sexy, and laid down next to me. Now, we got into some kissing, rimming and sucking before he shoved his thick cock into me and gave me another load. We cuddled and fooled around some more until he was ready again. This time was slow and sensuous and it took him a long time to cum meh worked all the loads inside me into a nice frothy mixture before dumping his last load of the night into me. I cleaned off his spent cock, enjoying the taste of the cum and my ass on it. That night, I took 5 loads from 3 guys. It was hot riding around from fuck to fuck in an Uber, with my ass loaded up but the driver totally unaware. I look forward to repeating this on another trip soon.
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    My regular Daddy had invited me over to his flat for a Saturday afternoon fucking. I made my way to his flat and he greeted me at his front door wearing leather chaps, boots and a jock which was bulging with his large, uncut cock inside. He kissed me, tweaked my nipples through my T-shirt and said he had a surprise for me. I was excited, he slapped my arse and ushered me through to his kitchen. Once there he blindfolded me and then proceeded to strip me completely naked. He then lead me forth, it felt exhilarating not knowing what was in store. My body was tingling in anticipation, the rest of my senses were heightened by my loss of sight. I could hear porn, the unmistakable sound of men fucking coming from the TV. Daddy stopped me and pushed me down to my knees on the floor. Daddy said 'are you ready for your surprise' to which I replied 'yes Daddy'. With this I could hear some movement of bodies and feet. I felt Daddy close behind me, his large cock in his jock brushing against me as I was down on my knees. His hands touched the sides of my head as he was preparing to remove the blindfold and show me what the surprise was. He undid the blindfold and the sight of three, large, well built men stood in front of me. They were naked and wanking their cocks, which all looked hard and impressive. I glanced and smiled at Daddy, we had spoken before about our fantasies and he knew that I wanted to be used by a group and he had now made it happen and my fantasy was about to become a reality thanks to him. Daddy introduced me as his boy and offered me to his three guests, telling them to enjoy their selves. The first guy stepped forward, he was middle eastern looking, he was bald headed, had a solid, thick, muscular body and a very large, thick, cut cock which he pushed straight into my mouth. I swallowed if eagerly, taking it fully into my mouth. He was forceful with his movements, pushing his cock deep into my mouth, fucking my throat. While he was balls deep in my mouth, my focus on his cock, one of the other guys had moved behind me and had pulled my ass cheeks apart and had two fingers lodged deep in my hole. This is exactly what I had hoped for in my fantasy and was lucky that Daddy had made it happen. The guy behind me moved me into all fours, he was quite rough and forceful. Once on all fours I felt his cock slapping on my arse, and his cock head probing at my hole. The guy in front of me was holding my head and fucking my mouth and then I felt a cock fully enter my arsehole. It felt so good, two masculine studs driving their cocks into me, one in my tight asshole and one in my mouth. This is what I'd dreamed of. The guys were fucking me hard and fast and it didn't take long before the guy in front of me pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a huge load of cum all over my face. His grunts and groans were such a turn on, he had shot so much cum over me, all the while the man behind was fucking my ass so hard and deep. The middle eastern guy who'd given me a facial moved aside and the third guy, a man in his fifties, tall and broad, stood in front of me. He used his fingers to push the cum on my face into my mouth and I willingly swallowed it. It was thick and salty, it was what I craved and it tasted so good. He then pushed his own hard cock into my mouth. He wasn't as hung as the last guy, but was still well endowed. He was more vocal, calling me a cumslut, a greedy boy who needed feeding. He asked me if I liked the cock in my ass, I couldn't reply as his cock had me gagged. My words were not needed. Daddy was watching, taking poppers on the sofa and wanking his cock while the two guys fucked me at both ends. I was glad I was making him happy. Daddy said it was such a hot scene, watching me being used. The guy fucking my arse had been pounding me hard, the sight of me sucking two cocks and taking a facial was about to be too much for him as he reached the moment of ejaculation. He pumped me hard as he shot cum into my arse. He was grabbing my hips and slapping my arse as he filled me with cum. Fuck it felt good, his cock resting balls deep in me with his cum plugged inside. He withdrew his cock and exited the room. Daddy moved from the sofa and inspected my cum loaded arse. The cum beginning to seep out. He fingered me and was taking the cum on his finger and feeding it to me as I sucked the cock of the third guy. The third guy was had now moved from having in front of me and was now entering my ass. The porn on the TV was still playing but we'd lost interest, our own hot scene was real and we were totally in the moment. It didn't take long for the third guy to deliver a second load of cum deep into my asshole. He fucked me until he shot what felt like a gallon of cum inside me. After he'd unloaded and emptied his balls, he too withdrew and left me feeling used, but still horny and wanting more cum. With all three of the guests done and having shot their loads, they had all dressed and gone. Daddy and I left alone to talk about how amazing it was for me to be fucked and him to watch his boy taking the cum of three horny men. Daddy took me into the bedroom where he had his way with my mouth and ass. His cock, harder than ever, fucked me and filled me with another hot load. It had been an afternoon to remember and one I hoped we could recreate again.
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    usually served on a plate ..
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    fuckdrunk .. course, he does have Tim K's big fuckin dick pounding his ass .. :>
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    love that BIG fuckin smile!
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    I visited my usual FB for our Sunday session, which usually entails me to choke on his cock until it is hard, and then, with me on all fours, my FB plows me hard until he drops his load. Afterwards he will slowly work my ass until he is again hard, then fucking me until he dumps another load deep in my hole. This has been our reliable arrangement for Sundays for quite some time. This week, however, I found my FB had a visitor, a friend who, like my FB, is in his 50s. They both ended-up sharing me. After a three hour session I left with four loads in my ass and a gaping hole. I begged him to invite more guys next Sunday.
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    Part 5, the beautiful spell of the brown bottle. I heard Jax comment to Mr C that the sweet cherry pie is cooled enough to be delivered and he has the pizza for the shrink ready as well. As Jax handed me the cherry pie, he said.... be a good load carrier and take your pie to the truck. He followed with the pizza and we put both in the warmer. Mr C got in the drivers seat and told Jax if he wants to close early and meet him at the party, that he was welcome to. Jax looked at me and smiled and said, ‘I wouldn’t miss hitting that party’. As we drove down front street we saw all kinds of sleazy adult book stores and theaters and other places I had heard my parents talk about. Mr C said we had to drop the pizza off at his doctor friends house. I asked what kind of doctor, and he said he is a shrink who specializes in hypnosis. I looked at Mr C, and said, ‘does that kind of thing really work?’ He said, ‘oh Dr. Brad is the best and yes it sure does. Oh Lukas, can you make sure that little cooler bag is still in the back and cold’? ‘‘Oh that one with the little brown bottles? Sure Mr C.’ As I leaned over the back seat of the truck, I had to adjust my cock, it was super hard, it must have been those stripper clubs and dirty book stores we passed. ‘Yes Mr C, it is here’ as I brought it to the front seat. He put his hand on top and did, ‘oh thanks pup. We will need that later.’ As we pulled into the doctors driveway, the house was huge. ‘Wow, he must do really well for himself’, I said. ’Yes, he gets the best clients in town because he is so good’ Mr C said. ‘Do you want him to tell you about hypnosis pup? ‘I would love that, if we have time, I know how important it is to not socialize with the patrons’. I said. He said, ‘oh no, this is important and we have time before Mr. Ali is expecting his pie, I can ask Dr. Brad to show you a few things.’ We both got out of the car, I took the pizza and walked first up the side walk. When Dr. Brad opened the door he said, ‘come in and bring the pizza to my kitchen, I have your money there.’ He said, ‘just go straight and turn left.’ I could hear Mr C and Dr. Brad talking to each other quietly behind me. I put the pizza in the huge island in the kitchen and just then Dr. Brad entered the kitchen alone and said, ‘Tony told me you were curious of hypnosis?.’ ’Yeah, my dad said it was the work of the devil and not to be believed, so I was surprised, he said it was real.’ ’Well, l am happy to show you, come into my home office.’ I followed him down the hall through his amazing house. We went down the steps and entered a room with cabinets along the walls and a big black leather chaise-lounge chair in the middle of the room. He said, ‘Lukas lay on the couch’. He turned a light on and the soft glow that faced my eyes. It made the rest of the room very dark. I could hear his voice and he got very soft spoken and explained that he would just repeat things and I was to close my eyes and relax and listen to him and to repeat them when he said to. I nodded when he asked if it was clear of what to do. He said he would use an item, that was my ‘magic item’ and whenever I would see this item I would instantly become hypnotized and do what I was told. He said he would keep me safe and always bring me back by saying..... come back to me now pup and clap his hands 3 times. I would then wake up and forget what happened. I smiled and said, ‘that would be awesome if you really can’. I felt his hand on the back of my head and he slowed pulled something over my head and eyes. It was as soft as mink on my forehead as he covered my eyes. He commented it was a blindfold and would help me relax and listen to his words. He said to ‘relax and start very slowly taking a huge inhale of breath and fill my lungs’. Breathing as deeply as I could and then to exhale slowly and completely.’ After a couple breaths he said deeper Lukas, fill every inch of your lungs with air. He talked very softly and deeply, and he stroked my arm slowly as I exhaled very softest with his fingers. I heard some soft music starting to play. It sounded Magical and relaxing. I was so relaxed, he said I would start to feel tingly. Very calmly he asked how I was. I said ‘I am awesome’. ‘Great, you are almost there. Just skip breathing deep and exhale slowly pup.’ ‘He very calmly, kept touch my arm and he said ‘Lukas, I am ready to tell you the special trigger. Imagine in your head a little bottle. It is glass and only about 2 inches tall. It is brown and wider than it is deep. It is very dark brown and has a black cap.’ I was imagining the little bottles I saw in Mr C’s refrigerator in his red room and said ‘yes Dr Brad, I see it in my head, and actually I can even feel what it felt like, cold and smooth’. he said, ‘perfect, Lukas, when you see a bottle like that. Or feel a bottle like that. You will instantly go into a trance. Your guide and adult who is present will help you stay safe. Do you trust them Lukas? Do you feel safe with them? Remembering how amazing Mr C is to me, I said, ’Yes Dr. Brad, I trust them. He will keep me safe’. ’Well, yes him, but actually anyone who knows the scecret of the bottle will keep you safe Lukas, you can trust them all.’ ’I can trust them all’. I repeated. ‘As I felt his hand softly brush my hair back around the blindfold, he said ‘Perfect and when I kiss your forehead, this will always be true of the bottle.’ As I felt his warm soft kiss on my forehead. As I laid there completely relaxed and under the spell, I felt a second hand on my leg and I heard a sound of someone opening something and I little popping hissing noise of pressured air escaping. Dr. Brad was right at my ear and said ‘breath deeply Lukas, slowllllyyyyy and more deeepppplllyyyyy through your nose than you ever have.’ And I felt a strong mans finger pushing my left nostril closed. I heard Dr. Brad say, it will smell a little funny for a minute, but you love the smell, I repeat, you love this smell, it is your medicine to make you strong and beautiful and whole. I nodded ok. As I breathed in, he was right, there was a strange smell. ‘I heard a familiar voice say, Lukas, count to10 before you slowly exhale.’ ‘Mr C, I hear you, yes Sir.’ I said. ‘So I counted, one thousand 1, one thousand 2, and so on. As I got to one thousand 10, I felt a more masculine kiss on my forehead and I slowly exhaled. I felt an amazing rush, I was so tingly and warm and Alive, as I started to breath in again, I felt my right nostril close and I heard Mr C, ‘great job pup do it one more time, nice and slow’. I felt something cold and metal against my belly. It sounded like sciccors cutting something. My chest felt cooler as I could feel a breeze move over me. The sound got closer and closer until I could hear it cut the top or my T-shirt army neck as I stated counting on the exhale. One thousand 1, one thousand 2.... i then felt a thumb and finger on my left nipple, oh and my right nipple now. As I started to inhale slowly, I felt the Dr pinch my nose shut and was told to pucker like a puffer fish and breath in though my mouth. I could hear the air go into my mouth as it was muffled by something right in front of my mouth. My mind was racing, I felt electric, I felt all tingly, my body wiggled and I felt my asshole twitch over and over and over. It was electric and euphoric as wave after wave of sensation crashed over me. I felt my nipples being rotated like a radio dial. As I started my exhale count, I felt something warm, soft and slippery at my mouth. It smelled musky and I could feel hairs tickle my cheek. It felt like skin but it smelled musky. I felt my mouth open a little and something hard to the touch but soft on the outside enter my mouth. It felt like a huge cock, in my mouth, so strange I thought, this is all so strange and so surreal. I must be in a dream. The fingers on my nipples got rougher and rougher and the thing, was it a dick? I am so confused was pausing in and out of my mouth. As it pushed into my throat, I heard Dr. Brad say, holy shit Tony, he has no gag reflex. Wow, he is doing a great job with your coc....’ and Mr C intrupted him and said, it’s the medical instrument. He’s doing a great job on the medical instrumen. With that, I felt what felt like a quart of warm fluid go down my throat. ‘Yes, give him all the medicine’, Dr Brad said.. I heard some movement and heard a door close. Dr. Brad said, ok Lukas, please put your shirt on and he handed me a shirt. Wait, mine was torn, this one slipped right on, oh, that’s strange. I am going to bring you out now. With that I heard. ‘Come back to me pup’ and clap clap clap. I woke up, sat up and said, ‘wow, what a cool feeling. Am I dreaming? Oh, wow, that was wild Dr. Brad’ did you really hypnotize me? I felt him taking My blindfold off and nodded and said I did great. ’oh wow, th so, that’s awesome, oh shoot, I better get back to work, Mr C is going to be mad.’ Dr Brad said, ‘do you remember much?’ ’No, just that felt funny but awesome and I was all warm and I feel full.’ he turned the lights on and I scurried back upstairs. He gave me $50 and said to keep the change. as I got back to the truck, Mr C was sitting there waiting. I apologized, it seemed like I was gone too long and he said it was totally fine. ‘‘Well, how was it, did he get it to work?’ Mr C asked. ’he said I did great, yeah it was awesome, wow, this is the best birthday ever.’ I cleared my throat and grabbed my neck. Mr C looked and said, what’s wrong? ‘I looked and said, ‘Oh nothing, I just have a strange taste in my mouth and throat is kind of sore. I hope I am not coming down with something.’ ‘‘He said, oh I am sure you aren’t yet, but we can watch out for that.’ part 6, the cherry pie finally shows up.
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    PART 2 As I started to cAtch my breath, the knowledge that an HIV positive guy had just cum inside me hit me more. I was still riding the waves of pleasure from getting fucked though and looked down at my still rock hard cock and realized I had completely ignored it. It hadn’t mattered to me. All of my pleasure had come from my hole. And that pleasure had been more amazing than anything I had ever felt. I knew I couldn’t not have more, whatever the risk was gonna be. He had lit a fire in me. His hard cock had. And his cum. His hot cum that was hiv positive and currently soaking into me, my body absorbing it. As his softening cock slowly slid out of me, I immediately instinctively clamped my hole shut. It seemed important to keep it all in me. “Chris, that was the hottest hole I have fucked in years. I swear, your hole gripped my cock like you literally needed it in you. And i’m So happy you decided to let me breed you and give you my cum. It’s a special bond we have now. You have my seed inside you, my essence.” I was so happy. I was a good bottom. He had loved fucking me. “I couldn’t help it. Once you were inside me, it felt so good. And I didn’t want it to stop. And... I don’t know why, but all of a sudden it just seemed like I needed your cum.” I was embarrassed saying the last part. I couldn’t understand it really, I just knew what it felt like. And at the time, something clicked and I needed it. I would have begged if I had had to, but didn’t say that. He looked down at me and smiled. “My boy found his inner cum slut. I knew when I saw you that you would be special. Some guys get fucked and some guys are bottoms Chris. You are a bottom. Bottoms need cock in their holes. They don't use condoms. Taking cum becomes an addiction. A need. I have a feeling my cute young friend, that your hole is going to need lots of hot cum to be happy.” As I lay on the thin mattress with a near strangers cum flooded in my hole, my cock still hard, what he had just said ran in my head over and over. I had been fucked before and it had been just ok. Not great at all. The fucking I had just taken in this tiny little room had been the exact opposite. It had been the hottest sex I had ever had or even thought of. I had never felt so alive, had never wanted a cock so badly. And it had occurred to me more than once, a guy with HIV had shot a huge load in my ass and I wasn’t scared or freaking out. I was grateful. It was like.... it was like he had showed me the secret. “I don’t even know what’s happening, but I can’t help it. Nothing ever felt that good before.” Now he rose off the bed and looked at me intently. “My boy has a look that is telling me his hole is still hungry.” I nodded, a little embarrassed to admit it, even to him. It was all so new. “Let’s go find you a nice big cock to fill you up again. Do you want that? To feel another man’s cock throbbing as he shoots his sperm into your willing little ass?” My eyes big, my cock like steel, I rose off the bed too and took his hand as he opened the door and began to lead me down the narrow hall towards whatever or whoever was next. I was scared and nervous, but most of all excited and horny. And I knew I wanted more.
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    When I first started taking cock I knew their names because I grew up with them...once I took my first bb cock and was bred names didn't matter. When I discovered GHs, I became addicted to them...I love the idea of just getting fucked and bred...nsa, anon...fill me and leave me for the next cock... as a matter of fact, I thought they were all named "I'm coming" lol
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    My head hit the wall and the wind was knocked out of me, He had his hand tight round my throat and I was struggling to breathe. He savagely thrust his tongue deep into my mouth and crushed my balls with his free hand. My head was spinning as he sucked the breath from me. Then he removed his tongue and bit my lip sharply and I felt blood trickle down my chin. He licked it with his tongue and pressed his lips on it to taste more then he stepped back saying 'Be careful what you wish for'. Then he turned and left the toilet. I was left standing by the wall with my cock throbbing and gagging to cum, I was so turned on and shocked. I turned to the urinal and stroked myself hard and shot a powerful load out that almost hurt with its intensity. Minutes before I had watched him head for the toilet in the pub and followed him. I had seen him at the Tuesday bike meet the previous few weeks with his gang of five guys, all about the same age and all very deeply attractive in a rough way, like him. I had heard a rumour that they were a gay biker group and I wanted to know more. Two friends had warned me off, but they couldn't give a good reason why. I wanted to see Tom, the obvious leader, close up and personal. His dark intense eyes and the way he moved and interacted with his lads was consuming me with curiosity and lust. SO I followed him into the toilet and stood at the urinal right beside him. I looked down at his cock and mine, which I had removed thinking I would piss, started to harden immediately. His cock was a good size, but that's not what struck me: his cock shaft was tattooed with a design I couldn't quite make out without really staring Added to that he had an ampallang bar crosswise through the end of his cock-head which was protruding from a big foreskin and I thought I could just make out some metal on the underside of his cock. That's when he turned and struck, pinning me to the wall and setting my pulse racing and my cock on fire. By the time i left the toilet he and his lads had ridden off and I was left feeling empty and longing for him. I had always been completely top, but seeing his cock made me crave attention from it in a way I couldn't even understand. I waited impatiently for the next Tuesday meet. I was there early, like a stupid kid, and was twitchy every time I heard another group of riders approach the pub. I had almost given up and was feeling very frustrated when I heard another group arriving. I tried not to look to obviously at him when he removed his helmet and walked across the car park towards the bar, but our eyes met. I tried not to give anything away in my expression and he half-sneered, half-smiled at me then turned away. My heart was in my mouth and I could feel it beating so hard. He didn't look my way again and it felt like he was ignoring me or teasing me, and he was surrounded by his other guys, who all seemed to be like acolytes; it was clear he was the centre of their universe. I didn't know what to do, but eventually he broke from the group and went into the toilet again, so I quickly put my bottle down and followed. I was scared that he'd ignore me or tell me to leave him alone. I took the urinal beside him again and risked taking out my cock, which was harding. He was pissing and I glanced at his cock again and mine jumped with the stimulation of seeing it again.As he pissed he made a sort of display of his cock for me. He lifted it up and I could finally see he had a ladder of piercings on the underside of his shaft. I gasped involuntarily when I saw it. He turned and surprised me again by pushing me against the wall again. His cock was still free of his pants and it was pushed against mine, and was hardening. He put his face right up to mine and looked straight into my eyes and said 'I thought I warned you to be careful what you wish for'. My mouth was dry and I hardly knew how to speak. 'What does it take to join your group?' was what I managed to get out. He sneered again and said 'I don't know if you're man enough. You have to be prepared to take stuff and give other things up'. I didn't understand, but at that moment I thought anything would be worth doing to be with this guy. He could see the lust in my eyes and he knew he had me hooked. 'There's an initiation', he said, 'and new members have to submit to me and the group'. 'OK', I stuttered, 'but I only top, is that ok?'. He tongued deep into my mouth again, expertly, but roughly, and I groaned with desire. I could feel the roughness of the metal in his cock rubbing against my erection. 'If you want to join, you do exactly what I want, or you never bother me again'. I couldn't think of anything except how his tongue made me feel and the touch of his cock. He had me. 'I'll do anthing' I said. 'Anything can mean a great deal - are you sure?' he replied. 'Yes', I said, 'I want to be in your group more than anything else'. He kissed me once more, this time less roughly, then he carefully put his cock away and turned to go. 'Ok', he said, 'follow us back'. Then he was gone and I was left wondering what I had just let myself in for. I didn't know whether to be scared or excited, but my desire and the thought of his dark eyes and his mouth was driving me wild, and I couldn't even concentrate my mind on his cock, the thought of which was making me feel in ways I had never felt before. I got myself together and walked out into the car park. Tom and his guys were already getting on their bikes and I went over to mine and got helmeted and gloved and fired up the engine just as they were pulling out. I followed for about 8 miles. Tom was leading on his hot Ducati 848. Eventually they pulled off down a tree-lined lane and then turned again into a stableyard of a small farm. They parked up their bikes inside a small barn and I followed and parked up. I was shaking with nerves. They all must have been familiar with what was to happen as, without speaking, they led me to a stall at the end where there was a sling and a lot of other equipment. The five guys stood around me and between them stripped me of my leathers while Tom watched, his face showing no emotion whatsoever. They removed all my clothing and I have never felt so naked as I felt under the gaze of those five guys and Tom. My cock was semi-erect and was twitching as they lifted me into the sling and fitted arm and leg shackles. I was now completely at their mercy and exposed. They removed their leather jackets and Tom said 'Time to change to our initiation hardware'. They went to the chest at the side wall and there was a tidy as you might use for screws on top of it. Each had a drawer with their own name, which they removed and set down. Then they removed their identical black tee-shirts and removed their boots and leather trousers. All had identical leather jocks, which they also removed. Their bodies were similarly toned and hot but the other similarity gave me a gut-punch once it registered in my consciousness. They all had identical tattoos across between their hips, around their navels and down onto their cock shafts. The overall effect was stunning, intricate tribal and celtic ink work that flowed across their lower abdomen and down their shaft. Then my brain saw it for what it was - the ink work was an intricate working that encompassed several biohazard symbols. I flipped. 'You guys all poz?', I spluttered. 'Please tell me you're all on meds. I'm clean and I really really don't wanna be pozzed'. I was pulling at the restraints to no avail. Tom walked over to me, bent down and whispered into my ear 'You said you'd do anything, and I did warn you. There is no way out now and I promise I will look after you'. He kissed me and at that point I wanted to kill him. The guys, including Tom, then spent the next few minutes in complete silence at the side carefully changing the ends of their piercings. Like Tom they all had an ampallang and a ladder of 10 piercings on the undersides of their cocks. I couldn't see clearly, but was later to realise they were exchanging normal round ball ends for sharp pointed bar ends. By this time I was thrashing in the sling, swearing and threatening that when I got out I would kill them all one-by-one if they went ahead and pozzed me. They took no notice and Tom came to the head end of the sling. He was fully erect and he thrust his cock to my mouth saying 'Get it well wet or it goes in dry'. With that he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. I tried to scream as the sharp ends of his piercings cut my mouth, so instinctively I opened my mouth wider to avoid the cutting sensation. When he pulled it out, his cock was covered in my spit and blood. He moved to the other end of the sling and the other five guys stood around me, holding me down. Tom placed his cock at the entrance of my hole and I despaired. He forced his cockhead, which I had admired so much so recently, through my tight entrance. I couldn't exactly feel it but was certain that the sharp ends of the ampallang had already cut into the flesh of my anus. Once his cockhead was inside me he urged me to relax, almost sensually and his gaze held mine. He thrust his cock deep into me and I could feel pain like I had never felt before. I kept his gaze and as he fucked me I felt like I was drowning in his eyes. In spite of the pain I started to see the beauty in his eyes and face and I submitted to the intensity of his cock raiding me. I lost sense of time but I was aware his eyes were changing and the soft look was becoming harder and I realised that he was building towards orgasm. His cock, which filled my tight hole, swelled and then the most fantastic thing happened. As his cock pulsed and showered my insides with his toxic cum, the intense discomfort from the cutting from his piercings was soothed, bathed in his soothing toxic load. Tom's muscles all tensed as he came inside me and I was suddenly overwhelmed with desire for him again. As he pounded his cum into me, his ampallang directly massaging my prostate I lost control and my cock exploded in a huge orgasm that shot over my head and onto the chest of the guy holding my shoulders down. Tom left his cock inside me briefly, then removed it gently. He licked my cum off the guy behind me and off my chest and kissed me tenderly. I melted under the invasion of his tongue and our kissing was lubricated with my cum. He moved his lips up to my ear and whispered 'You're one of us now. You became completely mine once my demon seed was released into you. And now the others are going to initiate you too.'
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    i've had a great deal of discussion about Dom/sub (D/s) relationship with a member of this site, he's become a great friend and we share and discuss pretty much anything we can think of on the topic. But we're both "sub," and our discussion is our perspective, would really like to read others. Of course, there is discussion on this topic all over the place on this site, but i don't recall seeing a dedicated thread? Either way, i wanted to share some of my thoughts and would enjoy reading other's perspectives. My perspective: First off, i don't think their is an absolutely specific one size fits all definition of Dom or sub. i think part of the conflict that arises when the topic is discussed is some are certain that their notions and ideas are simply the way it is. E.g.: "if you are going to call your self sub, you must____________." Or, vice versa: "if You are Dom you are___________." i think to some degree, that we can all agree on general terms to fill in those blanks, but the more specific and defined we get, the more guys on either side start to drop off the 'qualifying' list. i've only met a few guys who call themselves "Dom" who i recognized as such. That's not to say they are not, just that they didn't strike me as such. And i am pretty confident that there are Dom guys who'd shake their head and say: "nah, you're not sub." The good news is, the guys i have recognized as Dom have also recognized me as sub. my point being that, for connection to happen, the gears have to synch. It seems to me that given the nature of D/s, there is often an expectation (on both sides) if a guy identifies as sub, he should make it fit. i think some things are intrinsic to who we are, so the expectation by the Dom or sub that they can change their color (so to speak), is unrealistic. Carrying the analogy, i've seen subs paint their self (so to speak) a different color because that is what their Dom demands, but it's just an outer coat, roleplaying, it's not their 'true color.' I guess that qualifies as submission of sorts, but it seems like submitting to the demand to pretend to be something you're not. on the other hand, i have experienced connection with a Dom where there was compatibility of desire, so the submission was natural and real. So, i know there is such a thing, i've known it with more than one Dom. i've come to think it's a waste of time to try and fit a square peg into a round hole. It can be forced into place, but it's not a fit, there are always gaps.
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    If you read the medical recommendations in detail you will find that undetectable with a supressed viral load OVER A PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME is considered safe / untransmittable. It is a well known fact that HIV viral load in blood / semen / mucosal tissue etc. decreases (increases) at a different rate once you start (stop) treatment. A supressed viral load in your blood over a prolonged period of time serves as an indicator that there is also little virus in other bodily tissues / fluids. Of course having just started meds is safer than having completely untreated HIV, just as taking PrEP intermittendly is better than not at all. It is still worthwhile to read up on the issue than just to go by word of mouth / what is touted by some. There is hard data for those who have been taking their meds over a prolonged period of time, that is why for THIS GROUP one can confidently make recommendations. But if you fall outside known parameters, everything is just a - more or less - educated guess.
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    That last part is rubbish. You don't need to stop having sex for a week just because you missed a dose. Truvada has a long half-life -- it is very "forgiving" of the occasional missed dose. In the PrEP research trials, no one who took at least 4 pills a week was infected. Of course it's best to aim to take your pill every day, but if you happen to miss one or two, don't stress.
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    When your new neighbor shows you what he's got..
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    Last night whilst the boyfriend was at work I invited an old fuck buddy round to give me a good seeing too, he’s recently invested in a PA so that coupled with a girthy 8” dick tore me up nice
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    All depends .. if im in the mood with the right guys completely naked. Love going out in commando, if not possible then go in jockstraps
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    Monday lunch time at a cruising site ( one of the few left ) older guy - proberly my age WTF ! But boyish with a great soft ass , fingered him while he played with his nips the lubed him up he took my thick cock and load like a champ.
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    Part 31   My whole being seemed to be on fire. I was lost in the moment trying to get his giant meat to cum down my throat. His fingers doing magical things with my ass made it hard for me to keep still and blow him. I wanted to taste that cum, but another part of me was now wanting that cock in my ass. I knew that was wrong to think of since I knew, now, that he was poz with a very high viral load, but damn my ass was gyrating and in more and more need. My mind was telling to stop and run away, now, but it was becoming only a whisper as every other bit of me was screaming for more sex. I was crazy and knew it. I wanted more and more. The stripper all at once pulled his fingers from my hole making me gasp at the loss and then he just grabbed me and picked me up and laid me down on top of the table. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and spread my legs wide and lifted my ass up and planted his mouth on my hole. His tongue replaced his fingers in my hole and I almost screamed from the pleasure. I reached down with my hands and grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled them wider trying to get more of his tongue in me while driving my ass back at him. I was almost berzerk in my thrashing. He kept on and on and then started to insert a finger and then another and another into my hole. My head was rocking side to side now. I was moaning and panting and trying to thrust my ass back to get his fingers and tongue in deeper and deeper. His tongue was dancing all over my hole and his fingers were driving in and out and twisting around faster and faster. I found myself almost yelling at him, "I want your cock in me, please, I need it. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me now." I looked down at him and he was looking up at me and he pulled his tongue back, but not his fingers, and said, "what else do you want?" I was puzzled and then it hit me what he wanted to hear and I told him, "I want you to fuck me, hard, with that giant cock of yours and.....and fill me with your toxic poz cum." I had had to hesitate before saying that. I still wasn't sure I did, but at this point my ass needed that cock and I was afraid he would stop and I would be totally wild then. He slowly started kissing his way up across my body. His fingers still doing their magic in my hole only now I could really feel them dragging. He smiled as he got to my lips, gave me a huge kiss and then very roughly ran his fingers in and out of my ass dragging what felt like huge sharp nails in there. Then he pulled them out and as he started to push that giant cock in me, he held his fingers up in front of my face and I could see they were dripping my blood. I just stared as he said, "I tore your ass open good. It leaves a much better path for my toxic cum to get into you." He grinned at me and drove his cock in. His lips clamped on mine as I was going to scream from the pain and then I felt my ass seem to tear open more and the head of his cock was in me. My legs went straight out and opened wide to try and relieve me of that. He hesitated a few seconds and then pushed some more and I felt a few more inches go in. He stopped again for a few more seconds and then pushed again. He kept doing that, a very little bit in at a time and then only a few seconds hesitation and the in more. Then I felt the impossible, his balls hit my ass and that whole monster cock was completely in my ass. My eyes flew wide open when I realized that and he leaned back, looking me deep in the eyes and said, "see, I told you you could take it all. Now get ready as I am going to give you the fuck of your life." With that said, he started outward and then inward, just a little at a time to start with. I was gasping with the pain. Then he was going further out and in with each thrust, till on the out stroke he only had the head of his cock still in me, then he would thrust back deep inside me completely. The pain was finally starting to subside. As his movements got faster and harder the pain disappeared and in its place came pleasure, soon to be complete exstacy. I was now shoving my ass back on his cock as hard as he was fucking me. I could help and and was now saying uncontrollably, "oh, yeah, fuck me! Ram that fuck stick in me deep! Destroy my hole! OH, come on fill me up! I want your cum! OMG, POZ ME, POZ ME, POZ ME!" I was out of control. He then then exclaimed, "Your hole is so tight, I'm not going to last long in there. Get ready." I almost screamed, "yes, do it, do it! I want your hot toxic AIDS cum in my hole now!" Then with a few more thrusts, he rammed me as hard as he could and went as deep as possible and I could feel every vein in his cock throbbing as he unloaded his HOT cum deep inside my bowels. He was grunting and groaning his pleasure as much as I was and I felt my own cock erupt again and my cum was spraying everywhere. Then his lips found mine and we lay there in our bliss kissing and cuddling for a long time.
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    just got a new dose of syph here. totally up for swapping.
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    I pretty much stumbled into the trucker thing by accident. When I was younger I'd ride my bike to a rest stop not far from my home to cruise. It had an area out back for truckers to park and rest. They'd cruise the bathrooms and hang out in the bushes out back. You'd also see guys and girls walking around the rigs and it didn't take long for me to figure out the were working the truckers looking for sex. I wasn't that bold so I stuck to the bathroom and bushes. Most just wanted a blowjob or handjob but some wanted to fuck. Other posters are right, they were usually chubby, hairy, not quite so clean, scruffy faces, and such but I didn't care...I just wanted a load down my throat or in my ass. They'd usually pull out a rubber and ask if I wanted them to wrap and I loved seeing their faces light up when I said they could fuck me without one. i got to know one of the truckers pretty well...he had a regular route and we lined up dates and times to fuck. He said that truckers sometimes use apps but don't have a lot of free time to fuck...just regulated break time. They like seeing guys hanging out with that look like they're cruising and so I started perfecting that look...shirtless, relaxed but at the same time like you're looking for something. He explained to me how things happened at truck stops, how guys work the trucks looking for truckers to have sex, working the showers at truck stops. Once I could drive I started hanging at the Flying J near me...could always get a lot of action in the showers and there was a Cafe Risque next to it, great place to hang out and service horny truckers. Took more than a few loads in a sleeper...
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    Over my lifetime the m=number of men who have fucked and bred me would be in the vicinity of 2000 and I would be flat knowing 25% of their names. But my tops all know my name "pig" "slut" "whore".
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    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the comments! ------------- Part 41 - Second Interview Joe woke up and looked at the clock 9:47 AM. He got up and left Kyle sound asleep and went into the bathroom. He pulled the plug from his ass and sat down on the toilet. It felt like a half gallon of cum came out when he pushed. He stood up and looked at the cum in the toilet and smiled. It had felt good to be a cumdump again, even for just an evening. From Greg’s text messages it sounded like todays meeting would be all business. He prepared for a few grueling interviews and maybe see what the office was like. He showered and cleaned out just in case. He trimmed his beard and looked again at the new haircut Enrico had given him. He missed the mohawk but this looked more corporate than student while still looking good. He walked back to the room and saw Kyle on his phone. Kyle looked over at Joe standing there naked and said “Fuck, you are so sexy.” Joe got dressed with the set of clothes that he brought in case he was able to meet with Greg about the job. The long sleeve shirt covered the ink on his arm and the long pants covered the Doc boots he brought. He looked himself over and thought “clean with a bit of an edge, I hope it makes them remember me from all the other boring guys they see.” He went out and made some coffee and ate a muffin before knocking on Mark’s door. As he approached he heard the familiar sound of two men fucking. He knocked and then yelled through the door “ten minutes to blow your loads, we have to leave in twenty.” He heard laughter coming from the room and from Kyle laughing behind him. The four of them hopped in the car and after a few blocks Kyle said “this car fuckin’ stinks of cum.” Mark and Eric chuckled “Yeah, we didn’t have time for a shower, we figured we’d just fuck until we had to leave.” Mark pulled up to a nondescript office building that looked identical to the dozen buildings around it. “Is this the right address?” asked Mark and Joe nodded. “I’ll send you a text when I’m done” Joe said as got out of the car and then walked up the sidewalk to the door. Joe checked in with the receptionist and sat in the waiting area. It was only a minute or so and Greg walked up. They shook hands and Greg said “You’re looking good… But you’re looking a bit… uh… conservative, don’t you think?” “I didn’t want to give a bad second impression” Joe replied with a smile. Greg ushered Joe into a small conference room and said “There are two people who want to talk to you today. Once they have had their way with you, I’ll give you a brief tour of the place.” “Sounds good” replied Joe. The first interview was with a guy in his late 20s and looked like he had just gotten out of a goth club. From the appearance he was expecting an easy interview but instead it was question after question, probing what Joe knew or thought he knew. He wasn’t sure, but he thought that the guy was checking him out and he wondered what team he played on. He briefly thought that the guy would be a wild fuck and was then jolted back to reality by another question. Joe asked a few questions about the position that they were considering him for, but didn’t get much of an answer and was sweating by the end of the 45 minute session. He waited a few minutes and the second person walked in and was almost the exact opposite. He was in his late forties and was all business - white shirt and tie, dress pants, expensive loafers and a simple wedding ring. The interview was not as brutal and much more conversational letting Joe ask more questions about the company and the job. At the end the guy said “Greg was pretty excited about getting you here for an interview. Usually we have to fly people in instead of them coming to us.” Joe replied “Well, I told Greg I was going to be out here visiting my brother for the holidays so I guess it made it easier on all of us.” “He also said that you were a team player and made sure the job got done. I hope he didn’t pressure you into doing anything. He can get pretty insistent when he wants something” the interviewer said with a wink. Joe chuckled “No, not at all. It’s been a very interesting interview process.” “Good. I think he’s going to show you around and maybe meet some of the people in the group we’re thinking you might fit in with. It was good to finally meet the guy we’ve been hearing so much about” the interviewer said as he got up and shook Joe’s hand. Greg came back in the room and shut the door. “I hope everything went well. I guess I should ask you at this point if you’re still interested” Greg said. “Very much so. It sounds like an interesting project and company” Joe answered. “Good. Now lets take a short tour around the place” Greg said. They wandered around seeing the office and Joe noticed that many of the cubicles had some sort of pride item hanging so he assumed that it was a very gay friendly place to work. Greg said about halfway through “Not a lot of people are in this week. Officially the company is closed this week and next with just a skeleton crew. Many that are here now are working so that they can go on a little trip to a trade show at the end of May. Its in Chicago and some of our employees take advantage of it to go to the other event that happens there Memorial Day weekend. Its a lot of fun and you get to see a different side of some of your co-workers.” Greg looked at Joe and winked. They turned a corner and ran into a young guy about Joe’s age coming the other direction. They stopped and Greg said “Raphi, I’d like you to meet Joe. We’re interviewing him to start about the same time you do. Joe this is, uh, Raphael. He’s interning with us right now and will graduate when you do.” The two younger guys shook hands and smiled at each other. “I see you get to interview the hot ones, Greg” Raphi said. Joe blushed and Greg replied “Yeah, I find them in the strangest places, too.” “Too bad you won’t let me interview them and warn them what they’re in for” Raphi said with a chuckle. Joe said “Oh? Is it a sweatshop? Or is it filled with crazy people?” Joe said with a chuckle afterwards, hoping he didn’t offend anyone. Raphi laughed. “It can be a sweatshop sometimes when we get busy, but its a good kind of sweat” he said. “Enough of that talk, Raphi. We don’t want to scare him off. He hasn’t said ‘yes’ yet, officially anyway” Greg said sounding a little serious. “No worries, Greg. I like to hear comments, good and bad, about what I might be getting myself into” Joe said with a grin. “Can I have your phone?” Raphi asked Joe, who tentatively pulled it out of his pocket and unlocked it. He handed it over and Raphi quickly was typing in his name and phone number into the address book. “There. You can call me and I can tell you what I know. Or we can meet for coffee or something” Raphi said as he handed the phone back to Joe while looking him over. “We have to get going. Raphi, don’t forget about next week” Greg said as he started to walk down the hall. “No chance of that, Greg” Raphi said. He winked at Joe and then headed off while Joe walked to catch up with Greg. They finished the tour up and Greg took Joe back to the reception area. “I was hoping to take you to lunch. Do you have a car or did you uber it?” Greg asked. “Kinda. My brother dropped me off. I have to text him when I’m done to have him pick me up” Joe said. “Oh yeah. That’s right. You’re visiting him out here. Do you think he’d like to join us?” asked Greg. “I don’t know…. Ummm…” Joe stammered a bit. “What is it? You don’t want me to meet him?” Greg inquired. “No, its not that. Its just that I came out here with my boyfriend too and I don’t want to abandon him” Joe said meekly. “Hehe, boyfriend? That’s kind of sweet and a different side of you I hadn’t seen. Send them a message and tell them to meet us at Mickey’s pub on Grant Street in about 20 minutes. Have a seat. I need to get a few things from my office and I’ll be back in a few minutes” Greg said. Joe sat down and fired off the message to Mark and Kyle. He got a message back from Kyle a minute later “shit. ok. just fucked mark need to shower” Joe laughed to himself, but was surprised at Kyle’s comment and was really envious. Greg finally came back with a satchel over his shoulder and the two went over to the pub. While they were walking to the door, Greg said “Don’t mind Raffi. He’s a good guy but sometimes talks too much. If you hadn’t guessed, he’s gay. And I think he wants you.” “Yeah, he wasn’t too subtle about it” Joe replied. The pub was pretty busy but they sat at a large table. Greg ordered a pint of beer and Joe followed suit. As they sipped their beers and waited for Mark and Kyle to arrive, Greg said slowly “So… does your brother know about your… uh… special gift?” Joe snickered and replied “Yeah, he does. I tell him pretty much everything.” Greg’s face turned pale and Joe realized he may have misunderstood the last comment and he reassured Greg “Oh, I don’t tell him, or anyone, about my clients.” Greg looked relieved and said “Oh thank god. I don’t want people to know I hire occasionally. Uh, I know this next question is kind of personal, but I’m curious. Do you know who gave it to you?” “You’re about to meet him” Joe said as Mark, Eric, and Kyle walked up. Greg felt his cock twitch. He knew at least one of the three guys that walked up was poz and had knocked up Joe. Joe said “Greg, this is my brother Mark, his boyfriend Eric, and this is my boyfriend Kyle.” They sat down and had a few beers and lunch. There was a lot of idle chitchat and Greg couldn’t hold back and finally whispered to Joe “Which one?” “What are you two whispering about. You look like a couple of school girls” Mark said, grinning. Joe took a deep breath an said “He wants to know who his poz grand-daddy is.” Silence hit the table as everyone looked around. Greg squirmed in his chair, uncomfortable at getting outed like this. “Sorry, Greg, but we’re all family here in a way and we’re all poz.” “I’m going to guess that my little brother gave you a gift, Greg. I hope it doesn’t jeopardize his chance for a job” Mark said quietly. Greg blushed and said “Yeah, he did. He’s one potent little fucker.” Everyone laughed. “So who is it?” Greg asked as he finally relaxed. He was guessing it was Kyle but wasn’t really sure. Mark looked at Joe and Joe nodded. “I was the lucky one” Mark said. “Fuck, thats so hot. You got pozzed from your brother. Have you always fucked each other?” Greg asked. “Hehe, no. The first time I ever fucked him was that weekend. Got a couple loads into Kyle then too” Mark replied. Kyle blushed. “Thats the weekend I converted from his seed too” Eric said with a big grin. “I guess I’m responsible for the bug in everyone here” Mark added with a chuckle. Mark’s eyebrows raised as a waiter walked up to the table. It wasn’t the guy that had been waiting on them and everyone turned to look at the tall, slender, young guy. “Hi Mark. I thought I saw you over here so I thought I’d say hi” the waiter said. “Hi Cole. Guys, this sexy dick tease is Cole” Mark said and introduced everyone at the table, saying Greg was a friend of Joe’s. Cole had turned bright red at Mark’s dick tease comment. “Well… I… uh…. just don’t know if I’m ready” Cole stammered out. Mark laughed. “I’m just busting your balls, Cole. I understand. When you are let me… or any one of us know. I’m sure we can help get you into the club.” Cole nodded with a smile and walked away. “Fuck, he’s cute” Kyle said. “Yeah he is. And a great fuck too. I used to fuck him when I was neg and have been trying to tag him since I converted. Almost had him a couple times but he backed out at the last minute both times. One day…” Mark told the group. “Well guys, this has been fun. I hope we can meet again some time, but I have to meet someone so I’m going to be taking off” Greg said. He started to turn to walk towards the door and stopped. “Oh, damn. I almost forgot. Joe this is for you” Greg said handing Joe a letter from his satchel. “I hope you’ll consider it and let me know if you want to join us. If you have any questions about the offer, just let me know.” Joe’s eyes got big as he took the envelope from Greg. “Uh, thank you very much. I’ll look it over and I’ll be talking with you next week” Joe said with a wink. “Mark, you have a smart, talented brother there. You should be proud” Greg said and then he walked towards the door. The waiter walked up to the table and asked if they wanted anything else. Mark said “Just the check, I guess.” “Oh, the gentleman that just left took care of it” the waiter said. “Tip too?” Joe asked. The waiter chuckled and said “He got that too, but you can always leave me more if you want.” The guys laughed and got up. Mark threw down a twenty and winked at the waiter before they left the restaurant. Mark drove back to the apartment and Joe quickly stripped out of his clothes and put on shorts and a tank top. The guys lounged around, drank some beer and smoked some weed. Finally Kyle looked at Joe and said “So, what did the letter say?” Joe laughed and said “I guess they want me. It sounds like a great job, the pay is more than what I thought and they will pay to relocate us out here.” “Cool. Are you going to take it?” Mark asked. “Yeah, I think so, but I need to talk with Kyle first” Joe replied. Marks phone buzzed and he glanced at it while saying “Let me know what I can do to help. You’ll need to find an apartment out here, but you can stay here while you look.” “Its not like its next week. I have to graduate first, Mark” Joe said laughing. Mark started tapping out a message on his phone. It wasn’t just a quick reply either. When he was done he said “What are you guys up for tonight? Quiet night in? Bar? Movie? Breed a horny waiter and his boyfriend?” Everyone looked at Mark with a grin on their face. “Cole?” Eric asked. “Yup” Mark replied as his phone buzzed again. It buzzed with more messages coming in while Mark was typing answers to the previous questions. When he was finally done, Mark said “Here’s the deal. Cole is ready. He said he’s been ready for a couple months, but his boyfriend wasn’t. The boyfriend stopped prep 3 weeks ago but doesn’t want to know when it happens. He wants to get stealthed, so no one can say anything about being poz or knocking them up. They want to come over tonight and we get to tag team him and his boyfriend. Is everyone up for it?” The three guys all looked at Mark with evil grins and Mark laughed. “I guess that’s a yes. I’ll tell him to be here at 9.” Everyone showered and prepped and Mark pulled out a box of toys and put it over in the corner. Eric stuffed a few tubes of lube around the living room and left a few sabotaged condoms on the table next to the couch. Mark hunted around for some more mainstream bareback porn to put on and realized most of the stuff he had involved visibly poz guys that were either wasting or had tattoos that hinted at their potency. “Joe, you’re going to have to leave your clothes on longer to hide the biohazard and scorpion so we don’t spook Cole’s boyfriend. Kyle, you should be careful too, your bush obscures yours but its still visible. Eric and I will get him sucking our cocks and you two can fuck them doggy. It should be interesting to see if we can hide it from him all night.” Joe nodded and packed some weed in a bowl and lit it. He passed the pipe around and everyone started to get baked. Joe was laying back on the couch in his jeans and a tank, Kyle just had his baggy shorts on, Eric had a pair of leather pants and a leather harness on and Mark just had a tight pair of jeans on. Mark got up and grabbed four beers and was walking back to the living room when there was a knock at the door. He handed the beers out and went to the door and opened it. There stood Cole and he assumed his boyfriend Pete. “Hi, come on in” Mark said. “Sorry we’re a bit early, but someone is a little horny” Cole said tilting his head toward Pete. Pete had a big smile on his face and the three walked into the living room. Eyes were roaming over each of the bodies. Mark went and got two more beers and Joe got up and passed a freshly packed pipe and lighter to Cole. Cole lit it and took a big hit from the pipe before passing it to Pete who did the same and passed it back to Joe. Pete sat down in a chair and looked over each of the four guys and they returned the gaze. Pete and Cole made an interesting couple. Cole’s thin six foot two inch body stood six inches over his boyfriend’s muscled jock body. Cole was clean shaven and Pete was scruffy. Cole’s body was naturally smooth except for his pits, a thin treasure trail from his navel to his pubes and Pete had light fur on his chest, trail, pubes, legs and ass. Cole had no tattoos and Pete, as they would find out, had a large back piece and both sleeves inked. Cole’s cock was a long, thin nine incher and Pete’s was a thick six inches. The only thing that they seemed to have in common was their love of cock. Cole sat on the arm of the chair Pete was in and the group talked and got to know each other a bit. “So, you guys are still in school?” Cole asked. “Yeah, just one more semester to go” replied Kyle as he adjusted himself as his cock stiffened. “You guys seem to keep in good shape, are you in sports?” Pete asked. Joe laughed a bit too hard and everyone looked at him. “Uh, I used to be on the wrestling team but I got booted when the coach caught me fucking my teammates” Joe explained. Everyone laughed. “Too bad dude. I bet that singlet looked really hot on you. I used to wrestle too in High School. Nothing better than feeling a hot sweaty guy pin you to the mat. Guess that’s why my record stunk” Pete said and the guys laughed. The pot and beer had loosened everyone up and Cole was the first to pull his tight t-shirt off and got a couple whistles. Pete was next and kicked off his shoes and took his shirt off as well. Cole then took his sandals and jeans off, revealing a red thong that was stuffed full of his cock. Eric didn’t want the guests to be the only ones undressing and he took his leather pants off leaving him wearing a black jockstrap and his harness. Mark pulled his jeans off and was going commando. “I know Cole is a total bottom and the four of us are vers” Mark said as he looked at Pete. “Yeah, I’m a total bottom too. I top once a year just to see if it still works” Pete said with a chuckle. “Theres some condoms on the table if anyone wants one, but I prefer it bare” Eric said. Cole pushed the table out of the way and went over to Eric and started to suck on his cock through the fabric. Eric’s cock got longer and thicker. Pete looked around and saw Kyle and Joe making out on the other couch and lunged over to Mark’s hard cock. “Fuck yeah. I always wanted to feel a pierced cock in my ass” Pete said as he started to lick Mark’s cock. “Then this is your lucky day” Mark said as Pete looked up at him. “All four of us are pierced so no matter which cock you get, it will have some steel in it.” Once Pete started to suck on Marks cock in earnest, Joe and Kyle got up and took their clothes off. Cole looked over and saw the scorpion on Joe and the biohazard on Kyle and his eyes got big. He knew Mark was carrying some potent seed, but didn’t expect the two younger guys to be as well. He grinned and went back to work on Eric’s cock, pulling it out of the pouch and sucking down on it. Kyle whispered to Joe “You get the wrestler, I get the tall one” and the two moved behind their victims. Joe got on his knees and pulled Pete’s hairy ass cheeks apart and probed with his tongue. He sucked one of Pete’s meaty balls into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue and tugged on it before moving to the other one. He then licked up Pete’s crack until he got to his puckered hole and lapped at it. He could hear Pete moan and knew he had him where he wanted him. He looked up and saw Mark smiling at him. Joe rimmed Pete for almost fifteen minutes and then felt Pete start to push his hips back. Joe knew he was anxious to get fucked and started to open Pete’s hole with his fingers and could feel Pete working his ass muscles. Once Joe knew his hole was loosened up, he stood up and grabbed one of the condoms off the table. He saw Pete look at him with a little surprise as he took the condom packet and smiled back at him. Joe rolled the condom on and looked at Eric with a big grin. He spread the lube onto the condom and pushed some into Pete’s quivering hole. He pushed his cock in slowly, not wanting the tampered condom to break right away. Slowly his cock filled the tight hole until his balls were resting on Pete’s. The moans from Pete told Joe that he was enjoying his cock filling him up. Joe hated having his cock wrapped up but it kept up the illusion and Pete was unaware of just how deadly the cock inside him was. His cock moved in and out of Pete slowly, almost like he was afraid of breaking him. With a nice even pace going Joe figured that he needed a few minutes of fucking before he could force the condom to break and get ready to breed Pete. Mark was feeding his cock to Pete’s mouth and he saw Kyle pull back from rimming Cole. “Hey Mark, toss me a condom” Kyle said and then caught the packet that Mark threw. Joe winked at his boyfriend and without words they were on the same wavelength. Kyle covered his cock up and put just a little lube on the shaft and pushed into Cole’s eager pussy. Joe and Kyle fucked in unison while Eric and Mark face fucked Cole and Pete. Kyle was less careful, since he knew he didn’t need to trick his partner and wanted to feel his raw cock inside Cole as soon as he could. The condom lasted less than a minute before he felt it tear and his cock was free once again. Cole pulled off of Eric’s cock and looked back with a big grin, but said nothing. Joe got to the point where he thought he could start fucking harder and he did. Pete seemed to be enjoying his cock inside him and moaned louder when the strokes got longer. Joe then started fucking faster, wondering if the condom would ever break. He really started to thrust in hard and could hear Pete gag as Mark’s cock was getting shoved down his throat. He was drilling Pete’s ass and finally felt the condom give way. He slammed in one more time and then slowly pulled out yelling “Shit! The condom broke.” He pulled out and saw the shredded latex hanging from his cock. Pete was whining at his suddenly empty hole. “Shove it back in” cried Pete. “But dude, the condom broke” Joe answered. “No more condoms over here” Mark said, trying not to laugh. “Ok, I got some in my suitcase” Joe said. “Please, just fuck me. I don’t care if its bare” Pete begged. “Kyle and I only bareback each other. We always fuck safe with others… even my brother” Joe said, trying to give an Academy Award winning performance and it seemed Pete was buying it. Pete was pleading with his eyes. “It’s ok, babe, I think we’re ok with these guys” Kyle said as he stopped fucking with his bare cock buried inside Cole’ ass. “Are you sure” Joe asked and Kyle nodded vigorously. “We’re both neg. We just got tested last week” Pete said, trying to reassure Joe that he wouldn’t catch anything. “Okay…” Joe said as he removed the remnants of the condom from his cock and smiled as his raw cock drove back into Pete’s loosened hole. The raw cock sliding against the inner flesh of Pete’s hole felt so much better and he really got into the fuck. Pete could feel the new energy from Joe and loved how his raw cock felt inside him. He could even feel the piercing inside of him, especially when it would drag through his outer ring. Joe kept looking over at Kyle and sync’d up with him quickly. They had fucked enough guys together that they could time their cum shots pretty well. Both of them started pounding their bottoms harder and when Joe saw Kyle close his eyes and lean his head back he knew he needed to be ready to breed Pete’s neg hole soon. A few more thrusts and he heard Kyle groan as his venom shot into Cole’s uninfected body. Kyle grabbed Cole’s hips and slammed in several more times, each thrust bringing another spurt of poz cum. The sound of his boyfriend breeding another neg hole spurred Joe into action. His balls contracted and then he felt his cock pulse and shoot his own strain of infected seed into Pete’s unsuspecting cunt. Joe slammed in hard and let the cum flood Pete’s guts. He heard Pete yell around Mark’s cock and then felt him milk the last drops of cum out of his cock. Joe pulled out and then traded spots with Kyle. His cock slid in easily into Cole’s cum slick hole. Kyle decided they had crossed the line and didn’t need to give the appearance of a safe fuck and just shoved his bare cock into Pete’s hole without attempting to get the condoms in their room. Pete grunted and then yelled out “Fuck yeah!” when Kyle’s cock went into him. Joe and Kyle were soon pounding their new bottoms and enjoyed the sloppy holes. They varied the fuck like synchronized swimmers and with a nod of Joe’s head they were ready to pump another load in. Eric and Mark were yelling encouragement as they could sense the boys were getting close. Almost simultaneously, Joe and Kyle shoved in hard and shot their charged up wads of cum inside. Kyle pulled out first and then Joe, they looked at each other trying to decide what to do to not let the bottom sluts see their tats. Joe laid down on the floor and motioned Kyle to climb on top and 69 each other, sucking each others cocks clean. When Mark and Eric saw the younger boys pull out, they quickly pulled their cocks out of Cole and Pete’s mouths and pushed them up on the couch, their heads hanging over the back and asses over the front. Mark drove into Pete’s well fucked hole and felt the two toxic loads inside surround his cock. He really enjoyed plowing into a bottom that had several loads in him and he could tell that Joe and Kyle had been generous in filling Pete up with cum. Mark had been edging the whole time he watched Joe and Kyle breed Pete and Cole and now was struggling to keep from cumming too soon. Eric had wanted to fuck Cole since he first met him over a year ago. Now he was getting to do it and help poz him up. Cole’s well lubed hole let him ram his cock in easily and he kept up the pace. He drilled in hard and forced the cum inside Cole deeper. He changed the angle of his cock to get his PA to drag against the walls of Cole’s colon and try to help the bug to get inside his body. Eric heard a grunt behind him and quickly glanced over his shoulder and watched Kyle start to ride Joe on the floor. He turned his attention back to Cole and kept pounding his hole. He played with the rhythms of Mark’s body hitting Pete, him and Cole, and Joe and Kyle. Keeping it synchronous for a bit and then syncopated. He heard Mark start to grunt and waited to hear Mark unload before he did. It was only seconds later when it happened. Mark grabbed Pete by the shoulders and forced his cock in deep and then unleashed his viral seed into Pete’s neg-for-now hole. Eric pulled all the way out and then slammed in and jettisoned his payload of charged cum into Cole’s cunt. As Eric and Mark stood there panting, they heard Joe scream out followed by Kyle yelling “Breed Me!” The three pairs stayed motionless for a minute as the tops contemplated their next move. Eric slowly pulled his cock out of Cole’s flooded hole and watched some cum run down his leg. It wasn’t pearly white and he knew that the three fucks had definitely done some damage to the soft tissue inside Cole’s guts. Mark pulled out slowly too, trying to keep as much of the bug riddled cum inside Pete as he could. He wasn’t sure he could shoot another load so quickly but traded places with Eric and tried anyway. “Oh fuck no!” screamed Pete as Eric’s cock jabbed into his tortured hole. Mark and Eric were less aggressive this time and they knew that Cole and Pete appreciated a softer fuck. Each time Cole tried to squeeze his ass around Mark’s poz cock it was a struggle. His ass was sore, he ached inside and his muscles were tired. He had taken a lot more guys at parties and at the bathhouse, but he had never been fucked that hard without even a short break. Pete was whimpering as Eric drilled his ass. His body hurt from the fuck but it still felt good having a cock inside him. When Eric would pull almost all the way out, he felt empty inside and when Eric pulled all the way out, he begged for his cock to go back in. Joe and Kyle quietly stood up and watched Eric and Mark fuck for a moment before heading into the bathroom and they rinsed off. Once they were dried off, they dressed to hide the telltale ink and went back into the living room just in time to hear Mark yell out as he shot his poison into Cole’s bug hungry hole. It took Eric a little longer to get his balls to ready their infected load to hopefully seal Pete’s fate. Mark and Eric finally pulled their death sticks from Cole and Pete’s holes and collapsed on the couch where Cole and Pete rolled over and sat next to them. “Oh my god that hurts” Pete said as he sat down between Mark and Eric. Cole ended up sitting on the end, next to Eric who he leaned over and kissed. “Damn that was fun” Mark said to the group while still breathing a little heavy. “Oh god yeah” Pete responded before looking at Joe and saying “Sorry if I got a bit demanding, but I really needed to get fucked. I didn’t mean to break your safe fuck rule.” “Its ok” Joe replied and added “As long as Kyle is good with it, I am too.” Kyle smiled and nodded. Kyle loaded the pipe and they passed it around a few times and drank some beers. After almost two hours of letting the cum soak in, Cole and Pete decided they should head home. They put their clothes on and said their goodbyes. As they walked out the door, Mark saw the wet spot start to form on Pete’s ass and smiled. Just before the door closed, Pete turned around and said “I hope we can do this again.”
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    I love pissing in an ass after I cum. Feels great showing my bottom what I think of him- personal cumdump and toilet
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    Okay guys, I made a mistake. A few days ago I went to the rocky horror picture show, that midnight movie thing where people don't actually watch the movie but prefer to talk and screw around. I rarely picked up guys from this place, but I do love sex so I wasn't opposed to the idea. I have been a little careful with who I screwed around with. I'm only 19 years old now, and I'm still a college girl, but eventually I want a family and it'd be much harder to find someone to start one with if I had STD's. The problem is, I've somehow developed a weird fetish for the biggest one of all; HIV. You guys have only nurtured this fetish, with all your stories, so I often end up getting off to my the idea of bugchasing. I thought I'd never do it though, until I met Tony. When I went to Rocky that night, I was with a few friends at first but they quickly went separate ways to hit on whichever guy showed them the most attention. Since I was the skinny blonde in the ground, I had quite a few guys hanging around me. I had worn a black minidress that only barely covered what needed to be covered, so they must have guess my intentions. I mostly just wanted attention, but I wasn't opposed if someone was promising enough. There were maybe 3 guys sitting next to me trying to chat me up, another few were sitting nearby in case these guys struck out. I don't remember much about two of them, but the third was Tony. He was funny, and confident, oh and he was only wearing golden underwear the clearly highlighted his man-parts. After a while though I still wasn't biting. The first two left quickly, but Tony stuck around for a bit. I laughed at his jokes, but when he asked if I wanted to head towards the back I declined, as I was pretty sure I knew what he intended. Eventually he said he was going on his own and left. After a few minutes, another guy came to sit down. He said "You're lucky you didn't go back there with that guy. I heard he has an STD." This peaked my interest. I politely told the new guy I had to go and walked towards the back of the theater. I found Tony and started with"Hey, someone told me something interesting just now... Is it true you have an STD?" Tony smirked. "People say the darndest things" he said, "a lot of them are just jealous of me." I noticed he hadn't actually answered the question. I pointed out to him "So is that a yes or a no?" He leaned in and whispered "Would it change your mind if I said yes?" "I haven't made up my mind yet, and people don't do things back here anyway. Now just tell me what you have." He leaned in further and pushed his body against mine. I backed up but was now against a wall. He followed so his body was lightly pinning me to the wall. He started kissing my lips, then moved to my neck. When I let out a slight moan he leaned up to my ear and whispered "Okay, I have AIDS. But people don't normally fuck in the back of the theater anyway, it's mostly just for foreplay before they take it home. So you're safe, right?" He went back to kissing my ear, and then my neck. I figured he was correct, I couldn't get it from just kissing him. Honestly I'd never been so turned on from just someone kissing my neck, I had to experiment with this a little. Tony was my forbidden fruit. While sucking on my neck, Tony reached his hand around to lift up my skirt and grab my ass. While pulling me into him by my butt, Tony started grinding his bulge against my front. He guided me to the floor where we started making out. Within a few minutes, he had crept his hand into my underwear and was fingering me. I started moaning much loader now. A crowd was starting to form, as people usually didn't go this far in the back of the theater where everyone could see. He whispered into my ear "You've got some interesting fetishes girl... Don't you want to take them all the way?" I knew this was too far. I couldn't actually risk getting something, especially since most people knew he had something and it would quickly get around that I had it too. I told him "No... I can't..." "I'll use a condom." he said. "Still, I can't risk that kind of thing". He accepted my rejection, and not wanting to get blue balls he stopped fingering me, got up, and walked away. I chose to leave the theater, cause I needed to get away from him before I gave into my urges. When I got to my car, some guy stopped me from getting in and told me he saw what happened and it was a good decision cause most people know Tony has HIV. I wanted to get home soon, but I was so fucking horny. I stopped and let this guy chat me up for literally 15 seconds before I said 'fuck it' and grabbed his bulge. He understood and whipped me around so I was leaning over the hood. I said "Use a condom" but he pretended not to hear. Within seconds my panties were down and he was inside me. The guy lasted maybe 30 seconds before cumming. I realized I'd basically just exposed myself to god knows what STD's, and I didn't even get halfway decent sex. It ended before I could get anywhere. The guy walked away quickly, leaving me with my panties on the ground next to my car. I pulled my panties up, as another dude walked towards me. This guy said he wanted to show me something in the theater. I wasn't sure what to expect, as he could clearly just fuck me out here, so why go inside? I was intrigued, so I let him lead me back. When I got inside, I saw Tony again. "I heard you screwed some guy just now? But you wouldn't screw me?" I turned to the guy who had led me here. "I wanted to see a show" he replied. I was about to turn around and leave, but he grabbed my neck, I guess he figured out how much I like guys doing things to my neck. He pulled me back to him and let his bulge rest against my crotch. He started kissing me passionately and I couldn't convince myself to make him stop. I told him "I can't fuck you... I need a husband someday." He didn't reply and instead just guided me to the ground. Again he started fingering the shit out of me. He said "I know you want this." as he pulled my dress off. He started pulling my panties off while I used my last bit of self control to say "I've got to go..." even though I was only wearing a bra at this point. I felt someone come behind me and unclasp that as well. I looked and saw the guy who had led me here. He said "I also have that fetish, I've never seen it in real life though." I realized there was a large crowd around now. I knew I had to go but Tony had crawled on top of me. "Tell me to fuck you" he said. "Use a condom..." I pleaded. He was resistant to using a condom, but several people in the crowd yelled at him to use one. Apparently they weren't all bugchasers. Tony obliged and finally put on a condom. I was still hesitant about this, but I couldn't stop myself anymore. He pushed my legs open, slipped in between them, and slid in his cock. It was a fuck like I couldn't believe. He was pounding me relentlessly, within five minutes I had cum three times. I had my legs wrapped around him as he kept jackhammering my pussy. After the third orgasm, the guy from the parking lot came over and said "I didn't lead her back here for you to use a condom though..." Tony smirked. He used one hand to hold me down by the neck, then pulled his dick out and used his other hand to pull off the condom. A few people in the crowd shouted their disdain, I half-heartily tried to push him off but he just kept humping me. The crowd was still shouting at him to use a condom, so he shouted back "If she wants me to stop, all she needs to say is stop". I almost said stop, but I had waited too long for this. Just one more orgasm I thought. Between moans I said "Please don't cum in me..." but he just grinned. His pace starting picking up, I could feel his breathing getting heavy. The crowd was yelling again, telling him not to do it. I almost told him to stop, but I was so close to my fourth orgasm. As I approached my peak, he yelled "I'M CUMMING!!!" That sent me over the edge as I felt his cock start pulsing, launching poisonous cum into my womb. I felt him pump at least 12 shots in before finally settling down. The crowd was silent now. I laid there for a while, not really sure what to think. I drank a lot of Gatorade and things since then. I'm still not sure if I have it. It's not very contagious via vaginal, but he pumped so much in... I'm still afraid to go to the doctors. In a few weeks we'll see if I got sick. Until then, who knows? Maybe I got away with my mistake?
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    As a Female hooker the idea of bug chasing and dirty sex has corrupted and consumed my mind. during the nights I'm a street walker so i've seen and been in some fucked up places. i have take more dick and loads them most people can dream of. I like writing and exploring dirty situation that i have been in or fantasize about. so here the deal. if you guys care to play a Role playing game where i host you conversion party? All i would need is ur participation and some background on you and your ideal conversion party. after that i will create a custom story for your where u chose your own path not knowing the results of each choice till the very end. My mind is pretty dirty and i can think of some fucked up hot thing that can happen while providing you with some hot sexual stories. lets see how this goes so please leave a comment if you want to play i will choose two people to begin. if there lots of interest i might do more if not more can be selected once the first to stories are done. IF YOU LIKE DIRTY, KINKING, BUG CHASING, stories you have come to the right place.
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    Sex between men is primal almost animalistic. It’s RAW, primal, sweaty and gutteral and spontaneous, Who want’s to interrupt a perfectly good rhythm of intense sexual energy by having to pause and put a fucking rubber on. If that’s not bad enough once you finally start to get back in the google and attempt the task at hand, Yoyr mood is killed again Condoms are binding there is NO AMOUNT of LUBE that can make the sensation of rubber pinching your sphincter with every thrust, if your a top I’m sure having your member asphyxiated and choked can’t be a great combo to help your stamina. Bareback is definitely better. There’s a turn on because it makes you feel liberated and a bit dirty at the same time and having him shoot his load deep inside you, No better feeling than that. Unless you’re dynamite at munching some ass
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    Since I lost my virginity I've a total bottom, total top, total bottom again, very bottom for a while. And now I'm verse, bottom for my partner top for everyone else. Don't flip, never liked, never will. Now I just want some ass. So many bottoms out here to fuck.
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    Thanks, @tallslenderguy, for the in-depth explanation. I love knowing about the reasons why things work the way they do, and it’s always best to get it from the most knowledgeable source you can. I’m an information professional, so I know how to find information, but that’s not the same as knowing it.
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    You'll always be his POZ Dad!
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    I had another one of those days when all you can think about is sex so I ended up coming to this hotel that’s known for being crowded with horny sleazy guys. I’ve gotten a room and so far I’ve had 3 dicks in me and I'm carrying around two loads. I talked to his hung top during the day so as to get bred and he told me we should come here. He ended up being an hour late so I got a room while I waited. This big bear type with an average dick was just relaxing in his room and wanted to breed my hole so I came over and dropped on my knees as soon as he opened the door. He was massive. Really big hairy bearded lots of man for me to have. As soon as I walked in he told me he was jerking off just before I got there so he wouldn't take long to finish. So a quick breeding as to warm up my hole and get it lubbed up? Perfect. I blew him, he kept sniffing poppers repeatedly and with intent and all of the sudden got up, ran to my hole and fucking shoved his dick in me, making me hurt and, while moaning a lot, said “I’m cumming! I’m filling you up!”, and all I could reply was that he'd please push it in deep. By the time I came out, the top I had talked to before coming here had arrived and we had some beers and fucked. He’s this tall 6’ guy, big cock that takes forever to cum. We fucked for about 40 min but my hole got sore and I figured I could use a break. He’s promised his load will go in me later tonight, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. After him I came back to my room and saw that this guy that had filled me up once before was nearby. We texted and he was too at the hotel. I walked up to his room, he had an apple filled with weed for me to smoke while he ate my ass, sucking the bear's cum out of me. “I’ll add another load to that hole, cunt”, he said, and I just got on all fours and felt him slide easily all the way in. He’s got a nice 7-8” dick and fucked me relentlessly. On all fours then standing up, then against the wall, then laying on my back, then laying on my stomach, then again carrying me but from the back (I’m 5’4”, so #prosoffuckingshortguys) and then again laying on my back. It was so fucking hot my cock started oozing out cum without me jerking off and once he saw that it drove him crazy. If he was fucking me hard, he made sure I’d remember him tomorrow by grabbing onto my shoulders and forcing his dick all the fucking way in with each shove. “I know you whore like it deep inside you so I’m leaving it there... now”, was all he said as he closed his eyes and nutted inside me, adding his DNA to the bear’s. I quickly got dressed, asked him if he wanted to smoke some more he should come down to my room and I’ve been writing this story ever since. I’ll update it as the night develops. As of this moment, though: 3D/2L —————————————- So I relaxed for a bit, smoked some pot and watched TV. Over Hornet this tall bald headed top talks to me, average dick, average body, handsome, looking for a hole to breed. Says he’s been fucking a guy but the bottom couldn’t take him any more and he didn’t cum. “Come on over”, I told him, “no reason for you to go bed carrying that load around”. He got here in 5 min and in ten was shoving his dick down my throat. It was soft but got hard fast, nice long shaft and big head cock. I could tell all he wanted was to cum, so I told him to lay in bed, I got his dick nice and wet with a mixture of my spit and cum from my hole and sat on it. He then began fucking me non-stop, grabbing my torso and making sure his cock went all the way in, not even letting me move. I was just his living and breathing cumhole and I loved it. He paused for a bit of poppers, let me have some and went back at it again, this time with his eyes closed, not even looking at me. His moans became louder fast, his body started jerking around and a big smile appeared on his face. “Consider yourself knocked up”, he said, and I thanked him for his load. He stayed a bit longer and left. 4D/3L —————————————- I had started writing the previous part when I heard a knock and figured the guy who had just left had forgotten something, so I went out naked and saw no one at he door. I peeked around and this guy was standing in the hall. I literally just shrugged and nodded him to come over. “You top? Looking for a load here”, I said, to which he replied “We’ve been talking on Grindr, man”. “Awesome”, I said, “so you know the drill”, and know it he did. He was naked in a minute and had his dick swirling around the three loads in my gut in 2. His dick was nice, perfect shape and felt soft as hell, which I can’t say is a word I use often to describe dicks. He fucked me hard and non-stop, grabbing me by the waist to make sure I didn’t move much. He put me on all fours but I soon got pushed down onto my stomach, shoving his dick all the way in. As usual I asked him to please leave his load there, as deep as he could. And as usual that drove him over the edge. He was soon making faces, jerking a bit and moaning as he let all his little guys lose deep inside me. My ass hurt but I took it and pushed back against his dick. After he finished he got dressed and left. He’s two rooms over and might get another top for later. While I wait here, though: 5D/4L —————————————- The last guy to breed me came back to leave another load. The sex was good, he fucked me really hard again and laid me on my stomach, shoving his dick deep inside me. After a while though it got repetitive and I could tell he was spacing out, wanting to give me cum out of knowing how badly I wanted it, but also not quite stimulating his dick just right. He pulled out and told me to get on all fours on the edge of the bed, ass looking at him. He played a bit with my hole, sticking a couple of fingers in while jerking off really hard, while I squeezed my ass as hard as I could and relaxed and squeezed again. He really liked that and his jerking off got stronger. "Please leave it in me", I said, to which he simply replied "Yes" and stuck his dick all the way in into the pool of four loads I still have inside of me, while at the same time grabbing me by the waist and throwing his head back, moaning loudly, but not pulling out, pushing deeper and deeper and then fucking me some more, fast and hard. I couldn't take it anymore and I shot the biggest load I've shot in the last few months. He pulled out, we talked for a bit, I thanked him again for his cum while he changed and left. It's been about 5 hours since I got here, and after posting this I'm getting ready and leaving. I'll have this 5 loads in me for as long as I can. 5D/5L
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    Part 3   My new neighbor and his friend went at it for a good hour. I could not believe the time. Then I finished up my room and got around for the day. It being Sat. and a nice day, I decided to mow the yard like normal for me. I went and got out the mower and then decided to clean it before. I sat down on the lowest step and tipped the mower over on its side. Then started to scrape out the old grass and dirt from the underside, which I had not done before putting it away last time I used it. I was concentrating on it and then it dawned on me someone was watching. I looked up to see Hank standing there watching me and I had not heard him walk up. Being down so low, about the first thing I noticed was that he was wearing old style shorts, the kind men used to wear and very short in the legs. I found myself, basically, looking right at his cock almost hanging out. It was huge. I, being straight, didn't linger there though, it was just a passing thought. I looked up to see that the shorts were really all he had on. He was well muscled, I noted, and had a smile on his face. I told him hi and he said hi in return. He asked what I was up to and told him I was just cleaning the mower and then going to mow. He knelt down and wanted to know if I needed any help? Kneeling like he did, with those short shorts on, his cock practically fell out entirely. He said, "Oops, sorry about that, I just kind of threw these on and didn't realize how short they were anymore. Didn't mean to put on a show." I just laughed and said, "No problem, the neighbors can't see back here with that fence around the back." I went on to tell him I could get the lawn ok, but thanks anyway. I soon had the mower ready and got the yard mowed, working up a good sweat by the time I was done. I went in the house and threw off my sweaty clothes, took my shower and then before getting dressed, went to the kitchen to get a cold water out of the fridge. As I turned to go get dressed I heard a soft whistle and turning found Hank standing at the door. He said, "Sorry about that, but you left the door open and I was just about to yell when I noticed you bent over in the refridgerator. Sorry, also, about the whistle but couldn't help it as you do have a nice bod there. I just wanted to see if you had a hammer I could borrow. I'm going to hang some pics up and can't find mine?" I was a little flustered at being naked in front of a gay man, but regained my composure and told him that I did have one, just give me a minute to get some clothes on. He told me he would wait. I threw on some shorts and a Tshirt and went back to the kitchen. I dug in my tool drawer and got the hammer for him. We stood there a bit and made some small talk. He then said, "Oh, by the way, do you have plans for tonight? If not, I am having a few friends over for some drinks. Nothing fancy, just sitting around gabbing and you can come over if you want to. I am sure they would all welcome you." I told him, "I planned on going to a couple of bars to check on friends and see what else might happen." He said, "We will still be up late and the offer still stands if you want to stop by later." He then left and I started getting ready to go out and see if I could find a hot girl for the night. As I was leaving I noticed about 5 guys walking up to my neighbor's door. They each seemed to be, like him, about 35 to 40 years old and all seemed to be decent looking guys.
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    It's the fucking best thing in the world to get pissed on by a group of guys. Have gotten soaked many times in San Francisco , and at Wet & Hot in Palm Springs. Multiple guys pissing on me, me trying to drink as much as I can, and sucking on their cocks all at the same time. It always makes me feel like a porn star!
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    After last weekend, condoms are out the window. I enjoy the feel of the bare cock too much to go back. I used to be all about condoms but after feeling the joy of barebacking, its hard to go back to condoms.
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    I found out I was poz in 2002. I then used to chat in the poz room in Gay.com. I met online a guy who was poz and we became good chat friends. He talked about barebacking and convinced me that was the way to go. At some point I met a local guy through the same chatroom and we eventually hooked up. The first time I fucked him it was amazing and I was hooked on bb sex since. I still keep up with my internet chat friend even though I have never met him in person.

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