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    I recently tagged along with my partner on a business trip to Philadelphia and had quite a bit of extra time to lay around the hotel room to watch crappy movies, order room service, and cruise Grindr. I got a message early in the morning from Phil, a bald, bearded, furry, lean guy. Definitely my type, not so much for my partner, but he’s pretty good about going with the flow. Phil and I exchanged the usual pleasantries and then the sexting began and the sharing of pictures. He was versatile and always played safe. My partner finished up with his meetings and we headed into the city to explore, eat, and drink. Once back at the hotel, I let Phil know we were ready for him. He arrived 20 minutes later looking quite sexy in tight jeans and cowboy boots. We shared a three-way kiss while shirts were unbuttoned and pants were pushed down to our ankles. But like most versatile men, Phil wanted cock in his hole. My partner and I rubbered up and took turns on his hole. I would have loved to have been in there raw since his hole had the perfect amount of tightness, open but with friction. I could have have fucked it for hours. No, literally. Since I was wrapped up, there’s no worry about cumming too fast. Phil started to grab at my ass, spreading my cheeks. He asked to fuck me. I unrolled a condom on his dick, spread some lube on my hole and worked it in. He had a 6-inch, normal-sized dick, so it was easy to sit down on it. I rode him for a bit before he asked for my partner to get back in his hole. So I pulled off for a second while my partner lifted Phil’s legs and slid in. Since Phil was on his back with my partner’s cock in his ass, I went to sit on his cock again. It was a tricky position, but we were desperate to make it work. I reached back and moved Phil’s cock to the entrance of my hole. The angle was a bit off so I had to force it a bit. That’s when I heard a strange sound. I don’t know if Phil or my partner heard it, but there was a muffled snapping sound. I was 90% sure the condom had split open right at the top. But maybe it didn’t. Maybe the snap was just the weird angle and the sudden force of pushing into my hole. Hmmmm. Do I check? Do I stop the action to replace the condom when I would have been happy to sit on his raw cock anyway? Of course not. Knowing the condom is most likely split, I ride Phil’s cock and squeeze my hole as tight as I can each time I sit on it. My secret hope is that my hole is pushing the broken condom to the base of his cock so that there’s nothing but skin on skin. It doesn’t take Phil long to announce he’s ready to blow his load. And I completely understand. The guy is getting pounded by my partner’s fat dick while I’m riding his now-raw cock. I say, “Do it, man.” He grunts and moans and unloads. This sends me over the edge and I cum all over his furry chest. My partner pulls out, removes the rubber, and adds his cum to Phil’s chest. When I lift myself off Phil’s dick, I reach around and remove his condom. The room is dark. I can’t tell if it’s broken or full of cum. I put it on the dresser with the other used ones. Once Phil is gone, my partner and I turn on the TV and chill for an hour. That’s when I feel it. That feeling that I need to release some pressure from my hole, but, if I do, something is coming out with it. That’s when I know. I had been bred. I went into the bathroom, pretending that I needed to pee, and fingered my hole. It was wet, but not too wet. I smelled my finger. Cum. Sweet, warm man-cum. This pig was happy. I slept with that load in there. Only I would know. Which, of course, made me completely horny again. The next morning, the whole load came out. All condoms should fail so wonderfully as this one had.
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    I haven't abandoned this yet. I just haven't had any time to write in the last 12 months with everything going on with work, home, life, etc. Now that I am finally reaching a slowdown at work, I plan on coming back to this soon. There is already an outline made up of where I want to go with this, and I also started a story to tie in with this one... Just honestly didn't expect all the things I have to come up as they have. Just hold tight and you should hopefully see something in the near future.
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    After Jace finished licking the cum and juices off his dick Trey laid on top of him and began grinding his limp cock against his while licking his ears and neck. “That pussy was so nice and tight” he whispered into Jace’s ear as he continued grinding their cocks together. “Opened up for me like a tight velvet glove. I’m gonna enjoy that ass this week”. Jace’s sense of concern and second guessing himself for what he had done slowly began to melt away like butter and he found himself starting to get turned on again thinking of Trey’s black cock rubbing against his and feeling Trey’s facial hair rubbing against his neck. “Are you gonna be my poz cock slut?” Trey whispered into Jace’s hear as he continued grinding their cocks together, both now starting to swell back up. Jace was silent for a few seconds, knowing that he should say no but the rest of his body telling him to say yes. “Ya” “Ya what?” “Ya I want to be a poz cock slut” Jace quietly responded, finally letting all his inhibitions go and letting himself do what he knew he wanted deep down inside. “Are you gonna take any cock I give you this and take it’s bare load?” “Yes”. Trey smiled to himself and knew that he had finally broken through the barrier and made Jace finally realize that he truly was a cock slut meant to take his loads. By now both of their cocks were rock hard and oozing pre-cum, Trey’s much larger cock pressing firmly against Jace’s and rubbing pre-cum all over Jace’s cock and stomach. Trey climbed off Jace and turned him over on his stomach. “Get up on all 4’s so I can take that pussy again”. Jace eagerly complied, knowing that he was about to get fucked by Trey’s black snake again. Trey stood behind Jace on his knees, his cock rock hard and pressing against Jace’s ass. “Reach back and guide that cock into your pussy if you really want another load of my baby batter”. Jace quickly reached back and guided Trey’s python against his now loosened but still tight and cum leaking entrance. Jace snickered to himself and said “That’s a good boi” as he firmly started pressing his dick black dick into Jace, not stopping until his balls were against firmly resting at Jace’s pussy entrance. “MMMMMMmmgghh Oh my god that feels so good” Jace groaned out as Trey’s member worked its way up him, using the last load it had dropped as lube. Trey started into a steady pumping rhythm with his cock withdrawing from Jace’s hole so just the head remained before bottoming back out as far up Jace’s ass that it could go, causing Jace to moan and groan every time Trey bottomed out. “Fuck this is a nice white pussy” “Give me that ass” “I’m gonna wreck this pussy and make you pregnant” Trey panted while fucking Jace. After fucking like this for 10 minutes Jace felt Trey bottom out in his ass and wrap his arms around his chest and flipped them over so Trey was now on his back and Jace was sitting impaled on his meat. “Ride that dick boi” and Jace began bouncing himself up and down on Trey’s cock. This new angle caused Trey’s cock to dig deeper into Jace’s hole, causing him to feel new full sensation deep in his ass that was uncomfortable at first but quickly was replaced by pleasure. Jace put his hand below his ass and felt Trey’s cock, which by now was full of frothy cum as it worked the previous load he had blown in Jace deeper up his ass. Jace did not last long as he rode Trey’s cock and felt it press against his sweet spot on every thrust, and before he knew it he was yelling out “I’m gonna cum” as he began to blow spurt after spurt of his load all over Trey’s chest. “Only a true bitch cums from just a cock up their ass” Trey told Jace, “now clean up your mess boi”. Jace quickly leaned forward while still impaled on Trey’s cock and began licking his cum off Trey’s chest while Trey grabbed onto the sides of his hips and began working him up and down on his cock. “Fuck yes boi I love this tight ass”. After fucking like this for what felt like forever Jace’s ass was starting to become sore and he prayed that Trey would cum soon because he did not know how much more his ass could take. Suddenly Trey grabbed him under his arm pits and held him against his cock as he stood both of them up and walked them over to the couch, with Trey’s fuck stick still lodged deep in Jace’s ass. Jace was amazed at Trey’s strength and admired his bulging veins and the bio hazard tattoo on his chest, reminding himself that Trey was working another poz load up his ass. Trey’s cock continued to feel like a warm poker in his ass as Trey roughly dropped him on the arm of the couch, with his body laying across the couch the long way and his ass sitting perched up on the arm rest with Trey’s cock still up his ass. Jace was shocked that Trey was able to keep his cock up his ass while he moved them, and before long Trey was pumping his ass harder than he had all night. “This third load always takes a little more work boi” Trey snickered at Jace as he continued jack-hammering his ass. By know Jace’s ass felt like it was on fire and he began trying to push his hands back at Trey’s body to slow him down, but this had little effect and Trey kept pounding away at his ass. “Hope that holes ready boi it’s about to get another dose of my poz cum” Trey yelled as his cock bottomed out in Jace’s ass and he held it there. “Here cum’s my poz batter boi” Trey grunted at Jace his cock swelled up to an even thicker size before launching spurt after spurt of warm poz cum up Jace’s ass for the second time that night. Trey stood there for a second and caught his breath as Jace layed beneath him, still impaled by Trey’s now slowly shrinking cock. Jace noticed that they both were again covered in a slick sheen of sweat and the room smelled like sex and cum. Trey’s black cock finally came out of Jace’s ass with a “POP” followed by a few drops of cum that ran down his ass crack. Trey went over a bag and began digging around before coming back with a black object that Jace could not tell what it was. Trey began working the rubbered object up Jace’s ass and explained “this is a butt plug boi. We would hate to lose any of that cum I put in your ass before it has a chance to take. Keep this in until tomorrow morning to make sure my load knocks you up”. Jace knew full well what Trey said when talked about his load “knocking him up” and thought immediately turned him on. Once Trey had the plug firmly lodged in Jace’s ass he gave his ass a quick slap, leaving a red hand print behind and causing Jace to yelp. “Better get dressed before your parents come back and find out their son was getting fucked by black cock while they were at the show. Make sure you bring this tight ass back tomorrow for another dose of my black poz cum.” “I can’t wait sir” Jace replied as he pulled himself off the couch and began to get dressed, glancing at the clock and noted that Trey had fucked him the second time for over 45 minutes. Trey went into the bathroom and closed the door and Jace heard the shower start shortly after. Jace took this as his cue to leave and he showed himself out of the room after he dressed. As he was walking toward the door, he caught a glance of himself in the mirror and noticed he looked like a wreck, with his hair messed up and shirt ruffled up, and he was pretty sure he smelled like cum. None of this bothered him as he left the room and went back to his cabin with the butt plug stuffed in his ass and Trey’s cum marinating in his new-found ass pussy. Jace had never been so turned on his life and could not wait to get Trey’s cock up his ass again. Once back in his room Jace quickly stripped down to his boxers and fell asleep in his bed with the butt plug still holding Trey’s cum in place. Before long the phone in his cabin was ringing and the steward on the other end told him it was his 8am wake up call. Jace sat up in bed and quickly felt the plug in his ass press deeper as he sat on the edge of the bed. Jace had forgotten about the plug and the two loads of poz cum it was holding in, but instantly was rock hard as he thought about it. He gathered some clothes and went into the bathroom to start the shower. While waiting for the shower to warm up Jace reached behind himself and pulled the plug from his ass. Jace had a little difficulty removing the plug at first because his ring had tightened around the base, but after a firm tug the plug fell from his ass onto the floor. Jace sat on the toilet and went to the bathroom and noticed that the remnants of Trey’s two blood tinged poz loads were also floating in the toilet. Jace showered and dressed himself in a light blue bro tank and board shorts and left the room to go meet his family at breakfast, wrapping the plug in his dirty clothes and hiding it in his suit case before he left. This first stop of the trip was St. Thomas, and his family had booked a shore excursion for the day that took them on a sightseeing tour of the island before stopping at a beach for a few hours. Jace was eager to get to breakfast, hoping that Trey would be there. He was quickly disappointed when he sat down and saw Trey’s chair was empty. The family ate quickly and then went back to their rooms to get their bags with towels and other things they would need for the day. Jace and his family exited the ship and met their tour guide on the dock who showed them to a 15-passenger van that had the roof cut off. Jace found himself checking out the tour guide who he noticed was about 6’3” with a toned swimmers build. His skin was dark as night, much darker than Trey’s, and his hair was a thick set of dread locks that hung below his neck, pulled back into a pony tail. What piqued Jace’s curiosity the most was the large bulge in the front of his black cargo shorts. The bulge looked as big or bigger than Trey’s and Jace was immediately turned on at the thought of the large cock that was tucked away in those shorts. Jace took a seat in the very last bench seat and the guide explained that they were waiting for a few more people before they left. As Jace looked at the people exiting the ship his eyes quickly found a muscled black man wearing black board shorts and a tight-fitting muscle shirt and back pack. Jace quickly realized this was Trey and his heart began to flutter at the sight, thinking about his big cock fucking two loads into him the night before. Trey was walking down the gang plank of the ship and planned to spend the day walking around the town with no definite plans. As he walked down the dock, he saw a tour bus with the roof cut off, and he his cock went hard in his pants as he noticed in the back seat of the bus was Jace. Trey immediately knew his plans had changed for the day and went to speak with the tour guide, who informed him that there were still openings on the tour. Trey paid the fee and got on the bus, crawling back to the empty seat next to Jace in the last row. Jace saw Trey talking to the tour guide and prayed that Trey would not be on their tour bus because he knew it would be next to impossible to focus on anything that day but Trey’s cock, and he did not want his family to find out his new secret. Trey got on the bus and sat down next Jace, and Jace knew that his day was about to get very challenging. A few more people got on the bus and the guide got into the driver’s seat and started the bus and took off down the road. They were barely out of the parking lot when Trey positioned the backpack in front their bodies, blocking the view of his hands from the people in front of him. Jace felt Trey’s meaty fingers behind his back, and the slowly moved down to the waist band of his shorts. Trey slowly worked his hand down inside of Jace’s shorts, and Jace shot him a panicked look as if he were saying “not here I can’t get caught”, but this did not stop Trey and he continued working his fingers toward Jace’s hole. Jace suddenly felt one of Trey’s fingers work into his tight ass opening and worm its way inside. Jace squirmed and tried to stifle a moan, praying that nobody would notice. Trey leaned over into his ear and whispered “relax they are all too distracted” as he continued working a second finger into Jace’s chute. “I’m gonna fuck you at some point today be ready”. Jace’s cock was now rock hard in his shorts and he noticed that Trey’s shorts were also sporting a nice tent. Jace did not know how Trey would be able to fuck him today without anybody knowing, but he was turned on at the thought and could not wait for it to happen.
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    I actually just took a load at work for the first time! I was walking through the bathroom here and I could hear somebody beating off. I walked by the stall the noise was coming from and it stopped. I said "don't stop on my account" an a voice answered with "why don't you help me out" I thought for a second and told him to unlock the stall door and to my surprise, he opened the door and there he sat, Pdick in hand. He smiled and said "well..." So I walked in, shut the door, slid my pants off (he laughed when he saw my thong), spit in my hand, lubed up and sat down as he guided my ass onto his throbbing cock. He was rock hard. I bounced up and down for a little bit until he stood me up an pressed me up against the wall. He didn't take long to cum but he came BUCKETS. I'm back at my desk and I can still feel him leaking out of me lol
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    The next morning, I waved goodbye to my mother and got to the sauna about an hour before opening. Bill was behind the desk doing some paperwork. “Morning Timmy.” He said. I could hear some banging and clattering down the hall. “Got some guy’s in to fix the showers. One of the cubicles has a leak.” He said, typing something on the computer. I undressed, hanging my clothes in the cupboard behind the desk, and feeling the excitement grow as I got naked. There was a crumpled pack of lube in the locker. With shaky hands, I squeezed some onto a finger and smeared it over my arsehole as I’d been told. When I turned round, Bill had dropped his trousers and pants and was stroking his erection. “I hate doing these accounts,” He said, pulling me over to the counter. “Somehow they never seem to add up. Bend over, there’s a good lad.” I bent over the counter and he got behind me, still looking at the screen. Slowly, he slid his cock up me and begun to fuck me. “That’s better,” He said. “How’s your mum today?” “O..ok.” I gasped as he worked himself towards a climax. “That’s good….tell her I said you’re doing a good job, will you?” He thrust faster, then suddenly grunted and I felt his cock throb as it spurted. When he was done, he slid out and wiped it with a tissue and then returned to the screen. “That’s better.” He slapped my arse in appreciation. “Now go and see if the guys doing the shower need a cup of tea.” I got up and used the dirty tissue to wipe my backside, then went along the corridor to the shower area. There were two guys working there – almost like laurel and Hardy. One was short, fat and red-faced with filthy jeans below a belly bulging below his t-shirt and the other was wearing t-shirt and shorts and had hollow cheeks and skinny arms and legs They barely looked up when I appeared naked in the doorway. “Would you like some tea?” I asked, my cheeks red with embarrassment at being nude in front of them. “Mac? Time for a break?” said the skinny one. Mac nodded. “Two sugars for me. Jack here takes just milk.” I went off to the kitchen and made a couple of mugs of tea. When I returned, they were standing looking at the shower. “I think you’re right, Mac. Looks like that crack at the back is the problem.” Mac nodded, scratching his fat arse through the jeans. “Put them over there.” said Jack. I went and put them on a table. “What’s your name?” asked Mac, unzipping the fly below his bulging belly. “T..Timmy.” I replied, mesmerised as he pulled his jeans open and dug out a long, thick cock, rolling the foreskin over the head as it grew erect. “That’s the problem with these places,” Said jack, lifting off his t-shirt and dropping his shorts. “They don’t look after them like they should.” His cock was long and thin like him, and I noticed the veins standing out on his arms and legs. Mac also removed his t-shirt, exposing a huge scorpion tattoo which covered his pudgy shoulder, and a floppy belly above his glistening cock. Jack sat down on the sofa and rubbed his cock as Mac bent me forward until my face was in Jack’s crotch. I took his cock in my hand and began to lick the salty tip, noticing his dry, scaly skin and a couple of sores on his thighs. “well,” said Mac, getting behind me and resting his belly on my back. “That just means more work for us!” He thrust his cock into me, and I gasped at its girth which stretched my hole wide before sliding home and I felt his heavy balls slap against mine. Jack idly rubbed my hair as I sucked him whilst his partner fucked me with short, urgent thrusts. “Nice hole on this one.” He said to Jack who just grunted in acknowledgement. “Timmy wasn’t it?” He leant forward and whispered in my ear, his bulky body on my back. “Mmmm.” I replied, my mouth full of Jack’s cock.” “Well, Timmy. Here comes my dirty cum. Bill said he wants you knocked up!” With that, he gave a loud gasp and thrust hard into me and I felt his cock twitch and cum, twitch and cum. “Fuck, that was good!” He grunted as he levered himself off me and pulled out. “Hurry up, Jack, we’ve got work to do.” Jack raised my head, turned me round and pulled me down. His long, thin cock slid easily up me given the lube and two loads in my rectum, and I found myself sitting in his lap, impaled on his cock. “Crouch up a bit.” He said. I put my hands on his thighs and lifted myself so he could thrust up into me from below. “Dirty bastard” Laughed Mac. “Look at that cum dripping out!” He was right. As Jack’s cock fucked me, cum and lube dripped out and smeared his balls. Meanwhile, Mac had dressed and was on his knees fixing the crack. He looked over his shoulder and said. “C’mon Jack, I need a hand.” Jack grunted and snorted and then I felt him trembling as he added his spunk to the mix in my arse. Then he pushed me off and used and old towel to wipe himself. They ignored me, drinking their tea and discussing the shower as I wiped myself on the old towel and went back to reception on weak legs.
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    I’m a bottom. 200%. Insatiable. I’m also a good slut and though my cunt is open to all men, like most, I prefer thick and long. However, you don’t see me asking for BWC or BLC, so can we please retire the BBC moniker? I understand preferences and attraction and don’t begrudge anyone theirs. However, in the sex positive community, I’ve seen too many examples of racial stereotype/fetishisation passed off as simply a desire for big dick. Furthermore, at least once a day on Grindr, BBRT et al, I’m approached by another bottom asking me to fuck them. I’m Black therefore must be hung and somehow THEIR pussy will be the one to magically make me want to be the dominate top who will fulfil their fantasy of having a “BBC” impaling them. This frankly reduces me down to an acronym and I’m going to just put it out there (because most guys don’t): it makes me and a lot of other Black men feel really shitty. Can we please retire this and get back to the regularly scheduled breeding?
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    Had the bf load me up this morning and when we left he told me to not come back home until I got at lease 10 loads planted in my hole so that got me horny, cancelled morning meetings and began hunting on Grindr and the regular fuckbuda immidiatly got hit by a blank profile, texting me saying he’s a horny top looking to unload after the gym i was 5 min away, got to his place, he was wearing a jock so I dropped to my knees, started licking his sweaty balls and ass, he released his hard cock from the jock, 7” and thick, and made me suck on it i was super horny so I just turned around presenting my wet hole and begged him to shove it in me he happily obliged and went to town on my ass, power fucking my hole and he was into getting off quick just kept plowing me till he loaded me up (load #2) i left his place and saw a message from a fuckbud saying he and his partner are still home and horny, 15 min later I was at their place as they were waiting naked (8” & 9”) i started slurping on them and while I was facefucked by one of them the second went behind and shoved his dick balls deep in one go, commenting on wet tight pussy and started fucking deep i was impaled on his partners 9” down my throat as I was moaning from the pounding and leaking precum then they switched places and I cleaned the one while taking the other in my pussy till they both unloaded in my pussy and I cleaned the both loads #3 & #4 and it wasn’t even 10am Left their place and went through the Grindr messages. One stood out, 24 yrs, ripped body pics but he sent me his dickpic and boy did my pussy twitch, hung and a HUGE mushroom head the only words he sent was: “think you can take it?” i responded with a fuck yeah and got his address, was 15 min away and I was at his doorstep excited like a puppy in heat ? he greeted me naked and told me he’s got time, that he’s horny and he can cum lots and multiple times told him I got 4 loads in me and that I NEED more he got instantly hard hearing that and I saw his beautiful beast (said he’s 11” but I think it was bigger) with a head almost as big a fist I started licking it and i could barely fit it in my mouth but he kept pushing rough, made me gag on it and I had tears running down but I fucking loved it! He got me up and laid me on my back on the sofa, legs on his shoulders and handed me a poppers bottle “just in case” haha and pressed his cock on my pussy, no lube, just using his precum (and lots of it) and the previous loads and slowly pushed through. I was in HEAVEN! Feeling so full and stretched and he kept on pushing. I resisted using the poppers cause I wanted to feel it as I love the “pain” of being used hard he started plowing me and 10 min later announced he’s gonna fill me up and seconds later I felt his cock thicken as he shot a MASSIVE load in me, I could feel it pumping more and more cum in me and the most beautiful thing was that he didn’t get soft and kept his cock in me while I was milking him with my ass muscles load #5 couple of minutes later he resumed fucking, this time it was a longer and after 30 minutes he flipped me to doggy and started fucking my pussy HARDER, slapping my ass and calling me a slut, cumdump, whore and all sort of wonderful words I love to hear I was backing up my ass to meat him and his balls slapped mine hard till he came for the second time but it again felt like a huge load load #6 this time he pulled out and I immediately turned to suck his cock clean and to my surprise he got hard again! So this time he told me it’s going to be quick cause he needs to leave so I was back on all four and he shoved it back in my aching pussy in one go and fucked HARD 15 minutes of him grunting and me whimpering like a little bitch till I felt him pumping more cum into me Load #7 he was shaking so hard as he came it was like having a vibrator up my pussy ? as he pulled out some of the cum spilled out and I cleaned it up and sucked his cock clean again while I had his head in my mouth he grinned and I started to feel some piss trickling on my tongue and I sucked harder indicating I was down so he started filling my mouth with piss, it was hard to swallow but I didn’t miss a drop we finished up by me shoving a plug in my used pussy to keep it all in and he asked if I was free later ? gave him my # and told him to call me whenever he’s down to fuck and mentioned my bf and I are into group play too and he had another grin on his face im now having lunch meeting, gut full of cum and plugged waiting to get some more not a bad start of the day!!! oink!
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    Had what I would call one of the most embarrassing situations ever with my last load. Found this hot, young, black guy on Adam. His profile says he looks for plays with condom, nothing else in that section. I tried to get together with him last week, but it didn't work. When I suggested it tonight he responded back that he only plays raw asking if that is a problem. My profile says 'depends' in the safe/bare section (which means want bare to me) and of course I tell him he can cum in me. A few back and forths, and he's on the way over. Here's the embarrassing part. He gets to my building, and instead of the doorman calling me, they call one of my emergency contacts! I get a text message from a family member, as my phone is ringing correctly, that the guy is there! WTF! He also texts me saying the doorman is being stupid. Anyway, to the good stuff. He cums in and immediately starts kissing me, I grope him and can tell he's already hard! He's really into me and I totally am going for it instead of being an ass up cum dump. When I pull is underwear down, his cock is perfect for fucking. About 8" nice average thickness and responds well to my deep-throat. We move to the bed, and he starts rimming my ass! Score! A few minutes later he climbs on the bed and starts teasing my hole with his cock, finally pushing into me. I'm in heaven taking his cock. We try a few different positions throughout the fuck, he started mounting me on bed, but then pulled my ass to the edge so he could stand by the edge. Later I stood up so my back and his chest were tight. Throughout the fuck he stops every few minutes, gets down on his knees and rims my ass again. I'm guessing he's edging himself doing this, and he goes for a good half hour. Finally while I'm on my stomach, leg curled to side he starts breathing heavy and blasts his load in my ass. Glad I talked him into coming by, was an excellent fuck
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    Part 15 - No Escape After spending several hours on the tiled floor in the kitchen Ethan stood up to set the table for dinner. Angelo just continued to lay on the floor watching him with Ethan stepping over him. Eventually Angelo stood up and went to shower before dinner. The following morning Ethan dressed quite smartly walked to the car with Angelo, he had some course work to do and would find a quiet spot in the office to study whilst Angelo worked. It was a very orderly office around 10 people working away who all looked up and greeted Angelo as he walked through. Ethan somewhat surprised to see that Angelo didn't have a separate office, instead he had a desk in the corner. Ethan looked at the sprightly black haired lad who sat at one of the desks opposite, guessing he was probably a couple of years younger than Angelo and sported a polo shirt which accentuated his chest and arms, they were not nearly as muscular as Angelo's but he was pretty nicely built Ethan thought. Mark turned to looked at them Ethan was stunned by his looks that could knock a person flat from nearly a mile away, his piercing green eyes that seemed to bore right through Ethan as he caught his gaze. "Morning boss" Mark stood up smiling "Oh and you have to be Ethan" Mark held out his hand. Angelo put his bag down "Ethan this is Mark my assistant". Mark scoffed "He treats me like a slave and taunts me all day". Ethan shook his hand "Hello Mark nice to meet you" he said trying to deduce if he was gay. Mark smiled "So you are the one responsible for his mushy state" he laughed nodding to Angelo. "Thank you Mark that's enough" Angelo looked at Ethan "Mark is a wannabe gay" he said laughing. Mark tutted "Ignore him Ethan, come one lets get the boss his coffee before he goes mad" he said dragging Ethan. Ethan didn't have time to think or speak as Mark dragged him out of the office laughing, he did indeed like Mark a lot in just those few minutes it appeared they both shared very similar traits and qualities. When Mark eventually stopped dragging Ethan across from the office the entered the coffee shop. Ethan trying to stop laughing composed himself "What is a mushy state?" he asked. Mark ordered 3 coffees the turned to Ethan "He has been like this for several weeks and finally let slip". Ethan looked confused "Let slip?". "Yes about you, the last few days he has been very relaxed and happy" Mark said paying the counter clerk. Ethan laughed "Is he not normally that way then?" he asked. Mark turned to Ethan "The one thing I can tell you is Angelo is a very complex person". "How do you mean complex?" Ethan asked. Mark smiled "He needs loving, but he has a.. I suppose you call it a disregard for sex". Ethan looked slightly shocked "You seem to know him quite well". Mark looked at Ethan "He confides a lot in me so I know everything, well almost everything". Ethan picked up one of the coffees "What do you mean you know everything?". Mark motioned to the table "Sit down lets get the awkwardness over with" Mark grabbed the other coffees. Ethan sat down unsure what was about to happen "Is it awkward?". "Well let's just say after his ex Angelo went in to a dark place, he hated everyone and trusted no one" Mark hesitated. Ethan leaned forward "Mark, I want to understand Angelo please tell me". Mark nodded "Well it all started when Matt his ex was found with his underwear round his ankles, you have to understand that Matt was his first boyfriend who professed how much in love he was but his eyes didn't say it. Angelo was about to give everything up for him but that day threw him off completely, he sort of got revenge on him and literally dragged him out of the flat and left him there. Matt of course just went to one of his casual fuck buddies for a few days thinking it would all blow over but Angelo moved out and never saw him again. That was when he sought solace in the bathhouse, you know to get a quick fuck and release. He would just fuck the nearest hot looking guy and dispose of them once he finished, he never talked or acknowledged them after. Many nights I stayed with Angelo, purely from a friendship basis you understand. On the surface Angelo seemed pretty normal and got on building his company as a way to take his mind off personal things. Over the last few years he had put Matt out of his head and got back to a normal kind of life, he still went to the bathhouse a couple of times a week and by then had quite a reputation for I think you call it a dump and go. But he would never let anyone get close enough to him for fear of being hurt and pushed away again. Then you came along and what you have done in the last few weeks and how you've done it I do not know. But know one thing Angelo trusts me, apart from being his assistant we have a very close and personal friendship and I would go to any length to protect him". Ethan looked a little embarrassed "I see" he also knew that there was a warning in his last few words. Mark smiled at him "I like you, your sexy and your smile could kill anyone". "Are you gay?" Ethan blushed not really knowing why he blurted that out. Mark smiled "I don't know Ethan, why don't you tell me?". Ethan chuckled "Sorry I should keep my mouth shut. But honestly with your looks you could bag a hundred men". Mark laughed loudly "Fuck I knew I would like you, but I am straight, well I think so" he winked at Ethan. Ethan blushed and realised no man had ever really made him blush like this "And what if I kissed you?". Mark looked at him "Oh I would totally kiss you back but Angelo wouldn't be happy" nodding over to the office. Ethan looked down at his coffee "Tell me Mark what has he told you about me?". Mark smiled "Mostly everything I also know you moved in after a challenging time with your family". Ethan looked down "Oh right, do you mean from when we first met?". "Yes, but avoid embarrassing you I will sum it up in three words, virgin, hiv, love" Mark starred at Ethan. Ethan nodded "So you know everything". Mark held Ethan's hand "Do you hate him for what he did?". Ethan wiped the tear from his eye "Part of me did when he cared for me after the virus took hold." Mark nodded "What about now?" he asked inquisitively. Ethan looked up and smiled "I feel he will be the only man I will ever fall in love with or want". Mark smiled "The day you met he talked very openly about how attracted to you he was after the first kiss". Mark continued "I know we have only just met Ethan but you are very special to Angelo" Mark told him. Ethan smiled at Mark "He is to me as well". Mark stood "Come on, he gets cranky if he doesn't get coffee. Fuck you are hot Ethan" he laughed shaking his head. Angelo returned to his desk looking at Mark "Your sacked as your late with my coffee again". Mark put the coffee on Angelo's desk "Sit down and drink your coffee before I slap you". Ethan looked on astonished "Did I miss something?". Mark laughed and took Ethan's arm "He sacks me 5 times a day, 6 if I am lucky, come on". Mark gave Ethan a little tour of the office introducing him to the 10 people who were sat at their desks working, Mark also explained that 3 people were in the city at their newest clients company overseeing the set up. Ethan didn't get much studying done as he was so interested in learning about Angelo and his company, a few of the staff were gay and from all types of background and ages. Ethan sat in the car at the end of the day and two things for sure had happened, he knew a lot more about Angelo and what made him tick, he also had a new friend with Mark. Ethan got up to quite a bit of mischief with Mark in the office and Angelo was having trouble keeping them both in check whilst doing his own work. But seeing Ethan happy and getting on so well with Mark was all he could have hoped for, they both left the office and headed over to the car. Angelo got in the car and kissed Ethan "Did you have fun today?". Ethan laughed "Yes, I loved being with you and I really like Mark". Angelo smiled "I had better watch him in case he tries to steal you and turn gay". Ethan laughed "He said he would let me kiss him". Angelo mocked him before replying "Well you will have to let me know how that goes". Ethan looked at Angelo "Seriously?, hmmm, maybe one day I will" he laughed. "Yeah I would love to see you kiss Mark that would be hot to see" Angelo chuckled. Ethan laughed and went a little more serious "We talked a bit about you, hope you don't mind" Angelo looked at Ethan "Not I don't, he is a good friend and confident". Ethan nodded "Did you.. you know with him?". Angelo laughed "No, I helped him out of a bad patch with a girl, but that was years ago". Angelo continued "We are very good friends, he was there for me so I gave him a job to help him out". Ethan looked over at Angelo "You really are an amazing person underneath Angelo". Angelo smiled "You amaze me every day Ethan and it makes me love you more and more". They drove with the windows down enjoying the humid air that had descended that day, it was turning out to be one the warmest days so far. Ethan was glad when they got home and he just stripped and jumped in the pool to cool down, Angelo walked outside naked towards the pool, he looked at Ethan who wiped the water from eyes and drew a big smile seeing his fine sexy Latino about to join him. Angelo just loved seeing how Ethan's face lit up, he dived in the pool and surfaced right in front of Ethan who just fell in to his arms. Their lips tenderly kissing until Ethan close his lips over Angelo's and their mouths opened, Ethan moaned as he felt Angelo's tongue slipping in to his mouth eagerly seeking his own. Slowly Angelo walked over to the side of the shallow and hoisted Ethan on to the side of the pool, Ethan's legs were wrapped around Angelo's thighs, their kissing began to take on a more urgent desire as Angelo felt Ethan's legs caressing his thighs. Angelo forced a break from the kiss and whispered 'Oh fuck Ethan I need you', his mouth closed in and Ethan gripped tight around Angelo's neck as he felt his cock pushing his ass open with only one thing in mind. Ethan whimpered as he felt he fullness of Angelo entering his being. The two of them lost in their own world and Ethan threw his head back as Angelo kissed and bit at his neck, his hips providing a steady but forceful movement driving his cock deep into Ethan who moaned and closed his eyes. Ethan felt his body falling back with Angelo's support until he laid on the pool deck with his legs wrapped around Angelo who continued his steady fucking. Ethan raised his head and his hands grabbed hold of Angelo's arms, he ran his hands up along and over Angelo's biceps then along his chest. It turned in to one of those moments where Ethan was trying to control his orgasm but every time his hands ran over the biceps he lusted after nothing but his lover. Angelo leaned forward and kissed Ethan's chest and neck, his forehead came to rest on Ethan's sternum, his body tensed with a feeling of electricity as he cried out Ethan's name. Ethan could see nothing but felt everything the jolting of his hips and then engorging of the cock in his ass and pulsing that rippled from the very end of Angelo's cock in to his body as he shot volley after volley of his seed. Ethan had already orgasmed as they both lay there panting and gasping from the adrenaline running riot in their bodies. The sweat dripping off Angelo from the humid evening air landed on Ethan's chest and trickled on to the pool deck. Angelo giggled and looked up at Ethan who laid there in a dreamy state until he realised Angelo was smiling looking down at him, Ethan began to laugh at how crazy and erratic their love making was getting. Dispensing with all formalities and manners they just went for it every time they were alone. Angelo climbed out of the pool after releasing Ethan from his cock and laid down besides him, they looked up at the stars appearing in the night sky for some time until Angelo pulled Ethan up and they walked back to the house to grab something to eat. He knew they had just had sex by the smiling happy faces he could see through the kitchen window, Matt ducked quickly as Ethan came up close to the window above the sink looking out. When he was sure it was safe he retreated back down behind the cars and across the street then drove off. Ethan went back to the window, he didn't know why but he couldn't get it out of his head that they were not alone and this wasn't the first time he felt that way. Angelo laughed it off telling him to come to bed. As regular as clock work Adam came round at 8am as he was starting to work out with Ethan and Angelo in the mornings. The boys were still in the gym when Angelo appeared dressed for work. Ethan looked up and stopped lifting weights and sat up. "Are you off now?" Ethan asked. Angelo nodded "I should be home around 7pm". Ethan walked over and held his hand "Please don't do anything silly Angelo, promise me?". Angelo leant forward and kissed him "I promise Ethan, I am still angry with him for hitting you". "Drop it, it's over with, if he wants to make amends he can make the first move" Ethan looked Angelo in the eye. Angelo nodded "See you later" he called over to Adam "Later Adam". Adam stopped "Okay, Oh Tony wants to know if you want to dine out later with us?". "Won't be home until 7pm but yes would love to" Angelo replied as Ethan kissed him again. Ethan walked out to see Angelo off and Adam went to grab some water and joined him at the door, there it was again that nagging feeling as he waved at Angelo pulling out the drive. Ethan stopped and turned his focus on the silver car down the street. "What's wrong with you today you look jittery?" Adam asked slapping Ethan's ass. Ethan turned his head "I don't know I get this feeling we are being watched every now and then". Adam knew enough about Ethan to trust his instinct "Really, and you have it now?". "Yes" Ethan nodded. Angelo knew all the residents cars down his small street and the silver one looked curiously out of place, as he approached and drove slowly past it he was sure that the person in the driver seat had ducked down. He shook his head thinking he was seeing things, he turned the corner and headed to the city. Ethan and Adam walked back in the house and Adam could clearly see Ethan was not focused so they quit doing the weights and instead they went for a long walk around the marina. Angelo was somewhat dreading the day as he knew that Jack would be around at some point. Angelo made himself busy between his employees who were training the staff of Raffa's company. Raffa was delighted and his staff had nothing but positive things to say about the new system, Raffa had already seen an upturn in work load coming through. During the review meeting Raffa was only to happy to inform Angelo on how well it was going and so much so that he had put the word out amongst associate companies across the states he worked with. Raffa told Angelo that the companies were all community focused and diverse in culture just like Raffa's company as he knew Angelo would not do business with anyone unless they demonstrated the same principals. Jack was finalising some other legal work for Raffa when he walked in to the meeting room. He walked over greeting Angelo like an old friend holding his hand out, Angelo found it hard to resist raising his fist to punch Jack, instead he covertly tried to avoid eye contact and briefly shook his hand before Jack took his seat at the table. Raffa continued with the review and Angelo pulled all his focus to Raffa ignoring Jack until the meeting wrapped up with Raffa inviting them all to lunch in half an hour. As much as Angelo wanted to go to town on Jack he noticed that the Jack he had come to know was somewhat missing. As Raffa left Angelo flipped open his laptop to keep his mind busy, he noticed that Jack seemed to be holding back allowing other people to exit the room. "Angelo do you mind if we have a chat?" Jack asked closing the door. Angelo breathed and looked up at him "A quick chat yes as I have some work to finish". Jack sat down opposite him "It is a little personal but I hope you don't mind me asking". "Is something wrong Jack?" Angelo eyed him cautiously. Jack spoke quietly "How did your father react when you told him you were gay?". Angelo closed his laptop "That's a very personal and strange thing to ask, why are you asking?". "I have just found out my son is gay and didn't react to kindly to it" Jack was twiddling his fingers. Angelo looked at him "It doesn't change who is inside though, he is your son Jack". "I don't have anything against it but I never raised him to be gay or think that way" Jack responded. Angelo watched carefully "You don't just become gay, it is in you and part of you from birth". Jack looked at Angelo "I never really thought of it that way". "How did you know that you was straight and liked women?" Angelo sat back in his chair. Jack looked surprised "It was just a normal maturing process and felt right". "Do you not think that is how your son felt, did you stop to consider that?" Angelo asked. Jack didn't know what to say "You only hear the word gay". "So how did you react when you found out?" Angelo wanted him to tell him what he had done. Jack looked down "Badly, I struck him, shouted at him and told him to leave". "And was it that easy to disregard him like that?" Angelo was burning up inside. Jack shook his head "He hit me back and stood up for himself, I never got to say anything else, I was angry". Angelo shifted in his chair "Angry at who, you for not understanding or him for being himself?". Jack raised a smile "This is like a therapy session. I don't know, maybe both". "So why did you hit him and not talk to him properly like an adult?" Angelo asked. Jack looked at Angelo "I was brought up to understand that man should not lay with man". "The world has changed Jack, and if you don't change you become a relic of a bygone age" Angelo responded. Jack nodded "The damage is done, he won't speak to me now and I can't get through to him". Angelo saw a sadness in his eyes "Maybe you just have to give Ethan some space and let him figure it out". Jack looked up "I hope I can repair.." Jack stopped "how did you know his name is Ethan?". Angelo gulped realising his blunder and quickly thought "You must have mentioned his name before". Jack slowly nodded "Really!, hmm". Angelo picked his things up "Sorry Jack I have to check on my guys". Angelo hastily left the meeting room leaving Jack sat there, he rushed in to the restroom and splashed cold water on his then leaned back against the wall, fuck he said to himself over and over he knew that his blunder of dropping Ethan's name would not be forgotten by Jack so quickly. Jack stood up and closed the door and picked up his phone to call Ellie, he knew he had never mentioned Ethan's name as he would never reveal this knowingly to business associates. Jack put his phone down on the desk shaking his head, he had a good idea that Angelo knew Ethan more than he was letting on he felt some rage towards Angelo wondering if he had corrupted his son. Jack joined the rest of the team for lunch but Angelo was making himself busy with other people and it was pretty evident that he was trying to avoid Jack at all cost. At one point Jack laughed to himself at their cat and mouse game going on and decided to bide his time. Angelo sneaked out of the restaurant and made a quick call to Ethan. "Hello lover" Ethan's voice came through the phone. Angelo smiled to himself "Are you as sexy as ever?". "Always, what's up?" Ethan could hear a little tentativeness in Angelo. "I had a chat with your father, quite a long one actually" Angelo began. Ethan sighed "Has he calmed down?". "He seems to be, but I made a blunder and dropped your name". Ethan was quiet for a moment "Did he pick up on it?". "I think he did, I am trying to avoid him at the moment" Angelo nervously laughed. Ethan giggled "He can be like a dog with a bone. Don't worry Angelo whatever happens he has to deal with it". "Thank you, love you" Angelo hung up the phone and re-joined the group. The day was beginning to have lots and ups and down Angelo thought to himself as Raffa came over to chat. Jack had gone back to the office so he felt a little more at ease as Raffa went through some plans with Angelo for expanding the software usage, at one point Raffa even made an offer to buy the company outright but Angelo politely turned him down telling him no for now but never to rule it out. Angelo returned to the meeting room later in the afternoon to send some emails, fortunately Jack was no where to be seen. He finished the last email and stood up and closed his laptop, his back was to the door and in the windows reflection he saw Jack standing at the door watching him carefully. Angelo didn't turn around instead he looked at Jack through the reflection "When did you know?". Jack moved in and closed the door "You have just confirmed what I was suspecting". Angelo packed his laptop in to the bag "Oh". "Oh, is that all you have to say" Jack leaned back against the door. Angelo stood his ground "I am not going to do this with you now Jack, I am still angry with you". Jack scoffed "Angry with me?" Angelo turned to face him "The way you treated Ethan". "And you think it right to fuck around with my son, he is only just 18" Jack responded angrily. Angelo picked up his bag and phone and moved towards the door "Jack please move". "No, did you do it to him turn him gay after you met me?" Jack asked looking in to Angelo's eyes. "You want to talk about how really gay your son is Jack, you want all the details?" Angelo responded. Jack moved out of the way "Go on walk out and away from facing me". Angelo opened then closed the door "I'm not afraid to face you Jack, sit down" Angelo pulled a chair and sat down. Jack sat opposite him unsure if he was angry or confused "Thank you". "Ethan was so upset the night you threw him out" Angelo told him. He continued "It took several nights before he stopped reliving what went on and why you reacted the way you did". Jack stared at Angelo intently "Is he living with you?". Angelo nodded "Yes he is, as my partner Jack". Jack looked surprised "Your partner, how long have you been with him?". "We met on his 18th birthday but it was a couple of weeks after when it started to be serious" Angelo replied. Jack shuffled on his chair "So you didn't know he was my son?". He continued "It was only after seeing you that I realised he was your son, I gave him the option to end it then". Jack looked at Angelo "And he didn't?". Angelo shook his head "We had become to emotionally involved and we both love each other". Jack eyed his cautiously "Love?" Angelo hesitate a moment "You have an amazing very kind and loving son Jack, if only you could see that in him". "You think I don't my own son?" Jack appeared annoyed by Angelo's comment. Angelo nodded "I'm sorry but it looks that way, he loves you so much and you are still his father". "He has a strange way of showing it" Jack replied shifting again in his seat. Angelo look at him "I can't force you to accept it Jack, that is something you have to overcome". Jack stood up "I got to like you Angelo but never thought you were having sex with my son behind my back". "Trust me Jack, he never wanted to intentionally hide this" Angelo stood up. Jack stood up "If..., I can't believe I am having this conversation with you". Jack turned and left the meeting room and Angelo sat there for a few minutes looking out the window. His train of thought was interrupted by Raffa entering the room and closing the door. "Oh boy Angelo, what's going on between you two" Raffa sat down next to Angelo. Angelo glanced at Raffa "I don't think I should come on site any more Raffa". "You two not getting along, I know Jack is a tough screwball at times but he is a good lawyer" Raffa laughed. Angelo shook his head "It's way more complicated than that". Raffa patted Angelo's knee "You know Jack's son looks like him, but then I don't need to tell you that". Angelo looked at him "What?" Raffa laughed "You walked past my wife and I on the beach in the Hamptons a few weeks back". Angelo smiled "Really?". "You were so oblivious to everything else but him Angelo, I know love when I see it" Raffa smiled. Angelo stood up "So you know that Jack has figured it out as well". Raffa stood "That is Jack's problem to deal with Angelo". "Doesn't help though having to deal with me here now knowing what he does" Angelo replied. Raffa smiled "No but I pay him to deal with you, anyway you can't stop coming here on site". "Why not?" Angelo looked confused. Raffa laughed "Come on Angelo you know how much my staff love seeing you here, it makes their day". Angelo laughed embarrassingly "Maybe I should wear tight t-shirts then". Raffa laughed shaking his head "Err No, then I won't get any work out of them". Angelo was in a good place as he drove back to Larchmont, he knew that keeping in with Raffa would help drive his own business forward and of course he had Ethan waiting at home for him. Angelo only just got through the door when Ethan pounced on him asking what happened during the day. Angelo recalled the days events and how it was left with Jack walking out the room, Angelo could see the disappointment in Ethan's face as they changed into some casual clothes to join Adam and Tony for dinner. Adam listened intently during dinner to Angelo going through the day again, he needed to know what happened so that he could give his mother an update as she would be lunching with Ellie again this Friday. By the time they finished dinner Ethan's spirits had lifted, he thought it would be a miracle if his father came round so quickly and learning about Angelo today meant it would probably set things back. But he had Angelo and that is what counted. As the weeks sped by Ethan and Adam would work out religiously and also took to jogging around Larchmont, their friendship was closer than ever. At weekends the four of them would usually go to the beach or just chill out around the pool and BBQ, when Angelo and Ethan weren't around Adam would pop by and use the workout room first thing in the morning. Once a week they would drive up to Harrison and have lunch with their mothers, Sandra had taken Ellie under her wings and she was now very popular amongst the social set largely due to her becoming Sandra's best friend. Ethan would occasionally still get the jittery feeling of being watched but this mostly happened during the week and he put it down to Angelo going to work that left an empty hole for a few hours in his life whenever he walked out the door. It was the last weekend before college would resume and Ethan woke up on the Saturday morning still cuddled up to Angelo, he was not looking forward to going back to college and facing up to a lot of the students and of course Ben and Javier.
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    So this happened Sunday. I was chatting on a4a with a 24 Latino for a couple of days. He wasn’t the usual type I go for, but was cute and from the pics a good size cock. He kept messaging me about how he loved my ass and wanted to fuck me. We didn’t talk about condoms. So, Sunday after it slowed down at work I invite him over and the first thing he does when he comes in the office is grab and feel my ass. I drop my pants to which he turns me around dropping to his knees and starts eating my ass. Once he hears me moan he stands up and pushes his cock in giving me but a second to get use to the sudden invasion before he starts to pound my ass. Five minutes of hitting all the right spots I shoot a load onto the floor and he started to cum in my ass. We take a min to catch our breath and has asked if he could fuck me again. So I bend over the desk again which he starts the same way of eating my ass that is now filled with his cum. Again he stands up and fucks me hard and all I can do is brace myself against the desk. Tens minutes and he starts to slow then stops shooting a second load in me.
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    Since I got back to London on Jan 3rd I decided I would try for a few loads to get a good head start on the year. During the course of the 3-10 of Jan I managed to get 11 loads and was happy that I had taken more loads than there had been days in the year. I got a load from: a local arse obsessed punk who has fucked me before more than 20 times. A train driver who fucked me over the sink in my office, an architect who shot a five day load down my throat, a young Kiwi guy with a thick 7" who liked going second, an exchange student, a local DJ who has fucked me a few times before which a nice chunky 9", and my boyfriend who was happy to go second or third in a session. Sadly now I am working in a conference center so ive had to slow down as the work days are crazy but ill be back in the saddle soon enough!
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    I cleaned up and made Bill a coffee. It felt strange to be walking around naked and available to the denizens who came to the sauna. Bill made me lube my arse ready as it had got quite busy. Sid was there, and the old troll called Arthur, along with a couple of guys I hadn't seen before, including a fat, black guy with sagging tits and a short, thick cock and heavy balls. I didn't really know what to do, so I wandered upstairs to the TV room. The black guy was there with Arthur and Sid watching porn on the TV. All were naked and jacking their cocks and talking. "So, we haven't seen you for a while, Mike". Said Sid to the black guy. "Where you been?" They ignored me as the black guy said "Been away working. Haven't had any tail in ages." They laughed as Sid nodded at his cock. "Looks like it wants some today, Mike!" I turned to go as Sid said. "So where were you working?" As he spoke, he casually took my wrist and pulled me towards the sofa. "Oh, up north."Said Mike, levering his bulk off the sofa as Sid pulled me down and onto my knees. "Big construction project, so the money's good." As he spoke, he got behind me and began to slide his cock up me. It was fat and stiff, but slid easily in through the lube. He sighed happily as he lifted his belly onto my back and began to fuck me. "Trouble is, you work long hours and then you're too knackered to do anything else...yeah that's tight...nice.."He said. Sid stuck a bottle under my nose and I sagged into the cushions as Mike began to thrust urgently into me. "Contracts..contracts ended now..." He puffed. " Hang on... I'm going to cum." With that he pushed into me and I felt his cock throb and throb as he spurted. "Phew!" He said " I needed that!" He pulled out roughly, and I felt sperm gush over my balls. "Cheers guys," He said. "I'm going for a coffee" He waddled out as Sid turned to Arthur. "You coming for a coffee?" "In a minute," Said the old man getting behind me and sliding his cock into my sopping hole. "Ok," Said Sid. " See you downstairs when you're done" He left as Arthur began to fuck me. Behind the sofa was a mirror. I saw myself kneeling, being fucked from behind, and there on Arthur's shoulder was a biohazard tattoo I hadn't noticed before. He grinned at me in the mirror. "Hold still," he said. "Got some more spunk for you" Then he grunted and shuddered as he emptied his old balls into me. With that, he slapped my arse, grabbed his towel and left. My descent into depravity had just begun...
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    My tea was ready for me when I got home. “How was your first day?” Asked my mother as I sat down to eat. “Alright,” I replied, blushing as I remembered being fucked and feeling my arsehole still wet and puffy from the pounding it had received. “That’s good.” She replied and noted his blush and the excitement in his eyes. She was sure she was right – Timmy was gay and, if his face was to be believed, no longer a virgin. “You’ll be going back tomorrow, then?” She asked. I looked at her and returned her smile. “Oh yes.” The next day, I went to the Sauna and helped Bill clean up before the sauna opened. Bill was stripped down to singlet and shorts to clean the shower area and I saw he was covered with tattoo’s. In particular, there was a large biohazard symbol on Bill’s fat, hairy stomach with two scorpion’s either side. Bill saw me looking. “Like my tatt’s?” He said. “Yeah,” I said “but what does that symbol mean on your stomach?” “Don’tcha know what that means?” I shook my head. “It means I’m poz, mate. You might see a few more on the clientele.” I was surprised, and also slightly excited, and wracked my brains to remember if there had been tattoos on the men the previous day. Bill was rubbing his crotch and there was a sizeable bulge in his trousers. “Mind you, they don’t all have them. May be you got pregnant yesterday already!” And he laughed at my shocked expression. He also noticed me lick my lips unconsciously. Slowly, he unzipped his trousers. “Want to see my old, poz cock?” I stared, mesmerised, as Bill opened his trousers and levered out a fat, heavy cock with a thick mushroom head, slimey with pre-cum. I was trembling with fear and excitement and didn’t resist as Bill took my hand and placed it on the warm flesh which stiffened slowly until I was holding Bill’s erection. “Good lad,” said Bill. “Give it a rub, then” I began to wank the warm. Silky flesh, feeling my own erection in my pants, but feeling my arsehole throb and twitch even more strongly. Suddenly, Bill pulled me into his arms and kissed me on the mouth. I gasped as I felt a man’s lips on minefor the first time, and the wet tongue probing my mouth. I gasped with pleasure, almost swooning in Bill’s arms as the man’s hands went round to cup my buttocks, and my heart pounded in his chest. I couldn’t resist as the hands moved to myis belt, undid the buckle and slid them and myunderwear down to my knees. My cock sprang up against Bill’s belly, but the man ignored it. He sensed Timmy was almost there, almost ready for impregnation. He fumbled in his pocket, found the poppers and opened the brown bottle. He took a brief sniff to get him going, then stuck the bottle under Timmy’s nose. “breathe,” He said. Timmy I took a deep sniff and felt the poppers explode in my head and a warmth which swept away my inhibitions. I began to snog Bill’s lips, gasping with pleasure, as Bill hurriedly pushed his own trousers and underwear down. It was time. “Do you want my cock?” He breathed into my ear. I barely heard, instead squeezing the heavy cock pressing against mys belly. Bill chuckled to himself. There was an old sofa in the changing area. He lifted Timmy’s t-shirt over his chubby torso, squeezing the young man’s flabby tits and nipples until he gasped with pleasure. It was definitely time to mate, he thought. He turned Timmy round, bent him over the arm of the sofa, dug the tube of lube out of his pocket, and smeared it gently between the fat, upraised buttocks, dipping his finger in gently until the lad squealed with delight. Then he grasped his cock, and began to push the mushroom head into the delicate pink slit between the cheeks. I gasped with pain and began to wriggle. “Easy, just relax” Whispered Bill and pushed the poppers under my nose. He felt the quivering body sag in surrender, pushed forward and then the head burst in and his shaft followed in a delicious rush until he was balls deep in Timmy’s backside. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as Bill began to thrust slowly in and out. My own erection had subsided, and my sole focus was on the sensation of Bill’s heavy cock sliding in and out. I felt Bill pull my arms back. “Hold it open!” He gasped, placing my hands on my buttocks and making me pull them apart so he could get deeper in. I was gasping with pleasure, wanting only to be fucked, and with a growing sense of wanting more – of wanting Bill’s tainted seed. I groaned, my eyes opened wide and my tongue flickered over dry lips as I knew Ie was going to let this man come in me.. Bill was gasping now, close to cumming and he sensed Timmy’s acceptance of his fate. But he wanted to be sure. He leant over the chubby, sweating body and whispered in his ear. “I’m…I’m…gonna cum!” He gasped. “Gonna…ahh…gonna give you my baby’s. Is that what you want… want me to get you pregnant?” I could only arch my back and thrust against Bill’s belly. “Cum in me!” I sobbed. With a growl of pleasure Bill thrust into the chubby body, his cock swelling and throbbing as he shot his dirty load into Timmy’s rectum, sensing with every spurt that he was impregnating the willing body beneath him. Finally he finished and slowly slid his cock out, closing the buttocks behind to prevent sperm leaking from Timmy’s ravaged hole. “There you go, you’re fucked now.” He said, belching with pleasure and slapping the quivering buttocks. “I need to open up. Wipe your arse but don’t bother putting your clothes on. I’ve told the regulars you’re an added bonus for them. They can fuck you whenever they want. “ I stood up and nodded. Bill stroked my hair. “Let’s see how many babies we can give you, eh?”
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    I had gotten dressed, and then with my cunt plugged and my cock locked, left Sir’s apartment. He had given me an address a few blocks away and no other information. My heart was pounding and my cock was drooling through the slit in my cage. I had no idea what to expect. Holding the fat plug in my well used hole made it difficult to walk as quickly as I wanted to but I made it to my destination quickly. The plug pulled at my hole as I walked. I loved it, it felt like I was still getting fucked. I rang the apartment number Sir had given me. The door buzzed open, and I walked in. The apartment was on the third floor of the walk up, and looking at the stairs I felt my hole contract around the plug knowing the struggle I was going to have keeping it in and getting up the stairs. The plug banged against my prostate each time I climbed a step and by the time I got to the third floor I was out of breath, and my cock was leaking so bad that there was now an obvious wet spot in my shorts. I knocked quietly on the door to the apartment and it swung almost immediately open. I was a little taken aback to be greeted at the door by a twink who had to be barely 21. “Come in,” he said, smiling. He had light sandy blonde hair, bright blue eyes and wore nothing but a jockstrap. His thin body was almost entirely hairless apart from a little blonde trail sticking up from the band of his jock. “Take off your clothes,” he commanded as he closed the door. “Yes Sir,” I said and pulled my shirt off over my head. He laughed lightly and smiled a broad toothy smile, “I’m no Sir. I’m a pig cunt like you, well like you’re going to be.” He pulled the front of his jock down to reveal a shockingly tiny metal cage where his cock should be. “Sir is waiting for you in the bedroom. He loves breaking in new boys. Although,” he reached behind me and patted the base of the plug, “from what I hear you’re pretty broken in already tonight. Just through there," he instructed, gesturing towards a half-open door at the end of the hall. The twink walked away through another door, and I walked down the hall. I opened the door to find a dark basically empty room on the other side. The only thing in the room was something I had only seen in porn videos before, a sling. “Get in the sling faggot, I don’t have all night,” said a deep voice from behind me. I turned around to find myself face to face with a handsome black man of about my height. He had a square jaw and clean-shaven face. His hair was so short it was basically stubble. He was stouter than Sir but looked strong as hell. My eyes continued south to his cock. I almost gasped. I can only describe his cock as mammoth. He had the dimensions of a tall boy of beer. My cunt throbbed around my plug and a string of precum oozed from my dick. “Get the fuck in the sling,” he said again, and came towards me. I backed-up into the sling and then, grabbing me by the waist, he tossed me into it. Automatically I flung my legs up and stuck my feet in the loops in the chain. “Look at this fucking cunt. Michael’s done a good job cunting you so far. I see why he sent you to me. Normally he waits a couple of days before sending me a new boy. My cock tends to make them nervous but in the end, they all end up begging me for my seed. Do you want my seed too boy?” “Yes Sir!” “You want me to breed this pathetic faggot pussy, and pump you full of my cum?” “Yes Sir!” “Good. Push that plug out of your cunt then boy. I wanna see your pussy gape.” I closed my eyes and pushed, slowly at first and then harder. The plug was stuck deeper than I had realized and it took a forceful push to get the base past my cunt ring. Once it did though the plug shot from my hole and landed on the floor below with a dull thud. I could tell my pussy was gaping open. It felt cold and I could feel air inside myself. “Fuck. You sure you only started wrecking this cunt today?” “Yes Sir. I’d never been fucked raw before today.” “Damn bitch. Your cunt was made for this then. You’ve already got the lips of a blown-out pussy. It took my bitch months to get this sloppy.” He rubbed his fat cock head against my pussy and moaned. Without any effort, his head was slipping in and out of my hole. Being plugged for so long along with the loads I was still holding inside of me had made me looser and wetter than I knew was possible. He dropped a big wad of spit onto his cock and, looking me dead in the eyes, slammed his cock balls deep into my cunt. I groaned, his cock was wider than Sir’s and possibly longer. My pussy stretched just a little bit more than it had been before. I loved it. I didn’t have to wait to get used to it. There was no pain, just the glorious feeling of my hole stretching around a beautiful, perfect cock. He pulled his cock completely out of my hole, and turning to the open door shouted, “Get in here boy.” The twink appeared almost instantly in the door way. Now completely naked, his silver cock cage glinting in the light. Without being told the boy fell to his knees next to the sling and opened his mouth. The man shoved his cock down the boys throat and at the same time shoved four fingers into my cunt, “Lick this boy's cunt juice off my cock and get me wet again for his pussy.” After a few minutes, he tore his cock from the boy’s greedy mouth and replaced his probing fingers with his cock in one deep stab. I grunted again. The boy got up off the floor and walked over to the corner of the room where there was a small chest of drawers. He grabbed a phone and started taking video. The man was pulling his cock completely from my hole and slamming it back in over and over again. I was a whimpering mess and the twink was zooming in on my face to catch every moment of my ecstasy. “Come over here and film this boy’s cunt. He’s going to want to see his pussy take my cock later.” The twink moved next to his Sir as he changed his pace and started quickly hammering me. I felt like he was slowly pulling my guts out of my body, like my internal organs were being rearranged for me and there was nothing I could do about it. My moans changed to yells and his cock slammed past my second hole breaking me open. My legs were shaking and my arms had gone limp. I couldn’t move or do anything. The rocking of the sling kept ramming me back harder and harder onto his cock. I had completely dissolved into a silent mess by the time he said, “I hope you’re ready for this seed boy. I’m going to change your life.” He grabbed the chains and pulled me to a stop as he bottomed out deep inside my cunt. Growling, he pumped his seed into me as far as he could. My body felt numb but my hole was alive with electricity. I felt his cock swell with each pump, and I swear I could feel his flooding me. When his cock finally stopped throbbing he shook his head a little and breathed for a minute. Then he withdrew his cock from my cunt and left the room saying to his boy “Plug that faggot up and send him back to his Master.” The twink picked the plug up from where it had fallen on the floor and pushed it back inside me. I barely felt pressure now, my hole just welcomed it back inside me. He then helped me out of the sling and handed me my clothes. Just before opening the front door he said, “You did really well. Your Sir will be pleased.
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    @ObligingBottom Understood. Too many people are free and loose with the term "breeding". If a description says hottie1 breeds guttertrash2, I expect the cum ti be inside him! I think the issue is also THAT - who is writing the desriptions? Is it from the DVD jacket and the studio itself, or is it generated by the tube site based on keywords that sell?
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    Yes. I'll open to alot of things but the "BBC?" Messages are an immediate turn off. Ive met bottoms who were literally not attracted to black men just black dick and the experience was terrible.
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    That’s the joy of being able to cum multiple times ? spreading my gift x
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    Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Pup Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 9143412886 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Rancho California and Meadows Parkway Temecula, CA 92592 Times you're generally not available: 4am-2pm Daily Age: 30 Height: 6’2”  Weight: 185 Ethnicity: White https://photos.app.goo.gl/Bz3kFj2NuoYBX4bF6
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    About 1 hour ago. A road builder calla every now and then .called early on his way to work, thick uncut cock, loved sucking him and smelling his overalls of tar oil etc. Ths ring wearing married rough bloke then had my face riden by his arse whilst i was rimming him. Then finally fucked me hard came buckets. Washed his dick and left awesome. Now im going to work suited and booted with a married builders cum sat in my arse.
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    I really appreciate you sharing your perspective on this, DrrAld.
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    I'm honestly so fucking horny right now. Write me something dirty please piggies! I wanna blow my load, but I crave some hot dirty talk!??☣??
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    Ah, yes. The hookup app paradox. Where the number of viable hookups is inversely proportional to the number of apps used. Proof: If you use 1 app or more, people will only want the opposite of what you have to offer. If you use zero apps, ie the baths, you will hook up. There is also, schrodinger's bath house, where you don't know if you will hook up or not till you open the box...
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    Stayed in a hotel this weekend, not long checked in when I fired up Grindr on my phone. Guy comes up only 25 metres away - must be in the same hotel. He’s into leather (so am I) and he’s a dom top. Even better as I was definitely in a submissive mood! He asks for the room number, I get into my leather gear - leather shirt, leather jeans, boots and jacket. He knocks on my room and he comes in - similar gear, but also has a muir cap on as well. Hot as hell, in his 50s. He grabs me by the back of the head and pulls me in for a snog. After a few minutes of this I’m getting horny so he pops open my shirt and starts playing with my nipples. I’ve got really sensitive nipples and I keep moaning - “does that hurt boi, good!”. After a few minutes of that he undoes the poppers on his shirt and goes “play with my nipples boi”. I lick and play with them before he goes “suck my cock boi” and he pushes me by the shoulders onto my knees. He has a pair of sailor front leather jeans, with a flap that comes down. He unzips both sides and a thick cock comes out. He shoves it into my throat and I enthusiastically suck it deep. He’s clearly enjoying it as he puts his hands on the back of my throat and starts pushing it deeper into my throat - I can taste the precum. “Oh, you’re a good boi, aren’t you?”. He then says “I want to fuck that arse of yours, do you want fucked boi?”. I reply “yes sir”. He pulls down my leather jeans and pushes me down over the edge of the bed. He then lubes my arse - I have quite a tight arse but this guy knows what he’s doing, plenty of lube and a bit of work with his finger and he’s got me wanting his cock. I feel his cock pushing in, I breathe deeply in and he pushes it in further, before he moves gently in and out for a bit. Then he starts building pace, slowly at first and then I feel his thighs pushing more into me. He starts spanking my arse and legs hard as he does so. I start gasping and (a thing I don’t always do!) I start dirty talking - “yes sir, fuck this slut”, “fuck me hard sir, use my hole” and other things I can’t honestly remember. As I’m saying these things he’s responding by fucking me harder. I feel him pounding away, leather clad thighs slapping against my bare arse. I’m moaning loudly and after a few minutes I hear him going “I’m going to seed you boi” - I reply “yes sir, seed my hole sir” and shortly after I hear him groaning loudly and he thrusts his cock deep inside and I feel it pulsing. “Yes boi, take my seed, yes, yes”. He keeps his cock in for about a minute, then withdraws. He whispers in my ear “you’re my little bitch boi now, I’ll use you and your holes again. Give me your number.” I give him my phone number and he chuckles and leaves the room. I feel my hole and feel the cum dripping out. I then jerk off before having a shower. Completely unexpected that meet - usually Grindr is a lot of talking and no action, especially for fetish and BB - not this time!
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    Another update on me taking loads. I was super horny after sucking off an older gent in a busy parking lot this morning. I’m so much of a cumdump that I can’t even get hard unless a dick is in my home now. Nothing to exciting. I just got in his car and sucked him off. Load number 1 down my throat. I was horned up so I hit up a fuck bud who is an hour away and asked if he wanted my hole, he said yeah so I took the drive over to his apartment. I got on my knees and got him all nice and wet. I lubed the both of us up and he fucked me long and deep for an hour before giving me his load. I head out the door and onto my college campus. There was a frat guy who I’ve hooked up with in the past. I couldn’t fit him inside my hole last time we tried (which was before I was an absolute whore) but I was determined this time. He had me come into the frat house, and we chilled with his brothers for awhile before we went to “smoke weed” I don’t smoke but that was his excuse. We went into his room and locked the door behind us. “Don’t moan cause everyone is still here. “ that’s all he said before spitting on his cock and sliding into me. I let out a gasp so he covered my mouth. He only got a few pumps in before telling me he’s gonna cum. He blew his load deep into me and then fucked it in deeper. I had wanted to take a different fuck buddys load before heading out. But he wasn’t available. I’m not satisfied with just being bred twice so I head to the local ABS. I put my money in the machine and waited for cock. I came at the right time because guys were just starting to get off work. I quickly had two cocks slide in from both sides of my booth. I started sucking on the biggest one so I can prepare his cock for my ass. Once he was all nice and wet I stood up and slowly slid onto his cock. He pulled away from my hole at first. I sucked him some more and then tried again. This time he stayed put. I plop his shaft into my slick hole and fuck myself using his babymaker. It’s not long before I hear him quietly grunt and his thick cock spasm. He pulls out and zips up. Leaves in a hurry. I turn and back up on the other cock that’s stikl patiently waiting. This fuckerr doesn’t hesitate. He’s there to get some hole and I’m there to take his load. He pumps into me for about 5 minutes before loudly announcing that “he’s breeding my slutty hole.” He pulls out and I clean him off. I’m waiting for more cocks to poke through when I see a married hand. I notice the ring. I peek through and all I can see is a wrong, a name tag, slacks and a hard cock. I suck him for a bit. Hesitant to back onto his dick thinking he’ll pull away. But when I finally do, he pushes himself deep. He gives me a good fuck. And his married cock spasms as he fills me with his seed. He throws on his jacket and is out of there. I’m getting ready to pull my pants up when another cock comes through. Probably 8 inches and thick. I wrap my mouth around but he pulls away. “I don’t want head. I wanna cum in some hole. “ he says. I recognized the voice. I love anon loads but the curiosity got the better of me, a sit down so I can see more upwards, and I reliaze that I used to work with this dude. He is one of those “straight” dudes who talks about how much pussy he gets 24/7. I was always turned off by it but now that he wants some hole, who am I to deprive him of it? I slide on to his cock and he’s pretty verbal. Telling me that i feel better than pussy (confirming that it was in fact who I thought it was. ) and how he’s gonna get my boy pussy pregnant. He grunts. Cums inside my hole. Says “fuck thanks bud.” And leaves. I walk all out of the abs. Happy and full of cum. I leak onto my seat my entire drive home.
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    I didn't know there was a name for it until reading this right now. I had an experience about 10 or 12 years ago that was like this. It was really really hot, but weird, too. I met a guy, I think it was on Craigslist. He was a str8 guy. Lived with his girlfriend. He was a mailman here in Vegas. He had told me he just wanted to get blown. He had a fairly large cock, but not overly huge. But, he said his girlfriend was lousy at sucking dick and that he loved getting blown. So, I met him one afternoon at a seedy motel after he got off his mail route. I sucked and rimmed him. I asked him to fuck me, but he said he wasn't into fucking guys. Just wanted oral. So, I continued to suck him and edge him for about 45 minutes. Finally he said he just wanted to see what it felt like to have his cock in my ass. So I lubed up my ass with spit and knelt on the bed. He slid up in me and seemed to really love the feeling. He was soon really pounding my ass. It only took him 4 or 5 minutes of fucking, before he started to groan and throb in my ass. I could feel his cum begin to fill my ass. Finally, he pulled out of me and just continued to cum, and cum and cum. It seemed he continued to cum for well over one or two minutes. He was soaking the sheets and mattress with his cum. Some of his cum even hit the headboard. I tried to catch some of it in my mouth, but it was too much for me to even try to drink. He and I were both laughing. He's saying "Sorry, dude. This just happens". I've always just thought is was just one hell of a hot experience. About 2 hours later, I just couldn't hold it in my ass any longer. I thought I was going to soil myself before I could get to a toilet. But, I made it. I swear that about half a cup of cum came out of me. I still had cum cum out the next morning.
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    I was lucky to attend the FSM twice Berlin and once the Meat Market party in Amsterdam (all in white hoods as I’m still too paranoid) i still remember the first time, waiting nervously far from the entrance since it was my first time with more than one partner When I decided it was time to stop and just go for it and go in, I got so excited and horny when they explained the rules at the entrance since I got in a bit late it was hard to find a good spot but I managed to find a spot downstairs and went for the bar to grab a couple of drinks to ease my nerves. when the helpers came and tied the hood on my head my heart was pounding and I couldn’t wait anymore so I lobbed my hole real good, when the music turned louder and the stallions got in I started with with the poppers, which only caused my hole to twitch in anticipation! it took a couple of minutes (time really runs differently when blinded) but when I first felt a finger up my hole I gasped, I think the stallion felt it cause I heard him say something to a guy standing next to him All this time I was high on poppers and a few moments later he removed his fingers and shoved his thick dick up my pussy and started fucking HARD (I was so happy I stretched my hole all day with my dildo and plugs while thoroughly cleaning up) i started moaning real loud and just got lost in the moment, i think it attracted some more stallions cause I felt hands touching me all over and feeling my stretched pussy while I was getting fucked. This went for a while till my stallion broke off, slapped my ass and told the rest I had a tight hole, this made me wiggle my ass and hit the poppers in anticipation for the next cock. Didnt have to wait much longer than a few seconds till I felt thick fingers stretching my more then shoving the entire length of the dick up my pussy for another rough fuck, this guy has a different style and he was making me moan louder like a bitch in heat, which caused more stallions to he’d over. I lost track on how many ended up fucking me (I guess it was 30-40 in total) but I made it till the end of the event, full of lube and cum from the stallions cumming all over me (front, back and I loved it when they sprayed my face causing the hoodie to be damp with cum and I got high on the smell!) with puffy ass lips I headed back to the hotel (Axel) and my pussy was buzzing! i was so horny and proud of myself achieving this I felt like I needed more so I hopped on Grindr and Romeo, found a couple in my hotel and they ended up spitroasting me and I even got DPd for the first time that night which made me cum hands free! After almost 2 hours, they both unloaded in my mouth and I went back to my room with a sore, sloppy pussy and slept like a baby
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    Yeah, I’m a bug chaser. It didn’t take me long into my bareback bottomhood to realize that the thrill of sex increased exponentially if there was a danger element involved. So I started doing it with married men. In public places. With the partners of friends of mine. And eventually with Poz men. I must admit that the whole Poz thing really turned me on. At first I was kind of freaked out about how I got off on the idea of playing roulette with my health, but once you experience that thrill of living on the edge and letting a Poz guy stay in you when he cums... well. It’s all over from there. But this was the mid 90’s and dating/hookup apps didn’t really exist yet. And Poz guys weren’t really to be found on AOL and gay.com. At least not where I lived in middle America. What we did have in my community, though, was a small AIDS hospice. Okay, okay. I know how this sounds. Pretty sick, right? A young guy trolling an AIDS hospice for Poz cock? Preying on gay men in the last stages of life?? But that’s exactly what I did. And very successfully too, I might add. I was in my mid-20’s back then. I was decently attractive with a sort of “golly gee” innocent charm about me (that totally hid my pervy side). And I had a good ass. Total bubble butt. I mean, from the age of twelve I knew I was built to be a bottom. Anyway, I applied to be a volunteer at the hospice. I said I would love to come read to the guys or talk or just keep them company. I could come by in the evenings and on weekends when I wasn’t working. AIDS still had a strong stigma back then, so having a young gay such as myself willing to volunteer was a bit of a novelty. I was snapped up quickly. Now, don’t go thinking that I immediately started going down on and raping all the men in hospice— because I didn’t. I actually did read to them and chat and keep them company, as I had volunteered to do. But I was also developing relationships and sussing out which men might be up for some unprotected sex with an eager, 20-something bottom slut. Eventually I found Ken. Ken was in the later stages of his illness. He was still handsome, in a way, but pretty gaunt. Blonde. Sharp Blue eyes. Mustachioed. He was one that I read to on a consistent basis. But we also talked and developed a decent friendship. Once we were fairly comfortable with each other, I asked him about his past. Like, did he have a partner ever? Did he used to have lots of sex? Did he know how he became infected? Did he used to go to bath houses or anything? He smiled slyly at me and opened up about being quite promiscuous in his day. “How promiscuous?” I prompted. Which is when he started regaling me with tales of sex parties, orgies, back rooms of dance clubs, bookstores, and yes— bath houses. He’d done them all. “And I really liked it,” he said wistfully. “I just really liked sex.” In subsequent visits I prodded him for more and more details, always saying things like “Life is so different now— this doesn’t happen. Back then it was so much more... exciting.” To which he’d agree. He didn’t know how he’d become infected, but it was several years ago now- probably in the later 80’s. He laughed and confided, “Yeah, I was stupid back then. I figured since I was a top, I was immune. That only bottoms got infected. Whoops.” Hearing this I asked if he only ever topped. He shrugged. “I tried bottoming a couple times— didn’t really enjoy it. Besides, once guys saw my dick I sort of automatically became the top.” “That big, huh? You poor thing! You must have been very popular!” I laughed. “How else do you think I wound up in this bed?” He chuckled. From there, I started steering our conversations into more sexual waters. Like did he miss sex? When was the last time he had some ass, etc. He looked at me wistfully and said he hadn’t had any since a year before hospice and that he did miss it. “With all the ass I’ve had, you think I’d be satiated, but I’m not. You always want more,” He said quietly. “Yeah, I know.” I told him. “I’m such a slut for big cock, I can never get enough of it.” Then I winked at him. He actually blushed. That was as far as I pushed it for awhile, letting the seed I’d planted in his mind to germinate a little. Plus, I needed to be sure about what I was going to do and then prepare my next steps. After a couple more “innocent” visits to Ken, I was ready to take it to the next level. This time, for my reading material, I brought some gay erotica. I started reading it aloud, as I would have our other book. After it became apparent what I was reading, he stopped me. “This is a bit of a departure from our usual,” He said hesitantly. “Yeah, I know. But I wanted to mix it up. And given some of our conversations I thought you might like this change of pace.” And I kept reading. As I read, I looked over occasionally and could see him fidgeting a bit and shifting around. I also saw him casually put his hands in his lap to mask his growing erection. I smiled at this and kept on reading. It was a particularly vivid account of a young bottom going to the baths and getting bred by stud after stud- cum leaking out of his chute. After the account of the fourth load from a particularly randy well-hung black stud I put down the magazine and said, “Hmm. You don’t have to be shy. Let that boner be free, it’s ok. We’re both gay, and I got one too.” The chair I was reading in faced him so I shifted my legs so he could see my crotch. I saw him eye my bulge hungrily although he did blush again. But he also moved his hands for me. Holy fucking tent. “Damn Ken, you DO Have a big one, don’t you?” I said breathlessly. I could see the sheet moving slightly as his pulse made his dick jump. “Can I... can I see it? Just a peek. Please??” He looked toward the door and hesitated, and I looked him squarely in the eye and said please again. Slowly he lifted the edge of the sheet and freed his impressive cock. “Ohhh. My.” I exhaled. His Dick was beautiful. It had to be 9 inches at least. It was one of those cocks where the head wasn’t huge and flared— just behind the rim of the head his shaft grew in girth until it reached its widest point about 1/3 of the way down the shaft. Then it tapered slightly to the base. It also arced proudly out from his groin, like the weight of the end of it pulled it slightly downward. And below it all were a nice pair of low hangers, just resting on the mattress. “Damn, you are blessed aren’t you?” I whispered in awe. “Sometimes I think it was a curse,” he said. “Like, if I had an average dick maybe I wouldn’t be sick right now.” “Maybe,” I said matter of factly. “But do you really think having a smaller cock would have changed your sex drive though? I mean, I know big dick guys who have no libido at all, and small dick guys who jack off 10 times a day. All I know is that you seem to have been sexually insatiable and probably would have found a way to have tons of sex, with or without that monster.” This talk was making him lose his hard on, so I quickly said, “Hey. How about you tell ME an erotic story. Like from your bathhouse days. Don’t be a lazy bitch and entertain ME for a change.” I smiled. “Surely you must have a hot tale of a favorite fuck to share.” He smiled back slowly and said, “Oh yeah. I have a few good ones. How about I tell you about the young marine?” “Sounds good to me! Let’s hear it,” i urged. “So this was at the bath house, oh many years ago now. I was there one night and in the sling room was this young, muscle-stud. He had a ‘friend’ who was guarding the entry and whoring him out. Several guys were peering in and and watching the action so I asked the ‘friend’ what what was going on. Turns out this little muscle stud was a Marine, had just turned 21 and wanted his own 21 gun salute. The friend was helping to line up good Dick and to make sure things didn’t get out of control. So far the kid was up to 11 loads and #12 sounded like he was getting close. So I asked if I could take a turn and flashed my dick at the friend. The friend smiled and said “you’re up next”.” “Oh damn, man,” I said. “This is my total fantasy! Sorry for doing this but....” I then unfastened my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock. Ken watched me do it and made no protestations. After watching me slow stroke a few times he went back to his story. “So I hear #12 finish up— loudly. And as soon as he left the room, I walked in. The kid was fucking hot. Exactly what you’d think of when you think US Marine. Tan. Well muscled. Lanky. Buzz cut dark hair. Even the dog tags laying between his pecs. His legs were slightly furry as was his ass. The kid looked up at me and his eyes were totally blown- probably on something. Or it could have been that sex haze. Anyway, I walked up to his face so he could get a look at my cock and his eyes got real big! And then his mouth opened... So I fucked his mouth to get myself good and hard. He was choking and gagging on my cock, but also just moaning like a bitch in heat. It didn’t take me long before I was raging hard. Like I am now.” I looked back at his cock and he was back at full mast and throbbing. I scored my chair right up next to his bed so he was within reach. I think Ken knew what I was thinking, but he didn’t stop me. “Go on...” I urged. “So, I pull out of his mouth and moved to position. I look down and can see a trickle of cum leaking out his ass, as well as a good puddle on the floor. I can’t believe I’m saying this but— I bent down and scooped up some floor spunk and slathered it on my Dick. Then I pushed into him. This boy was so used and so full of cum, I really didn’t need the extra lube, but the idea was hot to me. I pushed in pretty easily to a point, then met with resistance as I got to his second ring. So I took my time and slow-stroked him with just enough Dick so I was teasing his second ring. It felt so... WHOA!” It was at this point in his story when I reached over and grabbed his cock. It startled him. “Whaaa what are you doing?” He asked in a shaky voice. “I’m helping you out, man. You need this. And I want to do this. I wanna make you cum as you finish this story.” His breath was shaky and shallow, but I kept my hand on that impressive cock and jacked it slowly. His eyes half closed and he swallowed thickly. And I knew I had him. “So, you were fucking him slowly, right up to that second ring....” I promoted. His eyes close... “Yeah. Um. So I start to tease deeper. I slow push into him and get my head up in his second ring and you would think the marine is storming Iwo Jima from the noises he starts making. I pull out and slow push in again. And again. And again. Eventually this marine is grunting and Ooo Rah’ing and taking it like a goddamn champ. So I really start giving it to him. Hard. The sling chains are singing and my groin is totally covered in cum spatter as all the other loads are being fucked out of him and deeper into him. He’s going cum crazy and bucking into me to take all I can give. I look back at the door and like 5 guys are watching us fuck. I know I can’t hold out much longer and thankfully I don’t have to. Suddenly the kid cries out and I see cum shooting from his Dick all over his chest and belly. I can feel his ass spasming around my cock and that’s about all she wrote. I ram it it hard, as deep as I can, and I flood his fucking slut marine guts. He’s whimpering and moaning and I and I am so turned on that I keep cumming and cumming and... AGGGH.” Ken’s cum shoots in a perfect arc from his Dick and spatters the sheets. The next spurts drip down my hand and onto his balls. When his orgasm subsided, I got up, put my hard cock away, and got him a wash cloth. I then cleaned up the mess. “Looks like someone had been saving up quite a load,” I said with a grin. Ken couldn’t meet my eyes. I think he felt embarrassed or something. I covered him with a sheet and patted his leg. “Dude, that was incredibly hot and I regret nothing. In fact, I hope we can do this again.” Ken didn’t say anything, but.. was that a tiny nod? After that, I would pepper in my visits with some erotic reading, and it would end with Ken telling me of one of his escapades while I jacked him. It was definitely hot- but time to take it to the next level. About a month after our first JO encounter, I started a more frank discussion with him involving his status. “So, did you still have as much sex after you became positive or did it kind of stop after that.” He grew quiet and didn’t answer for a time. “It stopped… for awhile.” he sighed. “But sex is hard to give up. Did you switch to condoms then?” I inquired. “Mostly…?” he whispered. “Bareback sex is even harder to give up, isn’t it? It’s ok, trust me I get it. You can tell me. I’m not here to judge you- we’re friends.” This seemed to open Ken up a bit. “When I was diagnosed, I sort of… shut down. I withdrew and basically stopped all sex cold turkey. I wasn’t partnered at the time, so I didn’t have to worry about that pressure. Heck, I didn’t even jack off. I just sort of became a sexual zombie. Eventually I was finding myself checking out guys again. Getting horny. Getting those ‘inconvenient boners’ during the day. I started jacking again. And then I got the urge to fuck again. I tried some hookups where I used condoms, but … they didn’t work out so well. I just couldn’t stay hard being all gloved up, and I would end up disappointing the bottom. So I kind of gave up the idea of sex again. Until…” he trailed off. “You fucked a guy bareback and gave him your poz load.” I said. Ken looked up at me with a startled look on his face. “Yeah. I mean no. I mean, I didn’t really mean to, but… it just sort of happened.” “It’s okay Ken. We’re sexual beings and you must have been insanely horny. So, this was your first time fucking bare as an HIV positive man— and I gather that you liked it. Tell me about it?” It looked like he was struggling with something internally. His face contorted a bit and he wouldn’t look at me. So I grabbed his hand and held it for awhile and we sat in silence for a few minutes. “I’m worried what you’ll think of me, but…. “ “I was so damn horny. It had been almost a year since my diagnosis and no real sex. I was going out of my mind. One afternoon I found myself on autopilot and sort of ‘came to’ when I was standing outside my favorite old adult bookstore. I went in and paid my 5 bucks and headed to the back. It wasn’t very crowded and honestly I didn’t even know what I was doing there. I didn’t know what I wanted but I knew I needed to get off. Maybe jack off watching others? Maybe a BJ? I didn’t know. I wandered around for a few and noticed that the glory hole booths were busy. There were these two particular booths that had a decent sized glory hole. I noticed a few lurkers hanging in this area, so I figured some guy was giving BJ’s. So I leaned up against the wall to watch. It wasn’t long before one door opened and this hispanic construction worker came out and was fastening up his pants. He headed for the exit and one of the other lurkers took his place in the empty booth. It wasn’t long before we could hear some groans and movement noises coming from these booths. And the booths, being flimsy plywood, were kind of shaking a bit. So it became apparent that more than just a BJ going on. I look over and the other guy has his fly open and is jacking a pretty decent piece of uncut meat…. “ By now Ken was hard, the retelling had him excited. So I reached over pulled back the sheet and took him in hand, as usual. He flinched a little, but let it happen. He still wouldn’t look at me though, his head was facing the other way out the window as he remembered. “So the guy in booth 1 cums loudly and the booth rocking stops. About a minute later, he comes out with a big smile on his face and heads for the exit. Now there are just two of us ‘lurkers’, and we look at each other. The other guy is older, kind of hard to tell his age really. Maybe 60? Looks a bit… sick… you know? Probably similar to how I look now And I knew. I KNEW he was poz. And yet there he was, jacking his cock at the book store…. He raised his eyebrows at me as if asking if I was heading in or not? I shook my head, and he walked into the empty booth. He didn’t close the door. So I found myself slowly walking up and watching. The old guy fed his dick through the hole and started moaning as I heard the wet sounds of a hungry mouth going to town on his cock. ‘Fuck yeah, suck it faggot,’ he whispers harshly. In my head I know this guy is poz and he’s just letting this guy suck him. In my head I’m really conflicted, but I can’t look away. And I’m… really turned on. Soon the wet sucking noises stop and I hear that unmistakable click noise of lube bottle being opened. I know what’s going to happen and again I’m watching it all go down and not saying anything. The old guy moans and I know the guy on the other side of the wall just sheathed that uncut cock in his ass. The booth starts moving slowly and I can hear the wet sound of ass fucking. My cock is so hard at this point it’s like it wants to tear a hole in my pants to get out.” In my hand, Ken’s cock is mirroring his cock in the story. He’s wickedly hard as he’s retelling this and I just keep jacking him. I stop just long enough to spit on my hand and go back. Ken makes a small noise in his throat, then goes back to his story. “The old guy starts really fucking into this dude’s ass through the glory hole. I’m basically in the booth with him at this point, my face close to the glory hole so I can see his cock going in and out of this ass. I can tell he’s getting close by his wheezing, when suddenly he stiffens up and grunts a few times and I know. I know his load, his… sickness… is shooting into the ass on the other side of the wall. I feel like I should say something. I feel like I should have stopped it before it got this far. But I didn’t. I just watched it all happen while my cock betrayed me in my pants. And I kept watching as the old guy slowly pulled out of the ass with a wet plop. Yup. Definitely no condom on that. He zips up and pats my shoulder. ‘It’s worth it,’ he says. And he exits the booth, leaving me alone in there. I see a finger extend into the glory hole from the other side. The international symbol for ‘stick your dick through, i’m waiting’. At this point I’m basically beyond the point of no return, so I close the booth door and open my pants. I hear the appreciative “DAMN” from the other side of the wall an I know he’s eyeballing my cock through the hole. He sticks his finger through again and motions to me. And before I know it, i’m feeding my dick through the hole. It was all I could do not to cum when I felt his mouth around my dick. It had been so damn long! I let him suck me for awhile, then I felt him pull off. Felt him apply the lube to my dick. I knew this was my chance to pull back… to stop. But I … I didn’t. And then I felt him slowly push his ass back onto my dick. The warm, wet heat enveloped me and I almost cried it felt so good! But I also was so conflicted— I was in this ass raw. And even though I’m pretty sure the previous guy just left a toxic load in there, that wasn’t me. Or was it? All I know is that fucking ass without a condom felt so damn good. I’m so turned on that I know I won’t last much longer. This guy is slamming his ass back onto my dick and fucking himself with it and I’m just standing there pressed against the booth wall letting him. I felt the orgasm building in my balls. I knew I was close. I knew I could pull out and spray all over the booth floor. I knew all this… and I let him keep fucking onto me. I needed the release. I needed to fuck. And then… it happened. I was cumming in him. I was in a post orgasmic haze— barely remember pulling out and zipping up. After a minute or two I stumbled out of the booth just as the other guy was coming out of his. We looked at each other. The guy was in his mid 40’s. Handsome. Dressed in suit pants, white shirt, and a tie. And had a wedding ring on. He saw me see it, and he just shrugged and smiled. ‘Thanks for that!’ he says. After that monster, I’m done.’ And he turned and was out the exit.” Ken paused here in his story and I still jacked his cock. I don’t know what prompted me to push, but I did. “That must have been a shock. Seeing that you just put your dirty load into a guy with a wife and kids, huh? Especially for your first time raw fucking as a poz man. I bet you felt sick about it… and turned on, too.” Ken finally looked at me. “Yeah. At first I was angry. I was all “You stupid fucker! You know you shouldn’t fuck without a condom! You have a wife!” “But it was hot because he WAS married and he WAS careless. Which made it all the hotter. Plus he’d taken god knows how many other loads that day. At least 3. Breeding married men is aways the holy grail… right?” I said all while jacking Ken’s cock more quickly. Ken’s eyes were boring into me. “Fuck yes. Stupid married men, thinking with their dicks … and asses. It’s almost like they’re asking for it. Asking to be caught.” “Asking to be infected,” I whispered. “Getting what they deserve,” he says. “Which is what made it easier the next time, and the next time, and the next time…giving all those stupid fuckers your toxic seed. How many did you fuck and fill, Ken?” That’s when I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him while I still jacked. “Oh jesus,” Ken moaned quietly and I felt his hand come to the back of my head. I finally had his monster cock in my mouth and I lovingly sucked it and worked the head with my tongue. “Shit, I’m gonna…” Ken managed and he struggled to pull away. But I just gripped his cock and kept my mouth planted right where it was. Spurt after spurt of bitter, salty cum filled my mouth, but I swallowed it greedily. I kept him in my mouth until his cock started to soften- the last dribbles of semen pearling onto my tongue. Ken’s hand was still resting on the back of my head. When I finally released him from my mouth, he said “You shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m really sick, man.” He looked away from me sheepishly. “Ken, you know that the risk of transmission orally is very small. Also, I’ve been wanting to do that for months.” I tell him. He looked at me, with a bit of sadness in his eyes. “I’m going to let you in on a secret,” I tell him as we look at each other. “I’m not a nice boy who volunteers at an AIDS hospice and secretly pines for a boyfriend and two dogs and a house in the burbs. No. I’m a naughty boy. Sometimes I have anonymous sex. I don’t always fuck with a condom. I let guys cum inside me. Sometimes even if I don’t know their status. And sometimes…” I see something flicker across his gaze. “Even when I DO know their status.” “I love taking those loads best of all.” And I winked at him. A couple weeks later, I was back at Ken’s bedside for our reading time. But tonight was going to be different. Tonight was the night. I was going to get his cock and load inside me— unless he had a sudden attack of conscience and wouldn’t let me. I had come prepared. I had cleaned out thoroughly, prelubed my hole, and had lube and poppers in my backpack. I was also wearing a pair of gym shorts that I had cut strategically in the back for access. I pulled out the erotic fiction from his nightstand and read a good story to get Ken in the mood. It worked like always and soon he was tenting up that bedsheet. I put down the magazine. “So, tonight I thought maybe we’d do something different,” say. I see him look at me quizzically. “I thought perhaps I’d tell you one of my stories instead? Something… naughty.” Ken licked his lips and nodded approval. “So, there’s this guy I was hot for. Older than me, but handsome. Blonde— like you. Blue eyes, too. We chatted for a long time before I finally got up the courage to make a move on him.” I reached over and grabbed his throbbing cock. “We did some minor stuff— just hand jobs and blow jobs mostly. Turns out the guy is fucking hung like a racehorse! Fucking jackpot! I seriously can’t get enough of his big dick,” I said while jacking him. Ken’s eyes look black as his pupils are complete dilated as he watches me. “I mean, I love sucking that big fucker,” I said as I bent down to suck on Ken’s cock for awhile. “But I need more, you know? I’m a slutty bottom that craves big cock. And if this awesome guy won’t give me his, then I’ll just go to a bookstore and take some random strangers through a glory hole— you know?” Ken’s breath is coming faster now as I continue to suck him a bit. “So one night, I make my move and try to get this guy to FINALLY put it in me already! Only that’s when he springs it on me. He’s HIV positive. He doesn’t like fucking with condoms and he doesn’t want to risk infecting me, so he doesn’t want to fuck me.” I look at Ken as I pause in my story. “So I started sucking his cock and I tell him that I don’t care. That I want him to fuck me bare. That I want to— no, NEED to feel him cum inside me. I tell him I’ve let other men fuck me bare and some of them have probably been poz too. Heck, I might even be infected now and I may not know it. I’m so slutty and careless it’s almost like I DESERVE to get it, you know? Just another stupid bottom thinking with his hole. And whether he fucks me or not, nothing is gonna change this.” I feel Ken’s cock twitch and jump in my hand as I say all this. I then casually reach into my back pack and get out the lube and poppers. Ken’s breath hitches in his chest. I open the lube and start slathering his massive member. Ken’s eyes don’t leave mine. “So, this guy finally relents. I lube him up, open my shorts, lube my hole a bit, then get on top of him,” i say as I climbing onto his bed and mimicking all the actions coming out of my mouth, “and take a massive hit of poppers because I know I’m gonna need them.” I hit the poppers hard. “And then I slowly— finally— lowered myself onto him,” I whispered. It was like being torn open. Even with the poppers, Ken’s cock was huge. Easily the biggest I’d ever taken in my life to that point. It was the thick part just past the head that was the trick. I had to pull off, relube him, hit more poppers and slowly inch my way through that thick part as my hole burned in protest. Then there was a ‘pop’ as that thick spot suddenly breached my hole, and it got easier. I slid all the way down. Ken hissed as I hilted myself onto his dick. His hands found my hips. “The guy’s cock was massive, but I’d wanted it for so long inside me that I took it like a champ. And then I started riding him slowly. I wanted him to feel every inch of my insides and know that I wanted him there.” I rode Ken slowly up and down, getting myself used to his dick. Occasionally I stopped for poppers. “This guy had told me stories about his past… how much ass he’d fucked. I just hope mine would live up to the others. And, truth be told, I loved the fact that his dick had been in so many guys and it was finally my turn.” “I know this guy said he was conflicted about fucking me, but his raging hardon said otherwise. He loved it. And I know that in his secret heart of hearts, that he loved breeding guys with his poz seed. He loved fucking bare and dumping his toxic DNA into as many asses as would take it. Breeding all these guys who would never ask for a condom. Never ask about status. Just take whatever load in their cumhungry cunts. I know he didn’t like to admit it to himself and he probably felt ashamed for doing it. And even more ashamed for being so goddamn turned on by the idea that he’s infected dozens, if not hundreds of guys by now.” “Yeaaaaaah,” Ken moaned quietly as I continued to ride him. “I told this guy that it was ok. I understood. We all had that biological urge to procreate, and this was our way. Making sure a little bit of us lived on in others. And I told him I was a willing vessel. In fact, I wanted him to cum in me. I wanted it to be HIS cum that infected me. I didn’t want to be like he was and not know where the virus came from. I wanted the moment to be memorable. I wanted to KNOW. And I wanted him to know that he was the one.” I was riding the full length of Ken at this point. I had opened up to where his cock was plunging into my second ring on each thrust and I was leaking precum into my gym shorts with every bounce on his cock. Ken was helping guide me as he grabbed my hips. “Do it Ken. Cum in me! Fill me! I want you to be the one! Please??? Be the one who knocks me up!” Ken’s eyes flicked open and he grabbed my hips hard as he thrust up into me. His cock was buried well up into my second ring when I felt the pulses. The throbs. The wet heat. Ken’s AIDS cum was shooting so deep into me that I knew it would take. And I filled my gym shorts with my own seed as I spontaneously came from the knowledge that I was taking a living part of Ken and continuing the line. Ken shuddered and we stayed welded together until his cock had softened enough to easily come out of my ass. As I pulled off of him I bent down and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thank you,” I whispered. I got off the bed, grabbed a wash cloth and started to clean him off. There was a little blood on the rag after I washed off his dick. He saw it and his eyes got big and I could see him wondering if he had hurt me. “Dude, you have a massive cock- the biggest that’s ever been in me. I was expecting this. Maybe next time I’ll be a bit more loosened up.” And I smiled at him as I went to the wash room to clean myself up. Ken and I fucked a few more times, but it wasn’t long before his health took a turn and before I knew it, he was gone. At least I got to be by his side when he left this world; for that I’m grateful. And yes, I did get sick after our fuck sessions. Sure enough, I had caught the ‘fuck flu’. Testing confirmed it. Given the timing, I knew it was Ken’s doing. And I was grateful for that ,too. I kept volunteering at the hospice after that. I mean, it wasn’t like Ken was the only guy I spent time with during my visits, but Ken was the only one I had cultivated a fuck relationship with. Until Mark. One evening I was visiting Mark and as I was preparing to read to him he stopped me. “Um, I was wondering if you could maybe read this tonight instead,” he asked. He pulled out the magazine of erotic fiction that I had given Ken for our sessions, and he handed it to me. I smiled. “Uh, Ken said that you would read to him out of this and it was very, um… stimulating. I was hoping that maybe we could do the same?” Yes Mark. I was positive that we could do the same.
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    Hey Melbourne pigs, I'd really love to make some play videos for XTube and PornHub and I need both cast (vers/tops preferred) and crew (camera/fluffers). Anyone interested? HMU for more info, but it'll be raw and kinky for sure.
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    I agree with most of you guys, if he's in my ass bare its his right to cum deep in my ass. if I let him fuck me bare it is his choice where he wants to pump his load. if he asks me where, I tell him to cum wherever he wants (hoping it will be deep in my ass. if he asks what I prefer I always tell him deep inside) as long as he tells me when he's about to cum. its a huge turn on for me to hear him say when he's about to pump my ass full of his seed. I love it when he never asks and just cums in me. I also love swallowing his load too when he gives me the opportunity.
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    Anyone out here knows how to access porn on black web which is uncensored and filthy!
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    It was my best orgy ever in dallas ! Coukd have had more dudes but the room wasn’t big enough. I’ll get a suite next time lol
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    How are you at math?
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    Monday I went to my go-to cruisy park nearby. I have been a couple of times since the new year. Initially it was slow so I went for a walk. I ran into a young late 20s/early 30s Hispanic guy, average build with a huge bulge in his sweat pants. I started following him until we got a semi private part of the trail and he turned around, grabbed my cock and started deep kissing. He immediately starting feeling my ass so I lowered by pants and let him rub my hairy ass. He said he wanted to fuck so I spit on my hand/ass and bent over right in the middle of the public trail. It seemed slow so I was adventurous. He pulled out a condom, I asked if we can go with out it and he said No. With no other prospects, I decided to go for it even though I prefer raw only. He bent me over and started to fuck me with intensity. He was grabbing my hair, kissing my neck and pounding away. This went on for 10 min and I was getting paranoid that a random person could walk right up and there wouldn’t be anything we could do. He was fucking when I saw a guy turned the corner and see us. Lucky it was another cruiser that wanted to watch. The top didnt really care, he slid right back in and pound some more. I decided he would/could fuck me for hours and never cum so I told him I needed a break and left him with the other guy. I walked over to the (closed) boardwalk where a lot of action happens including to/with me! I passed a young black, prob 30s that gave a turn around stare. He followed me back to the best place to suck/fuck. He said he was a top and I said bottom and he said pleased to meet you. I bent over and sucked him while he fingered my ass. It was wet from the other guy and he felt it. He slid into me with his above average cock, I bent over a bench so my ass was wide open for breeding. He had pretty good stamina and fucked me until another cruiser arrived. We briefly unconnected his cock with my ass but then went right back to it. The new guy came back and watched as this black hottie pounded this daddy hole. Top kept saying how smooth and good it. Soon he was grabbing my waist and I could feel his cock swelling inside me. His head went back as he unloaded his prize in me. The voyeur left and the top and i chatted for a minute and he said “damn I got another one to give you”. Fuck yeah! I bent over and he really pounded me like a slut. This fuck wasnt as long as the first but the load was much larger. I mean much larger. We pulled our clothes back and on and headed out. Within an hr a bud of mine on Squirt posted he was on his way. Cool, I like this guy, he’s a bb top slut like me. Loves freaky shit. He got there and we did a three way with another slightly older cruiser. My bud has a beautiful BBC and loves to fuck my freak ass. He filled my hole while the other guy watched. I love guys watching me get bareback fucked and take loads. After my 3rd load, I headed home.
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    I concur with this thought - it resonates with me - but would add that personally being on the more functioning end of the autistic spectrum makes me rather focus on things quite intensely... mix in a little anxiety and I am not sure the constant competitive nature of being one amongst oh so many bottoms does a lot for self esteem.
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    Teaching my brother about the Porn Star diet to get his system ready for MAL the last 3 weeks was fun.
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    32. "Oh yeah! Fuck!" Tony moaned, feeling Louis' hot mouth around his monster cock. He pulled it out from the hungry mouth. "You like your first cock, stud? "Yeah! Yeah I fucking do!" "Then go on and suck it some more!" Tony ordered and pulled Louis on his cock again. He felt hands on his ass and back. Aaron and Kev came from each side and started kissing him. "Try a different cock!" Tony commanded again. Louis obeyed. He moved to the right and started swallowing Aaron's 8.5 inches. Tony looked at Eric, who was still jerking his cock, watching his best friend be a total cocksucker. Louis moved to Kev's toxic 7 inches. Clearly loving to have his mouth used. Tony saw, that Eric stood up, still massaging his cock. He stared into his eyes - they were filled with lust and curiosity. Tony pulled Louis up and dropped to his knees himself. He started sucking the hairy hunk's 8 inch veiny cock. Louis moaned and pushed Tony's head deeper on his cock. Tony stretched his hand out and played with Louis' nipple, hidden under the forrest of dark, coarse fur. He took the cock out. "Your friend looks like he wants to join..." said Tony towards Louis. Louis looked towards Eric. He was leaned against the wall, his cock hard as rock. "You really don't wanna join Eric?" he asked. Eric looked at him confused. "Oh c'mon Eric! It feels fucking amazing!" Louis' moaned with his cock in Tony's mouth. "I... I..." "Come give it a go bud! It won't kill you!" said Louis. Eric unsurely stepped closer to the men. Aaron came to him, grabbed his cock and led him closer. They stopped in front of Louis and Tony. Aaron pushed Eric down. "Try it out" said Tony as he popped Louis' cock out of his mouth. Eric hesitated for a second. Then he started sucking the tip. Then he went deeper. And deeper. And faster. Tony smirked as he heard Louis moan and grab Eric's bald head and pushed him deeper on his cock. Tony stood up. After a little while, he waved his poz cock around. Eric stopped sucking Louis. "You like that huh?" Tony asked. "Yeah." Eric said clearly. Tony laughed and pulled him up into a deep kiss. Then he watched Louis and Eric make out. He came to Eric from behind. Kev and Aaron did the same with Louis. He put his hand on his ass and fondled it. He continued massaging it. Then he squished his toxic cock on his asscrack and bit and kissed into his neck from dehind. Eric turned around and kissed Tony again. He could see, that Aaron and Kev were kissing Louis' hairy shoulders and neck. "You want this toxic cock?" "I... I... I..." "Do You?" "Uhm... I... I... Yeah." Eric confessed. Tony's big cock bounced. He rubbed Eric's hole with his fingers. Then he slid one in and started finger fucking Eric gently. Eric groaned and looked deep into his buddy's ass, who was getting the same treatment from both Kev's and Aaron's fingers. Tony slowed got his cock into position. He started pushing it in. Eric groaned. Louis as well after being impaled on Aaron's cock. Tony started drilling Eric's virgin hole. He saw Eric and Louis started making out. Tony speeded up, fucking Eric with som much agression, he moaned into the kiss. On the other side, Aaron was pumping his toxic cock into Louis' cunt. The man was so hot! Muscular, beefy and hairy all over! Aaron speeded up his tempo, grabbed Louis by the hips and started impaling him deeper on his dirty cock. "FUCK YEAH! Take our fucking toxic cocks!" Tony shouted and continued to drill Eric's ass, occasionaly stroking his shiny bald scalp and slapping his hot ass. Tony and Aaron both felt their orgasms approaching. Tony was going really fast now. His toxic cum boiled inside his balls. "YEAH FUCKER!" he roared as he smashed his cock balls deep into Eric. "You want that toxic load?" asked Aaron seductively. Louis just groaned. Tony started cumming inside Eric's neg pussy and shouted: "YEAH! FUCKING TAKE MY POZ LOAD! GONNA CHARGE YOU UP STRAIGHT BOY!" Aaron's orgasm approached as well he emptied his charged up cum inside Louis and said: "Yeah! Fuck! Pozzing your virgin hole right now!" Louis moaned. They took their cock out of the stretched out, gaping holes. Both "straight" guys stood up, still moaning and kissing, feelung their manpussies dripping tocic cum. Kev was still jerking his poz cock. "Let Kev have a piece as well boys!" daid Aaron. Kev bent over and spread his cheeks apart saying: " Breed me with your neg load!" Eric slipped his cock inside Kev. Louis came to Kev's mouth. Kev started sucking on Louis' cock. They didn't last long, feeling poz cum dripping down their legs and a hot mouth or pussy around their cocks. They both came at the same time with wild grunts and noises. Lemme know what you think! Don't be shy message me or leave a comment!??☣☣?
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    I had seen him around on a few of the hookup sites...m4sn, adam4adam, bbrts. He was in his late 60s, thin with a nice uncut cock and openly poz in his profile. Years before I started thinking about taking a poz shots up my neg hole he sent me little messages about liking my pics, wanting me to make his cock feel good, asking me if I like older guys, and other creepy old guy stuff. I read them but ignored his advances at the time. I guess he moved on to other people but I kept seeing him pop up. After getting into more risky situations this year (taken two known poz loads so far) I went onto one of my regular sites and did a search for poz top guys in the area. His profile popped up again and I was instantly drawn to it. The older, creepy, thin, poz guy was getting me excited. He had a thin face with sunken eyes, a flat six-pack and still had that nice hard uncut cock...with a cockring around it to keep it hard. He was also online at the time and must have seen that I looked at his profile since he sent me a message right away..."hi bud u have a nice ass" Short message but I knew what he wanted. I responded to him this time and asked if he tops bb. He replied and said yes he prefers bb but reminded me that he's poz. I made sure he knew I was okay with that and wanted him to bb my hole all the way…and that I wanted to hookup soon. He didn't get back to me until that night but he responded with "just so u know what your getting into. will try to go to the book store about 10:30 to 11. Maybe see u there and give u some dic. Got my cockring and viagra ready. I'm sure horney." That was in a couple hours so I got my equipment out to clean my hole. It took a bit to get everything running clear and then I showered. Around 10 I shot him a message back that I would be there...didn't say how we would find each other but somehow I knew it would work. With my hole ready I took my small plug and slid it in with some lube. I decided to wear it in me to the bookstore to give his cock easy access. You can tell how many cruisers there are at the place by how many cars are parked backed into the spots. The casual guys who are looking for mags, dvds and toys don't bother but the ones who are there for more than that don't want their license plates out in the open (yes i live in a state without front plates). There were only a few cars in the lot and two backed in so I hoped one of those was my older daddy top. After going in I could feel that my hole had loosened up...the plug was starting to come out a little so I reached back and pushed it in all the way again. I bought $10 in tokens so I'd have plenty of time in case he was late. After turning the corner and going through the curtain to the back booth area I saw him right away. No mistaking that thin older face I saw in the pictures. He was standing outside the booths slowly wandering up the hallway. As I walked toward him I felt my heart pumping and racing. I knew this was my poz daddy. He looked back at me and I winked and motioned with my head to go into a booth. I went into an empty booth and dropped a couple tokens but left the door open. It took him a bit but he followed inside and slowly closed the door. "Finally get to meet you bud" he said. "How did u know it was me?" I asked him. "I know that hungry bottom look…still want my dick?" I reached out to his crotch and felt something already hard. It was surprisingly hard compared with the rest of his gaunt body. We both looked at each other then he moaned and started to undo his buckle. Without saying anything I dropped to my knees and finished freeing his cock. I wrapped my hand around it and pulled his foreskin back a little to exposed the head more. It felt strong and potent. I licked the shaft all the way from his balls to the tip then sucked on the head for a few seconds. I knew they contained some sweet and dangerous seed. He put his hand on the back of my head and gently pulled me toward him at the same time he thrust forward. He held there and let out and big breath of pleasure. He really liked my mouth enveloping his cock and I liked making him feel good. I could feel his tangy and syrupy precum at the back of my throat. It kept leaking and I kept swallowing. I knew it already contained his poz bugs and I wanted whatever came out. He let me doing my thing on his shaft and head for a few minutes. I matched his every subtle thrust and got a feel for the pace and depth he liked. At first I kept my hand wrapped around the base so his cock didn't choke me but I decided to grab his ass with both hands and get him to thrust all the way into my throat. I took hold and opened up my throat until my nose and lips were all the way down. I felt the swollen head in there and was able to stand it with only a couple gags. He tightened his ass and let me hold it there. Then he let out a sharp breath and a couple more then whispered "oohhhhh ohhh yeah, oohhh yessssss" "your gonna make me cum" soft enough so only I could hear it. "Mmmm yeah I want your poz load daddy" I told him. I grabbed the lube from my pants pocket and squirted some on his wet shaft. It almost didn't need any lube but I jerked him off until his cock was sloppy. I came to my feet and turned around with my back facing him. Without saying anything I undid my pants and bent over. Then I reached back to pull out the plug that was still lodged deep in my hole. I could feel the coolness of the air on my open hole as the plug came free. "Fuck yeah that's hot bud" He said. "Come on give it to me" He stepped closer and rubbed the head up and down my crack. Then I felt it zero in on my hole. The head slipped in easily but he left it there for a bit as he took a better grip on my hips. He slowly drove it all the way home then pulled me into him to get it even further inside my hole. I could hear him keep whispering Oooooohhhh Ooooohhhhhh. None of us said anything, just our mutual sounds of pleasure between us. He started pumping me and squeezed my ass with every thrust. As he got a bit faster I could tell he was breathing harder. Then he pulled out half way and started jerking off his cock while it was still inside of me. His strokes got shorter and faster. His moans got higher and higher and I knew it would be soon. Then suddenly he said "here it comes" and thrust in all the way while he grabbed my ass with both hands. I felt him swell inside me and start to throb as his balls pumped their dangerous load inside me. He held himself tight into me for about a minute as he shuddered and shook. I could feel him twitch every time I squeezed my ass down on him and knew I was helping all of that cum into my hole. I couldn't believe this was already my third known poz load. I didn't feel nearly as guilty as I did my first time. It's definitely something that gets easier and more addictive after the first time. After another minute he pulled out and pulled up his shorts. I stood up a bit light-headed and could feel something dripping down my leg. He took my lubed plug from the top of the tv and slid it back in my hole. This seems like a good idea so I pushed it all the way then pulled up my pants to keep it in place. After he was all put back together he opened the door and left down the hallway. I decided to stay a couple minutes to regain my composure. Holy shit what a hot fuck. The lot still had a couple cars when I got into mine but things looked pretty deserted. We got to have our own private moment by ourselves in the privacy of a booth. It was past midnight when I got home and I felt like going right to bed. I felt like keeping my plug inside all night which felt amazing as I lay there on my back. When I woke up the next morning it was surprisingly still in place. I went into the bathroom to see what my hole was like. After pulling it out my hole felt a little wet but there was no cum to push out. All of his seed had been absorbed into me.
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    Man, that's a nice cock. Now I want to see your face.
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    I know everybody is entitled to their opinion and feel whatever they want but what a fucking stupid response, @Lndpozboi. It doesn't even make sense. If you were overtly scared about HIV, then you should have learned more about it to understand it and take action. You basically sound like a moth scared shitless flying straight to the flame. Besides, and no pun intended, there's absolutely nothing positive about your message. Of what "freedom" are you talking about? I do understand that not having to think about people's HIV status and being able to have sleazy sex sounds amazing but reality is very different. Do not sell a marvelous story of continous hot sex sessions when in fact by getting STDs you basically cannot do shit. And if you guys do have sex with smelly, bloody infections then you're all fucked up in the head. And do not even get me started on drugs..... Do we really need to say that drugs are heavy stuff and that many lives are ruined by them? The fuck, Now if you have a shitty life or depression or are going through a terrible time and you want to escape through sex as a coping measure, I might get that. But do not talk about it as a perfectly valid option when in fact it is an autodestructive behaviour that has nothing to do with a mature, adult sexual decision. I say all this in a bareback forum. And I say it because I've never read it before. Some of you guys actually make barebacking a sordid experience, when in fact we should be working to make it common and enjoyable for most.
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    Part II- As always every things is purely fictional. Any feedback is appreciated. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jace sat at the table with his family, awkwardly sitting next to the man who’s cum he had swallowed just an hour before. He thought to himself how in the hell out of all the tables in the restaurant Trey had been paired up with his family. Jace had hoped that after blowing Trey in the sauna of the locker room he could forget what had happened and chalk it up as just experimentation. Jace had been raised in a very Christian and Conservative household, and Jace’s parents had made it very well known that they were against homosexuality. Jace was afraid to think about what would happen if they found out their son had sucked off a random black man and swallowed his cum. Jace tried to act normal throughout dinner, but his family immediately noticed that Jace was not acting like his normal self. Jace’s skin appeared pale and yet his face was flush with red, and he hardly spoke or made eye contact with anybody, particularly Trey, all through dinner. Trey continued the charming guy act as dinner went on, Jace seeing right through it knowing how different he can act behind closed doors. Trey and Jace’s family made small talk throughout dinner, talking about their lives and getting to know each other while Jace sat there in silence looking down at his plate and picking at his food. Jace’s parents proudly told Trey that Jace was going into pre-med next year at an Ivy League school and could not stop talking about how proud of him they were. “Good for you” Trey said, turning to Jace with a smile. Throughout dinner Jace tried to forget about Trey’s big cock ramming in and out of his mouth, but he could not get the thought out of his head. Jace was becoming increasingly horny throughout dinner and he felt like his body was betraying him. He would find his eyes wandering over to Trey’s bulging muscled arms that were stretching his dress shirt, down to his crotch where Jace could see Trey’s basket that contained the black invader that had cum in his mouth just over an hour ago. Jace’s cock swelled up multiple times during dinner and he would have to try and get it to go back down. There is no way I am attracted to that man, Jace thought to himself, and figured he was just horny from not seeing his girlfriend. After the group finished dinner Jace’s mom noticed that Jace had hardly spoke all through dinner. “Are you feeling ok? You’re not getting sea sick, are you?” she asked. “No mom I’m fine just let it be”. Trey, keeping up with the friendly demeanor he had put out all through dinner, told Jace’s mom that he had been taking some anti-nausea meds to prevent sea sickness since he got on the ship. “It works great, and I don’t think I’m gonna need it, you’re more than welcome to give it a shot” Trey said, turning to Jace as he spoke. “No thanks I feel fine” Jace responded to Trey coldy. “Don’t be rude Jace. And I don’t think it would be a bad idea for you to have it. You always get motion sick and it looks like you aren’t your normal self” Jace’s mom told him, always trying to look out for what his best for her son. “Just go grab it after dinner just to be safe”. Jace’s color faded from his face even more than it already had, knowing that he was being cornered into facing Trey alone again, while Trey was eager to take the chance to get Jace alone again. Jace’s cock began to swell in his pants and he could not figure out why. “It won’t be a bother just come on over to my cabin and grab it. Room 1258.” Trey said to Jace, slyly looking at him, and inconspicuously looking down to see that Jace’s cock had swelled in his pants. With that Trey excused himself from the table, stating he was going to order room service desert in his room, and telling Jace to stop by when he was done to get the meds. Trey got up from the table and walked away, casually adjusting his cock as he made eye contact with Jace. Jace and his family finished their meal and his parents announced that they and his sister were going to the evening show, and that Jace should run to Trey’s cabin quick and grab the meds before meeting them in the theater. Hesitant to go, but knowing how stubborn his mom could be, Jace decided to go to Trey’s cabin but told himself he would not allow anything to happen and make it quick trip. Jace’s feet felt like cinder blocks as he got close to Trey’s cabin, and he could feel the blood rushing and throbbing in his neck and face. Jace figured it was normal to be anxious after what he had allowed to happen earlier as he slowly brought his hand up to Trey’s door, knocking softly. Jace could hear footsteps in the cabin before the door quickly sprung open. As the door opened Jace could see Trey standing behind it wearing only his black Calvin Klein boxer briefs with a significant bulge stretching the fabric in the front. “Get your ass in here boy” Trey growled at Jace in a low voice. Jace stood in the hallway, frozen, unsure what to do. “Can I just get the meds I have to get going” Jace struggled to get the words out of his dry cotton mouth, trying to ignore the part of his brain that was somehow aroused and trying to tell him to go into the cabin. “NOW” Trey again growled, in a little louder voice that still only he and Jace could hear. Jace, knowing that it was useless to try and ignore Trey, picked up his heavy feet and carried himself into the cabin as Trey slammed the door behind him and locked the deadbolt. Part of Jace’s brain was still telling him to get the fuck out, but the other part even now more aroused and telling him to obey and see what Trey had in store for him. “On your knees cockslut” Trey instructed Jace, as he moved towards him with his cock slowly swelling in his boxer briefs, the outline becoming more prominent as it jutted out to his right hip. Jace instinctively dropped to his knees before his brain could process what was happening. He knelt on the floor with his heart pounding as Trey walked up to him, his crotch only inches from Jace’s face. “Suck my cock through my boxers. And make sure there’s lots of slobber” Trey commanded as he reached behind Jace’s head and pushed his face and nose firmly against his sack. Jace immediately got to work running his mouth and tongue over the fabric of Trey’s boxers, and it wasn’t long before there was a large wet spot on the front of them. Jace could smell a faint odor of musk and piss on Trey’s boxer’s along with the smell of his cologne as he worked on sucking the outline of Trey’s cock. “I bet you were thinking about this piece of black meat all through dinner, weren’t you?” Trey asked Jace, who kept slobbering on the front of Trey’s boxers, ignoring the question. “ANSWER ME!” Trey yelled, and Jace pulled back from Trey and meekly answered “yes”, embarrassed to admit that he had been thinking about another man’s cock. “I knew you were a closet cock slut from the minute I saw you. Sure was a nice surprise meeting your family, wonder if Mom and Dad would be proud to know you were sucking my cock right before I met them.” Jace immediately felt ashamed thinking about what Trey had said, and he thought to himself that he needed to leave before his family realized he had been gone so long as he continued working his mouth around Trey’s big cock outline. Jace pulled back from Trey and told him he had to go because his family was waiting for him. Trey let out a small chuckle before telling Jace “You can tell them poor Jace wasn’t feeling well and went back to the cabin. That show will last at least two hours, and it doesn’t start for another 30 minutes, so that gives me at least 2 ½ hours to play with my new fuck toy and we’re gonna pick up right where we left off. I’m taking your ass cherry tonight boy and you can’t tell me you don’t want me too, you came running down to my cabin at the first chance you got, and your cock has been rock hard since you go here”. Jace looked down and noticed for the first time that his cock was hard and a pool of pre-cum had formed on the front of his pants. “Get those clothes off slut” Trey directed Jace, still standing over him. Jace immediately panicked at the thought of Trey sticking his black python up his ass. There was no way he could take a cock that big up his virgin ass. “I’ll suck you off again man but there’s no way you can fuck me with that thing it will rip me in two” Jace said looking up at Trey with a look of panic in his eyes. “I’ll be honest I never thought I would like sucking dick cock but yours makes me so horny for some reason. Just please don’t fuck me”. “Too late for that slut the minute you came down here you were getting fucked. We’re gonna open you up and break in that virgin pussy. Now get those clothes off and don’t make me have to tell you again!” Trey said to Jace sternly, still looking down at him with his fingers under Jace’s chin holding it up to look at him. Jace unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled it off his body followed by his black v neck shirt he was wearing underneath of it. Jace was hesitant to listen to Trey’s commands, but he was afraid of the consequences if he didn’t because Trey was about twice his size. He still had hope that he could convince Trey to just let him suck him off, and if he did a good job, he might not fuck him. Jace stood up and slowly dropped his pants and stepped out of them and tossed them on the floor next to his shirt, leaving him standing there in only his boxer briefs and socks with Trey staring at him, rubbing his now throbbing hard on thru his own boxer briefs. “Underwear too let’s see that pretty ass” Trey said to Jace, causing his face to turn red. He slowly hooked his trembling thumbs into his underwear and lowered them beneath his hard 6.5-inch cock and letting them fall the rest of the way to the floor. There stood Jace nearly naked with only socks on in front of another man. “That’s a beautiful ass I can’t wait to make it mine” Trey growled at Jace as he turned him around and stood behind him, rubbing his hands all over Jace’s smooth firm ass cheeks. Jace shuddered as he felt Trey rubbing his hands up and down his ass and then up the square of his back and around to the front of his nipples, taking one in each hand squeezing them between his fingers. Jace yelped in pain as his cock throbbed each time Trey pinched his nipples, but beneath the pain he began to feel hornier to Trey’s touch and felt his body relaxing. Jace could feel Trey’s hard cock rubbing at his ass cheeks, still enclosed in the smooth fabric of his boxers. Trey moved his hands down the small patch of blond fur starting to form on Jace’s chest to the thin coating of hair around his belly button before moving his hands further down to his hard cock. Trey took Jace’s hard cock in his hand and firmly began to slowly tug it, holding Jace’s body close to him as he did so. Jace let a small moan escape from his lips as Trey began slowly working his cock causing more and more precum to flow out the end. “Nothing better than taking a hot white boy for the first time. I’m gonna take my time and make sure we both enjoy this” Trey whispered in Jace’s ear as he kept pumping Jace’s cock. It didn’t take long before Jace started pumping his cock to meet Trey’s hand, and Trey could hear Jace’s breathing get heavier and heavier as his cock began to tighten up. Just before he felt he was gonna blow his load Trey stopped and let go of Jace’s cock, letting it bob in the air. “Can’t let you cum yet there’s lots more we are gonna do” Trey whispered into Jace’s ear, causing Jace to moan out in frustration as Trey began pushing him toward the bed with his still enclosed cock pressing against Jace’s lower back and ass. Jace wasn’t sure what had caused Trey’s demeanor to change and he felt himself began to feel lust and butterflies in his stomach towards Trey and his big piece of man meat that was pushing against his ass cheeks. Jace could not believe this was happening, thinking he was 100 percent straight when he started this vacation and within only a few hours he had found him in another mans bed and letting that man have his way with him. Trey pushed Jace toward the end of the bed and pushed him forward with his body weight, causing them both to fall to the bed. Jace landed face first into the bed with Trey’s firm body landing on top of him with his still firm fabric covered cock nestled by his ass cheeks. Jace felt Trey slowly begin grinding his cock against Jace’s ass and dry humping him, and Jace could feel something begin to build inside of him, almost like in itch far down in his ass hole. After dry humping Jace for a minute or two Trey stood up from the bed and began to rummage through a suitcase, coming up with a silk tie that he had packed for formal night. Jace looked back at Trey, puzzled at what Trey was doing as he walked back to him. Trey put the tie around his eyes and firmly tied it behind his head, blocking out most of his vision with only a few slots of light at the top and bottom. “You have started to fall in line with what I expect from my boys, but you are still gonna be punished for hesitating earlier. When I give my sluts a command, I expect them to jump, and twice tonight you have made me repeat myself. I’m not gonna let my fuck boy pick up any bad habits” Trey told Jace in his deep voice as he walked over to the same suit case he had got the tie from and pulled out a black leather belt, doubling it over with the buckle in his palm. Jace laid still face down on the bed unable to see, trembling with what he could not tell was fear or excitement. He heard Trey feet padding across the carpet back toward him. “UP ON ALL FOURS” Trey barked, causing Jace to jump out of surprise before he obeyed and raised his knees up, not wanting to disappoint Trey anymore than he already had. Jace sat in that position for what felt like minutes, but was only a few seconds, before he heard a “WHACK” as something smacked against his left ass cheek followed by an intense burning and stinging sensation. “WHACK” the process was repeated, this time on Jace’s right cheek. Jace’s ass was now on fire and he had tears running out the corner of his eyes from the pain. Jace felt his cock pulse with every crack of the belt at his ass, and he was not sure if it was instinct or if he was actually feeling pleasure from what Trey was doing to him. “Every time you disappoint me boy you know what will be in store” Trey snarled at Jace as he kept hitting his ass with his belt. “WHACK” WHACK” “WHACK” filled the room with every strike, along with Jace’s pleas to stop. “Aghh fuckk” Jace began to moan out with the strikes as his red ass burned with pain. After ten strikes Trey dropped the belt next to the bed and whispered in Jace’s ear “sorry to have to hurt you boy but we gotta break those bad habits. Did you learn anything?” “yes” Jace replied. “What did you learn boy?” Trey asked Jace, and he paused for a second before answering “I learned to never disobey you”. “Good boy. And when we are together like this you can call me sir you understand?”. “Yes” Jace answered before quickly correcting himself and saying “yes sir” causing Trey to chuckle and run his hand through Jace’s hair. “Good boy. Will you do anything to please me and my cock?” Trey asked Jace, and without pause Jace responded “yes sir”. “Are you gonna take my big cock up your ass pussy?” Trey said next, causing Jace to feel another sense of panic as his heart began to race and he sat there in silence. He was not sure if that was something he could let himself do, but for some reason he was torn and wanted to please Trey. He could not understand how one man could have so much power over him. “I’m waiting for your answer boy” Trey said to Jace annoyed. Jace was still laying on the bed with the tie around his eyes. “Yes sir”. “Yes sir what?” Trey snapped at Jace. “Tell me what you’re gonna do”. “I’m gonna take your big cock up my ass”. “And are you gonna take my big dirty load?” Trey asked. Jace paused, again torn and panicking because he had been taught in health class to always wear a condom, so he would not catch anything. “Can you wear a condom?” he asked Trey, to which he responded with a snicker “Nope don’t use em. Bareback only like fucking is meant to be. Are you afraid I’m gonna knock up?”. “Ok sir” Jace said to Trey, agreeing to take his cum, shocked at what he had just agreed to. “Hot boy. I had a hunch under that straight boy shell was a true cock slut.” Trey moved to the foot of the bed and moved Jace’s knees underneath of him, causing his ass to rise into the air. As Trey did this he could feel Jace’s body still trembling beneath him. “Relax boy I’m not gonna hurt you” he said trying to calm Jace as he lowered his face down to his ass crack, seeing a light coating of blonde hair around Jace’s tight rosebud. “Damn that’s a nice-looking pussy boy. I’m gonna love splitting that open. Do you know why it’s a pussy and not an ass boy?” he asked Jace as he began licking around his hole with his tightly trimmed beard tickling Jace’s ass cheeks. “MMPPHHH no” Jace replied, shocked at the first feeling of Trey’s tongue around his hole causing an erotic tingling sensation. “Because cock sluts don’t have asses, they have pussies and ass cunts” Trey told Jace as he dove back into Jace’s hole, slowly working his tongue around it before pushing it in Jace’s tight chute. “Oh fuck” Jace panted out at the new sensation of something being in his ass hole, or “pussy” as Trey had told him it was, for the first time. Jace was embarrassed at his ass being called a pussy, but these new feelings of ecstasy ripping up his ass and into his body as Trey began eating his ass. “Mmppphhh oh my god that feels so good” Jace panted out as Trey had his whole tongue up his pussy, swirling it around in circles. Trey pulled his tongue from Jace’s ass and said “We are just getting you ready for my big cock boy. Your pussy hasn’t felt anything yet. We gotta make sure you’re nice and stretched out so I don’t rip you to shreds”. Hearing Trey say this scared Jace to death, fearing having his ass ripped. But he quickly forgot as Trey spit on two of his fingers and shoved them up Jace’s tight pussy, again causing him to moan into the comforter on the bed as he pushed his ass back to meet Trey’s fingers. Jace never imagined how good it would feel having Trey’s fingers up his asshole, and he never wanted the sensation to stop as the fingers kept hitting a certain spot in his asshole. Trey continued working his fingers up and round Jace’s tight hole, preparing him for his 8.5-inch beer can thick cock. As he swirled his fingers around he made sure he was a bit rough with his finger nails around Jace’s ass lining causing a few scratches. Trey pulled his finger’s out and saw a small bit of blood on them and knew his preparation was working. He continued working in a third and fourth finger’s into Jace’s tight hole as Jace continued to moan. “This pussy is so fucking tight it’s gonna milk my cock so good” he told Jace as he prepared his hole. Suddenly and without warning Jace felt Trey’s fingers come out of his hole and causing him to feel empty. He enjoyed having his ass fingered so much he would have given anything for Trey to put them back in. “Put em back in please keep going” Jace pleaded with Trey as he felt the blindfold being untied from his head and dropping to the bed, causing him to squint from the sudden bright light. Jace felt Trey grab one of his ankles and flip him over onto his back and roughly pull him to the edge of the bed causing his ass to hang off the side. “It’s time for me to take your cherry and I want to see your face as I slide my black python into you. Are you ready boy?” “Yes sir please put it in me but please go slow, so you don’t hurt me”. “Look at me boy” Trey said looking down at Jace, standing close enough that his rock-hard black cock was poking at his ass cheeks, smearing pre-cum around them. Jace opened his eyes and for the first time got a good look at Trey’s chest (since he had been in the dark sauna when he first sucked him off) as Trey lowered his boxers down below his cock, causing it to snap back up against his stomach. Trey stepped out of his boxes and pressed his cock back against Jace’s ass cheeks. Jace kept studying Trey’s body, following the bulging veins that seemed to run down his neck and into his arms and v-shaped stomach. He could make out the rest of Trey’s tribal tattoo that wrapped around his arm and onto his right pec. Jace also saw a large cross on Trey’s left rib cage below his arm, and some roman numerals that curved below his neck on his chest. What stuck out the most was the bio hazard tattoo on Trey’s left pec that he did remember seeing it earlier in the sauna. Trey noticed Jace studying his tattoo’s and pointed to the bio hazard and asked Jace if he knew what it meant, to which Jace shook his head no to. “It means I’m toxic boy” Trey told Jace, causing him to look puzzled. “My loads are poz and when this cock goes up your ass its gonna spray my poz babies in your ass and knock you up too. Do you want that? Do you want me to give you a black poz baby?” Trey asked Jace as he layed there silently. Jace was scared at the thought of taking a cock, let alone one that had HIV. Jace knew the consequences of taking Trey’s cum and knew he should tell him no, but his ass was twitching and telling him to just do it. Trey stood above Jace, rubbing his cock all over his ass cheeks “I’m waiting for your answer boy. A cock slut like you knows what the right answer is”. Lust had overcome Jace’s senses and he blurted out “Just do it”. “Do what? Tell me what you want boy” Trey asked Jace, now rubbing his cock around Jace’s tight hole, painting it with pre-cum. “I want you to stick your big cock up my ass and knock me up!” Jace said eagerly, trying to move his ass around to meet Trey’s cock. “Good answer boy. Get ready to take my cock up that tight chute” Trey said has he walked over to the night stand and removed some lube and a small bottle of poppers. Trey greased up his hard cock and fingered some into Jace’s cunt before he lined up his cock against Jace’s tight rose bud, lifting Jace’s legs into the air and onto his shoulders as he tried to force his cock in. Trey put the bottle of poppers under Jace’s nose and told him to take a big sniff, and repeated the process on each nostril 3 times. Jace immediately felt a warm tingling sensation run through his body and down to his asshole. He felt hornier and more eager for Trey’s cock to take his cherry than he had felt all night. Trey kept trying with little success to push his cock in and break Jace’s first barrier. “Push out like your taking a shit” Trey instructed Jace, who felt like Trey was trying to push a base ball bat up his ass. “There’s no fucking way dude it’s not gonna fit”. Hearing this and becoming impatient Trey grabbed ahold of Jace’s thighs and moved his cock back three inches. “Get ready I’m getting a running start” Trey said his he thrust his cock forward and his head lodged itself in Jace’s hole. “HOLY SHIT OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT HURTS TAKE IT OUT” Jace screamed as he tried to pull his body away from Trey’s big invader and tried to push him away with his hands. “SHHH baby just give it a second I won’t go any further until your tight pussy is ready” Trey said as he pushed Jace’s arms down to the side of his body and held them there, with his cock still up Jace’s tight hole. Jace’s ass first felt like there was a white-hot poker up it, but as his ass soon stretched to accommodate Trey and the pain receded down to a dull ache. Trey felt Jace’s body began to loosen up and took this as his cue to start giving Jace more of his meat. He held Jace’s arms down and slowly began pushing forward. Jace continued to squirm and squeal under Trey as he bit his lip to avoid screaming out. “God damn this is a tight pussy. Once I get this ass turned out it’s gonna be begging for my big cock” as he began pushing again, now with 5 of his 8.5 inches up Jace’s tight chute. “Is it all the way in?” Jace asked when Trey stopped, hoping that there was no more cock for Trey to try and shove into him. “Just over half way there boy” Trey told Jace as he held his cock still. Jace’s heart sank knowing there was no way he could accommodate any more of Trey’s thick cock. “On the count of three I’m gonna push the rest of it in. Once it’s all the way in the hard part is over and your tight pussy will start to enjoy this. 1…2….” and on 2 Trey thrust his cock forward and broke past Jace’s second barrier. Jace was caught off guard and just laid there with his mouth wide open and moaning, unable to get any words out, and saw white lights in his eyes as Trey wormed his big cock up his ass. Jace thought for sure there was not way his ass did not tear, and there was for sure no way it would ever be the same. Jace soon felt Trey’s big black cock bottomed out in his ass with his golf ball sized balls and trimmed pubes resting against his ass cheeks. “That’s all of it boy what do you think of that big cock?” Trey asked Jace as he slowly started to slide his cock back out. “Mmmphh” was all Jace could get out as the pain in his ass subsided and was slowly replaced with a feeling of pleasure. Once Trey had his cock all the way out with just the head resting in his Jace’s entrance he quickly thrust his cock back forward, causing Jace to yelp. As his cock thrust back into Jace it pressed against Jace’s prostate, causing Jace to scream out in ecstasy “oh my god fuck that feels so fucking good”. Trey bottomed out and again pulled his cock out, repeating the process over and over again and slowly increasing his tempo. Jace was now moaning with every thrust and pushing his ass back to meat Trey’s cock, telling him to “fuck me harder”. Trey took this as his cue and grabbed onto Jace’s thighs and began to piston in an out of Jace’s ass like a jack hammer, causing his balls to cause a “SMACK” as they slapped against Jace’s ass at the end of every thrust. “Take my big black dick white boy…..get ready to take my black poz babies…..fuck ya this cunt is incredible” Trey panted out as he fucked Jace. Before long both their bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat and the smell of sex filled the room. “Fuck me give me that big cock” Jace told Trey as he moved his arms up and down Trey’s body, feeling up his bulging muscles. “What would mommy and daddy say if they knew you were about to take a black mans poz load up your tight pussy?” Trey asked Jace has he kept hammering at his hole. “I don’t fucking care just give it to me” Jace moaned back, his own cock rock hard. Feeling Trey’s black cock rub against his prostate over and over again quickly put Jace over the edge and his cock started spitting a volley of cum on his chest and causing his ass to clamp down even tighter on Trey’s cock. “You just shot your last neg load boy and I’m about to put my poz load in you” Trey told Jace, followed by one last hard thrust of Trey lodging his cock balls deep up Jace’s ass. Jace felt Trey’s cock swell up and then start spasming in his ass, knowing that Trey was shooting his load up his cunt. “TAKE THAT LOAD….FUUUUUUCCCK. I JUST KNOCKED YOU UP AND MADE YOU MY POZ COCK LOVING FAGGOT” Trey yelled out at Jace as his cock shot the 10th spurt of toxic cum. Jace could feel the lava being pumped into his ass as Trey’s cock continued to spasm in his ass. Trey collapsed and fell on Jace’s chest, his cock still lodged up his ass but slowly deflating. Trey’s cock finally shrunk enough and fell out of Jace’s ass pussy with a “pop” leaving Jace’s hole stretched open, followed up a few drops of cum that ran out of Jace’s ass and down his balls. “That load was huge, and I plan you give you at least one more tonight before I send you back to your room boy” Trey told Jace as he climbed up the bed and knelt above him and moved his cock, now covered with streaks of blood, Jace’s ass juices, and cum toward Jace’s mouth. “Clean me up and get my big black meat ready for round 2 boy”. With that Jace opened his mouth and accepted Trey’s cock, grossed out at cleaning his ass juices off Trey’s big fuck stick. “We are gonna break in your ass pussy this week boy and make you a cock slut. At the end of this week your ass will be so stretched out and filled with cum you will be begging for every cock you see.” Trey told Jace as he cleaned his cock. The afterglow from the fuck Jace had just received began to fade, and it was replaced with a feeling of pure terror and pit in his stomach as he thought about what he had just allowed Trey to do. As he laid there, he felt a steady stream of cum running from his asshole down his ball sack and onto the bed. TO BE CONTINUED….
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    Part 12 I could not wipe the smile from my face. I had gotten what I had come for. I was going to get AIDs and the thought was so hoti, my own cock was still hard as steel. OMG This was way the hell hotter than I had even imagined it was going to be. Then I registered the unmistakable sound of a cock slamming into someone and the groans of pleasure. Someone else was getting fucked. Two guys were fucking and I was hearing the sound of their two bodies slapping together, apparently on the down stroke of the top. I kind of leaned up a little to see, but was at a bad angle and could only see what appeared to be Chris' back side and he was fucking some lucky guy. Good. I figured it must still be the kid they had all fucked from last night, getting another load of cum in him. They both were moaning and groaning and it was from pleasure. What the sounds of the pounding the guy was getting I had a good idea of what his ass was experiencing. I still don't know why it was so hot, but I wanted it and now I needed even more. Laying back, I looked back to see how this had started. I had met Chris and for some reason, after finding out he had AIDS, had found it so hot I could not keep it out of my mind. I had masturbated many times since meeting him and could not top thinking about him fucking me and giving me his toxic cum. All this while loving my boyfriend deeply. I had no idea why I found it so intoxicating, but it had invaded my very being with the need for it. My boyfriend going out of town on business made it that much easier for me to keep this meeting with Chris. Now I had his cum and that of his friends in my hole and was probably on my way to getting AIDS myself now. I now had to find a way to tell my love about it. I could almost hear him crying, now. I just knew it was going to break his heart as he loved me with his entire body and soul and now I had betrayed him to pursue becoming a toxic AIDS whore. I knew it would go badly with him when I told him. There would be crying, a lot of screaming and an equal amount of yelling. I wasn't looking forward to the confrontation, and sad for the pain it would cause him, but still was excited I was on my way to becoming toxic. As I was thinking these things, I became aware that Chris was now almost yelling. He was telling the guy he was fucking how much toxic cum he was going to dump in his ass. Then I heard him say he was cumming hard now and the guy under him screamed and was crying. Then it occurred to me. The bottom's voice sounded somewhat familiar.
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    wickr=bugchaserpdx Lookin for chat or good zoom rooms. They always close the best ones too soon
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    In the newest scene posted on Timfuck.com where top Drew Sebastian fucks Danny Blue the top refers to his toxic load several times really fucking hot.
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    I went to the fickstutenmarkt and fucked 30 guys there; I played with the rules and wore condoms in the white hoods, but soon moved on to the red hoods, about 12 of them, every one of which I barebacked. 4 hours of non-stop hard fucking
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    I met up with my little toned bottom pup again. Although he says he is not usually a bottom (right). It is him I'm fucking in the pics I posted. I was wiped out Sunday evening, but he said he got the hotel in town just to see me. A likely story, but I went over anyway as we did have a good time last time we fucked. Anyway he is hung like a bull and it was hot when he rode me and his cock was flopping all over the place. I got him on the edge of the bed and really pounded him. Then I put my feed on the bed frame and squatted down into him with his legs in my hands. Almost pulling out each time. We fucked like hell. I got all the way up towards his guts when I scissored him and his eyes were rolling back in his head. By the time I blew my load up there we had been fucking for 3 hours on and off, mostly on. I fell right asleep. As I was leaving he said the same thing he told me before. Was one of the best times he ever had. I wondered after doing more than 100 porn movies if he was just blowing smoke up my ass. But the ego stroke felt good. All I know is his hole feels good and its fun to have a fuckbuddy that just likes to fuck. And is sane. He's been an all-nighter for a decade, but he has kept most of his marbles. Once in a while you find one of the good ones. Never give up hope. And as I said, after we met ten years ago at a party I always regretted not fucking him. At least I have gotten to more than make up for it.
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    Surely the bottom should’ve said something before the final strokes?! If not that’s just really selfish. If you want someone to fuck you BB as a minimum they have to be allowed to cum in your arse and as a courtesy the bottom should clean off the dick afterwards to show their appreciation.
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    top here always horny and T makes it more intense and my balls always hanging low always full of chem cum ready to breed boy pussy anytime anywhere hit me up r anyone else lets fuck
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    I sat sipping whisky, my ass sore, and with a deep feeling of sick satisfaction while a fine load of AIDS cum seeped out of my ass into my shorts. The guy that made the deposit sat across the bar sipping his drink, a smug look on his face. It's not every day an AIDS troll gets to pass his disease to a neg bottom. The geolocator on BBRT showed a top in the area that looked hot, a possible source of dirty, sick, deadly sex. The guy looked to be fucking hot, dirty, sick, literally. He called himself AIDSgftr. He was in his fifties, had been poz for twenty plus years, never on meds, and was highly infectious. I wanted his evil load. His pics clearly showed his sickness, wasted face and body, swollen belly, a few Kaposi's spots, but his cock was magnificent: long, hard, thick, uncut and drooling, a large PA that was sure to rip my ass open. I'd been a bugchaser for years, had taken several poz loads but none had taken, I was still neg. The sick thrill I got when some faggot pumped high VL HIV positive cum pumped into my guts had worn off quite a lot as the loads never had taken. It seemed I couldn't get infected. But as I knew that full blown guys had very high viral loads, soaring to astronomical as they neared death, taking a highly infectious AIDS load from a disease-riddled troll like AIDSgftr would be the ultimate in death bound bugchasing. I tracked him to a sleazy dive in a deserted block, all vacant lots or boarded up rattraps. The place was a magnificent example of a bottom feeder's dream, Not that old for the area, maybe from the fifties, cheaply built to start and gone downhill for 60 years. There were a half dozen old derelicts sitting at the bar. I took a seat and got a shot of bourbon. Now the AIDSgftr was very near me. BBRT showed him within 30 feet. An email popped. It had a couple of pics attached. "I'd love to fuck your neg ass and infect you with HIV, give you my AIDS. I'm full blown AIDS, and if I fuck you, I'll infect you. You know you want it. I will infect you with HIV. I will give you my AIDS." One of the pics showed him grinning toothlessly into camera while he fucked a bent over bottom. The caption above his head said, 'This can be you, tonight!' Another pic showed him fucking a really wasted, obviously diseased bottom. His grin was broader, evil, the caption chilled and excited me 'He died of my AIDS last week. You're next!' I looked over at the diseased fuck, he grinned at me, toothless mouth gaping exactly like the pic. If he could get it up long enough to ejaculate in my ass and fill my guts with billions of deadly AIDS bugs, I would get the disease I'd been seeking. He jerked his head towards the back of the bar as an email pinged on my phone, then got up and walked that way. "Bathroom, now. It's your turn to get bugged." My legs were shaky as I walked back to the bathroom, every man in the place looking at me. I wondered if they all knew I was a queer who was about to take another queer's load. That was scary. And hot. I was going to return to the bar with a load of AIDS cum in my guts. He was leaning against the sink, coat and pants open at the front, a large belly sticking out above his drooling cock. Figuring he needed help to get his diseased dick hard, I dropped to my knees and got to work. His cock was large, half hard, foreskin lapped over a large PA. I sucked eagerly as I pulled him to me, hands on his withered ass. He was soon fully erect, more than a mouthful of long, thick dick oozing lots of precum, mmm, AIDS precum, yum! A hand grabbed my hair and pulled, that was all the hint I needed. My eyes had adjusted to the light and as I rose I could see his legs, also withered and spotted with Kaposi's. The gaunt body, the belly and the spots made me queasy. I'd never seen a man as obviously diseased, but, he was plenty strong enough to push me around and his cock was big, hard and dripping. He pushed me up against the sink, grabbed my hips and humped. I bleated as the PA ripped into my hole and he pushed eight inches of meat into my ass and then started fucking hard, dropping me into bottom bitch heaven. This was the hottest sex I'd had in months! I grunted as he fucked me hard, ramming his cock into me. His hands left my hips and circled my chest, I looked at his arms and saw Kaposi's lesions, I was finally getting fucked by a guy with full blown AIDS! My dick had been hard, now it throbbed and almost shot. I had an AIDS cock fucking me! He'd ripped me when he shoved in, I felt the burn as my asshole tore. Now he was tearing me more, making me bleed, giving his bugs a clear shot at my bloodstream. I moaned and sobbed as he tore open my ass. This was the best sex I had ever had, and he was going to infect me! In fact, he probably already had. He was breathing hard, almost panting, ramming me urgently, starting to grunt softly. Fuck yeah. I knew I was about to get a gut full of AIDS cum! "Yeah bitch, fuck yeah, gonna give it to you, gonna give you my AIDS. You're gonna die from my AIDS. I'm gonna give you my AIDS, right fucking now!" I squealed and my dick squirted as he rammed in and held it still. I felt his cock swell and twitch, my ass went warm as a flood of his infected cum filled my ass. I had just taken my first load of AIDS cum! He lay on me for a few seconds, then his cock softened and slipped out. His AIDS cum ran down my leg. He pushed off me and slapped my ass. "You're a good piece of ass, bitch. We'll do this again."
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    I was the last person I expected to see on Grindr. I barely ever hooked up, just never had the urge...sure the app was there, but I rarely even felt bored enough or horny enough for that matter to open it up and take a look. Today was a different story to say the least. I was so ridiculously fucking horned up, it came out of nowhere. Ever since waking up with a hard on and some fuzzy memory of a dirty dream I couldn't quite recall...I just needed to get some cock. So I opened Grindr up. The options felt endless from the ample supply of hot guys but the first one to message me was of course going to win this ass and within moments a sexy pic of a latin looking guy with defined abs but a slim build popped up with a greeting. Him: Need ass. Now. Me: Direct, huh? I kinda need that right now. Him: Distance looks close, you in the Hilton hotel by any chance? Me: Fuck, must be a lucky night..yeah, want me to come to your room? Him: Yeah, lights will be off, door unlocked. Come on in and get naked. Me: Hot dude, see ya in 5. Him: Oh yea...you ever do it raw? Me: Meh...try not too, though I've been guilty of it at times. Neg and trying to keep it that way. Him: Nah, that's cool. You sound like you're careful, think I could hit it bare man? I don't mind pulling out if you swallow. Me: I dunno. How big are you? Last guy with this fucking huge dick nut in my ass twice without me knowing cuz his cock was so big and he blew it in so deep was like two hours after he left his loads came out. He said he was neg and that's the only reason he just stayed in. Him: Just come over. We'll talk. It was cleaned out and walking down the hall to his room door when I noticed a short muscled latin guy opening the exact same room number and heading inside into the dark interior. I tilted my head confused, the Latino dude was fucking hot but not the one I talked to. Opening the door I saw the two of them already by the bed, the guy I chatted with was already naked, cock rock hard and Grindr still up on his tablet. The other one had whipped his dick out and was stroking it from his white shorts. "Um..double booked hook ups?" I laughed coming into the room and closing the door behind me. "Yeah, kinda just horned as fuck and was thinking someone might flake," he admitted, "But you're both here, hot." "You a top too?" I asked the other latin guy I didn't know. "Yeah, just trying to get a quick nut out and go back to the gym," he was already sporting a full boner as well. "Come here," the host said. I drew in and he reached up to pull my head down to his uncut cock. I got onto my knees on the bed pulling off my jeans at the same time but left on my wife beater as I serviced his dick. The other guy got behind me rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks as he watched me begin to deep throat the host's hung shaft. It wasn't thick, just a good and long. Lube was poured onto my hole. I figured the studly jock was going to use my ass instead of the host's since it was already up in the air, and that was fine by me. The fat head of a cut dick pressed against my hole trying to open me up. I popped the cock I had been sucking on out of my mouth to turn back and look at the guy behind me. No condom was on his thick dick. "Man, sorry I don't really take it raw," I apologized. He groaned a bit in disappointment as he stroked his lubed cock. "I don't have any condoms, do you guys?" He asked. I shook my head and turned back to sucking, the host shrugged. "Maybe just jerk off and pop the head in every now and again til you cum all over his back?" The guy I was sucking suggested. I was too busy trying to not choke on his shaft which was halfway down my throat, and it didn't sound all bad. That also seemed to satisfy the guy behind me for his dick was up against my sphincter once more pressing to get inside. He stroked his cock quickly and teased the head of his dick against my ass without going inside for a few minutes longer. He stroked it powerfully with quick movements back and forth until the words popped out of his mouth: "Fuck, gonna cum!" he gasped and jammed his cock into my ass without warning. I wanted to gasp in shock, but the other sweet cock was once again fully down my throat and he had both hands gripping my hair to keep me in place for his pleasure. The fat cock being plowed into my hole pumped a few thick warm squirts of jizz into me, just barely an inch or two inside. The guy fucking me pulled out slightly and then drove it once more, and with the cum as lube he flew balls deep instantly with more jets of steamy spunk lining my insides. I tried to move my legs or ass to get him off but both his hands were already on the lower half of my back and pinned me easily onto the bed until he finished seeding me. "Damn, that's exactly what I needed," he commented in relief as he pulled up his shorts and tucked away his slick cock and promptly left the room. I was allowed to come up for air finally and gulped down appreciatively trying to breath and struggle with what just happened. "Looks like you need these," the remaining guy commented. It was poppers. I shrugged a bit but he had slid off the side of the bed and made his way behind me and back onto the bed before long. I realized he wanted to get the hole that was promised. "Man, I don't know...he might've been poz and just drilled it in me," I laid on my stomach not looking back. "Can't change that, but I still have some balls that gotta be emptied," he said, his cock was already pushing inside me as he lowered his body right onto mine, spreading my legs apart as his put more of his cock in. I quickly opened the poppers and inhaled deeply and urgently. My hole ached from the force and thickness of the first guy but now this one was way fucking longer. The effects of the poppers hit me instantly, and boy was I glad, cuz he was only half way inside and I wasn't sure I could take anymore until right then. I sighed relaxing, and just giving in to letting my hole be used. I felt like it was all they wanted from me anyway was a warm boy cunt to breed. So, I'd just be his bitch and not think about it. I hit the poppers again. "Damn boy, you really know how to open up," he was already piston fucking me so hard I was bouncing up off the mattress slightly. I couldn't believe it, "I'm going to cum in you at least twice before you go fucker." I wondered if I had finally gotten in over my head and was not walking out of this one with a neg hole.... To be Continued....
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    I got into the dark steam room and there were loads of Men in there, very sweaty, the dim red light that is normally giving some dim light was not on or broke; so it was dark with no lights at all, I was kinda feeling myself around. I was groped, fingered, ass cheeks pulled apart; the works. I must have been the only bottom available or giving the goods up as no one was fucking. This beary type guy pushed me over to suck some dick, could not see a thing and next thing he was fucking me, I could not have moved out even if I had wanted to; the guy I was sucking was really pushing it down my throat and they were talking I think they were a couple or something. after a while I felt the beary guy coming in my arse and being a tad vocal, he simply said, "here guys this ones ready and lubed", I was repeatedly fucked by different blokes and took about 10 loads. I loved getting fucked in there; in the dark wondering what was coming next; Men had their hands all over me, cocks in my mouth; while I was taking raw anonymous dick, it was like primal and desperate - i'm pretty sure about 12 or 13 guys took a turn during the time I hung out in there.

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